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Expected startup is about 10.2.2014

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SilvesterBot Starting build #52 for job android 01:02:14
SilvesterBot Project android build #52: SUCCESS in 28 min: http://jenkins.thebronasium.com/job/android/52/ 01:31:08
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tilal6991 Dazzozo - finally got mint to boot 06:55:23
tilal6991 Wooooo 06:55:27
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rymate1234 welp 07:17:58
rymate1234 my phone still lives after I dropped in my bath last night 07:18:34
rymate1234 which is a start 07:18:39
tilal6991 Lol 07:18:44
adfad666 horay! 07:18:49
rymate1234 however still some water in the phone as the phone evaporates it when turned on 07:19:07
rymate1234 so I've shoved it in some rice as well 07:19:14
adfad666 switch it off and leave it in the sun 07:20:22
adfad666 it'll get nice and hot 07:20:33
rymate1234 >sun 07:20:36
rymate1234 This is the UK 07:20:41
adfad666 so make sure you cool it down before you switch it on 07:20:43
rymate1234 more likely I'll leave it out in the rain 07:20:50
adfad666 true 07:20:58
rymate1234 I'll take it out of the rice at 2PM 07:21:25
rymate1234 and leave it on the hot part of my pc 07:21:32
adfad666 rice will do nothing, you need to boil that shit off 07:21:43
adfad666 is it possible to take the phone apart? 07:22:05
rymate1234 probably 07:22:14
adfad666 that would be the best, as the water will make it rusty soon 07:22:28
rymate1234 but knowing me I'll break something and fail to put it back together 07:22:28
adfad666 my mother's laptop failed recently after my stepfather dropped a cup of coffee on it and didn't clean it inside 07:23:01
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adfad666 he 'dried' it in rice but it wasn't dry inside 07:23:19
rymate1234 laptops are slightly bigger than the crescent though 07:23:53
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tilal6991 Dazzozo - I'm having an awesome convo with a Sony guy about CAF and the state of QCOM platforms 07:41:15
adfad666 anything interesting? 07:59:14
tilal6991 Very 08:00:28
tilal6991 #freexperia 08:00:35
tilal6991 Basically he's works on the AOSP project for sony 08:01:20
tilal6991 And he talked about how he's working on a 3.11 kernel for the Xt 08:01:38
adfad666 which one? 08:01:40
tilal6991 bamse 08:01:53
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rymate1234 http://immunicity.org/ yeah fuck you uk governemnt I can visit pirate bay nao 08:30:34
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modacouserr_ nice one rymate1234 08:35:23
rymate1234 hopefully when the great pornwall of the UK comes up the site still works 08:35:51
modacouserr_ yeh 08:36:39
Dazzozo back 09:06:31
Dazzozo >AOSP project 09:06:51
Dazzozo >android open source project project 09:06:55
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modacouserr_ you have a point 09:14:10
Dazzozo gonna do a new build 09:14:50
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modacouserr_ why? 09:55:54
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Dazzozo someone broke awesomeplayer 10:01:45
modacouserr_ someone always breaks something 10:02:58
modacouserr_ Uživatel „modacouserr_“ je nyní znám jako modacouserr. 10:03:41
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Dazzozo target SharedLib: libstagefright (/home/yuki/android/source/cyanogenmod/cm-10.2/out/target/product/u8815/obj/SHARIES/libstagefright_intermediates/LINKED/libstagefright.so) 10:07:07
Dazzozo frameworks/av/media/libstagefright/AwesomePlayer.cpp:948: error: undefined reference to 'android::LPAPlayer::mOve' 10:07:08
Dazzozo frameworks/av/media/libstagefright/AwesomePlayer.cpp:1020: error: undefined reference to 'android::LPAPlayer::Landroid::sp<android::MediaPlayerBase::AudioSink> const&, bool&, android::AwesomePlayer*)' 10:07:08
Dazzozo frameworks/av/media/libstagefright/AwesomePlayer.cpp:1601: error: undefined reference to 'android::LPAPlayer::mive' 10:07:08
Dazzozo collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status 10:07:10
Dazzozo make: *** [/home/yuki/android/source/cyanogenmod/cm-10.2/out/target/product/u8815/obj/SHARED_LIBRARIES/libstagetermediates/LINKED/libstagefright.so] Error 1 10:07:12
rymate1234 gg 10:33:32
Dazzozo im gonna turn on my crescent and see if its capable of booting 10:34:30
rymate1234 lol 10:34:37
Dazzozo if not im not even going to bother with 4.3 10:34:38
rymate1234 rip crescent 10:34:58
Dazzozo for something i havent touched in about 5 months its rather clean 10:35:20
rymate1234 lol 10:35:27
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tilal6991 Uživatel tilal6991 [~tilal6991@] vstoupil do místnosti. 10:37:53
Dazzozo wb 10:37:54
Dazzozo so my crescents battery is dead 10:38:13
Dazzozo what a surprise 10:38:16
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Dazzozo oooo boot animation 10:38:25
rymate1234 lol 10:38:42
tilal6991 Dazzozo: Battery dead? 10:39:10
tilal6991 So no more crescent devving? 10:39:22
rymate1234 hes seeing if it boots 10:39:45
Dazzozo if it boots i may do cm-10.2 10:40:24
Dazzozo but the flash memory is so bad now 10:40:28
tilal6991 Hmm yeah 10:40:32
Dazzozo almost unusable 10:40:33
tilal6991 Also i had an awesome convo with the sony dev 10:40:48
Dazzozo see i cant even get the screen to wakeup 10:40:50
Dazzozo i see the buttons light up 10:40:54
Dazzozo but nothing on screen 10:40:56
Dazzozo this thing just 10:41:02
Dazzozo died 10:41:03
rymate1234 that happens on occasions 10:41:08
rymate1234 welp 10:41:31
rymate1234 well my crescent is currently in some rice 10:41:43
modacouserr 10:41:53
rymate1234 due to it having met my bath 10:42:03
modacouserr who goes for a bath with phone ? ahha 10:42:15
rymate1234 I did 10:42:19
Dazzozo this pillock 10:42:20
Dazzozo does 10:42:21
rymate1234 right up until yesterday lmao 10:42:27
modacouserr yeh, i read it 10:42:40
modacouserr how much time was in in water? 10:42:57
modacouserr it 10:43:00
rymate1234 like 10:43:00
rymate1234 a second 10:43:02
rymate1234 at most 10:43:03
rymate1234 I ninja like pulled it out 10:43:08
modacouserr then dry it well and it'll be ok if it's not breaked or something, somewhere the water could get in 10:43:23
Dazzozo ya... about that 10:43:36
Dazzozo the crescent isnt what i'd call water tight 10:43:44
rymate1234 lel 10:43:49
Dazzozo there's a huge gap around the power button 10:43:50
Dazzozo and you can actually get dust lodged between the screen 10:44:01
Dazzozo and the glass 10:44:06
Dazzozo through that button 10:44:09
modacouserr ahahhaha, bye bye then he'll see bubbles inside the screen! 10:44:22
Dazzozo mine has dust there 10:44:33
Dazzozo not that i care 10:44:36
rymate1234 didn't see much water this morning 10:44:37
Dazzozo the back for my G300 is hidden away in a drawer somewhere 10:44:46
modacouserr i had a nokia 5310, that thing supported so much pain in the ass, jesus 10:44:47
Dazzozo dont need it 10:44:50
rymate1234 lol 10:44:58
Dazzozo easier battery pulling lol 10:45:17
rymate1234 most likely my phone is dead 10:47:04
rymate1234 although I quickly turned it on thsi morning and it worked 10:47:13
Dazzozo you might be ok 10:47:20
Dazzozo yeah exactly 10:47:22
Dazzozo some people exaggerate water damage quite a bit 10:47:31
rymate1234 as long as it lasts about 4 - 5 months until I get a g300 10:47:40
rymate1234 lel 10:47:40
Dazzozo so yep the screen is still not coming on 10:48:56
Dazzozo this is an adb reboot i think 10:49:00
Dazzozo >device not found 10:49:05
Dazzozo okay, it isnt 10:49:06
rymate1234 lel 10:49:12
rymate1234 it's battery pull 10:49:17
Dazzozo okay booting again 10:50:02
rymate1234 Dazzozo, just rewrite partitions so it flashes to a 2GB SD card 10:50:22
