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intensedarkness I can't understand why the fuck google decided to waste so much screen real estate with virtually permanent navigation buttons 20:46:10
Dazzozo because theyre not meant to be considered part of the screen 20:46:41
Dazzozo its not a waste 20:46:44
Dazzozo thats like saying 20:46:48
Dazzozo physical buttons are a waste of screen real estate 20:46:53
Dazzozo because you could expand the screen downwards 20:46:58
Dazzozo you need buttons 20:47:01
Dazzozo google just chose to do them in software and it works a lot better 20:47:08
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intensedarkness Yeah result would be the same, but keeping the lcd the same and adding capacitive buttons would be cheaper then extending lcd 21:05:37
Dazzozo im not going to speculate why google didnt, but they didnt, personally i dont even see a problem with the design of the nexus 4 21:05:41
Dazzozo i do want SOME bezels 21:05:56
Dazzozo otherwise it looks like ass 21:05:59
rymate1234 also 21:06:02
rymate1234 Bezels help when 21:06:08
rymate1234 Um 21:06:09
rymate1234 Holding the fucking phone 21:06:13
Dazzozo holding it sideways 21:06:18
intensedarkness Noooooo lol 21:06:27
intensedarkness I love the LG G2's design 21:06:38
Dazzozo im not holding the fucking frame when i hold a phone sideways 21:06:39
intensedarkness Lol 21:06:40
Dazzozo thats asking for trouble 21:06:48
Dazzozo G2 looks shit 21:07:04
intensedarkness N4 looks shit compared to the G2 21:07:38
intensedarkness 21:07:43
Dazzozo well that sucks for you 21:07:48
Dazzozo you bought one 21:07:50
rymate1234 I like my crescent 21:07:58
Dazzozo G2's entire back looks dicks 21:08:11
rymate1234 Pretty good design, pretty shit build quality 21:08:12
intensedarkness But n4 looks alright when NOT compared to the G2 21:08:21
intensedarkness 21:08:27
Dazzozo nope 21:08:31
intensedarkness g2 back does look shite though 21:08:56
intensedarkness Front is beautiful 21:09:03
Dazzozo the front is almost no different lol 21:09:32
Dazzozo other than a fucking LG logo 21:09:38
Dazzozo which can fuck off 21:09:45
Dazzozo no logos on front pls 21:10:06
intensedarkness Agreed 21:10:24
intensedarkness But LG didn't waste so much of the front 21:10:39
intensedarkness On fucking bezels 21:10:46
Dazzozo there's still pretty beefy bezels 21:10:55
intensedarkness With the G2 21:10:55
Dazzozo if you dont want bezels 21:11:02
Dazzozo Nexus 5 21:11:03
Dazzozo Nexus 5 looks anorexic 21:11:19
Dazzozo i dont know what it is 21:11:21
intensedarkness N5 has higher screen to bezel ratio than the G2; 21:11:39
intensedarkness ?? 21:11:41
Dazzozo >screen to bezel ratio 21:11:59
Dazzozo official measurement 21:12:03
Dazzozo well i can tell you 21:12:07
Dazzozo with my eyes 21:12:08
Dazzozo it has less bezels 21:12:11
Dazzozo go home with your official screen-to-bezel ratio 21:12:26
Dazzozo i dont even like less bezels 21:12:52
Dazzozo just measure the size of a brick, buy a perfect fit lcd and mount it to it 21:13:16
Dazzozo there you go, your new bezel-less phone 21:13:21
intensedarkness http://phandroid.com/2012/05/25/handy-graph-shows-screen-to-bezel-ratios-of-popular-android-handsets/ 21:15:01
intensedarkness I need that for today 21:15:10
intensedarkness Not so out of date 21:15:15
intensedarkness It's only a matter of time until bezels bigger than the G2 bezels 21:16:54
intensedarkness Are a thing of the past 21:17:01
rymate1234 pls no 21:17:15
Dazzozo never let intensedarkness design phones 21:17:45
Dazzozo is something we've all learned today 21:17:50
intensedarkness Lollll 21:17:53
intensedarkness Noo 21:18:00
intensedarkness We've learned that if Dazzozo doesn't like it, noone should 21:18:30
