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I'm sorry for not actual logs - my FTP uploads are reduced a lot, i'm working on new solution..

Expected startup is about 10.2.2014

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SilvesterBot Starting build #68 for job android 01:02:05
SilvesterBot Project android build #68: SUCCESS in 28 min: http://jenkins.thebronasium.com/job/android/68/ 01:30:51
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rymate1234 http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ubuntu-edge?c=activity IT'S STILL NOT HAPPENING 07:48:53
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cristomc Hi everybody!!! 09:25:09
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Dazzozo display behaviour on 4.3 is now the same as it was on 4.2 10:02:34
Dazzozo fucking finally 10:02:38
Dazzozo and now we need legacy framebuffer 10:02:50
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cristomc oh wow, good job!, Dazzo i send you a PM, can you answer when you have free time? 10:07:33
Dazzozo no more genlock errors 10:24:21
Dazzozo but we're Not Fast Yet 10:24:26
Dazzozo missing the decide texture target stuff 10:24:47
Dazzozo but that's going to be hard to implement now 10:25:56
Dazzozo with GLConsumer 10:25:58
Dazzozo i dont think anybody did it yet 10:27:48
Dazzozo too many people busy fighting audio and getting display up at all atm 10:28:10
Dazzozo screenshots fixed too 10:33:12
Dazzozo legacy framebuffer ho 10:33:16
Dazzozo https://github.com/legaCyMod/android_frameworks_av/commit/6cd206e60fac991f873b61bb93de2e852c7f7915 10:33:49
Dazzozo yum 10:33:49
Dazzozo i havent even considered omx yet 10:35:36
Dazzozo maybe it should be a higher priority of mine idk 10:35:45
cristomc omx it's a good idea, maybe a little hard to fix sometimes. on galaxy ace worked like a charm 10:36:06
Dazzozo the g300 is in an awful place with omx 10:36:18
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jordilopez94 you think you can fix it? 10:48:04
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Kra1o5 yo 10:53:43
Dazzozo yo 11:02:00
Dazzozo Kra1o5: fixing decide texture target for 4.3 11:02:36
Kra1o5 Dazzozo: you see the news about new Nexus 7? 11:02:42
Dazzozo no 11:02:45
Kra1o5 http://www.androidbeat.com/2013/08/jbq-is-quitting-aosp/ 11:02:57
Dazzozo qualcomm don't be silly now 11:04:19
Kra1o5 like Nvidia & tegra 11:04:48
Dazzozo and now i need to wait for another sodding build to test decide texture target 11:29:40
modacouserr yo 11:58:21
Dazzozo yo 12:00:11
Dazzozo decide texture target works 12:48:49
Dazzozo everything fast now 12:49:24
Kra1o5 awesome work Dazzozo 12:50:03
rymate1234 yaaaaaaay 13:03:09
rymate1234 new wireless adaptor isn't total shit on linux 13:03:27
rymate1234 read - actually works 13:03:31
Dazzozo gg 13:03:48
rymate1234 also for some reason the new fan for my pc has 4 very bright blue LEDs 13:04:54
modacouserr that's cool 13:05:57
rymate1234 gah 13:06:52
rymate1234 new fan is quite loud 13:06:56
modacouserr you have a fan controler? or it's just connected to mb? 13:11:54
rymate1234 no idea 13:12:53
rymate1234 I just connected it to where the old fan was 13:13:07
modacouserr motherboard probably.. well, if it supports you can control it via software 13:21:41
rymate1234 no idea where it's connected too 13:22:32
modacouserr http://www.almico.com/speedfan.php 13:22:39
rymate1234 It just connects to this whole ribbon of wires and shit 13:22:43
modacouserr oh, maybe directly to the psu? that will make them loud 13:23:07
rymate1234 lel 13:23:25
rymate1234 might be 13:23:27
rymate1234 I don't want to see where else it might connect though 13:23:39
modacouserr you can always change it to a slot on the motherboard. 13:23:53
rymate1234 modacouserr, I don't want to break anything though :/ 13:24:09
rymate1234 I'll check later maybe 13:24:21
