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I'm sorry for not actual logs - my FTP uploads are reduced a lot, i'm working on new solution..

Expected startup is about 10.2.2014

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rhen Hi again! 16:01:34
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joandrade hi 16:03:13
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rhen Dazzozo: Are you here? 16:15:54
Dazzozo ye 16:15:59
Dazzozo tilal6991|away: https://github.com/tilal6991/HoloIRC/issues/43 it returns 16:16:10
rhen The problems with place application to SD is CM related? 16:16:21
rhen or something else? 16:16:27
Dazzozo dunno, havent really looked in to it 16:16:40
rhen I checked the logcat now 16:16:48
rhen Error creating image file (Read-only file system) 16:17:14
Dazzozo lol 16:17:24
rhen Vlod throws it 16:17:27
Dazzozo fun 16:17:54
rhen Vold 16:17:55
rhen * 16:17:56
rhen there is more error, but this is the simplest one. 16:19:07
rhen Can you look at it some time? 16:19:16
Dazzozo pretty redundant to ask that, isnt it? 16:19:48
Dazzozo considering im going to look at everything at some point 16:19:55
Dazzozo yes, im aware it exists 16:20:02
Dazzozo i cant do 100 things at once 16:20:08
rhen yes, you are right 16:22:05
rhen I dont want to bother you 16:22:19
rhen just don't know if you know about it since you don't like to check modaco. 16:23:25
Dazzozo fair enough 16:24:07
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Dazzozo well as far as i can tell no one has webkit fixed for 4.4 16:33:33
Dazzozo and since thats gonna take a ton of time im gonna work on vold 16:33:39
Dazzozo rhen: that error was actually Error creating "imagefile" right? 16:34:50
rhen I can upload the log? do you want to? 16:35:14
Dazzozo well im about to log it anyway 16:35:27
Dazzozo I added a few extra print outs 16:35:35
Dazzozo now i just need an apk i can keep adb installing 16:36:01
Dazzozo YouTube 4.5.17 16:36:20
Dazzozo lol 16:36:20
Dazzozo ok 16:36:22
rhen I tried with opera 16:36:29
Dazzozo well this is the last youtube version that didn't have the pixelation 16:36:42
Dazzozo before the big 5.0 rework 16:36:56
Dazzozo lol it cant even be moved 16:37:32
Dazzozo rhen: when does the error happen exactly? during boot? 16:37:42
Dazzozo or immediately after you move it? 16:37:48
Dazzozo ergh i need a small apk i can move to sd 16:38:18
rhen when try to move it to the sd. It says that it can't move to the SD than I checked the log 16:38:24
Dazzozo i'll just fucking pull something from my N5 16:38:59
joandrade fmradio plis 16:40:13
rhen The whole thing starting with an ActivityManager Warning: No content provider found for permission revoke: file:///.... 16:40:21
Dazzozo this is my biggest problem lol 16:40:27
Dazzozo im working on 1 thing 16:40:29
Dazzozo someone tells me about another problem 16:40:34
Dazzozo and now i feel obliged to go and work on that 16:40:38
Dazzozo and that totally kills what i was working on before 16:40:45
joandrade (I was suggesting the apk, it's small) 16:41:00
Dazzozo oh 16:41:01
Dazzozo err what 16:41:39
Dazzozo my G300 just decided to shut down 16:41:45
Dazzozo i even saw the "shutting down..." thing 16:41:50
Dazzozo its battery isnt even low 16:41:55
Dazzozo wtf 16:42:05
Pad^ "G300 to Daz: YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS OF ME" 16:42:25
Dazzozo i plugged it in and the screen woke up 16:42:44
Dazzozo and i saw "shutting down..." 16:42:47
joandrade can i say it? 16:43:05
Dazzozo is it a hynix joke 16:43:10
joandrade can i? 16:43:16
Dazzozo go ahead 16:43:19
joandrade please unlock the device 16:43:24
Dazzozo fuck 16:43:30
Pad^ I didn't get that joke 16:43:42
Dazzozo yay an app i can move 16:43:48
Dazzozo now why isnt logcat working 16:44:10
joandrade Pad^ it's some obscure and totally unnecessary Android feature that happens when you plug in headphones and some circumstances are met 16:44:32
joandrade and it's totally creepy 16:44:35
Dazzozo oh, silly me! it hadnt realised i wanted adb on yet 16:44:43
Pad^ and some circumstances are met? Like voodoo witchcraftery? 16:45:01
joandrade on friday the 13th with full moon 16:45:19
joandrade it's just creepy 16:45:29
Dazzozo i got a log 16:46:02
Dazzozo i thought it was meant to delete the app or something? 16:46:09
Pad^ we need x-files main theme right now 16:46:13
Dazzozo http://pastebin.com/LT9pmVHR 16:46:34
