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Expected startup is about 10.2.2014

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rymate1234 Dazzozo: patch it 10:08:31
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polariobearero hi 11:34:42
polariobearero i have a boot.img when i unpack it , it get much less 11:35:13
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polariobearero when i repack it it wont boot anymore 11:36:45
polariobearero my device is so hard to understand 11:37:20
polariobearero im here not because i have a g300 but because i think my device and this device has the same chipset i think 11:38:24
Kyan31 what device do you have? 11:39:19
polariobearero its a generic device no brand name..well it has a brand but unlike the others its unknown 11:40:29
Kyan31 ah right 11:40:52
polariobearero but it has qualcomm msm8225 11:40:57
Kyan31 so i assume your trying to get a g300 rom to boot on it? 11:41:26
polariobearero and its running ics. .i just to get some idea on how will i able to upgrade the version of my device .. i see that g300 has able to upgrade form ics to jb to kitkat 11:42:24
polariobearero no , i will try if possible but i dont think so 11:42:46
Kyan31 its all unnoficial though 11:43:13
Kyan31 we only had GB and a crappy ics release 11:43:33
polariobearero really? ah maybe its the y300 im talking about 11:44:00
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Kyan31 maybe 11:44:12
Kyan31 the y300 only has JB 4.1.1 11:44:18
rhen yo 11:44:19
Kyan31 yo 11:44:24
polariobearero but i saw it has cm11 isnt that equal to kitkat? 11:44:47
rhen can I take a quick question about memory management? 11:44:48
Kyan31 yeah 11:45:02
Kyan31 it is 11:45:05
Kyan31 i guess so rhen 11:45:15
polariobearero so it is kitkat then?how was it?is it good is it much faster than ics? 11:45:42
rhen I'm using CM11 and the memory management is too aggressive. It kill's the music player while I'm browsing, but I checked that I have abou 140MB free ram at the moment 11:46:12
rhen can I set it to a less aggressive settings? 11:46:31
Kyan31 its much smoother than ics 11:46:34
polariobearero i mean they say kitkat would run smooth on low spec devices thats why i really wanted to upgrade my device 11:46:36
Kyan31 i think ics did things faster though 11:46:44
polariobearero wow thats good 11:46:49
Kyan31 thats not really true tbh 11:47:00
Kyan31 kitkat on the motorola g takes up 400mb alone, already more than the whole g300 11:47:17
Kyan31 the g300 only has 382mb available 11:47:31
Kyan31 not sure rhen 11:47:41
Pad^ bigger resolution -> more memory consumption 11:47:45
polariobearero maybe it has lots of bloatware or unnecessary apps 11:47:59
Kyan31 nope 11:48:06
Kyan31 moto g is pretty clean 11:48:12
Kyan31 its a google phone, so almost aosp or aosp 11:48:25
polariobearero ah the resolution my device only has 400 x 800 i think 11:48:27
Pad^ of course 11:48:34
Kyan31 same as ours 11:48:39
Kyan31 rhen, do you have a task killer? 11:49:16
rhen thanks Kyan31. I'm just asked because I never had this problem before (I didn't used the music player about 1,5 weeks and now this is sucks) 11:49:26
rhen no 11:49:30
Pad^ No, Moto G screen is bigger 11:49:32
rhen only greenify, but I haven't greenified my music player 11:49:52
Kyan31 i was talking about the g300 notmoto g 11:49:53
Pad^ rhen in developer options there's an option to kill apps as soon you leave the activity 11:50:03
Kyan31 i dont have a moto g, it was an example 11:50:08
Pad^ are you sure you didn't mess with that? 11:50:10
polariobearero my device has no source codes so idk what to do or what to use? 11:50:34
rhen yes, I use greenify since CM10.2 11:50:39
Kyan31 rhen, check your memory management settings 11:51:00
Kyan31 in performance 11:51:05
Pad^ rhen did you greenify your music player? 11:51:18
rhen Pad^, no 11:51:25
Kyan31 polario, are there any recoveries available for your device? 11:51:36
Kyan31 cwm, twrp? 11:51:48
polariobearero what do you mean recoveries? 11:51:54
polariobearero ah yeah we have cwn 11:52:04
rhen zRAM 18%, kernel samepage merging checked 11:52:08
Pad^ rhen did you check what I told you in developer options? 11:52:22
Kyan31 well you could make a backup of your stock rom in cwm, then extract the system stuff 11:52:32
Kyan31 and make a cooked rom 11:52:39
Kyan31 so theres no chance of cm with that method but you can still do a lot of cool stuff 11:53:03
rhen Pad^, didn't checked this option 11:53:30
polariobearero but do you think if i doesnt change the kernel it will be the same as before 11:53:36
Kyan31 it depends 11:53:52
Kyan31 you can do some performance mods when cooking roms 11:54:08
Kyan31 but nothing with kernel besides ading init.d support 11:54:23
Kyan31 adding* 11:54:27
rhen i noticed it today while I read the IRC log of this channel in UC mini. It killed the music player after ~5 minutes. 11:54:51
Kyan31 its worth a try, atleast you would have something 11:54:55
polariobearero if i do that without even upgrading the kernel would it become much fster? 11:54:59
rhen but I check it later again 11:55:05
Kyan31 if you add suitable performance tweaks sure 11:55:17
Kyan31 wait, ill show you one of my cooked roms 11:55:33
Kyan31 as an example of the stuff you can do 11:55:42
Kyan31 it can also all be done on windows too 11:56:08
polariobearero ok ill take i look to that 11:56:18
polariobearero i dont have windows 11:56:27
Kyan31 oh ok 11:56:34
Kyan31 well it can be done on anything 11:56:41
polariobearero but i have vm 11:56:43
Kyan31 anyway here 11:56:52
Kyan31 http://www.modaco.com/topic/361876-jbcm101%E2%98%85electra-rom-for-the-huawei-ascend-g300%E2%98%85-%E2%9C%B0updated-02052013%E2%9C%B0-%E2%98%85v3%E2%98%85/ 11:56:54
Kyan31 as long as your OS supports decompiling apks and opening zips your fine 11:57:22
polariobearero that was most of the devs on my device community do but only minimal changes it got 11:58:13
Kyan31 ah right 11:58:34
Kyan31 tell them to put more effort in 11:58:55
polariobearero that device is pretty look much like my device 11:59:04
Kyan31 yeah, they sound pretty similar 11:59:19
Kyan31 1ghz single core, 512mb ram, 400x800 4", 5mpx cam, dual mic blah blah blah 11:59:49
Kyan31 and adreno 200 gpu 11:59:56
polariobearero well mine is dual core but on 1ghz and andreno 203 i think 12:01:11
polariobearero i just notice that kernel is still 3.0.8 same as mine 12:01:32
Kyan31 maybe porting from the y300 would be a better idea 12:01:43
Kyan31 actually we have 3.4 now 12:01:50
Kyan31 we had 3.0.8 but Dazzozo got 3.4 working 12:02:05
Kyan31 unfortuantely the 3.4 kernel kills hynix emmc devices, but not samsung (at least for the g300) 12:02:52
polariobearero im trying to compile a kernel with my .config using Dazzozo source i cant able to compile 12:03:07
Kyan31 whats the problem? 12:03:24
Kyan31 exactly? 12:03:32
polariobearero what do you mean hynix emmc device? 12:03:42
Kyan31 its just the brand of emmc in the phone 12:03:59
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Kyan31 i think the g300s first shipped with hynix but then huawei changed to samsung 12:04:42
polariobearero ah i see but how would you know what kind of brand of emmc?cause i have an emmc but i dont know what brand it is 12:04:49
Kyan31 thats why some have samsung and some dont 12:04:52
Kyan31 ah right 12:04:57
Kyan31 wait 12:05:00
Kyan31 in terminal 12:05:39
Kyan31 type su 12:05:41
Kyan31 then cat /sys/class/block/mmcblk0/device/name 12:05:48
Kyan31 and it will tel you your emmc brand etc. 12:06:00
Kyan31 i think the dead hynix issue is only seen on our phones though, you probably dont need to worry 12:06:28
Kyan31 the moto g has hynix but has official 3.4 kernel, its just us 12:06:50
polariobearero s5u00m i think not sure if its oo or 00 12:08:32
Kyan31 i think thats samsung 12:08:46
Kyan31 SJS00M is samsung, xinyh is hynix 12:09:04
polariobearero oh i guess i wouldnt mind that 12:09:25
Kyan31 yeah 12:09:36
polariobearero your device is g300? 12:09:48
Kyan31 yes 12:09:52
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Kyan31 unfortuantely 12:10:03
polariobearero i think the most look alike of my device is the g330d 12:10:30
Kyan31 lolz 12:11:30
polariobearero but at least your manufacturer has source codes provided..unlike ours we dont even know where to begin 12:11:39
Kyan31 is your phone huawei? 12:11:53
polariobearero uhm no 12:12:04
Kyan31 oh 12:12:11
Kyan31 because there is a huawei g330d 12:12:21
polariobearero its a device with many clones but without source codes 12:12:39
Kyan31 oh right 12:12:55
polariobearero yeah there is although my device seems the same as the g330d i think they have a lot of diff 12:13:25
Kyan31 yeah it sure sounds that way 12:13:37
Kyan31 the y300 seems to fit better with yours 12:13:49
polariobearero but i dont know how would i port y300 rom to my device 12:14:44
Kyan31 me neither 12:14:57
polariobearero i mean how to make it compatible 12:15:01
polariobearero i think they have diff partition 12:15:44
Kyan31 maybe 12:16:20
polariobearero but what im working on right now is how would i compile a kernel or at least make it boot on my device 12:16:33
Kyan31 honestly i have no idea 12:16:54
polariobearero i mean a have this boot image but everytime i unpack it and then repack it it wont even boot 12:17:14
Kyan31 you know there are kitkat roms based on the 3.0.8 kernel 12:17:21
Kyan31 ah right 12:17:29
polariobearero well thank you very much for at least listening to me 12:18:03
Kyan31 no problem 12:18:38
polariobearero actually we i think we already have cm aand even jb but it doesnt work properly..they always see that the problem is the kernel 12:19:13
Kyan31 oh right 12:20:31
Kyan31 thats a bummer 12:20:41
Kyan31 but as i said before, there are kitkat roms on other devices that are tailored to work with the stock kernel 12:21:11
polariobearero i think i know what to be done but what i dont know is how to do it 12:21:16
Kyan31 yeah 12:21:42
Dazzozo hi 12:21:45
Dazzozo driving lesson etc 12:21:50
Kyan31 hey 12:21:51
polariobearero hello 12:21:58
polariobearero but do you think it would work fast? 12:23:07
Kyan31 probably no faster than what you alreasy have 12:23:35
Kyan31 already* 12:23:41
Kyan31 it would be about the same 12:23:46
Kyan31 but the new features are nice 12:23:56
Kyan31 so kinda a win situation 12:24:04
polariobearero yeah ..the main reason i want to upgrade my device is to make it at least a little more faster than i have know see i dont care much about the looks..its just so annoying jut using a browser takes ages just to open 12:25:18
Kyan31 how much ram did you say you had? 12:25:57
polariobearero 512 12:26:06
polariobearero but i think its 340 12:26:18
Kyan31 ergh 12:26:19
Kyan31 to be honest, theres no hope unless you could get gingerbread working or something 12:26:48
polariobearero and almost half is being use just to run the device 12:26:50
Kyan31 same here 12:27:11
polariobearero yeah . .they say kitkat is same as gb 12:27:13
Kyan31 no thats not true at all 12:27:24
polariobearero yeah. .how 12:27:35
Kyan31 kitkat on the g300 only leaves 100mb free 12:27:43
Kyan31 and we are lucky to have that 12:27:52
polariobearero oh so its pretty much the same 12:28:16
Kyan31 its because the g300 kk version has many things disabled, transparent statusbar and lock widgets etc. 12:28:16
Kyan31 yeah 12:28:21
Kyan31 gb however has plenty available 12:28:34
Kyan31 like, 270mb free 12:28:45
Kyan31 cm7 is just great but the only reason i cant use it is no usb tethering 12:29:11
Kyan31 i need usb tethering like 25% of the time so its important to me 12:29:29
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polariobearero i really want to try gb i mean all i want is to run it fast but i dont think its possible to downgrade 12:30:10
Kyan31 yeah i thought so 12:30:23
Kyan31 its a shame really 12:30:26
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Kyan31 for 512mb is pretty much the most suited version of android 12:30:49
Kyan31 all this talk about kitkat running on 512mb devices is crap 12:31:06
Kyan31 i dont know why google would say that, its not true 12:31:23
polariobearero i really believe that though 12:31:33
polariobearero i thought it would be the soulution 12:31:59
Kyan31 well, it does 'run' but not pleasantly 12:32:03
Dazzozo Kyan31: your view is slightly skewed though 12:32:06
Kyan31 what do you mean? 12:32:18
Dazzozo we cant take advantage of all of kitkat's stuff 12:32:18
polariobearero why? 12:32:46