modacouserr good luck it's not as hard as you think 13:24:37
rymate1234 yeah 13:25:17
modacouserr last satruday had to take all the hardware out of my phantom 410.. dust clean 13:25:31
rymate1234 I'm always worried though, as I don't really have a save environment 13:25:47
rymate1234 *safe 13:25:52
rymate1234 I just put my pc on my bed 13:26:02
modacouserr ahha desktop or laptop? desktop = easy, laptop = not so easy 13:26:37
rymate1234 desktop 13:26:45
rymate1234 I'll have another look later 13:27:11
modacouserr oh, and you put it in your bed ? ahah 13:27:19
rymate1234 just don't feel like disconnecting everything at the moment 13:27:30
modacouserr your pc probably doesnt like you, and want's you to go away 13:27:42
rymate1234 modacouserr, no, I put it on my bed when I'm putting stuff in it 13:27:53
modacouserr yeah, it's a boring task 13:28:00
rymate1234 I also have no anti static stuff 13:28:12
modacouserr well, it only happened me once, when i bought my new case 13:28:53
rymate1234 error: .repo/manifests/: contains uncommitted changes 13:37:00
rymate1234 no fuck you repo 13:37:03
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Dazzozo ye decide texture target works fine 13:39:19
rymate1234 /me builds cm10 13:42:36
rymate1234 .1 13:42:38
Dazzozo i could probably do a release build now 13:43:25
rymate1234 of cm10.2? 13:43:46
rymate1234 k 13:43:47
Dazzozo yes 13:43:55
Dazzozo g300 13:43:56
rymate1234 ye 13:44:01
rymate1234 didn't think crescent was anywhere close 13:44:13
Dazzozo tilal disappeared 13:44:21
rymate1234 yeah 13:44:45
rymate1234 that's a small problem 13:44:48
rymate1234 LIBWEBCORE LIBWEBCORE 13:44:59
Dazzozo im proud of my decide texture target patch 13:45:24
rymate1234 welp cpu at 100% 13:45:51
rymate1234 on all 4 cores 13:45:53
Dazzozo good 13:46:10
Dazzozo thats what you get for using brunch 13:46:25
rymate1234 yeah 13:47:01
rymate1234 >firefox crash 13:47:52
rymate1234 wat 13:47:54
rymate1234 I only had 20 tabs open 13:48:01
Dazzozo welcome to the club 13:48:02
Dazzozo im doing my first userdebug build 13:49:05
Dazzozo gggggggggggggggggg 13:49:06
rymate1234 estimated amount of downloads for rymate notes: 5 13:51:08
rymate1234 lel 13:51:09
Solitary_ Uživatel „Solitary_“ je nyní znám jako Solitary. 13:51:53
Dazzozo what did you expect 13:54:36
Dazzozo https://www.google.com/android/devicemanager 13:56:09
Dazzozo neato 13:56:10
modacouserr not available in your contry, bah :/ 14:03:59
modacouserr dazzozo, you have it all sorted out? wow, fast 14:04:20
rymate1234 Dazzozo, 0 downloads 14:08:18
rymate1234 lel 14:08:19
rymate1234 oh my 14:10:25
rymate1234 I was wrong 14:10:27
rymate1234 it's 8 downloads 14:10:32
modacouserr what rymate1234? 14:10:54
rymate1234 my app 14:11:22
modacouserr link? 14:11:30
rymate1234 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.rymate.notes 14:11:39
modacouserr nice interface 14:13:21
rymate1234 thanks 14:13:27
modacouserr oh no, i forgot i borke my play store lol 14:13:52
modacouserr broke 14:13:55
rymate1234 wat 14:14:21
rymate1234 lel 14:14:22
modacouserr tried to install latest version, and i didnt do anything to the old one lol no freeze, no clear cache, anything. and now it just force closes 14:15:04
modacouserr have to fix it now 14:15:22
modacouserr tasker vs automateit? 14:15:58
rymate1234 no idea 14:16:57
rymate1234 gonna go back to cm7 for a bit 14:20:30
rymate1234 yeahhhh cm7 14:23:13
modacouserr rymate is happy again 14:24:36
rymate1234 I was being sarcastic 14:26:19
rymate1234 I just realised my notes app is android 3.0+ 14:26:39
modacouserr lol 14:27:15
rymate1234 LOOK AT HOW OLD 14:28:04
rymate1234 THE MARKET IS 14:28:07
rymate1234 market won't let me download anything 14:33:40
rymate1234 top lel 14:33:43
rymate1234 welp 14:36:24
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Rostilj Uživatel Rostilj [~Milos@] vstoupil do místnosti. 14:57:40
