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I'm sorry for not actual logs - my FTP uploads are reduced a lot, i'm working on new solution..

Expected startup is about 10.2.2014

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SilvesterBot Starting build #377 for job android 01:00:45
SilvesterBot Project android build cm-11.0 - cm_u8815-userdebug: FAILURE in 6 min 8 sec: http://jenkins.thebronasium.com/job/android/377/ 01:06:53
SilvesterBot Starting build #378 for job android 01:06:53
SilvesterBot Project android build cm-11.0 - cm_u8833-userdebug: STILL FAILING in 4 min 52 sec: http://jenkins.thebronasium.com/job/android/378/ 01:11:45
SilvesterBot Starting build #379 for job android 01:11:46
SilvesterBot Project android build cm-11.0 - cm_u8951-userdebug: STILL FAILING in 4 min 59 sec: http://jenkins.thebronasium.com/job/android/379/ 01:16:45
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Dazzozo lol gg 03:11:48
Dazzozo didnt even test it 03:11:51
Dazzozo ergh, these changes to vold are pretty messy 03:12:07
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Morticians no Nightlies cm11 dazz? 03:37:23
Dazzozo that should've fixed it 03:40:23
SilvesterBot Starting build #380 for job android 03:40:30
Dazzozo im an idiot and i merged the vold stuff without testing it 03:41:00
Dazzozo and they changed sdcard stuff a ton 03:41:06
Dazzozo so, hopefully it should at least compile 03:41:23
Dazzozo well im gonna sleep again 03:42:27
Dazzozo i'll be back by the time this is all done hopefully 03:42:37
Morticians thanks dazz, to-morrow you'll make a small donation great job 03:46:19
Dazzozo oh, hang on, almost missed something 03:48:01
SilvesterBot Project android build cm-11.0 - cm_u8815-userdebug: ABORTED in 7 min 44 sec: http://jenkins.thebronasium.com/job/android/380/ 03:48:14
SilvesterBot Starting build #381 for job android 03:50:08
Dazzozo yeah, should be safe now 03:51:28
Dazzozo should at least compile anyway 03:51:31
Dazzozo right brb 03:51:35
Morticians thks 03:53:17
SilvesterBot Project android build cm-11.0 - cm_u8815-userdebug: STILL FAILING in 5 min 39 sec: http://jenkins.thebronasium.com/job/android/381/ 03:55:48
SilvesterBot Starting build #382 for job android 03:55:49
Morticians :S 03:58:29
SilvesterBot Project android build cm-11.0 - cm_u8833-userdebug: STILL FAILING in 11 min: http://jenkins.thebronasium.com/job/android/382/ 04:07:34
SilvesterBot Starting build #383 for job android 04:07:34
SilvesterBot Project android build cm-11.0 - cm_u8951-userdebug: STILL FAILING in 20 min: http://jenkins.thebronasium.com/job/android/383/ 04:28:04
Morticians fail :S 04:30:30
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tilal6991 Uživatel „tilal6991“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991|away. 04:40:29
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Dazzozo fuck. 08:10:16
SilvesterBot Starting build #384 for job android 08:13:04
Dazzozo actually fixed now :c 08:21:11
Dazzozo fuckfuckfuck 08:21:14
Dazzozo oh well 08:21:15
silver79 👌👍 08:27:04
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djuroue yooo 08:55:25
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Dazzozo lol i just ripped off the front of my PC 08:58:38
djuroue hahaha 08:58:42
Dazzozo the entire front panel comes off 08:58:44
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MrBlacksmith dafuq? 08:58:51
Dazzozo it clips back on 08:59:06
Dazzozo but still funny to do accidentally 08:59:10
djuroue i had a tower with similar problems .... 08:59:15
MrBlacksmith cant happen with a laptop 08:59:22
Dazzozo i was resting my foot on top of it 08:59:23
djuroue when i was a gamer... 08:59:23
Dazzozo and then i pulled it towards me 08:59:27
djuroue 08:59:28
Dazzozo and it grabbed the front and pulled it off 08:59:32
MrBlacksmith only even worse 08:59:34
djuroue daz. its miracle that you dont sleep 08:59:59
djuroue ) 09:00:01
Dazzozo https://github.com/omnirom/android_packages_apps_OpenDelta 09:00:02
MrBlacksmith r sleepin more than 3h in a row anyway? 09:00:29
Dazzozo i slept from 11 to 3 09:01:08
Dazzozo then "fixed" the first build 09:01:15
Dazzozo then slept until 8 09:01:18
Dazzozo and fixed it again 09:01:23
MrBlacksmith crazy work 09:01:53
djuroue cool 09:01:54
djuroue worthy guy ; 09:02:07
MrBlacksmith open delta makes pretty much sense 09:02:14
MrBlacksmith a bit like rolling releases 09:02:34
MrBlacksmith only changes get updated 09:02:47
MrBlacksmith but uve problems when theres an error, u cant use the old package 09:03:24
djuroue first build of what were you fixin ? 09:04:11
MrBlacksmith cm11 i guess 09:04:35
djuroue aha 09:04:55
djuroue must catch up 09:05:03
MrBlacksmith but why does this job take more than 50mins, much longer than cm10.2 09:05:42
djuroue mmm breakfast 09:05:42
djuroue cya l8er 09:05:50
MrBlacksmith isit cause its the firsr? 09:05:54
MrBlacksmith bb 09:06:04
djuroue /me je away od: 10:06:04 razlog odsustva: brkfst 09:06:04
djuroue Uživatel „djuroue“ je nyní znám jako djuro. 09:06:04
MrBlacksmith /me afk for a few, but cm11 draws me back every few secs 09:08:14
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djuro /me is back posle: 10mins 15secs razlog odsustva: brkfst 09:16:19
djuro Uživatel „djuro“ je nyní znám jako djuroue. 09:16:19
djuroue fast eating 09:16:26
djuroue hi modacouserr 09:16:28
modacouserr hey djuroue 09:16:44
modacouserr last night builds failed 09:16:55
modacouserr and i was thinking, oh daz will come here for that and it failed lol, poor man, lost the sleep 09:17:27
MrBlacksmith Uživatel MrBlacksmith [~androirc@p5DDB1D30.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] vstoupil do místnosti. 09:17:33
djuroue he is here 09:17:34
djuroue he had a good sleep last night 09:17:44
modacouserr yea, but like 6h ago 09:17:48
MrBlacksmith did i miss sth? auto disconnect 09:17:50
djuroue ® Idle vreme: 16mins 43secs 09:18:12
djuroue he is here 09:18:14
MrBlacksmith 3+8h with interruptipn 09:18:16
silver79 why cm11 take more than a hour and cm10.2 only 30mins? 09:18:20
MrBlacksmith my qiestion too 09:18:32
djuroue i talked to man 15 minutes ago 09:18:32
djuroue silver79 complicated build 09:18:48
MrBlacksmith but it is building 09:19:16
MrBlacksmith seems not to b a nonending repeat 09:19:36
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MrBlacksmith Uživatel MrBlacksmith [~androirc@p5DDB1D30.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] vstoupil do místnosti. 09:20:34
Dazzozo silver79: because its the initial build 09:20:46
MrBlacksmith why i m always auto-disconnected 09:20:52
Dazzozo it hasnt generated the cache 09:20:52
MrBlacksmith ah 09:20:55
silver79 Ok, ok 09:20:58
Dazzozo because your client/connection is bad 09:21:01
MrBlacksmith i thought so alreafy 09:21:10
MrBlacksmith i have 50.000 -connection 09:21:26
MrBlacksmith but im on androidirc 09:21:37
MrBlacksmith and somrtimed when i switch 2 brpwser i fisconnect 09:22:03
Dazzozo i need to get ready to post the G300's thread o_o 09:22:35
Dazzozo this is nearly done# 09:22:39
Uživatel „BlackSh4dow“ opustil místnost (Quit: Remote host closed the connection). 09:22:42
MrBlacksmith cant wait till y300 build is out 09:23:45
BlackSh4dow Uživatel BlackSh4dow [~BlackSh4d@82-160-139-28.tktelekom.pl] vstoupil do místnosti. 09:23:49
lakyljuk Uživatel lakyljuk [~spravce@] vstoupil do místnosti. 09:24:29
Dazzozo yep the g300 build is practically done 09:28:09
silver79 The y300 build take 1 hour too? 09:28:59
MrBlacksmith do g300 and y300 build share cache? 09:29:07
MrBlacksmith Lol same qiestion 09:29:19
MrBlacksmith build complete, uploafing to getcm!"" 09:31:00
djuroue this could be very productive sunday ... good for testing too 09:32:00
MrBlacksmith and my will hate it coz 1st nightlies are sometimes buggy- she knows that 09:32:49
MrBlacksmith *my mom 09:33:26
SilvesterBot Yippee, build fixed! 09:33:27
SilvesterBot Project android build cm-11.0 - cm_u8815-userdebug: FIXED in 1 hr 20 min: http://jenkins.thebronasium.com/job/android/384/ 09:33:28
SilvesterBot Starting build #385 for job android 09:33:31
MrBlacksmith YEEEAH 09:33:41
MrBlacksmith @dazz: (MrBlacksmith) do g300 and y300 build share cache? 09:34:49
Curlie Uživatel Curlie [~Tobias@p4FD0402D.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] vstoupil do místnosti. 09:34:52
djuroue can we try it ?! 09:36:11
Dazzozo http://www.modaco.com/topic/367019-kk-441-cyanogenmod-110-rom-nightly-builds-available/ 09:36:40
Dazzozo MrBlacksmith: ccache works in weird ways 09:37:28
Dazzozo though, I already built for u8833 as a test last night 09:37:35
Dazzozo so the u8833 build could possibly be faster than the u8951 one lol 09:37:45
thejaimes111 Uživatel thejaimes111 [4f9fbf41@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 09:38:10
MrBlacksmith i c 09:38:13
thejaimes111 Hey wat 09:38:25
djuroue Dazzozo are there any bugs, and is it ok to post here any eventually found ?! 09:38:29
Dazzozo you know the problems with that kind of question 09:38:47
djuroue ok 09:39:03
djuroue hahaha 09:39:10
modacouserr aaaand im back 09:40:43
modacouserr yeah, i can sse it djuroue 09:40:51
djuroue hahaha 09:41:35
djuroue cool 09:41:36
djuroue are you gonna try it ?! 09:41:59
modacouserr yup, ofc 09:42:47
modacouserr already downlaoding it 09:42:58
djuroue i am already flashing _Š 09:43:12
modacouserr 09:43:16
modacouserr what would the OTA procedure be? 09:43:54
modacouserr wipe cache 09:43:58
modacouserr system... 09:44:02
modacouserr ? 09:44:04
Dazzozo if you're on beepbeep, wipe nothing and upgrade in CMUpdater 09:44:10
Dazzozo lol 09:44:10
Uživatel „MrBlacksmith“ opustil místnost (Quit: Remote host closed the connection). 09:44:45
modacouserr oh nice 09:44:49
modacouserr didnt even check getcm lol 09:44:55
MrBlacksmith Uživatel MrBlacksmith [~androirc@p5DDB1D30.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] vstoupil do místnosti. 09:45:05
MrBlacksmith nooo disconnected ag :/ 09:45:19
MrBlacksmith build sems 2 n faster 09:45:42
modacouserr nice 09:46:12
modacouserr daz how's the "we dont need mheap screenshots" or whatever that's called ? 09:46:38
modacouserr you even said notification bar felt faster 09:46:48
Dazzozo still a WIP 09:47:11
modacouserr hmmm, 09:47:36
Dazzozo im not going to bring that in at the cost of corrupting all of the recent app thumbnails 09:47:46
Dazzozo doesnt really make much sense that they are corrupted tbh 09:48:10
Dazzozo regular screenshots work fine 09:48:14
Dazzozo it can stay on mheap for now, for all i know the difference could've been placebo 09:48:39
modacouserr that's weird 09:48:47
Dazzozo it doesnt make much sense that it gives a speed boost lol 09:48:49
