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Expected startup is about 10.2.2014

SilvesterBot Starting build #148 for job android 00:01:04
tilal6991 Dazzozo: We got the same shots (and several more) that @9to5Google just posted earlier today but decided they're likely fake. More on that soon. 00:04:18
tilal6991 Ap guys. 00:04:32
Dazzozo i dunno i'd be pretty happy with those screenshots tbh 00:04:56
tilal6991 It looks like pa. 00:05:06
tilal6991 The per app colours 00:05:14
tilal6991 That's a pa idea. 00:05:24
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SilvesterBot Project android build #148: SUCCESS in 30 min: http://jenkins.thebronasium.com/job/android/148/ 00:31:01
Dazzozo tilal6991: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fr.xplod.focal 00:45:55
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Dazzozo tilal6991: LOL 02:14:33
Dazzozo AP's reasoning is awful 02:14:36
Dazzozo "This isn't real... because... because WE DONT LIKE IT" 02:14:49
Dazzozo im gonna bet its real 02:22:06
Dazzozo "they dont look particularly googly" doesnt convince me 02:22:14
Dazzozo the fact that the build number and kernel date checks out is just too much 02:22:27
Dazzozo I mean seriously, its a new letter, it should be as significant as iOS 7 so I think we should expect a UI refresh 02:26:03
Dazzozo this AOSP build is VERY fast 02:38:23
Dazzozo i dont even know why 02:38:25
Dazzozo its ridiculous compared to CM 02:38:29
Dazzozo https://twitter.com/Linkstagram 02:45:02
Dazzozo thats it 02:45:03
Dazzozo getting a wii u 02:45:05
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modacouserr helllo 10:50:12
tilal6991 Hey 10:50:32
modacouserr http://www.androidpolice.com/2013/09/21/new-app-focal-camera-formerly-of-cyanogenmod-comes-to-google-play-as-a-free-beta/ 10:51:58
modacouserr nice one 10:52:07
Dazzozo hi 10:53:12
modacouserr yo 10:53:17
tilal6991 Dazzozo: Yeah AP reasoning seems weak 10:53:56
Dazzozo AP reasoning seems non existent 10:54:17
tilal6991 Lol 10:54:20
Dazzozo "we dont like it" 10:54:24
Dazzozo "it doesnt look particularly googly" 10:54:31
Dazzozo -rep for AP 10:54:38
tilal6991 That and "someone else posted it is real so we'll go against the flow" 10:58:41
intensedarkness Alright gents 10:58:53
intensedarkness Wanted to ask what's the best way of unrooting and leaving no traces on stock ics? 11:00:15
tilal6991 Reflash stock 11:00:22
tilal6991 Lol 11:00:23
intensedarkness Lol 11:00:31
intensedarkness Tried thar 11:00:35
intensedarkness But can't flash any update.apps 11:00:53
intensedarkness Without zero imei 11:01:04
tilal6991 :/ 11:01:24
tilal6991 That's weird 11:01:27
tilal6991 Dazzozo ^ 11:01:32
intensedarkness Restoring to stock everything 11:01:34
intensedarkness Yeah it's annoying 11:01:40
intensedarkness Objective is to restore to stock Vodafone B952 11:02:10
Dazzozo you dont need to hack oeminfo to update.app 11:02:26
Dazzozo i reinstall update.apps all the time without doing anything extra 11:02:44
intensedarkness Interesting 11:02:53
Dazzozo you only need to do that to downgrade afaik 11:03:08
rymate1234 Dazzozo, >inb4 AP is right 11:03:19
Dazzozo since oeminfo records what version you're on 11:03:23
intensedarkness Well yeah basically 11:03:30
Dazzozo rymate1234: no one stated whether they're real or not 11:03:42
Dazzozo they speculated, rather poorly, that theyre fake 11:03:49
Dazzozo i speculated that theyre real 11:03:52
intensedarkness I downgraded to b882 GB via update.app via 0 imei 11:04:07
intensedarkness But can't seem to update.app to voda uk B936 11:04:28
Dazzozo I just use the oeminfo that was on my device originally 11:04:31
Dazzozo I don't use the 0 one 11:04:37
Dazzozo works all the time for me 11:04:43
intensedarkness I see 11:04:43
Dazzozo but I can't do anything earlier than 885 11:04:50
Dazzozo because my device shipped on 885 11:04:54
Dazzozo If I remember right 936 is a funny one 11:05:25
intensedarkness Is that oem info backed up using that imei backup apk? 11:05:35
intensedarkness Can't remember the name 11:05:45
Dazzozo yes 11:05:49
intensedarkness Ah 11:05:53
Dazzozo + some useless unnecessary shit 11:05:57
intensedarkness Yeah 11:06:02
intensedarkness Well I can try that 11:06:11
Dazzozo i think it backs up the radio firmware too 11:06:11
intensedarkness You backed up that oem info originally on GB? 11:06:35
intensedarkness Stock 11:06:42
Dazzozo yeah 11:06:44
intensedarkness Cool 11:06:47
Dazzozo before the ics update shipped 11:06:49
intensedarkness Thanks will try that 11:06:54
Dazzozo when we started fucking around with oeminfos 11:06:58
Dazzozo i thought "taking a backup would be a good idea!" 11:07:08
Dazzozo and turns out it was pretty useful 11:07:13
Dazzozo since the bootloader was locked i didnt really want to lose my device to it 11:07:32
intensedarkness Yeah I think I backed it up immediately after initial GB root last year 11:07:38
intensedarkness So essentially if I restore my GB imei backup 5irom file, all update.apps should work? 11:09:05
Dazzozo thats how it works for me 11:09:18
intensedarkness Cool 11:09:25
Dazzozo anything later than what my device shipped on anyway 11:09:28
intensedarkness Why was B936 funny? 11:09:37
Dazzozo dunno, i found there was a 50% chance it would install 11:09:52
Dazzozo sometimes it would error, if i restarted and tried again it worked 11:10:02
intensedarkness I see, any luck trying on internal 's external Sd? 11:10:27
intensedarkness **internal vs external 11:10:44
Dazzozo i swapped between the two randomly when it didnt work 11:10:56
intensedarkness Lol 11:11:03
intensedarkness I will try that 11:11:11
Dazzozo dunno, only 936 for some reason 11:11:14
intensedarkness Fair enough 11:11:14
intensedarkness Another thing, I have got b936 at the moment, Voda UK, but rooted to restore imei 11:11:55
intensedarkness Ota prompt has shown for B952D 11:12:12
intensedarkness Reckon it will remove traces of root? 11:12:31
intensedarkness Or just incrementally update and leave previous shit there 11:12:51
Dazzozo I don't know how their OTA works 11:13:16
