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I'm sorry for not actual logs - my FTP uploads are reduced a lot, i'm working on new solution..

Expected startup is about 10.2.2014

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SilvesterBot Project android build #163: SUCCESS in 31 min: http://jenkins.thebronasium.com/job/android/163/ 00:33:03
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rymate1234 I wonder if theres a java version of steamkit 08:18:51
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djuroue i dont know why this option even exist on android 4.3 .... 08:38:53
djuroue "Scanning always available (Let Googles location service and other apps scan for networks, even with WIFI is off)" 08:38:54
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tcpaulh Attempting to delete file from sd in es file explorer https://docs.google.com/file/d/0By9XAHKSPMp9NklnOXZXYl9BY3c/edit?usp=docslist_api 09:53:15
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tcpaulh Copying text from browser results in "unfortunately browser has stopped" 10:25:56
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Eloimuns Dazzozo, still 5/20? 11:09:46
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Eloimuns Dazzozo, still 5/20? 12:05:18
rymate1234 I think dazz is ark 12:06:43
rymate1234 *afk 12:06:47
Eloimuns okey rymate1234 thanks for info 12:07:42
tcpaulh Tried persist.sys.vold.switchexternal=1 for a laugh. Didn't help with my sd prob 12:29:47
tcpaulh No real surprise 12:30:01
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modacouserr hey 12:42:42
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fefifofum yo 14:11:33
Dazzozo yo 14:12:54
fefifofum daz, do you know how can i find out the kernel page size? 14:14:02
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Dazzozo unpackbootimg 14:22:39
fefifofum right! thanks, i forgot about that 14:23:38
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rymate1234 So tonight I'm going to try get Mac OS X working in virtualbox 15:10:10
rymate1234 With an amd chip 15:10:22
Dazzozo GL 15:13:24
Dazzozo i almost managed it with the old Steam Mac promo 15:13:35
Dazzozo for earbuds 15:13:36
Dazzozo but steam refused to launch the game because it couldnt identify my gpu ;-; 15:13:58
Dazzozo but now i have intel so its 100000x easier 15:14:08
Dazzozo i got earbuds anyway so idc 15:14:42
adfad666 is there ANY reason to choose AMD these days? 15:16:21
Dazzozo not right now 15:16:50
Dazzozo maybe in gpus if you got megabux 15:17:16
adfad666 I'm just waiting for cheap haswell laptops to come out 15:17:23
AndChat|131924 Umm 15:17:30
AndChat|131924 AMD for integrated graphics 15:17:43
Dazzozo lol 15:17:50
AndChat|131924 If you don't give a shit about CPU grunt 15:18:00
AndChat|131924 AMD has better integrated graphics 15:18:15
Dazzozo i would kinda expect that 15:18:23
Dazzozo since they gave birth to adreno 15:18:29
adfad666 so it's intel if you want to be gpu bound and amd if you want to be cpu bound 15:18:37
AndChat|131924 Also, if price is a factor 15:18:43
AndChat|131924 AMD is cheaper 15:18:51
adfad666 barely 15:18:56
AndChat|131924 Well depends really 15:19:30
AndChat|131924 If you want 4 cores for around 100 15:19:45
AndChat|131924 Gbp 15:19:54
AndChat|131924 There are a few cases where amd has the price advantage 15:20:48
AndChat|131924 Eg. 70 pounds for a quad core vs Intel 's 150ish 15:21:13
AndChat|131924 Or if you play games on a laptop but can't afford discrete gpu 15:21:51
rymate1234 I have an amd chip because the desktop was free and I wasn't gonna refuse a free quad core desktop 15:21:58
AndChat|131924 How did you manage that? 15:22:12
rymate1234 My friend was getting rid of it 15:22:44
AndChat|131924 15:22:58
adfad666 I have dual core AMD turdbuger in my desktop 15:23:09
AndChat|131924 I have an Ivybridge 15:23:15
AndChat|131924 15:23:18
rymate1234 was an old family desktop and they couldn't be bothered to fix the few things that was up with it 15:23:22
rymate1234 so I said I'd have it 15:23:28
rymate1234 Upgraded graphics card, got a new fan for it, and it's pretty good 15:23:58
rymate1234 Plays all my games very well 15:24:05
rymate1234 Only 2 issues are 15:24:31
rymate1234 1. The cd drives are utter crap 15:24:40
rymate1234 2. Takes ages for the bios to load and boot my PC 15:24:57
adfad666 nobody uses cCDs these days 15:27:22
rymate1234 I do 15:27:32
adfad666 really? 15:27:50
Dazzozo what the hell for 15:27:50
Dazzozo i occasionally use a dvd for installing an OS 15:28:01
Dazzozo and reading wii disks 15:28:09
Dazzozo etc 15:28:10
Dazzozo thats it 15:28:14
rymate1234 well 15:28:42
adfad666 last time I used one was to install ubuntu last year cause I couldn't find an available flash disk 15:28:42
rymate1234 Um 15:28:43
rymate1234 Good question 15:28:48
rymate1234 Oh yeah 15:28:56
rymate1234 Music CDs 15:29:30
adfad666 wot are those 15:29:41
Dazzozo i have a few, but i only buy them to collect 15:29:58
Dazzozo i dont play them to listen to music 15:30:12
adfad666 i haven't bought a CD for years 15:30:14
adfad666 di.fm ftw 15:30:36
rymate1234 adfad666: my mum always buys me music CDs for birthday and Christmas 15:32:48
rymate1234 Along with another present 15:32:57
rymate1234 Also my nan likes music but doesn't have any sort of computer, so I usually make her some cd for Christmas 15:33:33
adfad666 pirate! 15:34:47
rymate1234 the songs are legitimately brought 15:35:35
rymate1234 :3 15:35:40
adfad666 by someone 15:35:50
adfad666 somewhere 15:35:52
rymate1234 no 15:36:00
rymate1234 usually by my mum 15:36:08
rymate1234 1. Mum buys cd 15:36:15