intensedarkness 21:18:33
Dazzozo its true 21:18:37
Dazzozo "stop liking what i don't like" 21:18:59
rymate1234 no 21:19:00
rymate1234 it's just logical 21:19:05
rymate1234 you need bezels 21:19:08
rymate1234 to hold the damn thing 21:19:12
Dazzozo you do kinda need SOME bezel 21:19:18
Dazzozo for holding it sideways without covering the screen 21:19:26
intensedarkness Yeah SOME 21:21:11
intensedarkness But LESS 21:21:13
Dazzozo lol 21:21:16
intensedarkness Than most currenty have 21:21:23
intensedarkness *typo 21:21:28
intensedarkness Also when I hold my phone I never actually touch the glass on the front 21:22:40
Dazzozo i do horizontally 21:22:53
intensedarkness Maybe that's coz it's in a cover 21:22:57
Dazzozo just for grip 21:22:59
intensedarkness Mine is in a grippy ish cover 21:23:23
intensedarkness But when you hold it horizontally, thumbs for touching the screen and first fingers around the edge, and the rest of the fingers round the back? 21:24:55
intensedarkness Or not 21:25:08
Dazzozo yep 21:25:45
Dazzozo no case 21:26:24
Dazzozo on my N4 21:26:25
Dazzozo did have for a while 21:26:42
Dazzozo but then i skinned the back 21:26:47
Dazzozo and put it in a sleeve when i was out 21:26:55
Dazzozo no case ftw 21:26:59
intensedarkness Anyway with the screenshots of the N5 21:29:39
intensedarkness The buttons now look like they're on an overlay 21:30:11
intensedarkness Hopefully in 4.4 the buttons will be on a transparent overlay 21:30:47
rymate1234 only for the launcher 21:32:18
intensedarkness And the notification bar looks transparent too 21:32:20
rymate1234 apparently 21:32:20
intensedarkness Shiittt 21:32:20
intensedarkness Ffs 21:32:24
rymate1234 lel 21:32:36
rymate1234 seriously 21:32:43
rymate1234 what's the difference between buttons on a screen, and physical buttons that take up the exact same space 21:33:05
intensedarkness Ok, you seriously didn't get what I was saying lol 21:34:29
rymate1234 what were you getting at then 21:34:50
intensedarkness What phone do you have? 21:34:56
rymate1234 zte crescent 21:35:28
rymate1234 this glorious fucker http://www.gsmarena.com/orange_san_francisco_ii-4330.php 21:35:41
intensedarkness Ffs upgrade dudee 21:36:45
intensedarkness Lol 21:36:47
rymate1234 waiting until christmas 21:37:18
Alkalinorap Uživatel Alkalinorap [~Alkalino@] vstoupil do místnosti. 21:37:20
rymate1234 21:37:20
intensedarkness Anyway I was saying, with the N4, imagine the whole of the LCD was used actually as a screen. To display shit. Like a webpage. And the bottom bezel was used for capacitive buttons 21:38:23
rymate1234 then you have a non standard aspect ratio 21:38:42
intensedarkness Omg 21:38:49
intensedarkness No 21:38:51
intensedarkness No 21:38:53
intensedarkness No 21:38:54
intensedarkness Lol 21:38:59
intensedarkness Have you seen the galaxy s4 21:39:08
rymate1234 yes 21:39:19
rymate1234 it's 1080p 21:39:22
intensedarkness Look at how the bottom of the screen, doesn't have buttons in a bar 21:39:37
intensedarkness In a navigation bar 21:39:41
rymate1234 i know what a phone with physical buttons looks like 21:40:05
intensedarkness Instead, there's buttons as capacitive buttons 21:40:25
intensedarkness Under the screen 21:40:29
rymate1234 yes 21:40:32
rymate1234 and? 21:40:34
rymate1234 there's also a physical menu button, which is evil 21:40:58
intensedarkness Agreed. 21:41:09
intensedarkness Imagine that was also capacitive 21:41:21
rymate1234 the whole point of having software keys is so you can change what the keys do 21:41:22
intensedarkness But 21:41:36
intensedarkness You 21:41:37
intensedarkness Cant 21:41:38
intensedarkness On N4 21:41:41
