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I'm sorry for not actual logs - my FTP uploads are reduced a lot, i'm working on new solution..

Expected startup is about 10.2.2014

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AU001 would it be possible to build from caf sources a working rom for u8815? 00:42:35
AU001 there is support for our chipset in the jelly bean branch 00:42:51
AU001 what specific changes would be required in order to work for this device? 00:43:13
AU001 trying to figure out why voip calls are not working on 4.2.2 00:45:02
AU001 there is certainly something missing on the audio libs 00:45:11
AU001 comparing this https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_hardware_qcom_audio-caf/commit/672734efc42c82ad75794020368ca14efbbed24c 00:45:21
AU001 i keep getting this error when compiling cm10.1 03:03:35
AU001 device/huawei/u8815/audio/AudioHardware.cpp:1528:21: error: 'EVRCB' is not a member of 'android_audio_legacy::AudioSystem' 03:03:36
AU001 damn hardware/libhardware_legacy/include/hardware_legacy/ 03:43:32
AU001 there were missing from here 03:43:38
AU001 cyanogenmod repo should be updated to include this 03:43:47
AU001 let's see now 03:43:48
rymate1234 heh 07:11:51
rymate1234 just booted my ics with jb kernel 07:12:02
rymate1234 It worked! 07:12:05
rymate1234 With a few problem 07:12:10
rymate1234 1. display violently shook around 07:12:25
rymate1234 2. adb didn't work 07:12:29
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cybojenix-tab Dazzozo there? 09:05:58
Dazzozo yo 09:06:03
cybojenix-tab Found something out... 09:06:13
cybojenix-tab Remember ath6kl? 09:06:21
cybojenix-tab Wifi driver 09:06:25
Dazzozo ye 09:06:28
cybojenix-tab Turns out the samsung msm7x27 devices were using it all along 09:06:45
cybojenix-tab A few weeks ago, they pushed a patch to update it to 3.0 standards 09:07:16
Dazzozo lol 09:24:31
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AU001 Dazzozo when compiling cm10.1 there are some libs that are not into zip 09:44:13
AU001 the zip that gets made isn't bootable 09:44:26
AU001 this is the case or it's just me? 09:44:43
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AU001 anyway i give up trying to fix viber on cm10.1 10:45:52
AU001 did merged the changes from caf 10:46:05
AU001 but shit it doesn't work 10:46:10
AU001 error appears to be this "getInput() could not find profile for device %04x, samplingRate %d, format %d," 10:46:30
AU001 but tells me nothing 10:46:41
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rymate1234 my build of ics with a jb kernel was rathe rgood 11:07:12
rymate1234 surprised it got as far as "upgrading apps" 11:07:20
AU001 on a second though i think there is a libomx lib missing 11:07:40
AU001 or not 11:08:36
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thejaimes111 Hey ! 14:13:27
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AU001 if anyone wants to have a look at my pastie 14:27:07
AU001 http://pastebin.com/JeCrhcDy 14:27:08
AU001 it's viber on 4.2.2 14:27:13
AU001 W/AudioPolicyManager7627a( 113): getInput() could not find profile for device 8 14:27:43
AU001 0000001, samplingRate 44100, format 1,channelMask 0010 14:27:43
AU001 i guess that's the problem 14:27:50
AU001 but on what profile is it refering actually? 14:27:59
AU001 btw i compiled aokp 4.2.2 for g300 with daz sources and it works just fine too 14:28:22
AU001 only viber doesn't work duh 14:28:38
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cybojenix dazzozo there? 14:36:48
Dazzozo yo 14:36:55