rhen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAAlDoAtV7Y 16:46:51
Dazzozo the "imagefile = " line i added 16:46:53
Pad^ that's a lot of fail 16:47:27
Dazzozo well, its not wrong 16:47:28
Dazzozo it IS a read only filesystem 16:47:33
Dazzozo its only writable by root 16:48:08
rhen mine doesn't look exactly like this 16:48:12
rhen WTF I linked? lol 16:48:28
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rhen http://pastebin.com/PhW6EYPg 16:52:23
rhen mine looks like this 16:52:32
rhen oh, I looked it, yours is the same, but with more line, so forget it 16:54:50
joandrade https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BbCRP0YIEAAa_l1.jpg 17:06:12
rhen why do you use such an old kernel? 17:07:14
joandrade this is at school 17:08:13
joandrade I'm not even sure what Ubuntu version they're using 17:08:32
rhen 10.10 comes with this kernel 17:09:47
joandrade I just thought it was funny that grub was so messy 17:09:47
joandrade anyway I won't be able to check it because I'm not going back to that lab 17:10:35
joandrade lol 17:10:36
tilal6991|away Uživatel „tilal6991|away“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991. 17:10:39
rhen I only have the latest in grub at home and I keep the last one after installing the new one for some time at work 17:11:32
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joandrade those machines are really old though 17:14:05
joandrade so it might still be 10.0 17:14:14
joandrade *10.10 17:14:22
joandrade or 10.04 17:14:24
rhen 10.04 was LTS so it can be that, but It is supported for 3 years on desktop, so time to update it to 12.04 17:15:38
rhen ..3 17:15:54
joandrade it is time to update 17:17:50
Konsta Were you talking about moving apps to sdcard? 17:20:03
rhen Yep 17:20:12
Konsta works for me 17:20:14
rhen on CM11? 17:20:27
Konsta do you have noemulatedsd flag set in fstab for the promary storage? 17:20:33
Konsta rhen: zte blade 3 17:20:49
rymate1234 Dazzozo: you should totally unlock the device 17:20:58
rhen Konsta: but what android version? (previous versions works fine) 17:21:32
Konsta @Dazzozo: btw it was _removable_ storage you couldn't set as primary in 4.4. it was fixed in 4.4.1 17:21:53
Konsta rhen: yeah, cm11 17:21:59
Dazzozo Konsta: noemulatedsd actually does something? 17:22:08
Dazzozo ackages&projectdk&projectrebuilts&project=sdk&project=system&project=tools">http://androidxref.com/4.4_r1/search?q=noemulatedsd&defs=&refs=&path=&hist=&project=abi&project=art&project=bionic&project=bootable&project=build&project=cts&project=dalvik&project=developers&project=development&project=device&project=docs&project=external&project=frameworks&project=hardware&project=libcore&project=libnativehelper&project=ndk&projectackages&projectdk&projectrebuilts&project=sdk&project=system&project=tools 17:22:16
Dazzozo oh christ that link 17:22:19
Konsta something with asec, grep vold 17:22:24
Dazzozo i had this debate a while baack 17:22:26
Dazzozo i thought about enabling it but it didnt do anything so 17:22:35
Dazzozo saw it in the dox 17:22:40
Dazzozo ergh fucking google 17:22:54
Dazzozo holy shit it actually does do something now 17:23:17
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Dazzozo Konsta: that would make more sense, I set the internal as primary 17:28:05
Dazzozo and have vold switchable pair in 17:28:09
Dazzozo to let people switch mountpoints 17:28:14
Dazzozo ergh im gonna fix the bootloader reboot target eventually 17:29:18
Konsta I have it set now for my primary external sdcard 17:29:33
Konsta you cant move apps to emulated storage 17:29:42
Konsta or what's the point of moving them within /data partition 17:30:03
Dazzozo yeah lol 17:30:14
Dazzozo err, the battery just died 17:31:17
Dazzozo i have no idea what just happened 17:31:21
Dazzozo yep, it works now 17:32:08
Dazzozo can move to SD 17:32:10
Konsta great 17:32:31
Dazzozo lol that was pretty dumb 17:32:36
Dazzozo i was considering adding this for like a hour back on 4.4 17:32:51
tilal6991 Uživatel „tilal6991“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991|away. 17:32:52
Dazzozo decided against it because it did nothing 17:33:01
rhen \(^o^)/ 17:33:05
Dazzozo idk what happened to my battery... 17:33:39
Dazzozo i battery pulled to get to bootloader, and now it says its 1% 17:33:49
Dazzozo when it was 100% before 17:33:54
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Dazzozo yeah 17:36:07
Dazzozo lol this is fucked up 17:36:21
