#huawei-g300 chanel log 2013-12-31

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I'm sorry for not actual logs - my FTP uploads are reduced a lot, i'm working on new solution..

Expected startup is about 10.2.2014

SilvesterBot Starting build #464 for job android 00:00:45
Dazzozo wait wat 00:02:08
Dazzozo eeeerr ok 00:02:15
SilvesterBot Project android build cm-11.0 - cm_u8815-userdebug: FAILURE in 6 min 30 sec: http://jenkins.thebronasium.com/job/android/464/ 00:07:15
SilvesterBot Starting build #465 for job android 00:07:16
Dazzozo yikes 00:08:06
Dazzozo i think a patch failed to merge 00:08:44
Dazzozo i think right 00:08:48
SilvesterBot Project android build cm-11.0 - cm_u8833-userdebug: STILL FAILING in 1 min 34 sec: http://jenkins.thebronasium.com/job/android/465/ 00:08:50
SilvesterBot Starting build #466 for job android 00:08:50
Dazzozo yea you can stop now 00:08:54
SilvesterBot Project android build cm-11.0 - cm_u8951-userdebug: ABORTED in 12 sec: http://jenkins.thebronasium.com/job/android/466/ 00:09:02
Dazzozo this is why patches SUCK 00:13:53
Dazzozo and im not forking every fucking repo and constantly merging them 00:14:11
Dazzozo that sucks more 00:14:20
modacouserr daz, everythings sucks 00:17:36
modacouserr more! 00:17:42
Dazzozo k lets try that 00:24:28
SilvesterBot Starting build #467 for job android 00:24:30
Dazzozo ye all the patches are fixed 00:27:56
Dazzozo fuckin CM 00:28:06
Dazzozo yea should be good now 00:29:00
Dazzozo its funny looking at the patches now 00:29:19
Dazzozo back on cm10 it was... pretty simple stuff 00:29:27
Dazzozo but now, if you build without the patches i dont even think it boots 00:29:33
modacouserr damm, o.o 00:30:57
Dazzozo im fucking going to support the G330 now 00:31:32
modacouserr daz, have a happy new year and all good to you probably wont be here before 2014 so... 00:31:38
modacouserr that's the spirit, hurra 00:31:44
adfad666 https://gist.github.com/shadowhand/873637 00:33:29
adfad666 works pretty well 00:33:34
adfad666 https://github.com/AdFad666/enctest 00:33:49
Dazzozo i dont really have a use for anything like that 00:34:49
Dazzozo i dont VC something "secret" 00:35:01
Dazzozo i just dont push some stuff to github if its not worth the hassle 00:35:41
Dazzozo im not exactly keeping trade secrets, just preventing a nightmare 00:35:49
Dazzozo i'll push the kitkat stuff soon, i _cant wait_ for the pms from the guy who builds AOKP 00:36:56
Dazzozo complaining about how camera and omx doesnt work because he thinks device configs is the end of everything 00:37:13
Fagulhas still doesnt know that he also needs different framework repos? 00:38:00
Dazzozo yeah 00:38:06
Dazzozo its just so much hassle, it would be even worse if i pushed this stuff as soon as i was building on it 00:38:44
Dazzozo fucking chaos in like the first week 00:38:50
Dazzozo i remember when i was hopping between omni 4.4, cm11 00:39:01
Dazzozo having to hack a build together 00:39:10
Dazzozo like, what do you push? 00:39:18
Dazzozo nothing is done 00:39:20
Dazzozo if the audio is fixed in these builds i'll push the sources 00:40:03
Dazzozo i secretly like it when its more chaotic :x 00:40:59
Dazzozo week after a new android version is awesome 00:41:09
Dazzozo also i think im still getting segfaults 00:41:35
Dazzozo that practically confirms it as a RAM or CPU issue 00:41:48
Dazzozo at least i dont have to fucking reinstall everything if i get those replaced 00:42:18
Fagulhas probably a ram issue 00:42:54
Dazzozo i did a memtest ages ago and got nothing 00:43:14
Dazzozo had no idea since 00:43:20
Dazzozo i'll run another when i get an appropriate moment 00:43:50
Dazzozo dont want to bring it down so soon after downtime 00:44:01
Dazzozo also 00:44:45
Dazzozo fwiw: this build might not even have working display 00:44:51
Dazzozo ...but it should 00:44:53
Dazzozo https://github.com/Dazzozo/android_frameworks_native/commit/9934fc61a9fef3cac7551fe3cfc9b3000e33568a 00:45:00
Dazzozo https://github.com/Dazzozo/android_frameworks_native/commit/af9660a3f4cca7f952a8d662d64f9419e2a085a0 00:45:02