cybojenix just found a thready showing the g300 with a similar error to what I'm having atm 14:37:15
cybojenix Unable to open router port: No such file or directory 14:38:48
cybojenix ONCRPC Failed to open device: /dev/oncrpc/30000000dc9bd91 14:38:54
cybojenix I think it is caused by the kernel side, however I don't know which source maps these filesd 14:39:29
cybojenix files* 14:39:31
cybojenix the actual file it's looking for doesn't exist 14:39:41
Alkalinorap Dazzozo, something very strange happens 14:43:20
Alkalinorap with your repos the option to enable NFC in Settings does not appear 14:43:24
Alkalinorap with my repos yes 14:43:28
Alkalinorap :| 14:43:30
Alkalinorap I'm recompiling again with your repos cleanly 14:44:09
Alkalinorap then inform you 14:44:09
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AMGarcia19 Dazzozo, http://git.io/2Kii3w http://git.io/9jydTw 16:03:08
Alkalinorap Dazzozo, I can confirm that with your repos the nfc doesn't appear in Settings 16:05:53
Alkalinux Dazzozo, http://pastebin.com/WvS8Mf2k 16:16:05
Dazzozo none of my business! 16:16:44
Dazzozo i dont have an nfc device 16:16:58
Dazzozo if its broken find out why 16:17:11
Alkalinux lol 16:18:46
Alkalinux but if you had added you like me, this would not happen 16:18:47
Dazzozo it was a mess 16:19:18
Dazzozo im not merging a mess 16:19:20
Dazzozo almost none of it changed 16:19:56
Alkalinux ok 16:20:08
Alkalinux at least you can revert the commit and delete everything about nfc? 16:20:13
Dazzozo I reindented nfcee_access.xml based on how every other device has it, deleted huawei's junk comments 16:20:24
Dazzozo changed how the props were copied instead of that weird setup-makefiles.sh hack 16:20:51
Dazzozo thats... it 16:21:04
Dazzozo the only difference is this https://github.com/Dazzozo/android_device_huawei_u8815/commit/9123609b4dd13e6cda10adcd1a2aa7c3617dcafd 16:21:13
Dazzozo your repo wasnt copying that file 16:21:20
Dazzozo I made it copy it 16:21:22
Dazzozo like you said 16:21:25
Alkalinux I think that that file doesn't affect to appearance in Settings 16:22:01
Alkalinux hehe 16:22:02
Alkalinux but don't worry daz! 16:22:08
Alkalinux delete all 16:22:10
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Kra1o5 yo 16:22:16
Dazzozo it could potentially be the cause of crashes 16:22:21
Dazzozo its not the setting that isnt showing up 16:22:28
Dazzozo its crashing constantly 16:22:48
Dazzozo as you showed in the log 16:22:52
Alkalinux yes.. 16:22:55
Dazzozo its not a simple "woops the setting isnt there" 16:23:09
Kra1o5 you talk about nfc? 16:23:36
Alkalinux I do not understand why, if your repos and mine extracted the same files, compiling with yours fails 16:24:14
Alkalinux I think you have not done anything wrong, much less 16:24:17
Alkalinux it's.. paranormaly activity 16:24:31
Alkalinux paranormal* 16:24:35
Kra1o5 its funny 16:24:36
Dazzozo remove nfcee_access.xml 16:24:41
Kra1o5 the repos si the same 16:24:42
Dazzozo your repo wasnt copying it 16:24:55
Kra1o5 Dazzozo, now i have more battery life in cm10.1 16:25:11
Dazzozo i saw, nice work 16:25:16
Kra1o5 bye bye power hal 16:25:19
Alkalinux ok, nfcee_access.xml deleted 16:27:07
Alkalinux rebooting 16:27:09
Alkalinux I/NfcService( 2063): Starting NFC service 16:29:44
Alkalinux E/dalvikvm( 2063): ERROR: couldn't find native method 16:29:45
Alkalinux E/dalvikvm( 2063): Requested: Lcom/android/nfc/nxp/NativeNfcManager;.doSelectSecureElementI)V 16:29:45
Alkalinux E/dalvikvm( 2063): Candidate: Lcom/android/nfc/nxp/NativeNfcManager;.doSelectSecureElement)V 16:29:45