Dazzozo 0% and its still on 17:36:21
Dazzozo i've even unplugged it 17:36:33
rhen better then switch of on 90% 17:36:51
Dazzozo well then... 17:36:52
Dazzozo it can sit in the corner 17:36:55
Dazzozo actually i'll boot it in to charge mode and see what it thinks 17:37:09
Dazzozo 100% 17:37:51
Dazzozo lmao 17:37:53
Dazzozo wat 17:37:55
rhen 17:39:36
Dazzozo im going to be ignorant and blame it on this https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_system_core/commit/ed81dd4fe2215fff401ae72c567e434218ff426c 17:42:27
Dazzozo makes sense actually 17:43:40
Dazzozo i synced, built boot image 17:43:44
Dazzozo im using an old framework 17:43:47
Dazzozo before that stuff was merged 17:43:59
tilal6991|away Uživatel „tilal6991|away“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991. 17:44:19
Dazzozo now all we need is a chromium fix or a fixed libwebcore for 4.4 17:48:52
Dazzozo :| 17:49:00
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rymate1234 >inb4 neither 17:51:20
Konsta got to go, sunday night football kicks off 17:57:05
Konsta bye 17:57:09
Dazzozo lol cya 17:57:11
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Dazzozo rhen: <3 18:18:49
rhen ^^ 18:19:01
Dazzozo time to update the donator lists 18:19:07
Dazzozo im probably just going to use the same list for both devices 18:19:18
rhen makes sense 18:19:33
Dazzozo done 18:22:46
Dazzozo that list started with ics for the g300 18:22:58
Dazzozo back before the official ics upgrade 18:23:03
Dazzozo lol 18:23:04
rhen it was a year ago or so 18:26:03
Dazzozo and now i have a ton of PMs to do 18:26:06
rymate1234 dazzozo pls 18:26:25
Dazzozo wat 18:26:52
rymate1234 idk 18:28:06
rymate1234 ok screw cards 18:30:51
rymate1234 lol 18:30:53
Dazzozo im bad at answering PMs 18:32:01
Dazzozo srsly dont PM me you have a better chance of winning the lottery 18:32:14
rhen 18:32:29
Dazzozo twitter almost guarantees a response unless its a rly rly dumb question 18:32:31
Dazzozo then i just save everyone the embarrassment and ignore it 18:32:42
Dazzozo and i get some shit on twitter 18:33:02
Dazzozo https://twitter.com/Krisoboe/status/409987684212277248 18:33:12
Dazzozo what does this even mean? 18:33:14
Dazzozo i cant even understand that 18:33:29
rhen he has no launcher 18:33:42
rhen I think 18:33:46
Dazzozo oh that bug 18:33:47
Dazzozo well it would've been handy to know that days ago 18:33:54
Dazzozo well anyway its fixed now 18:35:01
rhen Anyway, the updated gapps in the first post still too big and cannot fit on the /system. some files missing after install (these files is for OFFLINE speech recognition) 18:35:40
Dazzozo yikes 18:36:27
Dazzozo O_O 18:36:37
Dazzozo really? i thought we hadnt filled system yet 18:36:46
rhen yes 18:36:57
rhen I checked that 18:37:02
rhen and made an updated version without it and rebase to PA 20131213 18:37:31
Dazzozo an updated version without what? 18:37:57
Dazzozo the speech recognition stuff? 18:38:03
rhen yes 18:38:06
Dazzozo well i guess something's gotta give 18:38:16
rhen it is for offline speech recognition and can be used on en-US locale so not a biggie and online search recognition works fine 18:39:12
rymate1234 >gapps too big 18:40:02
rymate1234 rip 18:40:03
Dazzozo dude i remember when gapps was 6mb 18:40:09
rhen some lib also updated from the previous version 18:40:18
rymate1234 Dazzozo: back when donut was all the rage? 18:40:39
Dazzozo yea 18:40:47
rymate1234 lol 18:41:03
rhen http://www.modaco.com/topic/367019-kk-441-cyanogenmod-110-rom-nightly-builds-available/#entry2181767 18:41:18
Dazzozo ergh isnt there some actual gapps site i can link to 18:41:21
Dazzozo for super small gapps 18:41:30
rhen I plan to stay updated mine, maybe if I start a separate thread? 18:42:11
Dazzozo sure 18:42:19
Dazzozo im gonna see if i can trim anything obvious from cm 18:42:38
Dazzozo damn i didnt think we'd fill system this soon 18:43:02
Dazzozo i mean my gapps 18:43:46
Dazzozo are really just for my n5 18:43:49
rymate1234 Dazzozo: remove cm bloat 18:44:38
Dazzozo CMWallpapers 18:44:42
Dazzozo that's a nice 10mb 18:44:44
Dazzozo lol 18:44:46
Dazzozo solution: port AOSP 18:44:58
Dazzozo hey, we fixed a lot of shit today 18:45:17
rhen and we have 8MB ringtone 18:45:17
Dazzozo tex target is actually working properly now 18:45:38
Dazzozo so huuuuuge performance boost 18:45:45
Dazzozo and the SD card shit 18:45:53
rhen what was the problem with text target? 18:46:11
