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I'm sorry for not actual logs - my FTP uploads are reduced a lot, i'm working on new solution..

Expected startup is about 10.2.2014

SilvesterBot Starting build #168 for job android 00:00:39
Dazzozo just cleaning up 00:00:50
Dazzozo and probably helping a few people 00:01:06
Dazzozo like myself 00:01:10
Dazzozo in the long run 00:01:22
fefifofum https://github.com/josalaito/android_device_huawei_u8833/commit/1464b9c582514878d88d44667b5dc941df5c37c5 00:02:51
fefifofum lol 00:02:52
fefifofum check the changes to patches/external_wpa_supplicant_8/0001-wpa_supplicant..... 00:03:05
Dazzozo changing authorship when making minor edits is pretty insulting 00:05:27
Dazzozo never mind not even changing anything at all 00:05:34
fefifofum in that file there isn't even one change 00:05:58
Dazzozo yup 00:06:04
Dazzozo doesnt matter 00:06:20
Dazzozo this guy can soon become redundant 00:06:24
Dazzozo kra1o5 complains about him constantly 00:06:46
Dazzozo yet doesnt do anything about it 00:06:50
Dazzozo i had plenty of these shits with the 300 00:06:59
Dazzozo *G300 00:07:01
Kra1o5 Uživatel Kra1o5 [57da1dc0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 00:07:01
fefifofum lol 00:07:04
Kra1o5 yo 00:07:08
Dazzozo yo 00:07:10
Dazzozo but ye 00:07:20
Dazzozo easy to make them fuck off 00:07:23
Kra1o5 Dazzozo: Welcome to Y300 Team 00:07:24
Dazzozo 00:07:29
Dazzozo not yet 00:07:36
Kra1o5 soon 00:07:42
Dazzozo waiting for delivery 00:07:42
Dazzozo lol 00:07:43
Kra1o5 Dazzozo: the community is a gourmet people 00:08:07
Dazzozo thats an interesting way to describe a community 00:09:21
Kra1o5 yeah 00:11:03
Dazzozo im surprised more people don't do this "donate for phone" thing 00:13:25
Dazzozo it doesnt cost much more than an app for each person 00:13:44
fefifofum "innovation station" 00:13:50
Dazzozo ye? 00:14:38
Kra1o5 Dazzozo: people dont want to paid for this 00:16:00
Kra1o5 only for phone 00:16:07
Kra1o5 & accesories 00:16:13
Dazzozo yeah its weird how stingy people are when it comes to mobile software 00:16:27
Kra1o5 I get my phone from donations too 00:16:41
Kra1o5 but this people want to make this like a job 00:16:58
Kra1o5 basically is a hobby 00:17:25
Dazzozo and im paying £50 a month to give people nightlies 00:17:39
Dazzozo out of my own pocket 00:17:46
Kra1o5 Dazzozo: the people dont know it 00:18:18
Kra1o5 not want to said thanks 00:18:50
Kra1o5 only want the rom 00:18:54
Dazzozo lol 00:19:04
Dazzozo its a pretty shit job if people think its a job 00:19:11
Dazzozo i dont profit 00:19:15
Kra1o5 if the rom not work good only post to said "this is not workign, can you rapir it? 00:19:19
Kra1o5 repair* 00:19:34
Kra1o5 Maybe the people think the bugs are make intentionally 00:20:26
Dazzozo i don't think theyre that bad 00:21:01
Dazzozo just a bit ignorant 00:21:04
Kra1o5 yes 00:21:17
Kra1o5 Dazzozo: http://en.club.vmall.com/forum.php?mod=redirect&goto=findpost&ptid=3877&pid=32574 00:21:27
Kra1o5 Response from Huawei about 4.2 00:21:35
Dazzozo well 00:22:10
Kra1o5 Huawei love "soon" 00:22:22
Dazzozo any update for the Y300 is surprising 00:22:30
Kra1o5 Dazzozo: get a lot of updates 00:22:40
Dazzozo since a200 is deprecated 00:22:42
Dazzozo i mean 4.2+ 00:22:48
Kra1o5 B166 to B197 00:22:56
Kra1o5 get more updates than G300 00:23:05
Dazzozo what for? 00:26:29
Dazzozo emotion ui? 00:26:43
Kra1o5 bugfixes 00:26:55
Kra1o5 B197 is a nice rom 00:27:06
Kra1o5 from 2 of september 00:27:13
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Kra1o5 Uživatel Kra1o5 [57da1dc0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 00:28:20
Kra1o5 have EmotionUI 1.0 00:28:29
Kra1o5 the latest version is 1.6 00:28:35
Dazzozo im really surprised they've committed to 4.2 00:28:46
Dazzozo since they don't have a BSP for 4.2 00:29:01
Dazzozo they're just going to have to hack the 4.1 stuff in to 4.2 00:29:09
Dazzozo like we did 00:29:25
Kra1o5 they use same code fom ics 00:29:33
Dazzozo and 00:29:33
Dazzozo not right now they don't 00:29:46
Dazzozo no way 00:29:46
Dazzozo they're based on a BSP from qcom 00:29:57
Dazzozo for 4.1.2 00:29:59
Kra1o5 use part of code 00:30:00
Kra1o5 like own backlight 00:30:19
Kra1o5 in kernel 00:30:23
Dazzozo i don't see why they did that 00:31:14
Dazzozo what advantages does it offer them 00:31:27
Dazzozo its a pain in the ass to maintain i know that for sure 00:31:32
Kra1o5 well this is very stupid, people report same bug 4 times. "wifi dont reconnect" 00:31:40
Dazzozo qcom adding backlight features, you merge, oops better ifdef that all out 00:31:52
Kra1o5 Dazzozo: yes bring hack for 4.1 in G300 00:31:58
SilvesterBot Project android build #168: SUCCESS in 32 min: http://jenkins.thebronasium.com/job/android/168/ 00:33:10
Dazzozo wahey 00:33:14
Dazzozo that build should Fix All Of The Things 00:33:30
Kra1o5 00:33:37
Kra1o5 joe not commit since i dont make new commits 00:34:09
Kra1o5 Dazzozo: i think Huawei refer to "oh yes we release one update soon" (about EmotionUI 1.6 00:36:11
Dazzozo hurr 00:36:26
Dazzozo why do people even want an update 00:36:43
Dazzozo its going to benefit custom roms in no way at all 00:36:54
