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I'm sorry for not actual logs - my FTP uploads are reduced a lot, i'm working on new solution..

Expected startup is about 10.2.2014

SilvesterBot Project android build #3: SUCCESS in 16 min: http://jenkins.thebronasium.com/job/android/3/ 00:14:27
Dazzozo https://plus.google.com/104649936579980037256/posts/fpM6YHdjEUF 00:21:15
Dazzozo that nightly is basically no different to the one earlier 00:24:18
Dazzozo lol 00:24:18
Solitary i am thinking about downgrade from 10.1 to 9 because of idle battery life, is there any difference in nightly cm9 or should I just stick to the "stable" one? 00:27:38
Dazzozo the nightlies are apparently better in every way 00:29:15
Dazzozo and the new cm10.1 nightly is better for battery life too 00:29:24
Solitary I really doubt its THAT better 00:29:36
Dazzozo apparently it is 00:29:40
Dazzozo kra1o5 chucked out the entire power hal 00:29:53
Solitary ok, I'll try it 00:30:04
Dazzozo claimed it was draining it idle 00:30:04
fefifofum you also reverted the "caved to pressure" commit, which could cause trouble, right? 00:30:42
Dazzozo that was causing reboots 00:31:28
Solitary the battery life was really bugging me, because I remember that I could leave it lying like for a week or more, now it drained in 2 days wihout touching it 00:31:30
Solitary ffuuuu... I cant connect to wifi, I got a ban from network for a week 00:33:39
fefifofum night 00:34:14
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Solitary Dazzozo, if I download the image manually, where should I put it so I could update the system within the system? 00:36:59
Dazzozo you mean use the cm updater with a zip downloaded manually? 00:37:43
Solitary yea 00:37:48
Dazzozo its on the sdcard i think 00:38:04
Dazzozo cmupdater folder 00:38:09
Solitary oh, yea... how could I miss that 00:39:52
Dazzozo lol 00:40:15
Dazzozo im off to bed, shattered 00:43:52
Dazzozo cya 00:43:52
Solitary gn 00:44:06
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rymate1234 >post on 600 page xda thread 06:16:46
rymate1234 >inb4 "use the search noob" 06:17:06
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Dazzozo lol @ people using check for external format on msm7x27a 08:10:24
Dazzozo latform/hardware/qcom/display.git;a=commitdiff;h=979aa3d1f1e7f7952eba40144e2b0435b4151639">https://www.codeaurora.org/gitweb/quic/la/?platform/hardware/qcom/display.git;a=commitdiff;h=979aa3d1f1e7f7952eba40144e2b0435b4151639 08:10:26
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kra1o5 yo 10:25:27
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Dazzozo back 13:40:27
jordilopez94 yo 13:51:02
modacouserr hey 14:07:01
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bb35 cm-10.1-20130520-NIGHTLY-u8815.zip is two times at http://getcm.thebronasium.com/ 15:24:09
bb35 with different md5 summs 15:24:14
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Alkalinorap Dazzozo, are you there?¿ 15:37:32
Dazzozo ye 15:39:54
Dazzozo bb35: one was nightly, one was test 15:40:00
Alkalinorap Dazzozo, reUnlock">http://www.huaweidevice.com/worldwide/servicePolicy.do?methodreUnlock 15:40:42
Dazzozo oh wow 15:41:07
Dazzozo im surprised 15:41:08
Dazzozo very surprised 15:41:12
Alkalinorap lol 15:41:15
Dazzozo Uživatel Dazzozo změnil téma na: #huawei-g300 | G300 innovation station | home of the G300's CM port and children | News: BOOTLOADER UNLOCK GO GO GO reUnlock.">http://www.huaweidevice.com/worldwide/servicePolicy.do?methodreUnlock. 15:41:23
Alkalinorap I'm creating the post 15:41:25
Alkalinorap in modaco 15:41:28
Alkalinorap hehe 15:41:29
Dazzozo kk 15:41:31
Dazzozo why are there 3 U8815's 15:41:52
Dazzozo _51, _71 15:42:02
Alkalinorap U8815 = Universal, U8815-51 = Australian, U8815N = Spanish with NFC, U8815N-71: Latin America (I think) 15:42:43
