#huawei-g300 chanel log 2014-01-03

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I'm sorry for not actual logs - my FTP uploads are reduced a lot, i'm working on new solution..

Expected startup is about 10.2.2014

SilvesterBot Starting build #490 for job android 00:00:21
Uživatel „Kyan31“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 240 seconds). 00:00:39
Dazzozo time for segfault city again 00:00:44
droidd nah the first one is always ok 00:01:44
droidd its the 2nd one thats no good 00:01:50
cybojenix Dazzozo segfaults? 00:05:39
Dazzozo my server has a hardware issue 00:05:47
Dazzozo random processes segfault 00:05:52
cybojenix Ahhh 00:05:54
Dazzozo and the chance of it happening in an android build 00:06:02
Dazzozo well, use your imagination 00:06:05
cybojenix I don't need to 00:06:12
Dazzozo i think its ram 00:06:14
Dazzozo but to do memtests etc i have to pull it down 00:06:26
Dazzozo so its about timing 00:06:35
cybojenix Yeah 00:06:40
cybojenix I ran a memtest on mine, but nada 00:06:50
cybojenix Thankfully it only faults when it's underload 00:07:03
Dazzozo the HDD failed a few days ago 00:08:23
Dazzozo well, it was more like a week ago now 00:08:32
Dazzozo had to get that replaced 00:08:42
cybojenix Oh dear... 00:08:48
Dazzozo it survived nearly 2 years of abuse 00:09:05
Dazzozo lol 00:09:05
cybojenix Well shit happens 00:09:28
Dazzozo yeah 00:09:30
Dazzozo im not gonna be as stupid next time 00:09:38
Dazzozo i want to see it coming 00:09:39
cybojenix Got two drives from over 10 years ago. One is fantastic, the other sounds like an angle grinder 00:09:52
Dazzozo though even though i was unprepared it was pretty seamless 00:10:02
Dazzozo i think a drive in my PC is dying 00:10:36
Dazzozo but i so rarely use it 00:10:41
Dazzozo its going to take a while 00:10:45
Dazzozo some day SSDs will be affordable 00:11:22
Dazzozo :| 00:11:24
rymate1234 Yup 00:22:24
rymate1234 :/ 00:22:26
Dazzozo well i have one as primary for my pc 00:22:47
droidd SMART can tell you if its about to die 00:25:18
Dazzozo ye i know 00:26:47
Dazzozo it can tell you if its dead too 00:26:51
Dazzozo i didnt check it soon enough, basically 00:27:02
droidd lol as long as its not too dead yes 00:27:10
Dazzozo it worked, it just couldnt mount the root partition because of fucked sectors 00:27:26
droidd youre renting though yes? 00:28:32
Dazzozo ye it was replaced free 00:28:38
droidd no need to check smart then 00:28:39
Dazzozo well 00:28:48
Dazzozo i would like to know when its coming 00:28:55
Dazzozo so i can prepare 00:28:56
Dazzozo 400+ cm builds is not something you can keep regularly backed up anywhere 00:29:16
droidd yikes 00:30:23
droidd well ssd's are getting cheaper every week 00:30:41
droidd so thatll be nice 00:30:47
SilvesterBot Project android build cm-11.0 - cm_u8815-userdebug: SUCCESS in 33 min: http://jenkins.thebronasium.com/job/android/490/ 00:33:45
SilvesterBot Starting build #491 for job android 00:33:45
droidd ! 00:33:54
Dazzozo now we just need the other 3 to not fucking segfault 00:35:58
droidd fingers crossed 00:40:47
droidd what does it mean that the latest cwm supports device encrypion? 00:45:22
Dazzozo it chops 16kb off the end of the partition for the crypto footer 00:45:36
droidd hmm ok 00:46:44
droidd im not sure what that is, but it sounds like a bad thing? 00:47:00
Dazzozo lmao what 00:47:08
Dazzozo why would that be a bad thing? 00:47:13
Dazzozo it supports device encryption... you can encrypt your device 00:47:30
droidd any sentence with "chops" and "foot" in it sounds like a bad idea to me 00:47:38
droidd 00:47:51
Dazzozo thats literally what those words mean lol 00:47:59
droidd wow there is no encrypt option on stock 00:49:02
droidd i never noticed 00:49:04
droidd my old ics phone had it :S 00:49:12
Dazzozo mhm 00:49:24
Dazzozo ~huawei~ 00:49:34
droidd lol ic 00:49:43
Dazzozo the funny thing is 00:49:49
Dazzozo if the option was even there 00:49:52
Dazzozo it wouldn't work 00:49:54
Dazzozo oem_rpc_svc was a core service in stock too, which prevented data from being unmounted 00:50:09