Dazzozo i think these are the proper fixes for an issue we were having 00:45:08
Dazzozo i removed our "fix" and, well 00:45:13
Dazzozo we'll see 00:45:14
Alkalinorap yeeah I have resurrect my moto g! 00:45:54
SilvesterBot Project android build cm-11.0 - cm_u8815-userdebug: STILL FAILING in 21 min: http://jenkins.thebronasium.com/job/android/467/ 00:46:16
SilvesterBot Starting build #468 for job android 00:46:17
Dazzozo wtf 00:46:23
Dazzozo inb4 segfault 00:46:26
Dazzozo wtf i cant even see an error in the console 00:47:15
Fagulhas make: *** [/home/galaxy/jobs/android/android/cm-11.0/out/host/common/obj/JAVA_LIBRARIES/core-hostdex_intermediates/classes.dex] Aborted (core dumped) 00:48:01
Dazzozo yep 00:48:04
Fagulhas core dumped? 00:48:06
Dazzozo seeegfault 00:48:07
Dazzozo god damn i couldnt even see that 00:48:22
Dazzozo console was spammed with framework building 00:48:28
Dazzozo warnings 00:48:31
Dazzozo well at least these builds are technically early 00:49:19
Dazzozo since i forgot to set the timezone 00:49:27
Dazzozo i might leave it like this 00:49:39
Alkalinorap_ Uživatel Alkalinorap_ [~Alkalino@] vstoupil do místnosti. 00:50:17
Dazzozo server is in paris, may as well keep it in the paris timezone 00:50:39
Fagulhas what jdk are you using Dazzozo? openjdk? 00:51:16
Dazzozo sun jdk 6 00:51:25
Dazzozo i dont think its a jdk issue 00:51:43
Dazzozo i have gcc and stuff segfaulting 00:51:50
Dazzozo its random processes 00:51:53
Uživatel „Alkalinorap“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 246 seconds). 00:52:43
Fagulhas swap enabled in case it runs out of ram? (just reading a few things here on the web about segfaults on android compilations 00:53:08
Dazzozo yep 00:53:28
Dazzozo i'll check ram usage in a sec but i dont think its an issue 00:53:46
Dazzozo 3.27 GB used, 15.58 GB total 00:55:23
Dazzozo gg 00:55:28
Alkalinorap Uživatel Alkalinorap [~Alkalino@] vstoupil do místnosti. 00:55:28
Uživatel „Alkalinorap_“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 265 seconds). 00:57:09
adfad666 I managed to grab a kimsufi yesterday 00:57:24
Dazzozo lol theyre actually in stock again? 00:57:34
adfad666 not anymore 00:57:40
Dazzozo haha 00:57:43
adfad666 i just got lucky i guess 00:57:58
Dazzozo a lot of people seem to complain about their support... i've had no problems with them 00:58:02
adfad666 checked it at the right time 00:58:04
Dazzozo you get what you pay for, its not a managed server 00:58:09
Dazzozo they replaced that HDD fast 00:58:19
Dazzozo gave me a backup server 00:58:30
adfad666 nice 00:58:58
adfad666 I picked up one of the better ones for 13eur 00:59:12
adfad666 dual core atom with 4gb ram 00:59:39
modacouserr shet, that's cheap 00:59:43
Dazzozo mines an old package now 00:59:51
Dazzozo 2012 series 01:00:05
adfad666 they've stil lgot a couple of single core atoms with 2gb ram left 01:00:19
Dazzozo i think mine's an i5 2.8ghz 01:00:40
Dazzozo 16gb ram 01:00:45
adfad666 it works great as a build server with ccache 01:01:02
adfad666 once yo uget through the first build 01:01:12
Dazzozo so does an i5 2.8ghz with 16gb ram 01:01:15
Dazzozo when its not segfaulting 01:01:30
adfad666 I think half the time you get limited by HD seek time when using ccache 01:01:59
Dazzozo yeah 01:02:28
Dazzozo you do 01:02:30
adfad666 builds aren't that much slower to when I was using an i3 with 16gb RAM 01:02:33
Dazzozo im not really bothered by build times 01:03:07
Dazzozo as long as it isnt ridiculous 01:03:11
Dazzozo i mean, i sleep for 6+ hours 01:03:16
Dazzozo it can occupy all that 01:03:23
adfad666 I stuck znc on there as well 01:04:27
Dazzozo congrats, you have basically my setup 01:04:55
Dazzozo getcm + jenkins + znc 01:05:02
Dazzozo plus some dumb pages served by apache 01:05:16
Dazzozo which are all static and boring as fuck 01:05:22
adfad666 I haven't figured out the jenkins bit yet 01:05:28
adfad666 it blew up the last timne I tried 01:05:39
adfad666 oh yeah I had to set a french address when registering 01:06:16
adfad666 so I set it to the Louvre 01:06:22
Dazzozo woah what 01:06:23