Alkalinorap U8815-71* 15:42:52
modacouserr nice 15:43:09
Dazzozo now to find all these random bits of data 15:43:37
Dazzozo i said I'd only unlock officially when they put the page up, sooo 15:43:51
modacouserr dazzozo, they ask for ID.. is that code working on cm? 15:45:50
Dazzozo dont think so 15:47:06
Alkalinorap no modacouserr 15:47:32
Alkalinorap only works in stock 15:47:34
Alkalinorap or based in stock 15:47:40
Dazzozo time to drop my B885 oeminfo back in 15:51:40
Dazzozo ))) 15:51:44
Alkalinorap lol 15:52:00
Dazzozo unpacking 15:52:47
Dazzozo worked first time for once 15:52:50
Dazzozo oh hey 15:54:10
Dazzozo the changelogs are working! 15:54:13
Dazzozo http://www.getcm.thebronasium.com/get/cyanogenmod/30/CHANGES.txt 15:54:13
Dazzozo except it shows my patches every time rofl 15:54:24
Alkalinorap ok 15:56:02
Alkalinorap http://www.modaco.com/topic/362724-official-code-request-to-unlock-the-bootloader-final-post/ 15:56:03
Dazzozo yay i got 1st response 15:57:12
Alkalinorap haha 15:57:29
Alkalinorap that's true.. 15:57:48
Alkalinorap finally 15:57:49
Dazzozo it took months 15:58:06
Dazzozo yay update.app done 15:58:37
Dazzozo I'll probably leave it on the stock rom until I get my code 15:58:50
Dazzozo when it finally boots after wiping all the data partitions 3 times over 15:59:08
Dazzozo and then boot looping once 15:59:12
jordilopez94 http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2263987 15:59:59
Alkalinorap lol 16:00:02
Alkalinorap you in stock rom.. 16:00:06
Alkalinorap it's strange 16:00:07
Alkalinorap lol 16:00:08
Alkalinorap you aren't dazzozo 16:00:15
jordilopez94 is awesome *__* 16:00:16
jordilopez94 D 16:00:16
Dazzozo submitted it 16:04:44
Dazzozo i bet its still someone manually processing the requests 16:06:43
Dazzozo and it actually just sends a templated email 16:06:56
modacouserr i hope they answer my email in the time they said, otherwise i'll say they have terrible support like vice17 did ahah 16:07:29
modacouserr in the email i only sent my s/n and emai... id is necessary? lol 16:08:07
modacouserr emei 16:08:13
modacouserr imei, god 16:09:02
Alkalinorap ID isn't necessary really 16:10:42
Alkalinorap but you can't complete the request without it 16:12:01
modacouserr i sent an email 4 days ago... should receive the code in 2 days or so, if not i'll email them again and fill the form 16:12:56
Alkalinorap insists 16:13:22
Alkalinorap make pressure 16:13:34
Alkalinorap haha 16:14:11
Alkalinorap anyway, with the official method not need anything else 16:14:34
Alkalinorap send it now and wait 16:14:48
Alkalinorap simply 16:14:49
modacouserr your tool is the same, i read the files yesterday didnt saw bash for a while 16:15:36
Alkalinorap yes, my tool is the official fastboot method with in intuitive script mode 16:17:35
Alkalinorap hehe 16:17:39
modacouserr i just dont want to restore my oficial system, when i bought the phone or flash a stock based rom... 16:19:43
Alkalinorap http://www.solidfiles.com/d/b3831ef099/ 16:23:04
Alkalinorap LOL 16:23:05
Alkalinorap 675 16:23:07
modacouserr you should have required a 1$ donation for each download ahah 16:24:36
Alkalinorap lol no 16:27:33
modacouserr im joking 16:27:59
Alkalinorap I would feel bad 16:28:06
Alkalinorap because it is a very easy script 16:28:07
Alkalinorap 16:28:08
Alkalinorap haha I know 16:28:11
modacouserr oc i need to put some food inside, brb 16:29:01
Alkalinorap haha lol 16:29:18
modacouserr jordilopez94: did you test that im cm10.1? looks nice 16:30:28
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Dazzozo )()()()()() 16:45:36
rymate1234 laptop ded 16:46:58
rymate1234 yay for raspberry pi 16:47:03
Dazzozo hasnt your laptop been dead for a year 16:48:39
rymate1234 it died 5 months ago 16:49:26
rymate1234 then it lived again 16:49:30