modacouserr yea beepbeep was really good, people already saying it's better now 09:49:09
silver79 Yes 09:49:18
modacouserr did cm fixed the annoying pin nerror yet? 09:49:47
modacouserr pin error 09:49:50
silver70_ Uživatel silver70_ [~Nanananan@] vstoupil do místnosti. 09:50:06
Uživatel „BlackSh4dow“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 246 seconds). 09:50:10
MrBlacksmith mayb a noob question: what r mheap screens? 09:52:53
Uživatel „silver79“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 252 seconds). 09:53:51
modacouserr well, it's what makes screenshots work i dont know either so cannot tell anything specific 09:54:13
modacouserr oh no, "android is upgrading...optimizing app43 of 130" 09:54:39
Dazzozo you dont really need to worry about the terminology 09:54:44
Dazzozo its just behind the scenes implementation details 09:54:48
MrBlacksmith but dazz dais that "regular" screens work 09:54:59
MrBlacksmith but im interested 09:55:10
MrBlacksmith and i understand a bit of progeamming 09:55:31
MrBlacksmith programmed my own physic-engine on bade if "real" physicd 09:56:02
djuroue camera works fast as hell 09:57:38
djuroue and video recording is flawless 09:57:45
MrBlacksmith cool 09:57:45
djuroue great work man 09:57:50
djuroue and opening of applications is very fast 09:58:09
MrBlacksmith but y300 will b slower i guess 09:58:12
MrBlacksmith whats about experience launcher? 09:58:59
jordilopez94 Uživatel jordilopez94 [~jordilope@] vstoupil do místnosti. 09:59:03
MrBlacksmith the one by kk appteam on xda is pretty slow on 4.3 09:59:24
MrBlacksmith the extracted one is fast as hell 09:59:42
MrBlacksmith but has almost no settings :/ 10:00:22
MrBlacksmith maybe stick to trebuchet 10:00:53
modacouserr the only reason i dont use it, it's because of the horrible app drawer it has on this device, even with 200dpi 10:00:53
modacouserr and i like how nova can be faaaaaast 10:00:53
MrBlacksmith why its horrible? 10:01:05
MrBlacksmith do u mean GE or trebucjet? 10:01:20
modacouserr letters are really ugly, and everything seems , big 10:02:04
MrBlacksmith /me cant wait 10:02:07
modacouserr trebuchet is good 10:02:09
modacouserr GE coud be, but not yet 10:02:23
MrBlacksmith hm which ge version? 10:02:24
modacouserr where's my pin code question? 10:02:36
modacouserr NOT AGAIN 10:02:38
modacouserr 10:02:39
MrBlacksmith extracted or tje one by kkappteam 10:02:44
MrBlacksmith the one by kkappteam is highly customizable! 10:03:08
modacouserr can you link me? 10:03:28
MrBlacksmith i think u can edit size and so on 10:03:29
MrBlacksmith yes wait 10:03:35
Uživatel „thejaimes111“ opustil místnost (Quit: Page closed). 10:03:37
modacouserr external sd option is already there 10:03:46
MrBlacksmith http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2536422 10:04:00
MrBlacksmith there it is 10:04:07
MrBlacksmith i think the y300 build will take ab 50~60 mins in total 10:05:35
modacouserr hmm, looks good 10:06:17
MrBlacksmith pretty the best 10:06:34
modacouserr i wish it had the left swipe google now integration 10:06:57
SilvesterBot Project android build cm-11.0 - cm_u8833-userdebug: SUCCESS in 33 min: http://jenkins.thebronasium.com/job/android/385/ 10:07:05
SilvesterBot Starting build #386 for job android 10:07:06
MrBlacksmith it has 10:07:13
MrBlacksmith WOW! 10:07:20
modacouserr no way gonna try it 10:07:25
modacouserr dazzozo, you around? 10:07:29
MrBlacksmith i ll be awax testing the new build!!! 10:07:53
Dazzozo yus 10:07:57
modacouserr do yo know what can cause this? 10:08:20
Dazzozo cause what? 10:08:41
MrBlacksmith y300 not 10:08:52
modacouserr phone not asking fo pin, so no service available 10:08:56
MrBlacksmith n getcm 10:08:56
Dazzozo MrBlacksmith: getcm is cached for a while 10:09:06
modacouserr it already happened me once or twice after ota update 10:09:12
Dazzozo its up now 10:09:21
MrBlacksmith wher can o get it? 10:09:22
Pad^ Everybody worried in getting google features working and here I am, configuring my own calendar server so that I don't need to instal google apps 10:09:22
MrBlacksmith ok 10:09:26
Pad^ Feel like an outsider 10:09:27
MrBlacksmith dont use gcalendar 10:09:47
MrBlacksmith i dont use any calendar... 10:09:58
modacouserr pad^ you're not, but we all got used to google things 10:10:04
MrBlacksmith downloafing )))) 10:10:53
modacouserr 10:11:38
modacouserr wait, where's my play store? 10:11:39
djuroue flash gapps stripped 4.4 10:12:08
djuroue man 10:12:09
modacouserr after the ota? 10:12:19
djuroue i used new installation 10:15:20
djuroue as always 10:15:28
MrBlacksmith bb gonna flash now 10:15:38
Uživatel „MrBlacksmith“ opustil místnost (Quit: AndroIRC - Android IRC Client ( http://www.androirc.com )). 10:15:58
modacouserr djuroue, i OTA updated now it doesnt ask for pin number, and took half of my apps 10:16:29
modacouserr probably going to titanium backup my apps, and do a clean install 10:16:50
modacouserr wow camera as never been so fast for me 10:21:43
modacouserr ! 10:21:44
fpb Uživatel fpb [~fpb@] vstoupil do místnosti. 10:29:30
modacouserr dazzozo: just noticed, home button doesnt work. i'll report back after doing a clean install 10:30:10
Dazzozo works for me 10:30:22
modacouserr yea i know, this already happened me before 10:30:56
modacouserr had to wipe everything to get the pin and home button 10:31:10
modacouserr it's werid though 10:31:17
modacouserr weird 10:31:20
djuroue modacouserr 10:39:31
djuroue throw your device in trash 10:39:36
modacouserr yup 10:39:37
modacouserr i wont 10:39:41
modacouserr throw yours 10:39:46
djuroue mine works good 10:39:52
modacouserr stop it 10:40:01
djuroue heheheh 10:40:24
Dazzozo has anyone tried vold switching yet 10:41:10
djuroue i did 10:41:14
Dazzozo does it work? 10:41:16
Dazzozo or does it blow up spectacularly 10:41:21
djuroue hmm 10:41:39
djuroue external sd is still sdcard 1 10:41:46
djuroue sdcard1 10:41:49
Dazzozo it was meant to switch the fused mountpoints 10:42:04
djuroue working now on pc something 10:42:04
djuroue dont have time eight now to test 10:42:12
djuroue but will try now 10:42:16
djuroue kid is around me ALL THE time 10:42:23
Uživatel „Curlie“ opustil místnost (Quit: Remote host closed the connection). 10:42:44
Dazzozo I moved it to DirectVolume because I couldn't find a way to do it in Volume this time 10:43:39
djuroue seems it doestn work 10:43:54
Dazzozo kk 10:43:58
Dazzozo at least it doesnt explode 10:44:01
djuroue no 10:44:06
Dazzozo i'll work on it when i've got the build downloaded 10:44:08
Uživatel „silver70_“ opustil místnost (Quit: AndroIRC - Android IRC Client ( http://www.androirc.com )). 10:50:14
modacouserr dazzozo: i think i just found a "party mode" in cwm 10:51:22
Solitary Uživatel Solitary [~Solitary@ip-94-112-195-124.net.upcbroadband.cz] vstoupil do místnosti. 10:51:25
ChanServ Uživatel „ChanServ“ nastavil uživateli „Solitary“ režim +v. 10:51:25
modacouserr oh wait, i just enabled rainbow mode somehow 10:52:28
djuroue what is a rainbow mode ?! 10:55:05
djuroue modacouserr are u using xchat and linux !? 10:55:24
modacouserr apparently, turns every cwm line a new color 10:55:45
modacouserr nope 10:55:48
modacouserr i use the freenode qwebirc 10:56:10
modacouserr right, now it asked for my pin 10:56:44
modacouserr and it isnt all messed up 10:56:55
Pad^ For some reason I can't put a slider lock screen 10:57:24
Pad^ I says that is disabled by device admin 10:57:34
modacouserr 10:57:57
Pad^ fixed it somehow 10:58:25
modacouserr was typing my wifi apssword 10:58:48
modacouserr accidentally clicked into 2 message box's that appeared both from google, they did it on purpose :@ 10:59:13
modacouserr again, half english, half portuguese ehehehe 11:00:10
Uživatel „fpb“ opustil místnost (Quit: fpb). 11:03:10
modacouserr shet 11:04:01
modacouserr my home button still doesnt work 11:04:12
modacouserr oh im fucked, no launcher? lol 11:05:00
cybojenix Uživatel „cybojenix“ je nyní znám jako cybohidden. 11:05:32
Pad^ Dazzozo updated from beebop, phone G300, everything seems to be working fine 11:05:42
Pad^ Thanks for your work 11:05:46
MrBlacksmith Uživatel MrBlacksmith [5ddb1d30@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 11:08:31
modacouserr woooow weird 11:09:05
MrBlacksmith Installation oft androirc fails in 4.4: 11:09:10
modacouserr home button is working! 11:09:16
modacouserr now i need a launcher 11:09:36
MrBlacksmith Installation in USB storage or .... failed 11:09:41
Pad^ modacouserr nova launcher 11:09:48
modacouserr no, i have one, i actually need to install it without an app drawer 11:10:10
MrBlacksmith only acces IRC via webchaz via chrome coz aosp Browser is veeeeeery slow 11:10:37
MrBlacksmith but chrome installing works just fine 11:13:44
modacouserr http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oohFGOmcxuo 11:13:54
modacouserr "here i go again" 11:13:59
modacouserr YEAH /0/ 11:14:05
SilvesterBot Project android build cm-11.0 - cm_u8951-userdebug: SUCCESS in 1 hr 9 min: http://jenkins.thebronasium.com/job/android/386/ 11:16:29
MrBlacksmith /me staring all the time on androidversion 4.4.1 --who else? 11:17:20
modacouserr holy shet, i started playing that youtube song because im installing again, and when phone started to boot, the music ended 11:17:31
modacouserr mrblacksmith: what does it change really? 11:17:51
modacouserr /me wishes the g300 works just fine now 11:18:11
MrBlacksmith so when i install androirc it sais: installation on usb-storage or sdcard failed (( -why? 11:19:57
modacouserr weird 11:20:16
MrBlacksmith @modacouser: it just looks nice -i like numbers... 11:21:16
modacouserr i think im finally done 11:21:59
simpleirc1 Uživatel simpleirc1 [~MrBlacksm@p5DDB1D30.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] vstoupil do místnosti. 11:25:09
simpleirc1 other irc but now i cant edit nick to MrBlacksmith, coz the option doesnt seem 2 work 11:27:16
simpleirc1 now it does lol 11:27:28
modacouserr what about tilal's holoirc? 11:29:48
modacouserr i use it all the time, it is pretty nice 11:29:58
Uživatel „MrBlacksmith“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 250 seconds). 11:30:07
djuroue what about not.bar transparency 11:34:42
simpleirc1 1 question: where is the setting: "use volumebuttons for mov cursor" ? 11:37:59
simpleirc1 dont find it 11:38:09
simpleirc1 sb already tried art? 11:39:57
Dazzozo answers to "where is the setting" are obvious 11:40:39
Dazzozo CM hasn't merged them yet 11:40:51
simpleirc1 oh sad 11:41:48
Dazzozo i dont make CM, i dont control whats in it 11:41:50
simpleirc1 11:42:05
simpleirc1 i jnow 11:42:12
simpleirc1 would b better then 11:42:21
simpleirc1 u "only" port source for our phones 11:42:53