Alkalinux E/JNIHelp ( 2063): RegisterNatives failed for 'com/android/nfc/nxp/NativeNfcManager', aborting 16:29:45
Alkalinux F/libc ( 2063): Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0xdeadbaad (code=1) 16:29:46
Dazzozo :| 16:29:59
Alkalinux lol 16:30:02
Alkalinux Dazzozo, trust me, delete your commit of nfc please, anyway it was not fully functional 16:30:36
rymate1234 one does not simply 16:32:06
rymate1234 delete commits 16:32:08
Alkalinux I prefer you to have clean repos instead of your next builds will have errors and deaders processes 16:33:59
Alkalinux lol 16:34:02
Dazzozo if I get errors on a U8815 on my next build i'll fix them 16:34:59
Dazzozo I doubt i'll see the errors tho 16:35:05
Alkalinux ok 16:35:22
Alkalinux thanks 16:35:26
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raverrr yo 17:22:43
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kra1o5 Dazzozo: are you here? 18:41:38
Dazzozo ye 18:41:43
kra1o5 i discover green problem fix 18:41:56
kra1o5 the problem is legacy encoders 18:43:11
Dazzozo hmm? 18:45:32
kra1o5 i try to take picture with whatsapp & not green screen 18:46:00
kra1o5 but not stream videos 18:46:25
kra1o5 with omx from G510 18:46:34
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Dazzozo hmm 18:55:04
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Dazzozo that's the G510's OMX from? 18:55:13
Dazzozo 4.1? 18:55:15
kra1o5 yes 18:55:37
kra1o5 B178 release 18:55:50
Dazzozo and it just works on the G300 with no problems? 18:55:54
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Dazzozo rip 18:56:17
kra1o5 Uživatel kra1o5 [57da023f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 18:56:42
kra1o5 oops 18:56:46
fefifofum lol 18:56:49
kra1o5 streaming videos doesnt work now 18:57:01
tilal6991|away Uživatel „tilal6991|away“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991. 18:57:15
kra1o5 but maby we cant try with Omx from Xperia J 18:57:37
kra1o5 maybe* 18:57:48
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AU001 Dazzozo 19:37:39
Dazzozo kra1o5: that never works 19:37:51
Dazzozo yo 19:37:52
AU001 can you have a look at this log http://pastebin.com/JeCrhcDy 19:38:06
AU001 i've been trying to make viber work with cm10.1 19:38:16
AU001 i downloaded latest caf release for our chipset and merge some changes they have for voip 19:38:34
Dazzozo good luck 19:38:35
AU001 yeah thanks 19:38:47
AU001 but can you have a look at the log in case you can give me a hint? 19:39:00
Dazzozo yeah these "could not get X for source Y" errors have happened in the past 19:39:09
Dazzozo they were with output tho 19:39:15
Dazzozo when work on 4.2 first started 19:39:29
kra1o5 Dazzozo: sure 19:39:47
Dazzozo i never fixed them myself 19:39:56
kra1o5 only one JB update for G300 revive it 19:40:05
Dazzozo mhm 19:40:13
AU001 also on another not 19:40:42
AU001 note 19:40:44
AU001 when compiling from your source omxcore isn't compiled 19:40:58
AU001 you manually copy paste some libs to the zip when you release? 19:41:08
Dazzozo no 19:41:40
Dazzozo lol that would be disgusting 19:41:50
AU001 weird then cause i haven't modified anything and i'm missing libs 19:42:16
Valicek1 hi 19:42:36
Dazzozo probably my manifest 19:42:52
Valicek1 Does the CM10.1 R4 work on old baseband? 19:43:09
Dazzozo yes 19:43:48
Valicek1 Ok.. 19:43:59
Valicek1 And which one of basebands is more laggy... My G300 on 2030 restarts a lot of (at about 50/day), without overclock 19:45:03
kra1o5 you need androidarmv6 repos 19:45:25
Valicek1 I'm wondering that BB downgrade may help me... 19:45:37
AU001 kra1o5 for the missing libs? 19:45:46
