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Dazzozo thats retarded 00:35:09
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SilvesterBot Starting build #103 for job android 01:02:09
SilvesterBot Yippie, build fixed! 01:30:37
SilvesterBot Project android build #103: FIXED in 28 min: http://jenkins.thebronasium.com/job/android/103/ 01:30:37
Dazzozo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Z9HNjT6zss 01:33:47
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joandrade thanks adfad666 13:44:51
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Dazzozo theres nothing to implement 14:07:31
Dazzozo it depends if koush likes you or not 14:07:34
Dazzozo afaik he only allows stuff he builds himself now 14:07:49
joandrade okay thanks 14:10:12
joandrade I thought it'd be like cmupdater 14:10:26
tilal6991 Sony event starting 14:11:58
adfad666 wéép 14:12:05
joandrade woop 14:12:12
tilal6991 Although everything they're announcing has already been leaker 14:12:14
tilal6991 * leaked 14:12:19
adfad666 oh man i've already eaten my popcorn and it hasn\t even started yet 14:15:06
Dazzozo i have no reason to watch it 14:18:10
adfad666 spoil sport 14:18:22
Dazzozo no, seriously 14:18:48
tilal6991 Lol 14:21:04
adfad666 giant enemy crab! 14:24:30
tilal6991 Lol 14:24:58
tilal6991 Wow downloads for HoloIRC are picking up 14:25:34
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tilal6991 Bloody hell 14:33:15
tilal6991 Sony really getting through their presentation 14:33:24
tilal6991 Yay 14:33:40
tilal6991 Phones/Tablets 14:33:42
adfad666 he is making some unusualy hesitations and mistakes, is he repeating what is being sead to him in a little earpiece? 14:33:45
tilal6991 Probs 14:34:02
adfad666 oh man i need to quit the internet, my typing gets worse everyday 14:34:09
adfad666 you must be ahead of me, he just got to hi-res audio 14:35:01
tilal6991 Nah I was wrong 14:35:49
tilal6991 I just saw a phone on the live stream on the verge 14:36:06
adfad666 but yeah they're ploughing through it 14:36:18
adfad666 i'm watching it on the sony website 14:36:29
adfad666 sony embracing the dubsteb 14:37:13
tilal6991 Xperia Z1 14:37:18
tilal6991 There we go 14:37:20
adfad666 20.7 Mpix ?! 14:38:39
tilal6991 adfad666: Yeah ofc 14:39:31
tilal6991 Did you not see the rumors? 14:39:41
adfad666 I didn't have time, plus tbh I'm not interested in such a big phone 14:40:01
adfad666 it could have a 50Gpix cmaera for all I care, it's too big 14:40:29
tilal6991 Lol 14:40:42
tilal6991 It doesn't actually take photos of that quality I think 14:40:58
tilal6991 It's like the Nokia Pureview 14:41:02
adfad666 Yeah that was my first thought, better noise reduction 14:41:18
tilal6991 Unlimited storage? 14:42:09
adfad666 that was a nice one 14:42:26
tilal6991 Wow 14:42:29
tilal6991 They're focusing on camera clearly 14:45:57
jordilopez94 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Uka06EW0BQ 14:46:33
jordilopez94 awensome xperia z1 14:46:41
adfad666 that was pretty quick to attach, i thought it would be a hassle 14:48:20
rymate1234 hi 14:51:03
tilal6991 The verge is right 14:51:12
tilal6991 It's still baffling - why would you want to strap a camera accessory to the Z1? It's supposed to have an awesome camera already! For anyone with a Galaxy Nexus, though, these attachments are a godsend. 14:51:17
adfad666 "best user experience for the users" 14:52:23
adfad666 nice 14:52:25
adfad666 wow, short and sweet 14:55:06
tilal6991 Yeah 14:55:23
tilal6991 Last year's was like this as well 14:55:29
Dazzozo shit phone 15:29:09
Dazzozo cant wait for it to overheat 15:29:21
adfad666 Do Sony have a quality control issue with their phones? I've just read and seen descriptions of the exact same issue I have iwth my Xperia J on an Xperia L and M 15:30:43
adfad666 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOxwtoUh9b8 my exact issue 15:31:32