Dazzozo https://github.com/Dazzozo/android_frameworks_native/commit/13c556660a525c3bac90294fa26386ef6380727b#diff-4 18:46:56
Dazzozo this was missing 18:46:58
Dazzozo the edits to that file 18:47:05
Dazzozo its weird 18:47:14
Dazzozo when i originally ported this stuff over, i thought about doing it 18:47:19
Dazzozo i knew i had to do it 18:47:24
Dazzozo and... i forgot 18:47:26
Dazzozo and then today when konsta brought it up it was amazingly obvious that i should do that 18:47:40
Dazzozo the performance boost that this change gives is unreal 18:49:03
rhen yes, today's release will be rock 18:49:57
rhen *tomorrow 18:50:31
lakyljuk Dazzozo: I probably still dont get it, how exactly is fixed moving apps to internal 2 GB card? Set it as primary? or what? thanks. 18:53:58
Dazzozo well you couldn't move apps to ANY sd card before 18:54:22
Dazzozo it wasnt actually possible in 4.4 18:54:32
Dazzozo bug 18:54:33
Dazzozo 4.4.1 fixed it by making a flag i previously dismissed as unused (because it was) actually used 18:54:55
Dazzozo "noemulatedsd" 18:55:03
Dazzozo it wasn't fixed in previous 4.4.1+ nightlies because I hadn't enabled the flag, because it was unused when I looked at this stuff 18:55:46
lakyljuk ok, so todays nightly should be ok? thanks 18:56:43
Dazzozo yes 18:56:48
Dazzozo i'll try both sd configurations, but there's no reason why it shouldnt work 18:57:04
rymate1234 A man takes his Rottweiler to the vet. "My dog is cross-eyed, is there anything you can do for him?" "Well," said the vet, "let's have a look at him". So he picks the dog up and examines his eyes, then he checks his teeth. Finally, the vet says, "I'm going to have to put him down." "What? Because he's cross-eyed?" "No, because he's really heavy". 18:58:38
Dazzozo gj 18:58:51
lakyljuk nice one! 18:59:16
Dazzozo would help if i had an SD card in i guess 18:59:38
Uživatel „lakyljuk“ opustil místnost (Quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer). 19:00:30
Dazzozo k lets try to default an SD card that actually exists this time 19:00:57
Dazzozo ya works 19:02:26
tilal6991 Uživatel „tilal6991“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991|away. 19:08:14
joandrade <Dazzozo> hey, we fixed a lot of shit today 19:23:37
joandrade gj 19:23:37
Dazzozo ty 19:24:22
joandrade now fix stock browser 19:24:39
joandrade very lags 19:24:42
Dazzozo lol 19:24:45
Dazzozo I can't even find a fixed webcore for 4.4 19:25:14
Dazzozo soo yea 19:25:19
joandrade we're screwed 19:25:45
Dazzozo and so are a lot of people 19:27:20
joandrade that helps our chances a bit 19:27:34
joandrade if the tunas are having it 19:27:44
Dazzozo personally i think the worst issue we've got is the google play music one 19:29:08
Dazzozo thats gonna be a real piece of shit 19:29:20
joandrade what's it doing? 19:29:42
Dazzozo cripples the device and then reboots it 19:29:48
joandrade I mean I know it's crippling 19:29:51
joandrade but have we got logs? 19:29:55
Dazzozo yeah, but they're very... high level 19:30:10
Dazzozo they all kinda tell us what we already know 19:30:19
Dazzozo im gonna work on it now 19:30:39
Dazzozo got nothing better to do 19:30:41
joandrade okay 19:30:44
joandrade if you need logs of that, let me know 19:31:00
Dazzozo well this is the problem with logs 19:31:07
Dazzozo i need logs yeah, but i need to see it happen myself too 19:31:13
Dazzozo i need to know when things get logged 19:31:18
joandrade sure 19:31:18
Dazzozo logs are better than nothing, but for issues like this... 19:31:46
Dazzozo the device cripples first, and THEN it reboots 19:31:52
Dazzozo timing is critical 19:31:54
Dazzozo it does some weird stuff 19:32:31
Dazzozo it completely deadlocks 19:32:34
Dazzozo then it comes back for a second 19:32:37
joandrade then bam 19:32:43
Dazzozo and you see the fake bars to represent it playing 19:32:44
Dazzozo then you get a bit of sound 19:32:48
Dazzozo then it locks again 19:32:50
Dazzozo then it comes back again 19:32:54
Dazzozo then it locks again and reboots 19:32:56
joandrade and if the logs are high level that's going to be hard to debug 19:33:42
Dazzozo exactly 19:33:46
Dazzozo ahaha i remember the bug where if you didnt accept the google play TOS on first launch 19:37:05
Dazzozo and just waited 19:37:06
Dazzozo it would crash 19:37:08
joandrade lol 19:37:32
joandrade the youtube app does something similar 19:38:26
joandrade when your only google account on the device is banned on youtube 19:38:42