rymate1234 2. Tells me nan might like it 15:36:26
rymate1234 3. I make copy and print a crappy cd cover from internet 15:36:38
Dazzozo oh man its actually like 2002 15:37:22
rymate1234 yeah 15:37:29
Dazzozo in the rymate1234 house 15:37:31
rymate1234 it actually is 15:37:38
rymate1234 we even buy DVDs 15:37:47
rymate1234 and then never play them 15:37:55
adfad666 deeveedeez? 15:38:15
rymate1234 and rent other movies on our NTL box as mum refuses to ask virgin for a free upgrade 15:38:23
adfad666 i think the last dvd I bought was probably the last lord of the rings extended edition box 15:40:26
rymate1234 Last DVD I brought was for my mums Christmas present last year 15:41:02
rymate1234 Dazzozo: in my nanas house it's a strange mix of 2011 and 1998 15:42:45
Dazzozo that is a very strange mix 15:43:02
rymate1234 She has a surround sound system in the sitting room with a flat screen tv 15:43:08
rymate1234 and a windows 98 laptop 15:43:34
rymate1234 I smell burning on the bus 15:46:19
rymate1234 rip me 15:46:25
Dazzozo confirmed 15:52:05
Dazzozo for 15:52:05
Dazzozo rip 15:52:06
rymate1234 I'm alive 15:52:24
rymate1234 The burning has stopped 15:52:29
rymate1234 I'm guessing someone was smoking 15:52:35
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Dazzozo smoking their seat 15:53:55
fefifofum http://www.ubuntizando.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/BVKxYD4CQAAsZn5.jpg 16:07:39
Dazzozo LOL 16:09:49
AndChat|131924 When are you releasing your Samsung Nexus S3 Holo Yololo S4 milky holo way rom though? 16:23:45
AndChat|131924 and more importantly, HOW MUCH BUTTER DOES IT COME WITH???!!!? 16:24:15
adfad666 O_O 16:24:29
modacouserr Uživatel modacouserr [02517d80@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 16:24:33
Dazzozo it comes with so much butter there is now a worldwide dairy crisis 16:29:48
Dazzozo butter is now rarer than gold 16:30:11
rymate1234 all my roms come with flora now 16:30:30
Dazzozo good alternative 16:30:39
AndChat|131924 Looooooolllllllooooolll 16:31:32
AndChat|131924 Is that enough butter for the Jelly Bean to run smoothly on my Hoowaaway Jee Three Hundred? 16:32:43
rymate1234 Dazzozo, I feel like making a minecraft plugin to link a server with a steam group with this https://github.com/Top-Cat/SteamKit-Java 16:35:47
Dazzozo what would you "link" 16:36:20
modacouserr hey 16:36:38
modacouserr how are you all? 16:36:54
Dazzozo goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood 16:37:05
rymate1234 Dazzozo, ingame chat with steam group chat 16:37:17
modacouserr that's some good mood 16:37:17
Dazzozo oh 16:37:23
Dazzozo yeah you could do that 16:37:25
Dazzozo #opensteamworks has a steam chat link and a skype link 16:37:45
rymate1234 as far as I can tell there is currently no such plugin 16:38:02
rymate1234 so assuming I can actually be bothered it could actually succeed 16:39:15
rymate1234 lel 16:39:15
Dazzozo lol 16:39:33
rymate1234 mountain lion 16:42:18
rymate1234 pls continue torrenting 16:42:26
rymate1234 also wtf is a dmg file 16:42:31
intensedarkness Uživatel intensedarkness [~intenseda@] vstoupil do místnosti. 16:46:02
modacouserr dazzozo: sdcard0 equals to internal right? in recovery 16:46:20
modacouserr cmupdater now downloads files to internal instead of external, maybe some app config 16:46:45
modacouserr btw any news? 16:46:55
AndChat-131924 Uživatel AndChat-131924 [~intenseda@] vstoupil do místnosti. 16:48:26
Dazzozo modacouserr: you're a few weeks late with that one lol 16:49:20
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Dazzozo yes sdcard0 is internal 16:49:23
modacouserr Yup, because i updated recovery and cm10.2 now, so i booted into recovery and noticed 16:50:28
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Dazzozo oh boy i got libagl copybits to compile 17:19:52
Dazzozo this will be fun 17:20:09
cybojenix can someone recommend an android rv adapter? 17:21:40
rymate1234 my dns server is down 17:40:15
JillBot Uživatel JillBot [~JillBot@] vstoupil do místnosti. 17:40:16
JillBot [android_device_huawei_u8815] Dazzozo pushed 1 new commit to cm-10.2: http://git.io/OoG_Hg 17:40:16
JillBot android_device_huawei_u8815/cm-10.2 9a6736c Daz Jones: Add vold switchable pair... 17:40:16
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rymate1234 rip# 17:40:18
Uživatel „modacouserr“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 250 seconds). 17:40:19
Dazzozo modacouserr: ^ 17:40:20
Dazzozo oh 17:40:21
Dazzozo gg 17:40:21
Dazzozo lold 17:40:22
Dazzozo the timing was impeccable 17:40:32
rymate1234 lol 17:41:37
rymate1234 60% downloaded 17:42:25
rymate1234 if this fucking works 17:42:28
rymate1234 I will be amazed 17:42:35
Dazzozo if you're just downloading an ISO or something 17:42:52
Dazzozo lol have fun 17:42:54
rymate1234 well 17:43:22
rymate1234 it's a "distro" of os x 17:43:30
Dazzozo now i have to decide if this libagl shit is actually doing anything 17:43:48
Dazzozo and if it is i have to patch that too 17:43:53
Dazzozo ffs 17:43:54
rymate1234 Boot your computer from iATKOS ML2 media (Dual Layer DVD, Blu-Ray or USB Media) 17:43:59
rymate1234 Most OSX86 compatible computers will be able to boot iATKOS ML2 media by default (without 17:43:59
rymate1234 entering commands), but some computers will need some boot flag(s)/command(s) to be entered 17:44:00
rymate1234 at boot promt. 17:44:00
raverrr Uživatel raverrr [~raverrr@host109-145-209-47.range109-145.btcentralplus.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 17:44:07
Dazzozo lol 17:44:14
rymate1234 according to the pdf that came with the torrent 17:44:17
Dazzozo hey 17:44:18
rymate1234 #hi 17:44:20
