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I'm sorry for not actual logs - my FTP uploads are reduced a lot, i'm working on new solution..

Expected startup is about 10.2.2014

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cybojenix adfad666, ^^ 20:20:18
rymate1234 http://images.rymate.co.uk/images/HHiht5j.png stock crescent home screen 20:26:28
cybojenix ewwww 20:26:53
cybojenix dafuq is with those bars 20:27:03
cybojenix and those icons. 20:27:10
Dazzozo im surprised the twitter widget still works 20:27:19
rymate1234 hardcoded for 800x480 cybojenix 20:27:29
cybojenix eeewwwww 20:27:42
rymate1234 Dazzozo: adding widgets doesnt woek 20:27:44
cybojenix hard coding is even worse 20:28:02
adfad666 is that the launcher? 20:49:05
adfad666 Dazzozo, I just read up a bit, when you get to uni get your self a social job, like working at the university bar that will absolutely help 20:54:04
adfad666 it totally helped me 20:54:17
cybojenix Which uni are you going for daz? 20:54:31
Dazzozo dunno yet 20:54:36
Dazzozo i did know... until this 20:54:40
adfad666 I was a total introvert before that 20:54:46
Dazzozo if i got a place of course 20:54:48
adfad666 now I boss army officers around 20:55:00
adfad666 it should be easy, they're always desperate in the first week to hire people as they just lost a third of their staff over the summer 20:56:35
adfad666 just be quick 20:56:56
tilal6991 Yup totally. 20:56:59
cybojenix Dazzozo what are you going to study as well? 20:57:48
adfad666 working in a bar isn't hard, and it's just enough responsibility spotlight pressure to be areal confidence booster 20:58:27
Dazzozo cybojenix: computer science of some kind 20:58:34
Dazzozo what i do exactly depends on where i go 20:58:42
cybojenix Yeah.. if I were going to uni, I'd have probably gone into software engineering 21:00:00
rymate1234 Dazzozo: maybe there's a course on advanced android development 21:00:50
rymate1234 lel 21:00:53
adfad666 a course on device bringup would be interesting 21:01:13
Pad^ Better hope not 21:01:16
Dazzozo cybojenix: one of them is computer science + software engineering 21:01:22
Pad^ if there's a programme with a course in android dev, it's already a bad programme 21:01:34
Dazzozo ^ 21:01:38
Pad^ I really mean it 21:01:55
adfad666 why? 21:01:55
Pad^ Computer science is much more than android and wasting credits in such thing is wasting your time 21:02:21
tilal6991 ^ 21:03:06
Pad^ You are much better trying to understand the general architecture of kernels so you can have the basics to move up to whatever you want 21:03:09
Pad^ (for example) 21:03:17
tilal6991 x100000000000000000 21:03:18
adfad666 well I wouldn't expect a noob "how to make an android app" course, but a "this is how an android app works" optional course would be useful 21:03:23
tilal6991 Pad^ you are awesome. 21:03:33
tilal6991 And totally correct. 21:03:39
Pad^ adfad666 the thing is, android development is basically programming oriented to objects, it's much better to tech OOP than just "android dev" 21:04:12
Pad^ tilal6991 thanks, so kind of you 21:04:19
tilal6991 21:04:26
adfad666 but then I haven't learnt java so perhaps it's obvious if you already know that 21:04:38
Pad^ It's basically "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime" 21:05:19
Pad^ you teach someone android dev and that's the only thing they can do 21:05:38
Pad^ teach someone OOP and they can do anything 21:05:52
cybojenix On the contrary, it was because of Android development that I a, where I am today 21:06:45
cybojenix Am* 21:06:54
adfad666 I'm still at the intro stage, of my course, learning C as a language, learning 'programming' with Scheme, and formal logic 21:07:02
Pad^ that's another story, android dev drove you to learn by yourself but a university course is supposed to drive you instead 21:07:25
adfad666 it is a uni course 21:07:39
Pad^ are you taking a programme in university as well? 21:07:44
Pad^ ah nice 21:07:47
adfad666 I signed up in september 21:07:48
