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I'm sorry for not actual logs - my FTP uploads are reduced a lot, i'm working on new solution..

Expected startup is about 10.2.2014

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AU001 hallo 10:59:34
AU001 key lime pie ready? 11:00:00
jordilopez94 what? 11:00:26
AU001 joking 11:00:33
AU001 daz the device tree of u8815 should compile as is? 11:01:19
AU001 did try to compile got some error when building audio modules 11:01:39
AU001 anyway then i picked msm7x30 from audio-caf 11:01:52
AU001 and replaced the audio you already have 11:02:05
AU001 it compiled fine 11:02:09
AU001 voice,speaker etc works 11:02:16
AU001 got to try voip now 11:02:30
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AU001 damn voip still doesn't work 11:20:42
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AU001 weird comparing my build with the latest from daz i'm missing some libs 11:25:51
AU001 hmm 11:28:15
AU001 audio_policy.$(TARGET_BOARD_PLATFORM) 11:29:12
AU001 instead of audio_policy.u8815 11:29:22
AU001 but it doesn't create it 11:29:31
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Dazzozo Well the G300 isn't hemorrhaging battery during idle for sure 12:58:21
Dazzozo 2 days, 14 hours and 83% 12:58:35
Dazzozo AU001: what are you building 12:59:24
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thejaimes111 Hey ! 13:06:39
Dazzozo yo 13:13:06
thejaimes111 how is it going? 13:13:26
thejaimes111 new news? 13:13:37
thejaimes111 lol 13:13:38
thejaimes111 oh guess that no 13:14:05
thejaimes111 nothing new on you git 13:14:11
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thejaimes111 I have to leave that 13:23:19
thejaimes111 bye 13:23:19
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Dazzozo gonna do an ubuntu build 13:51:05
Dazzozo \o/ 13:51:07
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JillBot [android_device_huawei_u8815] Dazzozo pushed 1 new commit to ubuntu: http://git.io/GQgP3w 14:13:49
JillBot android_device_huawei_u8815/ubuntu 2e41f07 Daz Jones: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/cm-10.1' into ubuntu... 14:13:49
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modacouserr dazzozo: might try it it shouldnt be only images now lol 14:36:11
modacouserr or.. is it? 14:36:16
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JillBot [android_kernel_huawei_u8815] Dazzozo pushed 1 new commit to ubuntu: http://git.io/PZw7IQ 15:49:20
JillBot android_kernel_huawei_u8815/ubuntu 515320c Daz Jones: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/cm-10.1' into ubuntu 15:49:20
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Alkalinorap lol 15:57:22
Alkalinorap the lost ubuntu 15:57:35
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rymate1234 PRESENTING 16:54:09
rymate1234 PEOPLE ON ESPERNET 16:54:13
rymate1234 * Parakoopa135 (webchat@ has joined 16:54:15
rymate1234 <Parakoopa135> hi 16:54:15
rymate1234 * Parakoopa135 has quit (Client Quit) 16:54:15
rymate1234 ALL WITHIN 1 MINUTE 16:54:22
Alkalinorap lmao 16:57:33
tilal6991|away Uživatel „tilal6991|away“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991. 17:03:48
tilal6991 Just had my last day of school 17:04:07
Alkalinorap school? 17:09:12
Alkalinorap how old are you? 17:09:14
tilal6991 17 17:12:46
tilal6991 Alkalinorap 17:12:51
Alkalinorap lol 17:13:02
Alkalinorap can't be 17:13:03
tilal6991 Yup 17:13:07
Alkalinorap I thought you were 25 or 30 17:13:39
Alkalinorap lol 17:13:40
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tilal6991 No lol 17:13:57
Alkalinorap then you are a fucking genius 17:14:13
Alkalinorap lmao 17:14:15
tilal6991 I'm just slightly younger than Daz 17:14:23
Alkalinorap lol 17:14:33
Alkalinorap I'm perplexed 17:14:47
cybojenix ok finally had enough of rmcc 17:14:49