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Dazzozo what issue 15:37:11
Dazzozo i have no idea whats going on 15:37:17
adfad666 phone freezes or restarts shortly afte booting 15:37:32
Dazzozo wow. 15:37:38
Dazzozo well i know the xperia z overheats and the screen cracks easily 15:38:04
adfad666 it's a bit shit, as you can see sometimes in the video it doesn't happen immediately 15:38:29
tilal6991 Lol 15:39:23
tilal6991 Paul O'Brein is right 15:39:31
tilal6991 'but it costs as much as a Nexus 4' isn't a valid argument for anything. The Nexus 4 pricing is just a freak occurrence.. 15:39:42
tilal6991 Dazzozo ^ 15:39:49
tilal6991 That 15:39:50
adfad666 what costs as much as a N4 15:40:13
tilal6991 Anything 15:40:22
adfad666 ahh ok 15:40:27
tilal6991 Any phone/technology thing 15:40:36
Dazzozo whats his point? 15:40:38
adfad666 N4 was on sale here for about a whole month 15:40:40
Dazzozo give it some context 15:40:44
Dazzozo it doesnt actually make sense 15:40:48
tilal6991 Dazzozo: No point 15:40:50
Dazzozo it costs as much as a Nexus 4 is a valid argument 15:40:55
tilal6991 Well not really 15:41:03
Dazzozo it is 15:41:05
tilal6991 It's like in a leagure of it's own 15:41:09
Dazzozo you can get some arse phone for £159 15:41:11
tilal6991 Yes 15:41:15
Dazzozo but it costs as much as a Nexus 4 15:41:20
tilal6991 But it's not exactly normal 15:41:21
Dazzozo so? 15:41:23
Dazzozo things that arent normal sell well 15:41:32
tilal6991 I mean that's not phones of that quality usually costs 15:41:36
Dazzozo and it leaves the shitters in the dust 15:41:38
Dazzozo whats the point? 15:41:45
Dazzozo its a business 15:41:46
tilal6991 Yes I know 15:41:51
Dazzozo good luck shifting units of shit phones 15:41:53
Dazzozo for the same price 15:41:55
tilal6991 It works because google is seeling it 15:41:56
tilal6991 * selling 15:41:58
Dazzozo of course 15:42:00
tilal6991 And they don't make money through the hardware 15:42:07
tilal6991 Bit through content and ads 15:42:12
Dazzozo of course 15:42:17
tilal6991 Not everyone can do that 15:42:21
Dazzozo the money would likely go to LG anyway 15:42:26
Dazzozo i doubt google really even takes a cut 15:42:36
Dazzozo i doubt they care 15:42:38
tilal6991 You're hardly going to see HTC selling a phone at that price of that quality 15:42:40
adfad666 The N4 pricing is a bit dirty in my opinion 15:42:46
Dazzozo well then they suck 15:42:48
tilal6991 It's not "normal" 15:42:50
Dazzozo it is dirty 15:42:50
Dazzozo so what! 15:42:54
Dazzozo its not normal, but it works 15:42:59
tilal6991 Dirty is business 15:42:59
Dazzozo exactly 15:43:02
Dazzozo it is a valid argument 15:43:14
Dazzozo a very good argument 15:43:16
Dazzozo you pick a Nexus 4 over anything else 15:43:22
Dazzozo because of the value for money 15:43:32
tilal6991 LTE is the only reason you wouldn't 15:43:41
tilal6991 Now that camera has been sorted out by Sony 15:43:50
adfad666 it's how Samsung got big in the smartphone space my opinion, they crapped out absolute crapburgers to compete and advertized the fark out of them 15:44:08
Dazzozo i dont think google will make that mistake again 15:44:12
tilal6991 Yeah I don't think so either 15:44:26
tilal6991 N5 will be huge if it's the same price with LTE 15:44:35
tilal6991 Keep the same hardware except have LTE 15:44:45
tilal6991 And a better camera 15:44:50
Dazzozo i dont think they can get the N4 launch price with the N5 15:44:52
Dazzozo considering the rumours 15:44:53
adfad666 N5 IS huge 15:44:53
adfad666 not in a good way 15:44:53
Dazzozo which were Snap 800, 13mp camera 15:44:57
Dazzozo 1080p screen 15:45:01
Dazzozo 2700mah battery 15:45:02
tilal6991 Wow 15:45:03
tilal6991 No chance 15:45:05
Dazzozo you cant get that price 15:45:06
tilal6991 Yeah 15:45:11
adfad666 unless they get Huawei to manufacturer it 15:45:16
tilal6991 But that's what people thought about the N4 15:45:20
Dazzozo unless you're actually loss leadering 15:45:20
