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I'm sorry for not actual logs - my FTP uploads are reduced a lot, i'm working on new solution..

Expected startup is about 10.2.2014

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rymate1234 oh shit guys 07:00:09
rymate1234 my sd card isnt mounting 07:00:17
rymate1234 wat do 07:00:20
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cybojenix Dazzozo ever had any issues with cm10.1 and baseband? 09:30:11
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kra1o5 yo 09:58:16
modacouserr hey 10:15:20
tilal6991 Anyone here seen the Great Gastby? 10:32:43
tilal6991 * Gatsby 10:32:50
tilal6991 Can't spell today lol 10:32:53
kra1o5 yes 10:33:13
kra1o5 great movie 10:33:27
tilal6991 Have you read the book as well? 10:34:55
kra1o5 not is in my TODO list hehe 10:35:38
tilal6991 Oh man you've missed out 10:35:48
tilal6991 It's an amazing book 10:35:53
tilal6991 Did it for English two years ago 10:36:00
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tilal6991 Let's just say English isn't my favourite subject but I loved the book 10:36:17
tilal6991 I do read a lot though 10:36:24
kra1o5 normally the book is better than movie 10:37:18
tilal6991 Yeah it is in this case as well 10:37:26
tilal6991 I haven't found one movie I've found that's better than the book 10:37:40
tilal6991 Ever 10:37:42
kra1o5 same for the hunger games 10:37:59
tilal6991 Didn't see the movie 10:38:23
tilal6991 Loved the book though 10:38:27
tilal6991 The ending of the series was terrible IMHO 10:38:38
kra1o5 yes 10:38:46
kra1o5 the movie is a commercial view 10:39:27
tilal6991 Yup 10:40:11
tilal6991 rymate1234: your wish is my command 10:40:39
tilal6991 The port choosing has been added 10:40:58
kra1o5 wow i have strange bug 10:53:48
kra1o5 the people report the call works fine but in about 20 seconds the microphone is gone 10:54:11
kra1o5 0_0 10:54:19
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AU001 good morning 12:23:23
kra1o5 good morning for you too AU001 12:27:42
kra1o5 AU001: you read this: 12:28:57
kra1o5 the people report the call works fine but in about 20 seconds the microphone is gone 12:29:02
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AU001 i dunno have you changed anything else cause on aokp and slim bean nobody reported that :S 12:43:57
AU001 and i was using slim bean for more than a week with no such issue 12:44:16
kra1o5 people have really weird issue 12:56:03
kra1o5 12:56:03
kra1o5 AU001: i only changes this: https://github.com/Kra1o5/android_device_huawei_u8815/commit/5110a85e9af14c208e5fb20143972ecb078ee7c5 12:56:57
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jordilopez94 http://pastebin.com/MjRbHU6v 15:02:12
jordilopez94 Dazzozo, can you help me? 15:02:21
jordilopez94 AU001 ? 15:02:32
AU001 https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_hardware_qcom_media/blob/cm-10.1/mm-video/vidc/vdec/src/omx_vdec.cpp#L3016 15:08:38
AU001 since it works on cm10 15:09:00
AU001 there is something that has been changed between cm10 and cm10.1 15:10:09
AU001 do a code comparison just in case 15:10:14
kra1o5 AU001: you have a cm10 repo? 15:10:24
AU001 it's on my github 15:12:05
AU001 jb branch 15:12:07
AU001 https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_hardware_qcom_media/compare/cm-10.1...jellybean 15:12:19
kra1o5 not i refer if you can compile cm10 15:12:27
AU001 yes 15:13:29
AU001 the sources to compile cm10 are on my github jb branch 15:13:42
kra1o5 you dont understand me 15:14:17
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tilal6991 Anyone want to test yet another version of my IRC app? 17:10:22
tilal6991 modacouserr: rymate1234 Padme1? 17:15:44
stickyboy No gracias 17:19:16