raverrr hey dudes!! 17:44:23
Dazzozo long time no see lol 17:44:36
raverrr 20 wkid on its way to you daz for the g500 project thing 17:44:47
Dazzozo wow 17:44:56
raverrr i dont have one but ... what the hell lol 17:44:58
Dazzozo omg 17:45:06
Dazzozo <3 17:45:07
Dazzozo wow 17:45:54
raverrr Well I read it and saw your CM 10.2 thread and i thought " OMG this guy is still at it lol" you deserve it m8 17:46:04
rymate1234 Dazzozo is the saviour for the crescent and the g300 17:46:26
rymate1234 and soon for the y300 hopefully 17:46:33
Dazzozo well that easily puts me over half way 17:48:59
Dazzozo wow 17:49:09
Dazzozo in like 4 days lol 17:49:15
raverrr Nice 17:51:05
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Téma konverzace „#huawei-g300“ je: #huawei-g300 | G300 innovation station | home of the G300's *sigh*anogenMod® port and children | News: YOUR TYRANNY IS AT AN END CM, SOON THE MASSES WILL FLOCK TO THESE NEW ROMS, AND YOU THE LAMB SHALL OPEN THE FIRST GATE, CONQUEST, AND TAKE THEM ALL OVER. 18:04:54
pratchett.freenode.net Uživatel „pratchett.freenode.net“ nastavil režim (#huawei-g300 +cnt). 18:04:54
tcpaulh Top man raverrr /o/ \o/ \o\ 18:06:15
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intensedarkness Uživatel intensedarkness [~intenseda@] vstoupil do místnosti. 18:15:23
intensedarkness Things are going nuts in the Y300 campaign? 18:15:46
raverrr LOL 18:15:50
intensedarkness Raverr: thanks for your donation to the cause 18:16:09
intensedarkness Is it entirely for the Y300 campaign? 18:16:23
intensedarkness Or partly for the campaign and partly just good will? 18:16:42
raverrr yes but if it never reaches target i dont care... I'm just flush and thought dazzes work deserves it in general 18:17:28
intensedarkness Ahh good news 18:17:56
raverrr Right i'm off. Take it easy. (kinda miss my g300) 18:19:08
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Dazzozo so 18:19:48
Dazzozo yeah that happened 18:19:50
Dazzozo i dont really think measuring the number of donations is going to be useful now lol 18:20:06
adfad666 not very often that happens 18:20:21
Dazzozo he was a dev for the crescent 18:20:52
Dazzozo and a dev for the g300 in the very very very early days 18:20:57
intensedarkness adfad666: What happens? 18:21:33
rymate1234 didn't raverrr make fish n chips rom? 18:21:40
Dazzozo yes 18:21:45
intensedarkness Dazzozo: why not measuring the number of donations? 18:21:53
Dazzozo because there's a £6 one and a £20 one lol 18:22:02
Dazzozo the number isnt really useful now 18:22:12
intensedarkness Lol, I seeee 18:22:19
intensedarkness Missed that 18:22:23
intensedarkness What's the running total anyway? 18:22:30
Dazzozo £36.18 18:22:49
rymate1234 faster than the walking total 18:22:54
intensedarkness Not bad 18:23:03
intensedarkness Over half way 18:23:07
intensedarkness Less than a week 18:23:12
intensedarkness 5 days 18:23:15
adfad666 what's the goal? 18:23:24
intensedarkness I'm thinking there needs to be a way to trace modaco names of the donators 18:23:27
Dazzozo i dunno 18:23:33
intensedarkness The goal is around 60 18:23:33
Dazzozo apparently £60 18:23:37
Dazzozo but i dont know where you can buy it for £60 18:23:43
intensedarkness eBay 18:23:53
Dazzozo im not really in charge lol 18:23:54
intensedarkness Lol 18:23:59
rymate1234 carphone warehouse 18:24:06
intensedarkness eBay mate 18:24:10
Dazzozo its £70 at CW 18:24:12
Dazzozo + £10 topup i think 18:24:18
rymate1234 oh nvm 18:24:21
intensedarkness Well it depends, what network you're on 18:24:25
adfad666 it cost 3115 here :/ 18:25:21
adfad666 #115 18:25:27
adfad666 dammit 155 pounds 18:25:35
Dazzozo im not really seeing it on ebay for £60 either 18:25:36
intensedarkness It can be bought as a pay as you go upgrade for 59.99 18:25:42
modacouserr Uživatel modacouserr [bc51d701@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 18:25:43
Dazzozo im not upgrading though 18:25:48
intensedarkness From cpw 18:25:49
intensedarkness Yeah I know 18:25:57
modacouserr dazzozo: some of my apps vanished after update O.o whaaaaat 18:26:07
Dazzozo if you had them moved to the SD 18:26:14
Dazzozo then gg 18:26:19
Dazzozo modacouserr: https://github.com/Dazzozo/android_device_huawei_u8815/commit/9a6736cf8e3afaa406a7dd4ff6f0692666c8e2b4 18:26:33
Dazzozo im not seeing it on ebay for £60 either 18:26:48
Dazzozo i think £60 is far too optimistic 18:26:53
intensedarkness then it might have to be either 70 from cpw, with the sim sold on eBay with 10 credit on it Dazzozo 18:26:57
intensedarkness ? 18:27:04
modacouserr dazzozo: nope, i had them installed normaly 18:27:21
intensedarkness I bought mine on eBay in an auction for 55 18:27:23
modacouserr some of play store and some sdcard 18:27:38
intensedarkness Slightly less than mint condition 18:27:39
modacouserr play sotre gone also 18:27:44
modacouserr OH i know what it was 18:27:49
modacouserr had them moved to system apps! 18:28:15
modacouserr have to flash gapps again 18:28:25
modacouserr bah 18:28:26
adfad666 Dazzozo, have you looked at the kernel sources yet 18:29:34
Dazzozo for what 18:29:43
adfad666 y300 18:29:49
Dazzozo what do you think this is 18:30:04
Dazzozo https://github.com/Dazzozo/huawei-kernel-3.4 18:30:04
Dazzozo lol 18:30:05
Dazzozo this is the y300 kernel running on g300 18:30:15
adfad666 ahhhh ok 18:30:20
adfad666 didn't know they were merged 18:30:30
Dazzozo theres some support 18:30:39
Dazzozo since huawei arent intending to use it for the g300, if they have to change some code that was already changed for the g300 it just gets bombed 18:31:03
Dazzozo case in point, the soft key lights and key assignment 18:31:30
