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Expected startup is about 10.2.2014

rymate1234 I might email android police rymate notes 05:59:56
rymate1234 lmao 06:00:02
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Nemix Hello. 14:03:02
Nemix Does someone know a working CM7 ROM? 14:03:36
Nemix I've tried 2 already and both have the same issue, Wi-Fi not working. 14:03:57
Nemix Uživatel „Nemix“ je nyní znám jako GabrielRO. 14:04:13
GabrielRO ? 14:04:15
GabrielRO Anyone here? 14:04:36
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tilal6991 Dazzozo: Lol 14:38:18
tilal6991 Also I figured out the phone thing 14:38:26
Dazzozo what was it? 14:38:35
tilal6991 Dazzozo: http://review.cyanogenmod.org/49609 14:38:49
tilal6991 But not exactly 14:38:53
tilal6991 It's the tzdata thing again 14:38:58
tilal6991 Needs to be 32bit aligned for armv6 14:39:09
tilal6991 That's a hack 14:39:21
tilal6991 Dazzozo: http://review.cyanogenmod.org/#/c/27469/ 14:41:38
tilal6991 That is what we need 14:41:41
Dazzozo so 14:45:29
Dazzozo its exactly the same as what was needed for 10.1 14:45:35
Dazzozo and you didnt try it? 14:46:18
Dazzozo lol 14:46:19
tilal6991 Dazzozo: Completely forgot about it 14:47:13
Dazzozo pro 14:47:20
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tilal6991 Dazzozo: Have you seen House of Cards? 16:30:45
Dazzozo no 16:30:59
tilal6991 Well it's very good 16:32:07
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thejaimes111 Hey 16:39:22
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thejaimes111 hey you 16:49:41
kyan31_is_sexy Sup 16:49:46
thejaimes111 16:49:53
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kyan31_is_sexy Nice video 17:00:49
thejaimes111 wat 17:01:26
kyan31_is_sexy The video in the news header 17:01:44
thejaimes111 oh ok 17:01:56
thejaimes111 didnt saw it 17:02:10
kyan31_is_sexy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgLzrTPkdgI&feature=youtube_gdata_player 17:02:54
thejaimes111 wtf 17:03:06
thejaimes111 gj 17:03:08
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tilal6991 Dazzozo: armv6 lives 20:13:18
Dazzozo rly? 20:13:27
tilal6991 By the skin of it's teeth 20:13:31
tilal6991 It works as well as 10.1 20:13:37
tilal6991 So yeah 20:13:40
tilal6991 Not awful 20:13:43
rymate1234 yay 20:24:19
rymate1234 Dazzozo, pls 20:24:48
Dazzozo "works as well as 10.1" 20:25:38
Dazzozo no, rymate1234 20:25:39
rymate1234 lmao aug 15th 20:25:46
rymate1234 "I and other members of htcmania.com tested early versions last night, it works better than expected, honestly, but we had too many reboots: when you enter the pin reboots, when connecting to wifi reboots .... 20:26:01
rymate1234 "# 20:26:01
Dazzozo wtf? 20:26:16
Dazzozo BUENO 20:26:32
rymate1234 this is a thread on skate forums 20:26:33
Dazzozo BUENO 20:26:34
Dazzozo welcome to htcmania 20:26:39
Dazzozo sry members of htcmania 20:26:57
tilal6991 That's becase of the phone bug 20:27:08
Dazzozo BUENO 20:27:32
Dazzozo BUENO tilal6991 BUENO 20:27:38
Dazzozo maybe i'll build it 20:27:49
Dazzozo im at the point of committing suicide over the issues the g300 has 20:28:05
rymate1234 lol 20:28:12
Dazzozo seriously 20:28:31
Dazzozo its depressing to work on 20:28:34
rymate1234 what are the issues? 20:28:39
Dazzozo the bluetooth tethering interface just never exists 20:28:56
Dazzozo regardless of whether you're sharing a connection or having a connection shared to you 20:29:10
rymate1234 >bluetooth tethering 20:29:18
Dazzozo theres an issue with the 2nd boot where there are ext4-fs errors so data gets remounted as read only 20:29:30
Dazzozo and then the boot fails ofc 20:29:44
rymate1234 gg 20:29:48
tilal6991 Dazzozo - that's what I had on mint 20:29:50
Dazzozo wat. 20:29:58
Dazzozo really? 20:29:59
tilal6991 yeah 20:30:02
tilal6991 That's why the boot fails 20:30:06
Dazzozo how'd you fix it? 20:30:14