simpleirc1 still very much work though 11:43:10
simpleirc1 is ART working good? 11:43:29
simpleirc1 i mean usable? 11:43:50
simpleirc1 @daz do u know why aosp browser is so slow? 11:44:41
lakyljuk1 Uživatel lakyljuk1 [~holoirc@] vstoupil do místnosti. 11:49:05
modacouserr use external sd as default isnt working , right? 11:49:14
modacouserr dazzozo: everything is working as expected, the home button and pin 11:50:28
simpleirc1 i dont use it yet anyway coz my sd is very slow 11:50:30
simpleirc1 the browser too? 11:50:51
modacouserr class4 food for me 11:50:58
modacouserr simpleirc1: aosp browser is very very veyr very slow since beepbeep, moved to chrome 11:51:18
modacouserr kinda got a bit faster since beepbeep lol 11:51:26
simpleirc1 me too 11:51:27
lakyljuk1 Hi. What about apps moved to sdcard, in first build they were deleted after restart. Is it solved now, or i should wait? Thanks. 11:51:45
simpleirc1 donno 11:51:59
modacouserr apps that use webviews and related, have small bugs, like text corruption, letter blackouts 11:52:04
simpleirc1 but battery is good 11:53:11
simpleirc1 1h of INTENSIVE using full display light and so on drained ab 15% 11:53:41
simpleirc1 62% by display 11:53:54
simpleirc1 android system 10% os6% 11:54:25
modacouserr yup, it god a major improvement since 4.3 11:54:35
modacouserr got 11:54:38
simpleirc1 not too bad 11:54:40
simpleirc1 and its so FFFFAAASST 11:55:18
simpleirc1 <3 you r a god dazz, no need 2 denie 11:56:09
simpleirc1 *deny 11:56:48
Uživatel „lakyljuk1“ opustil místnost (Quit: lakyljuk1). 12:01:53
joandrade Uživatel joandrade [~j@bl21-45-69.dsl.telepac.pt] vstoupil do místnosti. 12:04:28
djuroue yeah 12:08:29
modacouserr i cant login to calendar app 12:08:32
djuroue and fucking facebook app using 75 mbs of ram 12:08:36
djuroue FUCK IT 12:08:39
modacouserr google server communication problem 12:08:55
hecatae Uživatel hecatae [~hecatae@host-78-150-103-188.as13285.net] vstoupil do místnosti. 12:11:27
MrBlacksmith Uživatel MrBlacksmith [~LionOfApr@p5DDB1D30.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] vstoupil do místnosti. 12:12:30
joandrade sync is flaky for me as well 12:13:02
Uživatel „simpleirc1“ opustil místnost (Quit: Remote host closed the connection). 12:15:09
Pad^ Why does everyone says that the browser is laggy on CM11? 12:19:33
Pad^ Firefox is very speedy here 12:19:40
djuroue yahoo weather inside CLock is not working for me 12:20:00
djuroue it doesnt display weather ond widget 12:20:12
joandrade <Pad^> Why does everyone says that the browser is laggy on CM11? 12:20:42
joandrade because it is lol 12:20:46
joandrade the stock browser at least 12:20:51
Dazzozo it really isnt o_o 12:21:05
djuroue i will try firefox 12:21:14
Dazzozo also apparently SOME people have a green bar in youtube 12:21:35
Dazzozo only some. 12:21:37
Dazzozo fuck this shit im done 12:21:40
joandrade I'm sorry 12:22:59
joandrade it is much faster now 12:23:04
joandrade I had just tried the sign in part and that's as laggy as it was on beepbeep 12:23:22
djuroue i just saw 202mb free ram when i exited firefox browser 12:25:11
djuroue hahaha 12:25:13
joandrade lol 12:25:19
Morticians Uživatel Morticians [~Samuel@] vstoupil do místnosti. 12:25:20
Dazzozo "the rom is much much slower than the stock rom!" 12:27:14
Dazzozo why does this surprise people honestly 12:27:18
Dazzozo its to be expected now 12:27:34
Dazzozo its unsupported hardware 12:27:40
joandrade exactly 12:27:44
MrBlacksmith for me the stock boowser is so laggy, that i cant even scroll i have two wait10secs after touching the screen else it crashes, but not asop browser work fine 12:27:53
Dazzozo its just gonna get worse from here folks 12:27:54
MrBlacksmith but the rest is MUCH faster 12:28:13
Dazzozo well the obvious explanation for that is the chromium webview 12:28:24
djuroue g300 device can be used on every new rom only as a phone and with a few apps ... 12:29:16
djuroue for everything else ... 12:29:19
djuroue get a 2 gig ram phone with quad core 12:29:27
djuroue if u wanna multitasking smooth 12:29:32
djuroue that's my opinion,.,,, 12:29:37
Dazzozo yep 12:29:49
djuroue you cannot make fast machine from g300 12:29:55
joandrade you get what you pay for 12:29:58
djuroue it is almost a 2 year old model 12:30:04
djuroue i got it for free for 13 euro monthly fee 12:30:18
djuroue it is good for those money 12:30:25
Dazzozo the worst thing is 12:31:41
Dazzozo people just look at the numbers 12:31:47
exploder Uživatel exploder [~exploder@82-160-139-28.tktelekom.pl] vstoupil do místnosti. 12:32:45
MrBlacksmith but hte translations (at least the german translation) of cm11 is incomplete 12:32:47
exploder yup 12:32:52
exploder in polish too 12:33:03
exploder standard 12:33:09
exploder btw. hi 12:33:20
Dazzozo "its a dual core phone! HTC One mini is dual core" 12:33:21
MrBlacksmith but english is better anyway 12:33:25
djuroue i love english language on electronic devices 12:33:30
Dazzozo "why doesnt it run like a htc one mini" 12:33:30
MrBlacksmith YEAH 12:33:36
djuroue i never used my language on phones, computers, televisions etc 12:33:42
MrBlacksmith also fedora has pretty incomplete trasnations 12:34:00
djuroue too bad that the camera app cannot be set to use internal or external memory 12:34:07
MrBlacksmith but on gimp i changed trasnlation, otherwise d ont understand 12:34:21
exploder idk if you wrote about this, but there is any solution to get working GApps on ART? 12:35:06
Dazzozo you might want to get ART working at all in the first place 12:35:28
MrBlacksmith ill better wait for full art supp 12:35:35
Dazzozo since it doesnt work in CM yet 12:35:36
MrBlacksmith hmm 12:35:44
Dazzozo or at least it didnt on 4.4 12:35:50
Dazzozo dunno about 4.4.1 12:35:52
MrBlacksmith if they didnt merge the volume-cursor-control option im curious if they implemented ART yet 12:36:25
exploder on samsung s3 mini gapps works pretty nice with art on cm11 12:36:53
MrBlacksmith r cm11 nightles daily? 12:36:56
djuroue hmmm 12:37:28
Dazzozo ye 12:37:35
djuroue nightly term means that .... 12:37:36
djuroue 12:37:37
Dazzozo 10.2 is weekly 12:37:38
djuroue it is made every night 12:37:43
MrBlacksmith i had a few "nighllies" on my phone that werent daily 12:38:40
MrBlacksmith they used it as a sysnonym for alpha 12:38:53
EloYGomeZ Uživatel EloYGomeZ [~EloYGomeZ@130.Red-217-125-208.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] vstoupil do místnosti. 12:40:15
Pad^ @Dazzozo | "the rom is much much slower than the stock rom!" 12:40:18
Pad^ I don't know what kind of G300 I must have 12:40:28
Pad^ but mine is better than ever :/ 12:40:34
Dazzozo lol 12:40:48
Dazzozo honestly, I think the G300 is the better device 12:40:59
Dazzozo seriously 12:41:00
Dazzozo out of the two 12:41:02
joandrade compared to? 12:41:27
Dazzozo Y300 12:41:32
MrBlacksmith y300 i guess 12:41:34
MrBlacksmith of couse its better# 12:41:40
Dazzozo the touchscreen on the Y300 feels like it has some awful input lag 12:42:03
Dazzozo and the screen feels really cheap 12:42:08
Dazzozo the whole device feels really cheap tbh 12:42:13
Dazzozo G300 felt more premium 12:42:17
Dazzozo Y300 can get pretty hot too 12:42:28
Pad^ And yes, it seems that stock browser is very crashy, but to be honest, who uses this? 12:42:30
Dazzozo and when a phone is hot it feels cheap, idk why 12:42:35
Dazzozo the 2nd core doesnt really help in most cases 12:43:06
MrBlacksmith but its handyon cold winter evenings 12:43:14
MrBlacksmith and the design is better 12:43:34
joandrade i get it 12:43:37
Dazzozo you can have 40 cores, doesnt mean shit when 39 of them are offline all the time 12:43:37
MrBlacksmith (imo) 12:43:43
Pad^ yeah 12:43:48
Kyan31 Uživatel Kyan31 [~kyanbelge@] vstoupil do místnosti. 12:44:11
Kyan31 hi 12:44:14
joandrade yo 12:44:26
Kyan31 i just updated to the latest kk nightly, pretty great 12:44:51
Dazzozo so yeah i'd say theres just as much life in the G300 12:44:53
MrBlacksmith its same as with optimus technology on linux: u have a good GPU but means nth if the nVidida drivers r scuh random shit 12:44:53
Dazzozo the G300's main concern is system space 12:45:07
Dazzozo we're getting close 12:45:12
Dazzozo we're not there yet 12:45:14
Dazzozo but with gapps increasing at the rate they do 12:45:19
Pad^ MrBlacksmith optimus is actually usuable with bumblebebee 12:45:20
Dazzozo we're getting close 12:45:22
MrBlacksmith not all r really supp 12:45:33
MrBlacksmith i mean good 12:45:39
joandrade <Dazzozo> the G300's main concern is system space 12:45:57
joandrade we can still swap the partitions the way you did for ubuntu 12:46:05
Dazzozo of course 12:46:08
Dazzozo but thats a pain in the neck 12:46:14
joandrade as a last resort 12:46:14
Pad^ Dazzozo by the work you have been doing, it's amazing how a phone like this can last until now 12:46:16
MrBlacksmith but the good news ab this is that i only disovored Fedora for me coz i searched for an up2date alternatvie to ubuntu crap 12:46:26
MrBlacksmith with a cool kernel 12:47:00
MrBlacksmith like 3.11 12:47:04
MrBlacksmith works smooth 12:47:18
Pad^ I mean, I have no reason to upgrade, KitKat feels great, the performance is quite good and the battery life can last quite long compared to some phones 12:47:41
MrBlacksmith +1 12:47:54
joandrade as a reference, how big is the system space on a N4/N5? 12:49:03
Uživatel „Morticians“ opustil místnost (Quit). 12:49:05
MrBlacksmith @dazz which programminglanguage is most useful 2 learn if u want to make such cool work like u do (yeah syntax is not everything but...) 12:49:13
joandrade C 12:49:26
MrBlacksmith standard or C++ ? 12:49:39
MrBlacksmith but some of android is also based on java 12:50:06
joandrade kernel is in C 12:50:09
joandrade device stuff in C++ 12:50:15
joandrade that's the app part 12:50:19
MrBlacksmith and java? 12:50:25
MrBlacksmith wasnt there anything ab that= 12:50:32
joandrade we don't really mess with that java part 12:50:37
MrBlacksmith k 12:50:43
Dazzozo joandrade: 1GB 12:50:51
Dazzozo pretty much dead 12:50:54
joandrade ok 12:51:03
Pad^ 1GB? On G300? 12:51:09
Uživatel „jordilopez94“ opustil místnost (Quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer). 12:51:10
Dazzozo no 12:51:12
Dazzozo N5 12:51:13
Pad^ ah 12:51:15
Dazzozo MrBlacksmith: you almost never need to change java as a device maintainer 12:51:22
Dazzozo but really 12:51:38
MrBlacksmith ok 12:51:38
Dazzozo you dont write much code at all 12:51:41
MrBlacksmith but understanding is a need 12:52:04
Dazzozo i wish it involved writing more code 12:52:32
Dazzozo but it doesnt 12:52:33
MrBlacksmith but im 15 so ive got a bit time left 12:52:36