tilal6991 I saw the patches 17:15:10
tilal6991 Lol 17:15:12
cybojenix seen the comment? 17:15:33
cybojenix https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_device_lge_msm7x27a-common/commit/04c4877e93c76f7d313a9fc5c95f8ec664703742#commitcomment-3133074 17:15:33
tilal6991 Phowaah 17:16:03
cybojenix seriously. his kernel is more fucked up than our 3.0 kernel before the network issue was fixed 17:16:05
tilal6991 Dazzozo - see above 17:16:08
Alkalinorap tilal6991, was you who taught to Daz? 17:16:09
tilal6991 I didn't "teach" him 17:16:18
tilal6991 I was more of a guide than a teacher 17:16:31
cybojenix you did a great job then lalit 17:16:43
Alkalinorap I understand haha 17:16:50
tilal6991 He learnt most stuff himself but I had knowledge of ZTE and Huawei having worked on them in the past 17:16:55
tilal6991 So I gave him advice and stuff 17:17:01
cybojenix well everyone gives everyone advice 17:17:31
Alkalinorap I envy you >.< 17:17:40
cybojenix the person is defined in how they give it, and how they receive it 17:17:52
Dazzozo lmao rmcc 17:18:06
Dazzozo cm team is obsessed with qcom bsp 17:18:13
Alkalinorap I have 20 years 17:18:14
Alkalinorap but I know very little 17:18:15
cybojenix he is a fucking idiot 17:18:16
tilal6991 Hahaha 17:18:24
tilal6991 He won't like hearing that though 17:18:30
cybojenix seriously. he hasn't actually yet released a stable cm build 17:18:41
tilal6991 TBH though I agree rmcc does push patches skipping gerrit 17:18:46
Alkalinorap lol 17:18:46
cybojenix I don't care 17:18:47
tilal6991 But does cyanogen? 17:18:50
cybojenix I want cyanogen to control him. 17:19:02
tilal6991 His patches always seem to flood gerrit 17:19:05
Dazzozo cyanogen is pretty good at using gerrit 17:19:06
tilal6991 Exactly 17:19:12
Dazzozo he just approves things a little too fast 17:19:28
Alkalinorap Dazzozo, you tried compiling with Linaro once, right? 17:19:31
tilal6991 Agreed 17:19:36
Dazzozo again defeating the point of gerrit 17:19:38
cybojenix haha lol dazzozo so wrong 17:19:41
Alkalinorap and what happened? 17:19:48
Dazzozo its not gonna make a slow device any faster 17:20:10
cybojenix if someone else pushes something, then rmcc can't approve it before he's rewritten it to be exactly the same 17:20:10
Alkalinorap lol 17:20:25
Dazzozo i was talking about cyanogen 17:20:26
cybojenix ah ok 17:20:48
tilal6991 Hmmmm 17:20:52
cybojenix well good. he can approve mine before rmcc can object 17:21:00
tilal6991 Kali- on the other hand seem to leave stuff on gerrit too long 17:21:11
Dazzozo Ship it! 17:21:14
Alkalinorap guys... Fagulhas is dead? 17:21:20
Alkalinorap lol 17:21:21
Dazzozo busy as hell with work 17:21:28
Dazzozo has no time anymore 17:21:32
Alkalinorap oh 17:21:45
Dazzozo comes in every now and then but too busy to take any work on in a serious way 17:21:49
Alkalinorap I understand.. 17:22:13
Alkalinorap anyway, Not much else to do in this device 17:22:41
Dazzozo other than fix the sound 17:22:50
Dazzozo no, not really 17:22:53
Alkalinorap yes 17:23:00
Dazzozo fixing the RIL crap and reboots and shit is just a time sink until huawei give a proper bootloader unlock 17:23:34
Alkalinorap yes, I don't understand that the code provide by e-mail but do not put on the web 17:24:45
Alkalinorap is more work for them ... 17:24:58
Alkalinorap :| 17:24:59
Alkalinorap Huawei is... intelligent 17:25:41
rymate1234 that's one word for it 17:28:44
rymate1234 not the word I would use 17:28:49
rymate1234 but still 17:28:51
Alkalinorap lol 17:29:13
Alkalinorap the truth is that it is fortunate that we had CyanogenMod development in this mobile 17:31:37
Alkalinorap official ROMS are unbearable 17:31:40
Dazzozo oh hey i forgot i was building ubuntu 17:32:31
Dazzozo and its done 17:32:35
Dazzozo gg 17:32:35
Dazzozo lol 34mb CM image always makes me smile 17:32:54
Alkalinorap lol 17:33:11