Pad^ software engineering or computer science? 21:08:17
adfad666 distance learning, it's called applied informatics 21:08:28
adfad666 it's mostly theoretical though atm 21:08:53
Pad^ theoretical is good 21:09:26
adfad666 that's the translation from czech anyway, i'm not sure if 'appled informatics' is how it's called in English 21:09:47
adfad666 but yeah, they said most of the course is theoretical 21:10:51
Pad^ don't be scared by theory, it helps a lot to grow your skills in the future 21:11:32
Pad^ it makes you really think 21:11:37
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Dazzozo yeah i wouldnt take an android course 21:20:34
Dazzozo im making sure to keep my options open 21:20:39
Pad^ do you have a programme in mind already? 21:23:16
Dazzozo i'll just dump the 5 i've applied for 21:25:40
Dazzozo hang on 21:25:41
Pad^ Please do 21:26:22
Dazzozo 3 of them are Computer Science "G400" 21:26:47
Dazzozo theres "Computer Science with Embedded Systems" 21:26:59
Dazzozo and "Computer Science/Software Engineering" 21:27:04
Dazzozo i applied to the embedded systems one kinda for a laugh 21:27:46
Dazzozo realistically, its too far away 21:27:54
Dazzozo i really dont want to move to basically the middle of nowhere 21:28:08
Dazzozo and i didnt want to apply to 4 of the same course 21:29:31
Pad^ I'm checking the structure of the "G400" (it was the one I found in the internet) 21:29:41
Pad^ You wouldn't regret this one 21:29:46
Pad^ They have pretty important and fundamental courses 21:29:56
Dazzozo the embedded systems one is G410 but again im not taking it too seriously 21:30:34
Dazzozo the computer science/software engineering is kind of a backup, but idk 21:30:44
Dazzozo and thats GG46 21:30:46
Pad^ I'm not sure what's "Computer Science/Software Engineering", but it seems kind of fishy to me, you either are a Scientist or an Engineer 21:30:49
Pad^ you cannot have both 21:30:55
Pad^ The G410 is in University of York right? 21:33:01
Dazzozo yup 21:33:09
rymate1234 Pad^: why not both? 21:33:12
Pad^ It's a good university, I almost studied there for 1 semester, they have good programmes 21:33:38
Dazzozo yeah it seems like a decent place 21:33:47
Dazzozo just too far from... well, everything 21:33:52
Dazzozo friends and home 21:33:55
Pad^ Dazzozo might not be a bad thing, believe me 21:34:05
Dazzozo you think? 21:34:15
Dazzozo everything is up in the air atm 21:34:25
Pad^ yep 21:34:35
Pad^ Change of airs is always good, specially when you are feeling down 21:34:50
Pad^ I studied for 6 months in a country 2000 Km from me (Sweden) 21:35:18
Pad^ It really helped me to grow up 21:35:32
Pad^ And I still managed to keep in touch with people back home 21:35:51
Dazzozo yeah 21:36:14
Dazzozo i don't think keeping in touch is going to be an issue 21:36:19
Dazzozo i've become pretty good at it 21:36:22
Dazzozo i've met the friends im talking about once 21:36:27
Dazzozo and theyre awesome, i just wish i didnt live so far away 21:36:54
Pad^ rymate1234 an engineer is a bit more like "getting shit done", someone who gets to the point and do things in a smartest and laziest way as possible 21:36:59
Pad^ a scientist is someone who takes a deep look to specific problems, someone who wastes more time in a specific thing 21:37:37
rymate1234 ah 21:37:59
Dazzozo i think thats more me 21:38:14
Dazzozo lol 21:38:15
Pad^ the course in university of york is really good but it's oriented more to the low-level side of the stuff 21:39:27
Pad^ are you interested in electronics? 21:39:51
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modacouserr Uživatel modacouserr [bc50911a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 21:40:12
Dazzozo im interested, i know nothing though 21:40:26
Pad^ go for it 21:40:37
Pad^ I would go for that one, it's very vast and can give you a great overview of computers in general 21:41:38
rymate1234 Dazzozo: maybe get an arduino kit to start learning electronics? 21:45:00
rymate1234 i have one 21:45:11
rymate1234 haven't had time to properly mess with it yet 21:45:19
