#huawei-g300 chanel log 2013-07-26

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I'm sorry for not actual logs - my FTP uploads are reduced a lot, i'm working on new solution..

Expected startup is about 10.2.2014

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Dazzozo error: Cannot fetch CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_PhoneCommon 00:25:49
Dazzozo 1 00:25:49
Dazzozo error 00:25:50
Dazzozo CMON 00:25:52
cybojenix Common? 00:26:03
Dazzozo wat 00:26:14
cybojenix PhoneCommon 00:26:23
Dazzozo ye 00:26:29
cybojenix Right. 00:26:35
Dazzozo i dunno either 00:28:23
cybojenix Uživatel „cybojenix“ je nyní znám jako cybohide. 00:49:27
Dazzozo shit 00:54:30
Dazzozo google changed the RIL again 00:54:34
Dazzozo pls no 00:59:08
Dazzozo PhoneCommon is up 01:00:37
Dazzozo should sync now 01:00:41
Dazzozo yep! 01:00:48
SilvesterBot Starting build #47 for job android 01:02:02
SilvesterBot Project android build #47: FAILURE in 5 min 32 sec: http://jenkins.thebronasium.com/job/android/47/ 01:07:34
Dazzozo make: *** No rule to make target `bootable/recovery/utilities/../../../external/zlib/contrib/minizip/minizip.c', needed by `/home/galaxy/jobs/android/workspace/cm-10.1/out/target/product/u8815/obj/STATIC_LIBRARIES/libminizip_intermediates/../../../external/zlib/contrib/minizip/minizip.o'. Stop. 01:08:25
Dazzozo someone broke cm-10.1 01:08:28
Dazzozo ~ 01:08:34
Dazzozo idc 01:08:42
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Dazzozo im yolo building 01:24:18
cybohide Uživatel „cybohide“ je nyní znám jako cyboschlafen. 01:28:52
Dazzozo only 1 issue so far and i've been building for 20 mins wat 01:37:18
Dazzozo oh christ here comes the audio shit 01:39:22
Dazzozo yep rip 01:39:27
Dazzozo rip hard 01:39:28
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Dazzozo NFC of all things has errored 02:28:29
Dazzozo packages/apps/Nfc/nxp/jni/com_android_nfc_NativeNfcManager.cpp:1013:50: error: cannot convert '_jintArray**' to 'ScopedLocalRef<_jintArray*>*' for argument '4' to 'void android::nfc_jni_get_technology_tree(JNIEnv*, phLibNfc_RemoteDevList_t*, uint8_t, ScopedLocalRef<_jintArray*>*, ScopedLocalRef<_jintArray*>*, ScopedLocalRef<_jintArray*>*)' 02:28:41
Dazzozo just fixed ril i think 04:17:27
Dazzozo google changed DataCallState to DataCallResponse 04:17:36
Dazzozo ok 04:17:38
adfad666 it synced! 06:40:03
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adfad666 building now for grouper, just for the lulz 07:15:41
tilal6991 adfad666: WTF? 07:17:45
tilal6991 Waste of time lol 07:17:56
cyboschlafen Uživatel „cyboschlafen“ je nyní znám jako cybojenix. 07:17:58
tilal6991 CM is very broken 07:18:01
adfad666 it didn't get very far 07:18:08
tilal6991 And the kernels are even more broken 07:18:12
tilal6991 Sony has had 4 errors so far and wlan module just threw another 8 07:18:31
adfad666 did you see this? 07:19:17
adfad666 Error: Product "cm_grouper" cannot have overlay in vendor tree: vendor/cm/overlay/dictionaries vendor/cm/overlay/common. Stop. 07:19:18
tilal6991 No 07:19:26
tilal6991 Don't think it got that far 07:19:31
tilal6991 Just remove the overlays 07:19:41
tilal6991 Hack allllllll the things 07:19:50
adfad666 it happened after 7 lines on the screen 07:19:51
tilal6991 Not for me lol 07:20:06
tilal6991 display-caf is also completely borked 07:20:55
adfad666 grouper shouldn't depend on any CAF stuff so it might be a bit better 07:27:51
tilal6991 Fair point 07:28:44
tilal6991 Mako should be the best device though 07:28:50
adfad666 it's flying along now 07:29:32
tilal6991 Woooo onto libwebcore 07:31:49
adfad666 bummer, the SELinux policy from Google didn't work 07:37:31
tilal6991 What? 07:37:51
adfad666 /home/adfad666/cm-10.2/out/host/linux-x86/bin/checkpolicy: loading policy configuration from /home/adfad666/cm-10.2/out/target/product/grouper/obj/ETC/sepolicy_intermediates/policy.conf 07:38:13
adfad666 Host Clang TableGen: clang (gen-clang-diags-defs -clang-component=Common) <= external/clang/include/clang/Basic/Diagnostic.td 07:38:13
adfad666 device/asus/grouper/sepolicy/surfaceflinger.te":3:ERROR 'unknown type sysfs_devices_system_cpu' at token ';' on line 8334: 07:38:13
adfad666 allow surfaceflinger knv_device:chr_file { { getattr open read ioctl lock } { open append write } }; 07:38:13
adfad666 allow surfaceflinger { sysfs_devices_system_cpu sysfs_devices_tegradc }:file { open append write }; 07:38:15
rymate1234 cm10.2 = rip all the things? 07:38:15
adfad666 checkpolicy: error(s) encountered while parsing configuration 07:38:17
adfad666 realmake: *** [/home/adfad666/cm-10.2/out/target/product/grouper/obj/ETC/sepolicy_intermediates/sepolicy] Error 1 07:38:19
adfad666 realmake: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs.... 07:38:22
tilal6991 Awwww 07:38:37
tilal6991 rymate1234: Obv 07:38:41
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tilal6991 Grrrrr google 07:59:18
tilal6991 WTF are you doing 07:59:23
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jordilopez94 Uživatel jordilopez94 [~Jordi@] vstoupil do místnosti. 10:05:57
rymate1234 guys 10:12:14
rymate1234 I'm considering buying a g300 lmao 10:12:21
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fefifofum Uživatel fefifofum [~fefifofum@] vstoupil do místnosti. 10:32:05
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fefifofum hi 10:32:10
rymate1234 Hi 10:33:20
Dazzozo back 10:33:30
Dazzozo i got this shit 10:34:22
Dazzozo gralloc.cpp:92:1: sorry, unimplemented: non-trivial designated initializers not supported 10:34:23
jordilopez94 hi 10:34:25
rymate1234 Wow 10:43:18
rymate1234 G300 for £70 10:43:27
Dazzozo thats a rip 10:43:52
Dazzozo o i think i can fix my "sorry" error 10:44:10
Dazzozo of all things to break in gralloc 10:45:38
Dazzozo the fucking private_module_t struct 10:45:49
Dazzozo also fuck knows whats causing that NFC error, I just deleted packages_apps_Nfc 10:46:40
Dazzozo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uuww5fHhnhY 10:50:01
rymate1234 What's a decent price for a g300 10:55:08
rymate1234 >inb4 £5 10:55:24
Dazzozo i woulda expected it to be closer to £50 now 10:57:16
rymate1234 £70 is amazon price 10:57:42
rymate1234 I'll check elsewhetr 10:57:47
rymate1234 *elsewhere 10:57:56