Dazzozo shit i need to download raring 17:33:13
Alkalinorap I have this 17:33:21
Alkalinorap and the compilation are perfect 17:33:31
Alkalinorap 40 minutes less 17:33:35
Alkalinorap than in 12 17:33:43
Dazzozo >8 minutes 17:35:28
Dazzozo ok 17:35:28
cybojenix anyone know if a system was added to android in 4.1 to prevent a too high or low voltage from charging the phone? 17:36:03
Dazzozo wouldnt that be a kernel thing? 17:36:21
cybojenix yeah I thought so too 17:36:29
cybojenix except someone is having issues with their charger, and it is cm10 and 10.1 specific 17:36:51
cybojenix don't know about other variations of 4.1/2 17:37:00
tilal6991 Dazzozo: I think Ubuntu have started using mir 17:37:12
tilal6991 So it's very borked 17:37:18
Dazzozo fun 17:40:30
tilal6991 Yeah... 17:41:38
tilal6991 http://review.cyanogenmod.org/#/c/36716/ 17:42:17
tilal6991 Lol 17:42:18
Dazzozo lol 17:51:37
Dazzozo i wonder what device that was for 17:51:41
tilal6991 cybojenix: Pahahahaha 17:52:20
tilal6991 See rmcc's comment 17:52:26
cybojenix fucking moron 17:52:31
cybojenix That's not going to happen. These are nightlies, nightlies break. Do feel free to provide logs of said crashes, though. 17:52:33
Dazzozo BUT ITS BROKEN 17:53:17
tilal6991 Lol 17:53:34
Dazzozo what the fuck man 17:53:43
Dazzozo okay then 17:53:45
tilal6991 This is what happens when you become too powerful 17:53:48
Dazzozo if broken nightlies are acceptable 17:53:49
Dazzozo I'll push something to my getcm that bricks all G300s 17:53:55
Dazzozo oops it was a nightly nvm guys 17:53:58
tilal6991 Lol 17:54:02
cybojenix I shouldn't have added his name 17:54:41
cybojenix I should have just gone straight to someone else 17:54:51
tilal6991 The issue is I don't think even Cyanogen can overrule him 17:56:00
Dazzozo he can 17:56:07
tilal6991 They are both leads 17:56:10
Dazzozo im pretty sure the project is cyanogen's 17:56:25
tilal6991 No I don't think so. Cyanogen is founder but that does not mean he has the unilateral say 17:56:36
Dazzozo even if rmcc is up in the clouds 17:56:40
tilal6991 Especially when it comes to LG devices 17:56:44
Dazzozo whats gonna happen? he's gonna rename it to arceemod? 17:56:53
tilal6991 Lol 17:56:56
rymate1234 cm9 was best cm9 17:57:23
rymate1234 hmmm 17:57:38
tilal6991 Lol wut/ 17:57:39
rymate1234 *cm 17:57:44
cybojenix cm9 was solid 17:57:51
tilal6991 That makes a lot more sense 17:57:51
tilal6991 The CM team agree as well 17:57:56
tilal6991 As do I 17:58:00
rymate1234 I should do another build of cm9 with all the enchancements of the JB builds 17:58:21
tilal6991 The thing was that there was a long pause between ICS and JB so there was time to polish the features 17:58:21
rymate1234 somehow 17:58:23
Dazzozo CM9 was great 17:58:38
Dazzozo I still have a soft spot for ics 17:58:42
tilal6991 Plus QCOM weren't quite as crazy in pushing forward display stuff as they are now 17:58:47
Dazzozo it'll slow down eventually 17:59:10
Dazzozo might take a few years tho 17:59:13
tilal6991 Few years? lol 17:59:29
Dazzozo yeah 17:59:31
Dazzozo the PC was like this 10-15 years ago 17:59:42
Dazzozo dont forget 17:59:45
Dazzozo didnt qcom claim that the adreno 330 or something was 75% faster? 18:00:08
Dazzozo thats a pretty huge discovery they made there 18:00:15
tilal6991 Something like that 18:00:19
tilal6991 Pretty insane 18:00:24
tilal6991 I'm going to wait until they base fully off coretex a15 before the next upgrade 18:00:46
Dazzozo I'll just ride nexus 18:01:20
Dazzozo i've seen the light 18:01:29
cybojenix nexus is pretty awesome 18:01:42
tilal6991 Not for me 18:02:03
rymate1234 I'll just ride the budget phone wave 18:02:17
cybojenix which one? 18:02:17
cybojenix ah ok 18:02:23
tilal6991 I think I'll stick to Sony 18:02:30
rymate1234 I actually want a HTC one 18:02:42
rymate1234 but I have no money 18:02:46