tilal6991 I certainly thought that at that point 15:45:30
joandrade how much was the N4 at launch? 400£? 15:45:34
tilal6991 No 15:45:37
Dazzozo noooohoho 15:45:39
tilal6991 Lol 15:45:42
tilal6991 Not even close 15:45:45
tilal6991 £350 15:45:49
tilal6991 * £250 15:45:52
tilal6991 For the 8GB version 15:46:03
tilal6991 £300 for the 16GB 15:46:15
adfad666 Google were for sure using it as a loss leader 15:46:18
tilal6991 Considering I got my XT a month earlier for £420 15:46:42
tilal6991 I mean it was a massive decrease in price 15:46:50
tilal6991 £120 pouonds 15:47:03
tilal6991 For a better phone in most ways 15:47:12
adfad666 It's the same with ALL nexus hardware though 15:47:15
tilal6991 Not really 15:47:22
joandrade also, can you buy a N4 in a UK physical store? 15:47:26
Dazzozo network locked afaik 15:47:35
adfad666 companies still can't compete with the original N7 15:47:35
Dazzozo yes 15:47:35
tilal6991 I guess 15:47:43
tilal6991 But I think they should be able to do so with the new Nexus 7 15:47:54
tilal6991 It's a bit more expensive right? 15:48:02
joandrade afaik yes 15:48:10
joandrade 50£ more? 15:48:21
adfad666 not much more though 15:48:23
tilal6991 Yeah 15:48:31
adfad666 I paid 199gbp for mt N7 at launch 15:49:09
adfad666 16gb version 15:49:20
adfad666 oh and I still have google play credit left over from when I bought it 15:51:50
adfad666 cause it's less than the price of the cheapest apps 15:52:02
Dazzozo same. 15:52:05
Dazzozo its retarded 15:52:07
Dazzozo that you cant pay the rest 15:52:11
Dazzozo even fucking steam has that ability 15:52:28
adfad666 I have 19p 15:53:08
rymate1234 hi 15:53:18
Dazzozo hello 15:53:27
tilal6991 Lol 15:53:29
Dazzozo hows life rymate1234 15:53:32
rymate1234 Alright 15:53:41
tilal6991 rymate1234: I have HoloIRC on GB working I think 15:53:43
Dazzozo "I think" 15:53:57
adfad666 I think this is shit -> Google Play balance cannot be used for device purchases. 15:54:04
tilal6991 Dazzozo: I don't have a GB device to test 15:54:08
Dazzozo emulator 15:54:12
tilal6991 Yeah 15:54:17
tilal6991 No 15:54:18
Dazzozo 15:54:21
tilal6991 I'll just wait for my mum to get home so I can use the Skate 15:54:29
tilal6991 It's on Mokee right now 15:54:34
Dazzozo moe 15:54:41
Dazzozo kee 15:54:42
tilal6991 She wanted camera flash so 15:54:48
tilal6991 ... 15:54:49
rymate1234 lmao 15:54:53
tilal6991 As useless at it is 15:54:58
tilal6991 Otherwise it would be on 4.3 15:55:04
rymate1234 tilal6991: get android x86 lmao 15:55:32
tilal6991 Lol no 15:55:37
rymate1234 lel 15:55:44
Dazzozo parp 15:56:34
joandrade have you ever come across this error? 15:58:15
joandrade error: undefined reference to 'RIL_onUnsolicitedResponse' 15:58:17
Dazzozo a long time ago 15:58:23
joandrade eheh 15:58:28
Dazzozo ril shouldnt even be building 15:58:42
Dazzozo we dont use the opensource 15:58:51
joandrade I should switch to a prebuilt one then 15:59:19
Dazzozo should already be one in vendor 15:59:36
joandrade proprietary/bin/rild ? 16:01:39
Dazzozo and lib/libril.so 16:01:48
Dazzozo its already copied by the build process 16:02:02
Dazzozo the opensource ril is building completely unnecessarily 16:02:09
joandrade yeah libril.so is there too 16:02:21
joandrade how do I stop it from building it? 16:02:37
Dazzozo thats what im trying to figure out 16:05:03
joandrade thanks 16:05:11
Dazzozo its rild that errors right? 16:05:14
Dazzozo or libril? 16:05:17
joandrade rild 16:05:35
joandrade prebuilt/linux-x86/toolchain/arm-eabi-4.4.3/bin/../lib/gcc/arm-eabi/4.4.3/../../../../arm-eabi/bin/ld: out/target/product/u8815/obj/EXECUTABLES/rild_intermediates/rild.o: in function s_rilEnv:rild.c(.data.rel+0x4): error: undefined reference to 'RIL_onUnsolicitedResponse' 16:05:53
tilal6991 Ouch 16:06:00
Dazzozo you can try setting TARGET_PROVIDES_LIBRIL to true 16:06:24
Dazzozo in the BoardConfig 16:06:31
joandrade on it 16:06:38