tilal6991 Dazzozo: Yeah gralloc is messed up 10:59:10
tilal6991 All the caf stuff is broken TBH 10:59:16
Dazzozo its not even messed up 10:59:23
Dazzozo its a fucking 10:59:27
Dazzozo tiny insignificant struct 10:59:30
Dazzozo that isnt even related to 10:59:38
Dazzozo like 10:59:38
tilal6991 Anything 10:59:42
Dazzozo actual graphics allocation 10:59:43
tilal6991 Yes 10:59:43
tilal6991 But they've added some things which need a lo of kernel updates 10:59:58
tilal6991 More fence stuff :? 11:01:20
tilal6991 :/ 11:01:23
tilal6991 http://review.cyanogenmod.org/#/c/46050/1/recovery.fstab 11:03:37
tilal6991 Fstabs are broken lol 11:03:46
tilal6991 They switched to linux style fstabs 11:03:57
tilal6991 Thank go 11:03:58
Dazzozo http://review.cyanogenmod.org/#/c/46040/1 11:04:00
tilal6991 * god 11:04:00
tilal6991 Lol 11:04:23
Dazzozo gonna try fix gralloc 11:05:14
Dazzozo oh 11:05:14
Dazzozo okay 11:05:14
Dazzozo looks like im restarting firefox first 11:05:14
Dazzozo thanks mozilla 11:05:14
Dazzozo at least thats the daily crash out the way 11:05:14
fefifofum how many open tabs did you have? 11:07:22
rymate1234 lol 11:07:27
fefifofum a thousand? 11:07:36
Dazzozo 70 11:08:10
fefifofum gotta go, bye 11:09:39
Uživatel „fefifofum“ opustil místnost (Quit: Bye). 11:09:43
tilal6991 70 lol 11:11:39
tilal6991 My tab count right now: 3 11:11:47
tilal6991 My max count today (AFAIR): 9 11:12:00
Dazzozo I also have chrome open with another 20 11:13:36
rymate1234 wat 11:18:01
tilal6991 rymate1234: Flash tabs 11:18:52
rymate1234 no 11:22:28
Dazzozo RALLOC_DEVICE_API_VERSION_0_1 11:22:33
Dazzozo gr 11:22:33
Dazzozo *gr8 11:22:36
rymate1234 how can you emass 70 tabs 11:22:42
tilal6991 Dazzozo: http://review.cyanogenmod.org/#/c/46046/1/exynos4/hal/libgralloc_ump/gralloc_module.cpp 11:23:23
Dazzozo middle click all links 11:23:25
tilal6991 That's all you need to do 11:23:30
Dazzozo yep 11:23:36
Dazzozo thats what im doing 11:23:39
Dazzozo the joys of being awake 11:23:50
Dazzozo last night i was up to like 6 11:24:05
Dazzozo fixed so much shit 11:24:07
Dazzozo RIL done 11:24:09
Dazzozo audio done 11:24:13
tilal6991 What on 10.2? 11:24:25
Dazzozo ye 11:24:31
tilal6991 Wow 11:24:33
tilal6991 You got it booting and working?????/ 11:24:41
tilal6991 WTF 11:24:44
Dazzozo no, this gralloc error held it back 11:25:21
Dazzozo i made them compile, which is pretty much all you need to do to get an already existing RIL subclass to work 11:25:49
tilal6991 Oh right 11:25:56
tilal6991 I thought you actually fixed audio and RIL on device 11:26:07
Dazzozo well i probably have 11:26:13
tilal6991 That would hav been impressive 11:26:20
Dazzozo im not sure what extra challenge you're expecting in those areas 11:26:43
Dazzozo also is it me or has the toolchain been changed 11:27:09
tilal6991 Yes 11:27:32
tilal6991 4.7 11:27:33
tilal6991 That's why there's so much kernel breakage for me 11:27:42
Dazzozo i got a few places but not much 11:27:52
Dazzozo and we already have hacks for 4.6 11:27:56
rymate1234 what about crescent 11:28:01
rymate1234 lmao 11:28:03
tilal6991 Fair point then 11:28:03
tilal6991 Lol 11:28:04
Dazzozo https://github.com/Dazzozo/android_kernel_huawei_u8815/commit/4a8536b17ae4e876b63bc6455a8bb13c6e730ef6 11:28:09
tilal6991 rymate1234: Will be interesting 11:28:12
rymate1234 yeah probably 11:28:19
tilal6991 It's so hacked up already it might not need anything else 11:28:25
tilal6991 Lol 11:28:26
rymate1234 >inb4 breaks all the things 11:28:31
Dazzozo i dont think the crescent is going to be a challenge 11:28:39
tilal6991 Nah neither do I 11:29:06
rymate1234 lmao 11:29:18
tilal6991 The frameworks stuff will work on the legayc HALs 11:29:24
rymate1234 ARMv6 - harder to get working, easier to maintain 11:29:33
tilal6991 Considering CM have already reverted a bunch of stuff which is needed 11:29:44
tilal6991 Right switched back to the CAF hal 11:31:36
tilal6991 See how far I get this time 11:31:42
Dazzozo you can build with 4.6 using TARGET_GCC_VERSION_EXP := 4.6 11:34:03
Dazzozo lol 11:34:04
rymate1234 so guys 11:34:49
rymate1234 can you unlock a g300? 11:34:56
rymate1234 don't fancy having to use vodaphone 11:35:03
tilal6991 Obv 11:35:50
rymate1234 is there a tutorial on how to? 11:36:19
tilal6991 I guess so 11:37:07
tilal6991 Dazzozo will know 11:37:12
Dazzozo rymate1234: http://www.modaco.com/topic/358599-how-to-free-sim-unlock-your-g300/ 11:38:15
rymate1234 yay 11:38:37
rymate1234 /me bookmarks 11:38:40
rymate1234 so first thing I do with crescent is unlock it on stock 11:39:18
rymate1234 then root and rom it 11:39:24
rymate1234 *g300 11:40:26
Dazzozo ye 11:42:07
Uživatel „tilal6991“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 276 seconds). 11:42:11
Dazzozo you can bootloader unlock it with the hack and then ask for an actual bootloader unlock code 11:42:21
Dazzozo most people don't have a problem with the hack 11:42:34
Dazzozo but a few have the fucking 3G random reboots 11:42:58
Dazzozo but they seem to be abroad mainly 11:43:01
tilal6991 Uživatel tilal6991 [~tilal6991@] vstoupil do místnosti. 11:45:33
Ambush Uživatel Ambush [~Ambushy@znc.rymate.co.uk] vstoupil do místnosti. 11:46:28
Dazzozo hy 11:46:44
Ambush Hidere 11:46:51
Ambush For once I don't have a completely shit Android device 11:47:54
rymate1234 notanexus 11:48:34
Ambush Stfu with the nexus shit already 11:48:54
Dazzozo i just got gralloc to build 11:55:53
tilal6991 Wooo 11:56:50
rymate1234 yay 11:57:15
Ambush Whaddat 11:57:42
rymate1234 important thing 11:58:31
Ambush Ahki 12:00:03
Dazzozo graphics memory allocator 12:00:44
Ambush Makes sense 12:00:53
~tilal6991 Uživatel „tilal6991“ opustil místnost (Part). 12:01:09
Ambush Lolquit 12:01:16
tilal6991 Uživatel tilal6991 [~tilal6991@] vstoupil do místnosti. 12:01:22
Ambush The battery on this is so random and shit 12:01:32
Dazzozo ragequit 12:01:33
Dazzozo audio HAL built 12:01:50
rymate1234 Ambush, just like the crescent 12:01:53
Ambush ^ 12:02:02
Ambush Miro battery is gud, my tablet battery sucks 12:02:15
rymate1234 how shit is the battery on the g300 12:02:31
Dazzozo you can pretty comfortably get over a day 12:03:12
rymate1234 oh great 12:03:16
Dazzozo depends on the rom 12:03:17
Ambush Miro too 12:03:20
rymate1234 yay 12:03:20