rymate1234 lel 10:50:23
Dazzozo screen is on this time 10:50:48
Dazzozo nice of you to join me 10:50:52
rymate1234 lol 10:51:20
rymate1234 >inb4 unlocking phone takes 5 minbutes 10:51:34
rymate1234 *minutes 10:51:37
tilal6991 Right mint 10:53:08
tilal6991 Wifi bluetooth working 10:53:16
tilal6991 RIL as well 10:53:19
tilal6991 Camera will be in a couple of secs 10:53:27
Dazzozo WHAT THE FUCK 10:53:35
rymate1234 gg Dazzozo 10:53:38
Dazzozo i think the strategy here is 10:53:46
Dazzozo dont let it turn off 10:53:48
rymate1234 go to settings 10:53:58
Dazzozo this device is just 10:54:00
Dazzozo awful 10:54:00
rymate1234 set timeout time to 300000 years 10:54:07
rymate1234 san francisco 2 - also known as the orange cut costs 2 10:54:48
rymate1234 how did they do it? everything is shit except the screen 10:55:08
Dazzozo u guys# 10:55:48
Dazzozo how on earth you live without N4s 10:55:55
Dazzozo dunno 10:55:57
modacouserr where's gps.conf located? 10:56:06
rymate1234 great difficulty 10:56:07
tilal6991 By having Xperia Ts 10:56:30
modacouserr found it 10:56:31
rymate1234 Dazzozo, although I'm used to having shit stuff 10:56:40
Dazzozo >xperia t 10:57:07
Dazzozo oh u tilal 10:57:09
Dazzozo oh u 10:57:10
rymate1234 best device I have at the moment that isn't my desktop is the iPad mini 10:57:38
Dazzozo this device was like 10:57:45
Dazzozo actually acceptable 10:57:49
Dazzozo on ics 10:57:50
rymate1234 yeah 10:57:53
rymate1234 I've basically ditched JB and gone back to ics 10:58:06
rymate1234 I remember JB 4.1 being absolute trash on the crescent 10:58:55
rymate1234 JB 4.2 was acceptable 10:59:01
Dazzozo modacouserr: /system/etc/ 10:59:06
rymate1234 ics works almost perfectly 10:59:08
modacouserr already had it, thanks 10:59:34
Dazzozo lol 10:59:37
Dazzozo im installing ics 10:59:42
Dazzozo incoming 10 minute install 11:00:00
rymate1234 just sell it on ebay 11:01:07
rymate1234 might get £1 for it 11:01:16
rymate1234 with shipping 11:01:31
Dazzozo maybe its just my crescent 11:02:00
Dazzozo but 4.2 worked like ASS on it 11:02:03
Dazzozo thats why i didnt want to support it 11:02:09
rymate1234 it works acceptably on mine 11:02:27
Dazzozo like why would you even do it 11:02:28
Dazzozo i couldnt 11:02:33
Dazzozo see myself ever being able to use it as a phone 11:02:38
rymate1234 probably because I just shove /data on an SD card 11:02:38
Dazzozo i didnt even install anything 11:02:48
rymate1234 probably faster than the internal storage 11:02:48
Dazzozo definitely faster 11:02:52
Dazzozo bench it 11:02:56
rymate1234 lel 11:02:58
Dazzozo internal is dog 11:03:00
rymate1234 no thanks 11:03:00
Dazzozo man ICS works amazing 11:03:38
Dazzozo christ the screen is so tiny 11:04:09
Dazzozo cant wait to release 4.3 on g300 and have everyone cry BETTERY SUX 11:04:56
rymate1234 lol 11:05:10
rymate1234 so ics = works fine 11:05:19
rymate1234 ? 11:05:30
Dazzozo well the camera jumps around a bit 11:05:39
Dazzozo i think thats like the only issue 11:05:43
Dazzozo lol 11:05:44
rymate1234 so basically 11:05:48
rymate1234 bundle a2sd with cm10.2 11:05:54
Dazzozo i miss the ics style on/off switches ;-; 11:06:29
Dazzozo dunno why they changed those 11:06:35
Dazzozo they were awesome 11:06:38
rymate1234 there's probably a theme for it 11:06:59
Dazzozo that would be great if cm-10.2 wasnt less than a week old 11:10:44
modacouserr cant wait to see what's coming next on nemesis cm is going to revolutionize 11:10:46
Dazzozo weird that the nexus factory images are JWR66V 11:20:05
Dazzozo when cm-10.2 will be JSS15J 11:20:15
Dazzozo because google decided to build the factory images on android-4.3_r1 11:20:28
Dazzozo but hey 11:20:31
vladax Uživatel vladax [~vladax@109-93-147-138.dynamic.isp.telekom.rs] vstoupil do místnosti. 11:22:31
Dazzozo lets see if awesomeplayer is fixed 11:23:29
Dazzozo haha NOPE 11:24:53
rymate1234 modacouserr, isn't it obvious? 11:24:58
rymate1234 it'll be a new gallery app! 11:25:05
Dazzozo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URlv1v60aoA 11:25:46
rymate1234 this again? 11:26:51
modacouserr rymate1234: gallery is pretty much a basic feature-less app... i think it'll be something that people use more. camera, music, file manager are done. what else? 11:27:46
Dazzozo yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees 11:27:52
tilal6991 Dazzozo: I'm very confused about the vold stuff 11:29:07
Dazzozo wtf 11:29:13
tilal6991 It's refusing to mount my internal storage 11:29:20
Dazzozo its simpler than ever 11:29:20
vladax i would love one pretty damn good launcher...trebuchet sucks 11:29:27
Dazzozo then You're Doing It Wrong 11:29:28
tilal6991 Like no-fs it 11:29:28
tilal6991 Lol 11:29:31
Dazzozo read the docs on developer.android 11:29:55
Dazzozo ez as fuck 11:30:03
Dazzozo though i want to reorganise things a little 11:30:07
Dazzozo plus I want to add boot, recovery etc 11:30:20
Dazzozo so it can be used as v2 recovery fstab 11:30:20
tilal6991 Dazzozo: http://review.cyanogenmod.org/#/c/46339/1/rootdir/fstab.qcom 11:30:20
Dazzozo "voldman 11:30:48
Dazzozo aged=nonremovable:auto" 11:30:48
tilal6991 Yeah so? 11:30:54
Dazzozo thats not how you say something is nonremovable 11:30:55
tilal6991 Oh? 11:31:00
Dazzozo look at mine ffs 11:31:14
Dazzozo https://github.com/Dazzozo/android_device_huawei_u8815/commit/ae138189a05e568641c2cffebd055b2ffbf22889 11:31:15
tilal6991 voldmanaged=emmc:19,nonremovable 11:31:32
tilal6991 But it isn't emmc 11:31:37
modacouserr vladax: it could be a "really smart and lightweight" launcher 11:31:41
Dazzozo who cares 11:31:42
Dazzozo thats a label 11:31:43
tilal6991 It's an ext4 partition 11:31:46
Dazzozo if its nonremovable you do ,nonremovable 11:31:50
tilal6991 I don't think it works that way 11:31:51
tilal6991 OK 11:31:56
Dazzozo what you put after voldmanaged= doesnt matter 11:32:00
Dazzozo its just a label 11:32:02
Dazzozo just like vold.fstab had before 11:32:05
Dazzozo I just used the same labels we used in vold.fstab because why the fuck not 11:32:22
tilal6991 Ohhhhhh right 11:32:56
tilal6991 I see now 11:32:57
tilal6991 That makes so much sense 11:33:01
modacouserr xd 11:33:05
tilal6991 It's just a copy of vold.fstab 11:33:07
tilal6991 But changed 11:33:10
Dazzozo well 11:33:15
Dazzozo it has all the same stuff as vold.fstab 11:33:19
tilal6991 Yeah I get it now 11:33:26
tilal6991 Cheers 11:33:27
Dazzozo but its in the unified fstab format 11:33:27
Dazzozo well imma update my fstab 11:35:27
tilal6991 Yeah I think that'll work 11:35:55
tilal6991 Cheers 11:35:57
tilal6991 Dazzozo: http://review.cyanogenmod.org/#/c/46297/ 11:36:40
tilal6991 Lol @ HTC 11:36:45
Dazzozo our device has like 20 partitions 11:37:29
Dazzozo i think 11:37:30
Dazzozo some of them are pretty well hidden 11:37:36
tilal6991 Lol 11:37:42
tilal6991 But this is where the sdcard partiotn is that matters 11:37:52
Dazzozo emmc is 19 for me 11:38:01
Dazzozo I hope CM has something to set all the default branches on github to cm-10.2 11:39:14
tilal6991 http://review.cyanogenmod.org/#/c/46371/ 11:39:17
Dazzozo wouldnt like to do that manually 11:39:20
tilal6991 LOLOLOLOL 11:39:23
tilal6991 Look at the email address 11:39:28
Dazzozo thanks nsa 11:39:45
rymate1234 my device has 3 partitions doesnt it? 11:39:50
Dazzozo lol 11:40:04
Dazzozo not sure if troll 11:40:09
rymate1234 plot twist - the nsa uses cyanogenmod powered phones without gapps 11:40:39
tilal6991 rymate1234: Only one 11:40:44
rymate1234 huh 11:40:52
rymate1234 i thought crescent had seperate data 11:41:07
Dazzozo you have far more partitions than what you're aware of 11:41:25
Dazzozo lol 11:41:25
Dazzozo I think we have one thats 4mb and doesn't contain anything ever 11:42:06
rymate1234 lol 11:42:11