tilal6991 17:21:27
stickyboy ehheehehe 17:25:06
stickyboy Gimme when it's 1.0. 17:25:13
stickyboy With a free Pro key. 17:25:18
stickyboy 17:25:19
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tilal6991 It'll be free forever lol 17:26:56
tilal6991 Donate though 17:27:00
tilal6991 It's OSS - can't exactly charge for it 17:27:12
tilal6991 I can't get to v1.0 without people testing it though :/ 17:29:14
stickyboy I hear ya 17:31:28
stickyboy I'm rewriting some AUR packages right now though 17:31:45
tilal6991 Lol 17:32:08
stickyboy Deep inside some systemd unit files 17:32:27
tilal6991 ooohhhh 17:32:54
tilal6991 Sounds scary 17:32:57
tilal6991 When will the horror end... 17:33:04
stickyboy systemd is awesome 17:34:03
tilal6991 Yeah 17:35:32
tilal6991 Much better than init.d scripts 17:35:49
rymate1234 I'm porting miui 17:36:04
tilal6991 ; 17:36:09
rymate1234 trying to extract the miui zip file 17:36:10
tilal6991 Lol 17:36:10
rymate1234 file #1 (boot.img): 17:36:16
rymate1234 mismatch between local and central GPF bit 11 ("UTF-8"), 17:36:17
rymate1234 continuing with central flag (IsUTF8 = 0) 17:36:17
rymate1234 get that error with every file 17:36:21
tilal6991 Bad download 17:36:22
rymate1234 tilal6991, so bad it failed twice? 17:36:32
tilal6991 Wow 17:36:46
tilal6991 That's not good 17:36:50
rymate1234 extracting both cm9's from the zte crescent worked perfectly lol 17:37:09
rymate1234 lemme try another zip 17:37:41
rymate1234 lmao 17:40:27
rymate1234 broken zip is broken 17:40:41
rymate1234 gonna try extract zip on phone 17:48:02
Padme1 tilal6991okay! 17:49:00
Padme1 link? 17:49:04
tilal6991 Give me a few minutes 17:50:53
tilal6991 Just adding mentioning support 17:50:58
tilal6991 After that I'll post the link 17:51:05
tilal6991 After that - multiple server support 17:51:14
tilal6991 Dun dun dun... 17:51:19
rymate1234 17:53:12
rymate1234 http://www.4shared.com/zip/_DuDz4gT/zukriaksah_MIUIv4-283_v960.html 18:41:17
rymate1234 can anyone else extract this miui 18:41:33
fefifofum no, error extracting 18:51:59
tilal6991 @tilal6991: +rymate1234: this is a test 18:53:14
rymate1234 hi 18:53:21
tilal6991 Just testing mentioning 18:53:48
tilal6991 The flow of it is quite click now 18:54:03
Dazzozo I do hope it doesnt add those @ and + automatically 18:54:04
rymate1234 yay 18:54:08
tilal6991 Dazzozo - what do you mean? 18:54:25
Dazzozo @ and + arent part of the nick 18:54:43
tilal6991 Yeah I know 18:54:48
tilal6991 But CBA taking them out 18:54:53
Dazzozo theyre not necessary and rather dumb when used in mentioning 18:54:56
tilal6991 Oh well 18:55:01
tilal6991 Not really a huge thing 18:55:18
rymate1234 String.replacefirst("@", ""); 18:55:29
rymate1234 lmao 18:55:31
tilal6991 No such function in java 18:55:42
rymate1234 /me thought there was 18:55:50
tilal6991 I may be wrong 18:56:02
tilal6991 I was totally wrong 18:56:17
tilal6991 Whoops 18:56:18
rymate1234 l,ao 18:57:02
rymate1234 lmao 18:57:04
rymate1234 fefifofum: well shot 18:57:42
rymate1234 *shit 18:57:45
rymate1234 better go shout at dev 18:57:56
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stickyboy Uživatel „stickyboy“ je nyní znám jako sticky|away. 19:40:17
tilal6991 Padme1 rymate1234 - took a bit longer than expected but here you go - www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=22979706399753597 19:50:35
rymate1234 wat 19:50:44
rymate1234 long url is long 19:50:55
tilal6991 Yeah it is 19:51:27
tilal6991 d-h.st is down 19:51:31
rymate1234 run it through goo.gl 19:51:46
tilal6991 Why? 19:51:53
rymate1234 lmao 19:51:53
rymate1234 jk 19:51:57
Padme1 oh come on 19:51:58
tilal6991 Oh lol 19:52:00
Padme1 it's just an url 19:52:03
Padme1 it's not like your pc is going to overflow 19:52:13