Dazzozo https://github.com/Dazzozo/huawei-kernel-3.4/commit/54a7034c02d8c13eed17ce47b7874f0f725435f5 18:31:31
Dazzozo man the fdroid logo is really bad 18:32:54
intensedarkness Dazzozo: You alright with buying it with 10 topup from cpw and selling the sim? 18:36:45
Dazzozo meh 18:36:54
Dazzozo its a mess 18:36:56
intensedarkness Lol 18:37:01
intensedarkness Yes 18:37:04
Dazzozo would it even sell 18:37:16
intensedarkness Not sure, definitely not for 10 anyway 18:37:36
Dazzozo yeah thats what i thought 18:37:41
adfad666 it could be useful just for testing purposes 18:37:46
Dazzozo i have enough sims for testing 18:37:55
Dazzozo i still have my voda one from buying the G300 18:38:00
Dazzozo STILL with £10 credit on it 18:38:03
adfad666 hah 18:38:11
intensedarkness The point is I got mine for 55 on eBay so assumed that was the market 18:38:29
intensedarkness Price 18:38:32
Dazzozo we'll see, i'd like it to go a little over £60 though 18:38:46
intensedarkness Yet another example of market prices being higher 18:38:53
Dazzozo considering theyre like £69.95 + £10 top up 18:38:54
Dazzozo thats £80 18:38:57
intensedarkness Hmmm yeah 18:39:05
Dazzozo reaching £70 would be ideal 18:39:42
Dazzozo i think you got pretty lucky with the 55 one honestly 18:39:58
Dazzozo and i don't want to leave it down to luck 18:40:02
Dazzozo fi it reaches any goal, it needs to be a guarantee 18:40:10
Dazzozo *if 18:40:13
Dazzozo the ones that are 55 right now have a week to go 18:40:35
adfad666 the deadline is the end of next month right? 18:40:38
Dazzozo ye 18:40:43
intensedarkness There's time still 18:41:45
intensedarkness I might have to move the goalposts a bit 18:42:03
intensedarkness But reluctant to do that tbh 18:42:12
adfad666 nah, there's loads of time for others to bite 18:42:25
intensedarkness Will have to see where we get to 18:42:30
intensedarkness Dazzozo: In terms of getting a decent rom out after you get the device, is there a lot of work to do? 18:44:14
intensedarkness Or is most of 'the shiz' already in place 18:44:44
Dazzozo i don't really know what im meant to do 18:44:47
Dazzozo whats missing? 18:44:51
intensedarkness Lollll 18:44:52
Kra1o5 Uživatel Kra1o5 [57da1dc0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 18:44:55
Kra1o5 yo 18:45:00
Dazzozo it seems you have pretty much everything sorted 18:45:00
intensedarkness Do AOSP 18:45:01
Dazzozo and a ton of roms 18:45:02
Dazzozo is there 4.3? 18:45:08
intensedarkness No 18:45:11
intensedarkness There isnt 18:45:13
adfad666 you'll have to fill it with unicorns 18:45:27
intensedarkness The thing is there are no 'stable' roms built from source 18:45:37
Dazzozo 'stable'? 18:45:54
intensedarkness So having you on board is to help move towards that 18:45:57
intensedarkness Yeah as in just no bugs 18:46:04
rymate1234 Dazzozo, could port ubuntu phone 18:46:15
Dazzozo i didnt think there were any bugs left 18:46:19
intensedarkness I'm not sure tbh 18:46:29
intensedarkness Not 100% 18:46:39
Dazzozo seemed like telephony and camera were problems for a while but i've heard nothing for ages 18:47:01
Dazzozo so i assumed it was sorted 18:47:09
intensedarkness Kra1o5 seems to know his stuff, I hear his roms are pretty good 18:47:37
Kra1o5 Dazzozo: you are talking about Y300 or g300? 18:47:41
intensedarkness y300 18:47:48
red_ Uživatel red_ [5ee4e1b8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 18:48:01
Kra1o5 only 1 bug to get "stable" cm10 18:48:23
intensedarkness Kra1o5: didn't realize you were there lol. What devices do you have? 18:48:25
Kra1o5 G300/Y300 18:48:35
intensedarkness What's the bug? 18:48:36
intensedarkness Same 18:48:39
Kra1o5 mac 18:48:46
Kra1o5 because huawei is retarded 18:48:57
Kra1o5 & reconnect bug 18:49:41
Kra1o5 but the people only said " 1 bug found wifi dont reconnect" 18:50:09
Kra1o5 you see this "useful" report 18:50:24
intensedarkness Dazzozo: Do 4.3 18:51:24
intensedarkness Lol 18:51:28
intensedarkness When you get it that is 18:51:35
Dazzozo i would most likely 18:51:41
adfad666 we could have kitkat by the time Dazzozo buys it 18:51:52
intensedarkness What about FirefoxOS? 18:52:02
Kra1o5 joe & josalaito are "doing" that 18:52:07
Kra1o5 same as cm10 & cm10.1 18:52:13
Kra1o5 not finish any version 18:52:34
adfad666 I stopped following firefoxos 18:53:02
adfad666 have they switched to JB base yet? 18:53:11
Dazzozo i will do ubuntu for both devices after the october release 18:53:20
intensedarkness But isn't that too heavy 18:54:16
Dazzozo heavy? 18:54:21
intensedarkness For G300 cpu and both RAM 18:54:37
adfad666 you can say the same about cm-10.1 18:55:16
intensedarkness Hmm 18:55:22
Dazzozo well yeah, it'll be more practical on the Y300 18:55:53
Dazzozo but wheres the fun in that 18:56:05
adfad666 well, its dual core so cpu might be ok 18:56:13
intensedarkness It pisses me the fuck off when they don't put in another 512mb of ram 18:56:45
intensedarkness Cunts 18:56:48
intensedarkness It costs peanuts 18:56:54
Dazzozo 512 isnt too bad 18:57:00
Dazzozo the cpu hurt the g300 more than anything 18:57:07
intensedarkness Doesn't the g300 have like 384mb? 18:57:25
rymate1234 everything hurt the crescent more than anything 18:57:26
rymate1234 except the screen 18:57:29
intensedarkness Lolll 18:57:33
Dazzozo the g300 has 512 18:57:34
intensedarkness Oh 18:57:44
Dazzozo but 128 used by kernel 18:57:46
Kra1o5 Dazzozo: Huawei said about kernel source of Y300 18:57:53
Kra1o5 Sorry that the open source of Y300-0100 and Y300C are universa 18:58:01
Kra1o5 l. And there would only have one set open source, which doesn’t divide the area. 18:58:07