Dazzozo i didnt have any issues like that 01:06:38
adfad666 dunno why but they only want french customers now 01:07:10
Dazzozo wow 01:07:22
adfad666 or french-speaking at least 01:07:37
Dazzozo but yeah, jenkins is pretty... DIY 01:07:41
adfad666 i could chose canada and a bunch of others which I presume speak french 01:07:49
Dazzozo weird, their support guys speak english fine 01:08:21
Dazzozo i should publicise the jenkins stuff i use 01:08:55
Dazzozo idk why i keep it private, its in a git repo 01:09:01
Dazzozo it doesnt exactly have anything sensitive 01:09:06
Dazzozo cm has theirs public 01:09:30
adfad666 everything redirects you to http://www.kimsufi.com/fr/ now 01:10:02
Dazzozo fuck me they changed this site 01:10:14
adfad666 they had a pretty slick management site 01:10:52
adfad666 I could chose my distro of choice and it was installed in about 15 minutes 01:11:15
Dazzozo yep 01:11:33
Dazzozo oh wow you use this? 01:12:38
Dazzozo https://www.kimsufi.com/fr/manager/#/login 01:12:39
adfad666 yeah, it's nice 01:12:47
Dazzozo mine is over on the ovh main site 01:12:48
Dazzozo https://www.ovh.co.uk/managerv5/ 01:12:51
Dazzozo i wonder if i can log in to the new one 01:13:18
Dazzozo nawp 01:14:31
Dazzozo https://api.ovh.com/what-is-ovh-api.xml 01:14:53
Dazzozo well if they plan on moving the mobile app over 01:15:04
Dazzozo i guess that means theyre going to migrate everyone 01:15:11
SilvesterBot Project android build cm-11.0 - cm_u8833-userdebug: STILL FAILING in 29 min: http://jenkins.thebronasium.com/job/android/468/ 01:15:57
SilvesterBot Starting build #469 for job android 01:15:57
Dazzozo wtf 01:16:00
Dazzozo ANOTHER 01:16:16
Dazzozo # SIGSEGV (0xb) at pc=0x0000326d867941cc, pid=21770, tid=55448387901184 01:16:17
Dazzozo # 01:16:17
Dazzozo # JRE version: 6.0_45-b06 01:16:17
Dazzozo # Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (20.45-b01 mixed mode linux-amd64 compressed oops) 01:16:17
Dazzozo wasnt this bad until the hd replacement 01:16:41
Dazzozo well at least surfaceflinger compiles 01:22:13
adfad666 could it be overheating perhaps? 01:31:36
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Alkalinorap Uživatel Alkalinorap [~Alkalino@] vstoupil do místnosti. 01:35:35
Dazzozo adfad666: 01:35:44
Dazzozo CPU temperatures 0: 42℃, 1: 41℃, 2: 41℃, 3: 41℃ 01:35:44
Dazzozo Drive temperatures sda: 40℃ 01:35:45
Dazzozo doubt it 01:35:46
Dazzozo god damn it i need sugar 01:38:27
Uživatel „lakyljuk“ opustil místnost (Quit: QIP Infium IRC protocol->http://forum.qip.ru). 01:39:33
Dazzozo i'll run the rescue mode tests soon™ 01:40:34
Dazzozo they just take a ton of time :/ 01:40:46
Dazzozo 1 hour memtest 01:41:01
Dazzozo yey 01:41:02
Dazzozo i heard the cpu test is longer 01:41:16
Dazzozo i need to pick a good time to do it 01:41:25
Dazzozo i might have a couple of super early mornings 01:41:30
adfad666 sleep time 01:41:30
Dazzozo lol cya 01:41:35
Dazzozo finally a build completed 01:41:42
Dazzozo and its for the one device i dont have 01:41:47
adfad666 i mean, run it at sleep time 01:41:47
Dazzozo oh 01:41:49
Dazzozo lol 01:41:49
Dazzozo --- target info --- 01:42:28
Dazzozo blocksize = (int) 131072 01:42:28
Dazzozo boot_size = (int) 8388608 01:42:28
Dazzozo whoa 01:42:29
Dazzozo never seen a build freeze there 01:42:33
SilvesterBot Yippee, build fixed! 01:42:46
SilvesterBot Project android build cm-11.0 - cm_u8951-userdebug: FIXED in 26 min: http://jenkins.thebronasium.com/job/android/469/ 01:42:47
SilvesterBot Starting build #470 for job android 01:42:47
Dazzozo and then suddenly 01:42:53
Dazzozo ok 01:42:54
Dazzozo computers suck 01:44:22
adfad666 nooo don;t say that 01:44:39
adfad666 it'll remember 01:44:48
adfad666 and fail all the things 01:44:54
adfad666 it's reading everything you say remember 01:45:15
Alkalinorap jksdfafjodsajfosajflkasji23oij23j323232i23iijijjijiij 01:46:43
Dazzozo ^ 01:47:29
Dazzozo wow 01:47:34
Dazzozo such wisdom 01:47:36
adfad666 much knowledge 02:01:11
SilvesterBot Project android build cm-11.0 - cm_u8815-userdebug: SUCCESS in 18 min: http://jenkins.thebronasium.com/job/android/470/ 02:01:36