Dazzozo if it works anything like Google's, it will check every file first and quit if there's an inconsistency 11:13:33
intensedarkness Alright 11:14:58
intensedarkness I'll try it now 11:15:04
intensedarkness Fuckit 11:15:09
intensedarkness Moral Hazard shoots up when it's not the primary device 11:15:45
intensedarkness Loving the N4 11:15:51
Dazzozo lol 11:16:20
intensedarkness If a few people put together some funds funds and send you a y300 11:17:28
cybojenix tilal6991, is there a manifest for AODP yet? 11:17:37
intensedarkness You interested in developing for it? 11:17:48
tilal6991 cybojenix: https://github.com/pace-rom/ 11:17:51
tilal6991 Not called aodp anymore 11:17:57
tilal6991 Things have changed 11:18:00
cybojenix ok 11:18:02
tilal6991 The goal remains though 11:18:11
Dazzozo intensedarkness: sure 11:18:18
intensedarkness Seriously, think it has some potential? 11:18:42
Dazzozo well processor is the first bottleneck on the G300 11:19:14
intensedarkness exactly 11:19:21
Dazzozo its not too different to the G300 and I would like to try and get them as close as possible 11:19:46
cybojenix tilal6991, I'm going to sync, and I'll push the patches needed to bring up the l-proj devices, is that ok? 11:20:02
tilal6991 cybojenix: Don't yet 11:20:12
tilal6991 Keep the patches local 11:20:16
cybojenix ok will do 11:20:22
tilal6991 tdm says he'll put up a gerrit 11:20:24
intensedarkness I bought one for a gift for someone who was a pre-android touchscreen straggler 11:20:29
cybojenix ah yeah. good idea 11:20:32
intensedarkness Helped setting it up, 11:20:36
intensedarkness It's not half bad 11:20:42
intensedarkness Far, far less bloat 11:20:51
intensedarkness Than G300 11:20:57
intensedarkness Came unlocked from CPW 11:21:06
cybojenix as far as I can see, there are only 4 patches actually needed. though that's ontop of cm 11:21:06
Dazzozo yeah its nice to see them improving pretty much across the board 11:21:10
intensedarkness Yeah relief 11:21:25
intensedarkness They obviously learnt some lessons from the G30p 11:21:37
Dazzozo they got a lot of shit for the G300 lol 11:21:48
intensedarkness But damn guys would it have killed you to put more than 384mb ram in the Y300 11:22:10
intensedarkness I would have paid another 10 quid for 1Gb 11:22:27
rymate1234 lol 11:22:33
intensedarkness Of even 700mb 11:22:37
Dazzozo yeah its pretty silly 11:22:54
intensedarkness Yeah 11:22:59
Dazzozo like, they want to sell phones right 11:23:01
Dazzozo so start competing properly 11:23:07
intensedarkness Exact 11:23:13
intensedarkness Ly 11:23:15
Dazzozo £10 to push it up to 1GB ram is a worthy sacrifice and hell look at the Blade V 11:23:23
intensedarkness Specs? 11:23:33
cybojenix tilal6991, am I alright to fix the manifest at least? 11:23:36
Dazzozo http://www.gsmarena.com/zte_blade_v-5682.php 11:23:42
cybojenix you have aosp remote fetch url set to .. 11:23:46
tilal6991 cybojenix: You can't push 11:23:48
Dazzozo £100 11:23:49
tilal6991 We know 11:23:52
tilal6991 It'll be fixed 11:23:55
tilal6991 But no one but tdm has push access atm 11:24:03
Dazzozo intensedarkness: MSM8225Q is quad core G300 11:24:12
intensedarkness Nice 11:24:13
intensedarkness I see 11:24:23
intensedarkness But they didn't make it quad band gsm hsdpa 11:24:37
intensedarkness Wtf 11:24:40
Dazzozo lol 11:24:44
intensedarkness Annoying 11:24:45
intensedarkness Seriously 11:24:53
intensedarkness I can use the g300 11:24:59
intensedarkness In the USA 11:25:03
intensedarkness But not the blade 5 11:25:09
Dazzozo lol 11:25:12
intensedarkness Anyway, about the Y300 11:25:32
intensedarkness Runs pretty well 11:25:39
intensedarkness Major constraint is ram 11:26:07
intensedarkness Imo 11:26:12
intensedarkness Was thinking to start a thread in the Y300 forums, 20 people chip in £3 each 11:26:55
intensedarkness Get you a Y300 11:27:02
Dazzozo up to you lol 11:27:22
Dazzozo i wont say no 11:27:28
tilal6991 Lol 11:27:31
intensedarkness Lol 11:27:34
intensedarkness Dno if people will get on board 11:27:48
intensedarkness But seems like a no brainer to me 11:27:57
intensedarkness You're a good dev 11:28:12
intensedarkness And it's fucking 3 quid 11:28:28
tilal6991 Lol 11:28:33
intensedarkness For some EXTRA BUTTER 11:28:41
intensedarkness On their Y300s 11:28:51
intensedarkness Our* 11:28:56
intensedarkness Lol 11:28:58
Dazzozo lol 11:30:02
intensedarkness What are your thoughts on setting up the actual donate page though 11:30:18
intensedarkness Who's going to trust some random occasional 'intensedarkness' anonymous Modaco user 11:31:05
intensedarkness With their precious £3 11:31:21
Dazzozo well there's http://donate.thebronasium.com/ but its not going to track the progress 11:31:40
intensedarkness Exactly 11:31:49
tilal6991 KICKSTARTER 11:31:52
tilal6991 Lol 11:31:54
intensedarkness Lol overkill 11:32:00
tilal6991 11:32:03
intensedarkness At this stage anyway 11:32:05
tilal6991 Lol 11:32:08
tilal6991 Maybe next time 11:32:11
intensedarkness Maybe if it was a s4 11:32:15
tilal6991 Lol 11:32:18
intensedarkness Lol 11:32:18
Dazzozo it would be nice if it was fixed too 11:32:35
Dazzozo so if it didnt reach £60 people got their money back 11:32:46
intensedarkness Yeah 11:32:50
intensedarkness Exactly 11:32:53
intensedarkness What I was gonna say 11:33:04
intensedarkness Type slow on phone though 11:33:21
intensedarkness Any ideas on how to set up the actual page though? 11:33:30
Dazzozo nope no idea lol 11:33:35
Dazzozo idk what site to use 11:33:38
Dazzozo i dunno if paypal can handle something like that itself 11:33:45
intensedarkness Yeah 11:33:52
intensedarkness It's a tough one 11:34:26
intensedarkness Does PayPal not allow refunds without charge? 11:34:30
Dazzozo well for a start I don't think you get the full money with paypal 11:34:54
rymate1234 http://www.donationstracker.com/ 11:34:55
Dazzozo oh god that looks awful 11:35:11
intensedarkness Lol it doesn't matter how it looks 11:35:47
rymate1234 oh god 11:35:53
intensedarkness As long as it brings in the butter 11:35:57