kra1o5 Uživatel kra1o5 [57da0f92@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 16:49:34
kra1o5 yo 16:49:36
rymate1234 then the hard drive died 16:49:38
Dazzozo yo 16:49:43
rymate1234 so I brought a new hard drive 16:49:46
Dazzozo also raspberry pis are for faggots 16:49:48
rymate1234 now the device that connects the drive to the motherboard is ded 16:50:01
jordilopez94 Uživatel „jordilopez94“ je nyní znám jako jordilopez94|awa. 16:50:10
rymate1234 Dazzozo, I know, but I ot it for my birthday last year 16:50:17
rymate1234 *I got 16:50:22
kra1o5 Dazzozo: i see the unlock thread 16:52:30
kra1o5 weeks.... 16:52:38
Dazzozo 16:52:38
kra1o5 16:52:40
Dazzozo months 16:52:41
Dazzozo lol 16:52:41
rymate1234 years 16:53:04
kra1o5 haha 16:53:05
kra1o5 not 16:53:08
kra1o5 Dazzozo: 16:54:04
Alkalinorap milleniums! 16:54:18
Alkalinorap lol 16:54:19
Dazzozo yo 16:54:27
kra1o5 Export includes file: hardware/libhardware_legacy/audio/Android.mk -- /home/user/cm10.1/out/target/product/u8951/obj/SHARED_LIBRARIES/audio_policy.default_intermediates/export_includes make: *** No rule to make target `/home/eloimuns/cm10.1/out/target/product/u8951/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/usr', needed by `/home/eloimuns/cm10.1/out/target/product/u8951/obj/SHARED_LIBRARIES/copybit.msm7x27a_intermediates/software_converter.o'. Stop. make: * 16:54:37
kra1o5 16:54:50
Dazzozo wtf 16:55:06
Dazzozo also I like how he tried to replace his username 16:55:11
kra1o5 not know androidarmv6 repos 16:55:19
kra1o5 not this si my bad 16:55:42
kra1o5 16:55:44
Dazzozo http://www.modaco.com/topic/360515-jb-422-cyanogenmod-101-rom-nightlies-now-available/page__st__2480#entry2126326 16:59:52
Dazzozo lol 16:59:53
kra1o5 17:00:37
Curlie Uživatel Curlie [~Tobi@p5B3FDC27.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] vstoupil do místnosti. 17:01:27
Curlie Hi. When do i have to restore oeminfo? 17:01:53
Dazzozo wanna give us more info 17:02:19
Dazzozo what are you even doing 17:02:29
Dazzozo that might be a good start 17:02:29
Curlie i want to unlock my phone 17:02:32
rymate1234 We do a lot of things 17:02:37
rymate1234 Reading minds isn't one 17:02:45
Curlie and on modaco you wrote that you have to restore original oeminfo 17:02:58
Curlie and i want to know if you have to do this generally or only if you have done something special 17:06:02
Alkalinorap Dazzozo, http://www.modaco.com/topic/362724-official-code-request-to-unlock-the-bootloader-final-post/#entry2126330 17:06:32
Alkalinorap Curlie, http://www.modaco.com/topic/362724-official-code-request-to-unlock-the-bootloader-final-post/#entry2126330 17:06:46
Dazzozo lmao 17:06:49
Alkalinorap I tried this to test it but never returns to what it was 17:07:48
Curlie ok thanks 17:08:09
Alkalinorap anway I have another solution 17:08:31
Curlie and other question: is huawei always slow as shit for downloading? 17:08:54
Alkalinorap I have a G330 OEMINFO with the bootloader unlocked 17:08:57
Alkalinorap and it works 17:09:03
Alkalinorap and no reboots 17:09:10
Alkalinorap if you want, I give it to you 17:09:25
Dazzozo what are these flashable upgrades and downgrades? 17:09:48
Alkalinorap but after you must reentering the code with DFS 17:09:53
Dazzozo other than more ways for people to brick their devices 17:09:54
Alkalinorap it's a simply 5.img of G330 17:10:53
Alkalinorap with the line of bootloader unlocked 17:11:02
Alkalinorap and works with the original oemsbl and bootloader partitions of G300 17:11:37
Alkalinorap is the last resort for those who are screwed. 17:12:15
modacouserr so, to relock the bootloader it's just go to cwm and "apply update.app" ? 17:19:37
Alkalinorap no 17:25:00
Alkalinorap you must install an UPDATE.APP 17:25:05
Alkalinorap dload in sdcard, VOL+ VOL- and POWER, etc 17:25:24