rymate1234 wtf 11:42:18
rymate1234 >inb4 crescent has a hidden 4GB parition 11:42:37
rymate1234 partition 11:42:42
rymate1234 i cant fucking type on ipad 11:42:48
Dazzozo well emmc is 2gb 11:43:01
Dazzozo data is 700mb 11:43:07
Dazzozo system is about 600mb iirc 11:43:11
Dazzozo i think the total memory is 4gb 11:43:26
Dazzozo or something 11:43:28
rymate1234 So its better than the crescent 11:44:19
tilal6991 Yes 11:44:26
rymate1234 Also I just enabled autocorrect 11:44:29
Dazzozo gratz 11:44:37
rymate1234 Hopefully it isn't ass on ipad 11:44:46
Dazzozo and yea 11:44:50
rymate1234 Yup its ass 11:44:50
Dazzozo unless you're installing like 11:44:55
Dazzozo huge games 11:44:56
rymate1234 It isnt autocorrecting 11:44:57
Dazzozo g300 is fine 11:44:58
rymate1234 Yeah 11:45:05
Dazzozo and then you can just send shit to emmc if you really need to 11:45:17
Dazzozo or swap emmc and data entirely 11:45:21
Dazzozo which gives you a 2gb data partition 11:45:26
Dazzozo soooo 11:45:29
Dazzozo i've never filled my N4 lol 11:46:17
Dazzozo never got above 7gb 11:46:24
Dazzozo holy shit crescent is holding charge 11:46:56
tilal6991 Lol 11:47:46
Dazzozo http://review.cyanogenmod.org/#/c/46132/ 11:48:18
Dazzozo this is even better man 11:48:22
Dazzozo does AOSP even build, seriously 11:48:31
Dazzozo i get the feeling 11:48:56
Dazzozo 4.3 is a rushed release of backported 5.0 features 11:49:02
Dazzozo you can see in the comments that they were working on "K" 11:49:11
Dazzozo and came back to "J" 11:49:14
tilal6991 Mainly because it probably is 11:49:14
Dazzozo but hey it saved grouper from death 11:49:36
rymate1234 yeah 11:49:48
Dazzozo i guess they wanted the security features out 11:50:11
Dazzozo and wanted to sweeten the deal 11:50:16
tilal6991 Yup 11:50:24
tilal6991 They'll probably release 5.0 in competition in iOS 7 11:50:40
Dazzozo so glad the N7 is worth using again 11:51:49
Dazzozo dont even care that there's a new one 11:51:56
Dazzozo when does the new one even go on sale? 11:52:51
tilal6991 It's out in the US 11:54:01
Dazzozo gggggggggg 11:55:18
rymate1234 Out everywhere else in 3 years 11:56:05
Dazzozo ^ 11:56:09
Dazzozo and then we'll have a 6 month delay because Google UK is incompetent 11:56:19
Dazzozo (Nexus 4) 11:57:55
tilal6991 Lol 11:58:36
rymate1234 Lol 11:58:41
tilal6991 Oh yeah 11:59:47
tilal6991 The sony dev is working on a 3.11 kernel for mint 11:59:56
tilal6991 Lol 11:59:59
Dazzozo gr8 12:02:09
tilal6991 Not CAF though 12:03:58
tilal6991 Oh no 12:03:59
tilal6991 He's doing torvalds git one 12:04:06
rymate1234 way 12:04:21
rymate1234 *wat 12:04:27
tilal6991 Yup 12:04:30
tilal6991 Sounds awesome 12:04:34
rymate1234 ggggggggggggg 12:04:39
tilal6991 He has dmesg 12:04:41
tilal6991 SO that's a very good start 12:04:48
rymate1234 I thought the kernel needed some android patches 12:04:58
Dazzozo well i would expect him to have it working 12:06:13
Dazzozo its his job 12:06:16
tilal6991 rymate1234: Not any more 12:06:28
tilal6991 Stopped needing them with 3.4 12:06:34
rymate1234 Yay 12:06:39
rymate1234 Could I port 3.11 to crescent? 12:06:57
Dazzozo lol 12:07:02
rymate1234 lel 12:07:04
Dazzozo well in theory 12:07:09
Dazzozo http://review.cyanogenmod.org/#/c/46375/ 12:07:56
Dazzozo 10/10 12:08:00
Dazzozo bluescreen% 12:14:08
rymate1234 right 12:14:55
rymate1234 had my phone in rice long enough 12:15:01
rymate1234 I'll leave it off for another hour on my pc 12:15:25
rymate1234 then turn it on and hope for the best 12:15:31
modacouserr gl 12:15:36
rymate1234 and judging on how there was rice in the simcard slot 12:15:48
rymate1234 I hope there's no rice in the actual phone 12:16:00
Dazzozo new vsauce video 12:21:08
Dazzozo and he continues to make me feel insignificant 12:21:22
rymate1234 lol 12:22:14
Dazzozo mmmm steam first time setup 12:25:05
Dazzozo i need more directx redistributables 12:25:13
Dazzozo give me more of those 12:25:16
rymate1234 lol 12:33:25
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modacouserr lasagnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 12:54:34
AMGarcia19 Uživatel AMGarcia19 [~AMGarcia1@] vstoupil do místnosti. 13:08:55
rymate1234 welp 13:09:23
modacouserr did it work? 13:09:32
rymate1234 not been an hour yet 13:10:43
rymate1234 13:10:44
modacouserr oh 13:12:29
Dazzozo )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) 13:29:33
Dazzozo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjCY_l_pj-E#t=1m10 13:29:48
modacouserr back 13:32:43
modacouserr what tha heck is that game? 13:32:49
Dazzozo dota 2 13:32:56
ChanServ Uživatel „ChanServ“ nastavil režim (tilal6991 +o). 13:33:01
modacouserr did they fix things already? 13:34:23
modacouserr mediaserver, awesomeplayer and something more i cant remember 13:34:45
tilal6991 mediaserver works for me 13:35:08
tilal6991 awesomeplayer seems specific to you guys - yuga has it working 13:35:20
Dazzozo i dunno because i cant fucking build because AWESOMEPLAYER IS BROKEN 13:35:23
tilal6991 Broken for me becuase of media-caf 13:35:27
tilal6991 Dazzozo: What? 13:35:31
tilal6991 It's not for me 13:35:34
Dazzozo its a build error 13:35:36
Dazzozo well obviously 13:35:40
Dazzozo its not going to be broken for everyone or it would've been fixed in minutes 13:36:00
tilal6991 What's the error 13:36:07
Dazzozo <Dazzozo> target SharedLib: libstagefright (/home/yuki/android/source/cyanogenmod/cm-10.2/out/target/product/u8815/obj/SHARIES/libstagefright_intermediates/LINKED/libstagefright.so) 13:36:19
Dazzozo <Dazzozo> frameworks/av/media/libstagefright/AwesomePlayer.cpp:948: error: undefined reference to 'android::LPAPlayer::mOve' 13:36:20
Dazzozo <Dazzozo> frameworks/av/media/libstagefright/AwesomePlayer.cpp:1020: error: undefined reference to 'android::LPAPlayer::Landroid::sp<android::MediaPlayerBase::AudioSink> const&, bool&, android::AwesomePlayer*)' 13:36:20
Dazzozo <Dazzozo> frameworks/av/media/libstagefright/AwesomePlayer.cpp:1601: error: undefined reference to 'android::LPAPlayer::mive' 13:36:20
Dazzozo <Dazzozo> collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status 13:36:25
Dazzozo <Dazzozo> make: *** [/home/yuki/android/source/cyanogenmod/cm-10.2/out/target/product/u8815/obj/SHARED_LIBRARIES/libstagetermediates/LINKED/libstagefright.so] Error 1 13:36:27
tilal6991 LPA 13:36:28
tilal6991 Oh 13:36:30
tilal6991 Steve 13:36:32
tilal6991 Ifdefs 13:36:34
Dazzozo of course 13:36:38
Dazzozo its always the fucking ifdefs 13:36:43
tilal6991 Merged last night 13:36:46
Dazzozo i saw 13:36:50
tilal6991 Have a look - you can submit a patch 13:36:53
Dazzozo i will after i shower 13:37:00
tilal6991 Cool 13:37:04
Dazzozo brb 13:38:44
rymate1234 guys 13:45:48
rymate1234 what launcher to use 13:45:54
modacouserr daz told me about action launcher, and i've been using it since 13:51:02
modacouserr is pretty good 13:51:08
modacouserr not has much features as nova, apex... but definitely awesome 13:51:24
modacouserr give it a try 13:51:28
modacouserr my favourites are slaunher, nova and action launcher 13:51:53
modacouserr slauncher 13:51:59
rymate1234 >£2.80 13:52:15
rymate1234 looks good though 13:52:51
modacouserr well, i really like it 13:53:17
modacouserr but that's me and daz 13:53:24
rymate1234 Imma try it 13:53:32
rymate1234 welp shit 13:53:39
rymate1234 no money 13:53:42
tilal6991 Lololololool 13:53:47
modacouserr there's a free version ? 13:53:49
rymate1234 >being this poor 13:53:49
tilal6991 I have mine linked to my debit card 13:53:57
rymate1234 modacouserr, there is? 13:53:58
tilal6991 It's awesome 13:54:02
modacouserr dont know, maybe 13:54:04
tilal6991 13:54:05
tilal6991 There's not 13:54:10
modacouserr ouch 13:54:14
rymate1234 tilal6991, no money on my debit card 13:54:19
rymate1234 which is the problem 13:54:22