Dazzozo well thats correct 18:58:18
Kra1o5 only have one set open source? 18:58:42
Dazzozo yeah? 18:58:52
adfad666 what's the difference? 18:58:54
Dazzozo i dont really see what you're after 18:59:12
Dazzozo it could be worse, it could be ZTE 18:59:16
Kra1o5 all msm8225 use the same kernel 18:59:20
Dazzozo where you get 20 releases for 1 board 18:59:34
Kra1o5 but not is universal 18:59:46
Kra1o5 touch is different in european model 18:59:57
Dazzozo but you have the code for it 19:00:02
intensedarkness 768mb should be the minimum these days 19:00:03
intensedarkness Cunts 19:00:07
Kra1o5 Dazzozo: yes 19:00:09
Dazzozo so why are you whining 19:00:10
Kra1o5 now the problem is "milky screen" 19:00:18
Kra1o5 not problem in g510 but yes in y300 19:00:33
intensedarkness I'm glad the Blade 5 is coming out, it will change the status quo 19:00:45
rymate1234 >blade 5 19:01:09
rymate1234 what was the blade 4 19:01:12
rymate1234 lol 19:01:13
intensedarkness When is it being released? Any word on what carrier? 19:01:20
intensedarkness Blade X 19:01:33
rymate1234 >inb4 nexus X 19:01:52
adfad666 meh, X is not fasionable anymore 19:02:31
adfad666 we're gonna see an explosion of 'C' suffixed phones now 19:03:13
rymate1234 yay os x is 93% downloaded 19:03:15
intensedarkness ZTE need to release that shit unlocked for 100, and on all networks 19:03:51
intensedarkness The new blade 19:04:05
rymate1234 if they do 19:04:27
Kra1o5 Huawei said the upgrade for 4.2 in Y300/G510 in next 9 months 19:04:29
rymate1234 rip all the devices 19:04:38
intensedarkness On all fucking networks, and on eBay and on their online store 19:04:39
rymate1234 <Kra1o5> Huawei said the upgrade for 4.2 in Y300/G510 in next 9 months 19:04:42
rymate1234 leeeel 19:04:47
Kra1o5 i think or the user lie or huawe have big calm 19:05:15
Dazzozo that would make it the second 7x27a based device to get 4.2+ 19:05:38
Dazzozo not that it really matters 19:05:47
adfad666 not gonna happen imo 19:06:00
rymate1234 I honestly really like the crescent screen though 19:06:41
rymate1234 sure it isn't 720p 19:06:49
Dazzozo the touchscreen is better 19:07:00
Dazzozo but the display is better on the g300 19:07:04
Dazzozo the touchscreen on the g300 feels like sandpaper 19:07:17
rymate1234 never seen the g300 in action 19:07:28
Dazzozo "in action" 19:07:33
Dazzozo i found that funnier than it should be 19:07:37
rymate1234 lol 19:07:50
Kra1o5 Y300 have up to 5 fingers really people use 5 fingers at the same time? 19:07:53
Dazzozo jazzhand 19:08:01
Dazzozo i dont know why touchscreens support it but they do 19:08:20
rymate1234 over 95% done 19:08:24
Dazzozo and android has supported it for fucking ages 19:08:26
adfad666 on a phone it's a bit silly 19:08:30
rymate1234 this is where everything I torrent decides "LOL FUCK YOU 10KB/s" 19:08:43
adfad666 on tablets perhaps for multiplayer games 19:08:49
Kra1o5 yes 19:09:02
Kra1o5 but in phone of 4" 19:09:14
Dazzozo N4 supported more points than i could physically put on the screen 19:09:26
Kra1o5 maybe in Note is useful 19:09:42
adfad666 what more than 11? 19:09:42
rymate1234 Dazzozo, how else am I supposed to swipe all these jellybeans off my screen! 19:09:44
Dazzozo I used both of my hands and my nose 19:09:46
Kra1o5 19:10:00
rymate1234 how many points does the crescent support 19:10:31
rymate1234 imma try 19:10:35
Kra1o5 maybe 2 19:10:44
Kra1o5 Dazzozo: G300 have only 2 right? 19:11:27
rymate1234 yeah it's only 2 19:11:35
Dazzozo multitouch distinct 19:11:54
Dazzozo G300 has 2 19:11:55
Kra1o5 & more model of sensor discover on Y300 19:12:25
Kra1o5 now have 3 sensor camera 19:12:54
Kra1o5 one is the same as G300 19:13:11
intensedarkness It's because the cost of building multitouch capable phones is a few pence more than the cost of 2 point touch 19:13:25
intensedarkness So they might aswell 19:13:30
rymate1234 but 19:13:44
rymate1234 2 fingers 19:13:49
rymate1234 IS multitouch 19:13:55
Kra1o5 have two types of emmc, Samsung or Sandisk 19:13:58
rymate1234 intensedarkness, u wot m8 19:14:00
rymate1234 512MB is enough ram 19:14:09
rymate1234 unless your running some high intensive game 19:14:16
intensedarkness No, it isn't 19:14:20
rymate1234 in which case why the fuck u on a adreno200 19:14:26
rymate1234 intensedarkness, my phone has 512MB ram 19:14:51
Dazzozo the android terminology is multitouch jazzhand and multitouch distinct 19:14:52
Dazzozo distinct = 2 19:15:02
rymate1234 I can have 3 apps open (music, irc and browser) 19:15:13
rymate1234 and it runs just fine 19:15:16
intensedarkness I want to be able to switch from email to browser and back again, to quickoffice, and whatsapp, and back again, without shut closing down in the background 19:15:28
Kra1o5 Dazzozo: jazzhand > 2 ? 19:15:30
rymate1234 intensedarkness, then don't get budget handsets 19:16:10
Dazzozo Kra1o5: >= 5 19:16:14
rymate1234 they aren't MEANT for that kind of usage 19:16:18
Dazzozo distinct is technically 2 to 4, but theres no TS that actually supports 3 or 4 19:16:44
Dazzozo not that i've heard of anyway 19:16:52
Kra1o5 why huawei have distinct in y300 rom? 19:16:58
Dazzozo because theyre fucking retarded 19:17:06
rymate1234 ^ 19:17:11
intensedarkness rymate1234: what I'm saying is, make them capable of that 19:18:02
Eloimuns Uživatel Eloimuns [~eloimuns@209.pool85-55-229.dynamic.orange.es] vstoupil do místnosti. 19:18:03
intensedarkness By putting in more ram 19:18:10
intensedarkness I mean it costs peanuts 19:18:17
rymate1234 but 19:18:21
rymate1234 the core android os 19:18:23
Kra1o5 in latest release have both 19:18:25
rymate1234 is using more ram 19:18:26
Kra1o5 distinct & jazzhand 19:18:32