droidd all that needed to be done is chopping the footer? 00:50:44
droidd that seems like something huawei should have done :S 00:51:00
droidd or could have done 00:51:08
Dazzozo well, oem_rpc_svc had to not be a core service too 00:51:39
Dazzozo otherwise it wouldnt encrypt 00:51:43
droidd hmm 00:52:56
droidd i guess this is a common theme 00:53:01
Dazzozo ergh reddit is being completely incompetent again 00:53:02
droidd huawei doesnt do things properly 00:53:09
Dazzozo please, load the page 00:53:10
droidd mash f5 00:53:17
Dazzozo i really dont get huawei 00:53:27
Dazzozo they butcher such simple things 00:53:31
Dazzozo but manage to get a device to market? 00:53:35
Dazzozo it boggles my mind 00:53:40
Dazzozo like 00:54:11
Dazzozo if you fucked THIS up, how did you-- 00:54:18
droidd lol ic 00:55:10
droidd is that common with other companies too? 00:55:36
Dazzozo idk 00:56:18
Dazzozo ZTE were pretty bad, but also chinese 00:56:25
Dazzozo and i havent had the "privilege" of working with anything else 00:56:37
cybojenix Dazzozo based on the source, where will videnc be? 00:57:48
Dazzozo mm-video i would guess 00:58:03
Dazzozo but we dont have it sooo 00:58:07
droidd i would guess the bigger guys write better code 00:58:55
droidd samsung, lg, etc 00:59:01
Dazzozo build times are faster with the new HDD 00:59:36
Dazzozo definitely 00:59:39
Dazzozo by minutes on each one 00:59:50
Dazzozo or maybe thats a side effect of having my ccache cleared 01:00:15
Dazzozo idk 01:00:15
Dazzozo since i wasnt backing that crap up 01:00:24
SilvesterBot Project android build cm-11.0 - cm_u8825-userdebug: SUCCESS in 27 min: http://jenkins.thebronasium.com/job/android/491/ 01:01:03
SilvesterBot Starting build #492 for job android 01:01:04
Dazzozo TWO TO GO COME ON 01:01:19
Dazzozo NO-SEGFAULT RUN 01:01:22
Dazzozo u can do it 01:01:27
droidd oh itll happen 01:01:39
droidd tonights the night 01:01:41
droidd so am i stuck with twrp forever or can i switch back and forth to cwm 01:09:07
droidd oh wow you broke reddit 01:09:59
droidd they shoulda checked SMART 01:10:22
droidd tsktsk 01:10:27
Dazzozo dddddddddddddd 01:10:41
droidd Alkalinorap would like a word with you 01:11:47
Alkalinorap say me 01:13:38
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SilvesterBot Project android build cm-11.0 - cm_u8833-userdebug: SUCCESS in 31 min: http://jenkins.thebronasium.com/job/android/492/ 01:32:48
SilvesterBot Starting build #493 for job android 01:32:49
Dazzozo http://www.littlewoodsireland.ie/samsung-galaxy-mini-2-mobile-phone/1246074847.prd 01:41:23
Dazzozo bargain 01:41:25
Uživatel „EloYGomeZ“ opustil místnost (Quit: Saliendo). 01:45:03
droidd geeez 01:48:01
droidd thats a mortgage payment for a junk phone 01:48:15
droidd gg samsung 01:48:20
Dazzozo omg its gonna do it 01:53:55
Dazzozo no segfault run 01:53:57
droidd dont jinx it! 01:56:34
Dazzozo system.img! 01:59:50
Dazzozo can't stop me now! 01:59:52
SilvesterBot Project android build cm-11.0 - cm_u8951-userdebug: SUCCESS in 28 min: http://jenkins.thebronasium.com/job/android/493/ 02:00:56
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cybojenix Uživatel „cybojenix“ je nyní znám jako hiddencybo. 02:05:29
droidd 02:17:22
droidd Dazzozo: Firefox can't find the server at getcm.thebronasium.com. 02:21:00
Dazzozo working for me 02:21:08
Dazzozo yeah definitely up 02:21:32
Dazzozo Pinging getcm.thebronasium.com [] with 32 bytes of data: 02:21:58
Dazzozo Reply from bytes=32 time=19ms TTL=51 02:21:58
Dazzozo nslookup getcm.thebronasium.com 02:22:02
Dazzozo Non-authoritative answer: 02:22:02
Dazzozo Name: getcm.thebronasium.com 02:22:02
Dazzozo Addresses: 2001:41d0:8:1759::1 02:22:02
Dazzozo 02:22:02
droidd ok its working now 02:22:20
Dazzozo weird 02:22:26
droidd i guess theres a delay here in canada 02:22:29
Dazzozo you wouldnt be talking to me if it was down 02:23:01
Dazzozo i connect via it 02:23:07
Dazzozo BNC 02:23:11
Dazzozo i imagine it sucks if you're far from europe, but eh 02:24:57