tilal6991 :/ 13:54:23
tilal6991 I don't spend 13:54:31
rymate1234 I spent all my moneys on a graphics card and steam sale 13:54:36
tilal6991 So I always seem to have money when I need it 13:54:43
tilal6991 Lol 13:54:45
modacouserr brb 13:54:52
rymate1234 I may have to find an apk online 13:55:06
tilal6991 inb4 piracy 13:55:42
rymate1234 well 13:56:06
rymate1234 if they had a free version 13:56:11
rymate1234 I'd just get that 13:56:14
rymate1234 meh 13:59:48
rymate1234 forgot it sucked in ics due to android api limitations 13:59:58
rymate1234 god damnit 14:02:46
tilal6991 Lol 14:02:49
rymate1234 feel like flashing JB now 14:02:51
rymate1234 I always end up going back to jb lel 14:03:38
rymate1234 Dazzozo, if crescent ever gets 4.3 android, will it auto download via ota? 14:07:36
rymate1234 http://ubuntu-edge.info/ 14:14:58
rymate1234 ded project 14:15:01
Dazzozo back 14:18:53
Dazzozo rymate1234: not "auto download" 14:19:52
Dazzozo nothing auto downloads 14:19:54
Dazzozo if you have a version with the updater in then it'll tell you its available 14:20:08
rymate1234 ok, so will ota update from 4.2 to 4.3? 14:20:54
Dazzozo yes 14:21:13
rymate1234 k 14:22:47
fefifofum is it possible to compile only cm libraries instead of the whole rom? 14:22:54
fefifofum otherwise i waste too much timing testing things 14:23:05
Dazzozo fefifofum: http://wiki.cyanogenmod.org/w/Envsetup_help#At_a_glance 14:24:00
Dazzozo mm Builds all of the modules in the current directory 14:24:08
fefifofum great, thanks 14:24:20
Dazzozo as far as im aware it doesn't detect some flag changes 14:25:03
Dazzozo so you might need to remove the relevant lib intermediates dir 14:25:14
Dazzozo for it to force it to rebuild 14:25:20
fefifofum ok, that's what i'm interested in 14:25:33
Dazzozo if you change something and it doesnt rebuild when it obviously should, you'll have to remove it 14:26:12
Dazzozo out/target/product/device/obj/ 14:26:20
Dazzozo for a lib, either SHARED_LIBRARIES or STATIC_LIBRARIES 14:26:37
Dazzozo and then just the lib's dir 14:26:41
fefifofum thanks a lot Dazzozo, full compilation was taking more than two hours... 14:27:08
Dazzozo lol 14:27:13
fefifofum and i need to test different combinations 14:27:17
Dazzozo theres a ton of awesome envsetup commants 14:29:26
Dazzozo *commands 14:29:27
Dazzozo croot takes you to the root dir 14:29:48
Dazzozo aetc 14:29:58
Dazzozo *etc 14:29:59
rymate1234 welp 14:30:15
rymate1234 condensation on inside of phone 14:30:24
rymate1234 doesn't look like much 14:30:28
Dazzozo at least it cleared out the dust xdddddddddd 14:33:38
rymate1234 lol 14:33:42
rymate1234 <3 this int2ext script 14:33:50
rymate1234 apparently on first boot my phone can't into RIL with this int2ext script 14:34:08
Dazzozo pro 14:34:41
Uživatel „modacouserr“ opustil místnost (Quit: Page closed). 14:36:05
Dazzozo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TicH3CwyQSA#t=38s 14:43:39
Dazzozo what 14:43:45
Dazzozo happened 14:43:46
Dazzozo to this series after dirt 2 14:43:49
Dazzozo ubuntu edge is now 0.4m under target for this hour 14:56:06
Dazzozo gg 14:56:07
Dazzozo i think awesomeplayer is fixed 15:01:39
Dazzozo idk 15:01:42
Dazzozo its building apps 15:01:44
Dazzozo nope... 15:02:01
Dazzozo wow 15:02:02
Dazzozo talk about spoke too soon 15:03:06
Dazzozo the same minute of the build 15:03:10
tilal6991 github is slow 15:03:35
Dazzozo timing was impeccable 15:03:36
tilal6991 :/ 15:03:36
Dazzozo yes it is 15:03:39
Dazzozo never mind slow 15:03:54
Dazzozo just 15:03:55
Dazzozo not loading at all 15:03:57
tilal6991 Yeah sam 15:04:00
tilal6991 * same 15:04:02
Dazzozo right when i need it 15:04:04
Dazzozo also impeccable timing 15:04:08
tilal6991 :/ 15:04:09
tilal6991 Same 15:04:10
tilal6991 I need to fix media-caf 15:04:14
tilal6991 Also have you seen the size of GAPPs for 4.3? 15:04:39
Dazzozo IKR 15:04:42
tilal6991 177 MB 15:04:42
Dazzozo crazy 15:04:45
tilal6991 RIP skate 15:04:45
Dazzozo size of a cm-10.2 rom lol 15:04:49
Dazzozo absolutely crazy 15:04:56
Dazzozo G300 has the space, but come on 15:05:00
Dazzozo thats a joke 15:05:03
tilal6991 Bigger than the Skate ROM for 4.2 15:05:03
Dazzozo LOL 15:05:05
tilal6991 Skate ROM is 120 MB 15:05:13
tilal6991 Lol 15:05:14
Dazzozo why is it so much bigger? 15:05:36
tilal6991 No idea 15:05:39
tilal6991 Can't download it 15:05:43
tilal6991 My internet is too flaky 15:05:49
tilal6991 I can download builds because of resuming 15:06:12
tilal6991 But not anything not resumable 15:06:21
Dazzozo why cant you resume gapps? 15:06:34
tilal6991 Rapidshare ;/ 15:06:44
tilal6991 * :/ 15:06:46
Dazzozo rip 15:06:50
tilal6991 Or dev.host 15:06:53
tilal6991 Neither support it 15:06:57
Dazzozo github is taking like 10 mins to load a commit summary 15:07:37
tilal6991 Yup 15:07:47
Dazzozo its faxing it to me 15:07:52
tilal6991 Hahahaha 15:08:00
tilal6991 It's back 15:08:42
tilal6991 Fine for me now 15:08:44
Dazzozo yep 15:09:15
Dazzozo the LPA shit giving me errors seems to be ifdeffed under USE_TUNNEL_MODE 15:10:26
Dazzozo but it still tries to build it 15:10:32
Dazzozo so IDK why thats enabled 15:10:35
Dazzozo ohhh i see whats happening 15:11:34
Dazzozo gg steve 15:11:36
tilal6991 What happened? 15:13:32
Dazzozo bad ifdeffing 15:17:54
Dazzozo obv 15:17:58
Dazzozo its weird 15:20:23
Dazzozo theres 15:20:27
Dazzozo code for ALSA only 15:20:30
rymate1234 wow 15:20:36
rymate1234 action launcher 15:20:39
Dazzozo but no ifdeffing 15:20:40
rymate1234 is guuuuud 15:20:41
Dazzozo I like the old app drawer more 15:22:42
Dazzozo idk why :c 15:22:44
Dazzozo i really like action launcher 15:22:48
Dazzozo but i cant bring myself to make the switch 15:22:55
Dazzozo plus stock launcher has earned my loyalty from 4.3 15:23:08
adfad666 stock all the things 15:24:18
adfad666 i don't replace anything 15:24:32
adfad666 but lol @ ubuntu edge 15:24:51
Dazzozo same most of the time 15:24:56
Dazzozo and IKR 15:24:57
Dazzozo dead 15:24:59
Dazzozo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLuPYp7wRzM 15:25:43
adfad666 growth seems steady at 0.2 mil per day 15:26:04
rymate1234 shit 15:26:13
rymate1234 I can't run debian as well on 4.2 :< 15:26:26
rymate1234 why? 15:26:30
rymate1234 because my fucking bluetooth keyboard doesn't pair up properly 15:26:42
Dazzozo my cm10.2 builds are getting bigger and bigger 15:27:10
Dazzozo this one is 181mb 15:27:15
tilal6991 Mine is now a whopping 230 MB 15:27:31
adfad666 ubuntu would love that kind of growth 15:27:52
Dazzozo megadollars 15:28:29
Dazzozo oh christ 15:28:30
Dazzozo tilal6991: how the hell 15:28:49
Dazzozo is there a difference of 50mb 15:28:53
tilal6991 No idea 15:28:55
tilal6991 It just is 15:28:59
tilal6991 They were always about 190 MB for 4.1 15:29:08
Dazzozo windows explorer just crashed 15:30:52
Dazzozo ...and again 15:31:01
Dazzozo doing the same thing 15:31:03
tilal6991 ol 15:31:05
tilal6991 Lol 15:31:08
adfad666 all systems normal then 15:31:09
Dazzozo and again 15:31:09
Dazzozo wow 15:31:09
rymate1234 top 15:31:17
rymate1234 lel 15:31:17
Dazzozo i have a reproducible windows explorer crash 15:31:29
Dazzozo im trying to right click the emmc when mounted to pc 15:31:38
Dazzozo to unmount it 15:31:41
rymate1234 report it as a bug.... oh wait 15:31:45
Dazzozo on right click it crashes 15:31:49
Dazzozo it only happens if i click it in the sidebar 15:32:03
Dazzozo if i do it on the computer window it works fine 15:32:08
Dazzozo wtf? 15:32:11
tilal6991 Lololoololol 15:32:16
tilal6991 Win 7 right? 15:32:20
Dazzozo 8.0 15:32:22
tilal6991 Hahahah 15:32:26
tilal6991 Lol 15:32:27
fefifofum nice 15:32:28
tilal6991 Report it 15:32:29
tilal6991 You might earn some money 15:32:33
Dazzozo will move to 8.1 preview soon 15:32:35
Dazzozo lol 15:32:37