joandrade it auto-logins 19:38:46
Dazzozo oh wow 19:38:55
joandrade then, because you're banned, it force quits 19:38:56
joandrade then you can't get back in 19:39:02
Dazzozo amazing 19:39:08
joandrade guugel 19:39:12
Uživatel „dr_avila“ opustil místnost (Quit). 19:39:39
Dazzozo oh hey someone asking me if its possible to implement FM radio 19:40:03
joandrade not me, I swear 19:40:11
Dazzozo lol 19:40:22
rhen joandrade: 19:40:24
joandrade isn't spirit still working 19:40:30
Dazzozo on G300 yeah 19:40:43
Dazzozo Y300 needs some HAL changes to get to there 19:40:49
joandrade oh 19:40:55
Dazzozo im fine with making the hardware supported, but idk if i should really be including an app in the rom 19:41:20
joandrade well that's not something you really do 19:41:57
joandrade just say that it's supported with this app 19:42:05
joandrade and whoever wants it can go and get it from the play store 19:42:16
joandrade (tinker with roms, that is) 19:43:15
Dazzozo yeah this is crazy low level 19:44:02
Dazzozo the entire device deadlocks 19:44:11
Dazzozo I can't even use the shell 19:44:18
Dazzozo userspace is totally unaware its happening other than timers reporting huge latencies 19:44:38
Dazzozo funny thing is, it can play like 10 seconds of music fine at times 19:44:51
Dazzozo also mine hasnt rebooted yet 19:44:58
Dazzozo its been playing, or trying to for like 2 mins 19:45:08
Dazzozo wow its actually playing fine now 19:45:48
Dazzozo except i cant use the device 19:45:54
Dazzozo at all 19:45:58
Dazzozo or interact with it in any way 19:46:03
Dazzozo LOl it works fine now 19:47:00
Dazzozo after you survive the initial 2 mins of pain 19:47:05
Dazzozo it plays fine, works fine 19:47:09
Dazzozo phone is completely responsive 19:47:17
Dazzozo this is bizarre... 19:47:27
Dazzozo and we're on to the next song 19:47:51
Dazzozo well 19:48:11
Dazzozo this is gonna be fun 19:48:14
lakyljuk Uživatel lakyljuk [~spravce@] vstoupil do místnosti. 19:48:27
rymate1234 Dazzozo: what's broken? 19:51:48
Dazzozo god knows 19:52:08
Dazzozo but its out for revenge 19:52:10
rymate1234 lol 19:52:21
Dazzozo also i need linux 19:52:22
Dazzozo brb elementary 19:52:27
Dazzozo ok hi 19:54:32
rymate1234 hi 19:54:41
Dazzozo oh man 20:03:53
Dazzozo elementary's alt tab behaviour 20:03:57
Dazzozo had to change that shit 20:03:59
Dazzozo no way am i getting used to that 20:04:04
rhen Stupid question. How can I change a topic's title on modaco? 20:08:44
rhen I made a separate thread for GApps: http://www.modaco.com/topic/367187-gapps-for-cm11-last-udated-2013-12-14/ 20:09:31
rhen but in the future, the title need to be updated after every new version 20:09:50
Eloimuns Uživatel Eloimuns [~eloimuns@209.pool85-55-229.dynamic.orange.es] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:11:13
Dazzozo go in to the full editor thing 20:11:18
Dazzozo also 20:11:22
Dazzozo i have 20:11:25
Dazzozo no idea what the fuck is happening 20:11:29
Dazzozo when i start playing the song 20:11:34
Dazzozo surfaceflinger starts using 355% of CPU 20:11:38
rhen lol, thanks 20:11:41
rhen 20:11:42
Dazzozo that is not a typo 20:11:43
Dazzozo and then when it starts playing fine, its just mediaserver using 10% 20:13:35
Dazzozo as you'd expect 20:13:37
rhen Play music was sucks on CM10.1 and 10.2 too 20:14:32
Dazzozo ye ik 20:14:48
rhen sometimes a track change could last 20-30 sec 20:14:50
rhen for offline tracks 20:14:57
Dazzozo here we are again! 20:15:24
Dazzozo PID PR CPU% S #THR VSS RSS PCY UID Name 20:15:25
Dazzozo 133 0 319% S 12 34264K 5688K fg system /system/bin/surfaceflinger 20:15:25
rhen lol 20:15:40
Dazzozo why surfaceflinger though? 20:15:42
Dazzozo that makes almost no sense 20:15:44
rhen maybe the play app draws the UI in some nasty way 20:16:13
rhen 20:16:14
Dazzozo and only while a song is starting to play 20:16:26
Dazzozo yeah 20:16:29
rhen yeah, it need to change the album art 20:16:45
rhen 20:16:45
Dazzozo lol 20:16:47
Dazzozo wow, i did not expect this to be a graphics issue 20:16:58
rhen I don't know just guessing 20:17:53
Dazzozo well it obviously is a graphics issue of some kind 20:18:02
Dazzozo surfaceflinger does nothing else 20:18:05
Dazzozo graphics and display 20:18:11
Dazzozo its actually 20:18:30
Dazzozo astonishingly similar to the old G300 wifi deadlock 20:18:37
Dazzozo which was with dhd_dpc using over 100% cpu 20:18:55