tilal6991 Ideal blend of being tricky enough the develop for and not being too far from CAF 18:02:49
tilal6991 rymate1234: The One does look amazing 18:02:55
cybojenix I barely use a phone 18:02:59
tilal6991 It's the first phone I wanted since my XT 18:03:10
rymate1234 lol 18:03:14
Dazzozo argh fucking had to swap my data and emmc partitions over 18:06:13
rymate1234 <RymateMC> [world] [Player] asfastaschristie: i no but i have to use bedrock for the thing what i'm building 18:10:46
rymate1234 seems legit 18:10:49
Dazzozo has mojang saved minecraft yet 18:11:36
rymate1234 no 18:11:46
rymate1234 minecraft sucks 18:11:48
rymate1234 lel 18:11:51
Dazzozo thought sO 18:12:11
Dazzozo *so 18:12:12
rymate1234 I only keep a server as I find it run to run servers 18:12:19
rymate1234 *fun 18:12:22
Dazzozo fucking omg rootfs tarball extract 18:12:22
Dazzozo yeah I did for a few years 18:12:29
rymate1234 oh fuck 18:12:36
Dazzozo I ran like 10 game servers 18:12:37
rymate1234 I just realised I had a 70GB disk on my windows azure 18:12:50
Dazzozo gj 18:12:55
rymate1234 the trial runs out in 17 days 18:12:57
rymate1234 :/ 18:13:03
rymate1234 lel Dazzozo 18:14:44
rymate1234 googled your name to get to your github 18:14:51
rymate1234 4th result is your repo for the g300 18:15:00
Dazzozo lol 18:15:06
Dazzozo extracting this rootfs image is taking ages 18:16:00
adfad666 So who's making guesses? 4.3 or 5.0 at I/O? 18:16:43
Dazzozo 4.3 18:16:48
cybojenix 5.0 18:16:58
Dazzozo >adb server is out of date 18:17:04
Dazzozo ok 18:17:06
cybojenix with qcom based nexus 7 18:17:11
Dazzozo I don't see google doing an obvious phone or tablet 18:17:37
Dazzozo if there's hardware it'll be different 18:17:47
tilal6991 4.3 18:17:58
rymate1234 I hope android launches unified messaging 18:18:14
adfad666 I'm in the 4.3 camp too 18:18:15
rymate1234 not that I ever use messaging 18:18:19
adfad666 I'd imagine the Whatsapp folks will be nervous 18:19:04
cybojenix jesus... 18:19:05
Dazzozo tilal6991: ubuntuappmanager is segfaulting in raring for me 18:19:26
Dazzozo lol 18:19:26
rymate1234 should I build using root 18:20:27
rymate1234 or is that evil 18:20:31
Dazzozo fatal error opening "/sys/power/wake_lock" 18:20:32
Dazzozo fatal error opening "/sys/android_power/acquire_partial_wake_lock" 18:20:33
Dazzozo mebe this 18:20:36
cybojenix fuck you kondik. 18:20:57
Dazzozo wat 18:21:00
cybojenix http://review.cyanogenmod.org/#/c/36774/ 18:21:01
Dazzozo or 18:22:27
Dazzozo they can revert it until its fixed 18:22:31
Dazzozo like they do with the CM framework itself 18:22:35
cybojenix comment there then 18:22:38
rymate1234 HA 18:22:39
rymate1234 REPO SYNC -J8 18:22:44
rymate1234 TAKE THAT 18:22:45
Dazzozo rymad 18:23:07
cybojenix rymate1234 only 8? I do repo sync -j64 -f 18:23:13
rymate1234 wat 18:23:23
rymate1234 why -j64 18:23:36
cybojenix because it skips through the ones that are synced already quickly 18:23:54
cybojenix if you do -j8 it will perhaps take 1 - 2 mins to check them all 18:24:08
cybojenix with j64 it will scan the whole thing in 10 seconds 18:24:20
Dazzozo one day an android project will have decent leadership 18:25:13
cybojenix yeah 18:25:20
rymate1234 well 18:25:38
Dazzozo ok android_power doesnt exist 18:25:42
cybojenix just want to for-all 'git reset --hard HEAD' 18:25:43
rymate1234 i suppose AOSP isn't too bad 18:25:47
Dazzozo I stopped the hemorrhaging by chmodding wake_lock 18:26:50
Dazzozo wtf man 18:26:52
Dazzozo still getting binderDied 18:27:28
Dazzozo https://bugs.launchpad.net/touch-preview-images/+bug/1174310 18:29:03
Dazzozo lel 18:29:04
tilal6991 Very useful 18:30:05
tilal6991 Dazzozo: WTF? http://review.cyanogenmod.org/#/c/36777/ 18:32:46
cybojenix lol, just got messaged by my sister cos I laughed so hard 18:34:32
Dazzozo oh dear 18:35:04
cybojenix going to build it 18:35:10
