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adfad666 ubernoobs 00:08:39
adfad666 lmao 00:08:41
cybojenix I prefer the new one. Have it it in my teams channel 00:10:29
adfad666 why is he dicking around with Xperia M anyway? 00:13:19
cybojenix He isn't 00:13:47
cybojenix Btw how did he get in the private cm channel? 00:14:07
adfad666 same way he got onto FXP 00:14:23
adfad666 i'm not happy about it tbh 00:14:37
cybojenix Sorry been out of Android a while. How did he get in fxp? 00:14:51
adfad666 by claiming my Xperia SP branch as his 00:15:07
cybojenix Lol what? 00:15:29
adfad666 pretty much yeah, I did the work, he forked them over to the 'team' repo then started shouting 'look what I did!' 00:17:56
cybojenix Mmm 00:18:19
adfad666 I stupidly deleted my branches as i thought it would start to be a team effort 00:18:47
cybojenix See that crap about having a thread removed? 00:18:52
cybojenix Stable cm11 for xl 00:19:01
cybojenix You could have restored them 00:19:33
adfad666 i saw he kicked up a shitstorm because someone build sony's AOSP and posted it 00:19:35
cybojenix Yep 00:20:18
adfad666 well, anyone can look through it and see who did what 00:20:25
adfad666 https://github.com/XperiaSP-AOSP 00:20:33
cybojenix Anyway I said this before, I'll say again, be careful, he's a leak 00:20:36
adfad666 I try not to deal with him 00:22:10
adfad666 he messaged me on G+ 00:22:41
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adfad666 said 'shh don't tell anyone I got this secret leak of the 4.3 SP build' 00:23:01
adfad666 it was doomlord's zip file... 00:23:12
cybojenix Lol 00:23:45
adfad666 anyway I should stop bitching 00:24:09
adfad666 it's not healthy 00:24:13
cybojenix Sure it is, it gets it out your system 00:24:27
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droidd ello 00:53:42
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Dazzozo hey 01:01:20
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rymate1234 hi 18:45:51
adfad666 hi 18:45:55
cybojenix hi 18:46:04
adfad666 cybojenix, what has mr uber come up with today, anything interesting? 18:46:46
cybojenix nothing afaik 18:47:22
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djuroue yoo 18:56:55
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Kyan31 hi 19:23:09
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tilal6991|away Uživatel „tilal6991|away“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991. 21:09:51
tilal6991 Dazzozo: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t= 21:10:41
tilal6991 Gg tapatalk. 21:11:04
tilal6991 http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2605523 21:11:14
adfad666 lmao 21:21:54
adfad666 who the hell tries to format android partitions manually 21:22:17
tilal6991 Hes one of the "devs" for mint as well. 21:29:07
cybojenix Morning tilal6991 adfad666 21:32:13
adfad666 ola 21:33:09
adfad666 rm -rf out/ by mistake :'( 21:33:50
adfad666 only wanted to change one file 21:34:09
adfad666 oh well 21:34:12
cybojenix Ouch 21:34:36
adfad666 building 10.2 so atleast I don't have to deal with gypgypgyp 21:35:22
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droidd hello all 21:50:15
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tilal6991 Uživatel „tilal6991“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991|away. 22:02:14
adfad666 oh 22:06:53
adfad666 my 22:06:55
adfad666 gosh 22:06:57
adfad666 he hasn't even got it booting yet 22:07:19
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gui77 Uživatel „gui77“ je nyní znám jako gui7. 22:14:47
gui7 hey Dazzozo! you were helping me some time ago with fixing my phone not getting calls/data because of an improperly unlocked bootloaders. I was waiting to get my code from huawei which I haev now 22:15:40
gui7 can you please remind me what I have to do now? I'm currently on your CM 10.2 with recovery and all 22:16:01
adfad666 gui7, Dazzozo is having a break 22:19:00
adfad666 he might not be around for a while 22:19:11
adfad666 as in a few days / weeks 22:19:20
droidd ah 22:20:59
droidd well good on him 22:21:04
droidd he works hard 22:21:09
adfad666 yeah, it's necessary now and then 22:21:22
droidd i think kra1o5 is breaking as well? 22:22:18
rymate1234 gui7: gimme a moment 22:29:30
rymate1234 http://www.modaco.com/topic/362152-unlocking-bootloader-oficially-with-the-code-of-huawei/ 22:34:23
rymate1234 try that 22:34:25
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tilal6991|away Uživatel „tilal6991|away“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991. 22:50:04
tilal6991 Uživatel „tilal6991“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991|away. 22:51:38
Dazzozo the thing with kra1o5 is he's super busy, like permanently 22:52:17
Dazzozo i think 22:52:18
Dazzozo or thats what he likes to pretend 22:53:05