SilvesterBot Starting build #471 for job android 02:01:36
Uživatel „modacouserr“ opustil místnost (Quit: Page closed). 02:09:37
SilvesterBot Project android build cm-11.0 - cm_u8833-userdebug: SUCCESS in 16 min: http://jenkins.thebronasium.com/job/android/471/ 02:17:43
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cybojenix Uživatel „cybojenix“ je nyní znám jako cybojenix-away. 04:16:27
cybojenix-away Uživatel „cybojenix-away“ je nyní znám jako cybojenix. 04:24:01
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Valicek1 Nyní jste znám jako Valicek2. 09:00:40
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lordfarhan40 Uživatel lordfarhan40 [b64058eb@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 12:36:07
lordfarhan40 hey daz 12:36:16
lordfarhan40 just a question 12:36:22
Dazzozo hi 12:36:33
lordfarhan40 is it possible that the crt animation can be fixed? 12:36:52
lordfarhan40 btw great work 12:36:57
lordfarhan40 and now that your going to support g330 12:37:06
lordfarhan40 Thank you 12:37:19
lordfarhan40 12:37:19
Dazzozo theres nothing wrong with it... 12:38:04
lordfarhan40 with all due respect sir 12:38:38
lordfarhan40 i guess 12:38:51
lordfarhan40 it doesnt luk that real 12:38:56
lordfarhan40 :/ 12:39:01
lordfarhan40 i guess my problem 12:39:05
lordfarhan40 btw HAPPY new year 12:39:11
lordfarhan40 12:39:11
lordfarhan40 ok so hear is my observation 12:40:18
lordfarhan40 i guess it is not able to take screenshot for the animation 12:40:31
lordfarhan40 and uses a white image for that 12:40:46
lordfarhan40 :/ 12:40:47
Dazzozo who are you to decide how android should work 12:41:44
lordfarhan40 ooo yes i forgot 12:41:58
lordfarhan40 :/ 12:42:00
Dazzozo theres nothing i do to influence the animation 12:42:06
lordfarhan40 ohk 12:42:17
Dazzozo thats how it is 12:42:17
lordfarhan40 thanx for your time 12:42:20
lordfarhan40 12:42:21
lordfarhan40 btw galaxy core is being considered for 4.4 12:42:49
lordfarhan40 hope qualcomm releases driver for it 12:43:01
lordfarhan40 12:43:02
modacouserr Uživatel modacouserr [bc5156f2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 12:44:31
Dazzozo i highly doubt its being "considered" 12:49:47
lordfarhan40 yeah :/ still lets hope for the best 12:53:30
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Alkalinorap Uživatel Alkalinorap [~Alkalino@] vstoupil do místnosti. 13:13:14
Dazzozo :| 13:16:51
Dazzozo lol 13:16:51
jordilopez94 Uživatel jordilopez94 [~jordilope@] vstoupil do místnosti. 13:20:46
Fagulhas good morning 13:25:27
Alkalinorap_ Uživatel Alkalinorap_ [~Alkalino@] vstoupil do místnosti. 13:25:36
Fagulhas Dazzozo: was audio fixed in the latest build? 13:25:36
Dazzozo havent checked forum yet 13:25:53
Fagulhas according to forum it is, at least the u8815 13:27:24
Uživatel „Alkalinorap“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 246 seconds). 13:28:42
Fagulhas yep working fine on my g300 13:31:04
Dazzozo cool 13:41:47
Dazzozo has anyone pushed a working webkit repo to github yet 14:00:46
Dazzozo or do i have to do it 14:00:57
Fagulhas not that i've noticed 14:08:32
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JillBot [GetCM] Dazzozo pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/4PhoeA 14:51:27
JillBot GetCM/master 9175e22 Daz Jones: devicemap: add Huawei Ascend G330 (u8825) 14:51:27
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SilvesterBot Starting build #472 for job android 15:02:46
Dazzozo hi everyone 15:06:01
Dazzozo that was a long ass net split 15:06:07
Dazzozo http://jenkins.thebronasium.com/job/android/472/console 15:06:36
Dazzozo heres a u8825 test 15:06:40
Dazzozo aka g330 15:06:43
Dazzozo ggz 15:07:19
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lordfarhan40_ Uživatel lordfarhan40_ [b64058eb@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 15:43:59
lordfarhan40_ was going through the chat logs 15:44:12
lordfarhan40_ and read about g330 15:44:16
lordfarhan40_ so i am back 15:44:19
lordfarhan40_ brace yourself 15:44:21
lordfarhan40_ 15:44:23
Uživatel „jordilopez94“ opustil místnost (Quit: Saliendo). 15:44:23