Dazzozo you won't get the bootloader reboots 19:45:51
Dazzozo AU001: most likely, i substitute qcom_media 19:46:08
kra1o5 AU001: in your build compile fine hwcomposer & gralloc? 19:46:21
kra1o5 i think not 19:46:36
Valicek1 Dazzozo: Thank you... And is this the right way? http://www.modaco.com/topic/361310-downgrade-upgrade-from-recovery/ 19:46:40
AU001 nope 19:46:43
AU001 no gralloc and omxcore 19:46:58
Dazzozo Valicek1: should work though i think fefifofum said these things cause problems 19:47:04
Dazzozo AU001: yeah you're gonna want gralloc 19:47:17
kra1o5 AU001: you need androidarmv6 repos 19:47:25
Dazzozo <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 19:47:31
Dazzozo <manifest> 19:47:31
Dazzozo <remove-project name="CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_av" /> 19:47:31
Dazzozo <remove-project name="CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_native" /> 19:47:31
Dazzozo <project name="androidarmv6/android_frameworks_av" path="frameworks/av" remote="github" revision="cm-10.1" /> 19:47:31
Dazzozo <project name="androidarmv6/android_frameworks_native" path="frameworks/native" remote="github" revision="cm-10.1" /> 19:47:34
Dazzozo <project name="androidarmv6/android_hardware_qcom_display-legacy" path="hardware/qcom/display-legacy" remote="github" revision="cm-10.1" /> 19:47:37
Dazzozo <project name="androidarmv6/android_hardware_qcom_media_legacy" path="hardware/qcom/media_legacy" remote="github" revision="cm-10.1" /> 19:47:42
Dazzozo </manifest> 19:47:45
AU001 oh 19:47:53
stickyboy Oh my 19:48:18
kra1o5 Dazzozo: what patch you use for wifi in cm10.1? 19:48:20
Dazzozo diff --git a/wifi/Android.mk b/wifi/Android.mk 19:48:58
Dazzozo index 51afe3a..788520f 100644 19:48:59
Dazzozo --- a/wifi/Android.mk 19:48:59
Dazzozo +++ b/wifi/Android.mk 19:48:59
Dazzozo @@ -43,7 +43,13 @@ ifdef WIFI_EXT_MODULE_NAME 19:48:59
Dazzozo endif 19:49:01
Dazzozo -LOCAL_SRC_FILES += wifi/wifi.c 19:49:03
Dazzozo +ifeq ($(TARGET_CUSTOM_WIFI),) 19:49:05
Dazzozo + LOCAL_SRC_FILES += \ 19:49:07
Dazzozo + wifi/wifi.c 19:49:11
Dazzozo +else 19:49:13
Dazzozo + LOCAL_SRC_FILES += \ 19:49:15
Dazzozo + $(TARGET_CUSTOM_WIFI) 19:49:17
Dazzozo +endif 19:49:19
Dazzozo ifeq ($(BOARD_HAVE_SAMSUNG_WIFI),true) 19:49:21
Dazzozo -- 19:49:25
Dazzozo should really be in CM 19:49:35
Valicek1 Dazzozo: What problems? 19:49:37
Dazzozo it was in ics 19:49:39
Dazzozo dunno, im no expert on that 19:49:46
Valicek1 kk 19:50:38
kra1o5 thanks Dazzozo really 19:50:41
AU001 ok this is a bit noobish but where is that manifest? :S i used git clone actually 19:50:51
tilal6991 Dazzozo: Just submit it 19:51:01
kra1o5 lol AU001 19:51:10
Dazzozo has been already 19:51:14
tilal6991 Oh right 19:51:18
kra1o5 local_manifest.xml 19:51:20
Dazzozo was in ics 19:51:21
Dazzozo had to patch it in ever since 19:51:29
kra1o5 yes, without this not set MAC correctly in CM10.1 19:51:55
Dazzozo i'll add something to the module soon 19:52:16
Dazzozo sick of it tbh 19:52:23
Dazzozo its not necessary 19:52:29
stickyboy I'm sick of a lot of stuff too. 19:52:56
kra1o5 i work in FM 19:52:58
kra1o5 i want to implement effem 19:53:07
kra1o5 i need modify audio Hal 19:53:25
AU001 so instead of using original cm repo i should use repo init -u git://github.com/androidarmv6/android.git -b cm-10.1 ? 19:55:09
Dazzozo no 19:55:16
Dazzozo that would clone androidarmv6 19:55:20
Dazzozo we only use some repos 19:55:23
kra1o5 Dazzozo: what is the different between androidarmv6 legacymod & legacydroid? 19:55:42
Dazzozo everyone feels like being the owner of their own project 19:55:53