Eloimuns yo 19:18:39
Dazzozo theres no point doing that 19:19:22
Dazzozo the jazzhand xml enables the distinct feature anyway 19:19:31
Kra1o5 yes 19:19:37
Kra1o5 i see that 19:19:40
Dazzozo so thats totally redundant 19:19:51
Kra1o5 but huawei put both 19:19:52
Kra1o5 huawei use this build for some devices 19:20:17
rymate1234 osx downloaded 19:20:26
rymate1234 launching in vbox 19:20:30
Kra1o5 modules are compiled for U8951 19:20:35
Kra1o5 this is G510 19:20:42
rymate1234 it's doing stuff 19:20:49
Dazzozo they reuse things a lot, its efficient 19:20:52
Kra1o5 yes 19:20:59
rymate1234 wow so this isn't instacrash 19:21:33
Dazzozo it wouldnt crash anyway 19:21:46
Dazzozo you would just get one of 10 million possible errors in the os 19:21:58
Dazzozo ranging from a spinning icon on a blue screen 19:22:07
Dazzozo to a sad mac 19:22:12
Dazzozo "they just work" 19:22:25
Kra1o5 Y300 have ar6005 19:22:53
Kra1o5 but huawei make some own work 19:23:13
Dazzozo well they did that with the g300 19:23:21
Dazzozo https://github.com/Dazzozo/huawei-kernel-3.4/commit/8146663dff0bc1c035b4881ea3974b73c59a0474 19:23:41
rymate1234 "Unknown4 of GetVar called" 19:23:41
rymate1234 k 19:23:42
Kra1o5 huawei use wlan_detect binary to set powertuneddata.bin to save battery 19:24:11
Dazzozo lmao 19:24:26
Dazzozo wlan_detect 19:24:30
Dazzozo i remember now 19:24:36
Dazzozo wat a mess 19:24:43
intensedarkness What the hell. This is ridiculous 19:25:10
intensedarkness https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9Y_naTHPsY&feature=youtube_gdata_player 19:25:11
rymate1234 aw 19:27:22
rymate1234 ok 19:27:23
rymate1234 yeah 19:27:26
rymate1234 i got a shell 19:27:28
Kra1o5 Dazzozo: the mac is taken from radio 19:27:29
Kra1o5 is funny if you restore one stock backup 19:28:16
Kra1o5 the wifi mac is broken 19:28:23
Dazzozo how 19:28:43
Kra1o5 you have 00 wifi mac 19:29:01
Kra1o5 19:29:03
Dazzozo y 19:29:10
Kra1o5 i dont know 19:29:48
Kra1o5 need to reboot 19:29:52
Kra1o5 to get it set correctly 19:29:59
fefifofum maybe it's written to data partition 19:30:37
Kra1o5 yes 19:30:44
Kra1o5 to /data/misc/softmac 19:30:54
Dazzozo it should still work on the first boot though 19:30:56
Kra1o5 to /data/misc/wifi/softmac* 19:31:05
Dazzozo we have similar things for wifi and bt mac now 19:31:19
Dazzozo on g300 19:31:20
Dazzozo and it works on first boots 19:31:26
Kra1o5 athsupplicant 19:31:47
Kra1o5 huawei have init.rc with a lot of unuseful service 19:32:32
Dazzozo most of the junk is qcom junk 19:32:43
Kra1o5 bcm patchram 19:32:55
Dazzozo theres a ton of lte-only services that run unnecessarily on every board 19:32:56
Dazzozo most of them stop quickly but still 19:33:24
Dazzozo its junk 19:33:25
Kra1o5 srecorder.ko 19:33:35
Dazzozo i've seen srecorder in the kernel 19:33:42
Kra1o5 we have this module in bin on stock roms 19:33:48
Dazzozo it caused an awful lot of mismerges 19:33:49
Dazzozo yeah what is that? 19:33:53
Dazzozo its huawei code 19:34:00
Dazzozo but i can't figure out what it does 19:34:05
Kra1o5 i think is collect info 19:34:10
Dazzozo dirty 19:34:13
Dazzozo if it does im binning it 19:34:20
Dazzozo in the kernel 19:34:25
Kra1o5 only is present in stock 19:34:41
Dazzozo well obviously 19:34:50
Dazzozo you just dont include the files 19:34:58
Dazzozo but there's still some kernel code 19:35:01
Kra1o5 yeah 19:35:14
Kra1o5 bin/dbox/srecorder 19:35:35
Kra1o5 have one friend 19:35:55
Kra1o5 bin/dbox/logexception 19:36:08
Kra1o5 both modules 19:36:33
Kra1o5 lewaos dont have milky screen 19:39:04
Kra1o5 but not opensource 19:39:12
Kra1o5 so not useful 19:39:18
Dazzozo fix it Kra1o5 19:39:30
Dazzozo fix it fix it fix it 19:39:32
Dazzozo wait, you said y300 has a milky screen 19:39:39
Dazzozo does that mean your phone has a milky screen 19:39:48
Dazzozo lol 19:39:51
Kra1o5 yeah 19:39:59
Dazzozo rip 19:40:05
Kra1o5 but is one similar case to ril in g300 19:40:17
Kra1o5 some people have problems 19:40:25
Dazzozo different panels? 19:40:36
Kra1o5 but in my case i dont have milky screen 19:40:39
Kra1o5 probably 19:40:50
Eloimuns Kra1o5, lewa is using stock kernel with TP 12**** 19:40:52
Kra1o5 wow this is very... 19:41:05
Kra1o5 pretty hybrid 19:41:38
Kra1o5 Dazzozo: huawei have 2 versions 19:42:03
Kra1o5 VersionA & VersionB 19:42:12
Dazzozo meaning? 19:43:13
Kra1o5 some models have different emmc chip & camera sensor 19:43:49
Kra1o5 so probably different display too 19:44:00
adfad666 oh fun 19:44:06
Dazzozo G300 was the same 19:44:28
Dazzozo there's 3 different sensors and displays 19:44:42
Kra1o5 i think all huawei devices 19:44:47
Dazzozo but its no big deal on the G300 19:44:54
Kra1o5 this "milky screen" 19:45:08
Kra1o5 i think is saturation of blank 19:45:21
Dazzozo if you complained about it less you could've probably fixed it by now 19:45:24
Kra1o5 the problem is i dont have this issue 19:45:46
Kra1o5 my display is normal 19:45:55
Dazzozo then get someone who does to give you the name of their panel 19:46:00
Kra1o5 Dazzozo: have screenshot 19:46:14
Dazzozo ? 19:46:20
Kra1o5 of 2 variants 19:46:21
Dazzozo wat 19:46:35
Kra1o5 of models 19:46:40
Dazzozo wat 19:46:43
fefifofum lol 19:46:48
Dazzozo you havent made sense yet 19:46:57
Dazzozo "have screenshot"? 19:47:00
Dazzozo of what 19:47:04
Dazzozo what does the screenshot show 19:47:10
Kra1o5 about different versions 19:47:11
Kra1o5 of hardware 19:47:16
Dazzozo where 19:47:29
Dazzozo android doesnt have a "hardware" screen 19:47:35
Kra1o5 i need to find in one thread of more than 60 pages 19:47:56
cybojenix Uživatel „cybojenix“ je nyní znám jako cyboafk. 19:50:48
Kra1o5 http://i44.tinypic.com/t9e3dd.jpg 19:57:17