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intensedarkness Uživatel intensedarkness [~intenseda@81-178-180-152.dsl.pipex.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 11:37:07
intensedarkness What about setting up another dedicated page for donate bronasium 11:37:32
rymate1234 intensedarkness, can you make a 2nd donation for me? 11:37:46
rymate1234 lmao jk 11:37:49
rymate1234 also guys 11:38:47
rymate1234 a y300 is £70 11:38:51
Dazzozo I thought the Y300 had devs already O_O 11:38:53
rymate1234 with £10 top up 11:38:56
intensedarkness Ebay though... second hand? 11:39:12
rymate1234 true 11:39:29
intensedarkness Dno yet haven't thought thoroughly about the details 11:39:58
rymate1234 Dazzozo, are any of the y300 dev's dazzozo? 11:41:17
Dazzozo i would guess not 11:41:33
rymate1234 lol 11:41:37
intensedarkness Dazzozo: dedicated Y300 page? 11:41:47
intensedarkness For donating 11:41:51
intensedarkness ? 11:41:53
Dazzozo hmm? 11:41:55
intensedarkness And then in PayPal I'm guessing you could refund each £3 donation if need be? 11:43:04
intensedarkness Or is that too much of a pain in the ass 11:43:19
Dazzozo a pain in the ass, plus im not sure if they get the full money back 11:44:07
rymate1234 we could go with indiegogo 11:44:28
Dazzozo i dont really want to go for a crowdfunding site lol 11:45:03
tilal6991 rymate1234: I ALREADY SUGGESTED KICKSTARTER 11:45:08
intensedarkness Going to eat lunch will continue this in a bit, let me know if any brainwaves re. Fundraising 11:45:10
Dazzozo then you have to describe it like its a big thing 11:45:14
tilal6991 Lol 11:45:18
intensedarkness I agree that crowdfunding site is not the way to go 11:45:34
tilal6991 Lol 11:45:41
rymate1234 just say you're going to port 11:45:43
rymate1234 um 11:45:44
rymate1234 ubuntu phone to it 11:45:48
tilal6991 Lol 11:45:50
rymate1234 with the desktop view 11:45:53
intensedarkness Dazzozo: The only non crowding thing I can think of is the PayPal method 11:53:46
intensedarkness With daily screen shots or something to shoe progress 11:54:03
intensedarkness Show 11:54:06
intensedarkness ? 11:54:08
Dazzozo http://halfdata.com/pluto/universal-donation-box/demo.html 11:55:14
Dazzozo neat 11:55:16
intensedarkness Alright 11:58:19
intensedarkness Good times 11:58:22
Dazzozo i remember there being a site for this 12:04:14
Dazzozo but i cant remember what its called 12:04:18
Dazzozo i found it 12:10:10
Dazzozo but they shut down 12:10:25
Dazzozo lmao 12:10:26
tilal6991 Lol 12:10:36
intensedarkness Shit 12:11:04
Dazzozo they got bought out 12:11:08
Dazzozo and they did nothing with the tech 12:11:13
tilal6991 12:11:56
tilal6991 Hate when that ahppens 12:12:02
cybojenix /me rolls eyes 12:12:34
cybojenix error: docs/source.android.com/: platform/docs/source.android.com checkout d8aae122af290e22c2abeea7bed13ff522bdd39d 12:12:36
Dazzozo -1/10 12:13:42
tilal6991 Lol 12:13:51
Dazzozo https://www.crowdtilt.com/ 12:15:26
Dazzozo this seems neat 12:15:27
Dazzozo but i'd feel awful setting up one of these just to get me a phone 12:15:38
Dazzozo tbh it would probably be best to just use paypal 12:18:36
Dazzozo but it does take a cut 12:18:46
Dazzozo which is a problem 12:18:54
Dazzozo http://disa.im/ 12:37:15
Dazzozo lol 12:37:16
modacouserr i've always liked apps that join several messaging platforms 12:38:46
modacouserr disa looks good, still missing some major networks though 12:39:05
rymate1234 if someone made an iMessage client for android 12:39:39
rymate1234 that also has sms integration like on iOS 12:39:46
modacouserr disa as sms/mms 12:40:00
rymate1234 yeah 12:40:04
modacouserr just read that in description 12:40:06
rymate1234 but lots of people use iMessage 12:40:13
modacouserr hangouts + facebook + sms would be awesome for me 12:40:23
modacouserr and g+ maybe 12:40:26
modacouserr well, hangouts lol 12:40:32
rymate1234 .... 12:40:33
rymate1234 google+ = ahngouts 12:40:38
rymate1234 *hangouts 12:40:41
modacouserr yeah, i realised 12:40:44
modacouserr brb 12:40:54
modacouserr focal works better now lol 12:46:53
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modacouserr oh no, greenis magic is here again focal 14:08:01
modacouserr greenish 14:08:06
tilal6991 Uživatel „tilal6991“ je nyní znám jako tilal|food. 14:12:13
intensedarkness Uživatel intensedarkness [~intenseda@] vstoupil do místnosti. 14:26:18
tilal|food Uživatel „tilal|food“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991. 14:26:54
intensedarkness Dazzozo: what's PayPal's cut? 14:27:10
Dazzozo idk 14:29:29
Dazzozo but i know you never get 100% 14:29:35
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Dazzozo its probably in some FAQ 14:29:43
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AndChat|131924 I mean for the donations page 14:52:06
AndChat|131924 Is there a cut for donating on thebronasium 14:52:29
Dazzozo yes 15:04:11
Dazzozo because it uses paypal 15:04:19
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fefifofum yo 15:56:37
Dazzozo yo 15:57:44
fefifofum daz, do you know any repo that is using bluez in cm10.1? 16:01:08
Dazzozo fefifofum: KonstaT used it for a while but he just switched back 16:07:12
Dazzozo there's a few others i've seen but cant remember 16:07:23
fefifofum ok thanks, i will find it 16:07:39
fefifofum it's the last thing left to fix in cm10.1 16:08:02
Dazzozo nice 16:08:30
rymate1234 hi tilal6991 16:10:20
tilal6991 rymate1234: Hey 16:10:31
rymate1234 how's aosp going? 16:11:18
tilal6991 Good - there's nothing more to do 16:11:48
tilal6991 It works perfectly 16:11:53
rymate1234 yay 16:12:05
tilal6991 Dazzozo thinks it runs better on the G300 than CM 16:12:15
rymate1234 my cm9 is starting to run like cm10.1 16:12:39
rymate1234 :/ 16:12:40
tilal6991 Lol 16:12:55
tilal6991 Dazzozo: Is it just me or do you think the CM wizard looks gaudy? 16:14:42
intensedarkness Uživatel intensedarkness [~intenseda@] vstoupil do místnosti. 16:15:00
Dazzozo CMAccount? 16:15:08
tilal6991 Yes 16:15:11
tilal6991 The wizard for it 16:15:15
tilal6991 It doesn't fit in 16:15:19