Dazzozo i would've done it days ago 15:32:46
rymate1234 how do you get the preview anyway? 15:32:50
Dazzozo but HAHA NOPE 4.3 release 15:32:52
adfad666 i think that works only for security bugs 15:32:53
rymate1234 I installed the update but NOOOOOO 15:33:01
Dazzozo http://windows.microsoft.com/en-GB/windows-8/preview-download 15:33:08
rymate1234 the popup to download it never showed up 15:33:17
Dazzozo rymate1234: stop pirating things 15:33:23
rymate1234 lol 15:33:38
Dazzozo you activated with a volume license key which it doesnt show up for, aka you pirated it 15:33:53
adfad666 it's still easy as pie to pirate windows 8 15:34:03
Dazzozo np 15:34:03
rymate1234 meh 15:34:15
rymate1234 I'll wait till the actual update arrives 15:34:25
tilal6991 LOLOLOL 15:34:31
tilal6991 Facebook messenger crashes continuously 15:34:39
Dazzozo http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/p/?LinkId=302331 15:34:44
tilal6991 It needs permissions that it can't have 15:34:48
Dazzozo theres isos there 15:34:48
tilal6991 Lol 15:34:49
tilal6991 Serves them right for needed all those permisisions 15:34:59
Dazzozo im listening to vice city emotion radio 15:35:06
Dazzozo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0t0v3pEOiDo 15:35:17
Dazzozo the fucking pet stuffers advert 15:35:51
Dazzozo fuck 15:35:52
Dazzozo "wow you look ambiguous" 15:36:07
rymate1234 Dazzozo, do I need to burn it to a DVD? 15:36:31
rymate1234 because my dvd drive doesn't burn dvd's well 15:36:42
adfad666 mount it 15:36:50
Dazzozo well you need it on some external storage 15:36:50
Dazzozo i would assume 15:36:55
rymate1234 wait 15:37:07
tilal6991 Dazzozo: http://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-news/vg_blackwhite2_shiny_trio_distribution-2013-07-29/ 15:37:11
rymate1234 you probably don't 15:37:13
rymate1234 I installed windows 8 without disk 15:37:23
Dazzozo >GameStop 15:37:24
Dazzozo nopenopenope 15:37:29
tilal6991 Coming to Game in the UK 15:37:32
tilal6991 As well 15:37:34
Dazzozo o 15:37:34
adfad666 i always burn windows to DVD 15:37:39
Dazzozo same 15:37:42
tilal6991 Not in that article 15:37:42
adfad666 it's the only time my dvd drive gets used 15:37:46
Dazzozo i'd just rather the clean install 15:37:46
Dazzozo and not have to deal with the Windows.old shit 15:37:50
tilal6991 But I just remembered when I saw that 15:37:52
rymate1234 welp 15:38:00
rymate1234 no idea where the condensation on my screen went 15:38:17
rymate1234 but most of it is gone 15:38:25
Dazzozo the air? 15:38:31
rymate1234 probably evaporated out of the power button gap 15:38:42
rymate1234 lel 15:38:42
adfad666 watercooling 15:38:46
Dazzozo NO 15:40:35
Dazzozo NONONONONONONO 15:40:46
tilal6991 Lol 15:40:56
Dazzozo ok rip camera guys 15:41:01
tilal6991 Camera doesn't work for me either 15:41:12
fefifofum oh 15:41:14
tilal6991 No worries 15:41:16
Dazzozo https://github.com/Dazzozo/proprietary_vendor_huawei/blob/cm-10.2/u8815/proprietary/lib/libcontrast.so 15:41:19
Dazzozo :| 15:41:19
Dazzozo its proprietary 15:41:22
tilal6991 All the camera stiff hasn't bee merged yet 15:41:25
rymate1234 ripriprip 15:41:29
Dazzozo good 15:41:34
Dazzozo phew 15:41:37
Dazzozo i wonder what its trying to do 15:41:41
Dazzozo backtrace: 15:42:02
Dazzozo #00 pc 00000774 /system/lib/libcontrast.so (ipInitialize+19) 15:42:03
Dazzozo #01 pc 00015777 /system/lib/hw/camera.msm7x27a.so (android::QualcommCameraHardware::startCamera()+1418) 15:42:03
Dazzozo #02 pc 0001d133 /system/lib/hw/camera.msm7x27a.so (android::QualcommCameraHardware::createInstance()+154) 15:42:03
Dazzozo #03 pc 0001d20b /system/lib/hw/camera.msm7x27a.so (HAL_openCameraHardware+102) 15:42:03
Dazzozo #04 pc 0000d873 /system/lib/hw/camera.msm7x27a.so (camera_device_open+106) 15:42:05
Dazzozo #05 pc 0003a9cd /system/lib/libcameraservice.so (android::CameraClient::initialize(camera_module*)+180) 15:42:07
tilal6991 ipInitialize+19 15:42:14
tilal6991 Lol 15:42:16
Dazzozo ikr 15:42:17
tilal6991 Sounds pretty early on 15:42:20
Dazzozo its a 9kb lib 15:42:25
Dazzozo jesus christ 15:42:26
Dazzozo disassembling it 15:42:54
adfad666 have the nexus kernels been released yet? 15:43:20
rymate1234 I'll probably try windows 8.1 in vbox 15:44:02
Dazzozo its contrast "enhancement" afaik 15:44:14
tilal6991 LOL 15:44:29
rymate1234 actually nah 15:45:58
rymate1234 cbf 15:46:01
Dazzozo i wonder if camera.msm7x27a _requires_ it 15:47:25
Dazzozo i think this might've been one of the non fatal errors i fixed ages ago 15:47:33
Dazzozo haha 15:48:03
Dazzozo camera works fine now 15:48:05
Dazzozo @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 15:48:09
Dazzozo looks like huawei wrote good code for once 15:48:27
Dazzozo green screen and 20 year shutter lag is still there 15:49:09
Dazzozo but it works as it did on 4.2 15:49:14
Dazzozo hmm, interesting one 15:49:45
Dazzozo im tempted to just remove the lib but idk if any cm change would fix it 15:49:55
rymate1234 welp 15:51:24
rymate1234 condensaton on screen is totally gone 15:51:33
Dazzozo gg 15:51:38
rymate1234 no problems with crescent 15:51:41
Dazzozo so your phone's bath was actually beneficial 15:51:46
rymate1234 lel 15:51:51
Dazzozo and cleared out the dust in the screen 15:51:53
rymate1234 yeah. no more dust 15:51:56
Dazzozo lol 15:51:58
Dazzozo gg 15:51:59
Dazzozo so thats wifi, ril, bluetooth, camera 15:52:40
Dazzozo audio has worked before but a cm change broke it kinda 15:52:49
Dazzozo adfad666: you remember our friend 15:53:50
Dazzozo E/AudioHardwareMSM76XXA( 2058): AudioHardware:penOutputStream Only one output stream allowed 15:53:51
Dazzozo i really don't know what causes this 15:54:02
Dazzozo because my first build of cm-10.2 was fine 15:54:08
Dazzozo and i made no changes to the audio since that 15:54:15
Dazzozo and then audio broke completely for a day 15:54:26
Dazzozo and now this is back 15:54:28
tilal6991 What HAL are you using? 15:54:43
Dazzozo a 4.1 hal from caf + the changes from 4.2 7x30 + changes to get it to work on 4.3 15:55:19
tilal6991 Lol 15:55:34
Dazzozo we were EOL at 4.1 so had to kang from 7x30 15:55:35
Dazzozo for 4.2 15:55:40
Dazzozo theyre similar 15:55:44
Dazzozo may as well be the fucking same to be honest 15:55:50
tilal6991 7x30 is EOLed now though 15:55:54
Dazzozo is it? 15:55:57
tilal6991 I think so 15:56:01
Dazzozo what's blocking? 15:56:07
tilal6991 Apparently 8960 is now depricated 15:56:10
Dazzozo waaaat 15:56:15
Dazzozo no way 15:56:18
tilal6991 Support stays though 15:56:18
tilal6991 The Sony guys said that the missing libs in mako was a mistake though 15:56:37
tilal6991 Dazzozo: Yeah apparently 15:56:43
Dazzozo what missing libs? 15:56:44
tilal6991 The adreno ones 15:56:53
Dazzozo i have no idea what you're talking about 15:57:00
tilal6991 There are only libs for 3xx 15:57:03
Dazzozo <---- still using 4.1 adreno 15:57:04
tilal6991 Not 2xxx 15:57:06
Dazzozo woah 15:57:12
Dazzozo rip 15:57:16
tilal6991 Lol 15:57:18
tilal6991 He says that was a mistake though 15:57:25
tilal6991 They'll be back 15:57:29
Dazzozo when 4.1 adreno + display-legacy breaks 15:57:34
Dazzozo man 15:57:35
Dazzozo this device is fucked 15:57:38
tilal6991 Lol 15:57:45
rymate1234 riip 15:57:46
tilal6991 ICS legacy 15:57:51
tilal6991 Lol 15:57:52
Dazzozo yeah 15:57:55
Dazzozo 4.1 and 4.0 adreno were pretty similar 15:58:12
Dazzozo you can use 4.1 adreno on 4.0 15:58:16
tilal6991 I'm more concerned about complete removal of pmem 15:58:27
Dazzozo for a tiny tiny speed boost 15:58:28
rymate1234 crescent is just hacks and hacks 15:58:32
Dazzozo didnt pmem get removed in 4.2? 15:58:49
tilal6991 Not the hals 15:59:12
Dazzozo rip 15:59:22
tilal6991 The actual system itself 15:59:23
Dazzozo oh fuck 15:59:26
Dazzozo i have like 2 things left to fix 15:59:34