tilal6991 That was my issue early on mint 20:30:16
tilal6991 Idk 20:30:18
Dazzozo useful 20:30:22
tilal6991 It just went away 20:30:23
tilal6991 Lol 20:30:24
tilal6991 I think I might have completely fastboot erased 20:30:34
Dazzozo thats what i think it is 20:30:40
rymate1234 Dazzozo, usually I would say "fuck bluetooth tethering" however I found out a couple days ago that bluetooth tethering works much better than wifi tethering 20:30:40
Dazzozo i think it might be my device 20:30:47
Dazzozo i'll try that in a sec actually 20:31:05
tilal6991 rymate1234 - which device? 20:31:07
Dazzozo and the 3rd issue is the omx one 20:31:17
rymate1234 >which device 20:31:21
Dazzozo thats the ones i have on my "list" 20:31:23
tilal6991 rymate1234: if it's the crescent then yeah 20:31:43
tilal6991 Any other device - you'd be wrong 20:31:52
rymate1234 tilal6991, crescent tethers bluetooth bery well 20:31:54
rymate1234 *very 20:32:00
Dazzozo bueno 20:32:06
rymate1234 "Take it this rom is dead?" -- cm10.1 thread 20:32:57
rymate1234 quick! do a build! 20:33:02
Dazzozo which cm10.1 thread lol 20:33:28
Dazzozo its funny how people say "ROM IS DEAD" when the device is EOL 20:33:47
rymate1234 Dazzozo, the dazzozo blade2 thread 20:34:14
Dazzozo that device has maybe 10 users now 20:34:28
rymate1234 me being one of them 20:34:36
rymate1234 http://www.modaco.com/topic/361836-romcrescent-slimbean-31-android-422-07042013/page__st__80#entry2149068 4.3 CONFIRMED 20:34:49
Dazzozo someone who actually uses it as a phone should invest their time in to it 20:34:56
Dazzozo its not worth me investing my time 20:35:00
rymate1234 I would invest my time in it 20:35:18
rymate1234 if my wireless card would actually work on linux 20:35:26
Eloimuns HTCMania are OverPowered no? 20:35:34
Dazzozo wat. 20:36:26
Eloimuns ignore me 20:37:28
Eloimuns 20:37:29
rymate1234 k 20:37:43
Dazzozo so apparently huawei's bootloader doesnt support fastboot erase/format 20:40:17
Dazzozo :| 20:40:21
tilal6991 Oh 20:40:37
tilal6991 :# 20:40:43
rymate1234 wat 20:40:49
tilal6991 d 20:40:49
tilal6991 d 20:40:53
tilal6991 a 20:40:54
tilal6991 d 20:40:55
tilal6991 i 20:41:04
tilal6991 m 20:41:04
tilal6991 b 20:41:06
tilal6991 o 20:41:06
tilal6991 r 20:41:07
tilal6991 e 20:41:07
tilal6991 d 20:41:08
rymate1234 wat 20:41:17
tilal6991 s 20:41:23
rymate1234 Dazzozo, format in cwm 20:41:24
tilal6991 o 20:41:24
tilal6991 v 20:41:25
tilal6991 e 20:41:26
tilal6991 r 20:41:26
tilal6991 y 20:41:27
tilal6991 b 20:41:28
tilal6991 o 20:41:28
tilal6991 r 20:41:29
tilal6991 e 20:41:29
tilal6991 d 20:41:30
rymate1234 w 20:41:39
rymate1234 a 20:41:40
rymate1234 t 20:41:40
tilal6991 l 20:41:50
tilal6991 o 20:41:50
tilal6991 l 20:41:51
modacouserr w 20:42:21
modacouserr t 20:42:21
modacouserr f 20:42:22
modacouserr x 20:42:23
modacouserr D 20:42:24
rymate1234 i 20:42:41
rymate1234 ' 20:42:42
rymate1234 m 20:42:43
rymate1234 f 20:42:49
rymate1234 u 20:42:50
rymate1234 c 20:42:51
rymate1234 k 20:42:52
rymate1234 i 20:42:53
rymate1234 n 20:42:54
rymate1234 g 20:42:54
rymate1234 sick of this 20:42:58
modacouserr i 20:43:04
modacouserr ' 20:43:05
modacouserr m 20:43:05
modacouserr 20:43:06
modacouserr n 20:43:08
modacouserr o 20:43:08
modacouserr t 20:43:09
modacouserr , 20:43:10
modacouserr j 20:43:11
modacouserr u 20:43:12
modacouserr s 20:43:12
modacouserr t 20:43:13
modacouserr s 20:43:14
modacouserr t 20:43:14
modacouserr a 20:43:15
modacouserr r 20:43:15
modacouserr t 20:43:15
modacouserr e 20:43:16
modacouserr d 20:43:16
modacouserr now i am 20:43:28
modacouserr any news? 20:43:31
Dazzozo frustration 20:43:49
modacouserr android is killink me, have te learn the java basics first 20:43:54
modacouserr killing 20:43:57
modacouserr to 20:44:02
Dazzozo ye learn java first lol 20:44:06
modacouserr frustration why? 20:44:17
modacouserr i've only worked with javascript so far, so it shouldnt be hard 20:44:33