Dazzozo welcome to the future of CM 16:15:24
tilal6991 Even though it uses Holo Light 16:15:26
tilal6991 Everthing seems customized for the sake of it 16:15:41
rymate1234 hurr 16:16:19
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modacouserr daz thinks it runs better than cm? that's good 16:27:45
tilal6991 Dazzozo ^ 16:31:26
Dazzozo yeah it makes no sense 16:32:42
Dazzozo its not even struggling 16:32:47
Dazzozo idk why 16:32:52
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AndChat|131924 Uživatel AndChat|131924 [~intenseda@] vstoupil do místnosti. 16:33:40
Dazzozo adfad666: 16:39:38
Dazzozo "Hello, 16:39:45
Dazzozo I'm trying to port your CM10.2 to Xperia J, our phones have same specifications. 16:39:45
Dazzozo I stuck on CM bootlogo, I think I'm missing some libaries for sensors. 16:39:45
Dazzozo Honestly I don't know how to port using source but maybe you can build CM10.2 from source for Xperia J? we have already 100% working CM10 open sourced of courses but I don't know how to port device tree to make it working with CM10.1 or CM10.2" 16:39:45
tilal6991 Uživatel „tilal6991“ nastavil režim (adfad666 +v). 16:40:01
fefifofum 16:40:09
adfad666 lol wut 16:40:13
Dazzozo tilal6991 thats only temporary voice lol 16:40:27
tilal6991 :/ 16:40:29
tilal6991 I'll perm voice lol 16:40:34
Dazzozo good luck 16:40:41
tilal6991 Dazzozo: You are not authorized to execute this command. 16:41:11
tilal6991 Awwww 16:41:13
Dazzozo lol 16:41:20
Kra1o5 Uživatel Kra1o5 [~kratos@] vstoupil do místnosti. 16:41:32
Kra1o5 yo 16:41:35
adfad666 i no longer have my J 16:41:50
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Dazzozo im the best tilal6991 16:42:00
tilal6991 16:42:03
tilal6991 adfad666: Why? 16:42:06
tilal6991 Repairs? 16:42:09
adfad666 though if they look hard enough they can probably find my old cm10.1 builds 16:42:14
adfad666 it was in service for 3 months 16:42:27
adfad666 they refused to repair it 16:42:35
adfad666 so i got my money back 16:42:42
adfad666 and upgraded to Xperia SP 16:42:49
tilal6991 What are you going to buy? 16:42:50
tilal6991 Ah nice 16:42:53
tilal6991 adfad666: Some guuys are trying to port 10.2 16:43:03
adfad666 i'm with them now 16:43:16
tilal6991 And not doing amazing TBH 16:43:17
tilal6991 Oh right 16:43:19
tilal6991 Good 16:43:21
Dazzozo tell them to stop bothering 16:43:21
Dazzozo cm10.2 sucks 16:43:26
adfad666 yeah they're not too good at it 16:43:27
tilal6991 Lol 16:43:32
tilal6991 I hope you can get it working lol 16:43:39
tilal6991 It's not too different from 8064 it seems 16:43:51
adfad666 yeah i've figured out the kernel.elf 16:44:10
adfad666 how to build it 16:44:13
rymate1234 what sucks about cm10.2 16:44:15
tilal6991 rymate1234: The fact it is CM 16:44:27
adfad666 now i just need to upgrade the kernel 16:44:30
modacouserr one thing i would love to see in g300, is slimbean 4.3 16:45:26
Dazzozo slimbean sucks more than cm 16:45:43
tilal6991 modacouserr: I don't particularily like slim 16:45:44
Dazzozo get some taste 16:45:45
tilal6991 Still lumping settings 16:45:49
rymate1234 tilal6991, hue 16:45:51
Dazzozo why do people like slim lol 16:45:51
Dazzozo it fucking sucks 16:45:53
rymate1234 ^ 16:46:00
modacouserr dazzozo: i had a good experience with it, for my use of a phone 16:46:13
modacouserr nice performance + very good battery life 16:46:24
adfad666 i think i'll build cm10.0 for now so i don't have to fap on the kernel 16:46:42
Dazzozo so, stuff that is totally irrelevant to the rom then 16:46:42
modacouserr but it might not be the best in terms of code or whatever 16:46:48
tilal6991 Lol 16:46:49
rymate1234 aosp has good battery life 16:46:51
tilal6991 ^ 16:46:54
Dazzozo im only going to port aosp now 16:47:02
modacouserr yup, im just taking my experience into 16:47:04
Dazzozo you can all deal with it 16:47:05
modacouserr i will for sure 16:47:32
tilal6991 Uživatel tilal6991 změnil téma na: #huawei-g300 | G300 innovation station | home of the G300's *sigh*anogenMod® port and children | News: AOSP is King. 16:47:56
modacouserr and if you say it runs better than cm , hell yeah 16:48:02
Dazzozo im going to repurpose my jenkins setup eventually 16:48:14
rymate1234 Dazzozo, pls overclockable 16:48:15
Dazzozo doubt we'll need nightlies on AOSP 16:48:22
rymate1234 pls root 16:48:23
Dazzozo OTAs won't exist 16:48:35
tilal6991 otapackage works 16:49:02
Dazzozo yeah 16:49:07
Dazzozo but no OTA app 16:49:09
tilal6991 on AOSP 16:49:09
Dazzozo to distribute them though 16:49:11
tilal6991 Oh yeah 16:49:12
Dazzozo lol 16:49:12
tilal6991 Oh right lol 16:49:16
modacouserr jesus, how could cm fuck everything bang bang 16:49:17
Dazzozo CM has fucked up a lot more than you think 16:49:28
modacouserr i believe that, i only read what's in here, and AP or similar sites 16:49:45
modacouserr nothing more deeper 16:49:50
Dazzozo rymate1234: a ROM is overclockable if you have root and there are higher frequencies available in the clock table 16:50:08
modacouserr brb, i'll take some food 16:50:11
Dazzozo thats all the prereqs 16:50:14
rymate1234 i thought you needed a kernel 16:50:28
rymate1234 lol 16:50:31
Uživatel „AndChat|131924“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 248 seconds). 16:50:33
Dazzozo "and there are higher frequencies available in the clock table" 16:50:39
Dazzozo rymate1234: reading is hard 16:50:41
rymate1234 lol 16:50:45
Dazzozo clock table isnt exactly going to be in the messaging app 16:51:27
rymate1234 lol 16:51:40
rymate1234 im noob 16:52:04
~kratos Uživatel „Kra1o5“ opustil místnost (Part: "Saliendo"). 16:52:32
modacouserr back 17:00:08
modacouserr what are cm's UNIQUE features? 17:01:30
tilal6991 modacouserr: Nothing really 17:02:46
Dazzozo even less now lol 17:03:01
Dazzozo they removed them all 17:03:04
modacouserr seems so lol i was comparing things, and tehre's nothing 17:03:08
Dazzozo slowly over time 17:03:08
tilal6991 Yup 17:03:15
modacouserr i wanna see where they'll go now 17:03:45
modacouserr have anyone tried focal? 17:04:15
tilal6991 Works the same as the CM version 17:04:26