Kra1o5 Emotionui is very... 00:37:13
Kra1o5 MIUI style 00:37:18
Dazzozo and people like that shit? 00:37:29
Dazzozo im surprised the community hasnt ported MIUI already 00:37:45
Kra1o5 Im very happy with CM 00:37:45
Dazzozo im happy with AOSP 00:37:53
Kra1o5 yes 00:38:02
Kra1o5 but for now not an option 00:38:09
Dazzozo it is for the G300 00:38:18
Kra1o5 Dazzozo: MUI is already ported by Geno 00:38:30
Dazzozo well thats all geno does 00:38:39
Kra1o5 based on a stock chinese rom 00:38:58
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Dazzozo dude I randomly forked android_kernel_google_msm 02:38:19
Dazzozo without realising 02:38:25
Dazzozo wat 02:38:26
deVilbaT Uživatel deVilbaT [di@77-253-23-58.adsl.inetia.pl] vstoupil do místnosti. 05:11:44
Téma konverzace „#huawei-g300“ je: #huawei-g300 | G300 innovation station | home of the G300's *sigh*anogenMod® port and children | News: Cyanogen Inc. is literally Hitler again. 12:26:12
djuroue orientation is screwed a little bit .. 12:28:41
djuroue after using camera, everything of apps goes to landscape 12:28:53
Dazzozo tcpaulh: its not hooked up on anything 12:30:36
Dazzozo god knows how to allocate the memory for it on 7x27a 12:30:45
Dazzozo I havent seen a single example 12:30:49
Dazzozo i'll look in to it again in a bit, im interested now 12:31:11
Dazzozo also i fixed my bonus tvcatchup error 12:31:25
Dazzozo it was because of the media ifdeffing lol 12:31:31
deVilbaT ^^ 12:31:36
Dazzozo i now have the same crash you did 12:31:37
tcpaulh Cool 12:31:38
Dazzozo its weird too 12:32:01
Dazzozo it used to play 10 seconds of video 12:32:04
Dazzozo and THEN have that crash 12:32:06
Dazzozo but now it happens the first time it tries to alloc buffers 12:32:13
tcpaulh Progress of a sort 12:32:35
xgchen96 Uživatel xgchen96 [~Android@49.Red-83-59-6.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] vstoupil do místnosti. 12:34:28
tcpaulh Had another reboot easier on aosp while sat nav active. Btw I don't suppose the bouncy/jitter navigation catlog I posted had anything useful in it? 12:35:04
tcpaulh Earlier 12:35:12
tcpaulh Swype seems less accurate...or I have pissed finger 12:36:15
Dark_Nightmare Uživatel Dark_Nightmare [529f150c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 12:44:31
Dark_Nightmare Hi all 12:44:33
tcpaulh Hey 12:44:50
Dark_Nightmare Dazzozo: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19126603/android-source-repo-gpg-public-key-not-found 12:48:15
Dark_Nightmare Did you saw this? 12:48:20
Dazzozo no 12:48:29
Dazzozo why would i have seen that 12:48:31
Dark_Nightmare Because the new repo gpl key gives problems at repo sync time 12:49:30
Dazzozo not for me 12:49:48
Dark_Nightmare Sorry for my bad english 12:49:55
Dark_Nightmare Oh, yesterday when i tried to do repo sync with AOKP sources, it said me that gpl key is incorrect 12:50:43
Dark_Nightmare * [new tag] v1.9.4 -> v1.9.4 * [new tag] v1.9.5 -> v1.9.5 * [new tag] v1.9.6 -> v1.9.6 object e76efdd7b342577c40aa271fa5ded9d66a783a9b type commit tag v1.12.4 tagger Conley Owens <cco3@android.com> 1380645867 -0700 repo 1.12.4 gpg: Signature made Tue 01 Oct 2013 09:44:27 AM PDT using RSA key ID 692B382C gpg: Can't check signature: public key not found error: could not verify the ta 12:50:53
Dark_Nightmare Something like this 12:50:58
Dazzozo your english is fine, just seems like a random issue 12:51:05
Dark_Nightmare Ok right, thank you 12:51:46
Dark_Nightmare But i only can fix it changind the code, i introduced curl http://commondatastorage.googleapis.com/git-repo-downloads/repo > ~/bin/repo instead of curl https://dl-ssl.google.com/dl/googlesource/git-repo/repo > ~/bin/repo 12:52:44
Dark_Nightmare Changing* 12:52:49
Dark_Nightmare And it seems that no gives more problems 12:53:20
Dazzozo weird 12:54:52
Dark_Nightmare You don't know nothing about thsi? 12:55:28
Dark_Nightmare This* 12:55:30
Dark_Nightmare One moment, i'm going to restar my computer, give me one minute 12:56:03
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Dark_Nightmare Uživatel Dark_Nightmare [529f150c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 12:58:49
Dark_Nightmare Hi all jejeje 12:58:56
Dark_Nightmare Daz, can you answer me? 12:59:40
Dazzozo i've never seen it before 13:00:14
Dark_Nightmare I've read that is a problem of the last actualization 13:02:14
fefifofum Uživatel fefifofum [~fefifofum@] vstoupil do místnosti. 13:07:44
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fefifofum yo 13:07:52
Dazzozo yo 13:08:49
fefifofum so my cm10.2 stays in the bootanimation and I cannot make logcat 13:17:59
mnupea Uživatel mnupea [~holoirc@] vstoupil do místnosti. 13:19:18
mnupea Yo! 13:19:45
tcpaulh Can you connect via adb at boot and do logcat that way? Or just wipe the hell out of it and start again 13:20:00
rymate1234 just nuke /data 13:20:49
fefifofum i disabled the secure options in ramdisk the same way I did in cm10.1, but with no luck 13:21:47
Dazzozo my kernel tree has like 20 git remotes 13:27:43
Dazzozo gg 13:27:44
rymate1234 wat 13:28:39
mnupea Oh my wat 13:30:39
AndChat|131924 Uživatel AndChat|131924 [~intenseda@] vstoupil do místnosti. 13:31:45