Padme1 :| 19:52:18
rymate1234 Padme1: oh yes 19:52:18
tilal6991 You never know... 19:52:23
rymate1234 im going to have fun manually typing that url 19:52:42
rymate1234 ! 19:52:43
tilal6991 Why? 19:52:49
rymate1234 idk 19:53:01
Padme1 rymate being... rymate 19:53:15
tilal6991 I guess 19:53:20
rymate1234 im lazy 19:54:41
Padme1 tilal6991 i just connected to freenode, got all that message from their server, but the commands don't seem to have any effect 19:55:56
Padme1 i just tried /nick somerandomnick and /j #huawei-g300 19:56:10
Padme1 is this normal? 19:56:15
tilal6991 The first should 19:56:33
tilal6991 The second won't 19:56:38
tilal6991 It's /join 19:56:41
kra1o5 bye 19:56:47
57da0e1f Uživatel „kra1o5“ opustil místnost (Part). 19:56:47
tilal6991 I haven't started parsing the short versions yet 19:56:53
LightIRCUser Uživatel LightIRCUser [~lightirc@] vstoupil do místnosti. 19:57:13
tilal6991 Oh wait - on the server the /nick isn't parsed either 19:57:22
tilal6991 You need to change it in the channel 19:57:30
rymate1234 lmao 19:57:34
tilal6991 It's a temporary thing 19:57:43
Uživatel „fefifofum“ opustil místnost (Quit: Bye). 19:57:49
tilal6991 Full command parsing is a TODO 19:57:51
LightIRCUser Uživatel „LightIRCUser“ je nyní znám jako pad_on_lightirc. 19:58:29
pad_on_lightirc Got it. 19:58:41
tilal6991 Ahha 19:58:50
tilal6991 There you go 19:58:54
pad_on_lightirc Sweet interface. 19:59:25
tilal6991 Cheers 19:59:30
Padme1 when you put the app in the background and when you come back, it's a pain to select the server again and then move to the chat window 20:00:43
Padme1 it would be nice if it stayed in the last chat window when you come back 20:01:03
tilal6991 Oh OK 20:01:08
tilal6991 Never thought of that but should be possible 20:01:15
tilal6991 Other clients don't do it that way 20:01:28
Padme1 really? 20:01:42
rymate1234 andchat does if you're connected to one network 20:01:46
tilal6991 AFAIK 20:01:46
tilal6991 Does it? 20:01:50
tilal6991 Oh OK 20:01:52
rymate1234 yup 20:01:53
tilal6991 Will implement then 20:01:59
Padme1 i only use one irc client, it's a special one, it's quassel and does that 20:02:21
tilal6991 Yeah I know quassel does 20:02:38
rymate1234 I use xchat 20:03:22
rymate1234 ok getting apk 20:03:41
Padme1 xchat is a good client but it's not maintained anymore 20:04:28
rymate1234 it is 20:04:49
rymate1234 hexchat.org 20:04:53
rymate1234 gud fork 20:04:55
Padme1 ah nice 20:05:23
Padme1 didn't know about that 20:05:27
rymate1234 uh tilal6991 20:06:25
rymate1234 tried to configure my znc 20:06:30
tilal6991 yeah? 20:06:31
rymate1234 now lightirc force closes when I view the server list 20:06:43
tilal6991 Damn 20:07:14
tilal6991 I hate when that happens 20:07:19
tilal6991 I see the issue 20:07:23
Padme1 tilal6991 could it be possible to press up on the keyboard and show the latest msg sent? 20:07:31
tilal6991 You have un up key? 20:07:49
tilal6991 * an 20:07:52
Padme1 yes... :x 20:08:04
Padme1 i thought it was a default thing for keyboards 20:08:17
tilal6991 Not on android? 20:08:25
~lightirc Uživatel „pad_on_lightirc“ opustil místnost (Part). 20:08:28
Padme1 i use it a lot on the android terminal 20:08:56
tilal6991 final String channel = parsedArray[1]; 20:09:47
tilal6991 // TODO - input validation 20:09:48
tilal6991 bot.sendIRC().joinChannel(channel); 20:09:48
tilal6991 Whoops 20:09:50
tilal6991 rymate1234 - fixed - it was the server port messing things up 20:10:02
rymate1234 yay 20:10:12
tilal6991 rymate1234 - will post the updated apk 20:13:44
tilal6991 Will need to clear data though 20:13:51
rymate1234 k 20:14:09
tilal6991 rymate1234 - http://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=22979706399753604 20:17:15