cybojenix Arduino kits are pretty awesome 21:46:06
cybojenix I've only done a few stuff, but still awesome 21:46:20
rymate1234 i made a counter that counts from 0 to 9 21:47:00
rymate1234 i was planning on doing something with a remote control that came with the kit 21:47:15
rymate1234 but i spent 2 hours trying to find a tutorial on it 21:47:27
rymate1234 nothng 21:47:30
rymate1234 *nothing 21:47:36
Pad^ Dazzozo one of the good things of going to university is that it gives you something to look forward to: courses, people, projects, jobs. It can be really healthy and it helps to keep you spirits up. If you have the chance, don't be afraid of taking a leap of faith. 21:48:42
rymate1234 http://www.sainsmart.com/sainsmart-uno-r3-starter-kit-with-16-basic-arduino-projects.html kit i have 21:48:56
Pad^ rymate1234 I can give you some advice on that, do you have a simple infrared led? 21:49:13
rymate1234 i have this thing 21:49:20
cybojenix I have a flex sensor with mine 21:49:32
rymate1234 i have a controller obviously 21:49:33
rymate1234 and then there's this 3 pronged thing that supposedly recieves the infrared signals 21:49:59
Pad^ rymate1234 think simply! do you have an infrared led or not? 21:50:04
cybojenix Plan is to change the intensity of a tri colour led, then use a button to switch to the next colour, and alter that ones intensity 21:50:07
cybojenix Purely for lols and practice 21:50:16
EloYGomeZ Uživatel EloYGomeZ [~EloYGomeZ@17.Red-83-50-249.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] vstoupil do místnosti. 21:50:20
rymate1234 i have LEDs 21:50:23
rymate1234 no idea if they're infrared 21:50:29
rymate1234 how do i tell 21:50:31
cybojenix Light it up 21:50:45
Pad^ do you have a remote control with you? 21:50:49
rymate1234 ....well that was obvious 21:50:59
cybojenix Are they infrared? 21:51:13
Pad^ point it the LED of the remote to your eyes and push a button, then point it to your camera's phone and do the same 21:51:35
rymate1234 i dunno yet trying it now 21:51:40
Dazzozo yeah cameras pick them up 21:52:02
cybojenix Yep 21:52:09
Pad^ yep 21:52:10
rymate1234 im guessing these standard clear ones are just standard light up ones 21:52:34
rymate1234 with visible light 21:52:40
cybojenix Yeah 21:52:42
cybojenix Is there a 4 pronged one? 21:52:51
Pad^ rymate1234 you can make a very simple remote control for the older tv's with a really simple IR led and an arduino. All you need is this datasheet https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RC-5 21:52:57
Pad^ it's a very good programming challenge 21:53:07
Pad^ you can it basically with for and while cycles 21:53:23
rymate1234 noooooo 21:53:27
rymate1234 i was wanting to use a remote control with the arduino 21:53:38
Pad^ simple and easy 21:53:39
cybojenix Lol who has old TV's anymore 21:53:45
Pad^ rymate1234 if you keep complicating things for yourself, you will never get anything done 21:54:25
cybojenix How is it complex? 21:54:42
cybojenix He wants to pick up a signal from an ir blaster 21:54:56
Pad^ yeah it's not hard 21:55:33
Pad^ btw what's up with that arduino? 21:55:53
rymate1234 ? 21:56:01
Pad^ that's different from the normal ones 21:56:13
rymate1234 it's a 3rd party model that's 100% compatible 21:56:31
Pad^ ah ok 21:56:47
rymate1234 Pad^: http://images.rymate.co.uk/images/wfuUu3H.jpg this is the IR receiver AFAIK 21:56:50
Pad^ yep, it seems like one 21:57:25
Pad^ code something for it 21:57:32
rymate1234 i dunno how to wire it up 21:57:51
Pad^ do you know what model it is? 21:58:48
rymate1234 lemme delve into my history 21:59:05
Pad^ If I were to take a guess: Middle one - GND; Left one - Vss; Right one - any Arduino digital pin 22:00:39
rymate1234 it's a vs1838b 22:00:47
Pad^ It's the opposite 22:01:34
rymate1234 so left goes to digital, middle is GND and right is Vss 22:02:07
Pad^ yes 22:02:18
Pad^ wait 22:02:42
Pad^ don't forget to put a resistor 22:02:49
rymate1234 any specific kind? 22:03:04
Pad^ around 50 Ohms 22:03:08