Dazzozo yay my phone has been dispatched 13:35:42
mnupea Y300? 13:36:31
rymate1234 No, nexus 6 13:37:30
Dazzozo Nexus 24 13:38:14
jordilopez94 Uživatel jordilopez94 [5f3e88d2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 13:38:18
mnupea Nexus 719192629363938262 13:39:27
mnupea But android whould be dead at that time... 13:39:47
Dark_Nightmare ** Don't have a product spec for: 'u8833' ** Do you have the right repo manifest? 13:45:11
Dark_Nightmare How can i solve it? 13:46:46
fefifofum Do you have the right repo manifest? 13:47:12
Dark_Nightmare Ok 13:51:34
Dark_Nightmare I've solved it 13:51:38
Dark_Nightmare I need to change a line o u8833.mk 13:51:54
Dark_Nightmare in device 13:51:58
Dark_Nightmare Compiling AOKP 13:53:05
mnupea AOKP 4 y300? 13:58:27
mnupea Sounds good... 13:58:34
Dazzozo aokp sux 13:58:37
jordilopez94 Dazzozo: AOSP or CM? 13:59:12
Dazzozo wat 13:59:17
jordilopez94 what u prefer 13:59:21
jordilopez94 which do you prefer?* 13:59:36
Dazzozo AOSP 13:59:36
Dazzozo CM is a mess 13:59:45
Dazzozo i don't want CM flavoured apps and launcher 14:00:00
jordilopez94 and when you have the Y300 that build AOSP or CM? 14:00:16
Dark_Nightmare AOKP 4.1.2 ath the moment 14:00:23
Dazzozo dunno 14:00:38
Dazzozo doesnt really make a difference to me 14:00:43
Dazzozo if people want CM i'll do CM 14:00:54
Dark_Nightmare Soon 4.2.2 14:01:00
Dazzozo but soon enough I won't have to 14:01:04
Dark_Nightmare Oh Daz 14:01:08
Dark_Nightmare Thats great 14:01:13
AndChat|131924 Dazzozo: why won't you have to soon enough? 14:02:41
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mnupea Uživatel mnupea [~holoirc@] vstoupil do místnosti. 14:04:17
Dazzozo well we all know what happened to CM 14:07:30
jordilopez94 i prefer AOSP in phone, and cm in tablet 14:09:33
jordilopez94 AOSP o Pa IN phone 14:09:48
jordilopez94 in* 14:09:53
Dark_Nightmare device/generic/goldfish/audio/AudioHardwareGeneric.cpp: In function 'android_audio_legacy::AudioHardwareInterface* android_audio_legacy::createAudioHardware()': device/generic/goldfish/audio/AudioHardwareGeneric.cpp:411:37: error: cannot allocate an object of abstract type 'android_audio_legacy::AudioHardwareGeneric' device/generic/goldfish/audio/AudioHardwareGeneric.h:105:7: note: because the following virtual functions 14:11:43
Dazzozo tcpaulh: got last_kmsg working! 14:11:49
Dark_Nightmare Someone knows something? 14:11:55
tcpaulh Very cool 14:12:27
Dazzozo why are you building goldfish audio O_O 14:12:32
tcpaulh That's been a head scratcher for the longest time 14:13:20
Dazzozo yep haha 14:13:29
tcpaulh Now I'll be able to provide more useless logs 14:14:08
tcpaulh 14:14:17
Dazzozo lol 14:14:34
tcpaulh How did you fix it? 14:14:54
s3baair Uživatel s3baair [bed1b7e9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 14:14:57
Dazzozo merged android-3.4's changes to ram_console where it was split in to persistent_ram and ram_console 14:16:59
Dark_Nightmare How can i fix? 14:17:00
Dazzozo and then did some retarded shit in the board file 14:17:18
Dark_Nightmare Can you give me instructions please? jeje 14:17:58
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JillBot [android_kernel_huawei_u8815] Dazzozo pushed 2 new commits to cm-10.2: http://git.io/uD8LMg 14:25:35
JillBot android_kernel_huawei_u8815/cm-10.2 2d90385 Daz Jones: ram_console: split out persistent ram and merge android-3.4 14:25:35
JillBot android_kernel_huawei_u8815/cm-10.2 3b698d6 Daz Jones: board-msm7x27a: add support for ram_console 14:25:35
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Dazzozo tcpaulh: ^ 14:25:39
Dazzozo ahhh shit some of this stuff isnt indented properly 14:26:48
Dazzozo @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 14:26:51
Dark_Nightmare Dazzozo, i need your help please D: 14:27:51
Dazzozo OCD is satisfied once again 14:31:14
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JillBot [android_kernel_huawei_u8815] Dazzozo pushed 1 new commit to cm-10.2: http://git.io/2uiRxQ 14:31:18
JillBot android_kernel_huawei_u8815/cm-10.2 a7ee708 Daz Jones: ram_console/lmk: cosmetic clean up 14:31:18
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tcpaulh Hehe 14:32:52
tcpaulh I feel a full 3.4 merge coming in the next few weeks 14:33:48
tcpaulh Or it could be that curry I ate 14:35:08
Dazzozo lol 14:35:23
Dazzozo Dark_Nightmare: you're asking for step by step, and there is no such thing 14:35:32
tcpaulh http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhC3u6REsIw 14:37:46
Dark_Nightmare Dazzozo: only say me the fix if you know please 14:38:39
Dazzozo tcpaulh: nope 14:38:46
Dazzozo 3 seconds 14:38:56
Dazzozo 3 14:38:57
Dark_Nightmare I've compiled CM10.1 with Kra and there is no problemas 14:38:58
Dark_Nightmare Problems* 14:39:03
tcpaulh Apparently Sinead O Connor has written her an open letter asking her not to prostitute herself 14:39:43
tcpaulh Which is nice 14:40:11
Dazzozo lol 14:40:19
tcpaulh http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_bwh2RYBWw 14:52:54
cybojenix-away Uživatel „cybojenix-away“ je nyní znám jako cybojenix. 14:58:38
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Dazzozo its pretty funny how 4.3 is clearly just a bootstrap for kitkat 15:09:49