Dazzozo not many solutions on a budget 02:25:07
droidd oh im not complaining 02:25:22
droidd so every time somebody updates to the latest nightly, they grab a 180mb file from your server? 02:26:13
Dazzozo yup 02:26:20
Dazzozo i dont have any bandwidth issues 02:26:31
droidd wow, how many gb are you going through a month? 02:26:49
Dazzozo a crazy number 02:26:57
Dazzozo lol 02:26:58
Dazzozo november and december have been the busiest times ever 02:27:05
Dazzozo idk why 02:27:07
Dazzozo it just skyrocketed these last 2 months 02:27:15
droidd more people inside lol 02:27:16
droidd winter ^ 02:27:25
Dazzozo probably kitkat and me supporting 4 devices now too i guess 02:27:44
Dazzozo but yea 02:27:52
Dazzozo bandwidth isnt the issue 02:27:55
Dazzozo its the fact that downloading 180mb every time is a pain in the ass for the user 02:28:02
droidd aye, its one of the reasons im waiting for weeklys lol 02:28:57
Dazzozo and solving that problem is pretty tough 02:29:00
droidd bandwidth caps are brutal here 02:29:04
Dazzozo you have to generate the diff server side, but you have to account for the fact that people won't update in a linear way 02:29:34
Dazzozo most solutions seem to generate a certain amount of days worth of deltas 02:30:16
Dazzozo going from every possible zip to every other possible zip 02:30:25
Dazzozo that seems the most... sensible and reliable 02:30:41
Dazzozo but something seems shitty about it 02:30:45
Dazzozo either way if im going to do it i want to get it right 02:30:53
droidd hmm 02:31:21
droidd what if you force an update every night 02:31:27
droidd that way itll be the same for everybody 02:31:33
Dazzozo i cant really force people to update their phones 02:31:39
droidd you dont have one guy updating from 2 weeks ago 02:31:41
Dazzozo it has to be completely behind the scenes, really 02:31:58
Dazzozo something i did consider 02:32:13
Dazzozo was getting the client to tell the server what version it wants to go from and to 02:32:24
Dazzozo and then the server generates a delta there and then 02:32:29
Dazzozo and caches it or something 02:32:52
droidd eh, maybe force was the wrong word 02:33:02
droidd i mean like my antivirus - updates at 5pm daily on its own 02:33:17
Dazzozo whatever i do its gonna take a bit of work 02:34:15
Dazzozo getcm and cmupdater werent really built with this in mind 02:34:28
Dazzozo and CM has closed the source for their getcm which now has the backend support for it 02:34:46
droidd hmm? 02:35:21
Dazzozo its probably diverged quite a bit since it was open source, anyway 02:35:26
droidd why would cm close source for something? 02:35:28
Dazzozo because they have to build value for themselves now 02:35:37
Dazzozo its a company 02:35:41
droidd eh? 02:36:22
Dazzozo cm incorporated... 02:36:34
Dazzozo are you not aware of this lol 02:36:39
Dazzozo i remember the justification on reddit being "we're selfish", alongside some explanation about how they want their users using their exclusive stuff 02:36:59
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droidd something seems wrong about that 02:37:22
Dazzozo well that's been argued to death already 02:37:32
Dazzozo they lost a lot of contributors over it 02:37:50
droidd sure 02:38:22
droidd what happens to the guy that developed trebuchet for example for free 02:38:39
droidd and now theyre making money on his work 02:38:44
Dazzozo and that was a case people argued for 02:38:50
Dazzozo a lot of people feel the contributors arent being properly recognised 02:39:02
Dazzozo unless they were hired 02:39:08
Dazzozo the worst of it was the focal drama 02:39:51
Dazzozo what made news was... selective 02:40:02
Dazzozo there have been some pretty nasty things said 02:40:09
adfad666 there's still nowhere else better to go to if you want to dev on a decent project 02:40:19
Dazzozo it'll happen in time 02:40:33
droidd aokp? 02:40:39
Dazzozo aokp has done some shit that makes me think they dont even want contributors 02:42:37
adfad666 I'd be interested in Paranoid Android if they didn't just do nexus devices 02:42:49