Dazzozo well i got a test build 14:58:48
rymate1234 yay 14:59:23
modacouserr nice 14:59:50
jordilopez94 nice!! 14:59:56
Rostilj 4.3? 15:00:02
modacouserr yup 15:00:09
modacouserr cm10.2 15:00:13
Rostilj Nice. I read about genlock and texture target. 15:01:04
Rostilj Good job. 15:01:09
rymate1234 Install system fs image: /home/ryan/android-build/cm10.1/out/target/product/blade2_p736v/system.img 15:01:19
rymate1234 yay 15:01:20
rymate1234 ok fuck cm7 15:04:26
rymate1234 welp 15:04:53
rymate1234 took me 3 hours 13 minutes to compile cm10.1 15:05:07
rymate1234 this is also, strangly enough, the amount of time it takes Dazzozo's crescent to boot cm10.1 on first boo 15:05:45
rymate1234 *boot 15:05:48
Dazzozo ))))))))))))))))))))))) 15:05:56
rymate1234 time to copy build and see if it works 15:07:08
rymate1234 wait no 15:08:20
rymate1234 not sure if it was 3 hours 15:08:24
rymate1234 [14:42] * rymate1234 builds cm10 15:09:02
rymate1234 [16:05] <rymate1234> took me 3 hours 13 minutes to compile cm10.1 15:09:17
Dazzozo 10/10 15:09:44
rymate1234 ...that isn't 3 hours lmao 15:09:44
modacouserr [14:42] * rymate1234 builds cm10 [14:42] <+rymate1234> .1 15:09:53
modacouserr 15:10:02
Dazzozo here's your cm 10.2, suck a dick 15:10:14
Dazzozo http://g300.thebronasium.com/rip-all-of-the-things/ 15:10:15
rymate1234 lel 15:10:30
Dazzozo the recovery is a freebie 15:10:33
modacouserr yeeee 15:10:43
Dazzozo fully working and built at the same time 15:10:50
Rostilj Thanx 15:11:03
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Dazzozo i dont care how badly it plays angry birds, i dont care that it only has 384mb ram 15:11:44
rymate1234 only 1 1/2 hours! 15:11:51
rymate1234 just goes to show how shit my old laptop was 15:12:10
Dazzozo tell me useful things, like omx is broken or w/e 15:12:11
Dazzozo things im responsible for 15:12:27
modacouserr ^ 15:12:33
Dazzozo right now all the display stuff is a mess 15:12:39
Dazzozo so don't expect 10/10 game performance 15:12:44
Dazzozo you're lucky to have it performing how it does 15:12:50
rymate1234 is it more buttery? 15:13:01
Kra1o5 yes 15:13:45
rymate1234 meh 15:13:52
rymate1234 I would use cm7 more 15:13:56
rymate1234 if gapps weren't so outdated they literally don't work 15:14:08
Dazzozo speaking of gapps 15:14:17
Dazzozo dunno what you're gonna do about those 15:14:21
Dazzozo goo.im hasn't released 4.3 gapps yet 15:14:24
rymate1234 >inb4 same gapps as 4.2 15:14:36
Dazzozo theyre not 15:14:41
Dazzozo i've seen that on nexus 15:14:44
Dazzozo the first time setup alone has been reworked 15:14:53
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fefifofum yo 15:15:04
Dazzozo yo 15:15:08
modacouserr yo 15:15:09
rymate1234 Dazzozo, what's the new setup? 15:15:39
Dazzozo they split a few things in to different categories 15:16:20
Dazzozo changed some of the fonts 15:16:27
Dazzozo added a few more "wait a sec" screens 15:16:41
Dazzozo lol 15:16:42
rymate1234 lol 15:16:47
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Kra1o5 15:17:51
rymate1234 on the crescent, it's more like wait a minute 15:18:14
modacouserr 15:18:20
Dazzozo the recovery is, completely default cwm 15:18:54
rymate1234 ok 15:19:03
Dazzozo touching the screen is back button 15:19:06
Dazzozo shut up rymate1234 15:19:16
rymate1234 k 15:19:21
modacouserr how to flash recovery.img without terminal? woops 15:19:44
Kra1o5 Dazzozo: you have the famous warning 15:19:51
Kra1o5 in cwm? 15:19:54
Dazzozo what warning 15:20:16
Kra1o5 Warning: No file_contexts 15:20:39
Dazzozo no 15:20:44
Kra1o5 is very famous in CWM 15:20:51
Kra1o5 problem of SELinux 15:21:00
Dazzozo then koush fixed it 15:21:03
Dazzozo oh 15:21:13
Dazzozo it might be because 15:21:16
Dazzozo i have cm 10.2 installed 15:21:21
Dazzozo idk 15:21:22
Dazzozo i remember seeing the warning 15:21:27