Dazzozo i wouldnt take your POV of "it still runs like crap" to apply to kitkat in general 12:33:07
Kyan31 but its definetely never going to be as light as GB for example 12:33:51
Kyan31 not even close 12:33:58
Dazzozo wrong 12:34:12
Kyan31 how? 12:34:19
Dazzozo take a logcat from boot 12:34:25
Dazzozo tell me what you see, spammed, all over the place 12:34:32
rymate1234 Dazzozo: retire? 12:34:45
rymate1234 *errors 12:34:51
Dazzozo lmao 12:34:55
rymate1234 Damn auto correct 12:34:55
Dazzozo well 12:35:03
Dazzozo for example 12:35:04
Dazzozo they scrub text relocations in all binaries now 12:35:19
Dazzozo we cant do that with the blobs 12:35:23
Dazzozo so, as the error message says 12:35:28
Dazzozo "this is wasting memory and is a security risk. Please fix" 12:35:35
rymate1234 Kyan31: kit kat is designed for newer low ram devices 12:35:43
Dazzozo and we cant fix it 12:35:43
Dazzozo yeah 12:35:46
rymate1234 Not old ones 12:35:55
Dazzozo its kitkat... essentially merged in to a 4.1 BSP 12:36:20
Kyan31 you should of said that 12:36:27
Kyan31 'ot old ones, only new ones' 12:36:38
Kyan31 not* 12:36:40
Kyan31 that would of cleared things up 12:36:52
Dazzozo you know what they built it on? 12:36:54
Dazzozo a nexus 5, locked to 512mb RAM and 1 core 12:37:01
Dazzozo *nexus 4 12:37:06
rymate1234 wat 12:37:11
Kyan31 lol 12:37:14
Dazzozo they lived with those day to day 12:37:24
Dazzozo while working on kitkat 12:37:28
Dazzozo hm, bit of a difference 12:37:34
Kyan31 so its guaranteed to run like crap on ld devices? 12:37:54
Kyan31 old* 12:37:57
Dazzozo every new version is a best effort basis 12:38:06
Dazzozo people dont realise that 12:38:08
Dazzozo its "what doesnt break" 12:38:13
Dazzozo and fingers crossed 12:38:17
Kyan31 yeah 12:38:32
polariobearero hmm 12:38:37
polariobearero i dont understand any of it maybe this isnt for me 12:38:52
Kyan31 it seems polario's phone is pretty much the same as ours in ram 12:39:06
Dazzozo well theres tons of clones of stuff like this 12:39:17
Kyan31 so performance wise i think he would be in the same pos as us 12:39:28
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Kyan31 yeah 12:39:32
Dazzozo msm7x27a-based stuff is going to end up rivalling the spread of devices msm7x27 had 12:39:45
Dazzozo and in the old days, we were the ONLY msm7x27a device 12:39:54
Dazzozo lol 12:39:55
Kyan31 lol 12:40:05
Dazzozo but yeah 12:40:39
Dazzozo as they change android for the better 12:40:42
Dazzozo it does stuff we can't do 12:40:47
Kyan31 i understand now 12:40:59
polariobearero so my device is almost same as the device you are using so how can i make your rom work on my device same as the kernel 12:41:30
Kyan31 our old hardware is to blame basically for kitkat being so unefficient 12:41:37
polariobearero i mean i think they also have the same hardware 12:41:47
Kyan31 well, yours is dual core 12:41:57
Dazzozo fun fact: the dual core doesnt mean shit 12:42:08
Kyan31 but besides that it seems similar 12:42:09
Kyan31 yes i know 12:42:13
Dazzozo Y300 is dual core 12:42:15
Dazzozo theyre running the same goddamn kernel 12:42:22
Kyan31 ye 12:42:22
Kyan31 ye 12:42:27
Kyan31 ye 12:42:29
polariobearero so y300 is the same as my device 12:42:39
Dazzozo well its "msm8225" if you want to make a distinction 12:42:57
Kyan31 seems so 12:42:58
Dazzozo personally we just treat them all as msm7x27a... but yea 12:43:03
Dazzozo well, except the Y300 gets the thermal throttling stuff 12:43:24
polariobearero so its possible to port it on my device? 12:43:29
Dazzozo you could probably fudge together cm10 12:43:41
Dazzozo well, cm9 12:43:45
Dazzozo if you have stock ics 12:43:49
Dazzozo but without kernel source you're pretty fucked 12:43:53
polariobearero what is thermal throttling? 12:43:54
Dazzozo well what do you think 12:44:21
Dazzozo whats throttling 12:44:22
Dazzozo we have dual core devices now, they can get hot 12:44:41
Dazzozo dangerously hot 12:44:42
Dazzozo we need a way to control clock speeds based on temp 12:44:52
Dazzozo thats what thermal throttling is 12:44:56
rhen it is what's in the new radeons and newer geforces? 12:45:04
polariobearero yeah i dont have kernel source but most of our dev is pointing the source to g330d source but i cant even compile a kernel from that source using my config 12:45:07
rhen looks the same 12:45:12
Dazzozo the G300 doesn't have that crap 12:45:23
Dazzozo because it doesnt need it 12:45:27
Dazzozo i only roll that in to the dual core devices 12:45:38
rymate1234 Crescent got really hot 12:46:01
Dazzozo polariobearero: i would be very surprised if you could boot our kernel without some modification 12:46:14
Kyan31 zte blade too 12:46:15
Dazzozo but yeah 12:46:43
Dazzozo fun fact: there's a reason £300+ phones exist 12:46:50
polariobearero yeah i tried that doesnt even get me to sd mode 12:46:53
Kyan31 no 12:47:19
Kyan31 zte blade ftw 12:47:23
Dazzozo you have a couple of options really 12:47:29
Dazzozo you can try to splice together a cm9 rom 12:47:35
Dazzozo but if you want to do anything else, you have to work out your kernel situation 12:47:45
rymate1234 Wait what phone does polariobearero have 12:48:09
Dazzozo who knows 12:48:13
polariobearero so let say i would want to make a kernel?is it possible? 12:48:17
polariobearero i mean kernel source 12:48:24
Dazzozo of course its possible 12:48:25
Dazzozo not going to be easy 12:48:27
Dazzozo i mean there was obviously source at the manufacturer's end at some point 12:48:37
Dazzozo the kernel didnt just poof out of thin air 12:48:46
polariobearero well my device manufacturer doenst care 12:49:15
Kyan31 it did 12:49:18
Kyan31 its a conspiracy man 12:49:26
Dazzozo then you either have to get by with a prebuilt kernel 12:49:37
rymate1234 rip polariobearero's kernel 12:49:37
Dazzozo and suffer with not being able to make any changes to the kernel, ever 12:49:45
Dazzozo or painfully reverse engineer what they had, essentially 12:49:57
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Dazzozo the former isnt _too_ bad 12:50:28
Dazzozo you can't have vsync 12:50:32
rymate1234 Doesn't the kernel have to be open source? 12:50:42
rymate1234 As part of the GPL 12:50:49
Dazzozo not _by law_ 12:50:51
polariobearero i dont know any of that stuff 12:50:51
Dazzozo its a license violation if it isnt 12:51:01
Dazzozo but like that fucking matters anywhere in any court of law 12:51:10
rymate1234 So you're just a dick if you don't follow it 12:51:54
Dazzozo and you get bad press maybe 12:52:04
Dazzozo thats about it 12:52:05
Dazzozo nothing really can happen 12:52:10
polariobearero my kernel is 3.0.8 and compile using gcc 4.4.3, i tried to compile on the g330d kernel source but i always an error something like rpc hanset 12:52:32
Dazzozo I don't think you should be trying to blindly compile the g330d source 12:53:02
Dazzozo here's a hint: it probably won't boot 12:53:06
Dazzozo figure out what the CAF kernel is about 12:53:20
Dazzozo look at the changes OEMs make to it 12:53:28
Dazzozo https://github.com/Dazzozo/huawei-kernel-3.4/commit/1f7fcdaf8b84f629fdc23ce57557bfd805e30af1 12:53:57
Dazzozo this is huawei's changes on top of the CAF tag 12:54:02
Dazzozo its a pretty big page but not _too_ bad 12:54:08
polariobearero hmm ok thanks for the advice i will try to distinguish the changes.. . 12:54:52
Dazzozo your best bet is probably just using a prebuilt kernel 12:55:27
Dazzozo and working with cm9 12:55:34
polariobearero ah wait i dont even have kernel source how can i even compare that to that 12:55:35
Dazzozo you cant 12:55:39
Dazzozo you would have to figure out the changes yourself 12:55:43
Dazzozo im just demonstrating the stuff huawei does 12:55:50
Dazzozo a lot of it is unnecessary to simply boot on the hardware 12:56:00
Dazzozo but you get the idea 12:56:07
polariobearero i wish ,im sorry im so stupid, 12:57:02
Dazzozo we were quite lucky in that they retained support for the G300 in the 3.4 kernel 12:57:15
Dazzozo _mostly_ 12:57:18
Dazzozo it was enough to boot 12:57:22
Dazzozo we had to make a bunch of changes to make it work properly 12:57:32
Dazzozo stuff like the camera flash etc 12:57:39
Dazzozo oh, and a 30 sec backlight bug 12:57:46
Dazzozo where the screen wouldnt do anything after pressing the power button 12:57:56
Dazzozo that was a fun one to debug 12:58:00
polariobearero i think you all are really great to be able to accomplish all of that 12:58:40
Dazzozo https://github.com/Dazzozo/huawei-kernel-3.4/commit/8e6ad75cbb0824bbbbeeb70be8bc8ce3cd5d0738 12:58:42
Dazzozo your best bet is probably cm9 with the kernel ripped out of the stock rm 13:01:47
Dazzozo *rom 13:01:49
polariobearero can i make my device like y300? 13:02:42
Dazzozo not really 13:02:57
polariobearero i mean copy the whole device image 13:03:02
Dazzozo no 13:03:04
polariobearero why? 13:03:12
Dazzozo because we're now based on a 4.1 BSP 13:03:20
Dazzozo not 4.0 13:03:26
Dazzozo your kernel isnt new enough 13:03:56
Dazzozo you would be better off looking at some of the old G300 stuff 13:04:27
Dazzozo cm9 13:04:38
polariobearero no i mean i want to clone y300 13:04:52
polariobearero i think for me it easy that way 13:05:10
Dazzozo i know what you mean but it isnt 13:05:13
Dazzozo *sigh* 13:05:14
Dazzozo :/ 13:05:16
Dazzozo lol 13:05:16
polariobearero im not good at hacking 13:05:19
Dazzozo let me give you a hint: it wont boot 13:05:27
polariobearero why not? 13:05:44
Dazzozo because you would need a newer kernel 13:05:53
Dazzozo and you dont have any source 13:06:03
polariobearero cant i clone even the bootloader? 13:06:13
Dazzozo lol 13:06:21
Dazzozo unfortunately... 13:06:25
polariobearero i mean the whole thing 13:06:26
Dazzozo if you want a brick, sure 13:06:39
polariobearero haha 13:06:45
Kyan31 so you basically want to turn your phone into a g300/y300? 13:06:53
Kyan31 like, an exact clone? 13:07:04
Dazzozo its not as simple as that 13:07:25
Dazzozo you have different hardware 13:07:29
polariobearero i guess i mean i think we dont have a chance to upgrade our device all we can do is modify it theme it tweak it but not upgrade it 13:07:42
Dazzozo you could probably upgrade it if you used a prebuilt kernel 13:08:00
polariobearero hope so, but Dazzozo says we dont have the same hardware 13:08:12
Kyan31 ah 13:08:27
Dazzozo lol i am in this channel 13:08:33
Dazzozo hi 13:08:34
polariobearero ah yeah 13:08:45
Kyan31 hey 13:08:57
Kyan31 didnt see you there 13:09:01
polariobearero haha im so sorry im not really good at this 13:09:02
polariobearero so ill start on caf then hack it and hack it until itcompile and if it compile test it if it will boot then if its not hack it again 13:10:54
Dazzozo well thats what you do if you're a boss 13:12:38
Dazzozo more realistically you could probably get it to boot on the stock kernel 13:12:48
Dazzozo and just shoehorn a prebuilt kernel in to cm9 13:12:54
polariobearero thank you very much for all the advice and for listening to me whine about something i dont even understand 13:14:50
Dazzozo np 13:15:38
rymate1234 android develipment - hack until it works 13:16:21
Pad^ that's pretty much applied to anything else 13:16:44
Pad^ not only android 13:16:48
huawei-msm7x27a Uživatel huawei-msm7x27a [~huawei-ms@] vstoupil do místnosti. 13:25:02
huawei-msm7x27a [android_device_huawei_msm7x27a-common] Dazzozo pushed 1 new commit to cm-11.0: http://git.io/rUHdIA 13:25:03
huawei-msm7x27a android_device_huawei_msm7x27a-common/cm-11.0 1ef7925 Daz Jones: msm7x27a: don't limit max apps... 13:25:03
~huawei-ms Uživatel „huawei-msm7x27a“ opustil místnost (Part). 13:25:03
g510 Uživatel g510 [c1961311@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 13:25:58
tilal6991|away Uživatel „tilal6991|away“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991. 13:26:10
Kyan31 half the people in here are robots 13:26:13
Kyan31 im scared 13:26:18
Dazzozo ddddddd 13:26:19
Dazzozo wat 13:26:20
Kyan31 you heard me 13:26:38
tilal6991 Hi 13:26:43
tilal6991 Gyp gyp gyp 13:26:47
Dazzozo hello tilal6991 13:26:48
Kyan31 hello 13:26:54
tilal6991 Also a lot of people submitting to OmniROM gerrit are idiots 13:27:10
tilal6991 It makes me sad 13:27:16
Dazzozo lol 13:27:24
Dazzozo yea 13:27:26
lakyljuk Uživatel lakyljuk [~spravce@] vstoupil do místnosti. 13:27:46
rhen Dazzozo, your new commit can related to my problem that CM11 android kills my music player wile browsing (I have planty of ram in that time) 13:27:53
tilal6991 https://gerrit.omnirom.org/#/c/4251/ 13:28:01
tilal6991 Why? 13:28:03
tilal6991 Why would you do that? 13:28:10
polariobearero can i have a question? 13:28:17