lordfarhan40_ hey dazz 15:46:10
lordfarhan40_ you have anyother tester? 15:46:14
savulen Uživatel savulen [~savulen@] vstoupil do místnosti. 15:49:55
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SilvesterBot Project android build cm-11.0 - cm_u8825-userdebug: SUCCESS in 53 min: http://jenkins.thebronasium.com/job/android/472/ 15:56:03
Dazzozo sproink 15:56:24
Dazzozo wats a tester 15:56:34
lordfarhan40 Uživatel lordfarhan40 [b64058eb@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 15:58:07
lordfarhan40 back 15:58:16
lordfarhan40 -.- 15:59:27
Uživatel „savulen“ opustil místnost (Quit: K-Lined). 16:01:40
Dazzozo >klined 16:04:13
Dazzozo ok 16:04:16
lordfarhan40 hey dazz 16:04:42
lordfarhan40 y no build :/ 16:04:47
lordfarhan40 lol 16:04:50
SilvesterBot Starting build #473 for job android 16:05:42
lordfarhan40 oo cool 16:06:00
lordfarhan40 16:06:00
lordfarhan40 thanx 16:06:02
lordfarhan40 16:06:03
Dazzozo lordfarhan40: because im testing? 16:10:35
Dazzozo none of this shit is for you 16:10:37
Dazzozo stop being so fucking nosey guys 16:10:45
Dazzozo lol 16:10:45
lordfarhan40 ok -.- 16:11:05
Rostilj Uživatel Rostilj [~Milos@] vstoupil do místnosti. 16:11:10
Rostilj yo 16:11:16
Rostilj and happy new year! 16:11:26
Dazzozo hey 16:11:33
Rostilj whats up? 16:12:06
Dazzozo oh god not january again 16:12:13
Dazzozo dunno, i just hate january 16:13:27
Dazzozo always have 16:13:30
Rostilj http://jenkins.thebronasium.com/job/android/473/console what is this? u8825? 16:13:35
lordfarhan40 ahaa 16:13:47
Rostilj wow 16:13:53
lordfarhan40 m not the only guy stalking 16:13:55
lordfarhan40 lol 16:13:56
Dazzozo because some clown posted it to the fucking forum 16:14:09
Dazzozo i mean its not fucking secret but its nothing to act like apes over 16:14:18
Dazzozo i already said im supporting it 16:14:23
lordfarhan40 http://g300.valicek.name/ 16:14:38
lordfarhan40 actually this is the real reason 16:14:45
lordfarhan40 lol 16:14:45
lordfarhan40 well sorry 16:14:50
lordfarhan40 i was just a bit exited 16:14:56
Dazzozo it doesnt even make a huge difference for g330 users 16:15:37
Dazzozo you just dont have to use a patch anymore 16:15:42
lordfarhan40 well patch was a bit buggy you know 16:15:57
lordfarhan40 :/ 16:15:59
Dazzozo well this is going to be no better 16:16:19
Dazzozo i dont have a g330 to test it on 16:16:22
Dazzozo im literally exporting the patch in to a separate device 16:16:30
lordfarhan40 ohh 16:17:03
Dazzozo the g510 is only supported because someone figured out the differences 16:17:17
lordfarhan40 yeah know that but still its a great thing for us that a developer like you is going to support our device 16:17:55
lordfarhan40 16:17:58
lordfarhan40 ohk thanx btw 16:18:40
lordfarhan40 16:18:41
Dazzozo jesus people on the forum react to the TINIEST FUCKING THING 16:19:37
Dazzozo i could change the jenkins version string and someone would post 16:19:51
lordfarhan40 lol 16:21:03
lordfarhan40 you see many lives are effect by your one move 16:21:36
lordfarhan40 lol 16:21:36
lordfarhan40 16:21:37
SilvesterBot Project android build cm-11.0 - cm_u8825-userdebug: SUCCESS in 16 min: http://jenkins.thebronasium.com/job/android/473/ 16:22:38
Dazzozo surprised https://github.com/Dazzozo/GetCM/commit/9175e2283370d11919e0fbb83ec35d9483fef078 isnt on the forum already 16:28:25
Fagulhas must urge to leak the build link /sarcasm 16:30:38
lordfarhan40 lol 16:33:23
Alkalinorap_ happy new year Dazzozo, Fagulhas, rymate1234, modacouserr and all of you 16:33:33
rymate1234 you too Alkalinorap_ 16:33:44
modacouserr thank's alkalinorap, you too 16:33:48
Alkalinorap_ ^^ 16:34:09
Fagulhas Cheers Alkalinorap_, have a good new year too 16:34:34
Alkalinorap_ rymate1234, my moto g has revived 16:35:06
rymate1234 lel 16:35:14
Alkalinorap_ a few horas without touch it, I connected the charger and it revived 16:35:41
Alkalinorap_ hours* 16:35:46
Alkalinorap_ fucking battery calibration 16:36:08
Dazzozo ok should be set 16:43:49
Dazzozo fixed an issue with the g510 config as well 16:43:58
Dazzozo just gotta add it to the target list if its ready for nightlies 16:44:25