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rymate1234 lol 15:21:32
Dazzozo but it disappeared and i never saw it again 15:21:33
Dazzozo and i spent yesterday fixing recovery up 15:21:42
Dazzozo and never saw it 15:21:44
Kra1o5 good news 15:21:50
rymate1234 "Signing in: this may take a few minutes" 15:21:52
rymate1234 takes 5 seconds 15:21:57
Dazzozo why is shit like that always really bad 15:22:56
Dazzozo if its wait a sec, it'll take a minute or two 15:23:01
modacouserr help? 15:24:22
Dazzozo wassup? 15:24:28
Dazzozo oh 15:24:37
Dazzozo flashing recovery.img 15:24:40
modacouserr how to flash recovery.img.. 15:24:43
modacouserr yeh 15:24:44
Dazzozo theres not many options really 15:24:44
Milos_ Uživatel „Milos_“ je nyní znám jako Rostilj. 15:24:52
Rostilj fastboot? 15:24:58
Kra1o5 yes 15:24:59
Kra1o5 only 1 15:25:00
Dazzozo you can make an update zip for it but you may as well just use the terminal 15:25:03
modacouserr dont have terminal or play store atm 15:25:17
rymate1234 yay fm radio 15:25:29
rymate1234 gg androidarmv6 15:25:32
Dazzozo well you can't use terminal emulator to do it 15:25:34
Dazzozo you need to boot in to the bootloader to use fastboot 15:25:41
rymate1234 too bad it doesn't work 15:25:45
Rostilj fastboot flash recovery recovery.img 15:26:06
jordilopez94 http://www.teamandroid.com/gapps/ 15:27:50
jordilopez94 gapps android 4.3 15:27:58
Dazzozo thats one of the other sources 15:28:06
modacouserr i'll just use fastboot until i fix play store thanks 15:28:32
modacouserr nice jordilopez94 15:28:36
modacouserr twrp has terminal command, that would work? 15:29:26
Dazzozo no, you actually need to be in the bootloader 15:29:53
Dazzozo unless you want to manually write the recovery partition with a command 15:30:03
modacouserr well, fastboot it is 15:30:46
Kra1o5 modacouserr: with terminal of twrp you can 15:31:04
Kra1o5 but need the binary flash_image 15:31:15
Dazzozo so exactly what i said then 15:31:52
Dazzozo lol 15:31:54
Kra1o5 yes you say the same 15:33:00
modacouserr twrp cant boot to bootloader lol 15:33:40
Dazzozo nothing can 15:33:48
Dazzozo it needs a kernel fix 15:33:53
Kra1o5 yes 15:33:59
Dazzozo i disabled it for the CM reboot menu 15:34:10
Kra1o5 i mayeb disable it from twrp 15:34:37
Rostilj Volume - and power = boot to bootloader 15:34:42
Kra1o5 but works for stock rom 15:34:50
Dazzozo what does? 15:35:36
Rostilj ROM 180MB, Gapps 176.44 MB. FUCK! 15:35:36
Dazzozo the rom was 20mb bigger earlier 15:36:31
rymate1234 wat 15:40:51
Dazzozo engineering vs userdebug builds 15:41:38
rymate1234 why is it 20mb bigger? 15:42:36
Dazzozo test shit it builds in 15:42:53
Rostilj Old good CM7 was only 80MB. 15:43:35
modacouserr bah, rapidshare used to be so fast for me, now it takes 40m to download gapps -.- 15:49:21
modacouserr rebooting 15:50:29
modacouserr wow, where's all those initial setups? 15:53:00
Rostilj What is SELinux status? In about phone. 15:55:05
modacouserr permissive 15:55:27
modacouserr oh 15:55:34
modacouserr time to try focal 15:55:54
Dazzozo http://developer.android.com/about/versions/jelly-bean.html 15:56:06
Dazzozo modacouserr: i think it actually takes pictures now 15:56:21
modacouserr niceeee, it does, and fast 15:56:29
modacouserr geen magic still here already used to that 15:56:39
Rostilj Thanx. 15:56:41
modacouserr what is this new search app? 15:59:18
modacouserr wooo, trebuchet fc 15:59:24
Dazzozo modacouserr: new search app? 16:00:26
modacouserr not sure if it's new, but never seen it before 16:00:48
Rostilj My phone just freezed. But not like before when i play temple run on CM10.1. Now buttons works but display doesn't change picture. Sorry for my bad engllish. 16:01:09
modacouserr ups 16:01:32
Dazzozo i think i discovered that earlier 16:01:38
modacouserr focal fc after launching it first time, closed, now opened again, well it didnt 16:03:29