rymate1234 >javascript 20:44:56
Dazzozo issues that dont really error 20:45:00
rymate1234 hueheuheuheeuuheuheuehheuheuhuehuheheu 20:45:00
modacouserr another deeeeeeep search 20:45:16
tilal6991 http://www.modaco.com/topic/364206-pleasei-lost-sanity 20:45:27
tilal6991 Lol 20:45:28
modacouserr rymate1234: yup, because almost everything i need is web related 20:45:41
modacouserr and that suits my needs for now 20:45:56
Dazzozo best thread title 20:46:09
Dazzozo 2013 20:46:11
rymate1234 guys 20:46:14
rymate1234 idea 20:46:16
rymate1234 sell all ur g300s 20:46:26
rymate1234 aquire nexus 4 20:46:29
modacouserr already passes through my brain ahah 20:46:40
rymate1234 I'd sell my crescent however 20:46:45
rymate1234 1. it has been in water 20:46:53
Dazzozo tbh the nexus 4 deal is gonna cut the g300 userbase in half 20:46:55
rymate1234 2. its a zte crescent 20:47:00
modacouserr not only userbase, anyone who's thinking about buying a phone and has limited budget -> nexus 4 lol 20:47:37
Dazzozo its amazing 20:47:49
Dazzozo the best budget phone 20:47:51
Dazzozo is also the premium one 20:47:53
modacouserr if i had more money atm i would sell g300 and buy one 20:47:54
tilal6991 Not just budget phone 20:47:58
tilal6991 It's the phone for everyone 20:48:04
Dazzozo ye 20:48:08
tilal6991 THE phone 20:48:10
modacouserr im sick of 512 mb ram, if i want to do anything more with it, it just gets unusable 20:48:29
Dazzozo honestly i cant tell the difference between 2gb and 512mb 20:48:46
Dazzozo i never had any problems with 512mb 20:48:54
tilal6991 modacouserr: heck I feel like that sometimes with 1GB 20:48:56
Dazzozo really? 20:49:06
Dazzozo i dont think ram has ever limited me 20:49:13
tilal6991 Dazzozo: play asphat on the g300 20:49:13
modacouserr dazzozo: how ? what you do with phone? 20:49:18
tilal6991 * asphalt 20:49:20
Dazzozo but the g300 has an ARSE gpu 20:49:21
tilal6991 Lol 20:49:27
modacouserr tilal, i cam imagine that happen, not as easy as g300 but yes 20:49:44
Dazzozo modacouserr: tapatalk, androirc, news apps (the verge etc), email, github, falcon pro, joindota 20:50:09
tilal6991 modacouserrr: not usually - just when playing something like Asphalt 8 20:50:09
modacouserr i enabled autolocation geofences monitor, and it just fucked everything up 20:50:10
Dazzozo usually all running at the same time 20:50:12
Dazzozo maybe a game after checking all those 20:50:17
tilal6991 Also 20:50:23
Dazzozo and music 20:50:24
Dazzozo i dont see how people run out of ram 20:50:29
tilal6991 I managed to get Hyper Hexagonest 20:50:33
tilal6991 20:50:36
modacouserr i dont use that much apps, maybe half, if that much 20:50:36
rymate1234 >using dedicated news apps 20:50:45
tilal6991 Love Super Hexagon 20:50:50
rymate1234 >not just using google currents 20:51:01
tilal6991 Lol 20:51:07
modacouserr gonna finish my things, want to dedicate some time to android 20:51:08
modacouserr later 20:51:09
tilal6991 BBC news is the only one I use 20:51:12
Dazzozo rymate1234: i use 2 20:51:27
Dazzozo i dont think that justifies google currents 20:51:33
Dazzozo plus 1 is definitely not gonna work through currents 20:51:43
Dazzozo the site has no rss or w/e 20:52:14
Dazzozo the app parses the page 20:52:24
modacouserr that sucks 20:53:37
modacouserr btw, anyone uses tasker/autoremote ? 20:53:47
modacouserr not you daz 20:53:51
tilal6991 modacouserr: sort of 20:54:24
modacouserr how? 20:54:41
tilal6991 I have a profile that makes Mobile data switch on when I leave home and wifi when I arrive 20:55:03
modacouserr i "lost" all my old profiles, cant remember some of them 20:55:12
modacouserr and new ideas are welcome 20:55:16
modacouserr yeah, i use that too 20:55:21
modacouserr but without 3g part 20:55:25
tilal6991 That's the classic one 20:55:29
rymate1234 tilal6991, I just leave wifi on all the time :/ 20:55:32
modacouserr yup 20:55:33