Dazzozo lol this release is killing apache 12:52:52
joandrade it's just poking around 12:52:57
joandrade lol 12:52:58
joandrade <MrBlacksmith> but im 15 so ive got a bit time left 12:53:18
MrBlacksmith ? 12:53:29
joandrade you can always try and build 12:53:31
Dazzozo every time i underestimate how crazy popular these releases are 12:53:38
joandrade that'll give you a notion of setting up the environments and all that 12:53:51
~exploder Uživatel „exploder“ opustil místnost (Part). 12:54:01
Dazzozo building can be pretty fun 12:54:03
joandrade yeah 12:54:07
Dazzozo thats pretty much all i do for my N5 12:54:11
Dazzozo a few minor changes, but 12:54:17
MrBlacksmith yeah but have almost no tie, coz my parents r strictly against pc and ALL around (not only gaming) 12:54:21
MrBlacksmith *time 12:54:33
joandrade sucks 12:54:40
MrBlacksmith 1h a day 12:54:41
Dazzozo slap em 12:54:43
joandrade lol 12:54:47
MrBlacksmith easy said 12:54:55
Dazzozo *i dont actually condone slapping them 12:54:59
joandrade 1h is enough to set the build environment 12:55:08
joandrade tell it to sync, then come back the next day 12:55:17
joandrade build, come back the next day 12:55:24
MrBlacksmith i cant leave my pc online 12:55:26
MrBlacksmith have to shut it down 12:55:32
joandrade oh 12:55:57
MrBlacksmith and when i go 2 handball trainging im not alllwoeed to access pc anyway 12:56:10
MrBlacksmith so 7days a week -2 days handball -2 days 10/11h school -1/-0 day coz of handball game 12:56:49
fpb Uživatel fpb [~fpb@] vstoupil do místnosti. 12:57:00
MrBlacksmith makes 2h/3h a week 12:57:03
MrBlacksmith not pretty much :/ 12:57:10
MrBlacksmith but im working on my parents 12:57:38
g510 Uživatel g510 [c1961311@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 12:57:38
MrBlacksmith 12:57:43
joandrade lol 12:57:45
MrBlacksmith during 2 years double my pc-time 12:58:04
MrBlacksmith ascending 12:58:07
Dazzozo http://www.modaco.com/topic/367021-kk-441-cyanogenmod-110-rom-all-nightly-builds-available/?p=2179947 12:59:36
Dazzozo fuck these people 12:59:38
Dazzozo assumptions assumptions assumptions 12:59:41
MrBlacksmith but ill ask my mother now maybe she allows me 2 go on pc (shes more moderate than my father -hes teacher for children who r computer/drug/---addicted 13:00:25
Pad^ Hahaha "the browsers lag is caused by the hw acceleration," 13:00:34
MrBlacksmith so he has FEAR me to be so too 13:00:37
Dazzozo Pad^: yeah :| 13:00:43
Pad^ I love how anything that is wrong with the rom is due to HW 13:00:46
Dazzozo i cant wait to get out of android as soon as possible 13:00:53
Dazzozo lol 13:00:53
MrBlacksmith of course 13:00:57
joandrade <Pad^> Hahaha "the browsers lag is caused by the hw acceleration," 13:01:05
joandrade wtf 13:01:06
lakyljuk Dazz, this Vold switchable pair fetarure - do you think it can solve "moved apps to sd card are deleted after reboot". Thanks. 13:01:13
MrBlacksmith tats the scapegoat 13:01:20
Dazzozo people love throwing around the "hw acceleration" terminology 13:01:22
joandrade it's moar fast 13:01:37
Pad^ Dazzozo just close your eyes to those comments, look at the good side of the community 13:01:39
Dazzozo lakyljuk: pretty sure that's a separate issue, and it's not a device specific one either 13:01:47
Dazzozo vold switching just swaps the mount points 13:02:07
lakyljuk oh, ok, thanks 13:03:28
Dazzozo didnt omni have a fix, icr 13:03:35
Dazzozo its chaos atm 13:03:40
Dazzozo im not even sure we should be doing nightlies but we are anyway 13:03:51
~fpb Uživatel „fpb“ opustil místnost (Part). 13:09:50
Uživatel „g510“ opustil místnost (Quit: Page closed). 13:09:51
djuroueee Uživatel djuroueee [~Ahil82@cable-178-149-165-60.dynamic.sbb.rs] vstoupil do místnosti. 13:13:02
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Uživatel „djuroueee“ opustil místnost (Quit). 13:18:26
Kyan Uživatel Kyan [~kyanbelge@genkt-051-238.t-mobile.co.uk] vstoupil do místnosti. 13:18:27
Uživatel „MrBlacksmith“ opustil místnost (Quit: Leaving.). 13:18:49
Uživatel „Kyan“ opustil místnost (Quit: Client Quit). 13:19:21
Uživatel „joandrade“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 240 seconds). 13:20:38
Uživatel „Kyan31“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 246 seconds). 13:20:39
MrBlacksmith Uživatel MrBlacksmith [~LionOfApr@p5DDB1D30.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] vstoupil do místnosti. 13:22:49
~LionOfApr Uživatel „MrBlacksmith“ opustil místnost (Part). 13:22:52
Dazzozo why are O2 sending me class 0 SMS 13:25:12
modacouserr i read something about that few days ago 13:31:04
modacouserr some security break that allowed those message sto restart the device etc 13:31:22
modacouserr dazzozo: http://www.androidpolice.com/2013/11/29/sms-vulnerability-in-nexus-devices-can-be-exploited-to-force-a-reboot-or-kill-cellular-connectivity/ 13:32:02
Dazzozo yeah 13:32:10
Dazzozo not my Nexus fortunately 13:32:16
Dazzozo theyre sending it to the G300 13:32:20
modacouserr hmm good for you 13:32:30
Dazzozo im not actually with O2 13:32:36
modacouserr hmmm, weird ? 13:32:47
modacouserr PLEASE NO 13:33:19
modacouserr i restored wifi + wallpaper 13:33:33
modacouserr and it didnt stopped asking for pin 13:33:44
modacouserr jesus 13:33:46
modacouserr not again 13:33:48
MrBlacksmith Uživatel MrBlacksmith [~MrBlacksm@p5DDB1D30.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] vstoupil do místnosti. 13:33:49
MrBlacksmith how 2 fix green bar and colour corruption in videos? 13:34:25
modacouserr dazzozo: ^ he has it 13:35:21
Dazzozo oooo 13:35:26
Dazzozo i cant even get it to happen 13:35:31
modacouserr daz, it killed my home button again :@ 13:36:23
modacouserr 3rd time i'll do the install process 13:36:43
Dazzozo mine is working fine 13:37:39
Dazzozo on the G300 too 13:37:42
Dazzozo and its not something that changes either 13:37:57
Dazzozo we've had the same button configuration since ics 13:38:03
MrBlacksmith so maybe u should make topic where everyone shell ppst his devices specs + green bar yes/no 13:38:15
MrBlacksmith like when hynx memory 13:38:30
MrBlacksmith maybe that helps (it pretty much should) 13:39:09
modacouserr i think it happens when i restore my wallpaper 13:40:43
modacouserr because i restored wifi before and np 13:40:51
Dazzozo waat 13:41:06
modacouserr yup, it stops asking the pin code and home button just wont work 13:41:29
modacouserr same happened when i ota updated today 13:41:50
modacouserr creating update.zip with apps, it's faster to restore this way lol 13:42:18
MrBlacksmith googling the greenbar issue: for dom activating hw-accelaration solved for som deactivating did it (cross-platform chrome + ff) 13:44:27
MrBlacksmith O.o 13:44:32
Dazzozo well, thats not really a "fix" 13:45:00
Dazzozo 13:45:00
MrBlacksmith maybe thisoption "reloads" other options which make this issue 13:45:02
MrBlacksmith could imaginate that 13:45:48
modacouserr my phone is drunk lol 13:51:50
modacouserr was installing the update.zip created with titanium backup 13:52:00
modacouserr half way it rebooted by itself 13:52:09
modacouserr 13:52:10
modacouserr let's see if it asks for pin now 13:52:23
Dazzozo i would love to know how you guys have so much trouble with android 13:52:52
Dazzozo lol 13:52:53
Dazzozo it literally "just works" for me and always has 13:53:00
MrBlacksmith 10.2 and 10.1 did too 13:54:20
MrBlacksmith (and cm7 for another device too 13:54:38
MrBlacksmith but cm11 ... 13:54:49
modacouserr yup, pin is here now 13:55:05
modacouserr dazzozo: well, i have no idea it just seems to happen sometimes 13:55:14
modacouserr with ery stupid things 13:55:20
MrBlacksmith http://lists.helixcommunity.org/pipermail/android-port-dev/2011-May/001586.html 13:57:41
MrBlacksmith they seemed to have fixed in froyo with something video decidimv stuff 13:58:12
Uživatel „EloYGomeZ“ opustil místnost (Quit: Saliendo). 13:58:38
EloYGomeZ Uživatel EloYGomeZ [~EloYGomeZ@130.Red-217-125-208.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] vstoupil do místnosti. 13:58:56
MrBlacksmith or this: http://www.modaco.com/topic/324490-froyo-roms-youtube-hq-video-fix/ 13:59:35
MrBlacksmith ill try it 13:59:41
Eloimuns Uživatel Eloimuns [~eloimuns@209.pool85-55-229.dynamic.orange.es] vstoupil do místnosti. 14:00:23
MrBlacksmith sadly ther is no such bool 14:01:55
MrBlacksmith @daz should i creat the entry? 14:02:15
Dazzozo hmm? 14:02:22
MrBlacksmith 2nd link 14:02:33
MrBlacksmith fixes the green bar bug on froyo 14:02:51
MrBlacksmith by editing buildprop 14:02:58
Dazzozo go ahead 14:03:07
MrBlacksmith but there is no media.... bool 14:03:16
Dazzozo thats not a problem 14:03:23
MrBlacksmith so shell i create it? 14:03:28
Dazzozo sure 14:03:31
MrBlacksmith ok cu ag after rebooz 14:03:41
Dazzozo if they arent explicitly set, the code that reads them assumes a default 14:03:44
Dazzozo ok i found why vold switching isnt working 14:04:25
Uživatel „MrBlacksmith“ opustil místnost (Quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer). 14:05:58
MrBlacksmith Uživatel MrBlacksmith [~MrBlacksm@p5DDB1D30.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] vstoupil do místnosti. 14:09:03
MrBlacksmith id love 2 say that this ld fix but it didnt 14:09:33
Dazzozo lol 14:09:44
Dazzozo welcome to the life of a device maintainer 14:10:00
Dazzozo "damn, I wish that was the fix" 14:10:10
MrBlacksmith lol 14:10:11
Dazzozo so many times where it feels like it SHOULD be the fix too 14:10:28
Dazzozo those are the worst 14:10:50
MrBlacksmith maybe we should look upwhat tgis line should edit in froyo google changed names often 14:10:54
MrBlacksmith but thers nth similar on build prop 14:11:17
Pad^ MrBlacksmith I know that you are young and that english may not be your mother tongue but try to speak better english 14:12:11
Pad^ It's really hard to understand what you are saying sometimes 14:12:25
MrBlacksmith mostly typos 14:12:55
MrBlacksmith but ill try 14:13:13
MrBlacksmith ive found a workin "fix": 14:13:38
MrBlacksmith disable HQ 14:13:43
Dazzozo nearly got vold switching working 14:13:44
MrBlacksmith (in YT) 14:13:54
Dazzozo thats not really a fix though 14:14:05
MrBlacksmith yeah 14:14:15
MrBlacksmith but it works O.o 14:15:17
MrBlacksmith Media framework 14:16:54
MrBlacksmith the line disables that 14:17:04
MrBlacksmith so do u know if there is a mediaframework change from 4.3-4.4.1? 14:17:37
MrBlacksmith @anyone 14:18:13
Dazzozo i dont think there was many 14:18:53
MrBlacksmith Resolution switching through adaptive playback 14:21:22
MrBlacksmith it fits 14:22:22
MrBlacksmith http, stream, framework 14:22:43
MrBlacksmith + resolution switching 14:24:45
Dazzozo i have it working but christ almighty its hacky 14:25:43