Dazzozo lol 13:28:49
Kyan31 i guess so 13:28:49
Dazzozo rhen: yus 13:28:53
Kyan31 how many do you want? 13:28:56
Dazzozo its possible 13:28:59
polariobearero ok thanks 13:28:59
Kyan31 13:29:18
Uživatel „g510“ opustil místnost (Quit: Client Quit). 13:29:42
Kyan31 what is your question? 13:36:11
polariobearero who?me? 13:37:18
Kyan31 yeah 13:37:40
Kyan31 you said can i have a question 13:37:51
polariobearero i already asked my question. .my question is "can i have a question?" 13:38:22
Kyan31 oh lol 13:38:33
polariobearero and you answered so thanks 13:38:36
Kyan31 nice 13:38:43
polariobearero no really my question is about my boot.img 13:39:00
polariobearero the same one as earlier 13:39:14
Kyan31 ah ok 13:39:26
polariobearero everytime i unpack it it get less 13:39:41
polariobearero its 13mb then when i unpack it i get 6mb or so then when i repack and flash it it wont boot 13:40:29
Kyan31 oh right 13:40:47
Kyan31 wierd 13:40:50
Kyan31 weird* 13:40:55
polariobearero what do you think are the missing files are if there any and how can i get it and include it in repacking 13:41:28
Kyan31 no idea 13:42:07
Kyan31 maybe you are compressing it in the wrong way or something 13:42:24
polariobearero maybe i unpack it in a wrong way 13:42:54
Kyan31 if you have an option to show hidden files that might help 13:42:58
Kyan31 maybe theres some invisible crap 13:43:08
polariobearero but when i repack it it isnt the same anymore 13:43:32
Kyan31 couldnt you get the kernel unpacked o start with? 13:43:57
Kyan31 to* 13:44:00
polariobearero then when i flash it my device vibrates the it when black then it mounts o my computer ..different partitiond 13:44:14
polariobearero i get the kernel and the ramdisk and nothing else 13:44:41
redstarfour Uživatel redstarfour [~redstarfo@CPE-65-27-97-241.new.res.rr.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 13:44:44
Kyan31 thats an odd issue 13:45:25
Kyan31 something is going wrong when packing or unpacking for sure 13:45:48
Uživatel „adfad666“ opustil místnost (Quit: Changing host). 13:45:54
adfad666 Uživatel adfad666 [~adfad666@cyanogenmod/maintainer/adfad666] vstoupil do místnosti. 13:45:54
Kyan31 if it goes smaller 13:45:57
polariobearero there is maybe a file that included when it pack then it get loss or ignore when it get unpack 13:47:26
polariobearero maybe that thing is essential to boot 13:47:37
tilal6991 Uživatel „tilal6991“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991|away. 13:47:43
Kyan31 yeah 13:47:45
polariobearero maybe a driver or a folder 13:47:53
Kyan31 as i said before, it could be hidden 13:47:55
Kyan31 yeah 13:48:01
Kyan31 what operating system are you on? 13:48:12
Kyan31 probably linux 13:48:36
polariobearero but if it could be hidden then the size must be the same or much more the original when it gets unpack 13:48:44
polariobearero linux mint 16 mate 64bit 13:49:04
Kyan31 maybe its just junk data 13:49:09
Kyan31 cool 13:49:14
Kyan31 upload the zip here so i can try to unpack it 13:49:50
Kyan31 maybe itll work differently here 13:50:00
adfad666 polariobearero, are you talking about unpacking a stock boot.img? 13:50:05
polariobearero well if its junk i think its important for booting.. or maybe i dind write the right base address 13:50:15
polariobearero i think so 13:50:27
polariobearero yes 13:50:30
polariobearero yeah i guess its stock 13:50:40
adfad666 riiiight 13:50:55
polariobearero or maybe the distributor of my device tweak it im not sure 13:51:05
Kyan31 it is stock 13:51:11
Kyan31 if its the one you had with the device its stock 13:51:22
Uživatel „Eloimuns“ opustil místnost (Quit: Saliendo). 13:51:29
polariobearero yeah it is stock 13:51:37
adfad666 well sony boot.img files are 20mb, but unpack/repack to around 8mb 13:51:42
Alkalinorap lol 13:52:02
polariobearero so when the sony boot image got repack and flash does it boot? 13:52:09
adfad666 I think they just include the zero data of the whole partition 13:52:22
adfad666 yes it boots 13:52:27
polariobearero then mine doesnt boot 13:52:36
adfad666 you must be derping somewhere 13:52:46
polariobearero but it mounts the partition like data sytem acct 13:52:57
polariobearero im sorry what? 13:53:11
polariobearero is there a way to analyze or view it ? 13:55:17
polariobearero just to see what is that other file is 13:55:41
polariobearero ? 13:55:43
Dazzozo http://i.imgur.com/GEtUaSt.jpg 14:02:40
Uživatel „EloYGomeZ“ opustil místnost (Quit: Saliendo). 14:02:53
rhen lol 14:03:20
polariobearero really? 14:04:02
Kyan31 lol 14:05:56
Dazzozo maybe we should disable JIT 14:09:42
Dazzozo if people really want RAM back 14:09:51
huawei-msm7x27a Uživatel huawei-msm7x27a [~huawei-ms@] vstoupil do místnosti. 14:13:12
huawei-msm7x27a [android_device_huawei_msm7x27a-common] Dazzozo pushed 1 new commit to cm-11.0: http://git.io/m7Vpjg 14:13:13
huawei-msm7x27a android_device_huawei_msm7x27a-common/cm-11.0 b9b7a70 Daz Jones: msm7x27a: disable JIT 14:13:13
~huawei-ms Uživatel „huawei-msm7x27a“ opustil místnost (Part). 14:13:13
Pad^ lol 14:13:30
kyan Uživatel kyan [~kyanbelge@] vstoupil do místnosti. 14:13:40
Dazzozo ta da, ram 14:13:47
rymate1234 lol 14:13:55
kyan i missed all of that 14:13:58
rymate1234 srsly? 14:13:59
kyan Uživatel „kyan“ je nyní znám jako Guest6413. 14:14:03
Guest6413 my internet died 14:14:05
Dazzozo <Dazzozo> maybe we should disable JIT 14:14:14
Dazzozo <Dazzozo> if people really want RAM back 14:14:14
Dazzozo * huawei-msm7x27a (~huawei-ms@ has joined 14:14:14
Dazzozo <huawei-msm7x27a> [android_device_huawei_msm7x27a-common] Dazzozo pushed 1 new commit to cm-11.0: http://git.io/m7Vpjg 14:14:14
Dazzozo <huawei-msm7x27a> android_device_huawei_msm7x27a-common/cm-11.0 b9b7a70 Daz Jones: msm7x27a: disable JIT 14:14:14
Dazzozo * huawei-msm7x27a has left 14:14:17
Dazzozo <Pad^> lol 14:14:19
Uživatel „Kyan31“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 272 seconds). 14:14:21
Guest6413 Uživatel „Guest6413“ je nyní znám jako Kyan31. 14:14:37
rhen it would be a noticable performance drop then 14:14:47
Kyan31 ok 14:14:48
Dazzozo well we have nightlies, we may as well experiment 14:15:07
Dazzozo http://source.android.com/devices/low-ram.html#jit 14:16:27
Dazzozo the only other thing I don't do is enable zram and ksm by default 14:17:41
Dazzozo because CM has settings to manage those 14:17:58
Dazzozo which work 14:17:58
rymate1234 Dazzozo: but people are lazy 14:18:04
Dazzozo thats their problem 14:18:09
rymate1234 all they do is overclock 14:18:12
Pad^ those consume cpu time 14:19:51
Pad^ they aren't always an advantage 14:20:04
Pad^ and the device already has plenty of ram available 14:20:17
rhen I use zRAM and kernel samespace merging too 14:20:52
Pad^ I have 160MB of RAM free right now, with ICS I would have 50MB free in the best of cases 14:21:26
rhen I have 130 now 14:23:20
rymate1234 250MB free 14:23:52
rymate1234 get on my level 14:23:56
rhen We talk about 3-6 MB depend on JIT 14:24:05
rhen I don't think it can help but we see tomorrow 14:24:27
tilal6991|away Uživatel „tilal6991|away“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991. 14:24:43
Dazzozo rymate1234: 1GB free 14:24:50
Dazzozo GOML 14:24:54
rymate1234 you have more ram though 14:25:04
Dazzozo rhen: "saves up to 1.5MB per process" 14:25:06
rymate1234 1GB more than me 14:25:07
Dazzozo i don't know how they came by the 3-6mb number 14:25:17
rhen the site you linked says 100-200k/process and 3-6MB on a typical system 14:25:32
Dazzozo yeah 14:25:36
Dazzozo and the same site 14:25:37
Dazzozo says saves up to 1.5MB per process 14:25:39
Dazzozo at the top 14:25:40
Dazzozo " 14:25:44
Dazzozo Validated JIT-off option (saves up to 1.5MB per process)." 14:25:45
Dazzozo who knows 14:25:58
Uživatel „Kyan31“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 252 seconds). 14:26:07
Dazzozo what matters is what the difference is, if any 14:26:11
Dazzozo and im not a good judge of that 14:26:23
Kyan31 Uživatel Kyan31 [~kyanbelge@genkt-056-005.t-mobile.co.uk] vstoupil do místnosti. 14:26:42
Dazzozo its on the docs, its worth a nightly or two to test it out 14:26:51
rymate1234 wont the phone run badly without jit 14:27:48
Uživatel „redstarfour“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 252 seconds). 14:28:03
Dazzozo it cant be too bad if they're listing it as a recommendation in the docs 14:28:05
Dazzozo and if it does run badly... revert to an earlier nightly 14:29:19
Dazzozo its not the end of the fucking world guys 14:29:24
rhen you can use smartbench/Antutu or something to check performance (not the overall, check the detailed one) 14:29:25
rhen yep 14:29:31
polariobearero what toolchain you use in compiling 3.4 kernel? 14:31:37
Dazzozo 4.7 14:34:25
polariobearero thanks 14:36:18
tilal6991 Uživatel „tilal6991“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991|away. 14:36:53
Uživatel „Kyan31“ opustil místnost (Quit: Remote host closed the connection). 14:37:33
Kyan31 Uživatel Kyan31 [~kyanbelge@genkt-056-005.t-mobile.co.uk] vstoupil do místnosti. 14:37:43
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Guest6413 Uživatel Guest6413 [~kyanbelge@genkt-056-005.t-mobile.co.uk] vstoupil do místnosti. 14:55:34
Alkalinorap Uživatel Alkalinorap [~Alkalino@] vstoupil do místnosti. 14:59:32
Uživatel „Kyan31“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 245 seconds). 14:59:35
Uživatel „Guest6413“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 240 seconds). 15:12:04
polariobearero i always get error here arch/arm/mach-msm/rpc_server_handset.c:111:12: warning: 'get_current_machine' defined but not used [-Wunused-function] 15:18:46
polariobearero error, forbidden warning: rpc_server_handset.c:111 15:18:49
polariobearero make[1]: *** [arch/arm/mach-msm/rpc_server_handset.o] Error 1 15:18:49
polariobearero make: *** [arch/arm/mach-msm] Error 2 15:18:49
Dazzozo then fix it ;D 15:20:47
rymate1234 ^ 15:21:04
polariobearero hehe i dont know what it means? 15:22:00
rymate1234 neither do I 15:22:24
polariobearero hmmm 15:24:45
polariobearero ok ill just delete it 15:29:26
polariobearero do you think its a typo? 15:31:41
Dazzozo no 15:37:37
Dazzozo its because you're building a huawei kernel for a non-huawei device 15:38:50
Dazzozo expect this shit 15:38:54
Dazzozo youre doing something very very dumb 15:39:02
Dazzozo and not making it not-dumb 15:39:08
Dazzozo huawei isn't going to test their kernel for configurations that they simply arent using 15:39:29
Dazzozo You don't have CONFIG_HUAWEI_FEATURE_OEMINFO defined, and get_current_machine's definition is not wrapped in a CONFIG_HUAWEI_FEATURE_OEMINFO ifdef 15:39:53
Dazzozo so quite literally it is defined but not used 15:39:59
Dazzozo this kernel just doesn't build properly without the huawei configs enabled 15:40:45
Dazzozo its not meant to 15:40:50
polariobearero so i need to remove it in make file? 15:40:59
Dazzozo no... 15:41:04
Dazzozo if thats the way you're going to approach every issue its never going to boot 15:41:23
Dazzozo you need to fix the actual issue or stop doing this very very dumb exercise 15:41:39
Dazzozo why the fuck are you trying to build our kernel in the first place 15:42:31
Dazzozo shouldnt that trigger alarm bells in your own head 15:42:39
polariobearero ok i understand that this source is not for my configuration.. and you said earlier i should start on caf , since i dont have a kernel source i use your kernel cause im thinking maybe because it has the same chipset you know 15:44:07
Dazzozo top tip: "same chipset" is not even a quarter of the battle 15:44:35
rhen polariobearero, what device do you use? 15:44:42
Dazzozo we may as well be on a different planet to you right now 15:44:51
Dazzozo rhen: its some no brand clone 15:45:08
Dazzozo with no kernel source 15:45:14
rymate1234 polariobearero: you might as well sell it on ebay and invest in a moto g 15:45:30
Dazzozo lmao ^ 15:45:36
Dazzozo pretty much 15:45:40
polariobearero i really dont have any idea where to begin . . 15:45:48
Dazzozo knowing how huawei butchers these things, I don't actually know whats easier 15:46:15
Dazzozo starting off CAF from scratch 15:46:20
polariobearero yeah im thinking that way hehe maybe buy new device with fulltime support or much bigger community 15:46:22
Dazzozo or trying to ifdef huawei's modifications properly 15:46:28
Dazzozo they only partially ifdef things 15:46:35
Dazzozo that's not a problem for us because we have that stuff turned on, we need it 15:46:42
rymate1234 polariobearero: where did you get the phone anyway 15:47:44