modacouserr well, probably 17:04:42
tilal6991 No change apart from the icon 17:04:45
modacouserr it might be because i dont use it since it was first included in cm 17:05:09
modacouserr nevermind 17:05:24
tilal6991 Lol 17:05:37
tilal6991 Dazzozo: Guess who's come back 17:16:24
Dazzozo who 17:16:28
tilal6991 Konstat 17:16:36
tilal6991 Back to Blade 17:16:40
Dazzozo "come back"? 17:16:41
Dazzozo oh 17:16:43
Dazzozo why 17:16:45
Dazzozo i didnt know he "left" 17:16:51
tilal6991 Well he didn't push anything for blade for 5 months 17:17:06
Dazzozo oh 17:18:05
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Uživatel „costan“ opustil místnost (Quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer). 17:24:19
costan Uživatel costan [costan@adsl-] vstoupil do místnosti. 17:24:33
tilal6991 Dazzozo: Are you using the QCOM AV enhancements 17:35:15
tilal6991 I didn't know they worked on low end devices 17:35:25
Dazzozo tilal6991: how did you know that 17:39:10
Dazzozo its not in my repo lol 17:39:13
Dazzozo but i have it enabled locally 17:39:16
tilal6991 Oh OK 17:39:33
tilal6991 It was enabled in Konstat's repors 17:39:40
Dazzozo ye 17:39:54
Dazzozo im 17:40:00
Dazzozo not sure 17:40:01
Dazzozo what difference its making 17:40:03
Dazzozo but its not erroring and AV works 17:40:09
Dazzozo soooooo idk 17:40:11
Dazzozo i looked in to it a while back 17:40:37
Dazzozo it doesnt enable an awful lot 17:40:42
Dazzozo iirc 17:40:49
tilal6991 Huh 17:40:55
tilal6991 OK 17:40:56
tilal6991 Might try it on skate 17:41:00
tilal6991 Dazzozo: Disabling sound on a Tegra kernel causes it not to boot lol 17:46:15
tilal6991 Crazy Nvidia 17:46:25
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jordilopez94 Uživatel jordilopez94 [~jordilope@] vstoupil do místnosti. 18:17:03
djuroue yoo 18:17:03
fefifofum yo 18:17:38
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intensedarkness Uživatel intensedarkness [~intenseda@] vstoupil do místnosti. 18:42:28
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Dazzozo tilal6991: surprised he hasnt merged webkit cpuupload 18:48:28
tilal6991 Oh yeah 18:48:38
Dazzozo is that needed on newer qcom? 18:48:41
Dazzozo because it was originally a "temporary" patch lol 18:49:05
modacouserr it's so boring when there's nothing to do :\ 18:51:29
Dazzozo tilal6991: i should have legacy omx done 18:51:36
Dazzozo texture target, mheap based screenshot 18:51:47
tilal6991 Nice 18:51:52
Dazzozo applying external_webkit to external/webkit 18:54:19
Dazzozo Applying: external/webkit: use Cpu Upload path 18:54:19
Dazzozo applying frameworks_av to frameworks/av 18:54:19
Dazzozo Applying: CameraParameters: add SCENE_MODE_OFF 18:54:19
Dazzozo Applying: legacy OMX: squashed commit for legacy OMX support 18:54:19
Dazzozo Applying: legacy OMX: handle QCOM colorformat 18:54:21
Dazzozo applying frameworks_base to frameworks/base 18:54:22
Dazzozo Applying: Camera: hack default values to fix areas 18:54:24
Dazzozo Applying: AudioService: change voice call max stream volume 18:54:26
Dazzozo Applying: keyguard: fix layout for 320dp devices 18:54:28
Dazzozo applying frameworks_native to frameworks/native 18:54:30
Dazzozo Applying: separate mHeap-based screenshot from BOARD_EGL_NEEDS_LEGACY_FB 18:54:32
Dazzozo Applying: Select texture target based on pixel format 18:54:34
Dazzozo applying hardware_libhardware_legacy to hardware/libhardware_legacy 18:54:36
Dazzozo Applying: wifi: add support for custom Wi-Fi implementations 18:54:38
Dazzozo lol christ 18:54:42
rymate1234 Aosp is best 18:54:59
modacouserr what aosp dosnt have that cm has? 18:58:40
Dazzozo all of the features you know and love that you think are part of android 18:59:11
Dazzozo no performance settings 18:59:30
Dazzozo none of the system interface settings etc 18:59:34
Dazzozo no themes 18:59:38
modacouserr ouch 18:59:47
rymate1234 its pure andriid 18:59:55
Dazzozo but 18:59:58
rymate1234 *android 18:59:58
Dazzozo i dont 18:59:58
Dazzozo use 18:59:59
modacouserr yeah i know 19:00:01
Dazzozo those settings 19:00:01
rymate1234 None of the bullshit 19:00:04
Dazzozo i dont actually need them 19:00:08
Dazzozo oh hey look at this gimmick 19:00:18
Dazzozo *disable it after* 19:00:23
modacouserr i do like quick settings, and i use a theme also 19:00:25
Dazzozo i use a theme for 10 mins at most 19:00:33
Dazzozo and then miss almighty Matias Duarte's design 19:00:42
modacouserr i found one that i like, so i've been using it ever since 19:00:48
rymate1234 i like having the percentage battery 19:00:51
modacouserr ^ 19:00:55
rymate1234 modacouserr: What is it? 19:00:58
Dazzozo i dont like having the percentage 19:01:04
Dazzozo it gives me battery anxiety 19:01:13
modacouserr rymate1234: blackedout 19:01:21
Dazzozo "is it not 90%+ noooo" 19:01:22
tilal6991 Lol 19:01:34
modacouserr tur story ^ 19:01:35
modacouserr true 19:01:37
Dazzozo i might release this build 19:02:32
modacouserr woah 19:02:39
Dazzozo it will be an engineering build tho 19:02:51
modacouserr that's chinese to me, if it is usable then it's ok 19:03:51
rymate1234 modacouserr: That theme is ew 19:04:25
modacouserr i like black and white things 19:04:42
Dazzozo it'll basically have a few junk apps 19:04:43
Dazzozo Dev Tools, Speech Recorder etc 19:04:54
modacouserr it looks good to me so 19:05:00
Dazzozo usb debugging will be on by default 19:05:03
Dazzozo and a few other minor things 19:05:10
modacouserr oh, if that's it then there's nothing to worry about, all of those can be removed/turned off 19:05:24
tilal6991 Plus something people feel annoyed but doesn't bother me 19:05:35
tilal6991 A red border keeps flashing up when you touch certain things 19:05:48
Dazzozo oh i forgot about that 19:06:04
Dazzozo yeah i should probably build userdebug instead 19:06:14
Dazzozo brb 19:06:15
tilal6991 Lol 19:06:17
Dazzozo also 19:06:31
rymate1234 cant you disable that in settings 19:06:41
Dazzozo bear in mind this is actually quite broken atm 19:06:41
Dazzozo bluetooth doesnt work at all 19:06:44
Dazzozo the soft key lights dont work 19:06:51