kra1o5 but same objective 19:56:16
Dazzozo there probably is some difference 19:56:19
AU001 the right way then would be which one? i can't understand where is your local manifest 19:56:38
Dazzozo but its not a concern of ours 19:56:41
tilal6991 No much TBH 19:56:51
Dazzozo since all we use is av/native and qcom display/media 19:56:54
kra1o5 AU001: need to add this 19:56:54
kra1o5 to local manifest 19:57:00
tilal6991 Legacydroid is CAF based 19:57:09
AU001 aah there is nowhere online? 19:57:14
stickyboy LegacYmod? 19:57:20
AU001 i just add the lines daz pasted to my manifest? 19:57:22
Dazzozo no, thats why its called "local" 19:57:24
Dazzozo you dont edit the manifest 19:57:30
kra1o5 stickyboy: yeah use by Konstat 19:57:33
tilal6991 LegaCymod is Konstat's work when he ignore androidarmv6 19:57:37
Dazzozo "i dont want to work with other people" basically 19:57:49
AU001 i'll google 19:57:50
tilal6991 And androidarmv6 is by everyone else 19:57:50
stickyboy and adfad666 right? 19:57:50
tilal6991 Dazzozo: Yes 19:57:55
Dazzozo lesser beings! 19:58:05
Dazzozo ^ konstat all over 19:58:09
tilal6991 Lol 19:58:24
kra1o5 Dazzozo: with the new changes 24 hours cm10.1 & 4% remaining 19:59:55
kra1o5 ^^^ 20:00:01
AU001 ok got it now 20:00:24
AU001 added u8815.xml to local_manifests 20:00:43
AU001 http://wiki.cyanogenmod.org/w/Doc:_Using_local_manifests this was good reading 20:00:47
Dazzozo yeah the wiki is really good now 20:01:20
kra1o5 & google help with search 20:02:04
AU001 also one other thing why on audio you use audio_policy.u8815 instead of audio_policy.msm7x27a 20:03:18
AU001 the naming makes any difference? 20:03:24
kra1o5 Dazzozo: this is funny i see this in one custom ROM for G510 -> "com.ti.omap_enhancement=true" in build.prop 20:03:29
kra1o5 AU001: cosmetic 20:03:42
Dazzozo no 20:03:56
Dazzozo it isnt cosmetic 20:03:58
Dazzozo CM10.1 has no msm7x27a HAL because qcom haven't officially done one 20:04:15
Dazzozo because msm7x27a isn't supported for 4.2 20:04:20
kra1o5 is for TARGET_DEVICE 20:04:21
Dazzozo the msm7x27a one on 4.1 played up for us 20:04:34
Dazzozo it routed to both the speaker and the headset 20:04:45
Dazzozo and we have a tweak in there to stop the voice call audio hemorrhaging 20:05:09
AU001 aha 20:05:52
Dazzozo so the one in the device tree is stolen from adfad666 20:06:06
Dazzozo and modified with the same volume tweak 20:06:25
AU001 there are little changes from 4.1.2 caf to what we have 20:06:32
AU001 mostly some voip ifdefs 20:06:43
AU001 also i don't know if this makes any difference for in call volume 20:08:09
AU001 + // Added 0.4 to current volume, as in voice call Mute cannot be set as minimum volume(0.00) 20:08:10
AU001 + // setting Rx volume level as 2 for minimum and 7 as max level. 20:08:12
AU001 + v = 0.4 + v; 20:08:14
AU001 - int vol = lrint(v * 7.0); 20:08:16
AU001 + int vol = lrint(v * 5.0); 20:08:18
AU001 maybe fixes the complaints about too high volume? 20:08:34
Dazzozo thats the hack 20:08:35
Dazzozo plus I have a patch in frameworks/base 20:08:51
kra1o5 & the option to disable noise supressor 20:09:21
AU001 thanks daz for the info 20:12:48
AU001 will give one more try for viber to work 20:12:57
kra1o5 AU001: you can try adding 20:21:43
kra1o5 QCOM_VOIP_ENABLED 20:21:53
AU001 i think it's already there 20:23:32
kra1o5 & dont works with that? 20:24:46
AU001 i don't know if it's voip or some weird library for audio procesing that viber uses and we don't have 20:24:58
AU001 cause skype works fine 20:25:01
kra1o5 viber is very annoying with this error 20:26:17
kra1o5 maybe bad route 20:26:36