modacouserr any update.app or specific? how do i restore oeminfo 17:28:55
modacouserr when i bought my phone, first thing i've done was backup of rom and use 5iromtoolbox and backup everything.. followed a tutorial 17:29:30
Alkalinorap modacouserr, B952 17:32:23
Alkalinorap if you are unsure, you can restore your first 5irom's backup 17:32:56
modacouserr thank's, i'll do the thing when i get my code. i have to go, later 17:33:15
Alkalinorap Dazzozo, what does this mean? http://www.modaco.com/topic/362724-official-code-request-to-unlock-the-bootloader-final-post/#entry2126335 17:33:36
Alkalinorap "bugge3 17:33:38
Alkalinorap "bugger" 17:33:41
Alkalinorap wat 17:33:45
Dazzozo treat it as "shit" and you'll be ok 17:34:03
Dazzozo i think its a british thing 17:34:34
Dazzozo though its kinda not said much 17:34:42
Alkalinorap lol 17:34:54
sticky|away Uživatel „sticky|away“ je nyní znám jako stickyboy. 17:38:59
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fefifofum i remember when someone laugh at me here when we were demanding huawei to release the bootloader unlock code 18:01:44
fefifofum i don't know who it was but... haha!! 18:01:53
Alkalinorap lol 18:02:03
kra1o5 wow 18:02:26
kra1o5 only weeks later.... here the code 18:02:36
Alkalinorap only eons later.. 18:02:52
Alkalinorap D 18:02:53
fefifofum lol 18:03:49
Dazzozo lol 18:18:20
Dazzozo flibblesan got mad at me tweeting about the Xbox event 18:18:28
Dazzozo because people cant take opinionzzzz 18:18:35
rymate1234 lolbox one 18:18:47
kra1o5 18:18:49
Dazzozo so he unfollowed me 18:18:53
fefifofum lol 18:19:07
kra1o5 wow 18:19:07
Dazzozo and i could say something very very mean because im a horrible person 18:19:19
Dazzozo but i wont 18:19:22
kra1o5 he broken contact with you now 18:19:31
Dazzozo because im lovely 18:19:31
Dazzozo ikr lol 18:19:35
fefifofum lol 18:19:37
Dazzozo he used to love me for no apparent reason 18:19:40
kra1o5 hehe 18:19:48
Dazzozo but because i have a difference of opinion and im not interested by marketing bullshit 18:19:49
kra1o5 he votes for you in G510 18:19:55
Dazzozo lol 18:19:56
Dazzozo ikr 18:19:58
stickyboy Uživatel „stickyboy“ je nyní znám jako sticky|away. 18:37:18
sticky|away Uživatel „sticky|away“ je nyní znám jako stickyboy. 18:38:03
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kra1o5 Dazzozo: you set up cm9 & cm10.1 19:31:08
kra1o5 but cm10.0? 19:31:11
Dazzozo i will do 19:31:24
Dazzozo before friday 19:31:38
kra1o5 thanks 19:31:38
kra1o5 i think cm10.0 is the most stable for G300 19:31:55
jordilopez94 Uživatel „jordilopez94“ je nyní znám jako jordilopez94|awa. 19:32:49
kra1o5 Dazzozo: goodbye to multibaseband? 19:34:08
kra1o5 or not? 19:34:13
AU001 why cm10.0 is most stable? 19:34:16
Dazzozo kra1o5: no 19:34:19
Dazzozo its staying 19:34:21
Dazzozo it causes no problems 19:34:28
Dazzozo if someone's on 109808 and is happy then so be it 19:34:37
kra1o5 good choice 19:35:12
kra1o5 AU001: not camera problem 19:35:26
kra1o5 & other minor bugs 19:35:38
AU001 only camera? 19:35:45
AU001 cause every third party camera works fine 19:35:56
kra1o5 yes 19:36:00
AU001 only the stock is slow 19:36:01
AU001 minor bugs what else? 19:36:17
kra1o5 tvcatchup, youtube live, sounds in call (the eternal bug), ghost loss signal 19:37:16
kra1o5 many people ahve this 19:37:38
kra1o5 i only have youtube live issue 19:37:53
AU001 yeah about youtube i notice 19:38:01
AU001 but in call sound is fine 19:38:09
kra1o5 yes AU001 19:38:17
kra1o5 but for various people not 19:38:25
AU001 and the rest i have no signal drops and i don't know what tvcatchup is 19:38:26
kra1o5 is the random bug 19:38:33
AU001 weird 19:38:37
kra1o5 AU001: youtube bug i think is omx legacy problem 19:38:59
AU001 i would understand people complaing about low in call volume but high volume you can just volume down 19:39:00