Dazzozo woo system.img 12:03:22
rymate1234 so better than crescent 12:03:28
Ambush Shame that it hates sleep 12:03:29
rymate1234 I can comfortably get almost one day 12:03:37
rymate1234 if I literally don't use it 12:03:42
Dazzozo ValueError: malformed recovery.fstab line 12:03:43
Dazzozo LOL 12:03:43
Dazzozo OKAY 12:03:44
Dazzozo LOL 12:03:46
Dazzozo releasetools ty 12:03:48
tilal6991 Told you 12:04:11
tilal6991 recovery.fstab is totally changed 12:04:19
rymate1234 in case Ambush is wondering, recovery.fstab is how the recovery knows what partitions are on the phone 12:05:00
rymate1234 afaik 12:05:01
Dazzozo oh i see what they did 12:05:02
Ambush I know ryan 12:05:14
rymate1234 yeah well 12:05:40
Dazzozo https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_bootable_recovery/commit/1a6c91fcbc16f90b3dcbc9cef3e1052c84a40ffb 12:05:42
rymate1234 I told you again 12:05:44
Dazzozo tilal6991: ^ 12:05:46
Alkalinorap Uživatel Alkalinorap [~alkalino@] vstoupil do místnosti. 12:06:01
tilal6991 HAX 12:06:03
tilal6991 Even for a change as simple as that we need hac 12:06:20
tilal6991 *hax 12:06:25
Ambush LIMBO STAHP 12:06:30
Dazzozo im gonna hack for now 12:07:04
Dazzozo since im so close to done 12:07:21
tilal6991 Lol 12:07:24
Dazzozo https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_hardware_qcom_display/commit/8a9a3874e9c2b9ce7da86f1aac0c6d878621fa38 12:07:47
Dazzozo loool 12:07:49
tilal6991 Pahahahahaha 12:08:08
tilal6991 Lol 12:08:09
tilal6991 Break mako 12:08:12
Ambush Anyone know where I can find a stand for an awkwardly shaped 9.7" tablet? >.< 12:09:01
rymate1234 1. sell tablet 12:10:05
rymate1234 2. buy nexus 7 12:10:09
Ambush STAHP 12:10:14
tilal6991 Very good plan 12:10:15
Ambush I DONT WANT NO NEXUS >.< 12:10:22
Dazzozo >asus tablet 12:10:25
Dazzozo no 12:10:25
tilal6991 Normally wouldn't advocate nexuses 12:10:26
Dazzozo dont do that 12:10:29
tilal6991 But N7 is the exception 12:10:33
Dazzozo unless you want crippling write speeds 12:10:41
tilal6991 The new one seems much better 12:10:52
Ambush My tablet is perfectly fine 12:10:56
Dazzozo it'll fucking rot 6 months time 12:11:00
tilal6991 AP did a article on it 12:11:00
tilal6991 Probs 12:11:04
tilal6991 Who can say? 12:11:07
rymate1234 Ambush, try this http://www.amazon.co.uk/DURAGADGET-Adjustable-Collapsible-eReaders-Compatible/dp/B008J1L95C/ref=tag_stp_s2_edpp_url 12:11:11
Dazzozo me based on past experience 12:11:13
tilal6991 Lol 12:11:16
Dazzozo source: every fucking asus tablet ever 12:11:20
Dazzozo Package Complete: /home/yuki/android/source/cyanogenmod/cm-10.2/out/target/product/u8815/cm-10.2-20130726-UNOFFICIAL-u8815.zip 12:12:02
Dazzozo i win 12:12:12
Dazzozo 178mb holy christ 12:12:24
rymate1234 >inb4 works perfectly 12:12:29
rymate1234 wat 12:12:39
rymate1234 178mb 12:12:43
rymate1234 rip crescent 12:12:46
Dazzozo you couldnt install pure cm-10.1 anyway 12:13:01
Dazzozo androidarmv6 ripped shit out 12:13:07
rymate1234 I know 12:13:14
tilal6991 A lot 12:13:19
rymate1234 does the g300 have "pure" cm10.1? 12:13:26
tilal6991 Like an absolulte ton 12:13:26
tilal6991 No I don't think so 12:13:33
Dazzozo it does 12:13:37
Dazzozo ))) 12:13:43
tilal6991 Does it? 12:13:52
tilal6991 Oh 12:13:54
tilal6991 OK 12:13:55
Dazzozo we're not limited on memory 12:14:06
Dazzozo which is quite fortunate 12:14:13
rymate1234 compare the budget phones http://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=4594&idPhone2=4330 12:14:23
rymate1234 I like how the crescent storage is so pitiful they don't even mention it 12:14:46
Dazzozo you basically have to use apps2sd 12:15:10
Dazzozo its a requirement 12:15:16
rymate1234 yeah 12:16:06
rymate1234 i have a 4GB ext partition on my sd card 12:16:21
tilal6991 Yup 12:16:33
tilal6991 My bro uses link2sd like immediately after install 12:16:45
Ambush I actually have on my phone 12:16:56
Ambush INTERNAL STORAGE 12:17:04
rymate1234 so does the g300 12:17:18
Ambush Crescent doesny 12:17:27
Ambush Lel 12:17:28
rymate1234 it has 200mb! 12:17:52
Ambush Oh wow 12:18:03
Ambush I have 20x that 12:18:14
Ambush Aka 4GB 12:18:21
rymate1234 lol 12:18:34
rymate1234 so Ambush has a shitty g300 12:18:43
Ambush Huh? 12:18:59
rymate1234 yup 12:19:48
Dazzozo well i just started the install 12:19:54
rymate1234 the miro is shittier than the g300 12:19:59
rymate1234 http://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=4594&idPhone2=4831 12:20:00
Ambush Im not even going to defend the miro 12:20:17
rymate1234 lol 12:20:27
Ambush It is a unholy piece of shit 12:20:32
rymate1234 should'vegotag300 12:21:01
Dazzozo its booting 12:21:02
Dazzozo boot animation 12:21:09
Dazzozo really glitchy animation but its working 12:21:13
Dazzozo its like 12:21:21
Dazzozo stuttering back and forwards 12:21:23
Ambush How do you make a boot anim glitchy? 12:21:29
Dazzozo by flashing cm-10.2 before the cm team gives the all clear 12:21:46
rymate1234 sounds like what i had when I put a JB kernel in ics 12:21:55
rymate1234 lel 12:21:57
Ambush O.O 12:22:12
Ambush I locked my BL while on the CM10 kernel 12:22:29
Ambush Lel 12:22:31
ascend Uživatel ascend [5dcf21e6@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 12:22:52
tilal6991 Dazzozo: How did you fix the zlib error? 12:23:02
tilal6991 The hack on gerrit? 12:23:07
Dazzozo by not having it 12:23:10
tilal6991 Wat? 12:23:22
tilal6991 Lol 12:23:24
Dazzozo i've never seen a zlib error 12:23:34
tilal6991 But it's needed for recovery? 12:23:34
Dazzozo >needed 12:23:43
Dazzozo >for 12:23:44
Dazzozo >recovery 12:23:45
Dazzozo >not building recovery 12:23:49
tilal6991 I'm doing a sync 12:23:59
tilal6991 Fair enough 12:24:07
Dazzozo also this wont complete bootanimation 12:24:12
Dazzozo and usb isn't up 12:24:21
tilal6991 :/ 12:24:50
tilal6991 Worst sort of error 12:25:00
Alkalinorap cm10.2? 12:25:12
Alkalinorap lol 12:25:13
Alkalinorap Dazzozo ftw 12:25:15
Ambush First time I've had more than one core at my disposal lel 12:25:36
Eloimuns Uživatel Eloimuns [~Eloimuns@] vstoupil do místnosti. 12:26:04
rymate1234 https://plus.google.com/u/0/+CyanogenMod/posts/LSAVHjevZSp 12:32:01
rymate1234 lel 12:32:02
Ambush Um USB OTG crashed my game 12:32:45
rymate1234 lol 12:33:27
Dazzozo yeah 12:34:49
Dazzozo "Do not build it yet." 12:34:51