Kra1o5 http://i40.tinypic.com/sgn39j.jpg 19:57:55
Dazzozo which one is the milky one 19:58:39
Dazzozo 2nd? 19:58:48
Dazzozo why is it blurry lol 19:59:03
Kra1o5 one is latin model 19:59:35
Kra1o5 -51 19:59:47
Kra1o5 -1 is european model 19:59:52
Kra1o5 same display type, different touchscreen type 20:00:47
Kra1o5 weird 20:00:52
Dazzozo and which one is "milky" 20:01:11
Dazzozo i dont get it 20:01:13
Kra1o5 european 20:01:28
Kra1o5 only is right in chinese model 20:01:47
Kra1o5 G510 have BOE NT35510 20:02:56
Kra1o5 in all versions 20:03:06
Kra1o5 & dont have this problem 20:03:15
Kra1o5 http://i44.tinypic.com/20hadcj.png 20:04:02
Eloimuns The besti idea is sell Y300 and get G510 ^_^ 20:04:08
Kra1o5 not really 20:04:43
Kra1o5 i dont want 4,5" 20:04:50
Dazzozo you're making this more complicated than it needs to be 20:04:56
Dazzozo which of these 3 screenshots 20:04:59
Dazzozo is "broken" 20:05:02
Kra1o5 2 first 20:05:07
Dazzozo so its chimei otm8018b thats the issue 20:05:34
Dazzozo TS isn't going to cause shit 20:05:39
Kra1o5 i know 20:05:46
Kra1o5 only in the past 20:05:52
Kra1o5 Dazzozo: but i dont have info about chinese lcd type 20:06:31
Dazzozo what do you mean 20:08:41
Dazzozo you dont have info 20:08:42
Dazzozo what info do you need 20:08:52
Dazzozo you know that that panel has issues 20:08:58
Dazzozo https://www.google.com/webdesigner/ 20:09:47
Dazzozo woah 20:09:52
Dazzozo now they just need to make google sites not ass 20:10:39
adfad666 ^ x1000 20:10:59
rymate1234 ok 20:12:18
rymate1234 this 20:12:20
rymate1234 is kinda not working 20:12:24
hecatae Uživatel hecatae [~philip@host-78-150-111-237.as13285.net] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:13:05
Uživatel „red_“ opustil místnost (Quit: Page closed). 20:13:24
rymate1234 k screw mountain lion 20:14:25
rymate1234 lets try the version previous 20:14:30
rymate1234 seems like it might work better 20:14:36
Uživatel „intensedarkness“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 240 seconds). 20:28:36
intensedarkness Uživatel intensedarkness [~intenseda@] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:29:39
rymate1234 ok 20:31:01
rymate1234 I just found a vmware image of mountain lion 20:31:11
rymate1234 built specifically for amd 20:31:20
Uživatel „intensedarkness“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 240 seconds). 20:33:48
adfad666 why do you want osx so bad? 20:40:24
hecatae to go with his iphone 5s 20:41:33
rymate1234 meh 20:43:47
rymate1234 boredom really 20:43:51
rymate1234 fuck it 20:44:06
hecatae anyone used kvm for a virtual machine server? 20:47:40
adfad666 Dazzozo, http://review.cyanogenmod.org/#/c/51093/ 20:58:28
adfad666 worth trying to see if its not a placebo? 20:58:37
intensedarkness Uživatel intensedarkness [~intenseda@] vstoupil do místnosti. 21:04:02
Dazzozo i can try a few nightlies on it 21:06:41
Dazzozo i think the g300 is the perfect test device for this 21:06:47
adfad666 that's what I was thinking 21:07:07
rymate1234 size optimisations? 21:10:20
rymate1234 does this make stuff smaller? 21:10:26
adfad666 apparently 21:10:38
rymate1234 lemme guess 21:10:56
rymate1234 armv7 only 21:11:00
adfad666 actually it's global so should help armv6 too 21:11:53
Dazzozo i think im gonna do a huge device cleanup 21:16:51
Dazzozo remove unused shit etc 21:17:05
Dazzozo basically OCD attack 21:20:23
modacouserr YEAH, free morning 21:20:28
modacouserr size optimization? = smaller rom size? 21:20:52
Dazzozo not... really 21:21:13
Dazzozo not like that 21:21:21
adfad666 apparently less ram usage, according to the comments 21:21:24
modacouserr even better 21:21:38
Dazzozo we dont really need a smaller rom 21:22:06
Dazzozo we got the space 21:22:08
modacouserr true 21:22:31
modacouserr "The ram usage is really less. Normally the ram would stay at 500mb but with Is optimizations it stays at less than 350 MB" 21:22:34
modacouserr that's a huge difference lol 21:22:41
Dazzozo I updated lowmemorykiller for 4.3 21:23:09
modacouserr will you merge this today? 21:23:21
Dazzozo so I don't know how different it is to 4.2 already 21:23:25
Dazzozo better/worse/same, idk, no one really commented 21:23:35
Dazzozo so i guess the same 21:23:37
Dazzozo i can do a nightly on it 21:23:44
modacouserr nice, i would love to try it 21:23:55
modacouserr noticed that browser kills all my other apps lol 21:24:08
adfad666 using any app kills all other apps 21:24:35
~philip Uživatel „hecatae“ opustil místnost (Part). 21:26:19
modacouserr well, that's not what i meant i noticed because every single time i use browser, tasker restarts and probably other apps also 21:26:45
modacouserr but doesnt really matter 21:26:55
Dazzozo atm LMK is backported from 3.4 21:26:56
modacouserr how's 3.4? any progress? never heard of it again 21:27:21
Dazzozo on hold for just over a week 21:28:11
Dazzozo if I get a Y300 it'll be a lot easier too 21:28:27
Dazzozo but i havent shelved it 21:28:34
Dazzozo im waiting to see what happens with... something 21:28:48
Eloimuns modacouserr, = donate him 21:28:51
Dazzozo if i wanted to make money i wouldnt be making android romsw 21:29:15
Dazzozo *roms 21:29:16
Dazzozo i dont know why you have such a huge problem with the donations lol 21:29:27
Eloimuns O.o 21:30:06
modacouserr Eloimus, i would, but unfortunately i can't, yet. but when i do i'm pretty sure i will remember daz 21:30:07
modacouserr Eloimuns, sorry 21:30:16
modacouserr i dont even have a credit card yet 21:31:09
Eloimuns no problem its only a joke haha 21:31:30
modacouserr i know 21:31:53
modacouserr i've to stop being lazy i'll just set my computer to turn itself off if X taks is not completed on time 21:32:54