Dazzozo really, it doesnt even matter to me 02:43:26
Dazzozo i'll build what people whine about the least 02:43:38
Dazzozo i dont like cm 02:43:46
Dazzozo never have 02:43:47
Dazzozo i run my own aosp build on my n5 and thats fine 02:44:04
droidd you dont like cm? 02:44:29
Dazzozo not at all 02:44:35
droidd aosp > cm ? 02:44:54
Dazzozo i dont think you can compare like that 02:45:07
Dazzozo in my opinion, of course, thats why im using my own aosp build 02:45:16
Dazzozo nothing compares 02:45:21
droidd what differences are there between stock and your rom? 02:45:41
Dazzozo it doesn't have the google "bloat" 02:45:50
Dazzozo i only put google shit on that i use 02:46:00
Dazzozo i dont need google+, fukken hangouts and shit 02:46:34
Dazzozo give me back my messaging app 02:46:42
adfad666 lol, what's wrong with google+ 02:47:31
Dazzozo "hey, can i add you on google+?" 02:48:05
Dazzozo has never happened 02:48:07
Dazzozo thats whats wrong with google+ 02:48:10
adfad666 800 people decided to add me on Google+ 02:49:07
adfad666 not sur eif that's good or bad 02:49:12
Dazzozo i havent been convinced i need it yet 02:49:28
Dazzozo i dont need facebook 02:49:32
adfad666 but it's great for android connections 02:49:33
Dazzozo i dont have any android connections 02:49:38
Dazzozo fuck them all 02:49:41
adfad666 lol 02:49:53
Dazzozo i have twitter because i can ignore people i dont care about and whine about shit and pretend people care 02:50:07
Dazzozo i use steam as essentially the only "social network" i use 02:50:23
Dazzozo these things have a use to me 02:50:40
Dazzozo i registered facebook to use apps 02:50:46
Dazzozo i use google+, for apps 02:50:51
Dazzozo thats whats wrong 02:50:54
adfad666 i've been without facebook for about 18months now 02:51:24
Dazzozo i guess i just kind of see through it all 02:52:18
Dazzozo google play reviews, now powered by google+! 02:52:27
Dazzozo yeah, fuck off google 02:52:29
Dazzozo youtube comments, now powered by google+! 02:52:34
Dazzozo fuck off google 02:52:36
Dazzozo none of this shit benefits me in any way 02:53:11
Dazzozo reviews were reviews before, and now theyre reviews with a mugshot 02:53:29
adfad666 but if you don't use Google+ you miss out on being able to shake your xmas photos to make it snow! 02:53:47
Dazzozo those photos i dont take 02:53:56
Dazzozo or have 02:53:57
Dazzozo because i dont use a camera 02:54:01
Dazzozo ever 02:54:01
adfad666 lol ur such a loser 02:54:10
Dazzozo i would argue im the winner here 02:54:22
adfad666 i don't use it the camera much tbh, just the odd opportune pic 02:55:04
Dazzozo I would actually pay more for my N5 02:55:17
Dazzozo to have the cameras removed 02:55:20
Dazzozo its just something else to break 02:55:25
Dazzozo or scratch 02:55:27
Dazzozo and im not going to use it ever 02:55:31
adfad666 travel abroad, the image translation thing is a great use of a camera 02:56:02
Dazzozo i will note that down for when i travel abroad in 2020 02:56:29
Dazzozo :x 02:56:33
adfad666 now you're showing that you live in a village :3 02:57:11
adfad666 bloody foreigners! 02:57:21
Dazzozo im fine with that 02:57:36
Dazzozo i made myself comfortable 02:57:39
Dazzozo i dont need to live anywhere else 02:57:46
Dazzozo i have internet 02:57:50
adfad666 i would say going to uni might change your mind, but I think bath is a campus uni 02:58:48
adfad666 so you're just moving to another village 02:58:56
Dazzozo i rarely change my mind 02:59:36
adfad666 and facebook isn't as good as it used to be, at uni it was just a tool to pick up ladies 03:00:30
adfad666 now it's too serious 03:00:33
adfad666 they should have never opened it to the general public :/ 03:01:08
Dazzozo http://i.imgur.com/VJ4jFg2.png 03:01:24
droidd hmm 03:01:42
droidd risky 03:01:44
Dazzozo its safe 03:02:05
droidd safe but depressing 03:03:15
droidd 03:03:18
adfad666 anyway, if youi're gonna do computer science that might draw you to it 03:03:35
adfad666 we use it here in CZ 03:03:38
adfad666 private groups for our courses 03:03:58