rymate1234 lol 15:47:45
polariobearero some cheap phone i can afford right now. .you know most people living on have doesnt have much money, they are happy tehy experience this things at least 15:49:01
Dazzozo well you, er 15:49:54
Dazzozo got quite a battle ahead of you 15:49:57
Dazzozo to put it lightly 15:50:04
Dazzozo i could see _most_ devs managing to pull something off by using a prebuilt kernel 15:50:48
Dazzozo but to essentially create a kernel for that device... you got some work to do 15:51:08
EloYGomeZ Uživatel EloYGomeZ [~EloYGomeZ@17.Red-83-50-249.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] vstoupil do místnosti. 15:51:12
polariobearero i mean this is cheap that it has a lot of user at least a lot of clone from different country from different distributor, it has a clone in russia , most of south america and asia 15:51:20
Uživatel „rhen“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 245 seconds). 15:51:40
polariobearero but no one ever upgrade it maybe the users of this phone like me wasnt intelligent enough 15:52:03
polariobearero ok ill start on a kernel without any oem touch? 15:53:11
Dazzozo trying to shoehorn your device in to an already customised kernel isnt going to help you 15:53:52
polariobearero in building a 3.4 kernel it is good to use gcc 4.7? 15:53:55
rymate1234 why not just use a prebuild kernel 15:53:58
Dazzozo rymate1234: i have no idea i've said this literally 10 times 15:54:06
Dazzozo and its ignored 15:54:12
rymate1234 if you have no kernel sources 15:54:22
rymate1234 and you have no idea what you're doing 15:54:29
rymate1234 USE 15:54:30
rymate1234 A PREBUILT 15:54:32
Dazzozo im trying to say it as nicely as possible 15:54:34
rymate1234 KERNEL 15:54:34
Dazzozo this is way out of your depth 15:54:37
Kyan31 Uživatel Kyan31 [~kyanbelge@] vstoupil do místnosti. 15:54:46
Dazzozo you pretty much have to go the prebuilt route 15:54:48
polariobearero yeah i heard it earlier its like where does this prebuilt?in aosp or caf?bu i think they are the same 15:54:53
Dazzozo in your stock boot.img 15:55:02
rymate1234 you literally just grab the kernel from your phone 15:55:17
Kyan31 any progress polario? 15:55:20
adfad666 polariobearero, what is your device exactly? 15:56:30
polariobearero i dont really understand what you trying to say i know your getting tired of me and pretty much kick me here cause i dont even using the same device as you do 15:57:10
polariobearero progress?not at all 15:57:16
Guest6413 Uživatel Guest6413 [~kyanbelge@genkt-051-206.t-mobile.co.uk] vstoupil do místnosti. 15:59:02
polariobearero i want to upgrade my kernel so that i can run latest android. .but i now yu say i can run latest android even with my own kernel..but im thinking would that work?and if it is i dont think there is much a diff. . 15:59:27
Dazzozo you cant do shit to the kernel 15:59:44
Dazzozo you have to use the stock one 15:59:50
Uživatel „Kyan31“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 252 seconds). 15:59:54
Dazzozo you dont have source 15:59:55
Dazzozo making your own kernel is way out of your depth 16:00:00
Guest6413 Uživatel „Guest6413“ je nyní znám jako Kyan31. 16:00:01
rymate1234 omg moto g uk ota 16:00:11
Alkalinorap wat 16:00:16
Alkalinorap srsly? 16:00:18
Kyan31 nice 16:00:23
rymate1234 apparently it's coming soon 16:00:30
Kyan31 i want a moto g so badly lol 16:00:45
rymate1234 http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2594590 16:00:48
Alkalinorap oh, I thought that the system warning you 16:00:55
Alkalinorap lol 16:00:57
polariobearero i get your point Dazzozo about making my own kernel 16:01:10
Alkalinorap rymate1234, That's been there since 18 December 16:02:22
rymate1234 o 16:02:33
Alkalinorap and they modify the article 28 December 16:03:28
Alkalinorap modified* 16:03:32
polariobearero adfad666 its cherry mobile burst 16:05:42
Dazzozo oh you're with THOSE guys 16:06:40
Dazzozo that keep PMing me on modaco 16:06:44
Dazzozo all the damn time 16:06:46
Dazzozo they literally have the same message 16:06:53
rymate1234 SHIT 16:06:54
rymate1234 lol 16:06:56
rymate1234 it's about to go down 16:07:06
rymate1234 16:07:06
Dazzozo it all makes sense now 16:08:30
adfad666 they just relabel OEM phones, do you have more details about the device? 16:09:12
polariobearero yeah maybe cause you know im searching about this upgrading and all the clones thers is none successful build. .then i came stumble on this y300 and it has kk even the russian and german forum your name is popping up 16:09:48
polariobearero like what details? 16:10:38
adfad666 oem model numbers, oem manufacturer etc etc. 16:11:03
polariobearero how would i get that?dont know where to find that? 16:11:29
adfad666 somewhere on the device, perhaps in the build.prop 16:11:44
polariobearero no cant find anything on the build prop its been edited many many times by different devs 16:12:44
rymate1234 get the one from your device then 16:12:56
polariobearero and im not even using the stock rom 16:12:57
adfad666 then you're on your own, i'm done 16:13:04
rymate1234 polariobearero: you = screwed 16:13:23
adfad666 seriously, you gotta come up with at least some basic info 16:14:08
Dazzozo lol wtf 16:14:29
Dazzozo you guys have non-stock roms? 16:14:32
Dazzozo then it cant be too hard 16:14:36
polariobearero the story is that the company that selling this device wasnt even the manufacturer but their has all over it i mean they edit a lot of things and i doubt they even have the source 16:14:39
adfad666 more than "phone, hurr durr, fix durr hurr" 16:14:55
Dazzozo apparently you dont know how phones are sold 16:15:00
polariobearero yeah im screwed im thinking to throw this out the window 16:15:12
Dazzozo we had the same shit with the crescent 16:15:15
rymate1234 please do 16:15:19
rymate1234 Dazzozo: with it's 59 different varieties? 16:15:42
adfad666 throw it at the wall, hopefully it'll bounce back and knock some sense into you 16:15:49
Dazzozo yes 16:15:51
Dazzozo and we still figured out it was a fucking zte crescent 16:15:59
Dazzozo despite being badged as osf2 16:16:06
rymate1234 or a vivacity 16:16:14
rymate1234 or a blade2 16:16:16
Dazzozo ye 16:16:16
polariobearero so how would i know the original source?shed some light 16:16:57
Kyan31 polario your drunk 16:17:04
Kyan31 i think you are on a modded stock rom 16:17:04
Kyan31 so, you are on stock basically 16:17:09
rymate1234 the original build.prop 16:17:15
Dazzozo ^ 16:17:19
rymate1234 from the original stock rom 16:17:21
polariobearero no ill try to get the orriginal build prop 16:17:36
Dazzozo ./proc/version 16:17:44
Dazzozo give us some fuckin info buddy 16:17:47
polariobearero but all the devs keep pointing on huawei g330d 16:18:03
Dazzozo fuck the devs 16:18:26
Dazzozo lets figure out what the device actually is first pls 16:18:32
polariobearero ok ill try to get as much as i can 16:18:50
rymate1234 >inb4 it's another zte crescent variety 16:18:50
Dazzozo if it is *actually* a rebranded g330d then they have reason to point at the g330d 16:19:31
Dazzozo but you would have a report of cm working already if that was the case 16:19:43
Dazzozo since my roms would "just work" 16:19:51
polariobearero on the proc version only has the kernel 16:19:52
Dazzozo yes 16:19:56
Dazzozo give the entire string 16:19:59
polariobearero uhm linux version 3.0.21-perf (public@rgk-bu3sw-desktop) (gcc version 4.4.3 (GCC) #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Jan 21 21:22:02 EST 2013 16:21:55
polariobearero thats all 16:22:05
polariobearero there is 16:22:11
Dazzozo ok, now get us your stock build.prop 16:22:57
adfad666 rgk-bu3sw-dekstop turns up on gigabyte rio devices 16:23:17
adfad666 http://specdevice.com/showspec.php?id=1822-eba7-ff78-c5c462ed62de 16:23:33
rymate1234 allegedly a samsung 16:24:08
Dazzozo thats already it then 16:24:10
Dazzozo 4.0, msm8225 16:24:14
Dazzozo >samsung gigabyte 16:24:25
Dazzozo lold 16:24:26
Dazzozo oh i can feel the cheap already 16:24:29
polariobearero yeah thats it 16:24:44
polariobearero it very cheap 16:24:51
rymate1234 http://www.gsmarena.com/gigabyte_gsmart_rio_r1-5400.php 16:24:58
fpb Uživatel fpb [~fpb@] vstoupil do místnosti. 16:25:28
Dazzozo not a g330d 16:25:32
rymate1234 is this a kernel source https://github.com/tvorun/kernel-gigabyte-rior1 16:25:36
Dazzozo stop building our goddamn kernel 16:25:38
polariobearero ok ill stop building the goddamn kernel. .so what are my chance? 16:26:15
rymate1234 this is a kernel according to google https://github.com/tvorun/kernel-gigabyte-rior1 16:26:27
Dazzozo yeah 16:26:32
Dazzozo thats your kernel source 16:26:34
Dazzozo lol... 16:26:35
Dazzozo its easy when you find out what your device actually is, isnt it? 16:26:48
rymate1234 https://github.com/deafnote?tab=repositories 16:27:00
rymate1234 this guy did some dev 16:27:04
Dazzozo im amazed your "devs" somehow got it across to you that there was no kernel source 16:27:24
rymate1234 polariobearero: gogogogogogo 16:27:25
rymate1234 i think those devs are completely stupid 16:27:41
Dazzozo lol why the fuck was he using the g330d kernel 16:27:55
Dazzozo omg 16:27:55
rymate1234 either that or expert winzippers 16:27:58
Dazzozo you dont need our fucking kernellllllllll 16:28:02
polariobearero yeah i think they are haha i wish i could say it to their faces 16:28:16
rymate1234 link to a forum thread pls 16:28:48
adfad666 it might not be the rio, we still need build.prop to confirm 16:29:01
polariobearero cause they think its the one that looks like our device that they can find a kernl easily 16:29:07
rymate1234 "it looks like the device" 16:29:19
rymate1234 ahhahahahahahahhhhahahahahha 16:29:24
adfad666 a few 7x27a derivs have the same string in the kernel 16:29:35
adfad666 but differnet board strings in build prop 16:29:44
polariobearero i have the build prop but i think its been already been tampered with 16:29:56
adfad666 fucking paste it already!!!!!! 16:30:09
Dazzozo ^ 16:30:12
rymate1234 ^ 16:30:14
adfad666 ^ 16:30:18
rymate1234 gist.github.com 16:30:19
rymate1234 shove it there 16:30:21
rymate1234 click "submit gist" 16:30:27
rymate1234 give link 16:30:29
polariobearero ok wait hehe 16:30:33
adfad666 the rio had 'herring' as the board 16:30:48
rymate1234 maybe it's a red herring 16:31:11
adfad666 16:32:07
polariobearero http://pastebin.com/49gbVbRx 16:33:04
rymate1234 compiler5-desktop 16:34:19
rymate1234 brilliant 10/10 16:34:22
adfad666 we've got a hit though 16:35:30
adfad666 #2.modify by laing.xu for QBLE-3007 20120807 16:35:48
adfad666 #Descreption: modify debug.composition.8x25.type to avo 16:35:49
adfad666 found also in gio build prop 16:35:58
rymate1234 16:36:08
polariobearero hmm 16:36:17
Kyan31 theres hope afterall 16:37:36
polariobearero really?how? 16:37:51
adfad666 all the same mods are therein both build props 16:38:14
polariobearero so the source on the git is really the source? 16:38:15
rymate1234 https://github.com/tvorun/kernel-gigabyte-rior1 this might actually be the kernel 16:38:26
adfad666 there's a very high chance they are the same 16:38:38
Kyan31 maybe 16:38:52
Kyan31 try flashing a gio rom 16:38:52
rymate1234 you also might have a device tree https://github.com/deafnote/android_device_qcom_msm7627a 16:39:10
Solitary Uživatel Solitary [~Solitary@ip-94-112-195-124.net.upcbroadband.cz] vstoupil do místnosti. 16:39:15
ChanServ Uživatel „ChanServ“ nastavil uživateli „Solitary“ režim +v. 16:39:15
polariobearero but that source is fork from here https://github.com/deafnote?tab=repositories 16:39:56
polariobearero gio is one of the clone device 16:41:12
Kyan31 yeah 16:41:52
Kyan31 look here 16:41:56
Kyan31 http://cherryburstsupport.blogspot.co.uk/ 16:42:08
Kyan31 says something about the gigabyte rio 16:42:36
polariobearero ok i will 16:44:05
adfad666 http://www.alza.cz/gigabyte-gsmart-rio-r1-dual-core-cerny-bily-d508670.htm 16:44:32
adfad666 looks like a Nexus 5 16:44:39
adfad666 </troll> 16:44:43
Kyan31 not really 16:45:03
Kyan31 unless you were being sarcastic 16:45:23
Kyan31 i see 16:46:36
Kyan31 lol 16:47:05
polariobearero ok i will try to compile a kernel from that source and see if it works 16:47:16
Guest6413 Uživatel Guest6413 [~kyanbelge@genkt-051-206.t-mobile.co.uk] vstoupil do místnosti. 16:50:21
Uživatel „Kyan31“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 240 seconds). 16:51:19
Dazzozo rip the little facial hair i had 16:51:27
Dazzozo dude omg i look so much better without it 16:51:34
Guest6413 lol 16:51:37