Pad^ Max 100 Ohms 22:03:14
rymate1234 all i got is 220, 1K and 10K 22:03:31
Pad^ Well, 220 it is then 22:03:45
cybojenix I got loads lying around 22:04:02
cybojenix 10 220 and 10 10k came with it 22:04:32
rymate1234 is Vss just 5V? 22:04:47
Pad^ yes 22:06:16
Pad^ void setup{ pinMode(1, INPUT); } 22:06:24
Pad^ void loop(){ledState = digitalRead(1); if(ledState == HIGH) Serial.println("IR HELLO WORLD");} 22:06:28
Pad^ that code should work I guess 22:06:39
Pad^ If the arduino starts to pick up random data, put a smal capacitor (around 50uF) between the pin Vcc and the gnd to remove noise. This is why it's preferable to start with LED IR 22:09:27
Pad^ Are you trying it rymate1234 ? 22:11:33
rymate1234 yes 22:11:38
rymate1234 nothing 22:14:22
rymate1234 22:14:23
Pad^ Did you connect it to the pin 1 of the arduino? 22:15:39
rymate1234 pin 11 but i changed the code as well 22:16:16
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Pad^ it's hard to debug from irc but I would suggest to replace it a button to make sure everything is fine 22:18:27
Pad^ then I would check if your remote is working with a camera 22:18:40
Pad^ then trying it again and check the connections are well done 22:19:03
rymate1234 Uhhh 22:19:23
rymate1234 this might sound stupid but 22:19:27
rymate1234 how do i wire a button 22:19:33
Pad^ http://arduino.cc/en/tutorial/button 22:19:57
Pad^ the functioning of the button and of a IR receiver is exactly the same 22:20:20
Pad^ the code you write for one should work on the other too 22:20:46
rymate1234 it's the remote 22:21:46
rymate1234 oh wait 22:22:22
rymate1234 maybe i have it wired wrong 22:22:26
rymate1234 eh fuck it for now 22:23:45
rymate1234 im tired 22:23:48
rymate1234 i'll try at weekend 22:23:52
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rymate1234 Pad^: would the ir receiver receive ir signals from a different remote? 22:26:00
Pad^ yep 22:27:00
Pad^ as long it's IR 22:27:06
rymate1234 huh 22:27:21
Pad^ you might even receive signals from a candle 22:27:22
rymate1234 maybe i broke the ir receiver then 22:27:32
Pad^ can you see it on the camera phone? 22:27:48
Pad^ I mean the IR led 22:27:54
Pad^ from the remote 22:27:58
rymate1234 on the remote that came with it? no 22:28:00
rymate1234 on a remote I know works? yes 22:28:10
Pad^ what about batteries? 22:28:27
Pad^ are they drained up? 22:28:35
rymate1234 well 22:28:54
rymate1234 if the ir remote has no light 22:29:01
rymate1234 probably 22:29:05
tilal6991 I seemed to have missed quite a bit there 22:29:57
rymate1234 ? 22:31:19
jordilopez94_ Uživatel jordilopez94_ [~jordilope@] vstoupil do místnosti. 22:31:43
rymate1234 Pad^: the website recommends a 10k resistor for the ir 22:32:15
rymate1234 *button 22:32:19
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Pad^ oh yes, for the button it's better 10k 22:34:24
Pad^ or you'll damage the arduino 22:34:31
rymate1234 ah 22:34:58
Uživatel „jordilopez94_“ opustil místnost (Quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer). 22:35:15
Pad^ what the button does is short circuiting the pin to the 5v or 4v 22:35:48
Pad^ * 5v or 3v 22:36:01
Pad^ the IR receiver has a more complex circuit inside so it requires lower resistor 22:36:34
rymate1234 Ah makes sense 22:38:15
adfad666 rip cm recovery 22:43:05
Dazzozo wat 22:46:32
rymate1234 Crescent is shit on stock rom 22:47:40
rymate1234 Wow 22:47:47
adfad666 cm-priv discussing removing backup from recovery 23:14:57
Dazzozo adfad666: what? 23:21:54
Dazzozo how? 23:21:55
Dazzozo why? 23:21:56
Dazzozo O_O 23:21:57
adfad666 i read a bit more, they want to remove it for external sdcards 23:23:05
adfad666 'security' etc 23:23:15
adfad666 internal storage it's not in user folder so is not readable by apps unless they have root, but any app can read external storage 23:24:29
adfad666 that's what 'you-know-who' is saying, anyway 23:24:53
Dazzozo i can think of two you-know-whos 23:26:34
Dazzozo though i think the one is more likely than the other 23:26:52
adfad666 the cleverest one 23:26:57