modacouserr dazzozo: this feels very good, solid and responsive. very good job ! 16:03:43
Rostilj But rom is faster than CM10.1. Very fast rom! 16:04:09
Rostilj Green camera bug is still here. 16:06:12
Rostilj 16:06:14
modacouserr yes, but is that that bad? 16:06:46
Rostilj Like before. 16:07:09
Dazzozo i'll see if there's anything i can do about it now 16:07:10
modacouserr focal kinda shits itself around here i'll celar cache and try again 16:07:38
Dazzozo focal is just 16:07:45
Dazzozo broken 16:07:47
Dazzozo its nothing you're doing 16:07:52
Dazzozo its not a finished app 16:08:02
Rostilj focal force closse. 16:08:06
modacouserr yeah i know, still funny to play with 16:08:11
Dazzozo it shits itself on n4 16:08:13
modacouserr 16:08:24
modacouserr i find web navigation even better, when im out i use to go to strategy game, and it's kinda slow. here it's good +1 16:11:17
modacouserr 168mb ram free 16:20:35
modacouserr settings + cm updater + equalizer + keyboard 16:20:47
modacouserr no gaaps yet 16:20:54
~cristo Uživatel „cristomc“ opustil místnost (Part). 16:22:19
Rostilj But it is fast. 16:29:46
modacouserr 193mb free 16:29:51
modacouserr it is very consistent, fast. no doubt 16:30:00
modacouserr couldnt find a thing till now 16:30:10
modacouserr other than app related things, mostly focal 16:30:27
rymate1234 My prediction for cm10.2 on crescent = runs like ass 16:33:49
Alkalinorap Uživatel Alkalinorap [~alkalino@] vstoupil do místnosti. 16:34:31
Rostilj When i tap on SELinux (about phone) phone freez. After pull battery, phone wont boot. Only Splesh screen. Reboot recovery/ flash again and it boot. I don't tap again on SELinux. 16:38:34
modacouserr let me try that, i think i already did lol 16:39:48
modacouserr after tap like 15 times very fast, it lags. press home, its all ok 16:40:29
modacouserr again 16:40:36
rymate1234 gg 16:41:21
modacouserr ok, now i cant go back to home but this time i pressed it till it stopped 16:41:53
Rostilj I don't know then. I am flashing Joestone's R4. This rom isn't stable for daily use. 16:42:24
modacouserr who will be tapping that? i wont 16:42:33
Rostilj Just report. 16:42:44
modacouserr you tried it like 1hour max... how can you know that already? 16:43:01
Rostilj I don't like freezes, FCs, green camera... 16:43:32
Rostilj So i wont use it. 16:43:40
Rostilj Simply. 16:43:43
modacouserr where did it freeze? 16:43:44
modacouserr joestone's doesnt have green camera? lol 16:43:59
Rostilj I writed that. 16:44:04
Rostilj No. 16:44:07
modacouserr good then 16:44:25
Rostilj I think that he is fixed it in R3. 16:44:29
Rostilj No is* 16:44:37
rymate1234 joestone's also consists entirely of hacks 16:44:41
rymate1234 afaik 16:44:43
rymate1234 lel 16:44:45
Rostilj LoL. My bad eng. 16:44:49
Rostilj I don't know, but his CM10.1 is realy good. 16:45:12
modacouserr never tried joestone's rom, so i dont really know 16:45:16
modacouserr btw, after freeze with the tap on selinux thing, i can boot just normaly 16:45:32
Rostilj Ok. 16:45:52
Rostilj Strange. 16:46:15
Kra1o5 not 16:46:25
Kra1o5 green camera is now fixed in all 16:46:32
modacouserr yup, but that is not an important thing, no one will be tapping that 16:46:34
modacouserr kra1o5? i dont think so.. 16:47:00
Dazzozo Rostilj: wow, so much hostility 16:47:13
Dazzozo its like you went in to it expecting it to be your daily 16:47:25
Kra1o5 modacouserr: is fixed in oen daz nightly 16:47:40
Kra1o5 but is broken in other 16:47:46
Kra1o5 is really weird 16:47:51
Rostilj NO NO NO.. No hostility. 16:47:54
Rostilj I don't exept something special of Alpha 1 (right?).. 16:48:29
Rostilj Just reportig bugs. 16:48:36
modacouserr ahh, didnt know, well, if it's good in one and not in the other, just compare and see changes. i think 16:49:00
Dazzozo the problem with joestone is 16:49:27
Dazzozo if there is something fixed in his build, and someone comes and tells me that 16:49:38