Dazzozo yeah, some devices have up keys 20:17:55
Dazzozo dont assume they don't, android works on anything 20:18:00
tilal6991 Yeah I know 20:18:07
tilal6991 I'm focusing on the basic bug free experience for now 20:18:21
Dazzozo understandable 20:18:35
tilal6991 It's been pretty stable so far for me which is a good sign 20:19:06
tilal6991 20:19:07
rymate1234 uh 20:20:34
rymate1234 still doesn't work 20:20:39
rymate1234 pretty sure I wiped data too 20:20:45
tilal6991 Uh it does for me :/ 20:21:01
rymate1234 lemme fetch a logcat 20:21:18
tilal6991 Yeah - I just redid my config from scratch 20:21:23
rymate1234 gah 20:23:32
rymate1234 how do I select text in the android terminal emulator 20:23:41
Uživatel „Alkalinorap“ opustil místnost (Quit: Saliendo). 20:24:07
Padme1 i was not talking about the device, i was talking the keyboard itself 20:24:20
Padme1 in this case, swiftkey 20:24:25
tilal6991 Yeah I get it now 20:24:34
rymate1234 java.lang.String cannot be cast to java.lang.inbteger 20:25:47
rymate1234 or some shit 20:25:49
tilal6991 Padme1 - your wish is my command - resuming from the recent apps now resumes the activty you were on 20:26:02
tilal6991 super.onResume(); 20:26:06
tilal6991 Whoops 20:26:09
tilal6991 rymate1234 - you don't seem to have updated 20:26:17
tilal6991 That was the exact issue I fixed 20:26:25
Padme1 nice! 20:26:27
tilal6991 Try an uninstall and reinstall 20:26:35
rymate1234 lmao 20:26:44
rymate1234 I feel stupid nao 20:27:17
rymate1234 just downloaded apk 20:27:23
rymate1234 >.< 20:27:24
rymate1234 brb facepalming 20:27:35
tilal6991 Did you download the old version again? 20:27:48
tilal6991 Lol 20:27:48
rymate1234 no 20:28:48
rymate1234 hey guys 20:29:16
rymate1234 crunchbang is best linux distro 20:29:22
tilal6991 I disagree 20:29:29
tilal6991 Arch all the way 20:29:31
tilal6991 Plain arch 20:29:37
Padme1 arch <3 20:29:37
tilal6991 No frills 20:29:40
Padme1 yes 20:29:43
rymate1234 I agree 20:29:47
rymate1234 arch linux IS the best distro 20:29:54
tilal6991 Lol 20:30:05
tilal6991 That was easy 20:30:08
Padme1 i have been using it for 6 years, love of my life 20:30:22
rymate1234 however crunchbang is good as well 20:30:38
rymate1234 ok 20:31:08
rymate1234 100% sure this is lightirc 0.6.1 20:31:23
LightIRCUser Uživatel LightIRCUser [~lightirc@host86-139-10-240.range86-139.btcentralplus.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:32:25
LightIRCUser Hi 20:32:33
tilal6991 Hey 20:32:36
tilal6991 Did it work? 20:32:43
LightIRCUser Uživatel „LightIRCUser“ je nyní znám jako rymate. 20:32:50
rymate Not sure 20:33:08
Uživatel „rymate“ opustil místnost (Quit: Remote host closed the connection). 20:33:26
rymate1234 nope 20:33:51
rymate1234 lmao 20:33:52
rymate1234 brb 20:34:27
Dazzozo )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) 20:36:49
Dazzozo 20:37:03
rymate1234 back 20:40:33
tilal6991 Working fine for me so very strange 20:40:35
rymate1234 reinstalling again 20:40:48
tilal6991 Oh wait 20:41:29
tilal6991 Are you changing the server port? 20:41:39
rymate1234 .....yes 20:41:50
tilal6991 Forgive me 20:42:23
rymate1234 lmao 20:42:26
tilal6991 I am an idiot and should be hit over the head for a few minutes 20:42:34
rymate1234 DDDD 20:42:51
Dazzozo )()()()())()()()()())())()()()()() 20:44:53
rymate1234 why is Dazzozo spamming brackets 20:45:10
tilal6991 YOLO 20:45:59
Uživatel „AMGarcia19“ opustil místnost (Quit: Saliendo). 20:46:04
tilal6991 *double facepalm* 20:50:27
tilal6991 Honestly kill me now 20:51:39
tilal6991 If I'm making SUCH studpid mistakes I don't deserve to program lol 20:51:55
rymate1234 hah 20:53:13
rymate1234 tilal6991, everyone makes stupid mistakes 20:53:39
tilal6991 Yeah but this is on a whole new level 20:53:51