Dazzozo lol 12:34:51
rymate1234 guys 12:36:07
rymate1234 how shit are these servers http://www.ovh.co.uk/dedicated_servers/kimsufi.xml 12:36:12
Ambush >Winning game 12:36:39
Ambush >Disconnects 12:36:46
Ambush >Loses 12:36:49
Dazzozo rymate1234: my server is with OVH 12:39:16
rymate1234 ah 12:39:34
Ambush Hyh 12:39:45
Ambush Huh 12:39:47
modacouserr Uživatel modacouserr [529b7a3b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 12:40:27
Dazzozo it would be fucking excellent if i could get logs from this device 12:40:28
Dazzozo fuck knows why usb is dead 12:40:32
tilal6991 Lol 12:40:33
modacouserr yo 12:40:36
rymate1234 just try a crescent build 12:40:42
rymate1234 lmao 12:40:43
Dazzozo haha NOPE 12:40:57
rymate1234 lel 12:41:01
modacouserr ouch, nemesis = new camera app 12:46:38
modacouserr might be good indeed 12:46:43
Dazzozo when was that announced? 12:47:26
Dazzozo i thought it was going on android police today 12:47:31
rymate1234 it's a CAMERA APP 12:47:33
rymate1234 ? 12:47:38
tilal6991 What? 12:48:32
tilal6991 It's a camera app? 12:48:36
tilal6991 Where where where? 12:48:42
Dazzozo well they did say it was a new feature 12:48:44
tilal6991 modacouserr: source? 12:49:14
modacouserr http://www.androidcentral.com/cyanogenmod-focal-camera-app-nemesis 12:50:21
modacouserr not yet on androidpolice 12:51:00
modacouserr looks promising 12:51:08
Dazzozo haha 12:51:15
Dazzozo android police were meant to break the news 12:51:19
Dazzozo "This actually is kind of a big deal given that camera apps are traditionally closed-source due to licensing reasons." 12:51:39
Dazzozo .... 12:51:41
tilal6991 Lol 12:51:42
Dazzozo NNO? 12:51:44
Dazzozo the apps are never closed source 12:51:50
Dazzozo what the fuck? 12:51:52
tilal6991 Lol 12:52:11
tilal6991 They have no idea 12:52:14
modacouserr already got all the errors solved daz? 12:53:10
tilal6991 No sources 12:53:27
Dazzozo i got it to build and its alive 12:54:00
Dazzozo but very broken 12:54:02
tilal6991 I wonder who leaked it 12:54:06
tilal6991 Considering it was meant to be announced tomorrow 12:54:17
Dazzozo today 12:54:25
Dazzozo in a few hours 12:54:29
Dazzozo on android police 12:54:31
tilal6991 Oh right 12:54:37
tilal6991 I thought it was tomorrow 12:54:41
tilal6991 Still leaked though 12:54:46
modacouserr it's a progress 12:54:53
tilal6991 http://www.androidpolice.com/2013/07/26/modaco-switch-flips-between-stock-and-customs-roms-now-in-public-beta-for-the-htc-one-coming-soon-for-galaxy-s4/ 12:55:05
tilal6991 This is pretty cool as well 12:55:09
modacouserr i saw an article saying that there was a new site that has a countdown only, and it's related to cyanogenmod, but nothing to do with nemesis 12:55:48
tilal6991 Yeah 12:55:55
tilal6991 cyngn.com 12:55:58
modacouserr that's it 12:56:10
modacouserr any idea? 12:56:14
tilal6991 Or something like that 12:56:19
tilal6991 No idea 12:56:21
modacouserr one more theme for everyone to imagine about lol 12:56:33
tilal6991 Lol 12:57:33
Dazzozo if i have to guess 13:01:57
modacouserr app ops looks like a very good feature, just saw it 13:02:01
Dazzozo probably selinux breaking the boot 13:02:02
Dazzozo wow 13:03:47
Dazzozo people with cortex-a8 are using TARGET_CPU_VARIANT := generic 13:03:52
Dazzozo im using cortex-a9 13:03:58
tilal6991 Lol 13:06:15
tilal6991 Easy for me 13:06:44
tilal6991 krait 13:06:47
Dazzozo i dunno if i should use generic 13:10:54
tilal6991 If it boots I don't see the point 13:11:29
tilal6991 I mean if it was an issue it wouldn't get past the boot splash 13:11:42
tilal6991 Wouldn't hurt to try I guess 13:11:49
tilal6991 Uživatel „tilal6991“ je nyní znám jako tilal|test. 13:14:47
tilal|test Uživatel „tilal|test“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991. 13:15:26
ChanServ Uživatel „ChanServ“ nastavil režim (tilal6991 +o). 13:15:33
modacouserr tilal6991: is your app in p lay store? can you link me pls? 13:16:22
tilal6991 It's in testing ATM 13:16:34
tilal6991 One sec 13:16:38
modacouserr oh, that's why it doesnt appear 13:16:46
modacouserr ty 13:16:48
tilal6991 modacouserr: https://plus.google.com/communities/105449848252535038429 13:16:51
tilal6991 Join that then follow the links 13:17:00
tilal6991 1. Become a tester at https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.fusionx.lightirc 13:17:16
tilal6991 2. Download the app from the Android Play Store from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fusionx.lightirc 13:17:16
tilal6991 1. Become a tester at https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.fusionx.lightirc 13:17:18
tilal6991 2. Download the app from the Android Play Store from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fusionx.lightirc 13:17:19
tilal6991 Whoops 13:17:20
modacouserr already did that before brb 13:18:14
modacouserr it's done 13:18:19
tilal6991 Lol 13:21:37
Dazzozo gotta fix that app name tilal6991 13:22:33
tilal6991 Yeah I will 13:22:46
Dazzozo lol 13:22:51
tilal6991 Can't change the package name though 13:23:03
tilal6991 :/ 13:23:04
tilal6991 it's stuck 13:23:11
tilal6991 Play store caveat 13:23:18
Dazzozo wait really? 13:23:19
tilal6991 * Android caveat 13:23:22
tilal6991 Yeah 13:23:23
Dazzozo cant you delete the package from the play store? 13:23:26
Dazzozo and create a new one? 13:23:30
tilal6991 Well yeah 13:23:32
tilal6991 But I'm not going to do that 13:23:38
tilal6991 Lol 13:23:39
Dazzozo why? 13:23:42
tilal6991 There's no harm in keeping the old one 13:23:52
tilal6991 Doesn't change anything 13:23:58
Dazzozo OCD 13:23:58
tilal6991 Fair point 13:24:02
tilal6991 Lol 13:24:03
Dazzozo lol 13:24:05
Uživatel „Eloimuns“ opustil místnost (Quit: Saliendo). 13:27:50
modacouserr CyanogenMod Nemesis Phase 1 Revealed: Meet Focal, The New Camera App 13:45:12
tilal6991 Uživatel „tilal6991“ nastavil režim (ChanServ +o). 13:45:18
modacouserr **phase 1** 13:45:22
modacouserr there will be more? nice! 13:45:34
modacouserr now that's on android police 13:45:47
cybojenix * tilal6991 gives channel operator status to ChanServ ?? 13:46:05
tilal6991 LOLOLOLLOLOL 13:46:20
tilal6991 How did I manage that 13:46:25
cybojenix /me removes channel operator status from ChanServ 13:46:41
tilal6991 Lol 13:47:08
tilal6991 Phase 1 13:47:51
tilal6991 Hmmm 13:47:53
tilal6991 Dazzozo ^ 13:48:01