rhen Dazzozo: you can chagne the GApps link if you want, the thread is up 20:19:51
Dazzozo i would do if i was in windows 20:20:20
rhen ok, doesn't hurry 20:20:42
Dazzozo also 20:23:28
Dazzozo my device hasn't rebooted yet 20:23:31
Dazzozo just deadlocked for a long time 20:23:44
Dazzozo narrowing it down 20:26:24
Dazzozo its the GL updater thread 20:26:28
Dazzozo damn, that's fucked UP 20:26:49
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Eloimuns Uživatel Eloimuns [~eloimuns@209.pool85-55-229.dynamic.orange.es] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:30:35
Dazzozo k back to windows 20:30:57
Dazzozo rhen: can i have the link again pls 20:32:50
rhen sure: http://www.modaco.com/topic/367187-gapps-for-cm11-last-updated-2013-12-14/ 20:33:03
Dazzozo done 20:35:09
joandrade back from dinner 20:35:49
Dazzozo yo 20:35:53
joandrade that was really bizarre 20:36:29
rhen wat? 20:36:53
joandrade the play music issue 20:37:00
Dazzozo yeah 20:37:14
rhen I thought for a moment that the dinner 20:37:27
joandrade lol 20:37:37
Uživatel „EloYGomeZ“ opustil místnost (Quit: Saliendo). 20:38:44
joandrade could that be some kind of ui transition that's making the gpu deadlock? 20:38:57
joandrade something that got added on 4.4 and our drivers can't handle 20:39:20
Dazzozo its pretty much done all of the transitions 20:39:23
Dazzozo and this issue dates back to 4.2 20:39:33
Dazzozo fwiw, it deadlocks right after its buffered enough to start playing 20:40:02
Dazzozo after its done its spinning 20:40:06
Dazzozo its literally ready to start pumping audio 20:40:11
Dazzozo i think its time 20:41:13
Dazzozo to whack out the gdb 20:41:15
joandrade heh 20:41:34
rhen want to buffer more than the limit is set somewhere?? 20:41:38
Dazzozo and attach to surfaceflinger 20:41:42
rhen -? 20:41:43
joandrade does it happen with local tracks? 20:43:10
Dazzozo i have a hard job trying to figure out how it would manifest itself in surfaceflinger 20:43:17
Dazzozo if it was related to buffering 20:43:25
EloYGomeZ Uživatel EloYGomeZ [~EloYGomeZ@17.Red-83-50-249.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:43:42
Dazzozo idk if it happens on local tracks 20:44:08
Dazzozo im just gonna gdb it 20:44:19
Dazzozo and see what we get hung up on 20:44:22
Dazzozo need dat android NDK 20:45:57
joandrade I didn't know that existed 20:47:50
Dazzozo "How? this thing can be good also on games?" 20:48:42
Dazzozo *sigh* 20:48:44
Dazzozo fucking give up already 20:48:46
Dazzozo games won't improve, ever 20:48:49
Dazzozo entirely out of my control 20:49:17
joandrade the issue? 20:49:35
Dazzozo jesus where do i start 20:50:26
Dazzozo 4.1 blobs 20:50:28
Dazzozo unsupported hardware 20:50:32
joandrade yeah, figures 20:50:41
Dazzozo "hurr durr cm10 is sooo much better for games" 20:50:50
Dazzozo "why cant you just use what cm10 uses" 20:50:55
joandrade it all comes back doesn't it 20:50:56
Dazzozo because its not fucking cm10? 20:51:00
rhen You should ask, why don't you use CM10 then 20:51:21
joandrade wait people are actually asking that 20:51:31
Dazzozo yeah 20:51:42
Dazzozo its quite funny 20:53:11
Dazzozo because I AM using what cm10 is using 20:53:17
Dazzozo i have no choice 20:53:18
Dazzozo we have no choice in that matter 20:53:22
Dazzozo if we could use newer we would be on that ship tomorrow 20:53:27
joandrade yeah but you can't say that that way 20:54:05
joandrade don't be arrogant Daz plis 20:54:24
joandrade there's just no understanding even of the fundamentals 20:54:41
joandrade I guess if people had to take a test before they could download it... 20:54:56
joandrade it really doesn't hurt to have a bit of understanding about what's going on here 20:56:10
joandrade and to understand it's almost a miracle this is mostly working at all 20:56:31
Dazzozo ^ 20:58:39
joandrade now if only I'd fix the digitizer on my other g300 I could get started on cm7 20:59:48
Dazzozo lol 20:59:59
joandrade really weird 21:00:16
joandrade just stopped working once someone sat on the phone 21:00:25
joandrade and it's just a bit cracked 21:00:43
Dazzozo https://github.com/LegacyXperia/local_manifests/issues/181#issuecomment-30604632 21:16:02
Dazzozo all these baseless assumptions 21:16:06
Dazzozo eek 21:16:07
joandrade that's a new one 21:17:31
joandrade why are they even getting started on 3.10 21:18:00
joandrade ugh 21:18:01
tilal6991|away Uživatel „tilal6991|away“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991. 21:19:31