Dazzozo other than that its pretty good 19:06:56
rymate1234 the horror 19:07:00
Dazzozo miles faster than CM 19:07:03
modacouserr ^that matters 19:07:09
modacouserr i can live without a theme lol 19:07:31
modacouserr and you have a good point, with the battery percentage 19:07:40
modacouserr i'm always checking it -.- 19:07:48
rymate1234 everytime i check ot 19:08:02
rymate1234 It 19:08:03
rymate1234 Im like 19:08:05
modacouserr WOOOOOOOOOOOW 19:08:09
modacouserr like that? 19:08:14
rymate1234 "Oh its lower by like 5%" 19:08:20
rymate1234 "Rip" 19:08:26
modacouserr same 19:08:27
modacouserr today i had 30% drained, in about 25/26 hours 19:08:51
modacouserr but then i started playing around with some things and it's now at 52% with 32hours 19:09:41
rymate1234 OH NO 19:10:23
rymate1234 %30 in 25 hours 19:10:37
modacouserr i remember when i was using cm9 (i think) and overnight there wa ZERO difference good times 19:10:37
modacouserr was 19:10:58
modacouserr 19:11:19
Dazzozo they didnt 19:11:54
modacouserr dazzozo: what's the best rom for g300 in your opinion? tell me 2 19:13:56
rymate1234 aosp 19:14:13
Dazzozo aosp and cm9 19:14:21
modacouserr just what i thought 19:14:56
Dazzozo if everything can be fixed on aosp 19:15:11
AndChat|131924 Uživatel AndChat|131924 [~intenseda@] vstoupil do místnosti. 19:15:11
Dazzozo without a doubt the best there is 19:15:14
Dazzozo just because of the performance 19:15:20
rymate1234 Dazzozo: Port aosp gingerbread 19:15:29
Dazzozo im not even overclocked 19:15:33
Dazzozo total stock speeds 19:15:36
Dazzozo and it runs better than cm10.2 overclocked to highest i can 19:15:49
modacouserr yeah, i never oc mobile 19:15:56
rymate1234 lol 19:15:58
modacouserr that's some huge difference lol 19:16:05
rymate1234 Dazzozo: Imagine it overclocked 19:16:14
rymate1234 lol 19:16:16
modacouserr rymate1234: aosp + overclock = >n4 19:16:36
Dazzozo i mean its just not struggling 19:16:52
modacouserr oh yeah, daz sold it 19:16:58
Dazzozo and really if you just compare animations 19:17:04
rymate1234 what version of aosp? 19:17:05
rymate1234 4.2? 19:17:10
Dazzozo 4.3 19:17:11
rymate1234 k 19:17:14
rymate1234 Well that settles it 19:17:26
rymate1234 Cyanogenmod is a shot 19:17:32
rymate1234 *shit 19:17:42
Uživatel „intensedarkness“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 245 seconds). 19:17:53
Dazzozo i dunno what cripples it so much 19:17:57
Uživatel „Red___“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 250 seconds). 19:18:03
Dazzozo cm10.2 was a lot better earlier on 19:18:04
modacouserr dazzozo: is there a way to change that blue android color to another, without themes? 19:18:48
Dazzozo wait for kitkat 19:19:01
modacouserr what will kitkat have? 19:19:23
Dazzozo that feature, apparently 19:19:35
modacouserr oc, but other than that 19:19:49
red__ Uživatel red__ [5c3ce5a7@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 19:20:09
rymate1234 Theyre bringing a great android experience to everyone 19:20:28
Dazzozo "Firmware availability to older phones 19:20:39
Dazzozo Fragmentation changes (screen resizing) 19:20:39
Dazzozo Miracast updates 19:20:39
Dazzozo New Gallery Visualisation 19:20:39
Dazzozo New APIs regarding animations 19:20:39
Dazzozo Change android default blue to other preset palette colours 19:20:40
Dazzozo New notification widgets" 19:20:43
Dazzozo is apparently a leaked list 19:20:45
rymate1234 Obviously by making cyanogenmod shit and forcing devs to port aosp 19:20:52
Dazzozo but nothing is confirmed 19:20:52
tilal6991 That 19:20:54
tilal6991 Sounds 19:20:55
tilal6991 Amazing 19:20:56
modacouserr nice! 19:21:59
Uživatel „AndChat|131924“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 264 seconds). 19:22:24
rymate1234 cool 19:22:26
modacouserr it's in october so, not that much of a wait 19:22:38
rymate1234 Allegedly 19:24:17
Uživatel „red__“ opustil místnost (Quit: Page closed). 19:40:51
Red__ Uživatel Red__ [5c3ce5a7@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 19:41:22
modacouserr yup 19:43:01
Uživatel „Red__“ opustil místnost (Quit: Page closed). 19:54:27
Uživatel „lakyljuk78“ opustil místnost (Quit: QIP Infium IRC protocol->http://forum.qip.ru). 20:05:07
lakyljuk78 Uživatel lakyljuk78 [~spravce@188-175-36-228.client.rionet.cz] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:08:01
rymate1234 i feel like making aosp for crescent 20:24:41
tilal6991 rymate1234: It's very simple now 20:25:40
rymate1234 is there a git repo? 20:25:54
tilal6991 You just replace the repos with androidarmv6 20:25:56
rymate1234 or a few 20:25:57
rymate1234 oh lol 20:26:00
rymate1234 i might make an ics aosp and a 4.3 aosp 20:26:22
rymate1234 if i get time next weekend 20:26:35
rymate1234 and if i can get my wireless driver working 20:26:45
Uživatel „djuroue“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 245 seconds). 20:47:54
Uživatel „jordilopez94“ opustil místnost (Quit: Saliendo). 20:53:21
tilal6991 Dazzozo: https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_hardware_qcom_audio-caf/commit/fb50ff2eff776672d02eafab1b72edc3a601d4ab 20:59:04
tilal6991 What a mess 20:59:07
tilal6991 The audio-caf is a total shambles 20:59:14
Dazzozo android audio hals in general 20:59:42
Dazzozo are 20:59:44
Dazzozo a lot of copy pasted code 21:00:37
Dazzozo a lot of redundant code 21:00:46
Ambushy Uživatel Ambushy [~ReallyAnn@ambush.tk] vstoupil do místnosti. 21:01:09
Ambushy Uživatel „Ambushy“ je nyní znám jako Ambush. 21:02:50
Dazzozo tilal6991: of all the errors 21:03:04
Dazzozo frameworks/av/media/libmediaplayerservice/StagefrightRecorder.cpp:1611:20: error: 'PROPERTY_VALUE_MAX' was not declared in this scope 21:03:06
Dazzozo frameworks/av/media/libmediaplayerservice/StagefrightRecorder.cpp:1612:47: error: 'value' was not declared in this scope 21:03:06
Dazzozo frameworks/av/media/libmediaplayerservice/StagefrightRecorder.cpp:1612:57: error: 'property_get' was not declared in this scope 21:03:06
Dazzozo gg. 21:03:15
Dazzozo good includes 21:03:18
tilal6991 Lol 21:03:20
Dazzozo ugh 21:07:12