Dazzozo cant convince myself to let it grow ever 16:51:52
Guest6413 Uživatel „Guest6413“ je nyní znám jako Kyan31. 16:52:01
Kyan31 why are there so many clones of this one phone lol? 16:52:34
Kyan31 theres like 6 16:52:37
Dazzozo and its surprising no one has stepped forward to actually dev for it properly 16:52:52
Kyan31 ye 16:53:03
Kyan31 but what i said before, doesnt that help? 16:53:23
polariobearero cause maybe they think its impossible 16:53:30
Kyan31 theres jelybean available for one of the variants 16:53:35
Kyan31 apparently 16:53:46
Dazzozo well its not impossible 16:54:10
Kyan31 but no network 16:54:14
polariobearero maybe im trying for nothing. .they know i will fail they just not telling it to me 16:54:14
Kyan31 dont think like that 16:54:35
Kyan31 be positive 16:54:37
Kyan31 then rub it in their faces if you succeed 16:54:50
Kyan31 a lot 16:55:02
polariobearero it is so hard i mean i wont even know this thing if didnt asked you guys 16:55:39
Dazzozo its a qc device, you could have it booting kernel or not 16:55:42
polariobearero ah umh sorry Dazzozo ? 16:56:22
Kyan31 qualcomm 16:56:30
fefifofum Uživatel fefifofum [~fefifofum@] vstoupil do místnosti. 16:56:49
ChanServ Uživatel „ChanServ“ nastavil uživateli „fefifofum“ režim +v. 16:56:50
fefifofum yo 16:57:05
fefifofum and happy new year 16:57:09
Kyan31 hello 16:57:24
Kyan31 and ditto 16:57:31
rymate1234 buy the rio 16:57:33
rymate1234 become the saviour 16:57:42
polariobearero hmm are 16:57:42
Dazzozo https://github.com/elvanderb/TCP-32764 16:57:59
Dazzozo *SIGH* 16:58:01
rymate1234 rip 16:58:36
polariobearero well i think the rom from gio can be use to my device and vice versa 16:59:40
Kyan31 try it 17:00:06
Kyan31 find a gio rom 17:00:11
polariobearero ok i will 17:02:58
polariobearero ok its working but the back key is isnt 17:04:34
rymate1234 yay slight variations 17:04:51
Kyan31 nice 17:05:06
polariobearero but still isnt it the same as im using right now? 17:06:21
Kyan31 is it rio or gio? 17:06:34
Kyan31 im confused 17:06:38
polariobearero rio 17:06:48
Kyan31 cool 17:06:54
Kyan31 so you have the source now? 17:07:09
polariobearero still downloading it and will test if it will compile 17:07:43
Kyan31 nice 17:07:50
Kyan31 i look forward to hearing what happens 17:08:06
polariobearero but if it compile then what?i think the version of that is still 3.0? 17:08:13
polariobearero how can i upgrade 17:08:28
Kyan31 of what? the kernel 17:08:29
Dazzozo the version is really not important 17:08:34
polariobearero sorry never get tired about that upgrading thing 17:08:45
Dazzozo we were using 3.0.8 until 4.3 17:08:58
Kyan31 i dont see why you are bothered about updating the kernel 17:09:09
Kyan31 atleast you can now compile proper custom roms 17:09:21
polariobearero so if i want 4.4 then its ok to use 3.0? 17:09:25
rymate1234 yes 17:09:29
Dazzozo the value of having the kernel source is being able to fix any issues that might arise + add in any stuff necessary for a newer android version 17:09:31
rymate1234 4.4 will be A LOT of work 17:09:37
polariobearero cause jb ithink is very heavy for my device? 17:09:44
Kyan31 well your device is better than the g300 17:09:59
rymate1234 so is kitkat 17:10:01
Kyan31 and jb ran ok for us 17:10:03
rymate1234 kitkat isn't magically lighter 17:10:10
Kyan31 not great but fine 17:10:15
polariobearero hmm 17:10:33
Kyan31 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mt7WYEFG8NM 17:10:50
polariobearero i mean how do i get that some of the tweaks your talking about earlier about how can good kitkat can be 17:12:42
polariobearero so if the kernel source work i can configure it 17:13:39
Kyan31 well dazzozo said that some things are limited by the hardware 17:13:55
Uživatel „EloYGomeZ“ opustil místnost (Quit: Saliendo). 17:13:57
Kyan31 so speed wise, its just dependent on how new your hardware is 17:14:11
Dazzozo not so much the hardware itself 17:14:17
Dazzozo there's stuff you just cant change 17:14:21
Kyan31 oh right 17:14:27
Kyan31 but why? whats stopping it? 17:14:37
Dazzozo how do you propose i find blobs that dont have text relocations? 17:14:46
Kyan31 i dont know what the hell youre talking about 17:15:02
Dazzozo we could get EGL blobs, but then we would have to stop using genlock and that would break omx and camera 17:15:05
Dazzozo we could get new OMX blobs out of _fucking nowhere_ 17:15:18
Dazzozo its just an interdependent mess 17:16:11
Dazzozo android is an interdependent mess 17:16:15
Dazzozo and it sucks 17:16:21
Dazzozo it really sucks 17:16:22
Kyan31 ok 17:16:41
polariobearero so what are my chance to make this run smooth even just a little bit more just a little 17:17:37
Kyan31 well your hardware seems to be a little better 17:18:55
Kyan31 so you have an alright chance 17:19:08
Dazzozo stfu about the hardware 17:19:09
Dazzozo just get it working already 17:19:12
Dazzozo lol 17:19:15
Kyan31 lol 17:19:15
Kyan31 he wants to know what it would be like 17:19:23
Kyan31 speed wise 17:19:27
rymate1234 polariobearero: dazzozo got jellybean on a shit device 17:19:31
Dazzozo it would be... 17:19:38
Dazzozo your android version of choice 17:19:43
Dazzozo running on a not very good device 17:19:46
Dazzozo no surprises... 17:19:53
Kyan31 well thats your answer polario 17:20:16
Uživatel „Alkalinorap“ opustil místnost (Quit: Leaving). 17:20:18
Dazzozo it might run better than stock in some areas, worse in others 17:20:25
Dazzozo it depends how butchered your stock rom is 17:20:31
droidd Uživatel droidd [ae599feb@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 17:20:32
Dazzozo i have nothing to compare with 17:20:34
Kyan31 ye 17:20:35
Dazzozo you're really asking us some impossible questions 17:20:41
Dazzozo lol 17:20:42
droidd allo 17:20:56
Dazzozo hey 17:20:59
polariobearero i know i know sorry for asking too much 17:20:59
Kyan31 for us, the transitions are smoother than stock but actual loading etc is slower 17:21:04
Kyan31 so the same might apply with you 17:21:16
polariobearero i just want some enlightenment hehe 17:21:27
Dazzozo well you need to help us first 17:21:33
polariobearero how? 17:21:44
Dazzozo i dont know how you can expect us to tell you whether its going to be better/worse 17:21:53
Kyan31 i think it would just be best to build the rom and see how it looks for yourself. 17:21:58
Dazzozo when you havent told/shown us how good your stock rom is 17:22:02
Dazzozo like how can we make that comparison for you 17:22:13
polariobearero ok i will run some test then compare it later? 17:22:42
Dazzozo theyre shitty devices, don't expect night and day difference unless they butchered it completely 17:22:51
adfad666 samsung 17:23:06
polariobearero yeah yeah i know , , 17:23:08
adfad666 expect the worst 17:23:10
Kyan31 booty 17:23:59
Dazzozo but yeah, sure, kitkat would run better if you had a sick CPU + 512mb ram 17:24:23
Dazzozo of course 17:24:24
Dazzozo like they were doing on the nexus 4s 17:24:36
Kyan31 lol 17:24:46
Kyan31 'sick' 17:24:49
polariobearero idk about my cpu and i only has 340 of ram at least thats what they show 17:25:15
Dazzozo but theres some stuff we just cant change 17:25:16
Dazzozo we're still using 4.1 adreno 17:25:25
Dazzozo got no say in that 17:25:27
polariobearero hmmm 17:26:13
droidd so I know nothing about adreno drivers 17:27:13
Dazzozo but im not going to talk about this shit again 17:27:26
droidd but is it at all possible to use 4.4 drivers for a similar adreno chip on our phone? 17:27:38
polariobearero im not really asking too much about the speed i mean i tap it already and it takes seconds to respond 17:27:40
droidd is it easier to do that then to use 4.1 drivers in our cm11? 17:27:48
Dazzozo droidd: i answered this yesterday 17:27:51
Dazzozo its possible to use later adreno drivers 17:27:59
Dazzozo if you want to break everything else 17:28:04
Dazzozo thats the problem 17:28:11
Dazzozo interdependent 17:28:13
Dazzozo camera breaks 17:28:25
Dazzozo omx breaks 17:28:26
droidd yikes 17:28:44
droidd wait, i asked you yesterday? 17:28:59
droidd i need to get some sleep 17:29:03
Dazzozo im pretty sure we were talking about this for hours 17:29:07
Dazzozo amongst other things 17:29:14
droidd oh yeah, my poor door handle 17:29:28
Dazzozo here ya go 17:30:17
Dazzozo vendor/huawei$ find . | xargs grep 'libgenlock' -sl 17:30:18
Dazzozo ./msm7x27a-common/proprietary/lib/libOmxMpeg4Dec.so 17:30:19
Dazzozo ./msm7x27a-common/proprietary/lib/libOmxrv9Dec.so 17:30:19
Dazzozo ./msm7x27a-common/proprietary/lib/libOmxH264Dec.so 17:30:19
Dazzozo ./msm7x27a-common/proprietary/lib/libOmxOn2Dec.so 17:30:19
Dazzozo ./msm7x27a-common/proprietary/lib/egl/libEGL_adreno200.so 17:30:20
Dazzozo ./msm7x27a-common/proprietary/lib/egl/eglsubAndroid.so 17:30:22
Dazzozo ./msm7x27a-common/proprietary/lib/libOmxVp8Dec.so 17:30:24
Dazzozo ./msm7x27a-common/proprietary/lib/libOmxWmvDec.so 17:30:26
Dazzozo ./msm7x27a-common/proprietary/lib/hw/camera.msm7x27a.so 17:30:27
Dazzozo this is what you throw under the bus 17:30:34
droidd ahh 17:31:28
rymate1234 guys 17:31:29
rymate1234 what are the pint of daydreams 17:31:35
rymate1234 g 17:31:44
Dazzozo whats the point in a lot of android's new features 17:31:46
Dazzozo what have they actually added since ics thats really useful? 17:31:54
Dazzozo quick settings 17:31:59
Dazzozo ............... 17:32:01
droidd ART? 17:32:02
Dazzozo sure, if you want to go in to technical features 17:32:25
rymate1234 Dazzozo: multi user is useful 17:32:27
droidd i know its not useful yet, but do you see it being useful in the future? 17:32:30
Dazzozo but user facing 17:32:34
Dazzozo useful 17:32:40
Dazzozo as in 17:32:41
Dazzozo does it offer us new "things" 17:32:47
Dazzozo no 17:32:47
Dazzozo its a cool improvement to something that was showing its age 17:32:57
Dazzozo but users arent going to notice 17:33:03
Dazzozo not when its made the default runtime anyway 17:33:24
droidd you do have a good point 17:33:30
droidd i notice nothing different from ics to jellybean 17:33:42
rymate1234 what's the point of art anyway 17:33:46
polariobearero so ther is not much noticeable diff 17:33:58
Dazzozo rymate1234: dalvik is bad 17:34:08
rymate1234 how? 17:34:19
Dazzozo look at benchmarks 17:34:23
Dazzozo its terrible 17:34:25
Dazzozo also 17:34:26
Dazzozo JIT is unnecessary 17:34:31
Dazzozo AOT makes more sense 17:34:43
rymate1234 "almost in time" 17:34:53
Dazzozo lol 17:34:56
Dazzozo not quite in time 17:35:00
Dazzozo i guess you can get in to arguments about battery life etc... 17:35:28
rymate1234 maybe it's JTT 17:35:31
rymate1234 just takes time 17:35:33
Dazzozo if its AOT it doesnt have to compile on battery power, potentially 17:35:52
Dazzozo things like that 17:36:05
Dazzozo probably incredibly inconsequential but hey 17:36:12
fefifofum any idea how to ignore the .git folder when compiling the kernel? 17:38:29
polariobearero ok i try to compile on the rio kernel using my config , using 4.7 toolchain and i got error 17:38:31
fefifofum if i don't manually delete it doesn't boot 17:38:37
Dazzozo fefifofum: whoa what 17:40:11
Dazzozo .git should have no influence 17:40:11
fefifofum it's stupid, but it does 17:40:11
fefifofum if i don't delete it, kernel stays in splash screen 17:40:11
Dazzozo well, I don't know about ignoring .git, sounds like you should fix that properly 17:41:08
polariobearero http://pastebin.com/VXQ0ZdCG 17:41:14
Dazzozo check the scripts dir, makefiles etc 17:41:15
fefifofum right now i'm deleting it from vendorsetup.sh, but i was looking for a proper solution 17:41:33
rymate1234 polariobearero: did you even read the error 17:41:43
fefifofum i will check the scripts dir 17:41:45
rymate1234 they're exactly the same error 17:41:49
Dazzozo i have no idea how you even stumbled across that workaround 17:41:51
Dazzozo polariobearero: yeah thats a genuine warning 17:42:16
Dazzozo it was never fixed, it was rewritten upstream 17:42:22
Dazzozo you can disable the warning 17:42:26
Dazzozo I think I did that for the old g300 kernel 17:42:30
Uživatel „fpb“ opustil místnost (Quit: fpb). 17:42:43
Dazzozo yeah 17:43:05
Dazzozo https://github.com/Dazzozo/android_kernel_huawei_u8815/commit/4a8536b17ae4e876b63bc6455a8bb13c6e730ef6#diff-1 17:43:07
polariobearero i read it just dont understand it 17:43:44
Dazzozo fefifofum: this might be a long shot, but you could try diffing the output of two compilations 17:44:30
Dazzozo one with the .git dir and one without 17:44:37
Dazzozo might help you locate the fuck up 17:44:42
polariobearero ah i paste it wrong 17:44:48