Dazzozo great, there is precisely nothing i can do with that information 16:49:44
rymate1234 lmao 16:49:52
modacouserr true 16:50:16
Dazzozo he updates his git like once a year 16:50:52
Dazzozo and it breaks every standard ever when he does 16:50:57
Kra1o5 yes 16:51:30
Kra1o5 without use github not help to anyone 16:51:50
modacouserr gaaps flashed, finallyy 16:52:33
modacouserr oh ok, updating apps lol 16:52:43
Kra1o5 bye 16:53:12
57da21b5 Uživatel „Kra1o5“ opustil místnost (Part). 16:53:13
rymate1234 bye 16:53:23
rymate1234 /me gets free trial of google play all access 16:54:04
modacouserr LOL flashed the gapps. 16:54:27
rymate1234 actually..... 16:54:28
rymate1234 nah 16:54:29
modacouserr no play store? really 16:54:37
rymate1234 gg 16:54:47
Rostilj But chrome is there. 16:54:48
modacouserr still, -1 for the play store +1 chrome 16:55:05
modacouserr not good yet 16:55:07
Rostilj I don't like that gapps zip. 16:55:18
Rostilj Waiting for goo.im/gapps 16:55:27
modacouserr i use goo.im , always 16:55:30
modacouserr but not yet read 16:55:35
modacouserr ready 16:55:37
modacouserr when it comes i'll just flash it over this, or maybe clean install everything 16:55:58
rymate1234 how is it not ready yet 16:56:38
modacouserr http://goo.im/gapps 16:56:56
rymate1234 is it not a simple case of ripping the libraries and apks from a nexus? 16:56:59
modacouserr no cm10.2 16:57:04
modacouserr i have no idea... 16:57:08
Rostilj http://goo.im/devs/lupine/roms/mako/stock43/gapps-jb43-20130726-signed.zip 16:58:07
Rostilj Maybe this? 16:58:14
Rostilj I don't try. 16:58:17
modacouserr funny: http://www.androidpolice.com/2013/08/08/bug-watch-android-4-3-running-an-app-that-watches-the-clipboard-will-cause-other-apps-to-crash-when-you-copy-from-them/ 16:58:57
modacouserr stock works on cm? 16:59:10
Rostilj http://cloud.maciej.es/image/0t012a0l2U16/o 16:59:54
Rostilj BAd. 16:59:56
Rostilj http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2387878 17:01:24
Rostilj Here is only 80MB gapps for 4.3 http://d-h.st/4vB 17:03:17
modacouserr that's weird, when the other one is 100 bigger 17:03:49
Rostilj There is lots of gapps for 4.3 on A. 17:04:28
modacouserr yup 17:04:53
modacouserr if i install 4.3.10 play store = force close 17:06:36
Rostilj This 80mb gapps are for S3 unoficial build of CM10.2 by Temasek. 17:11:33
modacouserr ok 17:12:25
modacouserr titanium backup no root 17:13:52
Rostilj And it has Phonesky.apk 17:14:59
Rostilj You should try it. 17:15:07
modacouserr what? 17:15:14
Rostilj Gapps. 17:15:41
Rostilj http://d-h.st/4vB 17:15:51
arti8 Uživatel arti8 [b2ca4bba@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 17:16:31
modacouserr oh, im not worried about that now...i'll check it in 5 17:17:01
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modacouserr dazzozo: you here? 17:19:33
Dazzozo yo 17:19:54
modacouserr root still broken right? 17:20:17
Dazzozo on what 17:20:34
modacouserr titanium backup 17:20:46
Dazzozo wat 17:21:06
Dazzozo no 17:21:06
Dazzozo i mean 17:21:07
Dazzozo os 17:21:07
modacouserr what? 17:21:37
Dazzozo pretty simple question lol 17:21:46
Dazzozo anyway 17:21:46
Dazzozo root is hacked for cm 10.2 17:21:57
Dazzozo so it works there 17:21:59
Dazzozo but doesnt work on any other 4.3 image 17:22:06
Dazzozo i'll answer for both 17:22:36
Dazzozo lol 17:22:36
modacouserr i have flashed your cm10.2 17:22:39
Dazzozo then root should "work" 17:23:04
modacouserr i just installed tb, and right away it said "no root access" didnt even asked the permission 17:23:40
Dazzozo gg koush 17:23:56
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arti8 Uživatel arti8 [b2ca4bba@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 17:28:19
modacouserr i wonder why my play store always crashes lol 17:30:36
rymate1234 because you're running nightly software? 17:32:33