Dazzozo I think I might've derped and put BOARD_PROVIDES_LIBRIL in the one in my gingerbread branch 16:07:01
Dazzozo that was for ics afaik 16:07:11
joandrade you did 16:07:44
Dazzozo https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_hardware_ril/blob/gingerbread/Android.mk#L19 16:07:56
modacouserr Uživatel modacouserr [025194e2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 16:09:03
joandrade yeah I changed it 16:09:21
joandrade let's see what's the next error 16:09:35
modacouserr yo 16:10:09
modacouserr what a topic! 16:10:20
joandrade ^ 16:10:29
modacouserr kitkat's LOL 16:13:25
joandrade same error 16:16:28
Dazzozo http://www.engadget.com/2013/09/04/hdmi-2-0-official-4k-60fps-32-channel-audio/ 16:16:59
Dazzozo oh lord 16:17:00
rymate1234 HURR 16:17:08
rymate1234 PIXELS 16:17:11
joandrade 32 channel audio 16:17:14
Dazzozo was hoping for higher than 60fps honestly 16:17:27
Dazzozo thats pretty disappointing 16:17:32
adfad666 do you actually have the rild available and being linked to? 16:17:34
adfad666 32 channel wadafuq 16:17:47
joandrade the rild is available in vendor 16:18:23
Dazzozo joandrade: if you just want it to build now i used to delete hardware/ril/Android.mk 16:18:26
adfad666 lol 16:18:37
Dazzozo i'll sort something out when/if i come back to gingerbread 16:18:50
joandrade I'm going to change its name just so it'll build 16:19:38
joandrade then I'll at least try to look into it 16:19:48
tilal6991 Dazzozo: I don't think anything more than 60fps will do any good 16:20:55
adfad666 i suspect you don't have the rild linked properly, if you have the proprietary file and it tries to also build it from source it usually errors and stops the build 16:20:55
Dazzozo we said that about 25fps 16:21:03
tilal6991 No one said that about 25 fps 16:21:15
Dazzozo yes 16:21:17
Dazzozo they did 16:21:18
adfad666 25fps is ballz 16:21:21
tilal6991 Well then they were wrond 16:21:24
tilal6991 * wrong 16:21:27
tilal6991 I'm not 16:21:29
Dazzozo tilal6991 pls you know better than this 16:21:29
Dazzozo dont make comments like that 16:21:33
tilal6991 Lol 16:21:35
adfad666 that's my biggest issue about going to the cinema, the image flicker 16:22:11
Dazzozo 640k memory ought to be enough for everybody! 16:22:16
tilal6991 I was kidding 16:22:41
tilal6991 Ofc we're going to push up the frame rate 16:22:50
Dazzozo there are 120hz monitors now 16:22:57
tilal6991 Companies haven't got roound to it yet 16:22:59
Dazzozo and yes, there is a difference 16:23:01
tilal6991 We're stuck on resolutions for now 16:23:13
joandrade you need 120 fps for 60 fps 3D 16:23:16
tilal6991 One item improvment at a time 16:23:23
tilal6991 Hz != fps 16:23:37
tilal6991 You mean 120fps 16:23:46
Dazzozo he said 120fps 16:23:50
Dazzozo i said 120hz 16:23:55
tilal6991 No you 16:23:56
Dazzozo i mean 120hz 16:24:00
tilal6991 Waht? 16:24:06
tilal6991 Seriously? Why? 16:24:15
Dazzozo you can push as many frames as you want 16:24:15
Dazzozo the monitor's limit is the refresh rate 16:24:24
Dazzozo it doesnt have some fps cap 16:24:33
tilal6991 Oh refresh rate 16:24:33
Dazzozo yes 16:24:36
tilal6991 Oh lol 16:24:38
Dazzozo hz is refresh rate 16:24:39
tilal6991 I was confused 16:24:42
tilal6991 Never mind 16:24:47
tilal6991 I was thinking about physicsly 16:24:54
Dazzozo wtf are you on about 16:24:59
Dazzozo gg 16:25:01
tilal6991 Like you know electric frequencies 16:25:19
tilal6991 Like it's 50Hz in Europe 16:25:29
tilal6991 And 60Hz in America 16:25:34
tilal6991 I thought you were talking about that 16:25:44
Dazzozo nooo 16:26:04
Dazzozo hz is how you measure refresh rate 16:26:22
tilal6991 Yeah I know 16:26:28
tilal6991 I was confused 16:26:30
Dazzozo and its effectively 1fps = 1hz 16:26:33
modacouserr 120fps would be the minimum, but i guess they know what they're doing so 16:26:40
Dazzozo if your monitor is 60hz and you're pushing 120fps 16:26:51
Dazzozo you're only going to see half of those frames 16:26:56
