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I'm sorry for not actual logs - my FTP uploads are reduced a lot, i'm working on new solution..

Expected startup is about 10.2.2014

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SilvesterBot Project android build #59: SUCCESS in 31 min: http://jenkins.thebronasium.com/job/android/59/ 01:33:45
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Ambush ECHOO 14:10:27
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fefifofum hi 19:26:58
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Ambush Fefifofum 19:32:24
fefifofum Ambush 19:33:03
Ambush I hear you know Rockchip 19:33:16
fefifofum i'm starting with it 19:33:36
Ambush Welp I have a generic Tablet with no dev support that uses it, and I'm tempted to root it but no CWM 19:34:15
fefifofum probably you can use the device for other rockchip tablet 19:36:40
Ambush I know nothing about this shit 19:37:05
fefifofum maybe you can try to install CWM for other tablet 19:37:50
Ambush I really don't want to risk a brick 19:38:14
fefifofum don't you have the original firmware and flash tool? 19:38:40
fefifofum if your tablet is rk3066, check this: http://androtab.info/clockworkmod/rockchip/rk3066/ 19:39:04
Ambush I can't find a TFT, all I can find is an updater exe 19:39:10
Ambush I have no idea what revision it ks 19:39:24
Ambush Is 19:39:25
fefifofum then i dont know how to help 19:41:35
Ambush Mehh 19:41:43
Ambush The cat command thing doesn't show what revision 19:44:13
Ambush And their website says shit all about the chip 19:44:28
Dazzozo why are you babbling on about revisions 20:01:47
Dazzozo do they even matter 20:01:50
Ambush Well, yeah 20:02:51
Dazzozo well, yeah? 20:03:04
Ambush Means which version of the chip 20:03:09
Dazzozo are you sure about that? 20:03:18
Dazzozo yours says 000000 right? 20:03:22
Ambush Yeah 20:03:30
Dazzozo i already said mine says 000000 on msm7x27a 20:03:34
Dazzozo maybe 20:03:39
Dazzozo just maybe 20:03:40
Dazzozo it doesnt actually matter 20:03:43
Dazzozo and isnt used on these boards 20:03:50
Ambush It does 20:03:59
Dazzozo wtf 20:04:04
Ambush There is different RKXXXX's 20:04:12
Ambush I've seen which one mine is before 20:04:26
Ambush But I lost it 20:04:31
Dazzozo .......... 20:04:34
Ambush Hmm 20:05:19
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Ambush I found 'rk30sdk' 20:06:33
fefifofum check in build.prop ro.board.platform 20:07:18
Ambush I just did 20:08:12
Ambush rk30xx 20:08:48
fefifofum check this: http://androtab.info/clockworkmod/rockchip/rk3066/ 20:09:16
fefifofum maybe one of them works for you 20:09:24
Ambush I just Wont bother 20:11:13
Dazzozo thats really dangerous if you dont have a way to revert to the stock recovery 20:12:02
Ambush ^ 20:12:46
fefifofum there's a tool in linux that makes backups of any partition 20:12:59
fefifofum rkflashtool 20:13:04
Ambush Hmm 20:13:48
Ambush Tool for flashing Rockchip RK2808, 20:22:17
Ambush c+p sucks 20:23:22
fefifofum https://github.com/Galland/rkflashtool_rk3066 20:25:42
fefifofum or this https://github.com/linuxerwang/rkflashkit 20:27:34
fefifofum Dazzozo, the stock rom of my tablet is using ro.sf.hwrotation=180, but if I put this on my cm10 build touchscreen is inverted 20:30:13
fefifofum do you know if it's possible to fix it modifying framework or boardconfig or something? 20:31:35
Ambush I always end up spinning my tablet gradually 360degrees just from using it 20:33:12
fefifofum the problem is than touching the bottom left corner makes a press in top right corner 20:34:11
fefifofum if i dont use ro.sf.hwrotation=180, touchscreen if fine, but all sensors are inverted 20:34:38
Dazzozo so surely the sensor issue is the actual problem? 20:38:33
Dazzozo is your device 100% symmetrical? 20:39:28
fefifofum yes 20:40:05
fefifofum with ro.sf.hwrotation=180 sensors work perfect, and stock rom uses than option 20:40:20
fefifofum so i guess the best solution would be to find a way to invert the touchscreen 20:40:45
fefifofum that* 20:43:46
eloimuns Uživatel eloimuns [~eloimuns@] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:47:42
Dazzozo well obviously they do something in the stock rom to invert it 20:49:03
fefifofum i was asking because i don't know if there is a standard way to do that 20:50:01
fefifofum i will find out 20:50:04
fefifofum try to* 20:50:20
fefifofum 20:50:25
Dazzozo never had to do it 20:50:41
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Dazzozo and now i have yet another fucking problem 21:31:31
Dazzozo my swallowing like "stops" half way 21:31:41
Dazzozo and waits 21:31:43
Dazzozo before carrying on 21:31:47
Dazzozo its really fucking weird 21:31:49
fefifofum 21:32:15
Ambush O.O 21:35:19
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