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Eloimuns Dazzozo, steve kodnik commented my patches 13:14:23
Eloimuns on cm gerrit 13:14:33
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Dazzozo Eloimuns: you mean, he rejected them 13:36:10
Eloimuns hahaha yep 13:36:31
Dazzozo 13:36:37
Dazzozo "@Steve Kondik We need this for correct TextureColor." 13:36:57
Dazzozo err no we dont 13:37:00
Dazzozo we dont actually need it at all 13:37:04
Dazzozo im just lazy 13:37:08
Dazzozo we dont need the firmware path either 13:37:26
Dazzozo again im just lazy and apparently no one else even wants to bother doing things properly 13:37:38
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Kra1o5 yo 13:38:16
Dazzozo hi 13:38:18
Eloimuns yo 13:38:18
Eloimuns the wifi.c don't needed? 13:38:35
Kra1o5 i get an email from gerrit 13:38:40
Dazzozo Kra1o5: its Eloimuns being a retard 13:38:48
Kra1o5 all patches go to abandoned soon i think 13:38:54
Eloimuns UEFA say: RESPECT! 13:39:19
Kra1o5 this isnt football 13:39:41
Dazzozo ^ 13:40:36
Kra1o5 Dazzozo: at least steve said this is a fucking mess 13:40:49
Kra1o5 & that is true 13:40:54
Dazzozo it is 13:40:56
Dazzozo im too lazy to fix it 13:41:03
Dazzozo and no one else is even bothered 13:41:07
Eloimuns leeel 13:41:08
Kra1o5 same as display patch 13:41:21
Dazzozo yup 13:41:25
Eloimuns and firmware path "lazy for u" too? 13:41:48
Kra1o5 but in gerrit some commits to this file is merged 13:41:58
Dazzozo yep and yep 13:42:09
Kra1o5 Eloimuns: we can make this think in the correct way 13:42:15
Dazzozo rewrite wlan_detect 13:42:35
Kra1o5 but is more easy make a patch 13:42:39
Dazzozo make it load firmware from a sane place 13:42:50
Kra1o5 & huawei have own ways to do that 13:42:52
Dazzozo huawei does it the way we do, but it's still not "right" 13:43:17
Kra1o5 he is different like use eth0 13:43:28
Dazzozo or "acceptable" for an AOSP project 13:43:34
Kra1o5 like color issue in cm10.1 & cm10.2 13:44:09
Kra1o5 i think is problem of residual code 13:44:20
Dazzozo IDK how that got fixed 13:44:36
Dazzozo I didn't even do anything 13:44:40
Dazzozo I just forward ported legacy omx 13:44:52
Kra1o5 Dazzozo: you implement legacy into one clean code 13:44:54
Dazzozo huh? 13:45:00
Dazzozo oh 13:45:04
Dazzozo yeah its 1 patch 13:45:07
Dazzozo but still, it was only cherry picks 13:45:15
Dazzozo I didn't change anything 13:45:18
Dazzozo my commit would probably cherry pick in to 4.3, but im pretty sure it wouldn't fix the colour issue 13:46:11
Kra1o5 Dazzozo: the "old" code have more changes but this changes fix some things for some devices but break some things for other 13:46:13
Kra1o5 ICS_Compat is still there 13:46:58
Kra1o5 Dazzozo: new B199 update ril libs 13:47:48
Kra1o5 nothing new 13:47:55
Dazzozo fun 13:48:34
Eloimuns bye! 13:50:56
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modacouserr dazzozo: had any battery life feedbacks yet? 14:12:49
modacouserr mine hangs pretty well, it only drops badly when in a call or 3g. my graphs are good. there's some random drops, ut i think i've had that since 4.3 14:13:56
modacouserr havent 100% wall charged it though, gonna do that today 14:14:14
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tilal6991 Kra1o5: CM is a mess 15:54:39
tilal6991 Dazzozo: RIP camera on next android release 15:56:59
tilal6991 Dazzozo: They're rewriting the entire HAL 15:57:11
Kra1o5 OMFG 16:00:56
rymate1234 rip 16:04:09
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rymate1234 bt fixed the wifi! 16:44:48
Valicek1 Nyní jste znám jako Valicek2. 16:47:14
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djuroue yooo 16:49:20
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Dazzozo tilal6991: ~the entire HAL~ 17:16:39