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Dazzozo as for me... life is hard 22:53:29
Dazzozo i wish i wasnt so damn dependent on her :| 22:53:58
modacouserr you'll get over it 22:58:21
modacouserr daz, you there? 22:58:38
Dazzozo yeah 23:04:20
Dazzozo i dont think i'll get over it 23:04:23
Dazzozo i'll learn to cope 23:04:25
Dazzozo but you gotta realise 23:04:27
Dazzozo my dad died, then i found her 23:04:32
Dazzozo she was basically life support, lol 23:04:37
Dazzozo im weak as fuck on my own and i've never had to be on my own 23:05:30
Dazzozo and being on my own is a horrible weakness 23:05:38
Dazzozo like, motivation gone 23:06:43
Dazzozo everything was okay because i had her 23:06:53
Dazzozo now................... 23:06:58
Dazzozo but i also kinda fear 23:07:31
Dazzozo that relationships are tainted to me now 23:07:46
Dazzozo i dont think i can feel like that again about anyone, maybe thats just how i feel atm, but 23:07:58
adfad666 it's always looks like that from inside the situation :/ 23:10:14
adfad666 we can all say 'it'll be better later' cause it will, but at the time it's shit 23:11:19
adfad666 Dazzozo, do you do any physical exercise? 23:11:54
modacouserr dazzozo: you're in a complicated situation, and you know it better then anyone. but one thing is granted -> it doesnt matter how bad it is, there will be a turning point. and then you will be able to be happy and free of all that's in your mind right now 23:12:57
Dazzozo no sports or anything, not atm 23:13:08
Dazzozo lazy year 23:13:12
modacouserr now it's up to you how you want to go with it 23:13:21
Dazzozo yeah im sure it will get better 23:13:36
Dazzozo but i dont think i'll ever "be over" it 23:13:41
modacouserr you can either stay at home, watch tv, drink something, and think all day about it. or you can change! 23:13:43
modacouserr 23:13:44
modacouserr no, you'll never forget it. 23:13:52
adfad666 do you have anywhere nearby good for running? 23:13:56
modacouserr but you will be able to "just" remember it 23:14:07
Dazzozo i really hope this "fear" of not being able to feel the same about anyone isnt real though 23:14:52
Dazzozo adfad666: erm, not really 23:14:56
Dazzozo i could run around the town... thats about it 23:15:05
Dazzozo lol 23:15:06
adfad666 no parks or anything? 23:15:20
modacouserr it's not daz, you feel that now. you're very weak and fragile. 23:15:26
modacouserr yup, you dont need a running spot or whatever. you just got to do it 23:15:45
Dazzozo not really 23:15:57
Dazzozo theyre sorry excuses for a park if they are 23:16:02
modacouserr i trasnformed my garage into my personal gym, it took some weeks of work. 90% of the things are homemade 23:16:12
modacouserr but yeah, it's worth it. now i can work on something that I dia 23:16:23
modacouserr did 23:16:25
adfad666 cause in my town there's a half-marathon every year in june, I wanna do the 10km race, but motivation to train sucks 23:16:36
Dazzozo motivation to do anything sucks right now lol 23:16:47
modacouserr i agree 23:16:50
Dazzozo i've been sat here for 3 days watching agdq and feeling terrible 23:17:02
Dazzozo if i know one thing i cant stay feeling like this for months 23:17:11
Dazzozo its not healthy 23:17:17
Dazzozo cant eat a thing etc 23:17:28
adfad666 perhaps we can join a runkeeper group (if that's how it works) and motivate each other to do something 23:17:30
modacouserr that's true, but you dont have to go for a big step right now slowly, you'll get there 23:17:52
modacouserr adfad666 is right 23:17:59
modacouserr i dont mind running alone, but it's way better to have someone there 23:18:35
adfad666 i've never done any running so I'll be shit at it 23:19:11
adfad666 but 6 months to work up to 10km sounds like a decent challenge 23:19:37
modacouserr so if you find someone on the street running, why not join that person ? make new friends 23:19:48
modacouserr adfad666: it's like everything, no one can start now and after 1 week do the task at 100% 23:20:26
adfad666 of course, that's why i wanna start soon if i'm to do the 10km race 23:20:48
modacouserr i'll join the army, and i really want to succeed in the physical tests 23:21:11
modacouserr so im about to start dedicated training 1 year before 23:21:24
modacouserr well, almost 1 year 23:21:27
adfad666 that's really cool 23:21:28
modacouserr it is, but it's also hard as hell 23:21:47
adfad666 I teach in the czech army, i have so much admiration for anyone who actually does it 23:21:55
modacouserr you just want to stop training because it just blows your body apart. 23:22:14
modacouserr but when you start to see results, damn, that feels good 23:22:23
adfad666 Dazzozo, what do you reckon? we don't have to start right away 23:23:21
modacouserr yup, if i succeed at my plans, i'll be 6 months in Afghanistan, in a special force of the portuguese army 23:23:25