Dazzozo ah 23:27:01
Dazzozo then i know 23:27:03
adfad666 though it probably started as a discussion with bother of them internally 23:27:47
cybojenix Lol why say "you know who", we all know who you're talking about 23:29:36
adfad666 though TIL the CTS doesn't look at recovery 23:29:45
cybojenix Wouldn't it be better to force encryption on external sd backups? 23:31:11
cybojenix Rather than remove it all together 23:31:28
adfad666 probably too many opportunities for data loss 23:32:15
cybojenix Backing up to any nand storage device gives too many opportunities for data loss 23:33:08
adfad666 I mean if you move the backup and want to use it later, often you can't as you lose the encryption key if you update stuff 23:33:55
cybojenix That's the users fault then 23:34:44
adfad666 i dunno, it kinda defeats the purpose of a nandroid backup if you can't use it when stuff goes wrong 23:35:19
cybojenix No doubt there will be a Linux based decrypter somewhere for nand backups 23:37:02
adfad666 well I'd hope not or it's again pointless, as if you're using it to 'protect' external sdcar backups, then any malicious root app will also be able to access it 23:39:14
adfad666 the key would have to be generated somehow 23:39:42
adfad666 but I can't think of anything that wouldn't also be available to a malicious root app 23:41:25
cybojenix A backup can take up 1gb right? There are devices out there with 4/8gb total, because they rely on sd cards 23:41:31
cybojenix A malicious app is caught most of the time before any damage is done 23:42:05
adfad666 yeah but if you're doing encryption you should be planning for worse case scenario 23:42:34
adfad666 otherwise you're just doing pseudo-security 23:42:58
cybojenix I want to be able to decrypt my files away from the recovery. It's probably the main reason I took backups when I actually used a phone 23:44:24
adfad666 the only way I can think of doing it properly is before starting the backup would be to adb sideload an encryption key, like your id_rsa or something 23:44:29
cybojenix Not to restore it back to the phone, but to rescue any data that was on the phone if the phone dies 23:44:51
adfad666 well, the above solution would work for both 23:45:54
adfad666 not ideal, but then security is meant to be hard 23:46:08
cybojenix It's either no encryption or that 23:47:46
cybojenix Tbh I have 1 piece of data encrypted, and that is encrypted to hell and back 23:48:16
adfad666 I know there's one thing I wish I didn't lose 23:49:08
adfad666 I did some bitcoin mining back when it was hardly worth anything, like 2 dollars 23:49:45
adfad666 i didin't do it for long, I got maybe 1.5 bitcoins 23:49:58
adfad666 but that's worth something now :/ 23:50:02
cybojenix Lol nice 23:50:07
cybojenix But shame it was last 23:50:15
cybojenix Lost* 23:50:18
adfad666 it was shortly after a huge theft and the value got completely wiped out and everyone was saying it was just a fad and it's gonna die 23:50:57
cybojenix Heh 23:51:20
adfad666 i just didin't bother to back it up when i reinstalled ubuntu 23:51:49
cybojenix Yeah 23:52:40
adfad666 but I just started again, I got 3500 dogecoin 23:52:45
cybojenix Dafuq? Ron is online,.. 23:52:47
cybojenix What are they? 23:52:56
adfad666 alternative cryptocoins 23:53:16
adfad666 dafuq did he just do to uber?? 23:53:27
cybojenix What do you mean? 23:53:54
adfad666 he has op status in nicki-dev 23:54:17
cybojenix Temp op 23:54:32
cybojenix Hang on 23:54:35
adfad666 nuke it! 23:54:41
adfad666 kick ban! 23:54:50
cybojenix Wait what? 23:54:53
cybojenix What are you on about? 23:54:59
tilal6991 Uživatel „tilal6991“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991|away. 23:55:06
adfad666 I just wondered why uber has op status in nicki-dev 23:55:45
cybojenix He's founder 23:56:03
adfad666 I thought ron just gave it to him, but it was chanserv 23:56:24
cybojenix Niooo 23:56:41
cybojenix He created the channel, then made me founder 23:56:55
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