tilal6991 G 20:55:46
tilal6991 T 20:55:46
tilal6991 G 20:55:47
tilal6991 B 20:55:48
tilal6991 Y 20:55:48
tilal6991 E 20:55:49
modacouserr rymate1234: i do also, disabled that profile atm, what i have is sync turn on 5m when i connect my my home/school wifi 20:56:25
modacouserr i'll do a todo list, that stays in sync with desktop 20:56:51
tilal6991 Uživatel „tilal6991“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991|away. 20:57:09
modacouserr right, now i go 20:57:43
modacouserr later 20:57:45
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tilal6991|away Uživatel „tilal6991|away“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991. 21:15:53
tilal6991 @Dazzozo: fix for data corruption 21:16:16
tilal6991 New recovery 21:16:23
Dazzozo srs? 21:16:31
Dazzozo fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck 21:16:39
Dazzozo wasted all that time ;-; 21:16:44
tilal6991 https://plus.google.com/114291603073109546495/posts/8KQGFtmbv3j 21:16:55
tilal6991 That's probably why it just went away for me 21:17:39
Dazzozo welp looks like im gonna have to release my own recovery 21:18:59
Dazzozo k building recovery 21:20:33
Eloimuns good job lalit nice work 21:23:56
Dazzozo wat did he do 21:24:54
Eloimuns Dazzozo, http://www.modaco.com/topic/364177-romjb-43-jenkins-cm102-build/page__st__20#entry2154197 21:25:33
tilal6991 Oh that. 21:25:49
tilal6991 K tnx 21:25:58
Dazzozo pro 21:26:04
Eloimuns you test rom lalit? 21:26:28
tilal6991 Yeah pretty much everything working. 21:27:58
Eloimuns bluetooth works? 21:28:14
tilal6991 Think so. 21:28:20
Eloimuns i will test tomorrow if i can 21:28:30
tilal6991 I did specifically do work to fix stuff 21:28:42
tilal6991 *BT 21:28:47
Eloimuns nice, in 4.2.2 BT doesn't trun off and is a hard shit, in 4.3 the same problem no¿ 21:29:36
tilal6991 I did try to fix that specifically. 21:30:25
Eloimuns nice 21:30:53
tilal6991 Uživatel „tilal6991“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991|away. 21:31:58
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Dazzozo I just recovered a commit i lost 21:41:04
Dazzozo \o/ 21:41:06
Dazzozo git reflog ftw 21:41:11
modacouserr the data issue is fixed with a new recovery? 21:46:13
Dazzozo nope, recovery breaks completely 21:49:50
Dazzozo most likely because of the vold stuff 21:49:59
Dazzozo my build was before that 21:50:02
Dazzozo the screen is black 21:50:29
Dazzozo lmao 21:50:30
modacouserr ouch 21:51:55
modacouserr any tips on a way to start with java? besides the official documentation 21:52:21
modacouserr any tutorial etc 21:52:28
Dazzozo dunno 21:52:53
Dazzozo everything i've ever done 21:52:55
Dazzozo i started out by editing something else 21:53:01
modacouserr just like me 21:53:12
modacouserr when i was like 10/11 years old, i learned AHK, probably the most basic language out there, and today it still can do everything i need lol other than android 21:54:10
modacouserr i guess i'll do the same way i did with ahk, trying samples, looking at code, see what it does... 21:54:43
modacouserr that works 21:54:49
Dazzozo its very very very similar to C# 22:00:38
modacouserr what? 22:00:46
Dazzozo java 22:00:49
Dazzozo i've done like 1 major project in C# 22:01:00
Dazzozo and it was pretty easy actually 22:01:04
modacouserr if its similar to javascript then i think i'll do ok 22:01:16
rymate1234 I started out java programming making simple plugins for minecraft servers 22:01:23
Dazzozo i made a minecraft plugin when the game was good 22:01:59
modacouserr rymate1234: im currently doing a notification system for ogame, using ahk, javascript, and autoremote with tasker 22:02:01
rymate1234 wat 22:02:11
modacouserr ogame? = browser game. notification system? = using rss provided by ogame, it notifies me about events, on pc and android 22:03:46
modacouserr and i managed to put in the middle an sqlite database, to keep all the events stored 22:04:27