Dazzozo i need to change the Settings app side to make it less hacky 14:26:00
MrBlacksmith hope the txt above helps 14:26:30
MrBlacksmith installed an alternative video framework for vimeo and that works 14:38:02
tilal6991|away Uživatel „tilal6991|away“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991. 14:38:17
MrBlacksmith but yt doesnt use it ofcourse 14:38:53
MrBlacksmith @daz which "arm-version" is y300 14:39:37
MrBlacksmith armv7+neon or armv6 14:40:35
Dazzozo armv7-a-neon 14:41:00
MrBlacksmith ok thx 14:41:08
MrBlacksmith i thought so but vimeo is veeery slow with thus codec 14:41:28
MrBlacksmith *this 14:41:33
Dazzozo tilal6991: can you think of a better way of me getting the sdcard's fstab label other than taking the EXTERNAL_STORAGE path and cutting off "/storage/"? 14:44:55
Dazzozo in the Settings app 14:45:06
Dazzozo its not like I can access the fstab_recs 14:45:41
tilal6991 Dazzozo: Yeah I think that's the only way 14:47:29
tilal6991 I can't think of any other way 14:47:49
Dazzozo I either have to do that in the Settings app or in DirectVolume in vold 14:47:58
Dazzozo which suxxxx 14:48:00
Dazzozo mmmmmm actually im gonna do it in DirectVolume 14:48:48
Dazzozo I can think of a kinda neat way of doing it 14:48:53
Dazzozo without hardcoding "/storage/" 14:49:06
Dazzozo which is what i want to avoid 14:49:09
tilal6991 Yeah Google might change it easily 14:50:01
rymate1234 guys IE11 isn't bad 14:52:26
tilal6991 Uživatel „rymate1234“ byl vykopnut uživatelem tilal6991: never say stuff like that. 14:53:36
tilal6991 And that's the last we ever heard of him 14:53:49
rymate1234 Uživatel rymate1234 [uid16709@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-ybqsrfxkvupjreos] vstoupil do místnosti. 14:54:23
ChanServ Uživatel „ChanServ“ nastavil uživateli „rymate1234“ režim +v. 14:54:23
rymate1234 pls 14:54:30
tilal6991 Lol 14:54:40
rymate1234 I r srs 14:54:50
rymate1234 ie11 is best ie yet 14:54:54
tilal6991 OK but best IE isn't saying much 14:55:10
rymate1234 it is actually pretty fast 14:55:38
tilal6991 Do you want another kick? 14:56:04
rymate1234 tilal6991: wat 14:56:37
MrBlacksmith i dont like ie 14:56:46
tilal6991 rymate1234: a kick from the channel 14:56:52
rymate1234 srsly IE11 is decent 14:56:55
rymate1234 tilal6991: I know what you meant 14:57:05
tilal6991 Oh OK 14:57:11
tilal6991 Then this shouldn't hurt too much 14:57:19
MrBlacksmith not opensource -100 14:57:20
tilal6991 Uživatel „rymate1234“ byl vykopnut uživatelem tilal6991: When will you learn?. 14:57:29
MrBlacksmith by m$ -1000 14:57:37
MrBlacksmith ... 14:57:43
rymate1234 Uživatel rymate1234 [uid16709@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-ybqsrfxkvupjreos] vstoupil do místnosti. 14:57:44
ChanServ Uživatel „ChanServ“ nastavil uživateli „rymate1234“ režim +v. 14:57:44
MrBlacksmith lol 14:57:51
MrBlacksmith by m$ -1000 14:57:57
rymate1234 MrBlacksmith: chrome isn't open source either 14:58:05
rymate1234 14:58:11
MrBlacksmith chromium??? 14:58:17
tilal6991 > Chrome 14:58:18
rymate1234 well 14:58:26
rymate1234 yeah 14:58:28
MrBlacksmith yes 14:58:32
tilal6991 Chrome != Chromium 14:58:36
tilal6991 Just as AOSP != Google's Android 14:58:49
rymate1234 ^ 14:58:50
MrBlacksmith i use chromium 14:58:52
MrBlacksmith i didnt say chrome ld b better that ie 14:59:12
tilal6991 > Chromium 14:59:13
tilal6991 Firefox 14:59:18
MrBlacksmith yeah ff good too 14:59:29
MrBlacksmith but sloooow 14:59:34
MrBlacksmith (if u have multicore) 14:59:48
rymate1234 IE11 is faster than firefox 14:59:49
tilal6991 I'll never get back the years I wasted in school using Ie 14:59:50
MrBlacksmith ie11 isnt faster 15:00:05
rymate1234 although I don't have hundreds of tabs open in chrome 15:00:05
rymate1234 also wtf does ie11 have autocorrect 15:00:14
MrBlacksmith it steals systemdpeed 15:00:15
MrBlacksmith afk 15:00:18
MrBlacksmith bullshit imo 15:00:30
joandrade Uživatel joandrade [~j@bl21-45-69.dsl.telepac.pt] vstoupil do místnosti. 15:10:56
Dazzozo http://pocketnow.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/JWhite.jpg 15:11:11
Dazzozo SATAN WHITE 15:11:13
Dazzozo > 15:11:26
joandrade I read Santa white 15:12:31
Dazzozo tilal6991: strstr(second, Volume::FUSE_DIR); 15:13:22
Dazzozo lol 15:13:22
Pad^ "Ebay review: Phone sucks, there is no screen, there is only a camera and a flash. I mean, what's this, a camera? 1 Start" 15:13:23
Dazzozo this much hax 15:13:29
Pad^ * star 15:13:29
rymate1234 Pad^: wat 15:15:14
tilal6991 Dazzozo: Legacy OMX needs redone for 4.4.1 15:15:19
Dazzozo wait what 15:15:24
Dazzozo who 15:15:27
Dazzozo how 15:15:27
Dazzozo why 15:15:28
tilal6991 There have been big changes to av 15:15:43
Dazzozo gr8 15:15:47
Dazzozo im still using a 4.4.0 av lol 15:15:56
Dazzozo v0v 15:15:58
tilal6991 Dazzozo: encoderSupportsCameraSourceMetaDataMode 15:16:00
Dazzozo "redone" is an exaggeration right 15:16:12
tilal6991 Also debug.camcorder.disablemeta - not needed because of ^^ 15:16:15
Dazzozo o neat 15:16:23
tilal6991 Dazzozo: Well bits need rewritten 15:16:25
Dazzozo o 15:16:50
Dazzozo kk 15:16:50
Apacer Uživatel Apacer [irc2gowebc@cable-188-246-58-155.dynamic.kdsinter.net] vstoupil do místnosti. 15:22:35
Uživatel „Apacer“ opustil místnost (Quit: Client Quit). 15:24:44
Morticians Uživatel Morticians [~Samuel@] vstoupil do místnosti. 15:50:22
MrBlacksmith1 Uživatel MrBlacksmith1 [~LionOfApr@p5DDB1D30.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] vstoupil do místnosti. 16:02:18
Dazzozo tilal6991: this works but its ugly as fuck 16:02:18
Dazzozo strlen(Volume::FUSE_DIR) + 1 16:02:20
Dazzozo lol 16:02:22
MrBlacksmith1 @daz have u an idea ab hte green-bar-issue? 16:02:45
MrBlacksmith1 *the 16:02:51
Dazzozo why would i have an idea on that 16:03:01
MrBlacksmith1 donno 16:03:06
Dazzozo given that i havent worked on it for months 16:03:06
Dazzozo i can only do one thing at a time 16:03:32
Dazzozo people are crying about the vold switching, im working on that 16:03:39
Dazzozo i cant just hop to different things all the time or nothing gets done 16:03:49
MrBlacksmith1 just wanted 2 check up 16:03:51
MrBlacksmith1 i wont bother u ab that coz for me its not too improatnt but i jsut wanted to knwo if there'ld b news ab that 16:04:32
Dazzozo i will work on it at some point if i dont commit android suicide before then 16:05:04
Rostilj Uživatel Rostilj [~Milos@109-93-129-138.dynamic.isp.telekom.rs] vstoupil do místnosti. 16:05:22
Rostilj yo 16:05:30
Dazzozo hi 16:05:36
Rostilj There is no launcher in G300's nightly 16:06:01
Rostilj I don't know why 16:06:09
Dazzozo there is... 16:06:13
Dazzozo jesus christ 16:06:17
Rostilj LoL 16:06:30
Dazzozo i think you can safely assume there's a goddamn launcher 16:06:34
MrBlacksmith1 Lol 16:06:38
Dazzozo and whatever issue you're having is a local one 16:06:40
Rostilj When i install home button won't work 16:06:51
Dazzozo wipe 16:07:05
MrBlacksmith1 Thats a known issue ure number 2 than 16:07:10
Dazzozo its not 16:07:14
Rostilj I do that 16:07:20
Dazzozo modacouserr's issue happened when restoring shit 16:07:22
MrBlacksmith1 home button not working 16:07:22
MrBlacksmith1 oh 16:07:28
Dazzozo so here's the fix: don't restore shit 16:07:35
Rostilj and i installed launcher apk through adb 16:07:35
Rostilj from beepbeep 16:07:42
modacouserr Rostilj: got that also 16:07:43
Rostilj and it works 16:07:48
modacouserr format and do a clean install 16:07:55
modacouserr worked for m 16:07:57
modacouserr me 16:07:59
Dazzozo well there's a fuckin launcher on my G300 right fucking now 16:07:59
Dazzozo and i wiped everything 16:08:05
Dazzozo my home button works 16:08:08
Dazzozo explain, guys 16:08:09
MrBlacksmith1 mine too 16:08:14
Rostilj I don't know 16:08:16
modacouserr im trying to see waht's stealing my pin 16:08:18
joandrade yeah the launcher gets broken when you don't wipe 16:08:36
joandrade it'll just crash com.android.systemui, you can't do shit 16:08:55
MrBlacksmith1 @modacouserr why do u have double-r in ur name ? 16:08:57
joandrade just wipe everything 16:09:04
modacouserr mrblacksmith1: because this is how i registered at modaco dont remember, maybe there was already one modacouser there 16:09:35
Rostilj There is no overclock too? 16:09:48
Rostilj 2030 bb 16:09:51
Rostilj And everything else is good 16:10:03
Rostilj like it 16:10:05
MrBlacksmith1 thats a kernel-thingy 16:10:18
MrBlacksmith1 (OC) 16:10:20
MrBlacksmith1 and CeXste removed it temporaly (sadly) 16:10:40
Dazzozo overclocking hasn't been implemented on the 3.4 kernel yet 16:11:35
Rostilj I noticed that. 16:11:49
joandrade because we need a nice way to do it on dual core phones 16:11:50
rymate1234 woah worms 3d works on windows 7 16:12:39
MrBlacksmith1 a quick'n'dirty solution would suit some ppls needs too 16:12:59
MrBlacksmith1 worms 3? wow! 16:13:14
MrBlacksmith1 but Anno 1602 KE from 98 works, but slooooow 16:13:33
MrBlacksmith1 (on win7) 16:13:41
rymate1234 no worms 3d 16:13:41
Dazzozo MrBlacksmith: you will struggle to make me do "quick'n'dirty" 16:13:43
rymate1234 it's worms but 3D 16:13:48
MrBlacksmith1 16:13:49
rymate1234 and it's got the worst camera controls ever 16:14:01
MrBlacksmith1 better play it on Wine 16:14:02
rymate1234 worked better on my PS 16:14:12
Rostilj http://www.modaco.com/topic/367019-kk-441-cyanogenmod-110-rom-nightly-builds-available/?p=2179813 16:14:13
rymate1234 *PS2 16:14:14
MrBlacksmith1 Anno 14XX is bad too 16:14:20
Rostilj Why is OC under old baseband there? 16:14:22
Dazzozo because i copied that from the 10.2 thread 16:14:36
joandrade because it got copied from the 4.2 16:14:37
Rostilj lol 16:14:50
rymate1234 OJ 16:15:09
rymate1234 OH 16:15:10
rymate1234 THAT'S MUCH BETTER AIMING 16:15:15
rymate1234 K 16:15:16
modacouserr dazzozo: can i remove Dev Tools 1.0? 16:16:57
Dazzozo tilal6991: https://github.com/cyngn/android_vendor_cyngn 16:16:59
Dazzozo lol 16:16:59
Dazzozo modacouserr: yes 16:17:03
Dazzozo they're trying so hard to be google 16:17:20
Dazzozo its not even funny 16:17:22
tilal6991 Dazzozo: LOL 16:17:41
modacouserr what about Toolkit SIM ? 16:17:47
tilal6991 That's hilarious 16:17:50
Dazzozo modacouserr: up to you 16:18:00
modacouserr and voice+ 16:18:03
modacouserr ? 16:18:04
modacouserr what's that? 16:18:07
Dazzozo well, its the sim tool kit 16:18:13
modacouserr change pin etc right? 16:18:20
Dazzozo what it does depends on your network 16:18:22
Dazzozo for me, it does absolutely nothing and I don't even see it in the launcher 16:18:33
Dazzozo but on the spare sims I use it shows up 16:18:40
Dazzozo and has a bunch of stuff 16:18:42
modacouserr i always remove it, was wondering if that was causing the issue 16:18:51
Dazzozo Voice+ is CM garbage 16:18:59