Dazzozo lets not overblow it just yet 17:16:42
Dazzozo you're good at overexaggerating 17:16:53
tilal6991 Well the entire camera service is being rewritten 17:16:57
Dazzozo ~entire~ 17:17:05
tilal6991 To I'm not sure how else to make of that 17:17:07
Dazzozo we've seen parts of it 17:17:09
tilal6991 Well yes 17:17:10
Dazzozo it's all backwards compatible so far 17:17:14
Dazzozo actually look at the code 17:17:16
tilal6991 Camera client and camera service has pieces 17:17:19
tilal6991 Which are totally new 17:17:25
Dazzozo and unnecessary 17:17:31
tilal6991 Lol 17:17:35
tilal6991 For now 17:17:37
Dazzozo forever 17:17:41
tilal6991 For now 17:17:49
Dazzozo forever 17:17:51
tilal6991 Lol 17:17:54
Dazzozo bluetooth is not required 17:17:55
Dazzozo wifi is not required 17:17:58
tilal6991 Well yes 17:18:05
Dazzozo camera itself is not required 17:18:11
tilal6991 But only if you don't have the hardware for it 17:18:13
Dazzozo bluetooth LE is not required 17:18:14
tilal6991 I mean it's be broken 17:18:19
Dazzozo so? 17:18:25
Dazzozo RAW camera access will not be required 17:18:31
tilal6991 So nothing 17:18:32
tilal6991 RIP camera 17:18:34
tilal6991 Lol 17:18:36
Dazzozo oh boy 17:18:38
Dazzozo tilal6991 you are a one 17:18:42
tilal6991 You say that a lot lol 17:18:50
Dazzozo calm down and lets not overblow things yet ok 17:18:51
tilal6991 Lol 17:18:57
tilal6991 K thnx 17:19:00
Dazzozo wow 17:19:42
Dazzozo blefish disabled ION for camera and camera only 17:19:48
tilal6991 Nice 17:19:59
djuroue hi people 17:20:38
Dazzozo https://twitter.com/lukeblackheath/status/405619082743259136/photo/1 17:20:45
Dazzozo abandon ship 17:20:48
Dazzozo https://medium.com/articles-by-bn2b/1f546eded5c2 17:23:55
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lakyljuk78 Dazzozo: nice article. And yet you are developing for Android? 17:57:30
Dazzozo so? 17:58:36
Dazzozo you dont have to have anything to do with google 17:58:43
Dazzozo should be looking at yourself and other users 17:59:04
Dazzozo nice article, yet you have gapps installed? 17:59:18
Dazzozo not really "developing for android" either 17:59:44
Dazzozo i could go do ubuntu touch etc 18:00:15
lakyljuk78 ok, I know it depends on users, how much are they willing to sacrifice, but still, there are many people hating google for these reasons and going with MS instead, but it is probably not much better decision 18:01:41
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Dazzozo if i wasnt doing what i do, people would be doing exactly what they already do, just on the stock rom 18:08:03
Dazzozo and complaining twice as much 18:08:07
Dazzozo if i stop getting anything out of this, I stop 18:08:31
Dazzozo period 18:08:32
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Dazzozo "you could climb a fix" 18:16:08
Dazzozo >climb 18:16:12
Dazzozo oh boy 18:16:13
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tilal6991 Uživatel „tilal6991“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991|away. 18:30:16
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djuroue hahaž 18:39:03
djuroue 19:16:09° <@Dazzozo> "you could climb a fix", 18:39:07
djuroue 18:39:09
Dazzozo lol 18:39:15
Dazzozo i shouldnt be in a situation where i have to do this 18:41:33
Dazzozo "git branch --set-upstream-to=origin/kitkat kitkat" 18:41:35
Dazzozo fuck git 18:41:37
Dazzozo right 18:46:32
Dazzozo testing that new kernel and merging it if its good to go 18:46:37
djuroue cool 18:53:11
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modacouserr hey 19:04:49
Dazzozo well it breaks torch on both devices 19:06:48
Dazzozo gg 19:06:49
Dazzozo i know why 19:06:56
rymate1234 Dazzozo: >inb4 fixes hynix memory 19:07:22