tilal6991|away Uživatel „tilal6991|away“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991. 22:05:08
tilal6991 Uživatel „tilal6991“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991|away. 22:06:14
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Dazzozo ok i think i found out whats stopping recovery booting 22:11:48
modacouserr good 22:16:25
Dazzozo educated guess, but it makes sense 22:18:17
Dazzozo yep 22:21:52
Dazzozo now it boots 22:21:54
Dazzozo funky 22:22:07
modacouserr fast fix 22:22:11
modacouserr let me translate funky never heard that one 22:22:24
modacouserr ok google translator didn't help much 22:22:59
Dazzozo lol 22:23:08
modacouserr well, teach me more english 22:23:35
Dazzozo i'll redirect you to google's definition 22:24:01
Dazzozo Adjective 22:24:02
Dazzozo (of music) Having or using a strong dance rhythm, in particular that of funk: "some excellent funky beats". 22:24:02
Dazzozo Modern and stylish in an unconventional or striking way: "she likes wearing funky clothes". 22:24:02
Dazzozo wow, the changes they made to sdcard mounting in recovery are awesome 22:24:42
modacouserr seriously? never thought of that work related to music styles ....... 22:24:45
Dazzozo lol 22:24:53
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modacouserr yup awesome means what for you? 22:25:30
Dazzozo but adb is completely broken and it cant mount them to the pc 22:25:56
modacouserr ahahhahah 22:26:02
Dazzozo hmm 22:26:03
modacouserr if i tell you that i had ZERO ram available, would you believe? 22:27:18
modacouserr because i did lol 22:27:23
Dazzozo im surprised android let you get to that 22:27:36
modacouserr yup, because there's a limit where it starts killing apps 22:28:10
modacouserr now i want nexus 4 22:28:24
Dazzozo this is why we have lowmemorykiller 22:28:44
modacouserr yup 22:28:56
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Dazzozo right, formatted everything and installed the rom again 22:29:24
Dazzozo on this new recovery 22:29:26
Dazzozo well data is still going readonly 22:34:19
Dazzozo so nope, not the fix 22:34:21
Dazzozo unless im missing something 22:34:25
Uživatel „fr0d0“ opustil místnost (Quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer). 22:35:13
Dazzozo its weird, because the 3rd boot is fine 22:37:18
Dazzozo lol 22:37:19
rymate1234 o.o 22:37:43
rymate1234 Dazzozo, 4th boot? 22:37:53
Dazzozo rymate1234: is fine 22:44:23
Dazzozo its only the 2nd boot 22:44:26
rymate1234 oh 22:44:52
rymate1234 Dazzozo, make a script 22:45:06
Dazzozo no. 22:45:13
rymate1234 if (secondBoot) { 22:45:13
rymate1234 reboot(); 22:45:17
rymate1234 } 22:45:18
Dazzozo :| 22:45:25
rymate1234 :} 22:45:30
Dazzozo WTF 22:54:24
Dazzozo thats why adb doesnt work 22:54:27
Dazzozo wtf man 22:54:30
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Uživatel „hippy“ opustil místnost (Quit). 23:32:17
Dazzozo tilal6991|away: this is really weird 23:55:56
Dazzozo https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_bootable_recovery/commit/ad054c684524962eae3269c1d807dc60e8bca1ec 23:55:57
Dazzozo this change 23:55:59
Dazzozo actually breaks what it intends to fix for me 23:56:04
Dazzozo fortunately its not much of a problem, we have a local init.rc 23:56:23
Dazzozo so i just dont merge that change 23:56:27
Dazzozo but still, retarded 23:56:29
Dazzozo anyone else could have that issue 23:56:33
Dazzozo the device needs to have "adb,mass_storage" otherwise it shows up as an unknown device in device manager and adb doesn't work 23:57:14
Dazzozo the device just doesn't accept "adb" alone 23:57:35
Dazzozo even weirder, adb didn't even work in mass storage mode either 23:58:07
Dazzozo but actually ours is "mass_storage,adb" 23:58:25
Dazzozo dunno if the order makes a diff 23:58:28
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