rymate1234 Resolving deltas: 44% (148367/336410) 18:35:28
rymate1234 yay 18:35:29
rymate1234 can I ask 18:35:34
rymate1234 what is a delta 18:35:38
cybojenix not sure 18:35:43
tilal6991 A greek letter that comes after gamma? 18:37:02
Dazzozo resolving deltas is when git indexes a pack file 18:37:45
Dazzozo and shit i need a drink brb 18:37:51
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Dazzozo back 18:39:31
fefifofum yo 18:39:52
Dazzozo yo 18:40:14
Dazzozo well I guess ubuntu is at a dead end until this bug goes somewhere 18:41:57
Dazzozo seems a bunch of devices are having the boooog 18:42:04
Dazzozo so b2g time 18:42:06
Dazzozo i hate b2g's manifest system 18:42:37
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rymate1234 >b2g 18:48:28
Dazzozo ya sux 18:50:21
Dazzozo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ATZhHnkbyo 18:52:49
rymate1234 it doesn't suck 18:53:26
rymate1234 just doesn't build on ARMv6 last time I tried 18:53:35
rymate1234 error: Exited sync due to fetch errors 18:54:02
rymate1234 lol 18:54:55
rymate1234 fatal: Not a git repository: '/media/android-cm9/.repo/projects/external/apache-http.git' 18:55:12
rymate1234 OH SORRY 18:55:15
tilal6991 Restarting work on IRC app 19:00:23
Dazzozo yey 19:01:25
JillBot Uživatel JillBot [~JillBot@router1-ext.rs.github.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 19:02:50
JillBot [b2g-manifest] Dazzozo pushed 26 new commits to master: http://git.io/AkdIpQ 19:02:51
JillBot b2g-manifest/master a5a219d John Ford: Switch linaro from git protocol to http 19:02:51
JillBot b2g-manifest/master a59b3f6 Dave Hylands: Merge pull request #54 from jhford/master-new-linaro... 19:02:51
JillBot b2g-manifest/master 99e9c10 John Ford: bug 848559 - switch panda and emu to caf, stop using linaro for gtest on caf devices r=mwu 19:02:51
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JillBot [platform_build] Dazzozo pushed 9 new commits to master: http://git.io/fc9ARw 19:03:35
JillBot platform_build/master c4cc32e Michael Wu: Bug 834244 - Switch to new font set 19:03:35
JillBot platform_build/master 777bee0 Michael Wu: Merge pull request #18 from michaelwu/master... 19:03:36
JillBot platform_build/master b16af19 Jed Davis: Let extra compiler/linker flags be supplied in the environment.... 19:03:36
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JillBot [B2G] Dazzozo pushed 37 new commits to master: http://git.io/9-rPUQ 19:06:18
JillBot B2G/master fb1b36d Marshall Culpepper: Bug 775281: New xpcshell test frontend for B2G. r=dhylands 19:06:18
JillBot B2G/master 820c117 John Ford: allow setting path to repo from environment 19:06:18
JillBot B2G/master 86e8a77 Daz Jones: config.sh: switch to master branch 19:06:18
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Dazzozo this project is tits up 19:06:20
Dazzozo officially 19:06:21
Dazzozo it makes no sense 19:06:27
rymate1234 lol 19:06:33
Dazzozo for people to add their devices 19:07:35
rymate1234 dazzozo 19:09:57
Dazzozo yo 19:10:00
rymate1234 one of my git repos isnt a git repo 19:10:07
rymate1234 wat do 19:10:09
Dazzozo wtf 19:10:11
rymate1234 fatal: Not a git repository: '/media/android-cm9/.repo/projects/external/apache-http.git' 19:10:27
Dazzozo lold 19:10:50
Dazzozo good 19:11:11
Dazzozo goood 19:11:12
Alkalinorap extremely good 19:11:27
tilal6991 Lol 19:11:40
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JillBot [android_device_huawei_u8815] Dazzozo pushed 1 new commit to b2g: http://git.io/jnTLFQ 19:12:00
JillBot android_device_huawei_u8815/b2g 2992642 Daz Jones: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/ics' into b2g... 19:12:00
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Alkalinorap hi jill 19:12:05
Alkalinorap bye jill 19:12:07
Dazzozo ez merge 19:12:33