modacouserr new kernel? 19:08:00
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Dazzozo well i guess at least huawei is trying to clean up their code 19:10:29
Dazzozo their efforts are kinda insignificant though 19:10:44
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Pad^ KitKat + no gapps feels so stable and fast 19:19:44
Pad^ I can use OpenVPN + Pandora + Firefox without the phone lagging or force closing Firefox 19:20:20
rymate1234 any version of android + no gapps is face and stable 19:20:25
rymate1234 *fast 19:20:30
Pad^ I must install a replacement for calendar though 19:21:06
Pad^ it's the only thing I miss from google 19:21:13
Dazzozo use the AOSP one lol 19:21:25
Pad^ But I don't have a calendar backend 19:21:45
rymate1234 does the AOSP one sync with my google account? 19:21:47
Pad^ yes it does 19:21:54
rymate1234 even without gapps? 19:22:12
Pad^ no 19:22:17
rymate1234 :/ 19:22:32
Pad^ Gapps provide the calendar backend from google that syncs the calendar 19:22:36
Pad^ but you can install another backend to sync from a caldav server, for example 19:22:54
rymate1234 but all my calendar stuff is on my google account 19:23:16
Dazzozo be glad it isnt exactly something you cant move 19:23:38
Dazzozo like, for instance, play store purchases 19:23:45
Pad^ Google made some changes to their caldav server, but I think you can request an API code from them 19:23:47
Pad^ It's a bummer 19:24:47
Pad^ This way I'll take my calendars from them and set up my own server 19:25:09
rymate1234 "Most apps load in a second or less, though larger games took longer, as you'd expect. It is possible to confuse the phone into stuttering and hanging momentarily, if you're jerks like us and rapidly switch between menus, apps and the home screen in a completely unrealistic usage scenario. " 19:25:46
rymate1234 MOTO G MASTER RACE 19:25:51
Dazzozo >not nexus 5 19:26:01
Dazzozo plebs 19:26:07
Dazzozo enjoy your 4.4 update and NOTHING ELSE 19:26:23
rymate1234 moto g is a nexus 4 with slightly lower specs 19:26:37
Dazzozo N4 is far more future proof 19:26:52
Dazzozo and sexy as fuk 19:26:56
Dazzozo just not very practical 19:27:05
Dazzozo im going to buy an N4 again at some point when they're dirt cheap 19:27:25
Dazzozo and frame it 19:27:25
rymate1234 anything is more future proof than what I have at the moment 19:27:33
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Kra1o5 yo 19:27:45
Dazzozo yo 19:27:50
subz3r0 y0 19:36:53
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Dazzozo apparently CM is still ignoring sim lock status 19:44:58
Dazzozo lol 19:45:00
Dazzozo amazing 19:45:02
Dazzozo http://www.reddit.com/r/Android/comments/1rkeob/androids_german_dictionary_file_marks_jewish_as/ 19:45:38
rymate1234 feel like going gapps free 19:50:52
Dazzozo rymate1234: tilal6991|away: http://www.reddit.com/r/Android/comments/1rkfkr/omnirom_posts_kitkat_44_nightly_builds_for_15/cdo4es7 19:56:57
Dazzozo lold 19:56:58
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Eloimuns yo 19:57:05
Dazzozo this is actually an argument wow 19:57:09
Dazzozo " 19:57:20
Dazzozo The decision to support only Samsung devices (with the exception of one Oppo phone) was particularly puzzling to me, because I'm sure someone on the team owns a non-Samsung phone. It definitely had to have been a conscious decision to focus all of their resources on Samsung's lineup." 19:57:20
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Dazzozo no, no, actually they all own samsung phones 19:57:26
Dazzozo thats literally the entire omni team 19:57:35
Eloimuns who say this? CM? 19:58:07
Dazzozo no 19:58:11
Dazzozo some guy on reddit about omni's initial 4.4 lineup 19:58:17