Dazzozo the genlock dreadlock failure and audio 15:59:50
Dazzozo well brb need to clean this screen 16:00:44
Dazzozo its built up a layer of cancer again 16:00:53
tilal6991 e2fsck is really annoying 16:01:10
tilal6991 If you do an adb reboot it kills the data partition for me 16:01:40
rymate1234 Dazzozo, just put it in a bath for a second 16:01:57
Dazzozo http://www.whenwasiconceived.com/ 16:04:07
Dazzozo this site man 16:04:09
Dazzozo why you would even want to know idk 16:04:15
tilal6991 LOL 16:05:31
Dazzozo Focal is in CM btw 16:05:32
tilal6991 HAHAHAHHA 16:05:34
tilal6991 Is it? 16:05:36
Dazzozo well 16:05:41
Dazzozo its on the way 16:05:42
tilal6991 Need to download 16:05:44
Dazzozo http://review.cyanogenmod.org/#/c/46394/ 16:05:45
tilal6991 <3 commit message 16:06:10
Dazzozo lol 16:06:24
tilal6991 https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_Focal 16:06:33
Dazzozo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0t0v3pEOiDo# 16:06:34
Dazzozo this is the best thing ever 16:06:37
tilal6991 Dazzozo: Oh yeah 16:09:37
tilal6991 The sony guy wants to write his own HALs 16:09:46
tilal6991 It's crazy 16:09:48
Dazzozo fair play 16:10:14
tilal6991 He's really frustrated with CAF 16:10:36
Dazzozo who isnt 16:10:43
tilal6991 Lol 16:10:51
tilal6991 Apparently Focal is coming soon 16:11:00
Dazzozo soon 16:11:05
Dazzozo soon 16:11:06
Dazzozo soon 16:11:07
Dazzozo soon 16:11:08
tilal6991 cdesai just told me lol 16:11:14
Dazzozo tilal6991 dont listen to their lies 16:11:15
Dazzozo Uživatel Dazzozo změnil téma na: #huawei-g300 | G300 innovation station | home of the G300's CM port and children | News: soon. 16:11:19
tilal6991 Hahahahaha 16:11:20
tilal6991 LOLOLOL 16:11:24
Dazzozo ETAs tilal6991 16:11:38
Dazzozo ETAs 16:11:40
Dazzozo soon 16:11:43
tilal6991 lol 16:12:01
Dazzozo if anyone asks me for an ETA im just going to reply "soon" from now on 16:12:02
tilal6991 Nice 16:12:08
rymate1234 I might work on my web notes app 16:12:10
rymate1234 huehuheheuhuheuhehuehheuue 16:12:14
Dazzozo most ambiguous answer you can give 16:12:14
adfad666 you could say 16:13:06
adfad666 it's forthcoming 16:13:10
Dazzozo yes 16:13:17
Dazzozo perfect 16:13:19
rymate1234 Ambush, is there an ETA for the next aosp fusion x build for the crescent? 16:13:22
rymate1234 meh 16:13:25
Dazzozo LOL 16:13:29
rymate1234 Dazzozo, is there an ETA for the next aosp fusion x build for the crescent? 16:13:32
Dazzozo i dont even think the github organisation exists anymore 16:13:50
rymate1234 lol 16:14:09
tilal6991 You're asking the wrong people 16:14:27
rymate1234 nope 16:14:31
tilal6991 I control fusionx 16:14:31
tilal6991 And it's dead 16:14:33
Dazzozo gg 16:14:36
rymate1234 meh 16:14:37
tilal6991 Merged into androidarmv6 16:14:39
rymate1234 not that I care 16:14:40
tilal6991 I'll start work after I get back from italy 16:14:54
tilal6991 Which is ~8 days 16:15:00
Dazzozo god damn 16:15:11
Dazzozo the vice city soundtrack is so good 16:15:17
rymate1234 wait italy? 16:17:09
rymate1234 I thought you were in india 16:17:16
rymate1234 lol 16:17:17
tilal6991 I am 16:17:29
tilal6991 I go to italy for a "last family holiday" per se 16:17:45
tilal6991 I leave india tomorrow 16:17:53
rymate1234 ah ok 16:18:20
tilal6991 Dazzozo: pen,n,z">http://review.cyanogenmod.org/#/q/statuspen,n,z 16:18:27
tilal6991 Let's take over the main page 16:18:34
tilal6991 Dazzozo: Also best hack ever 16:18:45
tilal6991 http://review.cyanogenmod.org/#/c/46411/ 16:18:46
rymate1234 INCLUDE ALL THE ION HEADERS 16:19:02
Dazzozo fuck ion 16:19:14
tilal6991 '\ 16:19:15
tilal6991 45 16:19:15
tilal6991 Lol 16:19:22
tilal6991 That was my 2 year old cousing 16:19:38
Dazzozo punch him in the face 16:19:49
fefifofum lol 16:19:55
tilal6991 Hahahaha 16:19:57
rymate1234 give him a tablet 16:20:29
tilal6991 LOL 16:20:39
Dazzozo sedate him 16:20:40
tilal6991 Pahahahahahahahah 16:21:23
tilal6991 I'm sure my mum would be very amsued to hear that 16:21:47
Dazzozo some people need a sense of humour ))0 16:22:13
Dazzozo *))) 16:22:15
rymate1234 meh xfce sucks 16:23:09
rymate1234 gonna try unity in virtualbox 16:23:14
rymate1234 lel 16:23:16
Kra1o5 Uživatel Kra1o5 [57da21b5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 16:24:26
Kra1o5 yo 16:24:38
Dazzozo yo 16:24:40
Kra1o5 dazzozo very good progress 16:24:59
Kra1o5 16:25:03
Dazzozo hmm? 16:25:06
Kra1o5 i see github 16:25:13
Uživatel „Alkalinorap“ opustil místnost (Quit: Saliendo). 16:25:55
JillBot Uživatel JillBot [~JillBot@] vstoupil do místnosti. 16:26:05
JillBot [proprietary_vendor_huawei] Dazzozo pushed 1 new commit to cm-10.2: http://git.io/pE5RPA 16:26:06
JillBot proprietary_vendor_huawei/cm-10.2 24a96f5 Daz Jones: Remove libcontrast.so... 16:26:06
~JillBot Uživatel „JillBot“ opustil místnost (Part). 16:26:06
Dazzozo i have a bunch of stuff im not pushing 16:26:07
Dazzozo not yet 16:26:15
Dazzozo not 100% sure on it 16:26:19
rymate1234 >install unity 16:26:28
Dazzozo so don't use github as an indicator of anything 16:26:31
rymate1234 >on reboot doesn't load gui 16:26:40
rymate1234 gg ubuntu 16:26:43
Kra1o5 Dazzozo: is normal in init of a new version 16:27:03
rymate1234 >login screen 16:27:16
rymate1234 >no option for unity 16:27:24
Dazzozo steve's aware that awesomeplayer/lpaplayeralsa is broken as fuck 16:29:40
Dazzozo good 16:29:42
tilal6991 Lol 16:31:48
tilal6991 Why merge so quickly? 16:31:57
tilal6991 The rule: keep in review as long as possibly applies to everyone but him and arcee 16:32:17
Dazzozo i can understand making the exception around a new version 16:32:44
Dazzozo going through a gerrit review would take forever 16:32:54
Dazzozo it doesnt matter too much if its broken or not 16:33:04
Dazzozo because you really shouldnt expect it to build 16:33:10
Dazzozo i just like to rage anyway because my imagination entertains me 16:33:40
rymate1234 ok ubuntu 16:33:44
rymate1234 i see you finally decided to unfreeze that download after 5 minutes 16:33:56
rymate1234 zte crescent - water resistant for up to 1 second in a bath 16:35:35
rymate1234 as long as you dry it out afterwards 16:35:42
Dazzozo oh god 16:41:43
Dazzozo ohhh goddd 16:41:44
Dazzozo fixing decide texture target is going to be fun 16:41:54
Dazzozo with the GLConsumer shit 16:41:57
Dazzozo christ 16:42:02
Uživatel „tilal6991“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 264 seconds). 16:43:55
cybojenix Uživatel „cybojenix“ je nyní znám jako cyboafk. 17:14:57
rymate1234 fucks sake unity 17:42:39
rymate1234 stop running at 4 fps 17:42:45
Dazzozo gg 17:47:58
rymate1234 wtfbuntu 17:55:55
rymate1234 THIS IS A HTML FILE 17:55:59
rymate1234 OPEN IT IN FIREFOX 17:56:04
Dazzozo but it's linux! anything that linux does wrong is the user's fault! 17:57:17
rymate1234 guys 18:00:06
rymate1234 how should I store passwords? 18:00:15
rymate1234 gonna work on the user authentication system first 18:00:29
Dazzozo you should store them unencrypted in a mysql database 18:04:57
fefifofum i was gonna say plain text.. 18:05:31
rymate1234 I want at least some form of security 18:06:29
rymate1234 hell, even md5 would be better 18:06:35
rymate1234 http://www.modaco.com/topic/363495-phone-is-slow/ HOLY SHIT REALLY? 18:30:26
Dazzozo lol 18:36:26
Dazzozo that forum is full of fags 18:39:20
Dazzozo i said it 18:39:28
adfad666 you're not wrong 18:44:02
rymate1234 hey 18:44:25
rymate1234 at least signatures are generally shorter than the post 18:44:38
rymate1234 unlike xda 18:44:41
Dazzozo I muuuuuuuch prefer the g300 forum 18:45:35
Dazzozo theres still idiots but its no where near as bad 18:45:52
Dazzozo im deciding how to sort fstab.huawei 18:46:22
Dazzozo why is this actually causing me problems lol 18:46:27
Dazzozo im thinking boot, recovery, system, data, cache 18:46:41