rymate1234 http://www.androidauthority.com/purported-android-4-4-kitkat-running-key-lime-pie-nexus-4-image-gallery-279440/ LEAKS LEAKS LEAKS 15:10:50
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djuroue 15:13:34
cybojenix Uživatel „cybojenix“ je nyní znám jako cybojenix-away. 15:16:31
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Kra1o5 Uživatel Kra1o5 [57da1dc0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 15:17:21
Kra1o5 yo 15:17:23
Dazzozo yo 15:17:40
djuroue y 15:21:49
jordilopez94 yo 15:22:01
mnupea Tu 15:22:45
Kra1o5 mnupea: ha ha ha , stupid joke 15:24:51
mnupea Really stupid 15:25:11
mnupea As me 15:25:15
fefifofum 15:25:35
mnupea Well, now i changed a bit 15:26:15
mnupea To better ofc 15:26:21
Kra1o5 good 15:26:38
Kyan31 Uživatel Kyan31 [~androirc@] vstoupil do místnosti. 15:27:55
Kyan31 Granola slices make the world go round 15:28:11
mnupea ... 15:29:01
Kyan31 No 15:29:15
Kyan31 Can you twerk? 15:30:17
Kyan31 I can 15:30:25
mnupea Yup 15:31:17
Kyan31 Wow 15:31:21
Kyan31 Nice 15:31:24
Kyan31 yolo 15:31:48
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Dazzozo can you shit up another channel pls 15:34:08
lakyljuk Uživatel lakyljuk [~spravce@] vstoupil do místnosti. 15:37:11
djuroue haha 15:37:38
Kyan31 Ok 15:38:03
Kyan31 What other channels can I go to? 15:38:31
mnupea #spam-hard 15:38:52
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cybojenix-away Uživatel „cybojenix-away“ je nyní znám jako cybojenix. 15:51:33
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rymate1234 phone lasted 9 hours today 16:28:44
manuL Uživatel manuL [~holoirc@] vstoupil do místnosti. 16:29:59
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Kyan31 Hello 16:59:58
Dazzozo hi 17:00:30
intensedarkness Uživatel intensedarkness [~intenseda@] vstoupil do místnosti. 17:04:08
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intensedarkness Dazzozo: I hope you realise that The Community is expecting a Y300 bug free rom tomorrow. 17:15:57
Dazzozo i need an unlock code you know 17:16:12
intensedarkness Else they will show up outside your house with burning torches 17:16:15
intensedarkness For what!? 17:16:23
Dazzozo wat 17:17:01
intensedarkness I was kidding about The Community btw. Guessing they know they need the wait 17:17:01
intensedarkness Sim unlock or bloader unlock? 17:17:38
Dazzozo bootloader 17:18:41
Dazzozo i will sim unlock it but no rush 17:18:51
intensedarkness It should be sim unlocked mate 17:19:23
intensedarkness Cpw Y300s should already be sim unlocked 17:19:35
Dazzozo we'll see about that 17:19:37
Dazzozo i've never bought a PAYG phone unlocked 17:19:54
intensedarkness Send me your imei and pn or whatever is needed for bootloader unlock 17:20:13
intensedarkness I will try and get hold of the code 17:20:24
intensedarkness I'm fairly sure it will be sim unlocked 17:20:34
intensedarkness Like mine 17:20:38
intensedarkness From cpw 17:20:41
Dazzozo idk what the imei and shit is without the phone 17:20:53
Dazzozo lol 17:20:53
intensedarkness Yes when you get it obv 17:21:26
intensedarkness Lol 17:21:28
intensedarkness Got your g300 code? 17:21:36
Dazzozo yes 17:21:45
intensedarkness Finally 17:21:59
intensedarkness How long did you wait in the end? 17:22:18
intensedarkness And did you have to email? 17:22:27
Dazzozo i got it like the day after manually emailing 17:22:28
Dazzozo they werent responding to the form at all 17:22:34
kyan Uživatel kyan [~androirc@] vstoupil do místnosti. 17:23:56
intensedarkness Yeah 17:24:02
intensedarkness Same 17:24:07
intensedarkness Notice any difference after officially unlocking g300? 17:26:55
Dazzozo nope 17:27:07
Uživatel „kyan“ opustil místnost (Quit: Client Quit). 17:27:09
Dazzozo other than "less of a pain in the ass" 17:27:21
Dazzozo because i update.app a lot 17:27:25
intensedarkness Yeah 17:29:04
intensedarkness Fair enough 17:29:08
intensedarkness Mobile data reboots completely stopped for me 17:29:30
intensedarkness Immediately 17:29:33
intensedarkness Do you have a priority list for Y300 development? 17:33:40
rymate1234 1. fix all the things 17:35:54
intensedarkness O shit. 17:36:04
intensedarkness That's answered my question perfectly 17:36:29
intensedarkness Brilliant. 17:36:36
Dazzozo get my head around it 17:36:40
intensedarkness You BUMDER 17:36:44
Dazzozo redo everything because its a fucking mess 17:36:47
intensedarkness Ah I seeee 17:37:24
Dazzozo 4.3 17:37:50
intensedarkness Is aosp or CM first though? 17:37:54
Dazzozo doesnt matter 17:38:01
intensedarkness Or not decided 17:38:04
Dazzozo answering that question is low priority 17:38:08
intensedarkness Oh right 17:38:10
rymate1234 cm would probably be easier 17:38:12
Dazzozo nope 17:38:16
rymate1234 oh ok 17:38:22
Dazzozo AOSP is not the headache it used to be 17:38:27
Dazzozo thats for sure 17:38:30
rymate1234 intensedarkness - don't forget ALL THE RANDOM OSes 17:38:42
mnupea I prefer aosp 17:38:47
mnupea No shit stuff 17:38:55
rymate1234 Expect ubuntu phone and firefox os if dazzozo ever gets bored 17:39:08
Dazzozo it doesnt cost me to do both 17:39:15