adfad666 my gf uses facebook for that for her courses though 03:04:18
adfad666 so who knows 03:04:22
Dazzozo if something has a genuine use to me i will obviously use it 03:04:49
Dazzozo but im not going to have google shoehorn a service in to my life that gives me absolutely no benefits 03:05:05
adfad666 i just like how google pretty much auto-backups everything when you use their services together 03:06:06
Dazzozo well, all they have to "back up" right now is my play store purchases 03:06:31
Dazzozo cant be that fucking hard 03:06:33
Auctwo Uživatel Auctwo [~Auctus@122-57-138-207.jetstream.xtra.co.nz] vstoupil do místnosti. 03:06:48
Dazzozo i dont think they need me to use google+ for that 03:06:51
adfad666 maybe they will soon :/ 03:07:10
adfad666 no G+ no app 4 u 03:07:33
Dazzozo then i would have to resort to piracy 03:08:19
Dazzozo if devs arent going to make their apps available to me in any other way 03:08:27
Dazzozo in all seriousness that would be the most hilarious decision ever 03:09:38
adfad666 what about games with play integration? do achievements etc still work without G+? 03:09:44
Dazzozo for like a year my g+ profile didnt work because they didnt like my real name 03:09:51
Dazzozo no 03:09:59
Dazzozo thats all tied to g+ 03:10:05
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Dazzozo it was just so fuckin dumb 03:10:50
adfad666 I couldn't use G+ for the first year as my google account is a google apps account 03:10:51
Dazzozo its like 03:10:52
Dazzozo google, you have my contact details already from purchases 03:11:02
Dazzozo fucking ok with it when you're taking payment arent you 03:11:13
Dazzozo im going to bed 03:15:20
Dazzozo i get fibre internet tomorrow 03:15:32
Dazzozo aww yea 03:15:34
Dazzozo cya 03:15:45
droidd nite 03:15:58
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rhen mornin' 06:44:33
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rhen disabled JIT has dropped the dalvik performance to 1/3 in antutu 07:17:47
polariobearero hey 07:31:44
rhen hi 07:37:54
rhen regardless of benchmark, I didn't notice the performance drop 07:38:37
polariobearero i have a question 07:38:57
rhen not much changes in free memory 07:39:01
polariobearero still about the kernel 07:39:21
rhen I think I'm not the person who can help you :$ 07:39:41
polariobearero ok but ill post it anyway hehe 07:40:17
rhen ok 07:40:39
polariobearero is it ok to post a question like that or it isnt related to this channel?i mean is a bout g300 and talking different device? 07:41:16
polariobearero ok i think i know the answer to that 07:41:31
polariobearero its just like there isn t much of a place who i can talk to who actually responding 07:42:16
polariobearero can i post my trial and error here? 07:42:49
rhen I don't know. If there is people who answer your question and don't say to go away, it is fine to talk about anything 07:43:43
rhen I'm not a dev, I just like testing new stuff. 07:44:14
rhen so if it is a development question, I cann't help you much 07:44:55
polariobearero i got new kernel source right now its from caf then i try to compile using a msm7627_defconfig and it compile now what im doing is compairing my config file to the config file that compile then removing the configuration that not set and the configuration that has in the msm config that wasnt in my config until only the diff between them is left 07:46:13
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polariobearero then i will compile it slowly one by one and see where is the error and if that setting is important or not 07:46:57
polariobearero im thankful if i get a help at all but like Dazzozo said "we cant hold your hand through every single issue you have" 07:50:09
polariobearero but its still ok for me even if i dont get much help 07:50:54
polariobearero i just want to understand things and learn things 07:51:18
polariobearero i just want to have a respond maybe if im doing it wrong or how stupid or dumb i am 07:52:07