modacouserr removed those 16:19:06
modacouserr gonna restart and see if it still aks for pin 16:19:13
rymate1234 the terrible controls is more challenging than the AI 16:19:13
rymate1234 Dazzozo: cm11 is cm garbage 16:19:38
rymate1234 :3 16:19:40
Dazzozo indeed 16:19:44
Dazzozo give me back my cm9 16:19:57
rymate1234 cm11 with the features of cm9? 16:20:26
Dazzozo no 16:20:40
Dazzozo cm without cm branding 16:20:42
modacouserr 16:20:47
Dazzozo CM where it was a bunch of people doing cool stuff 16:20:54
Dazzozo instead of brand all of the fucking things 16:21:00
modacouserr now im a fucking bootloop 16:21:04
modacouserr changed dpi 16:21:06
modacouserr that was it 16:21:08
modacouserr omg im sick of this 16:21:15
Dazzozo additionally: you could not change things 16:21:18
joandrade create a cm account!1 16:21:20
Dazzozo and ~everything would be fine~ 16:21:23
joandrade screw that 16:21:26
Dazzozo yeah i havent even made one 16:21:42
joandrade me neither 16:21:48
modacouserr x2 16:21:49
joandrade isn't kitkat supposed to have that remote wipe and find phone capability 16:22:04
MrBlacksmith1 but you wanted to build a AOSP 4.4anyway, didnt u? 16:22:24
joandrade aosp lacks a lot of hardware support 16:22:37
MrBlacksmith1 u have to activate deviceadmin 16:22:41
Dazzozo _Google_ has remote wipe capability 16:22:49
Dazzozo _KitKat_ doesn't 16:22:54
joandrade -.- 16:23:03
rymate1234 not sure I want google having wipe capability 16:23:05
Dazzozo you can't really do that kind of stuff without a server though 16:23:13
Papi Uživatel Papi [59995aa6@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 16:23:31
Papi hy 16:23:39
joandrade yeah but it would make sense 16:23:42
Dazzozo if you want non-google remote device stuff 16:23:42
Dazzozo go Prey 16:23:45
joandrade yes 16:23:50
Dazzozo Prey antitheft 16:23:50
Papi Dazzozo: one question please, in kitkat we have chance to put sd card to primary? 16:24:48
rymate1234 omg 16:25:05
rymate1234 action launcher ftw 16:25:08
MrBlacksmith1 u have chance that it works for u 16:26:22
modacouserr where's the dpi settings file located? 16:27:32
modacouserr etc? 16:27:34
rymate1234 no 16:27:45
rymate1234 build.prop 16:27:48
modacouserr oh got it 16:27:55
modacouserr lol 16:27:57
modacouserr right in frnt of my eyes 16:28:03
Dazzozo v0000000v 16:31:29
Dazzozo Papi: im fixing it right now 16:31:37
MrBlacksmith1 how did u stumbled over the name "SilvesterBot" ? 16:31:44
Dazzozo dunno actually 16:31:56
Papi Dazzozo: you are the man 16:32:25
Papi i wait for that 16:32:34
MrBlacksmith1 i think thats the most frequent answer ab sth that happened on silvester (German(silvester) = New Years Eve) 16:32:46
Papi i hame lost the NIGHTLY BUILDS from CM 10.2 16:33:41
Papi *i have 16:33:55
MrBlacksmith1 "(17:25:10) rymate1234: action launcher ftw" lol good advice 16:36:04
rymate1234 ^.^ 16:36:21
MrBlacksmith1 do u know lightnig launcher? 16:36:35
Dazzozo i just cant use action launcher 16:36:42
Dazzozo i cant let go of my app drawer ;-; 16:36:47
MrBlacksmith1 F*****g highly customizable 16:36:51
MrBlacksmith1 its crazy 16:37:13
modacouserr lightning launcher is the best for me 16:37:44
modacouserr using nova atm though 16:37:52
rymate1234 Dazzozo: get an app called "app drawer" 16:37:53
rymate1234 then you have it 16:37:56
Dazzozo wtf. 16:37:58
Dazzozo or 16:38:00
Dazzozo i could use nova 16:38:02
Dazzozo i bought it anyway because hes a cool guy 16:38:42
Papi Dazzozo: this time I have 10.2 can I upgrade with 11 over without wype? 16:39:40
Dazzozo in theory yes 16:39:49
Dazzozo in practice... people have had mixed results 16:39:55
Papi humm 16:40:04
Dazzozo which is really weird, because android is meant to be able to handle this stuff properly 16:40:08
Dazzozo and it does, on stock roms 16:40:17
Dazzozo but not CM 16:40:19
Dazzozo for... any device 16:40:22
rymate1234 so is ubuntu 16:40:22
Dazzozo pretty much. 16:40:27
Dazzozo wow 16:40:31
Dazzozo wow rymate1234 16:40:34
Dazzozo i didnt see that coming but damn 16:40:41
rymate1234 Ubuntu just..... fails 16:40:45
Dazzozo thats why i havent upgraded my server yet 16:40:52
Dazzozo i just cant be arsed to fix everything 16:41:00
Dazzozo which i inevitably will have to 16:41:03
rymate1234 whats ur server on??? 16:41:14
Dazzozo 13.04 16:41:16
rymate1234 should've stuck with LTS 16:41:25
Dazzozo IKR 16:41:29
Dazzozo i'll move before 13.04 is dropped ofc 16:41:36
Papi Dazzozo: and it is possible to have the original launcher of kitkat? the first test build had not 16:41:42
Dazzozo Papi: original launcher? 16:41:53
rhen Uživatel rhen [5985561a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/kiwiirc.com/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 16:41:57
rhen Yo 16:42:16
Dazzozo hi 16:42:21
rymate1234 worms pls 16:42:24
Papi yes! one that has the scenes of google 16:42:27
rymate1234 I cant aim 16:42:28
Dazzozo Papi: that's proprietary 16:42:36
Dazzozo its part of the google search app 16:42:39
Dazzozo its not a feature of kitkat 16:42:44
Dazzozo *sigh* this is gonna be a problem from now on isnt it 16:42:50
Dazzozo people are going to see nexus features, and ask where they are 16:42:56
Papi 16:43:06
rhen Dazzozo: the problem with google calendar sync can be, that you doesn't include CalendarProvider.apk in your gapps package 16:43:08
Dazzozo oh 16:43:19
Dazzozo gg 16:43:19
Dazzozo thats dumb 16:43:25
Papi Dazzozo: and you can fix that? 16:43:41
Dazzozo Papi: fix what 16:43:50
rhen Papi: you can add it manually to the /system 16:44:17
MrBlacksmith1 lol when i downloaded the rom i had Googles eperience launcher (or maybe it was included inGApps) 16:44:31
Papi i nead a tuturial :-/ 16:44:40
Dazzozo it is, but you need the N5's LauncherStub 16:44:50
MrBlacksmith1 flash gapps 16:44:57
Papi and the gapps have that? 16:45:20
MrBlacksmith1 think so 16:45:26
MrBlacksmith1 atleast i have it 16:45:30
Dazzozo whoa there are two different discussions going on here 16:45:37
Dazzozo GEL and calendar sync 16:45:46
MrBlacksmith1 yes 16:46:24
Papi for the GEL i have this in the gapps? 16:46:27
MrBlacksmith1 yes it is 16:46:32
Dazzozo depends what gapps you use 16:46:35
MrBlacksmith1 there is a googleHome.apk 16:46:40
MrBlacksmith1 (by CM 16:46:45
Dazzozo you need both Google Search and LauncherStub 16:46:46
MrBlacksmith1 http://wiki.cyanogenmod.org/w/Gapps 16:46:50
Dazzozo CM doesn't have gapps 16:46:51
MrBlacksmith1 this one 16:46:54
MrBlacksmith1 know 16:47:00
MrBlacksmith1 mean the one from cm wiki 16:47:07
MrBlacksmith1 there is GOoolgeHome.apk included 16:47:20
Papi MrBlacksmith1: that gapps is for 4.4? 16:47:24
Dazzozo o 16:47:30
Dazzozo well 16:47:40
Dazzozo tl;dr its not in all gapps 16:47:43
Dazzozo but you need Google Search and LauncherStub 16:47:51
Dazzozo one way or another 16:47:57
modacouserr so the problem with calendar is that missing apk? 16:48:21
MrBlacksmith1 http://dl.androidnext.de/GoogleHome.apk 16:48:23
MrBlacksmith1 or that 16:48:26
Dazzozo apparently 16:48:27
MrBlacksmith1 yes 16:48:32
modacouserr hmm 16:48:38
MrBlacksmith1 7:47:26) Papi: MrBlacksmith1: that gapps is for 4.4? 16:48:39
MrBlacksmith1 it is 16:48:41
modacouserr ok 16:48:41
MrBlacksmith1 or (2nd Link) only Googe Homa 16:48:59
MrBlacksmith1 but wont work without google serch 16:49:10
Papi tomorow i will see. i wait for the next build whith the sdcard fix 16:49:19
MrBlacksmith1 so just dload gapps from cm wiki and flash it 16:49:23
modacouserr i must have removed some needed apk from the zip, now i cant add a google acc because it throws an error communicating with google servers 16:50:00
rhen I made a minimal gapps package from the latest PA's gapps. uploading now 16:50:32
Papi in the test build i have flash it whith this pa_gapps-stripped-4.4-20131114-signed 16:50:50
rymate1234 so did dazzozo 16:50:54
Dazzozo ye 16:50:58
Dazzozo mine doesnt have calendarprovider tho 16:51:02
Dazzozo but even so 16:51:13
Dazzozo how come it works on my N5 then? 16:51:16
Dazzozo ~~~ 16:51:17
Papi and i dont have the GEL 16:51:18
Dazzozo has no CalendarProvider 16:51:22
Dazzozo got Google Calendar from play store 16:51:26
Dazzozo and it syncs 16:51:28
rymate1234 maybe g cal has sync 16:51:54
Dazzozo oh wait what 16:52:17
rhen it's in /system/priv-app, not in /system/app 16:52:19
Dazzozo wat 16:52:25
rhen here yago: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bxi5Y1_K_OXESVdINlludWM3LUk/edit?pli=1 16:54:20
rhen Oh, wait, I made a mistake, hold on, uploading new one 16:57:28
rhen :/ 16:57:30
Dazzozo fuck google 16:57:34
Dazzozo thats the solution 16:57:39
Dazzozo rhen: now you know what its like to be me 16:57:53
rymate1234 kek 16:57:54
Dazzozo 16:57:54
Dazzozo "oh shit i made a mistake", "oh now its already on hundreds of devices" 16:58:09
rymate1234 Dazzozo: android is still much more open than other mobile OSes 16:58:28
Dazzozo depends what you mean by android, which already suggests things are completely stupid 16:59:14
Dazzozo the android platform, or the android _experience_ which i'm gonna even go as far as saying is "google's skin" now 16:59:44
MrBlacksmith1 AOSP i spretty open but the code is only released after the new version is out. 17:00:10
Dazzozo AOSP is open 17:00:25
Dazzozo open SOURCE 17:00:28
Dazzozo you cant really make changes 17:00:40
Dazzozo its like a manufacturer doing a kernel release 17:00:56
MrBlacksmith1 but still better than nVidia or AMD GPU-Divers, theyre frustrating :/ 17:01:50
Dazzozo oh you've seen nothing yet 17:02:05
Dazzozo try adreno drivers 17:02:11
Dazzozo people cry all the time about nvidia/amd on linux 17:02:32
Dazzozo you have it easy 17:02:34
MrBlacksmith1 they r descendents of ATI 17:02:37
joandrade adreNOOOO 17:03:25
joandrade reminds me of Exynos 17:03:29
Dazzozo ^ 17:03:30
Dazzozo exynope 17:03:33
joandrade lol 17:03:36
joandrade that's the name 17:03:59
Dazzozo https://dolphin-emu.org/blog/2013/09/26/dolphin-emulator-and-opengl-drivers-hall-fameshame/ 17:04:09
Dazzozo here ya go 17:04:10
Dazzozo look at adreno 17:04:17
joandrade whatever happened to "Nvida, fuck you"? 17:05:45
joandrade on the subject of open source 17:05:57
Dazzozo well this isnt so much about open source 17:06:09
joandrade or is Linus Torvalds just insane 17:06:14
Dazzozo this is about actually having competent drivers in the first place 17:06:16
Dazzozo and even the proprietary drivers arent good at that 17:06:30
joandrade oh 17:06:32
Dazzozo as you'll see 17:06:35
Dazzozo when you get to adreno 17:06:37
MrBlacksmith1 Yeah i should have been more accurate:im flamin on Optimus technology 17:08:09
MrBlacksmith1 Hate it 17:08:19
MrBlacksmith1 Ill stick to nouveau in this case 17:09:28
MrBlacksmith1 next laptop wont b with optimus, if there r some non-Optimus devices left 17:09:52