modacouserr true 16:27:00
modacouserr daz, what are you expectations for kitkat? 16:27:53
modacouserr your 16:28:00
modacouserr what are, doesn't sound good or it's just me? 16:28:24
tilal6991 Well it's quite clear what they've said 16:28:39
joandrade found it 16:28:50
tilal6991 It's going to be something to tackle fragmentation head on 16:28:51
joandrade TARGET_PROVIDES_LIBRIL will look in the device tree for the libril 16:29:10
joandrade ours is in the vendor 16:29:17
modacouserr yes, but what does that mean for us, not tecnically? 16:29:21
Dazzozo no 16:29:27
Dazzozo read the code 16:29:28
modacouserr technically 16:29:31
Dazzozo TARGET_PROVIDES_LIBRIL doesnt look for anything 16:29:32
Dazzozo by setting it to true 16:29:36
tilal6991 Dazzozo: Not much really 16:29:38
Dazzozo you ask it to build nothing 16:29:39
tilal6991 It's much more for vendors I think 16:29:51
tilal6991 modacouserr: Sorry I meant you not Daz 16:30:00
Dazzozo it doesnt matter if its in the device or if its a prop 16:30:01
Dazzozo oh i see whats going on 16:30:37
joandrade If a BoardConfig includes a TARGET_PROVIDES_LIBRIL, this 16:30:39
joandrade will make it build libril using the code that's in <device-dir>/libril 16:30:39
joandrade instead of hardware/ril/libril. 16:30:39
modacouserr oh ok, well they're giving a new name so it's already nice lol 16:30:41
Dazzozo radio_library_libs := rild 16:30:42
Dazzozo at the top 16:30:44
Dazzozo wow, thats dumb 16:30:48
joandrade lol 16:30:52
Dazzozo so theres actually no way of disabling it 16:30:58
Dazzozo wat. 16:31:01
joandrade you always have to 16:31:08
Dazzozo yeah that makefile doesnt even exist on later cm versions 16:33:03
Dazzozo so i have to find a solution for that huh 16:33:15
Dazzozo interesting# 16:33:20
Dazzozo i could just fix the opensource rild 16:33:45
joandrade yeah 16:34:23
joandrade brb 16:34:24
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jordilopez94 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OaBP1zLZBzY#t=4741 17:01:53
jordilopez94 http://cdnmo.coveritlive.com/media/image/201309/phpkz3fpynote_3.jpg 17:08:50
jordilopez94 new note 3 17:08:53
tilal6991 What 17:11:25
tilal6991 A 17:11:26
tilal6991 surprise 17:11:30
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tilal6991 Business as usual for Samsung 17:28:11
adfad666 Uživatel adfad666 [~adfad666@cyanogenmod/maintainer/adfad666] vstoupil do místnosti. 18:01:12
tilal6991 And it's over 18:08:47
adfad666 that. watch. is. fugly. 18:09:34
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thejaimes111 Hey 18:11:21
joandrade hey 18:13:23
thejaimes111 Dazzozo are you around here? 18:13:32
Dazzozo ye 18:13:41
thejaimes111 Did you tried ubuntu 13.04 on your N7? 18:14:14
Dazzozo nope 18:15:45
thejaimes111 Oke np 18:15:58
thejaimes111 I just was having fucking problems... 18:16:07
Dazzozo evidently frustrating problems 18:16:29
thejaimes111 Yh 18:16:38
thejaimes111 Better to say fucking frustating 18:17:07
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tilal6991 Dazzozo: rejoice 19:19:48
tilal6991 rejoice 19:19:51
tilal6991 Rejoice 19:19:53
tilal6991 http://review.cyanogenmod.org/#/c/49814/ 19:19:56
Dazzozo huh 19:19:56
tilal6991 Your wish is arcee's command 19:20:06
Dazzozo lol 19:20:27
tilal6991 At least we won't have any more crashes without confirmation 19:20:53
rymate1234 Dazzozo, hows cm10.2 19:27:14
Dazzozo huh 19:27:28
rymate1234 for crescent 19:27:45
rymate1234 lel 19:29:04
Dazzozo unusable 19:30:08
Dazzozo worthless 19:30:09
Dazzozo the usual 19:30:09
Dazzozo ? 19:30:09
rymate1234 is wifi working lmao 19:30:46
rymate1234 although I'll be honest 19:30:53
Dazzozo i will look in to the wifi issue 19:34:06
Dazzozo i've not done any android dev today 19:34:12
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Dazzozo i already have a quite likely explanation 19:35:24