intensedarkness Stock 21:41:43
intensedarkness So what is the advantage 21:42:04
intensedarkness Nothing really 21:42:04
intensedarkness Imo 21:42:04
rymate1234 but it does change 21:42:09
rymate1234 in stock 21:42:12
intensedarkness Well yeah I mean 21:42:29
intensedarkness Okay fine lol 21:42:34
rymate1234 in apps with no overflow menu that need a menu button, a small menu button appears in the software keys bar 21:42:43
intensedarkness It does, but the point is 21:42:43
intensedarkness Do you see how the s4 uses all 5 inches 21:43:06
intensedarkness ? 21:43:14
rymate1234 yes 21:43:16
intensedarkness That's why I think the n4 21:43:28
intensedarkness Should have 21:43:30
intensedarkness Buttons under the LCD 21:43:42
intensedarkness So you can use the entire screen 21:43:50
rymate1234 and then you have this non standard 1280x768 resolution 21:44:16
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rymate1234 what do you do with the 48 pixels left over? 21:45:18
intensedarkness Loll 21:45:51
intensedarkness Use it 21:45:56
intensedarkness For screen space 21:46:01
rymate1234 but then 1280x720 videos have black bars at either side of the video 21:46:30
intensedarkness On my n4 when I watch 720 videos 21:47:11
intensedarkness On YouTube 21:47:15
intensedarkness The navigation bar autohides 21:47:30
intensedarkness And the video is full screen with no bars 21:47:46
rymate1234 I thought the action bar just kinda went dark 21:48:42
cybojenix anyone recognise a name 21:54:19
cybojenix https://plus.google.com/u/0/s/%23omnirom 21:54:19
tcpaulh omnirom! 21:56:52
rymate1234 more roms ~~~~~ 21:57:03
Dazzozo 21:57:06
tcpaulh Are you involved in this Daz? 21:57:52
Dazzozo i was aware of it 21:57:56
tcpaulh This was the thing right? 21:58:07
Dazzozo yes 21:58:10
tcpaulh Good thing 21:58:35
rymate1234 is this the aosp rom? 21:59:14
Dazzozo nah 22:00:45
rymate1234 oh 22:00:53
cybojenix Dazzozo, lalit told you? 22:06:41
Dazzozo i heard it from a few 22:07:02
Dazzozo its not the best kept secret 22:07:05
cybojenix dam. I've actually been keeping it a secret :L 22:07:24
Dazzozo you're probably the only one 22:07:33
cybojenix yep 22:07:45
Dazzozo why is tilal6991|away on the team lol 22:08:03
cybojenix ah well, the cat's out the bag 22:08:06
cybojenix because I pulled him aside and got him invited onto it 22:08:20
cybojenix though I didn't know he stayed on it, because he said it wasn't what he's looking for 22:08:47
cybojenix he might have helped with bringing in SoC support 22:08:58
Dazzozo i wasnt fond of it from the start 22:09:48
Dazzozo it just felt very 22:10:09
Dazzozo "our turn to be leads now" 22:10:15
cybojenix know the features so far? 22:10:31
Dazzozo no 22:11:04
cybojenix you can't compare it to other roms (based on the features) 22:11:31
Dazzozo how so 22:11:44
cybojenix once the site is up properly, you'll see 22:12:11
Dazzozo and this is the reason 22:12:16
Dazzozo i dont like it 22:12:18
Dazzozo already 22:12:19
cybojenix why 22:12:27
Dazzozo people cant talk 22:12:30
Dazzozo its like CM 22:12:35
Dazzozo people were just "invited" 22:12:42
Dazzozo because they were friends 22:12:44
Dazzozo in to some private discussion 22:12:59
Dazzozo it was just 22:13:01
Dazzozo CM #2 22:13:05
Dazzozo "you'll see", this is just CM 22:13:54
Dazzozo and it hasnt even gone corporate yet 22:14:04
Dazzozo people too busy to make themselves seem important 22:14:40
Dazzozo whatever 22:15:01
Dazzozo i said this to tilal right at the start 22:15:18
Dazzozo maybe that influenced him dropping out, if he did, i dont know 22:15:32
cybojenix they were invited based on their work 22:15:38
cybojenix well, some of them anyway 22:15:39