kra1o5 is omxvdec error 19:39:07
AU001 i noticed that just yesterday when i tried to play a video 19:39:18
AU001 for me it's a minor bug 19:39:23
kra1o5 for me too 19:39:28
AU001 since i rarely use youtube and can leave with it 19:39:32
kra1o5 the two bigs errors: Camera & Battery 19:39:45
AU001 on cm10 3rd party camera work? last time i checked it was a no go 19:39:58
AU001 if yes what's the commit that fixed that? 19:40:04
kra1o5 yes 19:40:07
AU001 what's the commit? 19:40:14
kra1o5 same commit 19:40:18
kra1o5 used in cm10.1 19:40:21
kra1o5 areas values 19:40:27
AU001 gonna have a look 19:40:29
AU001 ah ok 19:40:31
AU001 cm10 to cm10.1 kernel differs? 19:40:44
kra1o5 yes 19:40:49
kra1o5 but not much 19:40:55
AU001 will have a look at it too then 19:41:02
kra1o5 you can use same kernel 19:41:05
kra1o5 the only annoying problem is backlight in cm10 19:41:24
AU001 the battery drain if it exists on cm10.1 it might be kernel related 19:41:26
kra1o5 AU001: exists in cm10.x 19:41:41
kra1o5 cm9 battery is very good 19:41:56
AU001 i haven't been at ics for a long time to know 19:42:16
AU001 but with 1h of voice calls and 7h total uptime i am at 60% 19:42:37
AU001 which seems fine 19:42:41
AU001 if it gets me a full day it's acceptable 19:42:48
kra1o5 for cm10.x with data 1 day with cm9 2 or up 19:42:53
AU001 gonna try cm9 for some time i'm curious about it 19:43:16
kra1o5 dont know what is eating the battery 19:43:31
AU001 although i like 4.2.2 feautures 19:43:33
kra1o5 me too 19:43:39
AU001 i wonder if it's possible to build a 4.1.2 rom based on caf sources like dzo did for u8800 19:44:05
AU001 it was clean AOSP 19:44:15
kra1o5 a lot of works 19:44:31
AU001 yeah i guess 19:44:45
kra1o5 i want to make Evervlov rom 19:45:00
kra1o5 is AOSP with small changes 19:45:11
kra1o5 Evervolv* 19:45:20
Dazzozo Port All Of The Roms 19:45:27
Dazzozo kids arent satisfied with CM anymore (( 19:45:38
kra1o5 Dazzozo: you are the boss 19:46:12
kra1o5 fever 19:46:15
Dazzozo 19:46:19
kra1o5 i think is better to try fix problems of 1 rom 19:46:45
Alkalinorap DDD 19:49:22
Alkalinorap fucking Dazzozo 19:49:25
Alkalinorap <Dazzozo> Port All Of The Roms 19:49:44
Alkalinorap <Dazzozo> kids arent satisfied with CM anymore (( 19:49:44
Alkalinorap lol 19:49:44
Dazzozo 19:49:49
kra1o5 Dazzozo: i think the people try other roms 19:50:03
kra1o5 but finally use CM 19:50:08
Dazzozo I can't believe how dense people that I used to respect are acting over the Xbox announcement 19:50:13
Dazzozo blinded by the ass they're brown nosing 19:50:26
kra1o5 E/OMXNodeInstance( 111): OMX_GetExtensionIndex failed 19:51:19
Dazzozo don't start me on that 19:51:32
kra1o5 19:51:41
kra1o5 but Dazzozo you think is legacy omx problem? 19:52:03
Dazzozo well its obviously an omx problem 19:52:13
Dazzozo i don't know why you're calling it legacy 19:52:22
kra1o5 we use ICS omx 19:52:35
Dazzozo yeah i know 19:52:38
kra1o5 in 4.2.2 this is legacy 19:52:46
Dazzozo but i don't think its a problem with the fact its legacy 19:52:46
Dazzozo of course it is 19:52:49
Dazzozo but you're describing it as if the problem is due to it being legacy 19:52:57
Dazzozo which is obviously not the case, or the problem would've been there in ics 19:53:05
kra1o5 bad explain 19:53:23
kra1o5 the problem is in cm10.x 19:53:33
kra1o5 only 19:53:34
Dazzozo ye 19:54:07
kra1o5 & logcat spam 19:54:20
Dazzozo its a problem with omx sure, but we don't have much choice about what we use 19:54:23
kra1o5 with omxvdec 19:54:23
Dazzozo so it has to be hacked in the framework 19:54:30
kra1o5 yes 19:54:51
kra1o5 is more easy for huawei release one JB update 19:55:08
kra1o5 but this is a dream 19:55:14
Dazzozo there's more chance of me earning the money to buy the company and making my first day at work getting an update released 19:56:18