Dazzozo g330 is weird 16:49:02
Dazzozo its bits of g300 and bits of y300 16:49:08
tilal6991 Uživatel „tilal6991“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991|away. 16:49:15
Dazzozo but... its a cross breed that doesnt make sense 16:49:15
lordfarhan40 its the true successor of 16:50:03
lordfarhan40 g330 16:50:04
lordfarhan40 i mean g300 16:50:08
lordfarhan40 i guess 16:50:11
Uživatel „lordfarhan40“ opustil místnost (Quit: Page closed). 16:53:08
Uživatel „Solitary“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 248 seconds). 16:56:35
Dazzozo https://github.com/Dazzozo/android_external_webkit 17:04:01
Dazzozo k whatever 17:04:04
Uživatel „Alkalinorap_“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 260 seconds). 17:13:29
Kyan31 Uživatel Kyan31 [~kyanbelge@genkt-056-171.t-mobile.co.uk] vstoupil do místnosti. 17:33:20
Kyan31 booty 17:33:51
Dazzozo ^ 17:34:13
Dazzozo Kyan31: are you the speaker of the booty 17:34:28
Kyan31 yes 17:35:10
Kyan31 all hail thy booty 17:35:16
Kyan31 how are you today? 17:36:29
Dazzozo gd 17:36:32
Kyan31 nice 17:36:36
DaPolise Uživatel DaPolise [53344aee@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 17:36:44
Dazzozo getting sources in a clean state 17:36:50
Dazzozo for pushing 17:36:52
DaPolise 17:36:52
Kyan31 yay 17:36:57
DaPolise sup 17:37:19
Kyan31 so everything will be ok now? correct changelogs blah blah blah? 17:37:27
Kyan31 hey 17:37:32
Dazzozo Kyan31: probably gonna be one more fucked changelog 17:37:48
Dazzozo the reason they fuck up is because i reabse 17:37:53
Dazzozo *rebase 17:37:55
Kyan31 oh ok 17:37:59
Dazzozo because things are so fucking messy otherwise 17:38:06
Kyan31 lol 17:38:14
DaPolise wat are you doing Dazzozo? 17:38:19
Dazzozo i cant really rebase once the shit is public 17:38:20
Dazzozo but i dont push at a time when i might need to rebase, so 17:38:29
Kyan31 yeah 17:38:29
Kyan31 arse 17:39:22
DaPolise arse? 17:39:26
DaPolise meand compile for mtk? 17:39:30
DaPolise means* 17:39:35
Kyan31 yes 17:39:38
Kyan31 precisely 17:39:42
DaPolise really? 17:39:44
Dazzozo brb food 17:39:47
Kyan31 of course 17:39:48
DaPolise see ya 17:39:56
DaPolise halp me so Kyan31 17:40:09
Kyan31 didnt you hear dees_troy found a way to initiate the 9th core of any mtk device 17:40:20
Kyan31 ? 17:40:27
DaPolise nope, i didnt 17:40:29
Kyan31 you idiot 17:40:32
DaPolise but its true? 17:40:33
Kyan31 sure 17:40:37
DaPolise I´m idiot? 17:40:44
DaPolise why? 17:40:45
Kyan31 well, everyone knows that 17:40:56
Kyan31 but you didnt 17:41:01
Kyan31 automatic idiot 17:41:05
DaPolise oh 17:41:19
DaPolise why are you so rude? 17:41:24
DaPolise just with me? 17:41:30
Kyan31 just got off my period 17:41:37
Kyan31 soz 17:41:39
redstarfour Uživatel redstarfour [~redstarfo@CPE-65-27-97-241.new.res.rr.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 17:41:41
DaPolise wtf 17:41:47
DaPolise you are mad 17:41:51
Kyan31 ;_; 17:41:59
DaPolise wait 17:42:03
DaPolise my aunt is screaming 17:42:10
Kyan31 lol 17:42:21
DaPolise i need to meje her stfu 17:42:32
DaPolise make* 17:42:36
Kyan31 k 17:42:41
DaPolise brb 17:42:45
Uživatel „Rostilj“ opustil místnost (Quit: Read error: Operation timed out). 17:43:58
DaPolise back 17:44:37
Kyan31 cool 17:44:54
DaPolise she didnt even let me stfu her, he shut up automatically 17:45:03
DaPolise like a maniac robot 17:45:08
DaPolise but is still my aunt 17:45:24
DaPolise 17:45:25
Kyan31 nice 17:45:50
DaPolise what about you? 17:46:18
DaPolise are you mad now? 17:46:25
DaPolise or better? 17:46:27
Kyan31 no 17:46:29
DaPolise yes? 17:46:34
DaPolise ok 17:46:34
DaPolise np 17:46:36
Kyan31 Me siento muy bien! 17:47:21
Kyan31 gracias 17:47:25
DaPolise oh 17:47:54
Kyan31 im realmente una señora gorda de las vegas 17:47:56
DaPolise are you spanish? 17:47:57
Kyan31 si 17:48:00
Kyan31 si espanol 17:48:05
DaPolise nice 17:48:12
DaPolise I´m from UK 17:48:21
Kyan31 nice 17:48:28
Kyan31 me too 17:48:31
DaPolise ? 17:48:35
Kyan31 born in uk 17:48:47
Kyan31 died in spain 17:48:51
DaPolise oh right 17:48:54
DaPolise died?! 17:49:01