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JillBot [proprietary_vendor_huawei] Dazzozo pushed 1 new commit to b2g: http://git.io/uPbQIA 19:12:50
JillBot proprietary_vendor_huawei/b2g 0ee0ab9 Daz Jones: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/ics' into b2g 19:12:50
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Dazzozo firefox just decided to close again 19:12:51
Dazzozo and these guys think they can make a serious phone OS LOL 19:13:00
rymate1234 they can! 19:14:46
rymate1234 whether its any good remains to be seen 19:14:58
rymate1234 HULK SMASH APACHE-WEB.GIT 19:17:26
Dazzozo ^ best way to fix all git problems 19:18:14
Dazzozo rm -rf and clone again 19:18:18
Dazzozo right, here goes with b2g 19:19:59
adfad666 working on B2G? 19:20:49
rymate1234 yup 19:20:56
adfad666 nice 19:21:02
rymate1234 i can only assume dazzozo is bored 19:21:05
Dazzozo t 19:21:17
Dazzozo /bin/bash: line 2: cmake: command not found 19:21:17
Dazzozo HUR 19:21:19
adfad666 which build erpo do you use to make a flashable zip? 19:21:39
Dazzozo i dont 19:21:48
Dazzozo i fixed it xd 19:22:16
adfad666 hmmm 19:22:19
adfad666 I can flash only the kernel in fastboot mode on my device 19:22:44
Dazzozo copy the images over with dd 19:23:10
Dazzozo in cwm 19:23:12
Dazzozo ))) 19:23:16
rymate1234 GOGOGOGO BUILD 19:27:03
rymate1234 Adding dependency: CyanogenMod/zte-kernel-msm7x27 -> kernel/zte/zte-kernel-msm7x27 19:27:25
rymate1234 wat 19:27:25
rymate1234 I PUT THE KERNEL IN A FOLDER 19:27:31
Dazzozo yeah if there's a cm.dependencies in the device repo it'll grab anything it can from the CyanogenMod account 19:27:51
Dazzozo that was back on ics when there was sort of possibly a chance of getting official ics 19:28:20
Dazzozo a chance which soon disappeared 19:28:27
rymate1234 lol 19:28:43
tilal6991 Very soon 19:28:46
tilal6991 The patch is still open though 19:28:52
rymate1234 Your version is: java version "1.6.0_27". 19:28:53
rymate1234 The correct version is: Java SE 1.6. 19:28:53
rymate1234 should I be worried? 19:28:58
tilal6991 Also the CM team need to do a mass cleanup 19:29:06
tilal6991 rymate1234: No 19:29:08
rymate1234 k 19:29:11
rymate1234 right 19:29:14
rymate1234 its building in screen 19:29:20
Dazzozo tbh you can basically use any java vers 19:29:26
rymate1234 building in 70GB of storage 19:29:26
rymate1234 so i think I have enough 19:29:31
Dazzozo hell openjdk isnt recommended but it works 100% fine 19:29:36
tilal6991 Yep 19:29:39
tilal6991 I've always used it 19:29:45
tilal6991 Never had an issue 19:29:48
Dazzozo same, because it doesnt require fiddling around on debian 19:30:00
tilal6991 And likewise on Ubuntu 19:30:11
tilal6991 Uživatel „tilal6991“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991|away. 19:39:42
Dazzozo man 19:39:49
Dazzozo the only reason im using cm on my n7 is because you basically have to 19:39:59
rymate1234 Laws 19:41:19
rymate1234 Lawl 19:41:23
rymate1234 Why? 19:41:25
Dazzozo the stock 4.2 image is rly broken 19:42:06
Dazzozo unusable 19:42:11
rymate1234 Wat 19:42:34
rymate1234 ran out of ram whilst compiling 20:06:08
rymate1234 /me adds swap 20:06:12
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AU001 Uživatel AU001 [kim@ks27468.kimsufi.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:06:38
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rymate1234 *** Can't find default configuration "arch/arm/configs/cyanogen_blade2_p736v_defconfig"! 20:08:52
rymate1234 wat 20:08:53
adfad666 Dazzozo, have you tried arco's display repo for CM10.1? 20:14:54
Dazzozo no 20:15:03
rymate1234 so uh 20:23:19
rymate1234 normal kernel wasn't compiling 20:23:24
rymate1234 cm10.1 seems to work fine 20:23:33
rymate1234 I'll be amazed if this works 20:24:38
Alkalinorap Uživatel „Alkalinorap“ je nyní znám jako Alkalinorap|away. 20:35:56
Alkalinorap|away Uživatel „Alkalinorap|away“ je nyní znám jako Alkalinorap. 20:52:23