kra1o5 yes 19:57:02
kra1o5 Dazzozo: backlight problem in cm10 is fixed? 19:58:25
Dazzozo probably not 20:01:52
kra1o5 is a cm problem 20:02:15
kra1o5 because in cm10.1 dont have this 20:02:25
Dazzozo its a 4.1 problem 20:02:46
kra1o5 logs not help? 20:03:07
stickyboy Yah 20:04:29
stickyboy Bane of my existence. 20:04:29
Dazzozo 20:04:42
Dazzozo kra1o5: there's nothing really to log 20:04:56
Dazzozo the screen suspend isn't a very verbose thing 20:05:11
kra1o5 http://www.modaco.com/topic/356747-dev-jb-cm10-411-cyanogenmod-10-for-the-huawei-ascend-g300-rom-last-updated-2608/page__st__160#entry2011690 20:05:13
Dazzozo yeah 20:05:28
Dazzozo they have their own crap 20:05:33
Dazzozo but still 20:05:48
kra1o5 good... 20:05:51
Dazzozo works on cm10.1 and cm9 -> not cm10 20:05:54
Dazzozo should work everywhere so its an incompatibility between 4.1 and our kernel 20:06:07
kra1o5 Dazzozo: maybe 3.4 helps 20:06:11
Dazzozo haha 20:06:14
Dazzozo i bet that file will only differ in insignificant ways 20:06:26
kra1o5 i refer to that part no port 3.4 20:06:28
kra1o5 20:06:29
kra1o5 huawei use a lot of own changes 20:06:56
Dazzozo ye 20:12:00
kra1o5 same with leds 20:13:29
kra1o5 bye standard 20:13:45
kra1o5 welcome own system 20:13:54
Dazzozo lol 20:14:04
Dazzozo ^ 20:14:06
Alkalinorap Dazzozo, one thing.. 20:14:21
kra1o5 all of feature_huawei 20:14:25
Alkalinorap what does mean the "^" character? 20:14:29
kra1o5 ^^ 20:14:37
Alkalinorap but Dazzozo use one 20:14:46
Alkalinorap not two 20:14:49
Alkalinorap I don't know if it's the same 20:14:59
Dazzozo I use it kinda like +1 for the person above 20:15:00
Alkalinorap ohh 20:15:05
Alkalinorap ok 20:15:06
kra1o5 Dazzozo: in 3.4 20:19:38
kra1o5 use different way 20:19:44
Dazzozo i guess they found the bug and fixed it 20:20:00
kra1o5 maybe 20:20:09
kra1o5 or have the same 20:20:13
kra1o5 like bluetooth flags 20:20:24
Dazzozo layer_detailpage&v=SyD1VlQdj2s#t=187s">http://www.youtube.com/watch?featurelayer_detailpage&v=SyD1VlQdj2s#t=187s 20:29:04
kra1o5 20:30:22
stickyboy Uživatel „stickyboy“ je nyní znám jako sticky|away. 20:42:18
Mack5991 Uživatel Mack5991 [5c04ab2d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:43:59
Mack5991 hello guys 20:44:16
Dazzozo yo 20:45:06
JillBot Uživatel JillBot [~JillBot@router1-ext.rs.github.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:45:39
JillBot [jenkins] Dazzozo pushed 1 new commit to master: http://git.io/dbTZWw 20:45:40
JillBot jenkins/master bcbadcc Daz Jones: build.sh: clean after 21 hours instead of 24 20:45:40
~JillBot Uživatel „JillBot“ opustil místnost (Part). 20:45:40
kra1o5 Dazzozo: 3 hours? 20:46:05
Dazzozo hmm? 20:46:18
kra1o5 after 21 hours instead of 24 20:46:32
Dazzozo that's the auto clean 20:46:39
Dazzozo after 24 hours it cleaned the out dir automatically 20:46:49
Dazzozo but it was possible that a nightly got built before 24 hours because of it building any time between 12 and 3 20:47:02
Mack5991 Hows it going ? 20:47:06
kra1o5 to saves space 20:47:07
Dazzozo not really to save space 20:47:16
Dazzozo to force a completely clean build for the next nightly 20:47:23
kra1o5 you dont care space? 20:47:37
Mack5991 you using jenkins now? 20:47:40
kra1o5 yes 20:47:45
Dazzozo a few gb out dir is not a problem 20:47:52
Mack5991 are the nightlys on get.cm ? 20:48:06
Dazzozo yeah 20:48:09
Dazzozo its all set up 20:48:11
Mack5991 yay 20:48:15
Dazzozo its not like you're going to end up with multiple out dirs 20:50:10
Dazzozo for each build 20:50:21
Mack5991 soo many 4.2 roms on modaco now 20:50:34
Dazzozo they all figured it out eventually 20:50:52
kra1o5 my hdd for ubuntu have 80gb 20:51:36
kra1o5 i need to saves space 20:51:42
kra1o5 20:51:46
Dazzozo well I got about 1.83TB 20:51:54
Dazzozo so yeah 20:51:56
Alkalinorap mm 20:52:03
Alkalinorap lol 20:52:05