DaPolise ooooh 17:49:04
DaPolise fun 17:49:05
Kyan31 yeah 17:49:11
DaPolise I died too 17:49:12
DaPolise when I born 17:49:18
Kyan31 oh no 17:49:21
Kyan31 ooh 17:49:25
DaPolise oh ye 17:49:29
DaPolise Jesus Christ 17:49:37
Kyan31 yess, gta sa sounds finished downloading ))) 17:49:48
DaPolise ? 17:49:55
Kyan31 now i can hear smoke 17:50:01
Kyan31 and cj 17:50:05
Kyan31 )) 17:50:07
DaPolise are you talking to me or to modacouserr? 17:50:13
Kyan31 valicek 17:50:31
Kyan31 not u 17:50:37
DaPolise or to adfad666 17:50:38
DaPolise or to Fugulhas? 17:50:53
DaPolise tell me 17:50:58
DaPolise oh ok 17:51:00
DaPolise valicek2 or ValicekB? 17:51:10
Kyan31 both 17:51:15
DaPolise why is here twice? 17:51:33
DaPolise is he* 17:51:37
Kyan31 v0v 17:52:17
DaPolise bob? 17:52:26
Kyan31 billy 17:52:44
rymate1234 Dazzozo: whats happened 17:52:53
DaPolise oooh my uncle Billy is here to 17:52:59
DaPolise wanna talk to him? 17:53:06
DaPolise rymate1234 sup 17:53:27
rymate1234 hi 17:53:31
DaPolise 17:53:35
DaPolise nice to meet you 17:53:39
Kyan31 my knee hurts 17:54:19
DaPolise 17:54:26
DaPolise what you did? 17:54:49
DaPolise you killed some cat? 17:55:04
Kyan31 noo 17:55:13
DaPolise oh, I love too 17:55:20
Kyan31 i love cats 17:55:21
DaPolise to kill I mean 17:55:28
DaPolise hate cats 17:55:32
Kyan31 no 17:55:47
DaPolise SilvesterBot is a bot or...? 17:56:01
Kyan31 v0v 17:56:21
DaPolise eWe 17:56:33
DaPolise do you mean what LOL mean? 17:56:50
DaPolise not the game 17:57:02
DaPolise the shit 17:57:08
DaPolise when you say 17:57:15
DaPolise LOL 17:57:16
DaPolise or 17:57:18
DaPolise lol 17:57:18
Kyan31 dont know 17:57:46
DaPolise mmm 17:58:29
DaPolise Google knos it? 17:58:38
DaPolise wait, Google knows all 17:58:43
DaPolise 17:58:43
Kyan31 i guess 17:58:48
Dazzozo back 17:58:58
Kyan31 cool 17:59:12
DaPolise The name 'Lol' is an abreviated form of the name 'Laurence' 17:59:18
DaPolise this is what Google says 17:59:23
DaPolise is correct? 17:59:27
Kyan31 yes 17:59:34
DaPolise wow 17:59:38
DaPolise so many people love Laurence so 17:59:45
Rostilj Uživatel Rostilj [~Milos@] vstoupil do místnosti. 17:59:45
DaPolise because it is always lol... 17:59:58
DaPolise http://media.urbandictionary.com/image/page/lol-47983.jpg 18:00:27
DaPolise is this Laurence? 18:00:37
Kyan31 yes 18:01:05
DaPolise fun 18:01:11
Milos__ Uživatel Milos__ [~Milos@] vstoupil do místnosti. 18:01:46
DaPolise oh 18:03:20
DaPolise i saw dat arse 18:03:35
rhen Uživatel rhen [~rhen@54008ED3.dsl.pool.telekom.hu] vstoupil do místnosti. 18:03:53
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Uživatel „Rostilj“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 252 seconds). 18:04:12
Milos__ Uživatel Milos__ [~Milos@] vstoupil do místnosti. 18:04:25
DaPolise ttyl 18:05:27
Uživatel „Milos__“ opustil místnost (Quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer). 18:05:27
Uživatel „DaPolise“ opustil místnost (Quit: Page closed). 18:05:32
Rostilj Uživatel Rostilj [~Milos@] vstoupil do místnosti. 18:05:35
Milos__ Uživatel Milos__ [~Milos@] vstoupil do místnosti. 18:09:47
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Uživatel „Milos__“ opustil místnost (Quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer). 18:13:11
Rostilj Uživatel Rostilj [~Milos@] vstoupil do místnosti. 18:13:17
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rhen_ Uživatel rhen_ [~rhen@apn-89-223-234-127.vodafone.hu] vstoupil do místnosti. 18:22:35
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Uživatel „Rostilj“ opustil místnost (Quit: Leaving). 18:34:05
tilal6991|away Uživatel „tilal6991|away“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991. 18:46:59
tilal6991 Uživatel „tilal6991“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991|away. 18:48:55
lakyljuk1 Uživatel lakyljuk1 [~holoirc@] vstoupil do místnosti. 19:04:41
lakyljuk1 How to enable lock screen widgets in cm11? Thanks. 19:05:45
Kyan31 i think you change the low ram thing from true to false 19:06:45
Kyan31 in the build.prp 19:06:51
Kyan31 prop* 19:06:54
Kyan31 just a guess 19:06:59