tilal6991 Chanserv operator by me 13:48:13
tilal6991 I am services 13:48:18
Dazzozo we're all services 13:48:24
Dazzozo ~freenode~ 13:48:35
tilal6991 Lol 13:48:43
modacouserr wow, did you guys saw the video on android police? about the camera thing 13:49:20
modacouserr awesome features 13:49:24
modacouserr that exposure ring.. 13:49:37
tilal6991 I want sources 13:51:39
tilal6991 NAAOOOOOOOO 13:51:42
Dazzozo Uživatel „Dazzozo“ nastavil režim (ChanServ +o). 13:52:16
Dazzozo Uživatel „Dazzozo“ nastavil režim (ChanServ +o). 13:52:23
Dazzozo Uživatel „Dazzozo“ nastavil režim (ChanServ +o). 13:52:26
Dazzozo Uživatel „Dazzozo“ nastavil režim (ChanServ +v). 13:52:51
modacouserr oh no, just passed by me that g300 is currently with that delay taking pictures nooooo 13:53:21
Dazzozo lol 13:54:21
tilal6991 Lol 13:54:27
Dazzozo thats camera app related 13:54:33
modacouserr omg 13:54:45
tilal6991 Uživatel „tilal6991“ nastavil režim (ChanServ +o). 13:54:49
tilal6991 Uživatel „tilal6991“ nastavil režim (ChanServ +v). 13:54:53
tilal6991 Lol 13:54:54
modacouserr then it's solved..? 13:54:55
modacouserr didnt know it was related to the app 13:55:17
Dazzozo it could be a non issue 13:55:41
modacouserr tilal6991: is there an option to set nick ? or everything has to be done manually ? 13:55:54
tilal6991 Ofc 13:56:01
tilal6991 If there wasn't then it would be pretty bad 13:56:10
modacouserr just found it tried to slide from the side to see the menu, but it didnt work 13:56:47
modacouserr it's ok now 13:56:49
tilal6991 You should be able to 13:57:15
tilal6991 Maybe increase the touch width then 13:57:22
modacouserr_M Uživatel modacouserr_M [~lightirc@bl6-122-59.dsl.telepac.pt] vstoupil do místnosti. 13:57:38
modacouserr it's working now 13:58:16
modacouserr let me say, this is a very clean app, i really like it 13:58:35
modacouserr will you add notifications? 13:59:12
tilal6991 They're there 14:00:37
modacouserr modacouserr_M: testing 14:00:50
tilal6991 modacouserr_M: test 14:00:53
modacouserr yup, niceee 14:01:02
Uživatel „ascend“ opustil místnost (Quit: Page closed). 14:08:35
~lightirc Uživatel „modacouserr_M“ opustil místnost (Part). 14:08:42
modacouserr_M Uživatel modacouserr_M [~lightirc@bl6-122-59.dsl.telepac.pt] vstoupil do místnosti. 14:12:18
Uživatel „modacouserr_M“ opustil místnost (Quit: Client Quit). 14:13:09
tilal6991 Dazzozo: 10.2 complete 14:24:55
tilal6991 Download time 14:24:57
Dazzozo i beat yoouuuu 14:25:04
tilal6991 But your's doesn't work... 14:25:36
tilal6991 * yours 14:25:40
tilal6991 Hopefully mine will 14:25:48
Dazzozo but mine is fucking legacy graphics 14:26:06
Dazzozo lol 14:26:12
eloimuns Uživatel eloimuns [~eloimuns@] vstoupil do místnosti. 14:26:23
Dazzozo mine boots, thats a victory 14:26:27
tilal6991 Fair point 14:26:27
Dazzozo GL with selinux 14:26:55
Dazzozo i have a feeling that its stopping my build 14:31:03
Dazzozo and possibly even stopping my usb 14:31:08
josalaito Uživatel josalaito [~Miranda@] vstoupil do místnosti. 14:32:00
josalaito yo 14:32:03
Dazzozo hi 14:32:06
eloimuns hi 14:32:13
Kra1o5 Uživatel Kra1o5 [~kratos@] vstoupil do místnosti. 14:32:38
Kra1o5 yo 14:32:44
Dazzozo fucking party all of a sudden 14:32:54
Dazzozo hello 14:32:56
Dazzozo 14:33:05
Kra1o5 14:33:10
Kra1o5 Dazzozo, cm-10.2 14:33:17
Kra1o5 good progress? 14:33:22
Dazzozo indeed 14:33:22
Dazzozo interesting 14:33:27
Dazzozo odd 14:33:38
Dazzozo things happening 14:33:40
Glicerck Uživatel Glicerck [~Glicerck@] vstoupil do místnosti. 14:33:41
Dazzozo lets say 14:33:41
eloimuns dazzozo me and josalaito are trying to get ril working on g510 14:34:01
Kra1o5 14:34:14
josalaito hey daz, some idea of how we can create a working ril class for huawei g510 device? 14:34:50
Dazzozo the way everyone creates one 14:35:14
Kra1o5 use the certified Dazzozo method 14:35:18
Dazzozo comparing frameworks 14:35:21
Dazzozo oh christ i got modaco PMs now 14:35:33
Dazzozo about 4.3 14:35:41
Dazzozo someone "heard" that i already made a build 14:35:47
Kra1o5 14:35:48
Dazzozo whos the leak 14:35:50
eloimuns Dazzozo user name? 14:35:53
Kra1o5 Dazzozo, you have spies 14:36:02
Dazzozo eloimuns: hm? 14:36:13
Dazzozo Kra1o5: yes 14:36:15
eloimuns username of PM? mnupea maybe? 14:36:25
Dazzozo yes 14:36:28
Dazzozo thats who it is 14:36:32
Kra1o5 DDDDDDDDDD 14:36:39
Dazzozo tilal6991: how's it going 14:36:50
tilal6991 Internet slow 14:37:01
Dazzozo gggggggggggg 14:37:05
tilal6991 55 mins left 14:37:15
Dazzozo LOL 14:37:19
Kra1o5 Dazzozo, mnupea returns 14:37:22
tilal6991 56 KB/s 14:37:23
Dazzozo christ 14:37:26
Kra1o5 every time 14:37:29
Dazzozo who is that 14:37:34
Dazzozo i've never heard of them before 14:37:38
Kra1o5 one persistent user 14:37:43
Dazzozo lol 14:37:59
Kra1o5 of spanish community 14:38:01
Dazzozo oo 14:38:16
Alkalinorap mnupea lol 14:38:34
Alkalinorap .. 14:38:35
Kra1o5 Dazzozo, the user of G510/Y300 need to compare frameworks to get one working ril right? 14:39:01
Kra1o5 more clear guys eloimuns josalaito 14:39:07
Dazzozo ye 14:39:10
Kra1o5 Dazzozo, cm-10.2 works fine? 14:39:56
Kra1o5 with this snapshot 14:40:01
Dazzozo no 14:40:09
Dazzozo and im glad it doesnt 14:40:27
Dazzozo otherwise this would be a very boring android version 14:40:34
Kra1o5 need a lot of love right? 14:40:40
Dazzozo i already fixed audio and ril 14:41:15
Dazzozo but graphics are borked 14:41:18
Dazzozo and a bunch of... weird compilation oddities 14:41:42
Kra1o5 Dazzozo, wifi? 14:41:56
Dazzozo dunno 14:41:58
Dazzozo it won't boot 14:42:03
Kra1o5 4.3 have important changes in wifi 14:42:05
Dazzozo thats how fatal it is 14:42:08
Dazzozo lol 14:42:08
Kra1o5 14:42:17
Kra1o5 now is normal Dazzozo 14:42:21
Dazzozo and i can't get logs either 14:42:44
Kra1o5 adb is broken? 14:42:53
Dazzozo yep 14:42:57
Dazzozo i think it might be selinux 14:43:00
modacouserr already fixed audio? that was fast for a rewritten thing 14:43:27
Solitary_ I knew it, Shuttleworth himself said that Edge is about performance because of the desktop experience... 14:43:44
Dazzozo yep 14:43:51
Dazzozo the AMA was pretty interesting 14:43:58
Solitary_ the idea with perks with tshirts and stuff was good idea... it's weird that they did not think of that... on the other hand, if you had to raise millions with small change and for every contribution give something away. you would get ruined 14:45:49