Dazzozo i need to somehow prepare for a driving theory test anyway 23:23:50
modacouserr just like me 23:24:03
adfad666 where in Afghanistan? do you know? 23:24:06
modacouserr well, it depends 23:24:41
modacouserr but it will certainly b Kabul 23:25:29
modacouserr be 23:25:32
adfad666 some places are still pretty scary 23:25:42
adfad666 the stories I hear from my students :/ 23:25:49
modacouserr yea 23:25:57
modacouserr if i really do go, i just hope to return safe 23:26:19
modacouserr but it's a long way for me to get there yet 23:26:43
adfad666 so do we 23:26:43
modacouserr i have a frinde that was already there though 23:27:00
modacouserr i really enjoy talking to him about the army 23:27:13
adfad666 heh, if you do go and you happen to cooperate with czech officers, there's a chance I will have taught them English 23:28:49
modacouserr eheh i'll remember that 23:29:25
modacouserr btw daz how do you practice your driving theory test ? 23:30:03
Dazzozo i dont yet, thats the problem 23:30:48
Dazzozo i know how im going to 23:30:53
Dazzozo some apps my instructor told me to get 23:31:02
Dazzozo but... no motivation ofc :| 23:31:07
rymate1234 Dazzozo: its multiple choice 23:31:22
Dazzozo i know 23:31:33
rymate1234 k# 23:31:43
modacouserr yea that sucks, i also started reading the book and all, and now im done with it, i only take online tests :\ it's kinda boring, but interesting 23:31:50
modacouserr daz, dont you feel fulfilled when you finish something that you wanted to do? 23:36:37
modacouserr you should do the same, regarding the driving test, and about you, it's not easy, but it's also no impossible you just have to start to change your life, the way you want it to be. 23:37:41
modacouserr i also "lost" my dad when i was 6 23:38:04
modacouserr he didnt died, but, well, shit happens. sad story 23:38:49
modacouserr it was like 3/4 years till i got used to it. during my entire life i only had my mom, and that's about it. 23:39:40
modacouserr some years ago, i got a stepfather, and he's more like a dad to me than my own was. 23:40:21
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modacouserr the first step is the harder one, so get up and see how strong you are. you'll be amazed 23:43:01
Dazzozo <modacouserr> daz, dont you feel fulfilled when you finish something that you wanted to do? 23:46:41
Dazzozo i guess, but i lost a lot of it 23:46:43
Dazzozo i would think about her in almost every line of thought 23:46:55
Dazzozo it wasnt healthy 23:46:56
modacouserr you're right, it wasnt. but, as i said before, now it's up to you. 23:47:21
modacouserr set new goals for you future and go after them 23:47:51
modacouserr im only 18 yo, that's 2 and a half months to 19. for the things i've had to see, and to live at this age, i cant think in any other way 23:49:12
modacouserr past turns into a memory, present is a choice, and the future will be whatever you choose it to be 23:50:01
modacouserr there's only 1 thing we all have to do: take action 23:50:30
Dazzozo im really kinda limited in what i can do, though 23:52:11
Dazzozo at least until uni 23:52:27
Dazzozo i've got 8 months where i cant really do much at all 23:52:35
modacouserr no you're not. dont think like that 23:52:46
Dazzozo i live in the middle of nowhere and there's no one with anything in common around my age here 23:53:03
Dazzozo i've got this driving test... and then idk 23:53:36
Dazzozo i cant motivate myself to do the stuff i used to do, for sure 23:53:48
modacouserr so what? i live in the middle of a city, and then what? that's no different to where you live. you can do what you want, dont limit yourself to the outside world 23:54:28
modacouserr there's more than that 23:54:33
modacouserr well, about motivation, you have to find a way to believe in yourslef 23:55:03
modacouserr yourself 23:55:07
modacouserr if uni is a big goal for you, like a dream. just try to reach it with your maximum potential, set that as a goal, and go for it. 23:56:14
modacouserr how old are you, just curious? 23:56:50
Dazzozo im seeing it more as an opportunity 23:56:57
Dazzozo 19 23:57:01
modacouserr then take it. dont waste it 23:57:14
modacouserr well, that's the same as me 23:57:21
modacouserr there's people who dont have to do a shit to get what they want. 23:58:20
modacouserr there's people who have to work hard to reach their goals. 23:58:48
Dazzozo lol, thats funny 23:59:01
Dazzozo i didnt have to do shit 23:59:04
Dazzozo i found her by freak occurrence 23:59:10
Dazzozo and then its taken from me 23:59:18
modacouserr if i told you how i found my girl, you wouldnt believe 23:59:26
Dazzozo same, actually 23:59:30
Dazzozo i have the internet to thank for that, believe it or not 23:59:51
Dazzozo but i havent been lucky since 23:59:57
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