lakyljuk1 I though it was only for transparent bar, will try thanks. 19:12:00
Dazzozo nope 19:12:48
Dazzozo otherwise it would be ro.transparent_bars 19:12:55
Dazzozo it determines the value of an api call 19:13:13
Dazzozo apps can use that for whatever they wish 19:13:18
Dazzozo and android does so too 19:13:22
lakyljuk1 Ok. But if disabled low ram, it will slow device I guess. 19:14:16
Kyan31 yeah 19:15:17
Dazzozo why the hell does my G300's screen burn in lmao 19:15:47
Kyan31 because its shit 19:17:55
Dazzozo yeah i complained about this like 2 months ago 19:30:33
Dazzozo before there was some private isHighEndGfx api call 19:30:43
Kyan31 oh right 19:30:56
Dazzozo which was true or false depending on ram 19:31:08
Dazzozo that was easy to just change, no problem 19:31:16
Dazzozo but this one 19:31:21
Dazzozo apps are going to be using it, and it doesnt just imply "i want good graphics" 19:31:30
Kyan31 i see 19:31:36
Dazzozo it does quite a lot 19:32:04
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~fagulhas Uživatel „Fagulhas“ opustil místnost (Part). 19:37:00
rhen Uživatel rhen [~rhen@dsl51B64B94.pool.t-online.hu] vstoupil do místnosti. 19:55:42
Uživatel „rhen“ opustil místnost (Quit: Remote host closed the connection). 19:55:42
EloYGomeZ Uživatel EloYGomeZ [~EloYGomeZ@17.Red-83-50-249.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] vstoupil do místnosti. 19:59:17
Uživatel „EloYGomeZ“ opustil místnost (Quit: Client Quit). 19:59:33
Uživatel „lakyljuk1“ opustil místnost (Quit: lakyljuk1). 20:04:08
adfad666 not going out tonight? 20:17:15
Kyan31 no 20:24:42
rhen Uživatel rhen [~rhen@apn-94-44-255-224.vodafone.hu] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:29:13
Uživatel „Kyan31“ opustil místnost (Quit). 20:32:41
Dazzozo why would i go out 20:36:51
Dazzozo its just any other day 20:36:55
Dazzozo nothing to celebrate 20:37:01
Dazzozo precisely nothing happens today 20:37:04
Uživatel „rhen“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 246 seconds). 20:37:47
rhen Uživatel rhen [~rhen@apn-185-10-125-78.vodafone.hu] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:38:18
rymate1234 but Dazzozo 20:40:21
rymate1234 it's the arbitrary point at which one year ends! 20:40:46
rymate1234 and a new one begins! 20:41:55
rymate1234 its the perfect excuse to [have a party] / [get drunk] / [port firefox os to y300] (delete as appropiate) 20:43:15
adfad666 we have SHIT loads of fireworks here 20:46:13
rymate1234 we dont 20:46:22
rymate1234 ....yet 20:46:25
adfad666 they start at around 6pm 20:46:31
rymate1234 welp 20:46:50
adfad666 there will be news of exploding people tomorrow 20:46:53
rymate1234 we have barely any then 20:47:01
adfad666 cause they bought some illegal fireworks from the vietnamese 20:47:13
adfad666 it happened last year in the middle of prague 20:47:25
rymate1234 wat 20:47:33
adfad666 someone got blown to pieces 20:47:37
adfad666 lit it but forgot to let go 20:47:43
adfad666 this is funny, http://aktualne.centrum.cz/domaci/regiony/praha/clanek.phtml?id=767605 20:51:54
adfad666 swans rained down on spectators last year 20:52:04
cybojenix Uživatel „cybojenix“ je nyní znám jako cybojenix-away. 21:51:01
cybojenix-away Uživatel „cybojenix-away“ je nyní znám jako cybojenix. 21:53:16
adfad666 only 50 minutes until next year 22:10:24
adfad666 gotta get my fireworks ready 22:10:34
Dazzozo gotta get my rifle ready 22:11:34
Dazzozo ergh do i enable the g330 nightly 22:14:20
Dazzozo ya fuckit 22:14:33
rymate1234 Dazzozo: rifle? 22:16:10
Dazzozo shoot the fireworks before they let them off 22:16:20
rymate1234 why 22:21:51
rhen happy new year! 23:15:18
Uživatel „rhen“ opustil místnost (Quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer). 23:44:19
rhen_ Uživatel rhen_ [~rhen@apn-185-10-125-78.vodafone.hu] vstoupil do místnosti. 23:44:43
Uživatel „rhen_“ opustil místnost (Quit: Remote host closed the connection). 23:44:44
Kyan31 Uživatel Kyan31 [~kyanbelge@genkt-056-171.t-mobile.co.uk] vstoupil do místnosti. 23:51:27
Kyan31 8m till new years 23:52:14
Kyan31 geegee 23:52:17
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