Dazzozo i want to get it up to 4.3 fast though 17:40:01
mnupea I guess ubuntu phone will never work at 90% or more on g300 17:40:02
Dazzozo because im pretty sure 4.3's purpose was to be a bootstrap for kitkat 17:40:11
Dazzozo selinux etc 17:40:15
intensedarkness Interesting 17:41:22
intensedarkness Well feel free to modify your post on the proposal thread to state your intentions 17:42:14
rymate1234 I'm pretty sure 4.3 was just so they could have something to launch alongside nexus 7 17:42:54
intensedarkness Even if it's just that you will be doing tidy ups for at least a month or something 17:42:56
intensedarkness for PR and to manage expectations 17:43:15
Dazzozo rymate1234: its a very rushed release and it shows 17:43:50
rymate1234 yeah 17:44:01
Uživatel „cybojenix“ opustil místnost (Quit: ZNC died). 17:50:55
Dazzozo u8833 right? 17:52:09
fefifofum yes 17:52:29
cybojenix Uživatel cybojenix [~cybojenix@unaffiliated/cybojenix] vstoupil do místnosti. 17:53:26
Dazzozo and thats what mine will be right? u8833 is not some swahili variant? 17:56:17
Dazzozo its a pretty strange number to give to the "primary" version 17:56:31
Dazzozo tbh theyre stupid model numbers anyway 17:58:47
Dazzozo they have no use at all for 4 digits 17:58:52
intensedarkness Are all Y300s u8833 18:02:40
intensedarkness ? 18:02:41
intensedarkness Or are there variants 18:02:50
fefifofum daz, the file fstab.goldfish in ramdisk of cm10.2 is generic? 18:03:04
fefifofum because it doesn't fit the partitions in my device 18:03:32
fefifofum 18:03:33
Dazzozo yes 18:03:39
Dazzozo and it won't be read 18:03:41
Dazzozo because you choose what fstab is used 18:03:51
Dazzozo and vold guesses from ro.hardware 18:03:59
Glicerck Uživatel Glicerck [~Glicerck@] vstoupil do místnosti. 18:05:01
Dazzozo it doesnt fit the g300's partitions either 18:05:02
fefifofum i'm trying to figure out why i can't logcat 18:05:10
fefifofum i get a nice bootanimation, that's all 18:05:16
Dazzozo USB debugging is disabled and you can't turn it on? 18:05:56
Dazzozo thats like the only reason there could be 18:06:16
fefifofum in default.prop? 18:06:28
Alkalinorap hi 18:07:20
Alkalinorap Dazzozo, why the decision of change the default storage in cm9 and in the others? 18:08:36
Dazzozo because its mandatory 18:08:47
Alkalinorap wow 18:09:04
Alkalinorap it has caused the ruin of most users 18:09:25
Alkalinorap lol 18:09:26
Dazzozo android guidelines say it should be that way, and I don't want to break anything that expects it to be that way 18:09:27
Dazzozo i dont care, its nightlies 18:09:35
Dazzozo don't use nightlies 18:09:37
Dazzozo you can switch them around safely in 10.2 18:09:53
Dazzozo and cm9 18:09:59
Alkalinorap I do not even I have the phone but I wondered why 18:10:11
Alkalinorap lol 18:10:12
Dazzozo CMUpdater was what made me realise 18:10:45
Dazzozo it didn't work with the new recovery, because of assumptions that both the recovery and CMUpdater make 18:11:11
Dazzozo but they're valid assumptions, we had a bad setup 18:11:22
Alkalinorap damn cmupdater, always give problems >.< 18:11:27
Dazzozo not really 18:11:32
Dazzozo CMUpdater doesn't do much 18:11:35
Dazzozo it downloads and sends a command to recovery 18:11:46
Alkalinorap and why give so much trouble selinux? 18:13:53
Alkalinorap much change there? 18:13:55
Dazzozo ? 18:13:59
Alkalinorap many devices have problems updating to 4.3 18:14:33
Alkalinorap in cm 18:14:36
Alkalinorap and all says that it's due to selinux 18:15:05
Dazzozo because most people suck 18:15:07
Alkalinorap DDDDD 18:15:16
fefifofum 18:15:16
rymate1234 exxxxxxx deeeeee 18:15:25
Dazzozo i guess the thing i find funny is people want android updates 18:17:20
Dazzozo and they dont even know the implications of the updates 18:17:25
Dazzozo and what they contain 18:17:29
Dazzozo they just want "updates" 18:17:31
Alkalinorap that 18:17:50
Alkalinorap wtf, I heard that you have an Y300 18:19:06
Dazzozo i do 18:19:22
Dazzozo tomorrow 18:19:24
rymate1234 or 18:19:24
rymate1234 yeah 18:19:29
Alkalinorap wow 18:19:31
Alkalinorap I was right to buy the Y300 18:20:06
Alkalinorap ^^ 18:20:08
intensedarkness Alkalinorap: I bought a y300 18:23:14
intensedarkness Decided wanted faster development 18:23:30
intensedarkness So made it happen 18:23:36
intensedarkness By launching The Campaign 18:23:44
intensedarkness And Raverr donated a bombshell 18:23:57
intensedarkness And 10 others 18:24:06
Dazzozo *11 18:24:18
Dazzozo oh 18:24:25
Dazzozo yeah nvm im retarded 18:24:28
intensedarkness 11 in total 18:24:31
Dazzozo ye 18:24:34
intensedarkness Indeed 18:24:36
Dazzozo retartored 18:24:39
Alkalinorap intensedarkness, ohhh 18:24:41
Alkalinorap this starts!! 18:24:42
Dazzozo retartaroretarded 18:24:47
intensedarkness You're a retarded BUMDER 18:24:48
intensedarkness Lol 18:24:54
Alkalinorap the engine making noise again 18:25:29
Alkalinorap 18:25:29
Dazzozo so the UK ones are definitely u8833 right 18:25:40
intensedarkness One from which I am expecting a Samsung Nexus 4 S3 S4 milky galaxy Holo way Rom from for the Y300 18:25:41
Dazzozo :| 18:25:56
intensedarkness With enough butter to create a global climatic shift 18:26:48
Dazzozo confirm deny pls 18:27:53