modacouserr i think it's version realted, let me try something 17:33:04
modacouserr related 17:33:12
modacouserr oh seriously 17:33:42
rymate1234 I feel like making an ubuntu phone irc ap 17:41:57
rymate1234 app 17:41:59
rymate1234 17:41:59
Dazzozo but you dont have a phone that can run that os 17:43:06
Dazzozo i wish it was more complete 17:43:24
Dazzozo i would love to try it seriously on my n4 17:43:30
rymate1234 Dazzozo, you can make ubuntu phone apps without an ubuntu phone 17:47:02
Dazzozo yeah but 17:47:10
Dazzozo i would lack the motivation 17:47:16
rymate1234 yeah but 17:47:32
rymate1234 uh 17:47:36
rymate1234 good point 17:47:40
Dazzozo suck suck suck 17:47:44
Dazzozo am i the only one who thinks focal is actually a bad app 17:48:05
Dazzozo not just broken atm 17:48:10
Dazzozo but as an idea 17:48:14
rymate1234 I just looked at some example code for ubuntu apps 17:48:17
rymate1234 i have no idea what's going on 17:48:25
Dazzozo http://review.cyanogenmod.org/#/c/47259/ 17:48:55
Dazzozo these guys 17:48:58
Dazzozo dont know how to adreno200 17:49:01
Dazzozo like me 17:49:06
Dazzozo )) 17:49:07
rymate1234 Dazzozo, that's the bestas commit I've seen this week 17:49:34
Dazzozo oh you killed me 17:49:47
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Dazzozo 2ez 17:50:28
Dazzozo i dunno what to do now 17:50:42
Dazzozo other than wait for cm 10.2 to not be shit 17:50:52
modacouserr fix my play store 17:50:59
Dazzozo wait for goo.im gapps 17:51:11
Dazzozo they work 17:51:15
George109 hi 17:51:17
modacouserr yup 17:51:18
modacouserr hey 17:51:21
Dazzozo hi 17:51:21
George109 17:51:54
Dazzozo i should probably make my decide texture target patch public 17:51:54
modacouserr if you feel like that, just do it 17:52:19
Dazzozo # Your branch is ahead of 'origin/cm-10.2' by 8 commits. 17:52:31
Dazzozo oops 17:52:32
fefifofum 17:52:58
modacouserr cant mount usb storage after using cm file manager 17:54:11
modacouserr reboot and it's all ok 17:54:21
Dazzozo wtf 17:54:57
modacouserr trying that again, just to be sure 17:55:14
modacouserr and it works 17:56:01
modacouserr after reboot 17:56:08
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modacouserr dazzozo: yup, did this 4x -> mount usb, copy apk to sd, unmount, use cm fm to install, quit cm fm, try to mount = nothing happens 18:01:45
modacouserr and my play store keeps fc'ing 18:02:00
Dazzozo lmao 18:02:20
modacouserr ah, i forgot. it works normally after reboot 18:02:43
Dazzozo Your branch is ahead of 'origin/cm-10.2' by 9 commits. 18:07:40
Dazzozo :v 18:07:41
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modacouserr this makes no sense 19:04:01
modacouserr i was on slim bean, installed play store 4.3.10 on top of 4.1.6 19:04:22
modacouserr force closes after 19:04:24
modacouserr reverted to 4.1.6, force close lol 19:04:36
modacouserr probably have to do a factory reset 19:04:42
modacouserr :/ 19:04:44
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modacouserr Uživatel modacouserr [02519587@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 19:20:34
rymate1234 modacouserr, >slim bean 19:36:58
rymate1234 found your problem! 19:37:02
rymate1234 meh 19:45:40
Dazzozo ok maybe 4.3 is practical for these devices 19:50:02
rymate1234 so for g300 19:50:28
rymate1234 gonna guess not for crescent 19:50:41
jordilopez94 better than android 4.2? 19:50:54
rymate1234 Installs 19:56:44
rymate1234 10 - 50 19:56:44
rymate1234 oh my 19:56:45
rymate1234 the accuracy google play 19:56:49
rymate1234 developers console is slightly more accurate 19:57:17
rymate1234 its between 8 / 13 19:57:25
modacouserr rymate1234: shut up its not about the rom now 20:04:26
rymate1234 lol 20:05:03
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ChanServ Uživatel „ChanServ“ nastavil režim (fr0d0 +v). 20:13:51
rymate1234 anyone here use firefox on the g300? 20:34:54