kra1o5 wow 20:52:07
kra1o5 Dazzozo: is VPN? 20:52:14
Dazzozo no 20:52:17
Dazzozo dedicated server 20:52:19
kra1o5 much cost 20:52:31
Alkalinorap I have a internal disk of 500 GB and a 1 TB of external disk 20:52:37
Dazzozo just have to shop around 20:52:43
Alkalinorap 1,5 TB 20:52:44
kra1o5 i have 500gb for windows 20:53:04
Mack5991 1.5 tb fuck...my laptop has 120gb lol 20:53:05
kra1o5 & 80 for ubuntu 20:53:08
Alkalinorap lol 20:53:14
Mack5991 dual boot unbuntu / win7 20:53:17
Dazzozo my server could cost me about $150 a month with different people 20:53:24
Alkalinorap Mack5991, my 1 TB disk have 4 years 20:53:26
Dazzozo it actually costs me a fraction of that 20:53:35
Alkalinorap has* 20:53:40
Mack5991 mine has been 7 years 20:53:42
kra1o5 yes 20:53:44
Alkalinorap lol 20:53:45
kra1o5 is expensive 20:53:49
kra1o5 but good service 20:53:56
Dazzozo once you have a dedicated server man 20:54:06
Dazzozo no going back 20:54:08
kra1o5 yes 20:54:14
kra1o5 this is true 20:54:18
Mack5991 can you let people upload stuff on your server ? 20:54:33
Dazzozo if i wanted to 20:54:47
Dazzozo i could do anything legal lol 20:54:56
Mack5991 lol 20:55:35
Mack5991 ]thats pretty cool 20:55:42
Mack5991 need some advice 20:55:50
Mack5991 angalaxy s2 or xperia sp? 20:56:03
Mack5991 a* 20:56:08
kra1o5 xperia 20:57:43
Mack5991 Thanks, how long does it take for huawei to send the bootloader unlock? 20:59:17
Mack5991 kra1o5 nice job with pac btw just flashed it yesterday 20:59:57
kra1o5 3 with luck 21:00:01
kra1o5 thanks 21:00:12
Mack5991 thanks 21:00:19
Uživatel „emyjojo“ opustil místnost (Quit: Page closed). 21:00:32
rymate1234 when does this channel get renamed to budget-phones 21:00:43
Dazzozo ^ 21:00:49
rymate1234 lol 21:00:51
Mack5991 has anyone tried deus ex themes on play store? 21:00:52
kra1o5 nop 21:00:59
Mack5991 you should 21:01:05
Mack5991 it looks cool 21:01:16
Mack5991 rymate1234 lel 21:01:27
Mack5991 difference between snapshot and nightly ? 21:03:47
kra1o5 Dazzozo: https://github.com/Dazzozo/huawei-kernel-3.4/blob/master/drivers/video/msm/msm_fb.c#L2028 21:04:06
Mack5991 Dazzozo rc2 merged ?..i havent been around for a while 21:04:09
kra1o5 hard work in copy & pasting 21:04:16
Dazzozo LOL 21:04:22
Mack5991 my friend didnt read the changelog and now he cant use his s2 lol 21:05:01
Mack5991 damn you have been busy Dazzozo 21:07:17
Dazzozo wat 21:07:22
Mack5991 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfjKjyDsASw 21:14:23
Uživatel „bb35“ opustil místnost (Quit: Remote host closed the connection). 21:16:57
Dazzozo http://i.imgur.com/FAAuFTo.gif 21:18:54
Mack5991 i hate when that happens ... 21:20:43
Mack5991 tp scrolls are the best if you have a slow hero.. 21:21:08
Mack5991 Jo1Iq4DU9w">http://www.youtube.com/watch?vJo1Iq4DU9w 21:26:47
Mack5991 lol 21:26:54
jordilopez94|awa Uživatel „jordilopez94|awa“ je nyní znám jako jordilopez94. 21:38:33
Mack5991 anyone seen halo bubble thing in action ? 21:41:03
modacouserr i saw a video 21:41:33
Mack5991 what you think? 21:41:55
jordilopez94 hi 21:41:59
Mack5991 hi jordilopez94 21:42:16
kubala Uživatel kubala [~kubala@] vstoupil do místnosti. 21:42:46
modacouserr mack5991 i think it's cool, but not at this step yet. it needs more time invested 21:43:31
modacouserr i used Windows phone notifications twice, because it's good looking and it pop's up above everything else 21:44:08
Mack5991 yeah 21:44:28
modacouserr this is almost the same idea, but with a minimal ui 21:44:49
Mack5991 need to try the new camera feautres on cm 10.1... 21:44:55
modacouserr and i like thins minimalistic 21:44:57
modacouserr what camera features? 21:45:05
kra1o5 bye 21:45:32
Mack5991 you can speak to take pictures (say cheese ) 21:45:35
57da0f92 Uživatel „kra1o5“ opustil místnost (Part). 21:45:36
Mack5991 bye 21:45:41