rhen Uživatel rhen [5985561a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 18:28:23
rymate1234 rip crescet 18:29:21
rymate1234 *crescent 18:29:25
Dazzozo wat u mean rip 18:29:38
Dazzozo theres no point wasting time porting shit to crescent 18:29:47
Dazzozo you're never going to actually use it properly 18:29:55
Dazzozo what is the actual point 18:30:01
rymate1234 good point 18:30:07
rymate1234 in about 3 months I hope to finally ditch it 18:30:18
Dazzozo do newer builds of cm9, optimisations, fixes like omx and tethering 18:30:27
Dazzozo thats what the crescent needs 18:30:35
rymate1234 tethering works with 3rd party app 18:30:53
Dazzozo yeah 18:30:58
Dazzozo but there's a native fix out there 18:31:01
Dazzozo it was fixed in cm10 i think 18:31:05
rymate1234 it was? 18:31:10
Dazzozo yeah 18:31:12
rymate1234 didn't know that 18:31:27
Dazzozo crescent could be pretty much bug free on cm9 18:31:28
rymate1234 although cm10 was pretty much unusable 18:31:36
Dazzozo the camera hal is a bit dodgy in the preview and that could be improved, but its completely functional 18:31:46
Dazzozo so yeah, crescent could be almost completely bug free with little work 18:32:06
rymate1234 front camera is borked 18:32:11
Dazzozo the hal doesnt support it 18:32:18
Dazzozo well 18:32:23
Dazzozo the wrapper 18:32:24
Dazzozo but i never actually got it working on cm7 18:32:32
Dazzozo but i was super busy back then 18:32:35
rymate1234 lel 18:32:37
rymate1234 "Camera changes - there are currently two Camera apps, the left one should work, sorry about that " 18:34:02
rymate1234 I see nothing about tethering in the changelog for cm10 18:34:53
rymate1234 "I feel that this is the final OS version that our trusty Skates will be able to handle without it being unusable. A sad note but hopefully it will be some time before this happens and we still have this to play with until then. Who knows I may be wrong..." 18:36:08
rymate1234 DAMMIT TILAL 18:36:13
rymate1234 also gonna work on cm9 18:37:11
rymate1234 at the weekend 18:37:15
rymate1234 maybe see what happens when I build with the androidarmv6 ics+ branch 18:37:35
Dazzozo yeah the two camera apps lol 18:40:33
Dazzozo i remember that 18:40:34
Dazzozo im sure there was a tethering change somewhere 18:40:44
Dazzozo the only reason you would continue to port new OS versions to armv6 is as an exercise 18:41:59
Dazzozo no way is anyone gonna use that shit on their actual phone 18:42:13
rymate1234 IMPORTANT COMMITS BRO https://github.com/Dazzozo/android_device_zte_blade2/commit/99f2d3016cf992c04b4c4c172b2a6edab4749382 18:43:23
Dazzozo huh? 18:43:48
jordilopez94 Uživatel jordilopez94 [~jordilope@] vstoupil do místnosti. 18:43:54
Dazzozo that commit message accurately describes the commit 18:43:55
rymate1234 lol 18:43:55
rymate1234 yeah 18:43:58
Dazzozo i didnt say all my commits were "important" 18:44:04
rymate1234 lel 18:44:10
Dazzozo if you want useless commits 18:44:16
Dazzozo https://github.com/Dazzozo/android_device_huawei_u8815/commit/b6a425032bce07f804513ca6ec287473cd4004f8 18:44:17
Dazzozo i think thats the epitome 18:44:26
rymate1234 lmao 18:44:42
rymate1234 im not sure its worth it to make another cm9 build 18:45:14
tcpaulh There was also the commit where someone just wanted their name mentioned 18:45:25
Dazzozo rymate1234: well exactly 18:45:40
Dazzozo if its not even worth it to update something that is almost perfect 18:45:48
Dazzozo god knows why people want 4.3 and kitkat 18:45:57
rymate1234 im only going to be using the phone for 3 months 18:45:59
rymate1234 and all the stuff that is broken 18:46:07
rymate1234 i never use 18:46:09
Dazzozo lol 18:46:13
mnupea Does everybody that have g300 switch to y300 ? 18:46:13
Dazzozo wat 18:46:22
tcpaulh Z300 18:46:33
mnupea Dunno 18:46:34
Dazzozo X300 18:46:39
Dazzozo K300 18:46:41
rymate1234 i dont even have a g300 18:46:42
Dazzozo P300 18:46:45
mnupea Stop children 18:46:54
Dazzozo k 18:47:04
rymate1234 my phone has a 3000mAh battery 18:47:13
rymate1234 supposedly 18:47:17
Dazzozo haha 18:47:17
Dazzozo no 18:47:18
mnupea U have a... 18:47:23
rymate1234 i brought it from some chinese website 18:47:28
Dazzozo 3000mm penis 18:47:29
rymate1234 it says 3000mAh on it 18:47:35
mnupea Nope 18:47:37
rymate1234 but it obviously isn't 18:47:46
Dazzozo yeah dont buy that shit 18:48:00
Dazzozo just buy another stock one 18:48:15
rymate1234 it was £8 18:48:18
Dazzozo and keep it on you 18:48:19
mnupea I hate MTK phones 18:48:21
mnupea I only like bq aquaris 3.5/Fnac Phablet 3.5 18:48:57
Dazzozo wat is this http://store.steampowered.com/sub/9020 18:49:11
mnupea Is so damn fucking cheap 18:49:33
rymate1234 my next phone I'm probably not gonna do much development rom wise 18:50:03
rymate1234 I'll just be an educated end user 18:50:09
Dazzozo depends what you get 18:50:19
Dazzozo i said that about every phone i've ended up developing for 18:50:32
mnupea If u get a mtk of not hehe 18:50:35
Dazzozo lold 18:50:41
rymate1234 i never really did much dev on crescent 18:50:49
mnupea *ofc 18:50:50
rymate1234 i made some shitty touchwiz rom 18:51:10
mnupea Lolz 18:51:17