rhen I can't help you. I'm not familiar with this stuff, but I would make it boot with comment out (ifdef?) almost everything and get to work hardware one-by-one. 08:00:03
rhen first, display 08:00:13
rhen if it works go to touchscreen eg 08:00:29
rhen don't work on a lots of stuff at once 08:00:51
polariobearero ok thanks 08:10:17
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rhen Uživatel rhen [~rhen@dsl51B7DBD0.fixip.t-online.hu] vstoupil do místnosti. 10:10:42
rhen back 10:10:51
_yyan Uživatel _yyan [3d8dec13@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 10:18:39
_yyan ? 10:19:42
rhen _yyan, ? 10:21:59
rhen Dazzozo, ART is working without JIT? 10:26:58
rhen as you disabled JIT, what compilation is used? AOT? 10:34:07
rhen oh, I googled, ART use AOT as I see 10:41:12
rhen in this case what is used now? 10:41:21
rymate1234 rhen: no jit 10:45:30
hiddencybo Uživatel „hiddencybo“ je nyní znám jako cybojenix. 10:47:59
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subbrn2 Uživatel subbrn2 [bcfa8007@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 11:09:24
subbrn2 hi 11:09:35
rhen rymate1234, so no compiler? 11:10:14
rhen dalvik runs the bare java bytecode? 11:11:16
subbrn2 rhen do you now a way to disable a tecla volume + because my is broken 11:11:57
rhen subbrn2, what is tecla? 11:15:48
rymate1234 rhen: i dont know ask dazzozo 11:15:49
rhen I asked, but he is not here. Hopefully he will be read back. 11:16:55
rhen -be 11:17:41
subbrn2 sound button because is broken 11:18:00
rhen so you want a way to change volume without the volume physical button? 11:19:09
rhen *physical volume 11:19:17
subbrn2 i need to disable de volume + 11:21:08
subbrn2 the volume + can not explain you stuck and is always on 11:24:25
subbrn2 need to disable 11:24:50
rhen subbrn2, first result in google search: http://forums.androidcentral.com/lg-optimus-g-pro/284907-how-disable-side-volume-buttons.html#post2845970 11:31:14
subbrn2 system / usr / keylayout i have this but not have this kl wake up ,wake down 11:37:32
mojin2012 Uživatel mojin2012 [c1961311@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 11:38:11
Pad^ rhen jit is a plus of dalvik, it isn't necessary for it to run 11:42:15
Pad^ to be honest, although it's in google's guidelines, it doesn't make sense turning it off 11:42:47
Uživatel „mojin2012“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 272 seconds). 11:43:14
subbrn2 i found rhen 11:44:49
subbrn2 #key 115 volume_up is this ? 11:46:24
rhen subbrn2, yes 11:51:00
rhen Pad^, but "For the really low-memory devices, we recommend the JIT be disabled entirely." 11:53:30
Pad^ I know rhen and I mentioned that 11:55:24
Eloimuns Uživatel Eloimuns [~eloimuns@209.pool85-55-229.dynamic.orange.es] vstoupil do místnosti. 11:55:50
Eloimuns yo 11:56:09
rhen YO 11:56:53
Pad^ but for today's standards 512MB is a low memory device but it's already enough to run JIT without having to squeeze for every MB of RAM 11:56:59
rhen I agree with you Pad^ 11:57:22
rhen maybe play with JIT cache size is more beneficial than disabling it completely 11:58:47
rhen but the future is ART. I have to try it out some time 11:59:28
Kyan31 Uživatel Kyan31 [~kyanbelge@] vstoupil do místnosti. 12:01:23
Kyan31 desu 12:02:07
Pad^ I hate java 12:07:59
Kyan31 cool 12:09:09
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modacouserr Uživatel modacouserr [02518ea7@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 12:14:06
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Kyan31 Uživatel Kyan31 [~kyanbelge@genkt-049-016.t-mobile.co.uk] vstoupil do místnosti. 12:21:49
Dazzozo so is jit worth it y/n 12:36:45
tilal6991|away Uživatel „tilal6991|away“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991. 12:39:26
Dazzozo http://www.cam.ac.uk/research/news/breaking-down-cancers-defence-mechanisms 12:48:17
Dazzozo holy fuck 12:48:18
Kyan31 awesome 12:49:23
Dazzozo pancreatic too 12:51:21
Dazzozo thats what killed my dad 12:51:24
Dazzozo holy shit 12:51:31
Kyan31 oh 12:53:13
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