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Eloimuns O.o 20:00:04
Papi hi 20:00:09
Dazzozo hi 20:00:12
Papi someone has account in play store? I wanted to get there an application but did not want to be buying an account 20:01:48
Dazzozo you don't have to pay for a google account? 20:02:43
Papi Dazzozo: I made an apk on a website for a group dance and wanted one is available in playstore but it says I have to pay 25 dolars to create an account 20:04:37
Dazzozo err 20:05:26
Dazzozo what 20:05:26
Dazzozo n-no 20:05:31
Dazzozo you just 20:05:34
Dazzozo register for a google account 20:05:37
Dazzozo install gapps 20:05:39
Dazzozo log in 20:05:40
Papi what I want is that anyone finds application at google market (Playstore) 20:06:40
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Papi Dazzozo: understand? 20:07:04
Papi Dazzozo: i need Create a Developer's account 20:08:02
Papi 1. Create a Developer's account In order to upload your app to the Google Play, you'll need to create an Android developer account and pay a $25 registration fee. 20:08:29
Dazzozo no 20:09:05
Dazzozo thats to UPLOAD apps 20:09:07
Dazzozo to google play 20:09:09
Dazzozo lol 20:09:11
Dazzozo oh dear 20:09:22
Dazzozo wait 20:09:44
Dazzozo what 20:09:49
Dazzozo so you want to distribute an app? 20:09:57
Dazzozo then you have to pay 20:10:00
Dazzozo i doubt someone is going to let you use their developer account 20:10:07
Papi yes 20:10:13
Dazzozo yeah... thats probably not going to happen 20:10:23
Dazzozo im not entirely sure if its even allowed 20:10:28
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Papi I gave the application to the person as if she put her 20:11:03
Papi sorry the english 20:11:17
Dazzozo yeah probably not gonna happen 20:11:45
Papi 20:11:57
Papi bad boys 20:12:07
Dazzozo its pretty shady tbh 20:13:48
Dazzozo the whole point of the fee is to serve as some kind of barrier to entry 20:14:45
Dazzozo if there was no fee, they'd probably get thousands of malware apps per day 20:15:13
Papi yes I understand and I have no idea how to continue to create more applications, I thought of this possibility 20:16:37
Papi of course 20:16:58
tilal6991|away Uživatel „tilal6991|away“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991. 20:17:43
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rymate1234 WAIT 20:27:20
rymate1234 WAT 20:27:21
rymate1234 wiped data 20:27:30
rymate1234 keyboard knew my surname was murthick 20:27:46
rymate1234 wat 20:27:47
rymate1234 k 20:28:01
modacouserr you're being spied 20:28:04
modacouserr p 20:28:08
modacouserr 20:28:10
Dazzozo i started using google keyboard but xprivacy'd it 20:28:41
Dazzozo i dont want to be keylogged 20:28:45
Dazzozo a keyboard doesn't need internet access thanks 20:30:04
rymate1234 im using my phone without gapps for now 20:32:28
rymate1234 how do i make location work 20:34:07
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rymate1234 wow amazon app store sucks 20:37:05
rymate1234 best not play store app store for android pls 20:37:20
rymate1234 WELP 20:44:04
rymate1234 this failed 20:44:07
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rymate1234 advantage - my phone is fast 20:49:58
rymate1234 disadvantage - I use gapps 20:50:04
lakyljuk78 Dazzozo: with xprivacy, what is enough to restrict - internet access? because there are tons of things to restrict, and how can I know, what app really need to function properly? 20:51:19
Dazzozo lakyljuk78: by testing 20:54:44
Dazzozo there's also a user contributed database of "recommended" settings 20:55:05
Dazzozo but you need xprivacy pro for that 20:55:09
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rymate1234 or google 21:01:01