polariobearero sorry 17:44:52
fefifofum good idea 17:44:58
polariobearero this is the other one on 4.4.3 http://pastebin.com/SExRhbnc 17:47:39
Dazzozo then thats an actual error 17:47:50
Dazzozo why is devices-msm7x2xa.h missing 17:47:55
Dazzozo also, what config are you even using? 17:48:13
Dazzozo grab /proc/config.gz from a running device 17:48:29
Dazzozo and use that 17:48:33
polariobearero yeah im using the config on my device and 4.4.3 toolchain 17:50:02
polariobearero maybe this kernel isnt really a good kernel 17:50:56
Dazzozo you expected an oem kernel to be good? 17:53:07
Dazzozo lol 17:53:07
polariobearero where do i get to find this missing files 17:53:38
polariobearero i think its a typo 17:55:43
polariobearero there is the file that it says its missing 17:57:23
adfad666 I have the weirdest mug ever 17:58:33
adfad666 whenever I put a hot drink in it, it makes strange noises 17:58:47
adfad666 it sounds like digital transmissions 17:58:57
adfad666 pshshsht pshshst pshshshshst pshst pshsht 17:59:30
fefifofum lol 18:04:25
fpb Uživatel fpb [~fpb@] vstoupil do místnosti. 18:04:35
Dazzozo http://lists.gpl-violations.org/pipermail/legal/2013-November/004288.html 18:04:40
Dazzozo cool 18:04:42
Dazzozo glad to hear it 18:04:48
polariobearero arch/arm/mach-msm/board-msm7627a-io.c: In function 'qrd7627a_add_io_devices': 18:14:48
polariobearero arch/arm/mach-msm/board-msm7627a-io.c:306:46: warning: 'retval' may be used uninitialized in this function [-Wmaybe-uninitialized] 18:14:48
polariobearero error, forbidden warning: board-msm7627a-io.c:306 18:14:49
polariobearero make[1]: *** [arch/arm/mach-msm/board-msm7627a-io.o] Error 1 18:14:49
polariobearero make: *** [arch/arm/mach-msm] Error 2 18:14:49
polariobearero now i got that 18:14:54
Dazzozo fix it 18:14:55
Dazzozo we cant hold your hand 18:14:59
Dazzozo through every single issue you have 18:15:02
Dazzozo really 18:15:04
droidd hmm 18:16:00
polariobearero yeah i know its like i just to talk to someone else or pretend someone is listening rather keeping this to myself 18:16:09
droidd why is y300 unstable when oc'd to 1.2ghz? 18:16:10
droidd when the g510 is 1.2ghz with the same chip? 18:16:20
Dazzozo because no one has oc'd it properly 18:16:31
Dazzozo dont use oc kernels they're broken as fuck 18:16:40
droidd ok, noted 18:16:56
Dazzozo or at least, don't oc 18:17:03
adfad666 i don't understand how to do overclocking, 18:17:07
Dazzozo people are masters at "cosmetic" overclocking 18:17:17
Dazzozo where a higher clock speed shows up in the table 18:17:24
Dazzozo but it doesnt do anything 18:17:27
Dazzozo or, actually makes the device unstable 18:17:34
fefifofum found it, i think scripts/setlocaleversion changes the version name and then some modules cannot be loaded 18:17:56
droidd wow ok, i know ceastel took out the oc in his kernel 18:18:17
droidd and afaik thats the only kernel being developed 18:18:27
droidd it must be tough to implement oc 18:18:32
adfad666 i don't know how the differnet clock frequencies / multipliers work together properly 18:18:51
Dazzozo yeah 18:19:04
Dazzozo i think ceastel heard me saying that no one has it working yet 18:19:12
Dazzozo so he removed his 18:19:14
droidd is it anything like oc'ing a computer? 18:20:42
droidd because i can do that 18:20:47
Dazzozo no 18:21:13
droidd as long as multiplier is unlocked lol 18:21:16
Dazzozo https://github.com/Dazzozo/huawei-kernel-3.4/blob/kitkat/arch/arm/mach-msm/acpuclock-7627.c#L282 18:22:29
Dazzozo the problem i have is i need something that works for the g300 too 18:22:43
Uživatel „fpb“ opustil místnost (Quit: fpb). 18:22:44
adfad666 https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_kernel_sony_msm8960t/blob/cm-10.2/arch/arm/mach-msm/acpuclock-8960ab.c 18:23:08
adfad666 what does it mean :/ 18:23:09
droidd wow, this is oc'd to 1.4? 18:23:44
adfad666 where did you get 1401600 18:24:32
adfad666 or how did you calculate it 18:24:58
Dazzozo this is unmodified 18:25:05
Dazzozo like i said 18:25:12
Dazzozo no one has overclocking 18:25:14
Dazzozo im not working on it 18:25:17
Dazzozo i just linked it to demonstrate 18:25:24
droidd hmm 18:26:11
adfad666 oh ok 18:26:57
mojin2012 Uživatel mojin2012 [c1961311@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 18:28:48
droidd loks like this kernel has oc for cm11 http://www.htcmania.com/showthread.php?t=747181 18:29:17
adfad666 this is how ricardo did it on lge msm7x27 long time ago 18:29:18
adfad666 https://github.com/CyanogenMod/lge-kernel-msm7x27/blob/android-msm-2.6.35/arch/arm/mach-msm/acpuclock.c#L202 18:29:18
Uživatel „mojin2012“ opustil místnost (Quit: Client Quit). 18:32:13
Dazzozo droidd: nothing has oc 18:34:27
Dazzozo 18:34:30
Dazzozo nothing 18:34:40
Dazzozo it may show up 18:34:42
Dazzozo but it doesnt do anything 18:34:46
Dazzozo adfad666: msm7x27 was a piece of piss 18:35:07
adfad666 ^ 18:35:18
adfad666 frojo worked ok on it 18:35:32
adfad666 ics could have been good 18:36:11
Dazzozo also 18:37:07
Dazzozo that guy isnt even using the right branch of my kernel 18:37:11
Dazzozo so hes actually REMOVING things too 18:37:21
Dazzozo it doesnt even have fake oc 18:38:04
Dazzozo https://github.com/IbizaHerrero/huawei-kernel-3.4/commits/master 18:38:04
Dazzozo this guy has done nothing 18:38:10
Dazzozo but make everything worse 18:38:13
Dazzozo custom kernels in a nutshell 18:38:22
sub_ Uživatel sub_ [529b6a4b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 18:38:44
Dazzozo hes talking about zram in that post 18:39:00
Dazzozo but is using the branch without zram 18:39:06
Dazzozo l 18:39:10
Dazzozo m 18:39:10
Dazzozo a 18:39:11
Dazzozo o. 18:39:12
sub_ hi 18:39:17
Kyan31 herlo 18:39:50
Dazzozo guys 18:40:15
Dazzozo kitkat kernel 18:40:16
Dazzozo KITKAT BRANCH 18:40:18
Dazzozo https://github.com/Dazzozo/huawei-kernel-3.4/commits/kitkat 18:40:19
droidd so I should stick with stock kernel? 18:40:23
Dazzozo also he cloned my kernel, and pushed it 18:41:15
Dazzozo instead of forking it 18:41:19
Dazzozo that was probably a waste of 2 hours 18:41:29
sub_ dazz excuse my english (google translate) .. can I ask you a question? 18:43:58
fefifofum that is one question 18:44:36
Dazzozo also i cant believe smartassv2 isnt dead yet 18:47:06
Dazzozo yep yep keep using those single core governors on a dual core device 18:47:29
sub_ lol you are right maybe can I ask you something dazz 18:47:32
sub_ something very strange 18:48:53
droidd ohh lets hear it 18:51:35
Dazzozo well if you're going to change kernel get one that actually gives you one advantage 18:51:47
Dazzozo but i dont think such a thing exists 18:51:48
Dazzozo people seem to be good at butchering what i do 18:51:48
fpb Uživatel fpb [~fpb@] vstoupil do místnosti. 18:52:02
polariobearero ok i will sleep now maybe i dream about for an answer 18:53:31
Dazzozo idk about kernels for stock roms 18:53:47
Dazzozo but i imagine the situation is similar 18:53:48
sub_ My g300 do what I do not get out of recovery r8 ... and the first time it happens to me .. you know what happens? 18:55:23
Uživatel „polariobearero“ opustil místnost (Quit: Leaving). 18:55:47
Uživatel „Dazzozo“ opustil místnost (Quit: *.net *.split). 18:59:27
sub_ reboot recovery, wipe cache format system bla bla Cm11 finish bahhhhhhhhhh reboot recovery ..recovery ,recovery 19:00:45
fefifofum 19:01:49
sub_ not out of recovery no way bah 19:02:23
Dazzozo Uživatel Dazzozo [~Yuki@thebronasium.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 19:05:06
hubbard.freenode.net Uživatel „hubbard.freenode.net“ nastavil uživateli „Dazzozo“ režim +o. 19:05:07
droidd wb lol 19:06:01
Dazzozo dat net split 19:08:04
Dazzozo freenope 19:08:24
sub__ Uživatel sub__ [529b6a4b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 19:11:04
droidd Dazzozo: is your cwm safe for cm10? or is it 4.3+ only? 19:11:46
Dazzozo 4.3+ 19:11:57
Dazzozo there's no way to be safe for both 19:12:03
Uživatel „sub_“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 272 seconds). 19:12:06
droidd ah ok ty 19:12:32
droidd i do prefer cwm though 19:12:36
droidd oh well, cant be choosey! 19:12:48
Dazzozo yeah its a shitty situation 19:13:08
eloimuns Uživatel eloimuns [~eloimuns@209.pool85-55-229.dynamic.orange.es] vstoupil do místnosti. 19:17:08
Uživatel „Solitary“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 272 seconds). 19:18:59
eloimuns yo 19:20:14
sub__ yo 19:21:57
Dazzozo https://twitter.com/evleaks/status/418804925548613632 19:22:27
Dazzozo HTC M8 confirmed for Nexus 5. 19:22:31
adfad666 Dazzozo, change freenode server, it seems the one I was on before with you netsplits all the time 19:22:37
Dazzozo like, whatever 19:22:38
Dazzozo wolfe.freenode.net 19:22:47
Dazzozo is the one im on 19:22:50
adfad666 yeah, i'm on adams now 19:22:57
Dazzozo ok brb 19:23:12
Uživatel „Dazzozo“ opustil místnost (Quit: rip). 19:23:35
eloimuns Discontrol now guy 19:24:00
Dazzozo Uživatel Dazzozo [~Yuki@thebronasium.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 19:24:06
ChanServ Uživatel „ChanServ“ nastavil uživateli „Dazzozo“ režim +o. 19:24:06
Dazzozo dddd 19:24:31
Dazzozo im still connected via fucking wolfe 19:24:48
adfad666 he's trolling you 19:25:02
Dazzozo why the hell does it not connect me to barjavel 19:25:30
Dazzozo my server is in goddamn paris 19:25:41
droidd this is a new htc phone? 19:26:16
droidd how is it related to nexus5 19:26:23
Dazzozo ok brb again 19:27:37
Dazzozo and identical specs 19:27:39
Dazzozo other than camera 19:27:41
Uživatel „Dazzozo“ opustil místnost (Quit: Client Quit). 19:27:45
Dazzozo Uživatel Dazzozo [~Yuki@thebronasium.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 19:28:15
ChanServ Uživatel „ChanServ“ nastavil uživateli „Dazzozo“ režim +o. 19:28:26
adfad666 what's gonna be the most interesting thing to come out of CES this year 19:31:29
adfad666 any predictions? 19:31:33
droidd huawei y301 19:32:17
droidd for the price of a litre of fuel 19:32:36
droidd unlocked 19:32:41
droidd ! 19:32:44
Dazzozo adfad666: not the htc m8 19:34:10
adfad666 not the htc anything 19:34:25
Dazzozo rip htc 19:34:56
adfad666 I wanna see moar chromebooks 19:35:00
adfad666 specifically more fanless arm chromebooks 19:35:46
droidd htc is dead? 19:38:00
Dazzozo dying 19:39:29
Dazzozo its really sad 19:39:46
Dazzozo its like a failed relationship 19:39:52
Dazzozo where they promise to start over 19:39:55
Dazzozo and it never works 19:39:58
fefifofum lol 19:40:35
droidd i really like their phones 19:41:15
droidd but i had a bad experience with one so meh 19:41:31
Dazzozo if i had to pick something that wasnt a nexus 19:41:34
droidd but the one is very nice, im a sucker for metal phones 19:41:38
Dazzozo htc would be somewhere on that list 19:41:42
Dazzozo yeah 19:41:43
Dazzozo for that reason 19:41:47
droidd nobody else does a metal android phone? 19:42:12
Dazzozo not reeeeally 19:42:30
Dazzozo theyre rare 19:42:42
droidd one thing with htc is that horrible s-off stuff 19:42:43
droidd s-on/s-off 19:42:54
fefifofum bye 19:45:52
Uživatel „fefifofum“ opustil místnost (Quit: Bye). 19:45:54
Uživatel „fpb“ opustil místnost (Quit: fpb). 19:49:46
eloimuns https://github.com/Blefish/android_hardware_qcom_display-caf/commit/0e227c5341f7e0125019b035f8bdb5abd6e0bfd3 19:52:51
eloimuns we have PNEM for camera? 19:53:17
Dazzozo eloimuns: yea 19:53:18
Dazzozo no 19:53:20
Dazzozo we use ion for everything 19:53:23
Dazzozo lol 19:53:25
eloimuns ok, 19:53:32
Dazzozo not that it matters 19:53:41
Dazzozo i dont see why theyre doing this really 19:55:56
Dazzozo you may as well just use pmem for everything... 19:56:07
sub__ thinking about buying a htc desire 500 lol 19:58:40
eloimuns Dazzozo what is your next META for g300/y300? 19:58:46
Dazzozo "META"? 19:58:55
Dazzozo lol 19:58:57
eloimuns yeah, "next project" 19:59:21
eloimuns in different words 19:59:25
Dazzozo no idea 19:59:31
eloimuns 19:59:42
eloimuns (newer adreno blobs, will be nice) 19:59:55
Dazzozo i have some non-android stuff i want to play around with 19:59:55
Dazzozo but there's not really much to do now 20:00:03
eloimuns what need to fix with newer adreno blobs? 20:00:53
Dazzozo camera, omx 20:02:10
Dazzozo the latter is basically impossible though 20:02:22
eloimuns impossible is nothing lol, let's go Daz you can 20:02:52
Dazzozo no 20:02:57
Dazzozo its fucking blobs dude 20:02:59
Dazzozo stop being retarded 20:03:03
cybojenix Dazzozo this is omxvidenc right? 20:03:22
Kyan31 arse 20:03:27
Dazzozo no 20:03:29
Dazzozo cybojenix: i'll paste again 20:03:31