Dazzozo the argument that CM are "within their rights" to sell CM or services etc 21:07:26
tilal6991 Lol 21:07:32
tilal6991 So wrong 21:07:34
Dazzozo well thats not the problem 21:07:39
Dazzozo sure, its their right 21:07:43
Dazzozo but its still a dick move 21:07:46
tilal6991 That's what I mean 21:07:57
tilal6991 It being used as an argument is wrong 21:08:04
Dazzozo ye 21:08:08
rymate1234 but open source 21:09:48
Dazzozo tilal6991: does bluetooth work for you on aosp? 21:13:21
tilal6991 Yes 21:13:27
Dazzozo kk 21:13:29
tilal6991 I just need bluedroid 21:13:40
tilal6991 Since I use the same stuff as mako 21:13:47
Dazzozo yeah im using bluedroid too 21:14:04
Dazzozo idk whats up with mine tho 21:14:11
Dazzozo oh, is the vendor lib boardconfig thing set up? 21:14:40
tilal6991 What's that? 21:15:31
Dazzozo tilal6991: BOARD_BLUEDROID_VENDOR_CONF 21:17:05
Dazzozo isnt that a CM addition? 21:17:09
tilal6991 No iea 21:17:12
tilal6991 Maybe 21:17:14
tilal6991 Dazzozo: http://review.cyanogenmod.org/#/c/49626/ 21:17:48
tilal6991 Moral of the story 21:17:54
tilal6991 Hacks are OK if you have lots of users on the device 21:18:05
Dazzozo app specific hacks 21:18:45
Dazzozo oh my 21:18:46
tilal6991 Yup 21:18:54
tilal6991 And look at how it works 21:19:03
tilal6991 It patches 21:19:05
tilal6991 A shared preference file 21:19:12
tilal6991 That's just ridiculous 21:19:19
Dazzozo and thats screenshots and recent apps fixed 21:27:29
rymate1234 yay 21:27:40
Dazzozo and the lockscreen cut off 21:27:57
Dazzozo i still dont know what fixes the QS button 21:28:06
Dazzozo and I don't fancy building the SystemUI 300 times to find out 21:28:22
Dazzozo but if someone wants to see how crazy fast it is 21:28:58
Dazzozo i can put a build up 21:29:00
Dazzozo http://g300.thebronasium.com/rip-cm/full_u8815-ota-eng.yuki.zip 21:30:08
Dazzozo bluetooth doesnt work 21:30:48
Dazzozo the button that switches from QS to notifications is cut off the right side of the screen 21:31:01
Dazzozo soft key lights dont work at all 21:31:08
Dazzozo err 21:31:14
Dazzozo when you boot up it asks you to restart for some sim pin thing 21:31:54
Dazzozo just press back and ignore it 21:31:59
Dazzozo im connected to HSPA so it should just be cosmetic 21:32:13
rymate1234 QS? 21:32:18
Dazzozo quick settings 21:32:22
rymate1234 oh 21:32:29
rymate1234 wsy 21:32:31
rymate1234 wat 21:32:32
Ambush Lmao 21:32:59
Dazzozo oh, and you'll probably be surprised at how few apps there are 21:33:08
modacouserr gonna try it dazzozo 21:33:09
Dazzozo less than 1 page 21:33:22
modacouserr 21:33:28
rymate1234 just like androidarmv6 then ))))) 21:33:39
Dazzozo im surprised how small the OTA was tbh rymate1234 21:33:50
Dazzozo 125mb 21:33:56
Dazzozo it could almost completely replace androidarmv6 21:34:03
rymate1234 that's small enough for a crescent right? 21:34:07
Dazzozo yeah 21:34:09
Dazzozo if uncompressed its about the same 21:34:18
Dazzozo i have a 200mb system on my crescent 21:34:25
Dazzozo but you'd need some super trimmed gapps 21:34:32
rymate1234 i wonder if there'll be a huge performance leap with aosp on crescent 21:34:55
rymate1234 probably not 21:34:58
tilal6991 No probably not 21:35:38
Dazzozo on my device at least 21:35:52
Dazzozo the internal memory is the bottleneck 21:35:56
Dazzozo on the crescent 21:35:59
Dazzozo it takes fucking ages for it to read something off the memory 21:36:20
Dazzozo and that just gives sucky performance globally 21:36:34
Dazzozo scrolling is awful 21:36:38
rymate1234 yup 21:36:39
rymate1234 i remember when my laptop hard drive was about to die 21:36:58
rymate1234 for some reason all the hdd damage was centered on my windows partition 21:37:10
rymate1234 so literally logging in was a pain 21:37:17
Dazzozo i dont know what happened 21:37:45
Dazzozo between the skate and the crescent 21:37:49
Dazzozo because the skate is really solid 21:37:54
Dazzozo but the crescent has so many flaws 21:37:59
tilal6991 lol 21:38:29
Dazzozo two different kernels with different touch screen calibration data for a start 21:38:32
Dazzozo then the screens are pretty flimsy 21:38:36
Dazzozo if you try to replace it chances are you'll break something 21:38:42
Dazzozo and THEN 21:38:45
Dazzozo dust and shit gets in through the power button 21:38:53
Dazzozo and sits between the screen and the glass 21:39:02
Dazzozo well 21:39:09
Dazzozo plastic 21:39:09
Dazzozo xd 21:39:31
Dazzozo and then the memory dies 21:39:56
Dazzozo like what the fuck happened 21:40:02
Dazzozo but ye 21:40:21
Dazzozo scrolling between app drawer pages on aosp 21:40:30
Dazzozo is beautiful 21:40:39
modacouserr nandroid backup done, this took time lol 21:41:04
Dazzozo lol 21:41:48
Dazzozo and yay no genlock errors now 21:43:05
modacouserr ohh, this boot animation 21:43:17
Dazzozo must be the mheap screenshot patch 21:43:19
modacouserr long time 21:43:21
Dazzozo yeah lol 21:43:24
Dazzozo oh 21:45:07
Dazzozo the message you get on boot 21:45:12
Dazzozo is 21:45:14
Dazzozo SIM card added - Restart your device to access the mobile network 21:45:20
Dazzozo lmao 21:45:22
modacouserr yup 21:45:23
modacouserr but no need, just got an sms 21:45:33
Dazzozo ye 21:45:40
modacouserr oh this keyboard is different 21:45:53
modacouserr it is really smooth and fast indeed 21:46:22
Dazzozo ;D 21:46:32
modacouserr app drawer scrolling as you said. 21:46:45
Dazzozo ikr 21:46:50
modacouserr not even a small lag 21:47:09
modacouserr portuguese language selected = almost no quicl settings button 21:49:17
modacouserr daz, stupid question ahead 21:49:46
modacouserr how would battery life compare to latest nightlies ? 21:50:10
Dazzozo dunno 21:50:20
modacouserr not by testing it,but wihout that cm stuff and all 21:50:28
modacouserr hmmm 21:50:31
Dazzozo well according to tilal6991 the theme engine destroys battery 21:50:43
tilal6991 It does 21:50:49
Dazzozo so it should only be better 21:51:00
modacouserr oh no, the translation things 21:51:06
modacouserr that's good then 21:51:14
Dazzozo the translation things? 21:51:58
modacouserr not a big thing, but give me 1sec to take a screenshot 21:52:19