MrBlacksmith1 But adreno seems really pretty bad. 17:10:22
MrBlacksmith1 They dont want aftermarket-developers to mess around with that 17:10:51
joandrade they do something that's good enough for 99% 17:11:11
MrBlacksmith1 coz then they'ld have to shame themselves that these thing r better 17:11:18
joandrade and even then it's probably not that good 17:11:23
rhen https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bxi5Y1_K_OXEcEo1emFmb2VOX0k/edit?usp=sharing 17:12:40
Dazzozo Once again, Rob Clark from Freedreno did not get any help from Qualcomm: to provide a better driver for everyone, he had to reverse engineer the blob provided by Qualcomm and write his own shader compiler backend on top of the Mesa infrastructure. One person, working mostly alone, produced better quality drivers than a whole team working at Qualcomm. And because nobody seems to care about these issues, his work is not used by any major phone manuf 17:12:54
Dazzozo acturer or in any Android version that we know of. 17:12:54
Dazzozo lets just let that sink in 17:12:57
MrBlacksmith1 But I dont understand why steam is recommending UBuntu, Unity is just crap when gaming. Much too often its popping out in games, and it works worse than on fedora 17:13:04
rhen this one only delete stuff from old gapps instalaltion what it contains is someone want to install it over another gapps package 17:13:20
MrBlacksmith1 OMG 17:13:36
joandrade Dazzozo that's insane 17:14:13
joandrade he should be hired by them actually 17:14:22
MrBlacksmith1 but atleast Oppo is in some way "nice" to aftermarket devs 17:14:22
rymate1234 Dazzozo: does cm use it? 17:14:25
Dazzozo no 17:14:28
MrBlacksmith1 ... 17:14:35
Dazzozo its a device specific thing 17:14:37
Dazzozo you have to drop the adreno blobs 17:14:45
rymate1234 o 17:14:47
Dazzozo get it to play nice with the kernel 17:14:50
Dazzozo etc 17:14:54
Uživatel „Papi“ opustil místnost (Quit: Page closed). 17:15:14
Dazzozo why do i have donut google apps 17:16:17
Dazzozo on my pc 17:16:23
rymate1234 wat 17:16:36
MrBlacksmith1 /me now playin Ace Of Spades -just fun 17:16:56
Uživatel „Rostilj“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 250 seconds). 17:17:15
~LionOfApr Uživatel „MrBlacksmith1“ opustil místnost (Part). 17:17:30
joandrade nostalgic reasons 17:18:08
rhen MrBlacksmith1: Did you have enough space to install gapps what you found on CM wiki? Its a little largar then the PA's mini 17:18:24
Dazzozo he gone 17:18:38
MrBlacksmith yes no prob 17:18:39
Dazzozo oh 17:18:41
Dazzozo wtf 17:18:43
Dazzozo why were there 2 of you 17:18:45
MrBlacksmith mobile 17:18:49
Dazzozo o 17:18:51
MrBlacksmith +desktop 17:19:04
Dazzozo tilal6991: copybit.msm7k.so 17:19:36
Dazzozo i died inside 17:19:38
tilal6991 LOL 17:19:40
rhen expere 17:19:42
Uživatel „ezeet“ opustil místnost (Quit: ( www.nnscript.com :: NoNameScript 4.22 :: www.esnation.com )). 17:20:03
rhen how's the speed of experience launcher compared to launcher3? 17:20:10
MrBlacksmith worse 17:20:19
Dazzozo lol 17:20:23
rymate1234 idk 17:20:24
rhen I don't want it then 17:20:29
MrBlacksmith for me but slightly 17:20:34
MrBlacksmith not much 17:20:39
Dazzozo i would be amazed if it was better 17:20:51
MrBlacksmith noooo aceofspades offline ((( 17:20:54
Dazzozo its literally Launcher3 embedded in Google Search 17:21:03
rhen It is too much google for me. I'll be happy with launcher3 17:21:43
rymate1234 k 17:21:58
rhen I don't use google now either 17:21:59
MrBlacksmith /me plays tesIV: oblivion 17:22:01
rymate1234 android studio is literally _not_ working 17:22:10
rymate1234 /me gets eclipse :< 17:22:31
rymate1234 rhen: dunno why you got android if it's too google 17:22:48
MrBlacksmith the best of gNow is weather: a bit windy in berlin (we had 120km\h ) 17:23:12
rhen I like a lot of google stuff, but i dont like google now 17:23:20
Rostilj Uživatel Rostilj [~Milos@109-93-129-138.dynamic.isp.telekom.rs] vstoupil do místnosti. 17:23:31
Dazzozo i have like 3 google apps 17:23:44
Dazzozo and they're all sucking xprivacy's thumb 17:23:50
Dazzozo ಠ_ಠ 17:24:15
rymate1234 the cheap tablet I brought my mum has pretty good battery life 17:25:01
rymate1234 lasted 23 hours 17:25:13
rymate1234 with facebook running 17:25:20
Dazzozo >facebook 17:25:31
Dazzozo i have never installed that 17:25:37
rhen in the background? 17:25:43
rymate1234 my mum installed it 17:25:44
Dazzozo am i the only one 17:25:49
rymate1234 not me 17:25:50
rhen I haven't installed it neither 17:26:00
joandrade the facebook app is downright horrible 17:26:23
rymate1234 yeah 17:26:36
rymate1234 which is why im surprised 17:26:46
rhen it is resource hungry and check my position every time i start it, so I don't use it since about 2years 17:26:48
rymate1234 it runs like shit on my mums tablet 17:26:55
Pad^ joandrade | or is Linus Torvalds just insane 17:27:02
Pad^ Linus' issues with nvidia are not really related to their drivers 17:27:15
Pad^ but to kernel contributions 17:27:20
joandrade I only have it installed on iOS because they do a better job at keeping services at bay 17:27:21
joandrade oh 17:27:24
joandrade and if you disable the fb service on Android it breaks, so I uninstalled altogether 17:27:47
joandrade thanks for the explanation Pad^ 17:28:32
Pad^ np 17:29:07
Pad^ And Linus is never insane, never 17:32:53
tilal6991 Dazzozo: 17:36:41
tilal6991 /* NOTYET 17:36:44
tilal6991 if (mAlwaysExact) { 17:36:45
tilal6991 // Fatal error for KLP+ apps to use negative trigger times 17:36:45
tilal6991 throw new IllegalArgumentException("Invalid alarm trigger time " 17:36:45
tilal6991 + triggerAtMillis); 17:36:45
tilal6991 } 17:36:46
tilal6991 */ 17:36:47
tilal6991 Lol 17:36:51
Dazzozo what. 17:36:52
Curlie Uživatel Curlie [~androirc@p4FD0402D.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] vstoupil do místnosti. 17:36:58
tilal6991 Dazzozo: Found that in the android code 17:37:06
Dazzozo where 17:37:11
Dazzozo why 17:37:12
Dazzozo who 17:37:13
Dazzozo what 17:37:16
tilal6991 Alarm Manager 17:37:21
Curlie Would you recommend the y300 as a first Smartphone? 17:38:34
Dazzozo no 17:39:17
Dazzozo moto g 17:39:30
Curlie Mhh 17:39:38
tilal6991 ^ 17:39:38
Curlie I dont know if my sister needs a moto g 17:39:53
Curlie Shell do messaging and some games like temple run or something like that i think 17:41:56
Dazzozo isnt it like 17:44:16
Dazzozo not much more expensive 17:44:21
Dazzozo for such a better experience 17:44:25
Curlie True. 17:44:49
Curlie I bought my g300 for 170 and now you get the moto g for 170 euro too.... 17:45:58
g510 Uživatel g510 [c1961311@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 17:57:59
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Uživatel „Curlie“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 246 seconds). 18:00:51
MrBlacksmith bb 18:31:05
~MrBlacksm Uživatel „MrBlacksmith“ opustil místnost (Part). 18:31:14
rymate1234 ooo wow 18:36:41
rymate1234 the android emulator is painful 18:36:49
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Pad^ Uživatel Pad^ [~Pad@colorlesscube.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 18:57:38
ValicekB_ Uživatel „ValicekB_“ je nyní znám jako ValicekB. 19:00:23
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Pad^ Uživatel Pad^ [~Pad@unaffiliated/pad/x-1632456] vstoupil do místnosti. 19:06:42
Dazzozo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QHd-_qncEU 19:10:07
tilal6991 Uživatel „tilal6991“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991|away. 19:11:56
blacksh4dow Uživatel blacksh4dow [~blacksh4d@82-160-139-28.tktelekom.pl] vstoupil do místnosti. 19:14:32
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drama20052002 Uživatel drama20052002 [5989b53f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 19:18:18
rymate1234 yay rymate notes finally works 19:22:32
joandrade Dazzozo wtf 19:22:50
rymate1234 Dazzozo: Samsung is a shit 19:24:45
Kra1o5 Uživatel Kra1o5 [57da08fd@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 19:25:06
Kra1o5 yo 19:25:14
joandrade hi 19:25:40
jordilopez94 Uživatel jordilopez94 [~jordilope@] vstoupil do místnosti. 19:28:48
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fpb Uživatel fpb [~fpb@] vstoupil do místnosti. 19:32:18
rhen Uživatel rhen [~rhen@catv-89-133-86-26.catv.broadband.hu] vstoupil do místnosti. 19:43:09
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ezeet Uživatel ezeet [~ezee@static062038144160.dsl.hol.gr] vstoupil do místnosti. 19:43:40
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rhen Uživatel rhen [5985561a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/kiwiirc.com/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 19:57:11
rhen Dazzozo, is it possible that the default sd mounting point is a pointer to app storage? 19:57:54
Dazzozo wat 19:58:03
rhen I have 3 storage (sd card0, /mnt/media_rw/sdcard0, /mnt/media_rw/sdcard0) 19:59:39
rhen I downloaded some maps to sd card 0 and it doesn't appear in the internal sd, but the app storage 20:00:42
rhen disk usage show me that my apps is on the storage card which is 861MB in size 20:01:41
rhen and my maps is there too 20:01:59
MrBlacksmith Uživatel MrBlacksmith [~MrBlacksm@p5DDB1D30.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:03:13
~MrBlacksm Uživatel „MrBlacksmith“ opustil místnost (Part). 20:04:06
Uživatel „Kra1o5“ opustil místnost (Quit: Page closed). 20:10:50
rhen fals alarm, disk usage and osmand recognize the storage wrong. 20:12:15
rhen and MTP sucks 20:12:23
rhen doesn't show me a lots of stuff 20:12:31
jordilopez94_ Uživatel jordilopez94_ [~jordilope@] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:22:36
MrBlacksmith Uživatel MrBlacksmith [~MrBlacksm@p5DDB1D30.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:25:20
MrBlacksmith sadly feedly is affected by the slow aosp browser 20:25:49
Uživatel „jordilopez94“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 245 seconds). 20:26:29
rhen I think every browser will be affected who use the default rendering engine 20:33:55
Dazzozo correct 20:34:09
Dazzozo anything that uses webview 20:34:13
Dazzozo also as you probably figured, sd card mounting changed in 4.4 20:34:23
Dazzozo the physical devices are mounted to /mnt/media_rw/* 20:34:32
Dazzozo and then they're fused on to /storage/* 20:34:37
Dazzozo so android can do some fun app permission management 20:34:49
rhen I don't remember, on CM10.2 it was a /sdcard folder too? 20:36:26
Dazzozo /sdcard is just a legacy symlink 20:36:38
rhen it point to the external sd 20:37:03
Dazzozo for backwards compat 20:37:08
Dazzozo if any ancient apps do some crazy shit 20:37:13