AU001 wish i knew 20:26:44
kra1o5 Uživatel „kra1o5“ je nyní znám jako Kra1o5|away. 20:30:44
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tilal6991 Uživatel „tilal6991“ je nyní znám jako tilal|test. 21:20:18
Kra1o5|away bye 21:22:40
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cybojenix adfad666 I still can't nail it! 22:17:43
adfad666 are you still trying to get the device to work on the new baseband? 22:18:33
cybojenix yes! 22:18:40
adfad666 is it not possible to downgrade the baseband and use the old RIL? 22:18:52
cybojenix I will get this to fucking receive a text 22:18:56
cybojenix no 22:19:00
cybojenix no access to windows to decompile the kdz 22:19:12
cybojenix also don't know where the bootloader is located 22:19:19
adfad666 can't you just flash the whole kdz to get the old baseband? 22:19:54
cybojenix nope 22:20:02
cybojenix lg have found a system to stop us downgrading back to v10 22:20:12
adfad666 ouch 22:20:27
cybojenix which sucks because they've screwed up the audio routing 22:20:29
cybojenix and made it unrootable 22:20:34
cybojenix currently my base is a hacked v20a (test) kdz, with the ics hacked bootloader 22:21:06
adfad666 LG always seem to play with the audio routing 22:21:17
cybojenix yeah 22:21:25
cybojenix basically, notifications goes through speaker as well as headphones when headphones are plugged in 22:21:47
cybojenix and if you receive a call, you have to reboot before you plug headphones in, otherwise headphones won't work 22:22:07
adfad666 I'm so glad I didn't go for the LG 22:23:12
cybojenix E/ConnectivityService( 322): Ignoring protectedNetwork 10 22:24:16
cybojenix E/ConnectivityService( 322): Ignoring protectedNetwork 11 22:24:16
cybojenix E/ConnectivityService( 322): Ignoring protectedNetwork 12 22:24:16
cybojenix oh wait... 22:25:05
Uživatel „fefifofum“ opustil místnost (Quit: Bye). 22:25:16
cybojenix lol woo, just got a load of spams in kmsg about no permissions 22:25:27
cybojenix <3>[ 806.736874] init: cannot execve('/system/bin/qmiproxy'): Permission denied 22:25:35
cybojenix <3>[ 806.738528] init: cannot execve('/system/bin/rild'): Permission denied 22:25:35
cybojenix <3>[ 811.751186] init: cannot execve('/system/bin/netmgrd'): Permission denied 22:25:35
adfad666 the ignoring log is normal 22:25:49
adfad666 I have that in my logcat 22:25:58
adfad666 05-04 19:27:13.839: E/ConnectivityService(455): Ignoring protectedNetwork 10 22:26:52
adfad666 05-04 19:27:13.839: E/ConnectivityService(455): Ignoring protectedNetwork 11 22:26:52
adfad666 05-04 19:27:13.839: E/ConnectivityService(455): Ignoring protectedNetwork 12 22:26:52
cybojenix E/MobileDataStateTracker( 322): default: Ignoring feature request because could not acquire PhoneService 22:26:53
cybojenix E/MobileDataStateTracker( 322): default: Could not enable APN type "default" 22:26:53
adfad666 what about the radio log? 22:27:10
adfad666 logcat -b radio 22:27:19
adfad666 you should do this: 22:27:55
adfad666 logcat -b radio > log.txt 22:28:04
adfad666 and do it on a fresh boot 22:28:15
cybojenix http://pastebin.com/JtfzWeGd 22:28:19
adfad666 it move's REALLY fast 22:28:20
adfad666 ahh you've got it 22:28:32
cybojenix I have unlimited buffer window 22:28:36
cybojenix 22:28:38
cybojenix adfad66 22:38:48
cybojenix E/RILD ( 2883): **RIL Daemon Started** 22:38:49
cybojenix E/RILD ( 2883): **RILd param count=1** 22:38:49
cybojenix E/RILD ( 2883): RIL_Init argc = 5 client = 0 22:38:49
cybojenix W/RILC ( 2883): RIL_onUnsolicitedSendResponse called before RIL_register 22:38:49