Dazzozo vendor/huawei$ find . | xargs grep 'libgenlock' -sl 20:03:55
Dazzozo ./msm7x27a-common/proprietary/lib/libOmxMpeg4Dec.so 20:03:56
Dazzozo ./msm7x27a-common/proprietary/lib/libOmxrv9Dec.so 20:03:56
Dazzozo ./msm7x27a-common/proprietary/lib/libOmxH264Dec.so 20:03:56
Dazzozo ./msm7x27a-common/proprietary/lib/libOmxOn2Dec.so 20:03:56
Dazzozo ./msm7x27a-common/proprietary/lib/egl/libEGL_adreno200.so 20:03:56
Dazzozo ./msm7x27a-common/proprietary/lib/egl/eglsubAndroid.so 20:03:58
Dazzozo ./msm7x27a-common/proprietary/lib/libOmxVp8Dec.so 20:04:00
Dazzozo ./msm7x27a-common/proprietary/lib/libOmxWmvDec.so 20:04:02
Dazzozo ./msm7x27a-common/proprietary/lib/hw/camera.msm7x27a.so 20:04:04
Dazzozo camera can be fixed, we can build it from source now 20:04:13
Dazzozo but how the fuck do you use non-genlock adreno blobs when your omx still needs genlock 20:04:49
Dazzozo impossible 20:04:58
cybojenix Crazily it works for us, except when video recording 20:05:08
cybojenix At which point, it crashes after 1 second of recording 20:05:25
Dazzozo is that not a problem in the camera hal then? 20:05:28
cybojenix Due to omxvidenc 20:05:30
cybojenix No 20:05:34
Dazzozo lol wat 20:05:35
Dazzozo that doesnt make any sense 20:05:41
cybojenix Crazy right? 20:05:44
Dazzozo you guys must have different blobs 20:05:45
cybojenix Yeah 20:05:53
Dazzozo these link with libgenlock 20:06:04
cybojenix We have 4.2 blobs for everything except videnc 20:06:05
Dazzozo woah 20:06:09
Dazzozo fuck me 20:06:17
Dazzozo where did those come from O_O 20:06:22
Dazzozo who leaked this time 20:06:28
cybojenix 8230 device 20:06:35
cybojenix Not a leak. 20:06:39
Dazzozo oh wow! 20:06:41
Dazzozo wait a sec 20:07:12
Dazzozo isnt videnc... 20:07:14
cybojenix There is a hint in the caf qrd sources that venc and vdec Will work on qdsp5 as well 20:07:46
cybojenix But it's a very vague hint 20:07:54
cybojenix Videnc is closed source 20:08:02
Dazzozo nvm, thought it was open source for qdsp6 20:08:29
cybojenix It is 20:08:35
redstarfour Uživatel redstarfour [~redstarfo@CPE-65-27-97-241.new.res.rr.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:08:36
Dazzozo oh wait what 20:08:39
Dazzozo why cant i find it then 20:08:41
Dazzozo in hardware/qcom 20:08:44
cybojenix Gb branch 20:08:46
Dazzozo lol what 20:08:49
cybojenix Which is when they changed it to venc vdec 20:09:02
Dazzozo ooo 20:09:06
Dazzozo i have an idea 20:09:35
Dazzozo i have a ton of leaked stuff 20:09:40
Dazzozo so maybeeeee 20:09:42
cybojenix Anyway, check the qrd jb branch, you will see slight hint's at 7x27a for vdec 20:09:55
cybojenix Which leaked stuff? 20:10:04
Dazzozo well, its how i can build camera 20:10:49
cybojenix You have liboemcamera? 20:11:03
cybojenix I don't get what you mean by camera. The hal is open, mmcamera is open 20:12:48
Dazzozo cybojenix: but its not buildable 20:13:02
Dazzozo there's proprietary bits missing 20:13:07
cybojenix Check teamhacklg 20:13:10
Dazzozo y 20:13:18
Dazzozo i already have the bits missing 20:13:23
cybojenix Because we have the full thing building 20:13:31
Dazzozo so do i 20:13:34
Dazzozo lol 20:13:39
Dazzozo i don't need to, yet 20:13:50
Dazzozo but i've proved its possible 20:13:56
Dazzozo with this stuff 20:14:00
cybojenix Ron spends way too long working on camera, but it pays off 20:14:01
cybojenix Anyway, only leaked stuff we're interested in is liboemcamera, or omxvidenc sourced 20:14:40
cybojenix Sources* 20:14:43
Dazzozo i had no idea you guys had omx blobs 20:14:55
Dazzozo holy christ 20:15:12
cybojenix They aren't on github 20:15:19
Dazzozo omg this is so nearly possible 20:15:19
cybojenix What exactly are you doing? 20:15:39
Dazzozo waiting 20:15:44
cybojenix For? 20:15:49
Dazzozo i cant be arsed to work on something that isnt even possible yet 20:15:56
Dazzozo being able to use 4.2+ blobs 20:16:06
Dazzozo and not having shit broken 20:16:11
cybojenix Lol good luck 20:16:20
cybojenix 1 blob left,,. 20:16:25
Dazzozo yeaaa 20:16:29
Dazzozo its fucking happening 20:16:33
Kyan31 arse 20:16:36
cybojenix Have a contact somewhere that *should* be able to provide it 20:16:42
Dazzozo im like an excited child 20:17:41
cybojenix Lol 20:17:47
cybojenix Do you want me to link those blobs? 20:17:58
Dazzozo sure 20:18:08
Dazzozo im not gonna use them until videnc exists but it'll be cool to see 20:18:23
eloimuns Kyan31, thejaimes111, say: Arse 20:18:38
cybojenix yeah 20:19:09
Kyan31 tell Jaime to gtfo 20:19:43
Kyan31 this is my turf 20:19:49
eloimuns gj mhm wat 20:20:44
eloimuns says for u, Kyan31 20:20:51
Kyan31 ofcourse 20:21:02
rymate1234 wait whats happening 20:21:06
Kyan31 the world as we know it is falling 20:21:31
rymate1234 yay 20:21:38
Kyan31 grab your sac and brace for action 20:22:27
cybojenix Dazzozo, http://www.mediafire.com/download/h0xo5wv495t44a0/stock_browser_fix.zip 20:23:52
Kyan31 ergh mediafire 20:24:16
cybojenix egl, omx, adreno, and gralloc 20:24:44
cybojenix those, plus the ones in our vendor folder 20:27:17
cybojenix https://github.com/TeamHackLG/proprietary_vendor_lge/tree/cm-11.0/e610/proprietary 20:27:50
Dazzozo holy crap 20:30:09
Kyan31 arse 20:30:26
Dazzozo sooo close (((( 20:32:39
cybojenix I take it you use all the caf repos as well? for media and display 20:33:06
Dazzozo not yet 20:33:46
cybojenix oh 20:33:52
Dazzozo essentially using forks of those repos from the 4.1 tag 20:33:59
cybojenix ahhh 20:34:07
rymate1234 Dazzozo: what blobs we missing 20:34:08
cybojenix ron's working with the kk branch 20:34:12
Dazzozo rymate1234: omxvidenc 20:34:38
Dazzozo lol 20:34:40
Dazzozo man 20:34:54
cybojenix rymate1234, you won't find it anywhere 20:34:55
Dazzozo idk where thats gonna come from though 20:35:07
Dazzozo yeah 20:35:08
Dazzozo :/ 20:35:14
rymate1234 Dazzozo: do what some guy did with crescent 20:35:23
cybojenix it would have to be a leak from qcom or an oem 20:35:24
Dazzozo yep 20:35:28
cybojenix what did they do with crescent? 20:35:36
Dazzozo idk what hes referring to 20:35:49
rymate1234 omx hacks 20:35:49
Dazzozo rymate1234: thats totally irrelevant 20:35:54
rymate1234 o 20:35:57
cybojenix Dazzozo, more blobs for you https://github.com/RonGokhale/test 20:36:09
cybojenix different devices from 4.1 and 4.2 across different branches 20:36:20
Dazzozo holy shit 20:36:48
cybojenix he keeps meaning to test them, but doesn't have time 20:37:14
rymate1234 i googled omxvidenc leaks 20:38:45
rymate1234 got http://g300.valicek.name/show.php?day=2013-12-13 20:38:47
rymate1234 20:38:51
cybojenix lol 20:39:10
Dazzozo yea 20:39:18
Dazzozo i dunno man 20:39:39
Dazzozo this is SO close 20:39:42
Dazzozo but 20:39:45
cybojenix it would be better to search for a full qcom source drop 20:39:52
Dazzozo its funny 20:40:05
cybojenix why can't the chinese build a qcom device. 20:40:18
Dazzozo i have everything but adreno and mm-still/mm-video 20:40:20
Dazzozo :| 20:40:28
cybojenix lol 20:40:38
cybojenix where did this leak come from? 20:40:59
Dazzozo oppo 20:41:03
cybojenix they gave to you, or an accidental leak? 20:41:17
Dazzozo accidental 20:41:22
cybojenix can you link me up please? 20:41:31
Dazzozo if i can find it 20:41:37
Dazzozo lol 20:41:37
cybojenix it won't be online. it would need reuploading 20:41:50
cybojenix which device and version btw? 20:42:04
Dark_Nightmare Uživatel Dark_Nightmare [~SlimUser@] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:42:13
Dazzozo i assume whatever it is they just launched 20:42:13
Dazzozo kitkat 20:42:14
Dark_Nightmare yo 20:42:20
cybojenix lol what? 20:42:23
Dazzozo yep 20:42:26
cybojenix they leaked the latest full source? 20:42:39
Dazzozo most of it 20:42:59
Dazzozo i dont know where adreno is 20:43:02
Dazzozo or mm-video 20:43:04
Uživatel „Dark_Nightmare“ opustil místnost (Quit: Client Quit). 20:43:12
cybojenix I know where it's located, just whether it's there 20:43:17
Dazzozo yeah same 20:43:20
Dazzozo but its not 20:43:23
cybojenix errrr... vendor/qcom/etc.... 20:43:25
Dazzozo yep 20:43:26
Dazzozo mm-video is missing 20:43:30
Dazzozo i dont know why its excluded 20:43:35
Dazzozo also 20:43:43
Dazzozo i have adreno blobs with symbols 20:43:47
Dark_Nightmare Uživatel Dark_Nightmare [~SlimUser@] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:44:00
~SlimUser Uživatel „Dark_Nightmare“ opustil místnost (Part). 20:44:01
cybojenix adreno symbols you can get off the caf patch site 20:44:04
rymate1234 symbols? 20:44:05
Dazzozo oh cool 20:44:10
Dark_Nightmare Uživatel Dark_Nightmare [~SlimUser@] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:44:12
~SlimUser Uživatel „Dark_Nightmare“ opustil místnost (Part). 20:44:12
cybojenix I think adreno 200 symbols for 4.1 20:44:22
Dark_Nightmare Uživatel Dark_Nightmare [~SlimUser@] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:44:32
~SlimUser Uživatel „Dark_Nightmare“ opustil místnost (Part). 20:44:32
Dazzozo well i guess it would be neat for debugging 20:44:38
Dazzozo also this guy is getting a fucking ban in a sec 20:44:43
cybojenix lol someone doesn't know you can only join 2 channels with the slim client 20:44:57
Kyan31 lol 20:45:00
cybojenix what did you do, hexedit the app to link to here as well? 20:45:09
Dazzozo i dont do shit with slim 20:45:18
cybojenix sorry, smali edit* 20:45:19
cybojenix yeah I know 20:45:23
Dazzozo idk 20:45:33
cybojenix you'd be welcome if you ever did though 20:45:33
Dazzozo i didnt even know we had slim 20:45:36
cybojenix ever since I pushed 7x27a patches to slim display and media, I've seen a few more devices crop up 20:46:07
rymate1234 slim? 20:47:45
cybojenix slimroms 20:48:54
cybojenix .g slimroms 20:48:59
cybojenix no bot... 20:49:14
Dazzozo wrecked 20:49:18
cybojenix ahhh 20:49:26
Dark_Nightmare Uživatel Dark_Nightmare [~SlimUser@] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:49:30
cybojenix Dark_Nightmare, the slim irc client supports joining one extra channel once 20:50:03
Dark_Nightmare Hi all another time 20:50:11
Dark_Nightmare i fell 20:50:12
cybojenix Dazzozo, bots are awesome 20:50:45
Dazzozo cybojenix: http://i.thebronasium.com/yuki/20140102-204954.png 20:50:52
Dazzozo ಠ_ಠ 20:51:02
Dazzozo its a 1gb archive 20:51:21
Dazzozo well, 700mb 20:51:36
cybojenix link, or does it need uploading? 20:51:58
Dazzozo idk, trying to find it in history now 20:52:07
Dazzozo it was on some amazon cloud server thing 20:52:31
Dazzozo iirc 20:52:34
cybojenix ohhhhh, is volans kernel drivers there??? 20:52:35
Dazzozo err what 20:52:45
cybojenix volans is the closed source qcom wifi driver name for qcnss 20:53:12
cybojenix wcnss* 20:53:15
cybojenix it's basically the same as prima 20:53:21
cybojenix if it's there, then you are godly 20:53:43
Dazzozo i dont know where i would be looking 20:53:45
cybojenix it's a module, so could be anywhere 20:54:21
cybojenix no indication of where it is within the kernel source 20:54:31
Dazzozo theres all sorts of ril stuff 20:55:20
Dazzozo all the new gps stuff 20:55:44
cybojenix ril not interested in. pointless putting in a new ril if you have an old baseband that doesn't support it 20:55:48
Dazzozo true dat 20:55:54
Dazzozo but still fun to look at 20:56:13
cybojenix yeah 20:56:19
Dazzozo also there is some qdsp5 source 20:56:36
Dazzozo its just audio 20:56:38
cybojenix mmmm 20:56:44
cybojenix once again not an issue 20:56:58
Dazzozo yep 20:57:01
cybojenix not as if the source can be released 20:57:13
Dazzozo lol 20:57:17
cybojenix if it's 700mb, then I assume there are no git folders? 20:57:29
cybojenix with logs 20:57:33
Dazzozo yeah no .git 20:57:47
cybojenix ok 20:57:50
Dazzozo just a tarball 20:58:02
Dazzozo found one part of it 20:58:55
Dazzozo http://d3bzg7dsosz4ht.cloudfront.net/ 20:58:56
Dazzozo LINUX_APQ8064_KITKAT 20:59:04
Dazzozo as for the download link... 20:59:11
Dazzozo oh, yeah that makes more sense 20:59:30
Dazzozo its 300 odd mb gzipped 20:59:37
Dazzozo i was looking at the tar because windows is retarded 20:59:43
cybojenix blank xml page 21:00:29
Dazzozo blank? 21:00:35
Dazzozo <Contents><Key>oppo-dev/n1-addon/LINUX_APQ8064_KITKAT.tgz</Key><LastModified>2013-11-27T10:16:14.000Z</LastModified><ETag>"efc8d333b9f825321793f9bdd2adfbce"</ETag><Size>365428666</Size><StorageClass>STANDARD</StorageClass></Contents> 21:00:40
cybojenix yep blank 21:01:02
cybojenix nvm, didn't realise the second line was part of the url 21:01:41
cybojenix http://d3bzg7dsosz4ht.cloudfront.net/LINUX_APQ8064_KITKAT 21:01:41
Dazzozo it isnt 21:02:03
Dazzozo http://d3bzg7dsosz4ht.cloudfront.net/ should show you a list 21:02:09
Dazzozo of files 21:02:10
cybojenix nope 21:02:15