Dazzozo buuut 18:46:42
Dazzozo thats not the order they're on the flash memory 18:46:51
Dazzozo ;-; 18:46:59
Dazzozo im just going to sort them numerically 18:47:18
Dazzozo fuck you all 18:47:19
adfad666 order the number of characters in the name 18:48:02
fefifofum adfad666: if I use hwcomposer.rk30board.so from your build and I get a bootanimation 18:48:02
fefifofum lol 18:48:25
fefifofum no idea why mine doesn't work 18:48:41
adfad666 nothing else? 18:48:44
fefifofum nop 18:48:48
fefifofum just that library 18:48:55
adfad666 because rockchip developers are fcuking knuts 18:49:10
fefifofum 18:49:36
adfad666 so is the hardware team 18:49:56
adfad666 they reorient the sensors just for shits and giggles 18:50:10
adfad666 unless in China up is not up 18:50:31
fefifofum i saw you disabled hwcomposer and later enabled it back 18:51:01
fefifofum https://github.com/RKPrestigio/proprietary_vendor_prestigio/commit/2dd19102593572967fcff06add02d3df429663eb 18:51:01
fefifofum but cannot see how you fixed it 18:51:24
adfad666 this is the money shot 18:52:17
adfad666 https://github.com/adfad666/android_device_prestigio_pmp5570c/blob/jellybean/patches/frameworks_native/0001-Increase-the-number-of-layers-bufferDequeue-can-use.patch 18:52:17
fefifofum yes, i'm using that 18:53:00
adfad666 hwcomposer expects more buffers to be available 18:53:05
adfad666 what does the cat give you? 18:55:39
JillBot Uživatel JillBot [~JillBot@] vstoupil do místnosti. 18:55:55
JillBot [android_device_huawei_u8815] Dazzozo pushed 2 new commits to cm-10.2: http://git.io/mFCrgQ 18:55:55
JillBot android_device_huawei_u8815/cm-10.2 3a0fc4c Daz Jones: system.prop: use screenshot workaround... 18:55:55
JillBot android_device_huawei_u8815/cm-10.2 4dd79fa Daz Jones: fstab.huawei: update for recovery... 18:55:56
~JillBot Uživatel „JillBot“ opustil místnost (Part). 18:55:56
fefifofum using my hwcomposer, i get: 18:56:30
fefifofum E/SurfaceTextureClient( 477): queueBuffer: error queuing buffer to SurfaceTexture, -32 18:56:31
fefifofum E/[EGL-ERROR]( 477): void __egl_platform_queue_buffer(mali_base_ctx_handle, egl_buffer*):1071: unable to queue buffer (0x41f6d65c) 18:56:34
Dazzozo i remember when we got that shit on adreno ;-; 18:56:46
fefifofum with yours that is gone 18:56:54
adfad666 it means rockchip did some more code rape 18:57:40
adfad666 does it work without hwcomposer? 18:58:35
fefifofum let me try 18:58:49
adfad666 mine works normally, there's just no gpu video accel. 18:59:19
adfad666 so you can solve the other bugs in the meantime 18:59:50
Téma konverzace „#huawei-g300“ je: #huawei-g300 | G300 innovation station | home of the G300's CM port and children | News: soon. 19:08:49
Dazzozo anyone on cm-10.1 19:11:45
Dazzozo ? 19:11:47
Dazzozo http://www.modaco.com/topic/360515-jb-422-cyanogenmod-101-rom-nightlies-now-available/page__st__3060#entry2145035 19:11:55
Dazzozo try this out 19:11:56
Dazzozo see if its legit 19:11:58
rymate1234 Dazzozo, shall I try it on crescent for the lulz? 19:13:11
Dazzozo xd 19:13:20
Kra1o5 Dazzozo: 19:13:41
Dazzozo hiiiiiiii 19:13:50
Kra1o5 i think this "tweaks" are fake 19:13:52
Dazzozo that guy claimed it was like stock 19:14:07
rymate1234 so jus tlike 99% of tweaks 19:14:08
Dazzozo thats a pretty big lie 19:14:13
Kra1o5 "ro.ril.disable.power.collapse=1" 19:14:14
Kra1o5 to use that 19:14:19
Kra1o5 you need to implment in ril 19:14:24
Kra1o5 "pm.sleep_mode=1" is enable since ICS 19:14:46
Dazzozo @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 19:15:09
Kra1o5 Dazzozo: placebo 19:17:45
Kra1o5 19:17:45
Dazzozo lol 19:17:50
rymate1234 Imma try it anyway 19:17:56
rymate1234 because fuck it I'm bored 19:18:02
Kra1o5 with wifi you dont have battery drain 19:18:32
Kra1o5 19:18:35
rymate1234 yeah, 3G is a bitch 19:18:48
rymate1234 especially on crescent 19:18:56
Kra1o5 on all rymate1234 19:19:19
Kra1o5 19:19:23
rymate1234 Dazzozo, if you want an app drawer with action launcher use https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=JakedUp.AppDrawer&hl=en 19:23:46
Uživatel „cybojenix“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 246 seconds). 19:30:15
rymate1234 >too many devices used with google play music 19:32:50
rymate1234 lel 19:32:51
rymate1234 just remove all entries of zte cresent 19:33:27
cybojenix Uživatel cybojenix [~cybojenix@unaffiliated/cybojenix] vstoupil do místnosti. 19:33:41
Dazzozo happens to me a lot 19:39:46
rymate1234 where can I download the dspmanager from cm10.1? 19:45:27
rymate1234 Dazzozo, can confirm build.prop do fuck all on crescent 19:53:40
Dazzozo lol 19:53:48
fr0d0 Uživatel fr0d0 [~pccadmin@s1mps.plus.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 19:54:38
ChanServ Uživatel „ChanServ“ nastavil režim (fr0d0 +v). 19:54:39
rymate1234 Dazzozo, brilliant battery http://i.imgur.com/X4xM0oL.png 20:00:07
rymate1234 10/10 20:00:09
Dazzozo lold 20:00:32
Dazzozo well, the percentages are close to how the N4 works 20:00:41
Dazzozo just it lasts a lot longer 20:00:46
rymate1234 no shit 20:00:53
Dazzozo screens are so battery expensive ;-; 20:01:10
fr0d0 wassat?? 20:01:27
fr0d0 I'm thinking of getting an N4 Dazz ... what do you think? 20:01:57
rymate1234 Dazzozo, help 20:02:04
rymate1234 shit 20:02:04
adfad666 eink smartphone ftw? 20:02:05
rymate1234 I put the crescent on lowest brightness 20:02:13
Dazzozo still the best phone available right now 20:03:17
Dazzozo would only swap it for an ubuntu edge but thats basically dead 20:03:53
fr0d0 how sad 20:04:43
fr0d0 yeah I bin looking at the one and s4 but neither seem to offer anying over the N4 20:05:11
Dazzozo besides a lot of ugly 20:05:45
Dazzozo N4 design <3 20:05:48
Kra1o5 20:06:16
fr0d0 this girl does f'amazing reviews: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheAngelofmusic1989 20:06:44
fr0d0 I like Chris Pirillo's opinion too 20:07:05
fr0d0 then there's the N5, if it even exists 20:08:43
rymate1234 moto x? 20:09:04
fr0d0 some nice deals from 3 (sim only I mean, contracts seem shite) 20:09:14
fr0d0 yeah hadn't considered that rymate1234 20:09:27
Dazzozo there wont be an N4 for a while 20:09:35
Dazzozo since they just released the new N7 with identical specs to the N4 20:09:45
fr0d0 LG pulled out I see 20:09:45
adfad666 moto x looks to be the same hardware as Xperia SP 20:09:52
adfad666 so compare that to the N4 20:10:28
fr0d0 kk 20:10:35
Dazzozo i was so bitter about having a phone more powerful than my tablet 20:10:38
fr0d0 lol 20:10:45
Alkalinorap Uživatel Alkalinorap [~alkalino@] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:12:49
rymate1234 MY SCREEN IS TOTALLY BLANK 20:14:40
rymate1234 FUCK THIS BACKLIGHT BUG 20:14:48
rymate1234 YES 20:26:31
rymate1234 FIXED IT 20:26:32
rymate1234 went into recovery to look for settings.db 20:26:42
rymate1234 and delete it 20:26:46
rymate1234 ok 20:28:18
rymate1234 home and lock screen doesn't work any more 20:29:01
rymate1234 ok 20:29:01
tilal699 Uživatel tilal699 [~tilal6991@] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:35:28
eloimuns Uživatel eloimuns [~eloimuns@] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:35:58
tilal699 Dazzozo is it just me or is 4.3 a Iot smoother. 20:36:14
eloimuns hi all 20:36:35
Dazzozo well grouper was just plain broken before 20:37:00
Dazzozo but it does seem a lot more consistent on N4 and G300 20:37:07
Uživatel „tilal699“ opustil místnost (Quit: Remote host closed the connection). 20:37:57
rymate1234 not sure if bootloop 20:38:03
rymate1234 or really slow boot 20:38:06
Dazzozo log 20:38:43
Dazzozo cat 20:38:44
Dazzozo cat 20:38:48
Dazzozo log 20:38:48
Kra1o5 20:39:31
tilal699 Uživatel tilal699 [~tilal6991@] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:39:52
Dazzozo hiiiii 20:40:26