Uživatel „jordilopez94_“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 245 seconds). 20:37:19
rhen okey 20:37:31
rhen it takes some time till I realize how the storage handled in 4.4 20:38:01
rhen 20:38:04
rhen anyway, launcher3 has some bugs. I replace with something 20:39:01
rhen any suggestion? 20:39:07
Uživatel „MrBlacksmith“ opustil místnost (Quit: Remote host closed the connection). 20:40:56
Uživatel „ezeet“ opustil místnost (Quit: Leaving). 20:42:30
rhen I can't remove shortcut or widget from desktop 20:43:20
joandrade yeah you can 20:44:14
joandrade drag them reeeeally slowly to the status bar 20:44:23
joandrade the garbage can doesn't appear anymore 20:45:03
rhen I can't 20:46:30
rhen it just place in the top row 20:46:35
joandrade drag it all the way down before you drag it up again 20:46:50
Dazzozo on N5 20:47:31
Dazzozo its an X 20:47:34
Dazzozo at th etop 20:47:35
Dazzozo *the 20:47:36
Dazzozo so i guess its cut off on low res screens 20:47:49
rhen on launcer3 or on experience launcheR? 20:47:59
joandrade likely 20:48:01
Dazzozo launcher3 20:48:04
rhen the cutoff makes sense 20:48:17
rhen I try this one: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kk.launcher 20:48:58
Uživatel „joandrade“ opustil místnost (Quit: Remote host closed the connection). 20:54:48
jordilopez94 Uživatel jordilopez94 [~jordilope@] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:55:09
joandrade Uživatel joandrade [~j@] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:55:37
joandrade wow 20:55:40
joandrade ctrl+alt+escape logs out REALLY quickly on Mate 20:55:55
joandrade wtf 20:55:57
joandrade why would someone do this 20:56:02
rhen to hide something 21:01:53
rymate1234 joandrade: in case something crashed? 21:02:21
drama20052002 why cyanogen use launcher 2? 21:02:21
drama20052002 2* 21:02:24
drama20052002 3* ) 21:02:28
drama20052002 no trebuchet anymore? 21:02:35
joandrade rymate1234 yeah this actually restarts x 21:02:45
joandrade but if feels so abrupt 21:02:52
rhen they fork it. it will be trebuchet-next 21:03:05
joandrade I had no idea it did this, it scared me 21:03:09
rymate1234 21:03:12
drama20052002 can't 8 for it 21:03:51
joandrade btw it's not ctrl+alt+escape, it's backspace 21:04:23
rhen doesn't ctrl+alt+backspace restart X? 21:04:57
joandrade I did not know that 21:05:16
joandrade I never needed it 21:05:21
Uživatel „eloimuns“ opustil místnost (Quit: Remote host closed the connection). 21:06:21
rhen I used it a lot back in time when compiz start to come in ubuntu 21:07:26
rhen it was very unstable thing 21:07:33
joandrade those were the days 21:09:26
joandrade 10.04 is still my favorite Ubuntu 21:09:35
rhen ubuntu doesn't have this shortcut anymore since unity is stable es hell 21:14:16
rhen *as 21:14:19
joandrade on the other hand 21:15:00
joandrade unity is garbage 21:15:05
joandrade but yeah it is pretty stable 21:15:58
rhen I like some of the feature of unity, but it's a bloatware now 21:16:36
rhen I think 21:16:38
joandrade I'm not sure if I like it more or less than when it was introduced, because I actually stopped using Ubuntu because of it 21:18:07
joandrade that being said, I deal with it a bit at school (12.04) and it doesn't irk me as much as it did 21:18:59
rhen i like the search for apps and document as in windows8, and i like that i can acces all the application menu with it 21:21:49
rhen thats it 21:21:52
rhen I use gnome3 at the moment (when I'm on linux) 21:22:40
joandrade literally every major OS is steering towards that unified search 21:22:51
rhen I like this and I like shortcuts too. I don't like using just the mouse. It is slow 21:25:10
joandrade lol 21:27:19
eloimuns Uživatel eloimuns [~eloimuns@209.pool85-55-229.dynamic.orange.es] vstoupil do místnosti. 21:28:22
rhen I like to work with one hand on the mouse and one hand on the keyboard or two hand on the keyboard. using just the mouse is akward for simple web browsing too for me 21:30:29
Uživatel „jordilopez94“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 250 seconds). 21:33:20
joandrade you can do most of the stuff faster with kb shortcuts, and just use the mouse to point at things where it feels natural 21:34:34
Pad^ joandrade usually distros disable ctrl alt backspace by default 21:34:59
Pad^ but it's a handy feature 21:35:05
joandrade it is handy 21:35:11
joandrade like, who clicks the new tab button, you just ctrl+t and when you're done your right hand is already on the keyboard to start typing the address 21:35:22
joandrade that second comma was better off as a question mark 21:35:37
rymate1234 joandrade: I do 21:37:17
rymate1234 <3 the new tab button 21:37:26
joandrade well you're losing valuable time son 21:37:32
rymate1234 on my mouse 21:37:34
joandrade just think of the seconds you're wasting 21:37:42
rymate1234 <3 my 9 button mouse 21:37:49
joandrade you could be in the park 21:37:56
joandrade ok -that's- different 21:38:05
rymate1234 not with my desktop 21:38:08
rymate1234 unless I get a trolley 21:38:17
joandrade you don't point to the little + on top of the screen and click it 21:38:28
rymate1234 sometimes I do that out of habit :/ 21:38:42
joandrade lol 21:38:45
rymate1234 hmmm 21:44:10
rymate1234 guys do you reckon I should install google keyboard on my mums tablet 21:44:31
joandrade it's good and free so I'd say yeah 21:45:57
rymate1234 hmmm 21:46:26
rymate1234 I'll ask her at some point 21:46:35
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jordilopez94 Uživatel jordilopez94 [~jordilope@] vstoupil do místnosti. 21:55:38
jordilopez94_ Uživatel jordilopez94_ [~jordilope@] vstoupil do místnosti. 21:59:32
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jordilopez94 Uživatel jordilopez94 [~jordilope@] vstoupil do místnosti. 22:02:16
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Uživatel „jordilopez94_“ opustil místnost (Quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer). 22:02:35
Uživatel „drama20052002“ opustil místnost (Quit: Page closed). 22:08:14
joandrade cya tomorrow guys 22:11:05
~hecatae Uživatel „hecatae“ opustil místnost (Part). 22:12:52
Uživatel „joandrade“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 246 seconds). 22:17:24
modacouserr dazzozo: i finally got it 22:20:57
Dazzozo wat 22:21:03
modacouserr you cant imagine what i did to know what was causing all the trouble 22:21:14
Dazzozo wat 22:21:18
modacouserr first, clean install -> nandroid 22:21:32
modacouserr after, remove system apps that i dont use 22:21:41
modacouserr -> nandroid 22:21:43
modacouserr restore wifi AP via xml 22:21:55
modacouserr another nandroid 22:22:00
modacouserr did that till the moment i restored all my apps with titanium 22:22:14
modacouserr it happens there was some older backups being included, system files etc 22:22:31
modacouserr dumb 22:22:35
modacouserr and restoring wifi ap via iamge also put it down 22:22:49
modacouserr and changing dpi, got me in to bootloop twice 22:23:03
modacouserr oh, and then there was those stupid errors that i couldnt login to googla acc 22:23:21
modacouserr now all i have to do is add that calendar apk? right 22:23:40
modacouserr let me nandroid first lol 22:23:44
modacouserr everything seems to happen to me today 22:23:49
modacouserr my dog eat a tennis ball, had to go very urgent to the vet 22:24:07
modacouserr my other dog damaged one foot 22:24:17
Dazzozo wow 22:32:16
Dazzozo i think its CalendarProvider but I don't know for sure 22:32:25
Dazzozo i just use Google Calendar itself on N5 and it works fine 22:32:41
Dazzozo its one of the few Google services I still use, and im not even particularly dependent on it 22:32:58
Dazzozo idk why i havent moved off it yet 22:33:04
adfad666 Uživatel adfad666 [~adfad666@cst2-32-181.cust.vodafone.cz] vstoupil do místnosti. 22:34:35
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adfad666 Uživatel adfad666 [~adfad666@cyanogenmod/maintainer/adfad666] vstoupil do místnosti. 22:34:35
modacouserr hmm, gonna try that one daz. always used the stock one 22:38:32
modacouserr btwm do you know more xposed modules compatible with 4.4, other than xprivacy? 22:42:14
Uživatel „EloYGomeZ_“ opustil místnost (Quit: Saliendo). 22:45:03
EloYGomeZ Uživatel EloYGomeZ [~EloYGomeZ@130.Red-217-125-208.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] vstoupil do místnosti. 22:45:48
modacouserr i guess installing google calendar fixed both of the calendar apps 22:45:55
modacouserr wtf 22:45:56
Dazzozo modacouserr: tbh there arent many that are actually useful 22:49:10
Dazzozo i have xprivacy and advanced power menu or w/e its called 22:49:22
Dazzozo because im on AOSP 22:49:26
Dazzozo so no reboot menu 22:49:33
Uživatel „eloimuns“ opustil místnost (Quit: Remote host closed the connection). 22:51:02
modacouserr hmm 22:51:34
Dazzozo gravitybox is cool, if you're on AOSP 22:52:05
Dazzozo and actually want custom rom features 22:52:09
Dazzozo as the latter doesnt apply to me i dont use it 22:52:21
modacouserr was enabling that right now 22:52:21
Dazzozo its gonna explode on CM 22:52:28
Dazzozo maybe 22:52:32
modacouserr it puts an amazing screen off animation 22:52:35
modacouserr it worked pretty well on beepbeep 22:52:42
Dazzozo i think xuimod is another that people like 22:52:49
modacouserr i only enabled not yet merged things that i like 22:52:57
Dazzozo but meh, dont use it myself 22:53:01
modacouserr i dont really use xprivacy much 22:53:31
modacouserr what apps do you use it for? 22:53:36
Dazzozo pretty much everything 22:56:18
Dazzozo honestly its hilarious looking through it 22:56:29
Dazzozo seeing what some apps ask fro 22:56:36
Dazzozo 8for 22:56:37
Dazzozo *for 22:56:38
Dazzozo fuck 22:56:38
Pad^ yeah 22:56:42
Pad^ watching all those API calls 22:56:48
Pad^ It feels like we are in control 22:57:04
Pad^ "I'm watching you modafocka" 22:57:30
Dazzozo i think google keyboard having internet access is one of the best examples 22:57:58
Dazzozo it actively uses that, too 22:58:08
Dazzozo its not just when i try to update the dictionary or w/e 22:58:18
Pad^ Hmm strange 22:58:58
Pad^ My xprivacy doesn't report any of that 22:59:07
Pad^ just access to the contacts and SERIAL 22:59:16
Dazzozo sure its not AOSP keyboard? 22:59:41
Dazzozo lol 22:59:43
Pad^ I'm sure 22:59:52
Dazzozo because google keyboard uses so much shit 22:59:57
Dazzozo for me 22:59:59
Dazzozo well im gonna go to bed 23:00:54
Dazzozo i cant wait for the nightlies to explode (they shouldnt) 23:01:04
rymate1234 k 23:01:04
Dazzozo inb4 segfault 23:01:07
Dazzozo stfu rymate1234 23:01:15
rymate1234 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_d5jWvBirU 23:03:50
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