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rymate1234 yay tinternet crash 19:42:41
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tilal6991 rymate1234: Dazzozo: A screw up - http://www.xda-developers.com/windows-phone-development/test-windows-mobile-development-post/ 19:57:28
Dazzozo REKT 19:57:44
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modacouserr Uživatel modacouserr [025194e2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:00:55
joandrade error: could not load kernel 'out/target/product/u8815/kernel' 20:22:11
joandrade it's there though 20:22:14
joandrade is it supposed to be the kernel or the kernel source? 20:23:15
tilal6991 Dazzozo: I can reproduce the issue now 20:54:38
tilal6991 The HoloIRC disconnect one 20:54:43
tilal6991 You have to really wait a while 20:54:48
Dazzozo yeyyyy 20:54:53
Dazzozo yeah 20:54:57
Dazzozo tbh it happened when i forgot about it 20:55:02
tilal6991 I'll try and get a fix 20:55:04
Dazzozo i had the app connected and just carried on with my own business 20:55:13
Dazzozo and then i saw it disconnect on my pc 20:55:20
tilal6991 Yeah 20:55:32
tilal6991 Maybe a small wakelock is needed 20:55:38
tilal6991 I need to see how other apps do it 20:55:45
rymate1234 gonna shove my znc at it 20:58:15
rymate1234 see what happens 20:58:18
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rymate1234 app stops responding for while 20:59:04
rymate1234 yup classic ANR 20:59:40
rymate1234 tilal: it's fine once connected 21:01:45
tilal6991 Yeah it's strange 21:01:54
tilal6991 Apparently a guy can reproduce it on an N4 21:02:03
tilal6991 Which is horrible 21:02:07
tilal6991 Maybe I'll connect to a fast moving channel and see what happens 21:02:24
tilal6991 Dazzozo: Which channel do you suggest is really active? ^ 21:02:39
rymate1234 Suggestion - make the chat view scroll to bottom when text input is active 21:03:14
Dazzozo #ubuntu 21:03:15
Dazzozo #freenode 21:03:21
tilal6991 ubuntu 21:03:29
tilal6991 Nice 21:03:31
tilal6991 That's a good shout 21:03:36
tilal6991 I'm already on freenode 21:03:40
rymate1234 Dazzozo, my scrollback is 200 lines 21:03:50
rymate1234 and I idle in about 22 channels 21:04:06
tilal6991 rymate1234: The guy I'm talking to has a scroll back of 5000 21:04:33
rymate1234 ....ah 21:04:39
rymate1234 that's bigger than mine 21:04:45
tilal6991 Yeah 21:05:17
tilal6991 A bit 21:05:18
rymate1234 Also once connected it appears holoirc can't display received messages 21:05:27
Dazzozo why did you tell me what your scrollback was lol 21:05:27
rymate1234 idk 21:05:42
Dazzozo gggg 21:05:50
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rymate1234 tilal6991, I like the dark theme :3 21:06:57
tilal6991 rymate1234: Lol 21:07:01
rymate1234 if had an OLED screen it would be usefuk 21:07:19
rymate1234 *useful 21:07:23
tilal6991 Yeah 21:07:24
tilal6991 That's why I wrote it in the first place 21:07:44
tilal6991 I wasn't going to bother 21:07:48
tilal6991 Nite all 21:09:25
Dazzozo cya 21:09:28
tilal6991 Byeeee 21:09:34
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tilal6991 Uživatel „tilal6991“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991|away. 21:14:53
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tilal6991 Uživatel „tilal6991“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991|away. 21:22:40
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tilal6991 Uživatel „tilal6991“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991|away. 21:24:42
tilal6991|away Uživatel „tilal6991|away“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991. 21:28:17
rymate1234 k 21:35:04
tilal6991 Uživatel „tilal6991“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991|away. 21:38:12
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tilal6991 Uživatel „tilal6991“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991|away. 21:51:12
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