tilal6991 Uživatel „tilal6991“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991|away. 21:20:57
joandrade what was fast 21:21:32
joandrade *that 21:21:37
Dazzozo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvW9WwDLCxg 21:23:03
joandrade lol 22:02:25
Uživatel „Valicek1“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 264 seconds). 22:02:26
Dazzozo we are looking at the blobs 22:06:24
Dazzozo basically 22:06:26
joandrade hum 22:07:44
rhen /me go to sleep 22:08:17
rhen bye 22:08:19
joandrade cya 22:08:22
Uživatel „rhen“ opustil místnost (Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client). 22:08:43
rhen Uživatel rhen [~rhen@catv-89-133-86-26.catv.broadband.hu] vstoupil do místnosti. 22:10:55
rymate1234 Dazzozo: rip 22:11:19
rhen Uživatel „rhen“ je nyní znám jako rhen|away. 22:11:38
rymate1234 also 22:11:54
Dazzozo i mean what do we do now 22:11:58
Dazzozo we're reaching the limit really 22:12:03
rymate1234 Dazzozo: do what the armv6 community did 22:12:14
Dazzozo we're at another stalemate again 22:12:17
rymate1234 ~~~a petition~ 22:12:22
Dazzozo need newer blobs 22:12:25
rymate1234 petition to qualcomm for newer blobs 22:13:07
Dazzozo and its like 22:13:11
Dazzozo well we have newer blobs 22:13:13
joandrade petition: make the adreno 200 work with 4.2 22:13:16
Dazzozo we have EGL 4.2 22:13:17
Dazzozo but then everything else fucking beaks 22:13:27
Dazzozo *breaks 22:13:28
Dazzozo teehee beaks 22:13:32
joandrade heh 22:13:37
rymate1234 ur fuked 22:13:48
Dazzozo need 4.2 omx 22:14:06
rymate1234 just find someone to hack it 22:14:18
Dazzozo we could go to a display-caf fork 22:14:37
Dazzozo thats about it 22:14:40
rymate1234 /me tries tvcatchup 22:15:18
rymate1234 maybe i accidently fixed it 22:15:44
rymate1234 nope 22:16:40
Dazzozo and im not fucking touching our media HAL 22:16:46
Dazzozo if i change anything twitch breaks 22:16:54
Dazzozo god knows how 22:16:55
rymate1234 Dazzozo: adverts play 22:16:56
rymate1234 22:17:06
Dazzozo if i use something closer to our CAF tag, twitch breaks 22:17:06
Dazzozo only this repo works 22:17:09
rymate1234 >twitch 22:17:27
rymate1234 ok nothing important thwn 22:17:32
rymate1234 *then 22:17:34
Dazzozo you'd make an awful maintainer 22:17:47
Dazzozo yeah, if twitch breaks, its doing something that your device has a botched implementation of 22:18:00
Dazzozo any app could do the same thing 22:18:07
rymate1234 o 22:18:09
Dazzozo we already have that, now 22:18:35
Dazzozo YouTube 4.5.17 has no pixelation 22:18:46
Dazzozo HQ works finew 22:18:48
Dazzozo but as soon as you update it over the play store and go over 5.0+ 22:18:57
Dazzozo its back 22:19:02
rymate1234 hmmm 22:19:07
rymate1234 im considering not installing roms for my moto g 22:19:16
rymate1234 at least not for a while 22:19:20
Dazzozo y 22:19:24
rymate1234 i dont think ill need a rom on the g 22:19:57
rymate1234 crescent it was either cm or the shitty stock rom 22:20:15
Dazzozo well i have one on the fucking nexus 5 22:20:18
rymate1234 at least on the moto g you have stock android with moto optimisations 22:20:26
rymate1234 Dazzozo: isn't yours basically aosp with play store 22:20:54
rymate1234 lol 22:20:55
Dazzozo yea 22:20:57
rymate1234 see i dont mind all the gapps 22:21:07
Dazzozo AOSP + fixed phone icon + stock fingerprint override 22:21:20
Dazzozo is the rom itself 22:21:23
Dazzozo oh, and stock apns-conf 22:21:30
Dazzozo and fixed device name 22:21:36
rymate1234 also kinda dont want to void my warranty 22:21:38
Dazzozo "AOSP on HammerHead" -> "Nexus 5" 22:21:42
Dazzozo "Android" -> "google" 22:21:47
Dazzozo thats all 22:21:54
Dazzozo rymate1234: >void warranty 22:22:11
Dazzozo you dont live in the US 22:22:15
Dazzozo EU isn't barbaric 22:22:21
rymate1234 it isn't? 22:22:42
rymate1234 huh 22:22:44
rymate1234 yay 22:22:45
rymate1234 also http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2566515 SOMEONE MAKE ROM FOR MOTO G 22:22:56
joandrade it gets voided here 22:22:58
Dazzozo in the first 6 months i think it is 22:22:58
rymate1234 oh look its a stock based rom 22:23:08
Dazzozo they have to prove your changes caused the damage 22:23:11
Dazzozo yeah, they say it gets voided everywhere 22:23:28
Dazzozo but does it? really? 22:23:33
Dazzozo is that really legal? 22:23:35
rymate1234 Dazzozo: the fuck does deodexed mean 22:23:45
Dazzozo oh boy 22:23:52
Dazzozo >doesnt know what deodexing is 22:23:57