rymate1234 Dazzozo, no adb 20:41:18
Dazzozo gggggg 20:41:24
rymate1234 meh wiped data 20:41:34
tilal699 Yeah I didn't get your reply. 20:42:07
tilal699 So lost+found is occupying 1.6 GB of my data partition. 20:42:36
tilal699 Wooo 20:42:40
tilal699 Hate you e2fsck 20:42:50
tilal699 Need sleep. But can't get to sleep. 20:45:01
tilal699 :/ 20:45:03
Uživatel „tilal699“ opustil místnost (Quit: Bye). 20:47:45
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Alkalinorap Uživatel Alkalinorap [~alkalino@] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:49:55
cybojenix Uživatel „cybojenix“ je nyní znám jako cybojenix-away. 21:20:44
Uživatel „adfad666“ opustil místnost (Quit: Remote host closed the connection). 21:22:12
adfad666 Uživatel adfad666 [~adfad666@] vstoupil do místnosti. 21:26:00
Uživatel „adfad666“ opustil místnost (Quit: Changing host). 21:26:01
adfad666 Uživatel adfad666 [~adfad666@cyanogenmod/maintainer/adfad666] vstoupil do místnosti. 21:26:01
Uživatel „AMGarcia19“ opustil místnost (Quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer). 21:26:01
cybojenix-away Uživatel „cybojenix-away“ je nyní znám jako cybojenix. 21:40:59
cybojenix Uživatel „cybojenix“ je nyní znám jako cybojenix-away. 21:43:31
Uživatel „adfad666“ opustil místnost (Quit: Leaving). 21:44:17
~eloimuns Uživatel „eloimuns“ opustil místnost (Part: "Me'n vaig"). 21:45:22
Ambush Boo 22:03:20
fefifofum boo 22:03:52
Ambush AHHHHHH 22:04:02
Ambush Shit, you scared me dude 22:04:14
fefifofum i know 22:04:20
Ambush Fuckin hell, take that mask off alright, it ain't halloween 22:04:38
fefifofum not a mask, i'm that ugly 22:05:06
rymate1234 lel 22:05:09
Ambush Wow really? 22:05:14
Ambush Dude you need to see a surgeon 22:05:27
fefifofum lol 22:05:35
Ambush Lel 22:05:45
adfad666 Uživatel adfad666 [~adfad666@] vstoupil do místnosti. 22:05:57
Uživatel „adfad666“ opustil místnost (Quit: Changing host). 22:05:57
adfad666 Uživatel adfad666 [~adfad666@cyanogenmod/maintainer/adfad666] vstoupil do místnosti. 22:05:58
Ambush Haerd ur chnaging host 22:07:27
Ambush Also, it's mah birthday 22:07:38
modacouserr_M Uživatel modacouserr_M [~lightirc@] vstoupil do místnosti. 22:08:06
fefifofum hp 22:08:07
rymate1234 yeah 22:08:11
modacouserr_M Yooo 22:08:14
rymate1234 happy birthday 22:08:14
rymate1234 Ambush, 22:08:17
Ambush Huh 22:08:27
adfad666 focal is syncing! 22:08:31
fefifofum happy birthday 22:08:37
modacouserr_M YEAH 22:08:42
fefifofum sorry i scared you before 22:08:42
Ambush ^cheers 22:08:43
adfad666 happy birtday 22:08:50
Ambush Its okay, I can deal with being mentally scarred 22:08:57
Ambush Thanks guys 22:09:05
modacouserr_M Happy birthday! 22:09:08
Ambush ^Late much ;3 22:09:49
modacouserr_M I want to try focal toda xd will that be possível? 22:09:52
modacouserr_M Im on mobile xd 22:10:05
fefifofum portuguese keyboard? 22:10:22
fr0d0 Happy Birthday Ambush 22:11:06
modacouserr_M Yup, im portuguese 22:11:19
fr0d0 saw a waterproof phone and thought of you! <3 22:11:30
Ambush AHHHH 22:11:41
Ambush ITS FRODO 22:11:43
Ambush Lel 22:11:47
Ambush Hey, I haven't water damaged something in over a year now! 22:12:03
fr0d0 22:12:05
Ambush The same can't be said for rymate1234 22:12:13
modacouserr_M Ohh, just found a bug onde tilal's app 22:12:18
Ambush And I have two ARMv7 devices 22:12:24
fr0d0 woot 22:12:31
cybojenix-away Uživatel „cybojenix-away“ je nyní znám jako cybojenix. 22:13:18
Ambush 9.7" tablet and a shitty phone with ARMv7 22:13:21
fr0d0 nice 22:13:26
Ambush 22:13:40
adfad666_ Uživatel adfad666_ [~adfad666@] vstoupil do místnosti. 22:14:39
Uživatel „adfad666_“ opustil místnost (Quit: Client Quit). 22:14:39
Ambush Lel 22:14:53
modacouserr_M Lel 22:14:59
Ambush Fr0d0 Tip: never get an Xperia device from the 2012 period 22:15:18
modacouserr_M1 Uživatel modacouserr_M1 [~lightirc@] vstoupil do místnosti. 22:15:55
Uživatel „modacouserr_M“ opustil místnost (Quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer). 22:15:55
modacouserr_M1 Woops 22:16:02
fefifofum ha-ha 22:16:25
rymate1234 tip - if you ever drop a crescent in water, use ninja like skills to get it out and dry it within a second 22:16:33
Ambush And then watch it slowly dry as you bury it in rice 22:16:49
modacouserr_M1 Car + phone = not good 22:16:50
fr0d0 thanks Ambush 22:16:54
Ambush *die not dry 22:17:17
Ambush Lel 22:17:18
rymate1234 Ambush, precisely! 22:17:19
fr0d0 lol 22:17:26
fr0d0 car + phone + warehouse 22:17:38
Ambush @* 22:17:49
Ambush *^ 22:17:51
fr0d0 fucking terrible!!! 22:17:53
adfad666 car + phone + whorehouse? 22:18:03
modacouserr_M1 ahahhahahaha 22:18:09
Ambush But frodo they give out free SGT2 7"s with selected pay monthly deals! 22:18:26
57da21b5 Uživatel „Kra1o5“ opustil místnost (Part). 22:18:37
modacouserr_M1 BRB, arriving home 22:18:49
~lightirc Uživatel „modacouserr_M1“ opustil místnost (Part). 22:19:01
fr0d0 ikr Ambush 22:19:19
Ambush #advertising 22:19:29
fr0d0 you on commission? 22:19:36
Ambush Yeah 22:19:44
Ambush I advertise, they don't kill my family brutally 22:19:56
fr0d0 good deal 22:20:05
Ambush Yeah 22:20:15
Ambush Unfortunately I can't stop the rape 22:20:23
Ambush 22:20:41
fr0d0 brb 22:21:11
Uživatel „Alkalinorap“ opustil místnost (Quit: Saliendo). 22:21:53
Uživatel „hippy“ opustil místnost (Quit: Agur!). 22:22:13
Ambush Don't leave me Fr0d0 D: 22:22:41
modacouserr Uživatel modacouserr [529b7a3b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 22:31:52
modacouserr back 22:32:03
Ambush EWWW 22:33:26
Ambush Its YOU 22:33:32
modacouserr so focal is being merged? 22:40:24
Dazzozo its already merged 22:51:48
Dazzozo im doing a 4.3 build with it 22:52:34
fefifofum 22:53:12
modacouserr awesome! is it possible to test the app ? 23:00:05
Dazzozo it should be in tonight's nightly 23:00:12
modacouserr 4.2 right? 23:00:25
Dazzozo providing it actually builds correctly 23:00:25
Dazzozo yeah 23:00:27
modacouserr niceee 23:00:34
modacouserr any progress in 4.3? 23:01:08
modacouserr gapps zip will b updated to cm10.2 ? 23:03:16
modacouserr be 23:03:19
Ambush Uživatel „Ambush“ je nyní znám jako SleepBush. 23:04:32
modacouserr ^lol 23:04:39
SleepBush I'm a sleeping bush, lay off 23:04:56
Dazzozo modacouserr: eventually 23:08:39
Dazzozo the packages goo.im maintain aren't up yet afaik 23:08:49
Dazzozo but there are already a few other 4.3 gapps zips available 23:08:59
modacouserr oh ok 23:09:12
modacouserr jenkins should start earlier today 23:09:32
Dazzozo 198mb 23:16:04
Dazzozo what the fuck is going on 23:16:07
Dazzozo 20mb more than earlier 23:16:16
Uživatel „adfad666“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 276 seconds). 23:16:28
Dazzozo theyre merging stuff without me noticing 23:16:28
fefifofum so time to test that new camera? 23:17:01
Dazzozo when it downloads 23:18:15
cybojenix Uživatel „cybojenix“ je nyní znám jako cybojenix-away. 23:19:57
Dazzozo booting 23:22:14
Dazzozo ooooh i love the focal icon 23:24:17
modacouserr shareeee it 23:24:32
fefifofum yeah! 23:24:42
modacouserr what, 20mb bigger lol started 10 mb smaller, now it just gets growing 23:25:04
Uživatel „Solitary“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 264 seconds). 23:34:37
Dazzozo oh god 23:34:43
Dazzozo taking a picture crashes the app 23:34:48
Dazzozo but the preview works! 23:34:52
fefifofum 23:35:05
modacouserr ahahahhaahhahahahahahah 23:35:12
modacouserr fail 23:35:22
Dazzozo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kppx4bzfAaE 23:38:09
Solitary_ Uživatel Solitary_ [~Solitary@ip-94-112-195-124.net.upcbroadband.cz] vstoupil do místnosti. 23:52:19
ChanServ Uživatel „ChanServ“ nastavil režim (Solitary_ +v). 23:52:31
Dazzozo https://plus.google.com/+CyanogenMod/posts/2EDhHYta2ZW 23:56:23
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