Solitary_ but digital stuff, like Ubuntu One... that could work 14:46:03
Solitary_ Uživatel „Solitary_“ je nyní znám jako Solitary. 14:46:32
Dazzozo he said 32m was a pretty lean estimate 14:46:57
Dazzozo and it could easily go over and he would be "carrying that baby" 14:47:07
SilvesterBot Starting build #48 for job android 14:49:00
modacouserr whaaaaat 14:49:08
Dazzozo cm9/10 14:49:23
Kra1o5 modacouserr, 4.0 14:49:23
Dazzozo lol 14:49:27
Kra1o5 14:49:27
Kra1o5 yes 14:49:31
modacouserr oh, the weekly builds? 14:49:56
Dazzozo yeah 14:50:09
Alkalinorap yiiah 14:50:18
Dazzozo 4.3 won't hit jenkins for some time 14:50:24
modacouserr normal 14:50:40
modacouserr i thought weekly builds were made at night also 14:50:57
Solitary Dazzozo, he can carry the whole baby on his own by himself... and I think even if they won't raise the 32M, but still get enough to be interesting, he would raise it to 32M himself 14:51:16
Dazzozo probably 14:51:24
Solitary but it started stagnating again... not a good sign 14:51:43
Dazzozo was bound to happen 14:51:54
Solitary noone has yet to pay 80k 14:53:01
Solitary but I guess that will happen sooner or later 14:53:08
Solitary especially if its gonna look like it might go green 14:53:35
tilal6991 35 mins again 14:56:40
tilal6991 * (scratch again) 14:56:55
rymate1234 I might try a cm10.2 build for crescent 14:57:14
rymate1234 lel 14:57:15
tilal6991 Good luck 14:57:26
rymate1234 wait shit can't 14:57:27
rymate1234 wireless borked on ubuntu 14:57:41
rymate1234 i updated to 13.10 to try it out 14:57:52
rymate1234 and 13.10 broke wireless drivers for me 14:58:01
Dazzozo I think "good luck" is all there is to be said 14:58:03
rymate1234 14:58:03
rymate1234 I'm gonna try fix my wireless drivers 15:00:55
Dazzozo gonna try and rescue some logs off the device 15:03:37
Dazzozo would be nice to actually know whats going on 15:03:41
Dazzozo userinit ftw 15:03:43
rymate1234 welp 15:07:47
rymate1234 I'm on linux 15:07:55
rymate1234 thank god for usb tethering on JB 4.2 15:08:11
cybojenix Uživatel „cybojenix“ je nyní znám jako cyboafk. 15:08:26
Dazzozo got a log 15:10:30
Dazzozo E/Vold ( 115): failed to open /fstab.huawei 15:10:45
Dazzozo LOL 15:10:45
Dazzozo okay 15:10:46
rymate1234 internet is slow as fuck 15:11:17
Kra1o5 15:11:18
rymate1234 via usb 15:11:20
Dazzozo a lot of SELinux spam 15:11:34
Dazzozo seems non-fatal 15:11:40
Dazzozo at the moment at least, this is a huge log 15:11:46
Dazzozo yeah i got the crash 15:12:22
rymate1234 load pls pastebin 15:12:42
tilal6991 Pls me too 15:12:47
Dazzozo E/dalvikvm( 571): Dex cache directory isn't writable: /cache/dalvik-cache 15:12:48
Dazzozo I/dalvikvm( 571): Unable to open or create cache for /system/app/SystemUI.apk (/cache/dalvik-cache/system@app@SystemUI.apk@classes.dex) 15:12:48
Dazzozo what the fuck? 15:12:52
Dazzozo this 15:12:56
tilal6991 I know 15:12:58
Dazzozo is crashing the entire system 15:12:59
tilal6991 Yeah nosuid 15:13:03
Dazzozo fuck 15:13:11
tilal6991 And new fstab way of moounting as well 15:13:21
Dazzozo i can pastebin it if you like 15:13:46
tilal6991 Yes please 15:13:51
tilal6991 I want to know what I'm going to be up against 15:14:02
Dazzozo oh exceeded max size 15:14:57
Dazzozo loool 15:14:58
Dazzozo hang on 15:15:02
Dazzozo i'll chop it at 1 crash 15:15:12
Dazzozo http://pastebin.com/5C2wcW1D 15:15:47
SilvesterBot Yippie, build fixed! 15:16:11
SilvesterBot Project android build #48: FIXED in 27 min: http://jenkins.thebronasium.com/job/android/48/ 15:16:11
SilvesterBot Starting build #49 for job android 15:16:12
tilal6991 E/dalvikvm( 571): Dex cache directory isn't writable: /cache/dalvik-cache 15:17:03
Dazzozo seems vsync broke again 15:17:05
tilal6991 Not good 15:17:06
modacouserr "Welcome to Android 4.3 / CyanogenMod-10.2-20130726-UNOFFICIAL-u8815" AHAH that will bring your inbox a lot of messages daz 15:17:07
Kra1o5 Yippie, build fixed! really? 15:17:11
Dazzozo lol 15:17:16
tilal6991 Lol 15:17:22
Uživatel „jordilopez94“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 257 seconds). 15:17:25
Dazzozo I guess I should first fix this 15:18:30
Dazzozo E/Vold ( 115): failed to open /fstab.huawei 15:18:31
Dazzozo Mine's at fstab.u8815 15:18:36
rymate1234 symlink ALL THE THINGS 15:18:51
Dazzozo no 15:18:54
Dazzozo its in ramdisk 15:18:55
rymate1234 oh 15:18:59
Dazzozo and i have no shell access 15:19:02
Dazzozo i'll just move it and rebuild boot.img 15:19:12
tilal6991 Why has it changed anyway? 15:19:53
Dazzozo i dunno, fstab.u8815 worked just fine before 15:20:08
Dazzozo at least i think it did 15:20:12
Dazzozo i dunno what would've happened if i deleted it on cm10.1 15:20:24
Dazzozo is it actually 100% necessary? 15:20:31
Dazzozo because it doesnt fucking seem it here lol 15:20:38
Dazzozo ohh 15:21:21
Dazzozo i have 15:21:22
Dazzozo on fs 15:21:22
Dazzozo # mount mmc partitions 15:21:23
Dazzozo mount_all /fstab.u8815 15:21:23
Dazzozo so its guessing fstab.huawei, failing, and then mounting fstab.u8815 because of this 15:21:36
tilal6991 Yes 15:21:51
Dazzozo kk so thats not the actual issue 15:22:03
tilal6991 init.rc - maybe a ro.hardware thing? 15:22:07
Dazzozo it would probably fail sooner if it was anyway 15:22:08
tilal6991 Yeah it's not 15:22:09
Dazzozo the camera issues are normal, I just haven't applied the patches yet 15:22:49
tilal6991 E/SystemServer( 465): java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Library analogradiobroadcasting not found; tried [/vendor/lib/libanalogradiobroadcasting.so, /system/lib/libanalogradiobroadcasting.so] 15:23:02
tilal6991 Lol 15:23:03
tilal6991 D/WifiHW ( 465): Unable to unload driver module "dhd": No such file or directory 15:23:11
tilal6991 RIP WiFi 15:23:14
tilal6991 WiFi is broken for me as well 15:23:20
tilal6991 I had to disable the module to get the kernel to build 15:23:32
Dazzozo i think i know why wifi is broken 15:23:46
tilal6991 F/SystemServer( 465): BOOT FAILURE making Device Policy Service ready 15:23:46
tilal6991 F/SystemServer( 465): java.lang.NullPointerException 15:23:47
tilal6991 F/SystemServer( 465): at com.android.server.DevicePolicyManagerService.saveOriginalSELinuxSettings(DevicePolicyManagerService.java:2697) 15:23:47