jordilopez94 Uživatel jordilopez94 [~jordi@] vstoupil do místnosti. 21:01:07
rymate1234 /dev/sdb1 69G 14G 53G 21% /media 21:16:48
rymate1234 woo 21:16:50
tilal6991|away Uživatel „tilal6991|away“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991. 21:33:58
tilal6991 Dazzozo the pa team are incredible. 21:35:42
Dazzozo wat 21:35:46
tilal6991 Gimmicky but incredible 21:35:55
tilal6991 Have you seen their new feature? 21:36:06
Dazzozo they are the queens of gimmick 21:36:10
Dazzozo and no 21:36:10
tilal6991 So you know Facebook chat heads? 21:36:41
tilal6991 Its like that but for allllll the appz 21:36:52
Dazzozo oh dear 21:37:29
adfad666 what are facebook chat heads? 21:37:31
tilal6991 Its the little bubbles that pop up when you receive a message. 21:38:12
rymate1234 adfad666, basically you have your friends mugs floating around the screen 21:38:13
rymate1234 and you can click on them to chat with them 21:38:23
adfad666 I'm imagining that cartoon within southpark with the people who's head are chopped in half and move up and down as they speak 21:38:33
tilal6991 http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9vlrgCteDac&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D9vlrgCteDac 21:38:48
tilal6991 Its really slick though. 21:39:03
tilal6991 Seems to be an incredible coding feat. 21:39:13
tilal6991 But in the end still an incredible gimmick. 21:39:25
rymate1234 I'd probably use it for irc whilst on holiday 21:40:04
adfad666 my god that man sounds like he's about to orgasm on his phone 21:41:05
rymate1234 he already did 21:41:17
rymate1234 before he filmed the video 21:41:25
tilal6991 Need to start working on pa for mint then. 21:41:27
rymate1234 I would do PA for crescent 21:42:29
rymate1234 if there was any point 21:42:34
rymate1234 crescent can hardly handle cm10.1 21:42:46
rymate1234 and it really struggles with PA 21:42:54
Kra1o5 Uživatel Kra1o5 [57da023f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 21:43:43
Kra1o5 yo 21:43:45
rymate1234 yo 21:43:48
adfad666 yo 21:43:52
tilal6991 Uživatel „tilal6991“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991|away. 21:44:27
jordilopez94 Kra1o5 has compiled PA for G300 but ril doesn't work 21:47:08
jordilopez94 dazzozo can you help us? 21:47:27
Kra1o5 oh yeah 21:47:46
Dazzozo oh well 21:50:05
Dazzozo according to the forum ril doesnt work on cm anyway 21:50:10
Kra1o5 this is true? 21:50:30
Kra1o5 for me works fine 21:50:35
Kra1o5 in cm 21:50:39
Dazzozo likewise 21:50:41
Dazzozo every time i read the forum i hear of signal drops, reboots and no signal at all 21:51:03
Kra1o5 is a random problem ..? 21:51:14
Dazzozo dunno, the people who have the issue tend to be the useless ones 21:51:25
adfad666 it's a PEBPAC 21:51:57
Dazzozo thats what i keep thinking 21:52:10
Dazzozo or a troll 21:52:22
adfad666 some people are just plain stupid 21:52:42
Kra1o5 without logcat 21:52:46
Kra1o5 not usefull 21:52:51
Dazzozo the best thing is 21:53:18
Dazzozo works in one build, then I release a build that doesnt change ril at all and the problem arises 21:53:30
Dazzozo if I revert every single change I made and release a new build, the issue will still be there 21:53:40
Dazzozo fucking god knows whats going no 21:53:45
Dazzozo *on 21:53:47
adfad666 it's why xda is so full of shite, too many people who haven't got a clue what's actually going on 21:54:08
Dazzozo sadly modaco is very similar 21:54:27
Dazzozo however its a lot less dev focused 21:54:38
Kra1o5 in my case the ril works in cm but not in PA 21:54:46
adfad666 is there truly a dev forum? 21:54:56
Kra1o5 & is very annoying 21:54:58
Dazzozo there is a dev forum, but its not that useful 21:55:08
adfad666 for people who actually know what they're doing? 21:55:10
Dazzozo oh 21:55:13
Dazzozo not like that 21:55:15