modacouserr oh cool 21:45:45
modacouserr bye 21:45:45
Mack5991 i love aokp boot animation 21:46:12
Alkalinux Uživatel Alkalinux [~alkalino@] vstoupil do místnosti. 21:49:50
Dazzozo I have a phone I reboot once a fortnight 21:58:31
Dazzozo so I don't care about boot animation 21:58:34
Dazzozo 21:58:35
Mack5991 lucky...i reboot every two days i think 22:00:35
fefifofum what? 22:00:39
Dazzozo plus I get the nexus boot animation without feeling like a gimmick 22:01:59
Dazzozo 22:02:01
Uživatel „AMGarcia19“ opustil místnost (Quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer). 22:03:14
Mack5991 nice 22:05:05
Dazzozo someone donated and didnt leave their forum name 22:05:20
Dazzozo :C 22:05:21
Mack5991 email them ? 22:06:14
Dazzozo http://www.polygon.com/2013/5/21/4353010/kinect-trouble-xbox-one-reveal 22:07:48
Dazzozo i cant 22:07:50
Dazzozo oh 22:07:53
Dazzozo i can 22:07:53
Mack5991 lol 22:07:58
Mack5991 someone i know said it looks like one of the old dell gx280s 22:08:27
Mack5991 lol 22:09:07
Dazzozo oh he commented on the forum 22:09:09
Mack5991 nice 22:09:17
Dazzozo ez 22:10:06
Alkalinux hi Mack5991 22:10:48
Mack5991 when did huawei add our device to the unlock bottloader ? 22:10:53
fefifofum today 22:11:05
Mack5991 nice, first time i hhave been on irc in months lol 22:11:38
rymate1234 Hey guys 22:11:41
Mack5991 yo 22:11:47
fefifofum we had to wait a jiff, but it's finally here 22:11:47
rymate1234 Tip: don't over clock armv6 past 1ghz 22:12:19
Mack5991 lol doesnt it just reboot? 22:12:34
Uživatel „kubala“ opustil místnost (Quit: Saliendo). 22:12:50
rymate1234 Mack - yup! 22:13:25
Mack5991 blade ? 22:13:45
rymate1234 Blade2 22:14:42
rymate1234 zte crescent 22:14:42
Mack5991 oh kewl 22:14:52
rymate1234 Lel 22:14:58
Mack5991 same as the vivacity ? 22:15:15
rymate1234 Why did I just make the keyboard smaller 22:15:32
Dazzozo http://www.twitch.tv/thegdstudio 22:15:55
Dazzozo i still love that background 22:15:58
Dazzozo anyway brb shower 22:16:01
Mack5991 Dazzozo - all-new innovative next-generaton 22:16:01
Dazzozo yes 22:16:05
Mack5991 longest display name ever 22:16:23
Dazzozo it is max chars 22:16:38
Dazzozo conveniently 22:16:42
rymate1234 Mack5991: basically yeah 22:16:50
Mack5991 nice 22:16:52
rymate1234 Apart from a couple changes that annoyed dazzozo 22:17:03
Mack5991 he likes a challenge 22:17:16
Mack5991 aokp have swag papers instead of wall papers lol 22:17:34
Dazzozo right brb for real 22:17:57
Dazzozo aokp is gay 22:18:04
Dazzozo ^truth 22:18:06
Mack5991 agreed 22:18:13
rymate1234 Aokp sucks 22:18:22
rymate1234 Slim bean ftw 22:18:29
Mack5991 brb daft punk album..downloading 22:18:44
Mack5991 helium is a good back up app 22:22:38
Uživatel „jordilopez94“ opustil místnost (Quit: Saliendo). 22:29:49
Mack5991 rymate1234 trying slim bean now 22:36:02
rymate1234 Is bud 22:36:16
rymate1234 *gud 22:36:19
Mack5991 i will know in two minutes 22:36:32
Mack5991 downloading some apps and games 22:36:44
Uživatel „fefifofum“ opustil místnost (Quit: Bye). 22:37:21
Mack5991 slim bean is ok 22:45:25
Mack5991 back to cm10.1 rc2 22:45:34
Mack5991 nothing beats pure cm for me 22:45:54
Dazzozo back 22:47:29
Mack5991 kewl 22:49:17
Uživatel „modacouserr“ opustil místnost (Quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer). 22:51:36
Mack5991 meh new play store looks bad 23:07:17
raverrr Uživatel raverrr [~raverrr@host86-159-203-99.range86-159.btcentralplus.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 23:12:47
Uživatel „raverrr“ opustil místnost (Quit: Client Quit). 23:14:03
Mack5991 bye guys 23:16:13
5c04ab2d Uživatel „Mack5991“ opustil místnost (Part). 23:16:41
Uživatel „Alkalinux“ opustil místnost (Quit: Saliendo). 23:47:26
SilvesterBot Starting build #4 for job android 23:58:00
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