cybojenix E/RILD ( 2883): isMultiSimEnabled: prop_val = 0 enabled = 0 22:38:50
cybojenix E/RILC ( 2883): RIL_register: RIL version 7 22:38:52
cybojenix E/RILC ( 2883): s_registerCalled = 1, s_started = 1, RIL_getMaxNumClients = 1 22:38:54
cybojenix E/RILC ( 2883): Failed to get socket rild 22:38:56
cybojenix D/RILJ ( 496): NOTE: mReqWaiting is NOT 0 but1 at TIMEOUT, reset! There still msg waitng for response 22:38:58
cybojenix D/RILJ ( 496): WAKE_LOCK_TIMEOUT mRequestList=1 22:39:01
cybojenix D/RILJ ( 496): 0: [8] SCREEN_STATE 22:39:03
cybojenix adfad666 * 22:39:26
cybojenix [GsmDCT] isDataAllowed: not allowed due to - gprs= 1 - SIM not loaded 22:41:17
adfad666 https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_device_sony_tamsui-common/blob/jellybean-3.4/config/init.sony.rc#L187 22:41:27
adfad666 do you need something like that? 22:41:34
cybojenix already have that 22:41:50
adfad666 hmmm 22:42:18
adfad666 perhaps you need an updated ril.java? 22:42:43
cybojenix possible to pull it from main system? 22:43:02
adfad666 possibly, Dazzozo did it for the g300 and I tried it too but the decompiled java was gobledygook to me 22:44:11
adfad666 I took the 'easy' route 22:45:52
cybojenix I have the smali files 22:50:39
cybojenix but not java files 22:50:42
cybojenix I guess you need to really know it well 22:50:51
adfad666 you can get java files 22:51:43
cybojenix how? 22:52:09
adfad666 dex2jar 22:52:21
adfad666 make sure the files is deodexed and that will give you 'readable' java 22:52:52
adfad666 it's not perfect 22:53:03
cybojenix well it will be better than smali 22:53:20
adfad666 but if you actually understand java than it might be useful for you 22:53:22
cybojenix atleast lg has used their own ril class 22:53:34
cybojenix instead of modding the main one 22:53:43
adfad666 unlike sony 22:54:19
cybojenix in 5 years, the android system will take up the same space as windows 23:00:44
adfad666 if android exists in 5 years 23:05:25
cybojenix it will 23:05:37
adfad666 I think it'll be unlike what we know as android today 23:06:02
adfad666 i'm convinced we're gonna see android and chromeos merged, and the java side of things slowly depreciated 23:06:35
cybojenix yeah 23:06:46
cybojenix btw, I got the class files but they're unreadable 23:06:56
adfad666 i thought so :/ 23:07:08
cybojenix why? 23:07:13
cybojenix wait I can view it with strings 23:07:47
adfad666 because they're pretty complex files, the decompiler just can't handle it properly 23:07:56
adfad666 I's a pity there isn't a magic decompiler that you can point to a binary file and some sourcecode and say "tell me the missing bits" 23:09:29
cybojenix erm, just read a tutorial, there is a step after dex2jar? 23:09:53
adfad666 aha yeah you need a java reader, I use jd-gui 23:10:22
adfad666 it's a windows program but works fine under wine 23:10:46
cybojenix they have an ubuntu version.. 23:11:12
adfad666 oooh it must be new, or i'm just blind 23:11:32
cybojenix obviously since someone posted about it 2 years ago 23:12:13
adfad666 nice 23:12:23
cybojenix oof wow 23:13:22
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Dazzozo lol that oncrpc chmod is such a hack 23:28:22
Dazzozo nasty nasty pasty 23:28:34
adfad666 it really is 23:29:11
adfad666 even the RIL itself complains about it 23:29:24
Dazzozo we dont need it for some reason 23:29:35
adfad666 it may be something from Qualcomm for JB roms 23:30:01
adfad666 it isn't needed for the ICS RIL 23:30:18
Dazzozo hmm 23:30:30
Dazzozo odd 23:30:34
cybojenix but it doesnt even fix it here 23:32:03
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