Dazzozo i learned that on day one 22:24:02
joandrade I've heard of people who had their service denied because the bootloader was RELOCKED 22:24:08
Dazzozo yeah, and if you've got a fucking cracked screen 22:24:23
Dazzozo thats irrelevant 22:24:27
joandrade I know it is 22:24:32
Dazzozo and that has stood up over here 22:24:42
rymate1234 isnt deodexing part of the build procedure or something 22:24:44
Dazzozo i've never had anything refused like that 22:24:48
joandrade that's what they do here 22:24:58
joandrade conversely 22:25:01
joandrade you can wipe everything on a phone and if you're lucky 22:25:16
Dazzozo rymate1234: if you're an OEM, yes 22:25:16
rymate1234 o 22:25:33
joandrade (if the guy who services it is retarded) he'll just try to boot it, and oh, it doesn't 22:25:41
Dazzozo hey, it's a good job we can reset the "flash counter" on nexus devices! 22:25:42
joandrade because there's nothing there 22:25:46
joandrade a friend of mine has gotten a replacement for his crappy samsung that way 22:26:24
Dazzozo I should probably merge this experimental kernel branch 22:26:30
Dazzozo its been sat there for 3 months 22:26:34
rymate1234 lol 22:26:40
joandrade ha 22:26:44
Dazzozo its a CAF merge 22:26:46
Dazzozo https://github.com/Dazzozo/huawei-kernel-3.4/commits/experimental 22:26:58
joandrade wow today's changelog is gonna be big isn't it 22:28:05
joandrade if that's getting merged as well 22:28:10
Dazzozo gonna check if there's any new tag 22:29:16
Dazzozo we're at June 13, 2013 22:29:47
Dazzozo atm 22:29:48
Dazzozo nothing new for msm7627a 22:30:12
Dazzozo dunno about msm8625 22:30:15
Dazzozo checking 22:30:18
Dazzozo nope, nothing 22:31:35
Dazzozo so experimental actually represents the newest stuff there is for msm7627a/msm8625 22:31:45
Dazzozo lol 22:31:46
joandrade is that bad? 22:32:04
Dazzozo no, just funny 22:32:38
Dazzozo i did that merge 3 months ago 22:32:40
Dazzozo and its still the latest 22:32:44
joandrade oh ok 22:32:53
Dazzozo it has a couple of conflicts when merging it back in to the master branch 22:33:06
Dazzozo not a lot 22:33:12
Dazzozo shit like this garbage 22:33:27
Dazzozo <<<<<<< HEAD 22:33:27
Dazzozo //apply qualcomm patch,commit:78e9b56740ad789351b6d15cd9a67fe03091a3a1 22:33:28
Dazzozo ======= 22:33:28
Dazzozo >>>>>>> experimental 22:33:28
Dazzozo wat a merge 22:33:32
Dazzozo actually a lot of these conflicts seem to be 22:35:30
Dazzozo huawei botching the merge of a patch 22:35:36
Dazzozo adding some garbage comment 22:35:38
joandrade lol 22:35:40
joandrade lolwei 22:35:43
Dazzozo and then it conflicting with the true patch in CAF 22:35:46
rymate1234 i might make an android app for images.rymate.co.uk 22:43:22
rymate1234 idk why 22:43:24
Dazzozo ergh there has to be a conflict in camera doesnt there 22:44:06
Dazzozo i HATE this shit 22:44:10
Dazzozo makes me just want to abort 22:44:14
Dazzozo i dont want to update the fucking camera in case it creates an incompatibility with the blobs 22:44:30
Dazzozo and i don't want to spend a month figuring out what change caused it 22:44:43
joandrade then it's all 22:46:04
joandrade Daz camera is broken 22:46:07
rymate1234 http://images.rymate.co.uk/images/3TdtBZA.jpg 420 check it 22:46:29
Dazzozo rymate1234: the app exists 22:47:03
Dazzozo its an FTP client 22:47:05
Dazzozo i mean thats basically what my screenshots are 22:47:26
Dazzozo i pick a region and it gets uploaded via FTP 22:47:34
Dazzozo and puts the link in my clipboard 22:47:38
Uživatel „Eloimuns“ opustil místnost (Quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer). 22:47:46
rymate1234 but i have an entire front end http://images.rymate,co.uk 22:47:59
rymate1234 lol 22:48:00
rymate1234 oops typo 22:49:18
rymate1234 http://images.rymate.co.uk 22:49:27
Dazzozo an entire html page 22:50:45
rymate1234 but there's a database! 22:51:09
rymate1234 and 22:51:10
rymate1234 um, 22:51:11
rymate1234 yeah 22:51:13
rymate1234 python! 22:51:18
Dazzozo wtf do you need a database for 22:51:27
rymate1234 the image title 22:51:34
Dazzozo why do you need image titles 22:51:44
Dazzozo lol 22:51:45
rymate1234 idk 22:51:50
Dazzozo if you need to list your images 22:52:03
rymate1234 i did it as an experiment 22:52:05
rymate1234 also i was bored 22:52:07
Dazzozo "ls" 22:52:08
joandrade I'ma go to bed 22:54:53
joandrade got a final tomorrow, cya 22:54:57
Dazzozo cya 22:55:24
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