Dazzozo just think about what the app would realistically need 21:01:30
Dazzozo a keyboard doesn't need an internet connection for sure 21:01:59
Dazzozo maybe once every season to update dictionary... 21:02:18
Dazzozo but it doesnt need it day in day out 21:02:32
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Pad^ rymate1234 there's a plugin for chrome that lets you download apk from play store 21:15:55
Pad^ location should work whether you have gapps or not 21:16:18
rymate1234 i use firefox 21:16:33
rymate1234 and paid apps 21:16:36
rymate1234 lol 21:16:37
Pad^ Me too 21:16:42
Pad^ So what? 21:16:44
Pad^ Don't you have a titanium backup of your paid apps? 21:17:07
rymate1234 no :> 21:17:22
Pad^ then pirate them 21:17:36
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Pad^ besides, some apps don't really require to be installed from the store 21:18:11
Pad^ try to look in their website for alternative ways 21:18:21
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Eloimuns http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6DmHGYy_xk 21:33:08
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rymate1234 aw shit 22:37:07
rymate1234 aosp keyboard isn't launching 22:37:14
rymate1234 uh oh 22:37:16
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Dazzozo http://www.androidpolice.com/2013/11/27/cyanogenmod-installer-removed-from-play-store-at-googles-insistence-still-available-for-sideloading/ 23:14:38
tilal6991|away Uživatel „tilal6991|away“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991. 23:16:48
Dazzozo tilal6991: ^ 23:18:13
Dazzozo all i got is 23:18:22
Dazzozo L 23:18:23
Dazzozo O 23:18:24
Dazzozo L 23:18:25
rymate1234 ahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahahhaha 23:18:26
Dazzozo would you believe it, Google doesn't want to distribute something that basically generates more support calls than its worth 23:19:07
rymate1234 clearly google is literally satan 23:19:54
Dazzozo clearly a walled garden is a walled garden 23:20:50
rymate1234 less walls than apple's garden 23:21:13
Dazzozo no 23:21:20
Dazzozo just as many walls 23:21:22
Dazzozo just further apart 23:21:25
Dazzozo is anyone genuinely surprised by this news? 23:21:53
rymate1234 no 23:22:00
Dazzozo this is kinda what you expect 23:22:02
Dazzozo well i guess this will explode by tomorrow 23:25:34
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JillBot [huawei-kernel-3.4] Dazzozo fast-forwarded jellybean-mr2 from c8f444e to fa26070: http://git.io/jO4FQw 23:40:16
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JillBot [huawei-kernel-3.4] Dazzozo deleted j1 at 9a4809f: http://git.io/CRlcMg 23:40:36
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Dazzozo new kernel is in 23:42:35
Dazzozo rip All Of The Phones 23:44:38
tilal6991 Dazzozo: LOL 23:45:56
Dazzozo ye 23:46:15
adfad666 probably a stupid Q, but does libART work on armv6? 23:49:51
Dazzozo adfad666: you can answer that yourself 23:50:51
Dazzozo are there files of type *.S 23:50:59
Dazzozo in the art directory 23:51:01
Dazzozo lol 23:51:01
adfad666 I wonder what the armv6 folk are doing about it 23:51:39
Dazzozo jack shit 23:51:46
Dazzozo do they even exist now 23:51:55
adfad666 hmm, someone's making commits to androidarmv6 23:52:57
Dazzozo adfad666: https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_art/tree/cm-11.0/runtime/arch/arm 23:53:08
Dazzozo *shakes head* 23:53:11
Dazzozo i guess these wont have armv6 support 23:53:19
adfad666 probably not 23:54:12
adfad666 Make entrypoints Thumb2. 23:54:24
tcpaulh Uživatel tcpaulh [~tcpaulh@cpc19-neat4-2-0-cust55.7-3.cable.virginm.net] vstoupil do místnosti. 23:57:07
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