rymate1234 is it any good? 20:34:59
modacouserr stock 20:36:24
rymate1234 lol 20:36:48
rymate1234 oh look, its the bi-yearly cyber bullying scandal 20:42:43
fr0d0 *bi-annual 20:43:59
rymate1234 lel 20:44:34
rymate1234 but seriously 20:44:37
rymate1234 why is it that if these kids are being bullied on ONE website 20:44:55
rymate1234 they can't just 20:44:57
rymate1234 uh 20:44:58
rymate1234 idk 20:44:59
rymate1234 log off 20:45:03
fr0d0 there must be lots worse out there 20:45:31
fr0d0 they should try going on the forums I go on 20:46:09
fr0d0 mind you... some teen sights are a wind up in themselves 20:46:22
rymate1234 yeah, but from what I can tell the latest so called "scandal" consisted of this 20:46:26
rymate1234 "Ask.fm, the Latvia-based website used by Hannah, allows people to post comments anonymously. Her father David said he had found posts telling her to die." 20:46:29
fr0d0 *sites 20:46:29
rymate1234 from bbc http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-23612544 20:46:34
fr0d0 lol 20:46:46
rymate1234 and this was apparently all confined to ask.fm 20:46:51
rymate1234 I would understand if it was on every website the poor girl used 20:47:04
rymate1234 but if it was just on ask.fm... 20:47:14
rymate1234 why not just make a new account 20:47:19
fr0d0 yeah - "I must keep going there" 20:47:20
fr0d0 well didn't she go with a problem then got shit on for it 20:47:47
rymate1234 why would you go on a site like that anyway 20:48:15
rymate1234 I think I might have an account, lemme check 20:48:38
fr0d0 some kids are twats - that's all (talking about kids on the web not her) 20:48:39
rymate1234 nope, i don't 20:48:45
fr0d0 and some adults are kids 20:48:58
rymate1234 I do remember getting a lot of hate comments and bully messages on one of these "ask me stuff anonymously" sites 20:49:23
rymate1234 but GUESS WHAT I HAVE 20:49:28
rymate1234 The ability to STOP GOING ON A SITE 20:49:38
fr0d0 lol 20:50:14
fr0d0 they can be scary though 20:50:24
rymate1234 I bet she logged in with her facebook account as well, so surely it must've been as easy to just unlink it from her facebook account though 20:50:28
fr0d0 and who the fuk is anonymous on the web 20:50:36
rymate1234 fr0d0, nearly everyone on 4chan 20:50:53
rymate1234 lel 20:51:00
fr0d0 I remeber the 1st time I got slated on the web - was very disturbing 20:51:09
rymate1234 huh 20:51:29
fr0d0 only if you use tor 20:51:46
fr0d0 or some such 20:51:55
rymate1234 I must have some thick skin then 20:51:58
fr0d0 most ppl dont 20:52:00
fr0d0 or you run with the gang 20:52:12
rymate1234 because first time I was slated on the internet I was like "huh, words on a screen" 20:52:17
rymate1234 "better go and do something else" 20:52:28
rymate1234 maybe I need to learn to give more fucks about things 20:52:56
fr0d0 I had this woman really go for me - got all of her friends on board - it was a mass attack, and my small protests of innocence were drowned 20:53:05
fr0d0 nothing much I could do 20:53:12
rymate1234 welp 20:53:14
rymate1234 never had that happen to me 20:53:21
fr0d0 do you like to go against the crowd/ have your own opinion? 20:54:10
fr0d0 most kids say they are individuals, whilst being extremely alike 20:55:09
fr0d0 individuality gets kicked out of you 20:55:29
rymate1234 I try to 20:55:45
fr0d0 we're all brainwashed to be alike 20:56:19
fr0d0 I guess the problem is with stuff getting out of hand 20:56:50
fr0d0 you see it a lot on badly managed forums 20:56:59
fr0d0 depends on the person like you said... some ppl can just quit, like you 20:57:28
fr0d0 some ppl are maybe dumb 20:57:35
rymate1234 would be nice if people could be educated on how to deal with cyberbullying 20:58:34
fr0d0 yeah 20:58:43
rymate1234 rather than having all this drama every time someone kills themselves 20:58:57
fr0d0 hmm 21:00:12
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