tilal6991 Seriosuly 20:53:54
tilal6991 I mixed up server port and server password TWICE 20:54:08
rymate1234 lol 20:54:28
rymate1234 ggggg 20:54:33
tilal6991 OK 20:54:42
tilal6991 I've fixed it now 20:54:47
tilal6991 As a bonus it only lets you put in numbers now 20:54:57
rymate1234 I think something crashed 20:58:20
rymate1234 On my laptop 20:58:26
rymate1234 Sound works 20:58:37
rymate1234 That's about it 20:58:41
rymate1234 Meh 20:59:48
rymate1234 had to hard boot laptop 21:01:32
rymate1234 gah 21:05:29
tilal6991 rymate1234 and Padme1 - http://goo.im/devs/tilal6991/apps/lightirc/LightIRC-0.6.2.apk 21:07:31
Padme1 ty 21:07:43
tilal6991 Padme1 - this one should have the resume option you were looking for 21:07:48
Padme1 21:07:52
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tilal6991 rymate1234 - does it work? 21:14:17
rymate1234 good question 21:14:51
rymate1234 forgot to try it lmao 21:14:55
rymate1234 tilal6991, my znc crashes lightirc 21:22:17
tilal6991 Does it? 21:22:21
tilal6991 Can i get a log please? 21:22:28
rymate1234 14 channels 21:22:30
tilal6991 Mine is on 7 and working fine 21:22:47
rymate1234 and about 400 - 500 scrollback 21:23:12
tilal6991 Ah OK 21:23:21
tilal6991 That may be why 21:23:25
tilal6991 Need a log to track the issue though 21:23:34
rymate1234 nope 21:23:36
rymate1234 only 200 21:23:38
rymate1234 lemme install adb 21:23:50
rymate1234 waitr 21:26:15
rymate1234 hasn't crashed 21:26:18
rymate1234 just doesn't appear to be joining channels 21:26:28
tilal6991 OK... 21:26:47
tilal6991 Weird 21:26:50
tilal6991 Works fine with my ZNC 21:26:55
rymate1234 lemme try esper znd 21:28:15
rymate1234 nooe 21:29:27
rymate1234 nooe 21:29:28
rymate1234 nope 21:29:30
rymate1234 nothing 21:29:32
tilal6991 OK... 21:29:42
tilal6991 Did you add autojoin channels? 21:29:48
tilal6991 If you did with ZNC then don't 21:30:05
rymate1234 no 21:30:12
rymate1234 because using znc 21:30:15
tilal6991 OK 21:30:37
tilal6991 I have no idea 21:30:39
tilal6991 It works perfectly for me 21:30:43
tilal6991 This is from ZNC 21:31:05
rymate1234 I also use ZNC 21:31:21
tilal6991 Through lightirc 21:31:23
tilal6991 Test1234 21:31:30
tilal6991 See works fine 21:31:39
rymate1234 odd 21:32:28
tilal6991 Yup 21:32:31
tilal6991 Which ZNC version are you on? 21:32:52
tilal6991 Latest/ 21:32:56
tilal6991 ? 21:33:01
rymate1234 ZNC 0.078+deb1 - http://znc.sourceforge.net 21:34:12
tilal6991 i.e. not latest 21:34:28
tilal6991 That may be why 21:34:31
tilal6991 1.0 is the latest lol 21:34:37
rymate1234 <3 ubuntu 10.04 21:35:29
tilal6991 I don't think I can help you out here :/ 21:35:49
tilal6991 The way ZNC sends line to the bot seems to have completely changed 21:36:03
rymate1234 lemme compile znc 21:39:16
Dazzozo i wonder what version mine is 21:39:28
Dazzozo 1.0+deb4 21:40:03
Dazzozo my znc autojoins channels 21:40:29
tilal6991 Yeah you should be fine 21:40:36
Dazzozo because it works eeeeeverywhere 21:40:38
tilal6991 I'm on 1.0 as well 21:40:42
Dazzozo and i dont have to configure clients 21:40:45
Dazzozo with channels 21:40:50
rymate1234 my znc autojoins channels 21:41:19
rymate1234 on every client except lightirc 21:41:26
rymate1234 afk compiling znc 21:43:28
tilal6991 Which is really strange 21:45:39
tilal6991 I don't understand how the other clients parse the channels 21:45:53
tilal6991 OK 21:45:55
tilal6991 I need to go for today 21:45:59
tilal6991 Tell me how it goes - I'll look at it tomorrow 21:46:11
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rymate1234 hi 22:12:44
rymate1234 running new znc 22:12:45
rymate1234 aaaaand lightirc works 22:13:08
cybojenix Same 22:34:51
cybojenix It is quite nice 22:34:59
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