modacouserr task* 21:33:05
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jordilopez94 Uživatel jordilopez94 [~jordilope@] vstoupil do místnosti. 22:00:59
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~fefifofum Uživatel „fefifofum“ opustil místnost (Part). 22:20:43
Uživatel „Kra1o5“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 250 seconds). 22:22:50
Uživatel „Solitary“ opustil místnost (Quit: Remote host closed the connection). 22:24:23
Dazzozo right im gonna try it in a nightly 22:29:53
Uživatel „Glicerck“ opustil místnost (Quit: Saliendo). 22:34:03
rymate1234 time for midnight coding 22:36:56
Dazzozo best kind of coding 22:39:23
Dazzozo i had my biggest breakthroughs in the early hours of the morning 22:39:41
Dazzozo probably because i latched on to something and stayed awake to see it through but yea 22:39:50
rymate1234 https://github.com/Top-Cat/SteamKit-Java dis shit sucks 22:41:29
modacouserr nice daz if it comes soon i'll flash it today! 22:41:48
Dazzozo it'll just be tonight's nightly 22:42:27
Dazzozo im rolling it in, yolo 22:42:30
modacouserr 22:43:00
JillBot Uživatel JillBot [~JillBot@] vstoupil do místnosti. 22:43:51
JillBot [android_device_huawei_u8815] Dazzozo pushed 1 new commit to cm-10.2: http://git.io/XxUFaA 22:43:51
JillBot android_device_huawei_u8815/cm-10.2 02ed619 Daz Jones: Add size optimisation patch... 22:43:51
~JillBot Uživatel „JillBot“ opustil místnost (Part). 22:43:51
rymate1234 will it work with cm10.1? 22:44:10
rymate1234 or not 22:44:13
Dazzozo should do 22:44:31
Dazzozo the patch might even apply as is 22:44:46
rymate1234 cool 22:45:40
rymate1234 tomorrow I might try build cm10.1 22:45:53
Dazzozo rymate1234: that steamkit java port seems pretty dead 22:46:52
Dazzozo and also unfinished 22:46:59
rymate1234 it doesn't even compile 22:47:04
rymate1234 lol 22:47:05
Dazzozo o 22:47:06
Dazzozo wow 22:47:08
Dazzozo port it yourself xd 22:47:14
rymate1234 well it does 22:47:14
modacouserr bye! 22:47:21
rymate1234 shit ton of java erros in netbeans tho 22:47:25
Dazzozo cya 22:47:27
rymate1234 and the tests dont pass 22:47:36
rymate1234 <Dazzozo> port it yourself xd 22:47:41
rymate1234 u wot m8 22:47:43
Dazzozo well you have C# 22:47:50
Dazzozo java is pretty similar 22:47:56
Dazzozo go do 22:47:57
Uživatel „modacouserr“ opustil místnost (Quit: Page closed). 22:48:14
Dazzozo im surprised no one else ported it to java 22:48:15
Dazzozo and sooner 22:48:17
Dazzozo the node.js port is really good 22:48:41
rymate1234 cba to boot linux 22:50:31
rymate1234 meh ill just make a digitalocean vm 22:50:50
rymate1234 to compile cm10.1 22:51:01
Uživatel „lakyljuk“ opustil místnost (Quit: QIP Infium IRC protocol->http://forum.qip.ru). 22:51:30
rymate1234 build-essential : Depends: gcc (>= 4:4.4.3) but it is not going to be installed 23:00:47
rymate1234 Depends: g++ (>= 4:4.4.3) but it is not going to be installed 23:00:47
rymate1234 rip 23:00:49
Dazzozo LOL 23:03:42
rymate1234 how 23:04:47
rymate1234 this is a 100% fresh ubuntu vps 23:04:55
rymate1234 RAPID REPO SYNC 23:06:12
rymate1234 Dazzozo, i fixed it 23:06:22
rymate1234 by adding in the "main" repo 23:06:28
rymate1234 to sources.list 23:06:34
Dazzozo why was that even missing 23:06:44
rymate1234 idfk 23:06:51
rymate1234 so Dazzozo 23:08:36
rymate1234 when I build 23:08:38
rymate1234 could I brunch blade2_p736v then brunch blade2_p736e 23:08:53
Dazzozo ye 23:09:37
rymate1234 k 23:09:44
Dazzozo im still not satisfied with how that device works 23:09:52
Dazzozo you shouldnt have to rebuild goddamn everything for the sake of a bootimage and a build.prop 23:10:18
rymate1234 lol 23:10:32
rymate1234 so this happens when you sync -j16 23:10:44
Dazzozo intelligently loading the correct touchscreen calibration would be nice 23:10:47
rymate1234 Resolving deltas: 91% (324787/356897) 0 0:05:31 0:01:51 0:03:40 936kResolving deltas: 90% (321209/356897) 0:02:22 0:02:44 810kReceiving objects: 98% (20572/20804), 1.51 GiB | 14.92 MiB/s 3.84 MiB/s | 13.17 MiB/s 23:10:50
Dazzozo but i never found a way to determine which device you're on in the kernel 23:11:14
Dazzozo actually there could be something in the cmdline, idk 23:11:31
rymate1234 repo sync is taking a short break 23:14:39
rymate1234 for no apparent reason 23:14:50
rymate1234 yeah repo sync appears to have randomly just stopped 23:16:45
Uživatel „jordilopez94“ opustil místnost (Quit: Saliendo). 23:18:52
rymate1234 Fetching projects: 99% (369/372) 23:19:41
Dazzozo LOL 23:19:41
rymate1234 yeah 23:19:49
rymate1234 continue pls 23:19:52
rymate1234 lets try without so many js 23:20:05
rymate1234 k fuck it imma sleep 23:20:40
rymate1234 leave it overnight 23:20:43
Dazzozo http://i.imgur.com/xQr8ubK.jpg 23:39:10
Dazzozo soft t-touch 23:39:14
Dazzozo ლ(╹◡╹ლ) 23:39:28
tcpaulh ^ happy hands /translate 23:48:32
Dazzozo yay no risk of scratching 23:50:14
tcpaulh Any internal specs yet? 23:51:51
Dazzozo yeah, plenty 23:53:01
Dazzozo all of it is leaked 23:53:07
Dazzozo hang on 23:53:07
Dazzozo http://www.gsmarena.com/leaked_nexus_5_log_reveals_most_of_the_specs-news-6876.php 23:54:14
tcpaulh Thanks 23:54:35
tcpaulh Barometer 23:56:50
Dazzozo all these renders look different to http://i.imgur.com/xQr8ubK.jpg 23:56:56
Dazzozo i gotta say i prefer the real thing 23:57:03
Dazzozo the corners and bezels look weird on the renders 23:57:11
Dazzozo yeah, barometer is pretty funky 23:57:40
tcpaulh Hehe 23:57:52
tcpaulh It's gonna be a thing of beauty. Hopefully out b4 end of October 23:58:33
Dazzozo yep 23:58:51
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