rymate1234 ported paranoidandroid back when i thought it was the coolezt thing everz 18:51:36
rymate1234 and built irt from source \o/ 18:51:48
mnupea +rymate1234: everybody does his first rom... 18:52:37
mnupea Dont feel disapointed about a tw rom 18:52:52
mnupea Lol 18:52:54
Dazzozo my first rom was a cm9 build 18:52:58
Dazzozo back when it had the galaxy nexus boot animation 18:53:11
Dazzozo <3 18:53:14
rymate1234 my first rom took me about 3 - 4 days to compile 18:53:50
rymate1234 well, the first i compiled 18:54:02
mnupea Dazzozo: for wat dvice? 18:54:15
Dazzozo crescent 18:54:22
Dazzozo rymate1234: my first rom took me equally as long 18:54:44
Dazzozo but mostly because of all the compile errors back then 18:54:50
Dazzozo webrtc etc 18:54:58
Dazzozo dat patch 18:55:01
rymate1234 i had about a day of repo sync 18:55:15
rymate1234 3 days of compiling 18:55:24
mnupea Crescend is blade 3 or wat? 18:56:10
rymate1234 crescent is a shit 18:56:20
Dazzozo blade 2 18:56:33
rymate1234 http://www.gsmarena.com/orange_san_francisco_ii-4330.php 18:56:35
rymate1234 wait what 18:56:56
mnupea Oh wat 18:57:02
rymate1234 my phone uses a mini sim? 18:57:03
mnupea Lol 18:57:04
rymate1234 i thought it was just a standard sim card 18:57:19
rymate1234 what the hell is a standard sim then 18:57:25
rymate1234 lol 18:57:26
mnupea +rymate1234: @Dazzozo: +rymate1234: u link a lot 18:57:26
rymate1234 <mnupea> +rymate1234: @Dazzozo: +rymate1234: u link a lot 18:57:35
Dazzozo <rymate1234> <mnupea> +rymate1234: @Dazzozo: +rymate1234: u link a lot 18:57:41
mnupea Wat? 18:57:48
mnupea Wat wat wat wat (8) 18:58:44
Dazzozo rymate1234: yeah its mini sim 19:00:10
Dazzozo standard sim is credit card 19:00:15
mnupea Credit card is raspberry pi 19:04:17
Uživatel „lakyljuk“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 245 seconds). 19:09:04
Dazzozo https://plus.google.com/u/0/118128230387412768670/posts/WhHpRy3pHzK 19:13:09
Uživatel „Dark_Nightmare“ opustil místnost (Quit: Page closed). 19:14:34
Uživatel „jordilopez94“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 260 seconds). 19:22:58
rymate1234 http://developer.android.com/images/gp-policy-ads-terms.png 25:10 get your shit together google 19:23:56
Dazzozo isnt that a running joke? 19:27:04
Dazzozo i swear i've seen that in a bunch of places 19:27:10
eloimuns Uživatel eloimuns [~eloimuns@209.pool85-55-229.dynamic.orange.es] vstoupil do místnosti. 19:31:00
eloimuns yo 19:31:02
Kra1o5 yo 19:31:11
Dazzozo yo 19:33:33
mnupea Yo 19:35:05
mnupea Tu 19:35:12
fefifofum always the same joke with yo and tu 19:35:47
fefifofum it's getting old 19:35:51
Kra1o5 stupid* 19:36:23
fefifofum also 19:36:47
eloimuns O.o 19:37:46
mnupea Im so dumb stupid so i guess its my joke 19:38:05
mnupea Its made for me 19:38:18
Kra1o5 autocritic 19:38:28
Kra1o5 good tactic 19:38:35
fefifofum i call it victimism 19:38:48
mnupea Different point of view... 19:39:58
mnupea And... Btw, tactic of wat? 19:40:47
mnupea Uživatel „mnupea“ je nyní znám jako dumb. 19:41:38
dumb Uživatel „dumb“ je nyní znám jako watadumb. 19:42:03
watadumb Uživatel „watadumb“ je nyní znám jako fefifahumo. 19:44:13
Uživatel „intensedarkness“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 256 seconds). 19:45:56
Uživatel „Kra1o5“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 250 seconds). 19:59:13
Uživatel „rhen“ opustil místnost (Quit: Page closed). 19:59:52
Uživatel „tcpaulh“ opustil místnost (Quit: Remote host closed the connection). 20:07:01
Uživatel „s3baair“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 250 seconds). 20:07:01
fefifahumo Something interesting? 20:10:58
Alkalinorap no mnupea 20:13:09
fefifahumo Im bored... 20:13:48
j0shii_ Uživatel j0shii_ [~androirc@] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:16:13
Uživatel „j0shii_“ opustil místnost (Quit: Client Quit). 20:16:27
modacouserr Uživatel modacouserr [0251932f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:20:43
fefifahumo Jello 20:21:01
fefifahumo Uživatel „fefifahumo“ je nyní znám jako fefifosmoke. 20:21:35
modacouserr hey 20:25:45
tcpaulh Uživatel tcpaulh [~tcpaulh@] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:36:18
ChanServ Uživatel „ChanServ“ nastavil režim (tcpaulh +v). 20:36:19
jordilopez94 Uživatel jordilopez94 [~jordilope@] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:42:31
Uživatel „djuroue“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 245 seconds). 20:49:30
fefifosmoke Everybody join! 20:51:08
djuroue Uživatel djuroue [~Ahil82@cable-178-149-162-130.dynamic.sbb.rs] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:51:25
ChanServ Uživatel „ChanServ“ nastavil režim (djuroue +v). 20:51:25
fefifofum to many trolls this week 20:52:40
fefifofum too* 20:52:45
eloimuns O.o 20:53:14
Uživatel „eloimuns“ opustil místnost (Quit: Remote host closed the connection). 20:56:49
Eloimuns Uživatel Eloimuns [~eloimuns@209.pool85-55-229.dynamic.orange.es] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:59:06
fefifosmoke Trololololololo 21:05:39
intensedarkness Uživatel intensedarkness [~intenseda@] vstoupil do místnosti. 21:07:31
Dazzozo Uživatel „Dazzozo“ nastavil režim (*!*@*.43.121.239.dyn.user.ono.com +b). 21:08:53