tilal6991 F/SystemServer( 465): at com.android.server.DevicePolicyManagerService.systemReady(DevicePolicyManagerService.java:1270) 15:23:47
tilal6991 F/SystemServer( 465): at com.android.server.ServerThread.run(SystemServer.java:876) 15:23:48
tilal6991 Wait 15:23:50
tilal6991 That occurs before cache 15:23:57
Dazzozo i think its the same reason as dexopt not being able to write 15:23:59
Dazzozo ouch 15:24:03
Dazzozo indeed it does 15:24:06
tilal6991 Yeah I think it's a common reason 15:24:14
tilal6991 Mounting of partitions 15:24:21
tilal6991 10 mins left 15:24:40
tilal6991 Did you make an eng build 15:24:46
tilal6991 *? 15:24:48
Dazzozo "saveOriginalSELinuxSettings" 15:24:50
Dazzozo yes i did 15:24:53
Dazzozo and 15:24:54
Dazzozo >save 15:24:56
Dazzozo i think thats the same issue too 15:25:05
tilal6991 Yeah it'll be the mount issue 15:25:11
Dazzozo only release builds are userdebug 15:25:48
tilal6991 K 15:26:49
Dazzozo gonna try something 15:26:57
Dazzozo gibe bootimage pls 15:27:54
tilal6991 DOne 15:39:01
tilal6991 Backup and then flash 15:40:21
tilal6991 Dazzozo: How's it going? 15:43:33
desh_ Uživatel desh_ [costan@adsl-] vstoupil do místnosti. 15:43:58
costan Uživatel „desh_“ opustil místnost (Part). 15:44:28
costan Uživatel costan [costan@adsl-] vstoupil do místnosti. 15:44:40
Dazzozo cant sort out the mount issue 15:45:40
Dazzozo https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_native/commit/d026db9f23c345a8b46bd399c7b9b78d21548477 15:45:50
Uživatel „josalaito“ opustil místnost (Quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer). 15:46:11
tilal6991 You don't have adb shell 15:46:34
tilal6991 That's a major issue 15:46:38
Dazzozo authored 6 hours ago but just pushed 15:46:48
Dazzozo ye ik 15:46:52
tilal6991 Huh 15:46:52
adfad666 sup duds what have I missed 15:47:39
SilvesterBot Project android build #49: SUCCESS in 31 min: http://jenkins.thebronasium.com/job/android/49/ 15:47:46
Dazzozo pain 15:47:48
tilal6991 adfad666: A lot 15:48:26
Dazzozo of pain 15:48:39
adfad666 do we have something buildable yet? 15:48:40
Dazzozo yes 15:48:43
tilal6991 http://review.cyanogenmod.org/46059 15:48:56
tilal6991 Helping people 15:49:00
tilal6991 That's how I roll 15:49:04
tilal6991 adfad666: Yep both of us 15:49:12
tilal6991 Me and Daz I mean 15:49:18
adfad666 great i'll sync and see how it explodes 15:50:13
Dazzozo well all my user partitions aren't writable 15:50:39
Dazzozo so that's pretty spectacular 15:50:42
adfad666 useful 15:50:56
tilal6991 Flashing mine now 15:51:15
tilal6991 Dazzozo: Did you wipe data? 15:51:21
Dazzozo yes 15:51:25
tilal6991 If so then I'm not going to lol 15:51:27
tilal6991 At least I might have adb 15:51:34
rymate1234 Dazzozo, at least its progress! 15:53:23
Dazzozo lol 15:53:28
Dazzozo the funny thing is 15:53:34
Dazzozo the things that were really difficult with 4.2 15:53:43
Dazzozo are now trivial with 4.3 15:53:46
Dazzozo and the things that were trivial with 4.2 15:53:51
Dazzozo are really difficult with 4.3 15:53:55
tilal6991 Hmmm 15:54:00
tilal6991 It boots 15:54:04
Dazzozo audio on 4.2 was a pain in the ass 15:54:06
tilal6991 Sort of 15:54:08
Dazzozo instantly fixed on 4.3 15:54:09
Dazzozo how 15:54:13
cyboafk Uživatel „cyboafk“ je nyní znám jako cybojenix. 15:54:56
rymate1234 >type in huawei into ebay 15:54:58
rymate1234 >first result is the g300 15:55:03
Dazzozo popular 15:55:10
tilal6991 Right 15:55:32
tilal6991 It booted basically to the screen 15:55:41
Dazzozo "to the screen" 15:55:49
tilal6991 Then surfaceflinger crashed and locked up 15:55:51
tilal6991 Screen meaning laucher 15:55:57
rymate1234 tilal6991 has slightly more progress than Dazzozo! 15:56:22
tilal6991 E/CAMERA FRAME_PROC( 4540): FRAME_PROC_comp_create: FRAME_PROC_comp_create success 15:56:26
tilal6991 W/Adreno200-EGL( 212): <qeglDrvAPI_eglDupNativeFenceFDANDROID:5642>: EGL_BAD_PARAMETER 15:56:26
tilal6991 E/GLConsumer( 212): [BootAnimation] syncForReleaseLocked: error dup'ing native fence fd: 0x3000 15:56:26
tilal6991 E/qdhwcomposer( 212): ioctl MSMFB_BUFFER_SYNC failed, err=I/O error 15:56:26
Dazzozo fuck does he 15:56:30
Dazzozo i'd rather have the problems i have 15:56:33
Dazzozo than his 15:56:35
rymate1234 but who will be the first to screenshot the version screen? 15:56:46
rymate1234 lmao 15:56:48
Dazzozo i did it already 15:56:52
tilal6991 You might have the same issue you know lol 15:56:53
Dazzozo nah 15:57:00
Dazzozo i am pro 15:57:12
tilal6991 Unlikely 15:57:14
tilal6991 LOL 15:57:16
tilal6991 Looks like camera hal is now mandatory 15:57:40
tilal6991 Wow 15:57:42
Dazzozo u wot mate 15:57:46
rymate1234 I would try building for the crescent 15:57:55
Dazzozo USE_CAMERA_STUB 15:58:00
rymate1234 however wireless is borked 15:58:01
Dazzozo DD 15:58:04
tilal6991 Nope 15:58:06
tilal6991 I removed camera hal 15:58:10
rymate1234 and usb tethering is slow as fuck 15:58:10
tilal6991 And it refuses to even get to adb 15:58:16
Dazzozo gghfhsfhghghghghghghghghghghghghghghg 15:58:22
rymate1234 rip crescent? 15:58:30
Dazzozo rekt 15:58:34
Dazzozo srhekt 15:58:37
Dazzozo *shrekt 15:58:39
rymate1234 does the crescent even HAVE camera hal? 15:58:54
Dazzozo ofc 15:58:57
Dazzozo just an incredibly broken one 15:59:05
rymate1234 lel 15:59:08
rymate1234 so more hacks? 15:59:15
tilal6991 No that wasn't it 16:00:47
tilal6991 It's just broken lol 16:00:51
rymate1234 is it just me or does the screen seem quite short http://www.amazon.co.uk/Vodafone-Huawei-Ascend-Smartphone-Silver/dp/B0089C9H4G 16:01:09
Dazzozo the scale seems pretty accurate 16:01:39
tilal6991 Back to normal? 16:01:59
rymate1234 huh 16:02:07
Dazzozo uwotm8 16:02:09
rymate1234 seems shorter than the crescent to me 16:02:16
rymate1234 probab;ly because crescent is longer 16:02:26
tilal6991 I HAVE FCSSSSSSSSSSSS 16:02:49
tilal6991 SystemUI crash 16:02:57
tilal6991 NFC crash 16:03:00
rymate1234 train crash 16:03:51
adfad666 Spanish train crash 16:04:43
tilal6991 Also it only boots once 16:04:52
tilal6991 I need to wipe data on every reboot 16:05:00
rymate1234 lmao 16:05:07
Dazzozo interesting 16:05:11
Dazzozo get a log 16:05:25
Dazzozo from when it doesnt boot 16:05:30
tilal6991 Just hangs at bootsplash on second reboot 16:05:33
tilal6991 No logs 16:05:34