cybojenix what would you do if some total stranger walked up to you and said "I have an idea, come help" 22:15:39
Dazzozo "some of them" 22:16:00
Dazzozo lol 22:16:00
cybojenix from the start, they've said they want to get the ball rolling. get a baseline set up before taking it public 22:16:31
cybojenix then they're going to open everything up 22:16:42
cybojenix the core team isn't just a group of friends 22:16:54
Dazzozo maybe. 22:16:54
Dazzozo but i have my first impressions 22:17:00
cybojenix as for the cm thing. tbh there aren't really any other ways to start off 22:17:12
cybojenix high end devs will be friends with other high end devs 22:17:35
Dazzozo there are 22:17:38
Dazzozo i've done this with projects with a bunch of people in the past 22:17:47
cybojenix it's what they do next that will define what they are 22:17:52
Dazzozo we will see, like i said, first impressions 22:18:25
cybojenix yes 22:18:37
Dazzozo its just funny that they're inviting frankly, nobodies 22:19:52
Dazzozo realistically 22:20:33
Dazzozo if tilal is bringing SoC support then its the first time he's done so pretty much 22:20:48
Dazzozo maintaining a few devices and merging a kernel is a fucking different thing entirely 22:21:06
cybojenix I don't know what he's been doing 22:21:44
Dazzozo yet you invited him? 22:21:55
cybojenix I had him invited 22:22:03
cybojenix there's a difference 22:22:15
Dazzozo then the "applications for invitations" didnt go through much scruitiny 22:22:24
Dazzozo we're all bottom feeders 22:22:58
Dazzozo realistically 22:23:06
Dazzozo thats my point, it just smells of "invite your friends" 22:23:45
Dazzozo i dont want a repeat of CM, so im worried 22:25:53
Dazzozo its easy for people to think "our turn" 22:26:17
Dazzozo maybe i have a trust issue, who knows 22:28:51
Dazzozo it would explain a lot lately 22:28:59
Dazzozo http://www.reddit.com/r/Android/comments/1obc1w/android_gingerbread_ui_gets_exposed_in_the/ 22:32:40
tcpaulh Good luck to 'em 22:43:06
Kra1o5 bye 22:45:06
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jordilopez94 Uživatel jordilopez94 [~jordilope@] vstoupil do místnosti. 22:46:18
jordilopez94 yo 22:46:38
Dazzozo yo 22:48:32
jordilopez94 as development proceeds? 22:51:55
Dazzozo im building right now 23:05:17
jordilopez94 nice 23:05:57
jordilopez94 I have really wanted to put cm10.2 in my Y300 23:06:35
jordilopez94 I'll have to wait long? 23:06:51
Dazzozo yes 23:07:54
Dazzozo now you can never be disappointed 23:07:57
jordilopez94 NOOOO!!! 23:08:53
jordilopez94 I am very excited to try it NOOWWW!! 23:09:29
Dazzozo lol 23:09:42
Dazzozo I don't even have a build available that I could give people 23:10:06
Dazzozo im waiting for one 23:10:15
jordilopez94 ok 23:12:21
jordilopez94 then wait 23:12:35
Dazzozo i could release builds if people really really really want 23:15:30
Dazzozo but there's no way you're gonna use these things as daily 23:15:46
Dazzozo so it doesnt seem like there's a point to me 23:16:00
Dazzozo but if people want, sure 23:16:04
rymate1234 Dazzozo, just copy and paste the original cm9 post from the crescent 23:16:14
Dazzozo nah i have a new format 23:16:27
jordilopez94_ Uživatel jordilopez94_ [~jordilope@] vstoupil do místnosti. 23:16:27
Dazzozo all the G300 threads are different lol 23:16:30
rymate1234 no 23:16:36
rymate1234 the one before your build 23:16:40
rymate1234 with allllllll the bugds 23:16:45
rymate1234 *bugs 23:16:47
jordilopez94_ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ksOJl0PDDg 23:17:11
rymate1234 lel 23:17:13
rymate1234 /me out 23:17:14
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jordilopez94_ bye 23:29:03
jordilopez94_ GN 23:29:09
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