Dazzozo :|||| 21:02:22
Dazzozo hang on gonna find the fucking download 21:02:28
Dazzozo if i can 21:02:29
Uživatel „redstarfour“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 246 seconds). 21:03:09
cybojenix <Code>AccessDenied</Code> 21:03:19
Dazzozo got it 21:03:44
cybojenix mm? 21:04:53
Dazzozo like i said, seems to just randomly be missing the super juicy bits 21:06:15
Dazzozo but there's some fun stuff 21:06:18
cybojenix it's probably uploaded for the cm devs 21:06:40
cybojenix how did you even get it? 21:06:48
Dazzozo yeah 21:06:48
Dazzozo icr 21:07:01
Dazzozo it shows up on google ffs 21:07:11
Dazzozo https://www.google.co.uk/#q=LINUX_APQ8064_KITKAT&safe=off 21:07:18
cybojenix lol 21:07:39
Uživatel „sub__“ opustil místnost (Quit: Page closed). 21:08:58
rhen Uživatel rhen [~rhen@apn-94-44-254-122.vodafone.hu] vstoupil do místnosti. 21:13:35
rhen good evening 21:14:03
rymate1234 evening 21:14:17
rymate1234 tonight Dazzozo is master of blobs 21:14:32
rhen What happened in the last 5 hours? 21:18:06
eloimuns i start a Pro conversation about newer adreno blobs 21:18:33
eloimuns 21:18:37
rhen still helping the noname oem phone guy? 21:18:45
rymate1234 no 21:19:23
rymate1234 we found his phone 21:19:27
rymate1234 and kernel sources 21:19:32
rhen it is good? 21:19:35
rymate1234 and a device config 21:19:39
rymate1234 rhen: no it's shit 21:19:45
rhen what was it? 21:19:46
rhen Uživatel „rhen“ je nyní znám jako rhen|away. 21:22:20
jordilopez94 Uživatel jordilopez94 [~jordilope@] vstoupil do místnosti. 21:26:47
Uživatel „Dark_Nightmare“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 260 seconds). 21:35:51
Uživatel „Kyan31“ opustil místnost (Quit). 21:49:21
eloimuns daz, can you let the propietary link? 21:55:21
eloimuns qcom* 21:55:29
cybojenix eloimuns, there isn't much in there useful for you 21:55:57
eloimuns 21:56:05
eloimuns i know, but i love take a look on strange code 21:56:42
cybojenix I have mtk full source, and tegra2 full source 21:57:54
eloimuns i have youtube full source -.- 21:58:22
cybojenix lol 22:00:01
eloimuns hahaha 22:00:26
cybojenix ok so, youtube is html, backed by a database 22:00:27
cybojenix the api is basically common knowledge 22:00:41
rymate1234 >youtube is html 22:00:43
rymate1234 lmao 22:00:44
rymate1234 html is a small part of youtube 22:01:27
rymate1234 it's just one frontend 22:01:32
Dazzozo yeaaaa 22:01:55
eloimuns i dn't have this sources, just joking.. 22:01:56
Dazzozo youtube isnt the sort of thing you would run on a LAMP server 22:02:03
Dazzozo lmao 22:02:07
cybojenix yeah yeah I know all that 22:02:21
eloimuns then daz, can you provide the link? ^_^ 22:03:05
Dazzozo no 22:04:03
Dazzozo im giving it to people who actually have a use for it 22:04:11
Dazzozo it is kinda like 22:04:16
Dazzozo proprietary 22:04:18
Dazzozo lol 22:04:18
cybojenix /me whips up the license 22:04:28
cybojenix "anyone who shares this will be shot on site" 22:04:37
Dazzozo pretty much 22:04:41
cybojenix that's basically what it says 22:04:43
cybojenix oh wow. "Confidential" 22:05:00
eloimuns oh... i'm a DEV in my dreams, maybe i can use it 22:05:00
Pad^ lol saying youtube is html is like saying a picture is only pixels 22:05:16
cybojenix then in your dreams, hack the lg server and get the docs on the download mode 22:05:18
cybojenix oh and omxvidenc source 22:05:22
eloimuns i'm a dev not a hacker -.- 22:05:42
eloimuns hahaha 22:05:53
cybojenix Dazzozo, could you reverse engineer omxvidenc based on the tests in the source? 22:05:56
Dazzozo cybojenix: where the hell are the tests lmao 22:06:47
cybojenix dm, it's for volans, not videnc 22:06:59
Dazzozo theres probably a lot of stuff i havent even seen yet 22:07:00
adfad666 oh yes 22:07:00
Dazzozo oh kk 22:07:03
cybojenix I assume adfad666 has this as well 22:07:12
Dazzozo yea i gave it to him like a month ago 22:07:19
Dazzozo or something 22:07:20
cybojenix haha 22:07:22
adfad666 it feels great when you code 30+ lines and it works first time 22:07:30
cybojenix adfad666 have you found anything interesting yet? 22:07:32
cybojenix adfad666, no that's not how it works. if it works first time, then you start again 22:07:53
Dazzozo i am gonna poke around with videnc tho 22:08:24
cybojenix yeah 22:08:31
cybojenix I'm going to forward this to a friend and see if he can replicate it 22:08:46
Dazzozo inb4 its some 1mb monolith megalib 22:08:52
adfad666 are you talking about 'the' msm8960 zip? 22:08:57
Dazzozo no 22:09:00
Dazzozo the linux_apq8064_kitkat one 22:09:05
cybojenix what's in the 8960 one? 22:09:13
Dazzozo adreno blobs with symbols 22:09:18
Dazzozo basically an out dir 22:09:21
Dazzozo from some build 22:09:24
cybojenix ohhh ok 22:09:26
cybojenix not bothered then 22:09:33
cybojenix unless someone can get a full 8660 or 7x27a kernel with volans in it 22:10:08
adfad666 but in the 8960 folder you have the obj files, so you can use then to compile CAF with the proprietary bits 22:10:40
Dazzozo ye 22:11:29
cybojenix still not bothered 22:11:30
adfad666 msm8960/obj/STATIC_LIBRARIES/libqc-dalvik_intermediates/libqc-dalvik.a 22:11:37
adfad666 i think they're only for 4.3 though 22:11:58
Dazzozo yup 22:12:01
Uživatel „rymate1234“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 272 seconds). 22:14:09
Dazzozo Copyright (c) 2010-2013 Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 22:17:38
Dazzozo Qualcomm Technologies Proprietary and Confidential. 22:17:39
Dazzozo "did you enjoy having your genitals intact?" 22:17:52
eloimuns Shared life is better 22:18:15
cybojenix Dazzozo you are better at assembly than us, perhaps you can flash the news omx and adreno stuff, and see what is causing issues with camcorder? 22:18:17
Dazzozo dont i need to update my kernel for that shit 22:18:33
rymate1234 Uživatel rymate1234 [uid16709@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-kgjkbufzzsmolove] vstoupil do místnosti. 22:18:34
ChanServ Uživatel „ChanServ“ nastavil uživateli „rymate1234“ režim +v. 22:18:34
Dazzozo since im not using display-caf stuff 22:18:38
cybojenix Ahhh yeah 22:18:45
Dazzozo zzzzzzzzzzzz 22:18:57
Dazzozo i'll get round to it 22:19:00
Kyan31 Uživatel Kyan31 [~kyanbelge@genkt-051-206.t-mobile.co.uk] vstoupil do místnosti. 22:19:01
cybojenix Seeing as you're waiting, you might as well 22:19:02
Dazzozo yeah 22:19:05
cybojenix And the new blobs do give a good performance boost 22:19:29
Dazzozo sweet 22:19:35
Dazzozo cybojenix: whats even happening with the camcorder? 22:20:08
Dazzozo actually crashing? 22:20:11
cybojenix Sorry I just cleared text, can you resend 22:20:21
Dazzozo <Dazzozo> cybojenix: whats even happening with the camcorder? 22:20:26
Dazzozo <Dazzozo> actually crashing? 22:20:26
cybojenix No 22:20:33
cybojenix It freezes 22:20:36
Dazzozo ooft 22:20:43
cybojenix Then crashes when you close the app 22:20:56
cybojenix Won't open again till after reboot 22:21:05
eloimuns ro.camcorder.freezes=0 -.- 22:21:15
cybojenix It crashes because the camera stays open 22:21:29
Dazzozo yeah 22:21:40
eloimuns oh, this do at the start in Kra1o5 cm10.1 22:21:44
Dazzozo lol its probably unrelated eloimuns 22:21:57
cybojenix Yeah same with l5 22:21:59
cybojenix But it's different errors 22:22:08
eloimuns but Dazzozo do the same, Freeze and crash and need reboot for get Camera working 22:22:24
cybojenix Actually no. It happened on l5 cos we updated some omx blobs, but not others 22:22:39
cybojenix So same issue :L 22:22:43
Dazzozo not really 22:22:57
Dazzozo its probably the same manifestation of an issue 22:23:03
cybojenix Well yeah 22:23:13
cybojenix I can't remember the errors now 22:23:19
eloimuns on logcats diferent secure but do the same 22:23:20
Dazzozo well holy shit i guess i need to branch off for experimental stuff again 22:25:15
cybojenix Lol 22:25:35
Kyan31 arse 22:25:50
adfad666 and that my friends is how you add fractions the hard way 22:28:54
adfad666 https://github.com/AdFad666/uvodDoProgramovani1-YUP1/blob/master/Lesson04/zlomku/zlomku.c 22:28:56
Uživatel „Kyan31“ opustil místnost (Quit). 22:29:41
Uživatel „jordilopez94“ opustil místnost (Quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer). 22:30:30
Dazzozo cybojenix: tried locating the pain point with gdb? 22:30:32
cybojenix the what? 22:30:43
Dazzozo where your hang is 22:30:49
redstarfour Uživatel redstarfour [~redstarfo@CPE-65-27-97-241.new.res.rr.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 22:32:28
cybojenix int android::QCameraHardwareInterface::cache_ops(int, ion_flush_data*, int): Cache Invalidate failed 22:37:39
cybojenix http://hastebin.com/jokixugile.coffee 22:40:36
cybojenix it's hard to say at which point it fails 22:41:39
Alkalinorap Uživatel Alkalinorap [~Alkalino@] vstoupil do místnosti. 22:47:15
modacouserr Uživatel modacouserr [bc5156f2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 22:48:59
Dazzozo yeah you'll probably have to use gdb to find the hang 22:49:13
modacouserr hey 22:49:46
modacouserr how are you all doing? 22:49:52
Uživatel „eloimuns“ opustil místnost (Quit: Remote host closed the connection). 22:52:52
modacouserr http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1620255 22:55:20
modacouserr this looks nice 22:55:23
modacouserr would come in handy for me 22:55:33
Dazzozo surprised no one did it sooner 22:58:14
cybojenix april 2012 23:00:24
Dazzozo o. 23:01:18
Fagulhas Uživatel Fagulhas [~fagulhas@] vstoupil do místnosti. 23:01:25
ChanServ Uživatel „ChanServ“ nastavil uživateli „Fagulhas“ režim +o. 23:01:25
Dazzozo lol 23:01:27
Fagulhas give me your manifest.xml and you SSH keys! this is a robbery! 23:03:05
Kyan31 Uživatel Kyan31 [~kyanbelge@genkt-051-206.t-mobile.co.uk] vstoupil do místnosti. 23:04:18
Dazzozo Fagulhas: LOL 23:07:10
Fagulhas 23:07:22
Fagulhas your ssh keys would make me millionaire 23:07:45
Uživatel „redstarfour“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 246 seconds). 23:08:06
Dazzozo if 400 cm builds were worth anything, yes 23:08:41
Fagulhas ^^ 23:08:55
Uživatel „lakyljuk“ opustil místnost (Quit: QIP Infium IRC protocol->http://forum.qip.ru). 23:10:44
Kyan31 booty 23:12:37
adfad666 you keep them all?? 23:12:46
Kyan31 sure 23:12:56
lakyljuk Uživatel lakyljuk [~spravce@] vstoupil do místnosti. 23:13:17
Kyan31 wew 23:18:03
Kyan31 bf4 is banned in china 23:18:09
adfad666 bew hew 23:18:19
adfad666 Dazzozo is banned in china 23:18:49
Kyan31 lol 23:19:14
Alkalinorap wat 23:19:16
Kyan31 cool 23:19:18
adfad666 Huawei had him put on the black list 23:19:26
Kyan31 i feel sad for china, no google either 23:19:33
Kyan31 ah i see 23:19:36
Kyan31 makes sense 23:19:45
Dazzozo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LPQ6nT4UpA#t=14m37s 23:21:14
droidd ive never heard of this 23:27:54
Kyan31 what? 23:28:41
Kyan31 you crazy 23:28:53
droidd i played starfox for super nintendo 23:29:58
droidd but i thought the series died 23:30:03
droidd 23:30:08
Kyan31 lol 23:30:25
Dazzozo this is like 23:31:26
Dazzozo my favourite game of all time 23:31:28
Dazzozo and it got so much hate 23:31:38
droidd it looks like fun 23:31:38
Dazzozo because it wasnt really a star fox game 23:31:42
Dazzozo the video kinda sums it up 23:31:49
droidd right, it looks like zelda to me 23:31:54
Dazzozo yep 23:31:58
droidd nothing wrong with that 23:32:33
Dazzozo it was the first star fox game i played 23:33:18
Dazzozo so 23:33:19
Dazzozo i just thought that was what the series was 23:33:24
Dazzozo didnt bother me 23:33:27
droidd i think the series has died? 23:34:05
droidd i mean, i havent heard from fox and that frog guy since 1995 lol 23:34:17
droidd and falko! 23:34:23
droidd and the rabbit 23:34:32
droidd oh man i want to play now 23:34:36
Dazzozo the last game was a star fox 64 remake 23:34:42
Dazzozo for the 3ds 23:34:44
Dazzozo the last actual new game was in 2006... so yea 23:35:03
Dazzozo its pretty dead 23:35:04
Dazzozo nintendo keep saying they'd like to do it for the wii/wii u blah blah 23:35:11
Dazzozo but it just isnt happening 23:35:16
droidd oh, question 23:35:19
droidd who is Wolf? 23:35:22
droidd he is in super smash with fox and falko 23:35:30
droidd but idk who he is 23:35:33
Dazzozo some antagonist 23:36:39
droidd he looks like a jerk 23:37:51
adfad666 what did I just watch 23:41:06
adfad666 that was insane 23:41:27
Dazzozo lmao 23:41:29
droidd is there a way to back up my apps and my settings for those apps? 23:57:56
droidd but not the rom? 23:58:05
Dazzozo titanium backup 23:58:40
Dazzozo and similar 23:58:45
droidd ty 23:58:56
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