Dazzozo ooo 16:05:35
Dazzozo thats fucking weird 16:05:40
tilal6991 It's like it doesn't detect the kernel 16:05:44
tilal6991 :/ 16:05:45
rymate1234 gg cm 16:08:01
Uživatel „Alkalinorap“ opustil místnost (Quit: Saliendo). 16:08:10
tilal6991 Also the logs cut out on the first boot after a while 16:08:38
tilal6991 When it reaches the developer options bit 16:08:50
tilal6991 And realises that usb debugging is not enabled 16:09:01
rymate1234 best clock for cm10.1 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.nurik.roman.dashclock&hl=en 16:09:08
Dazzozo yep i used to have that 16:09:11
Dazzozo but now i don't get any adb at all 16:09:16
tilal6991 Restoring 4.2 data 16:09:31
tilal6991 So I can keep getting logs 16:09:39
tilal6991 I have a feeling the graphics issue was because of camera 16:09:49
tilal6991 Oh wait 16:12:15
tilal6991 I get the cache issue too 16:12:19
tilal6991 But it still boots 16:12:22
tilal6991 E/dalvikvm( 1337): Dex cache directory isn't writable: /cache/dalvik-cache 16:12:29
tilal6991 I/dalvikvm( 1337): Unable to open or create cache for /system/app/DownloadProvider.apk (/cache/dalvik-cache/system@app@DownloadProvider.apk@classes.dex) 16:12:30
Dazzozo wtf? 16:12:58
Dazzozo I guess 16:13:05
Dazzozo DownloadProvider is non-fatal 16:13:09
Dazzozo SystemUI kinda is 16:13:11
tilal6991 I get systemui too 16:14:41
tilal6991 It's a permissions issue 16:14:45
tilal6991 Selinux 16:14:51
Dazzozo systemui fails for you? 16:16:23
Dazzozo waaaat 16:16:23
adfad666 SELinux, the destroyer of dreams 16:16:30
adfad666 and crap devices 16:16:57
tilal6991 I got it 16:16:57
tilal6991 nosetuid 16:17:02
tilal6991 It's the thing causing the one boot only thing I think 16:17:11
tilal6991 It's deffo not a kernel issue 16:17:17
tilal6991 [ 7.190325] e2fsck: /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/Cache: clean, 140/16000 files, 22767/64000 blocks 16:17:31
tilal6991 [ 7.199999] EXT4-fs (mmcblk0p13): mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. Opts: barrier=1,data=ordered 16:17:31
tilal6991 [ 7.209797] EXT4-fs (mmcblk0p14): mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. Opts: nomblk_io_submit,errors=remount-ro 16:17:31
tilal6991 [ 7.289974] fs_mgr: Running /system/bin/e2fsck on /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/Userdata 16:17:32
tilal6991 [ 7.363039] msm_sdc3_set_mpp04: Disable uSD card Load SW 16:17:32
tilal6991 [ 10.230306] pm8921_v3_post_probe: PMIC register 0x0001: rev v3.0, raw=0xEC 16:17:32
tilal6991 [ 10.230428] pm8921_v3_post_probe: PMIC register 0x0339: fab SMIC, raw=0x4D 16:17:33
tilal6991 [ 32.213490] resout_irq_handler PMIC Initiated shutdown 16:17:34
tilal6991 [ 32.213581] PMIC Initiated shutdown cpu_power_off cpu=0 16:17:35
tilal6991 [ 32.213581] PMIC Initiated shutdown cpu_power_off cpu=1 16:17:36
tilal6991 [ 32.213764] Powering off the SoC 16:17:37
tilal6991 [ 32.213825] Calling scm to disable arbiter 16:17:38
tilal6991 [ 32.213978] SCM returned even when asked to busy loop rc=-4 16:17:39
tilal6991 [ 32.214039] waiting on pmic to shut msm down 16:17:40
Dazzozo im getting kmsg now 16:19:39
tilal6991 Nope 16:19:52
tilal6991 It's not nosuid 16:19:59
tilal6991 Wait 16:20:17
tilal6991 It might be 16:20:20
tilal6991 Doh 16:20:22
tilal6991 Looking at 10.1 branch on mako 16:20:28
Dazzozo ? 16:20:39
tilal6991 I was looking at the cm10.1 fstab 16:21:20
rymate1234 yeah calendar 16:21:22
rymate1234 if you could recognise my google account 16:21:30
rymate1234 that'd be grand 16:21:34
tilal6991 https://android.googlesource.com/device/lge/mako/+/android-4.3_r2.1/fstab.mako 16:22:05
tilal6991 WTF? 16:22:08
Dazzozo <4>[1, init] [ 1.893784] SELinux: Could not mount selinuxfs: No such device 16:22:09
Dazzozo yeah i know 16:22:22
tilal6991 Why is /system not nosuid 16:22:23
Dazzozo thats how i have mine setup 16:22:26
tilal6991 And all the other stuff 16:22:33
tilal6991 How did you get the logcat without adb 16:23:58
tilal6991 ? 16:23:58
tilal6991 Dazzozo: 16:25:03
Dazzozo all i got in my kmsg is 16:25:03
Dazzozo SELinux: Could not mount selinuxfs: No such device 16:25:05
tilal6991 That's it? 16:25:13
Dazzozo no... 16:25:16
Dazzozo thats all thats alarm bells 16:25:20
tilal6991 Oh lol 16:25:21
tilal6991 Right I don't get that 16:25:28
Dazzozo and similar selinux fails 16:25:29
tilal6991 Have you enabled SELinux in kernel? 16:25:38
tilal6991 That might be it 16:25:42
Dazzozo probably not actually 16:25:48
Dazzozo i can see myself overlooking that 16:25:55
Dazzozo also 16:26:02
Dazzozo i got logcat from userinit 16:26:04
Dazzozo i don't have adb but i have it in recovery 16:26:23
tilal6991 How do you do that 16:26:26
Dazzozo write a script to dump the log 16:26:37
tilal6991 OK... 16:26:50
Dazzozo wat 16:26:56
tilal6991 Like /dev/log/main? 16:26:56
Dazzozo just pipe the logcat output 16:27:10
tilal6991 Oh right 16:27:15
tilal6991 I see 16:27:17
tilal6991 Yeah OK 16:27:18
Dazzozo in to a file 16:27:21
tilal6991 Where did you run that? 16:27:27
Dazzozo userinit 16:27:32
tilal6991 Which part of init? 16:28:19
Dazzozo wat 16:28:25
Dazzozo data/local/userinit.sh? 16:28:41
tilal6991 OH RIGHT 16:28:46
tilal6991 Lol 16:28:47
tilal6991 That makes so much more sense 16:28:56
tilal6991 I was trying to mod init.rc 16:29:02
Dazzozo lol 16:29:57
tilal6991 I don't think that's going to help me 16:30:45
tilal6991 Considering it doesn't seem to go past the splash 16:30:55
Dazzozo ya you got bigger issues there 16:31:56
Dazzozo also rofl i dont even have CONFIG_SECURITY enabled 16:32:06
Dazzozo )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) 16:32:10
tilal6991 Where did you pipe the output to? 16:32:14
Dazzozo data 16:32:17
Dazzozo guaranteed to be mounted when the script runs 16:32:26
Dazzozo because the script is on data 16:32:29
Dazzozo funny that it managed to write the output 16:32:55
Dazzozo but can't write dalvik cache 16:32:58
tilal6991 lol 16:33:04
tilal6991 SELinux pre maybe? 16:33:10
tilal6991 No dice 16:33:52
Dazzozo you sure you need to enable CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX? 16:37:38
tilal6991 I think so 16:44:28
tilal6991 Enabled for me 16:44:31
adfad666 did they enable it for mako on cm10.1? 16:45:00
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