Dazzozo Uživatel „fefifosmoke“ byl vykopnut uživatelem Dazzozo: fefifosmoke. 21:08:53
Dazzozo stop 21:09:16
Dazzozo stop 21:09:21
Dazzozo stop 21:09:22
Dazzozo why is all this shit in here all of a sudden 21:10:59
Dazzozo go back to your le le le le channels 21:11:15
fefifofum these guys are not in other channels 21:11:57
Dazzozo well they can make one then 21:12:14
fefifofum yes 21:12:36
Dazzozo there needs to be a limit 21:12:44
Dazzozo and the stupid shit is just too much 21:13:07
fefifofum yes, sometimes ignoring them isn't enough 21:13:23
adfad666 STFUAGTFO 21:14:17
Alkalinorap wow 21:14:44
Alkalinorap I think it's the first time I've seen that Dazzozo kick someone 21:14:46
Alkalinorap lol 21:14:47
Dazzozo thats the first ban i think 21:14:55
Dazzozo not the first kick 21:14:59
Alkalinorap lol 21:15:02
Alkalinorap true 21:15:04
Alkalinorap right* 21:15:07
Dazzozo it wont be permanent anyway 21:15:08
Dazzozo as suggested by the hostname they have a dynamic ip 21:15:17
Eloimuns Dazzozo, kick me a lot of times 21:15:22
adfad666 Weild that banhammar! 21:15:22
Alkalinorap yup 21:15:23
Dazzozo they could probably just come back by resetting router 21:15:33
Dazzozo we'll let them figure that out tho 21:15:39
fefifofum daz, he will keep the same ip as long as he doesn't restart his modem 21:15:42
Dazzozo yeah 21:15:48
Dazzozo same as me 21:15:50
manuL Uživatel manuL [~holoirc@] vstoupil do místnosti. 21:16:29
Alkalinorap hi manuL 21:19:26
Uživatel „manuL“ opustil místnost (Quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer). 21:19:27
Alkalinorap DD 21:19:31
Dazzozo incredible 21:19:39
Alkalinorap ^ 21:19:53
fefifofum he is still figuring it out 21:20:01
Dazzozo Uživatel „Dazzozo“ nastavil režim (*!*@24.134.140.* -b). 21:23:28
Dazzozo apparently there was 1 other ban 21:23:35
Dazzozo dunno who that was 21:23:39
Alkalinorap the first chinese you banned 21:23:51
Alkalinorap i think 21:23:53
Alkalinorap lol 21:23:53
Dazzozo probably 21:24:47
fefifofum this chat will soon be one year old 21:24:59
rymate1234 we had chinese people? 21:24:59
fefifofum yes, before daz made his repos public 21:25:22
Dazzozo -ChanServ- Information on #huawei-g300: 21:25:34
Dazzozo -ChanServ- Founder : Dazzozo 21:25:35
Dazzozo -ChanServ- Successor : freenode-staff 21:25:35
Dazzozo -ChanServ- Registered : Jun 17 00:02:41 2012 (1 year, 15 weeks, 3 days, 21:22:50 ago) 21:25:35
Dazzozo -ChanServ- Mode lock : +n 21:25:35
Dazzozo -ChanServ- Flags : GUARD 21:25:36
Dazzozo -ChanServ- *** End of Info *** 21:25:37
Dazzozo already is yo 21:25:41
fefifofum ohh 21:25:47
fefifofum i thought it was from october 21:25:58
Dazzozo nooope 21:26:05
Dazzozo i made this channel before i got my g300 lol 21:26:09
fefifofum when we were waiting "a jiff" for the wifi sources 21:26:15
Alkalinorap Chinese back now and say: finally! I tried a year to join here! 21:26:33
Alkalinorap DDDDDDD 21:26:35
Dazzozo there was also 21:26:46
Dazzozo -ChanServ- Information on #zte-crescent: 21:26:46
Dazzozo -ChanServ- Founder : adroc 21:26:47
Dazzozo -ChanServ- Successor : freenode-staff 21:26:47
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Dazzozo -ChanServ- Flags : SECURE 21:26:49
Dazzozo -ChanServ- *** End of Info *** 21:26:51
Dazzozo but that channel is long since dead 21:26:53
rymate1234 it was ever alive 21:28:54
rymate1234 ? 21:28:55
Dazzozo it was 21:29:02
Dazzozo it had a shorter life than this 21:29:10
Uživatel „djuroue“ opustil místnost (Quit). 21:29:18
rymate1234 all i remember of it was ambush and Dazzozo 21:29:33
rymate1234 occasionally tilal 21:29:38
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fefifofum ok, so this is needed to boot cm10.2 22:09:15
fefifofum https://github.com/Dazzozo/android_kernel_huawei_u8815/commit/b7417b22863a2a0dd169908f13d6d857b86db56c#diff-3f3ead71bf10e7b33c749794d344f623R2880 22:09:15
Dazzozo to boot it? o_o 22:09:41
Dazzozo not for us 22:09:51
Dazzozo selinux just got disabled if it wasnt there 22:09:58
fefifofum ahh, so it would work also with selinux disabled 22:10:21
Dazzozo i wasnt aware there was a way to force it on or off? 22:12:10
Dazzozo other than kernel ofc 22:12:21
fefifofum well, i was a bit confused with selinux 22:14:16
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Uživatel „Glicerck“ opustil místnost (Quit: Saliendo). 23:06:37
Dazzozo yay guaranteed for tomorrow 23:08:38
modacouserr what? dazzozo 23:09:31
Dazzozo Y300 23:09:38
modacouserr ohh 23:09:45
modacouserr nice 23:09:46
modacouserr you can work in the kernel with it right? 23:10:03
Dazzozo what for? 23:12:53
modacouserr 3.4? you told me it was stopped for a week or so and it would be easier if you had the y300 23:14:00
modacouserr nvm 23:14:01
Dazzozo oh 23:14:04
Dazzozo ye 23:14:04
modacouserr you order it tomorrow or it arrives tomorrow? 23:14:34
modacouserr i have to sleep, bye! 23:15:23
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Dazzozo lol 23:17:54
Dazzozo it's really funny seeing references to CM private code in their public code 23:43:59
Dazzozo https://github.com/CyanogenMod/cm_build_config 23:44:47
Dazzozo this exists 23:44:49
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