Dazzozo ohh i see what you mean about the button 21:52:32
Dazzozo the text pushes it along because the text is longer in portuguese 21:52:48
Dazzozo lol well done google 21:52:54
modacouserr oh, no that's not it 21:52:59
Dazzozo oo 21:53:03
modacouserr in settings, the wifi on/off switch for example 21:53:14
Dazzozo yeah? 21:53:29
modacouserr on = ativar/off = desativar, it's very long and the text dissapears 21:53:40
modacouserr cant remember the keys to take a screenshot lol 21:54:08
Dazzozo oh i see 21:54:20
Dazzozo yeah 21:54:21
Dazzozo how does CM do it? 21:54:28
modacouserr not sure, but i think it just stays english 21:54:46
modacouserr let me see 21:54:48
Dazzozo wow thats really sloppy 21:54:52
Dazzozo its also lower case 21:54:54
Dazzozo in most other languages its upper case 21:54:59
Dazzozo i'll get a screenshot if people are curious 21:55:20
Dazzozo http://i.imgur.com/YOLFlyU.png 21:56:06
modacouserr exactly 21:56:30
Dazzozo wow google 21:56:36
tilal6991 Woah 21:56:40
tilal6991 Well that's messed up 21:56:53
tilal6991 Does that happen on mako? 21:56:57
Dazzozo i would be amazed 21:57:10
Dazzozo it would still be inconsistent 21:57:16
Dazzozo because its not fixed upper case 21:57:21
Dazzozo english is OFF/ON 21:57:28
tilal6991 Yup 21:57:32
Dazzozo I doubt it squishes the Wi-Fi text as much on mako 21:58:02
Dazzozo because of the dpi 21:58:06
modacouserr ^ 21:58:09
Dazzozo but the button would still be bigger 21:58:23
tilal6991 Dazzozo: Strap yourself in 21:58:24
tilal6991 https://plus.google.com/101093310520661581786/posts/VCQQZtZoaES 21:58:24
Dazzozo nothing we didnt know already 22:03:19
Dazzozo good for the lesser informed i guess 22:03:24
tilal6991 Yeah I didn't actually read the post before posting it here lol 22:03:49
tilal6991 Yeh I guess 22:03:53
modacouserr tilal6991: why do you say theme manager kills battery? 22:04:42
tilal6991 modacouserr: idk 22:04:48
tilal6991 I just found it shows up in battery usage 22:04:57
modacouserr xd 22:04:57
tilal6991 And that's a bad sign 22:05:05
modacouserr does it? 22:05:06
modacouserr oh god 22:05:10
tilal6991 Yea 22:05:10
modacouserr booting back to cm 22:05:27
modacouserr now i want to know how cm handles that language thing 22:05:50
Dazzozo tilal6991: omx works 22:06:21
Dazzozo )) 22:06:24
tilal6991 Really? 22:06:27
tilal6991 wow 22:06:28
Dazzozo yep 22:06:29
Dazzozo legacy omx on aosp lol 22:06:33
tilal6991 Lol 22:06:37
tilal6991 So it's properly ifdeffed then 22:06:45
tilal6991 Lol 22:06:46
Dazzozo its this 22:07:37
Dazzozo https://github.com/androidarmv6/android_frameworks_av/commit/9ed10460ac9641bd71e608bf60b7715d8762db43 22:07:38
Dazzozo and this 22:07:43
Dazzozo https://github.com/androidarmv6/android_frameworks_av/commit/6701c2f2b322b9e7b3d5b34a70e66a4cb8cf70cd 22:07:43
Dazzozo p much 22:07:49
tilal6991 Awesome 22:09:38
Dazzozo all of the qcom stuff is working fine tbh 22:10:18
Dazzozo soft keys and bluetooth arent qcom 22:10:33
modacouserr this thing is booting for like 15m 22:11:30
Dazzozo aand cpuupload works 22:11:43
Dazzozo as in 22:11:49
Dazzozo every webkit window isnt completely graphically fucked 22:11:54
Dazzozo good patches xd 22:13:26
tilal6991 Dazzozo: Welcome to the new display-caf spam 22:15:29
tilal6991 W/qdhwcomposer( 213): Excessive delay reading vsync: took 116 ms 22:15:29
Dazzozo fuck display-caf 22:15:39
Dazzozo im emotionally attached to display-legacy 22:16:00
tilal6991 Lol 22:16:26
modacouserr dazzozo: yup, it's ON/OFF 22:16:26
Dazzozo also thats a pretty ridiculous delay lol 22:16:30
jordilopez94 Uživatel jordilopez94 [~jordilope@] vstoupil do místnosti. 22:17:06
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tilal6991 Dazzozo: it's an error I think 22:17:57
tilal6991 Like it's misreading the read time 22:18:05
tilal6991 Or it may just be that we don't have the adreno blobs so this is happening 22:18:27
tilal6991 Either one 22:18:29
Dazzozo i'd be surprised 22:19:13
Dazzozo hwcomposer isnt really a graphics thing 22:20:26
tilal6991 Meh 22:26:58
tilal6991 Kernel broken then 22:27:02
tilal6991 Not a surprise 22:27:06
Dazzozo i need to get a wii u 22:42:02
Dazzozo but i need to save my money for nexus 5 22:42:10
Dazzozo now if that isnt a first world problem 22:42:20
tilal6991 Money money money 22:42:27
tilal6991 Must be funny 22:42:30
Dazzozo i need wind waker HD ;-; 22:42:34
tilal6991 In a rich man's workd 22:42:35
tilal6991 * world 22:42:38
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rymate1234 I seriously hope i havent bootlooped my ohine 22:52:55
rymate1234 Phone 22:52:56
tilal6991 lol 22:53:09
rymate1234 Nope nvm 22:53:32
rymate1234 Just decided it liked to 22:53:40
rymate1234 The boot animatin 22:53:44
tilal6991 Uživatel „tilal6991“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991|away. 22:55:38
tilal6991|away Uživatel „tilal6991|away“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991. 22:57:59
Dazzozo tilal6991: Entropy is probably going to publish CM chat logs 23:10:07
tilal6991 @Dazzozo: good 23:33:44
Dazzozo entropy pretty much said what i said 23:34:03
Dazzozo in that post 23:34:04
Dazzozo "To be clear, the person who took a leadership role in this is someone who I would completely expect to pull shit like this, but the fact that other members of the project leadership fully backed him caused me to lose all respect for them that I previously had. By condoning what happened they are as guilty as those that tried to screw Guillaume." 23:34:21
Dazzozo clearly talking about koush lol 23:34:32
Dazzozo but yes, the rest have authorised this 23:34:42
Dazzozo theres no angel in the CM team 23:35:09
tilal6991 Apparently not 23:35:26
Dazzozo i mean 23:35:43
Dazzozo even according to cyngn.com 23:35:46
Dazzozo koush is cofounder 23:35:49
tilal6991 Yes its obvious its koush. 23:35:57
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tilal6991 Uživatel „tilal6991“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991|away. 23:59:56
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