Dazzozo we have a private forum 21:55:18
Dazzozo with about 4 posts in 21:55:22
adfad666 yeah same on xda in the RD section 21:55:33
Dazzozo other than that, some devices have development subforums 21:55:55
Dazzozo and you just dump your rom thread in there like any other "mod" 21:56:04
Dazzozo and people shitpost for eternity about how you've abandoned the project 21:56:31
Kra1o5 i hate "ports" from other phone 21:56:32
Dazzozo http://thalamus-hacking.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/goodbye-xda-goodbye-android-development.html 21:56:43
Dazzozo i read this and say to myself "are you me" 21:56:52
adfad666 it's not you Dazzozo 21:58:06
adfad666 you'll nevar quitz! 21:58:13
Dazzozo Or another prick who implied that I had 'given up', as if I *must* carry on developing and releasing kernels without the option of stopping development on a frustratingly slow, laggy and obsolete device. 21:58:41
Dazzozo I'm sorry, but with all due respect you people have a lot to learn about what you can and can't expect, mostly about what you can't expect. Stop demanding things of people who *give* their time, their life and their energy for free. It's unfair, cheeky and downright insulting. 21:58:42
Dazzozo ^^^^^^^^ 21:58:44
Dazzozo this one million times over 21:58:50
Kra1o5 Dazzozo: the people wants kernel 3.4 in G300 21:59:24
Kra1o5 haha 21:59:28
Dazzozo IKR 21:59:34
Dazzozo moving to that kernel would basically be like starting again 21:59:43
Dazzozo have to redo wifi, bluetooth, completely reimplement camera 22:00:00
Kra1o5 a lot of work 22:00:15
Dazzozo yup 22:00:18
Kra1o5 Dazzozo: paranoid in G300 is very funny with small fonts 22:02:16
Dazzozo paranoid looks dumb on most devices 22:02:29
Kra1o5 but i think is better than AOKP & PACMAN 22:03:02
Dazzozo I've never tried pacman and I don't intend to 22:03:15
rymate1234 wat 22:03:15
Dazzozo I'm pretty much done with using these shitty roms 22:03:20
rymate1234 Dazzozo, I tried pacman 22:03:22
Kra1o5 Dazzozo: good hehe 22:03:26
rymate1234 it was terrible 22:03:28
Dazzozo N4 still on stock, never has been on anything else 22:03:29
Dazzozo N7 only on CM because stock image sucks atm 22:03:37
Dazzozo hoping they sort their shit out for 4.3 22:03:42
rymate1234 it was a hacked together mix of CM, AOKP AND PA 22:03:46
rymate1234 and it was terrible 22:03:51
Kra1o5 PACMAN is big MIX 22:03:51
jordilopez94 dazzozo u and kra1o5 create kernel 3.4 for g300 22:03:53
jordilopez94 22:03:54
rymate1234 duplicated settings everywhere 22:03:56
Kra1o5 jordilopez94: you are crazy? 22:04:04
Kra1o5 rymate1234: yeah 4 settings 22:04:20
Kra1o5 hehe 22:04:22
rymate1234 Kra1o5, that's 4 more than there should be 22:04:43
Kra1o5 yes 22:04:54
jordilopez94 two people easier than one 22:05:13
Kra1o5 sure 22:05:28
Dazzozo sure, enjoy no CM builds until october 22:05:32
Dazzozo and then we might be back where we are now 22:05:42
Kra1o5 Dazzozo: in october maybe 4.3 22:06:01
Kra1o5 22:06:04
Dazzozo lol 22:06:05
Dazzozo gonna try and beat my record for releasing a new version 22:06:28
Kra1o5 i think 4.3 in G300 not runs very well with actual sources 22:07:51
Dazzozo lol 22:08:08
rymate1234 I think the crescent will be able to run 4.3 22:08:29
rymate1234 but with no apps 22:08:32
Kra1o5 22:08:39
Kra1o5 only demo phone? 22:08:48
rymate1234 most likely 22:08:55
rymate1234 I don't think the crescent will have the CPU power to run the OS and an app 22:09:14
adfad666 perhaps a simple widget that tells the time? 22:10:00
rymate1234 the status bar? 22:10:15
rymate1234 /dev/sdb1 69G 16G 51G 24% /media 22:10:30
rymate1234 that's 16GB of CM9 22:10:34
Kra1o5 maybe wallpaper with a lot of widget 22:10:44
rymate1234 well finally 22:12:41
rymate1234 looks like iOS 7 might have a major OS design 22:12:53
rymate1234 wut 22:16:44
rymate1234 target Dex: SystemUI 22:16:46
Dazzozo yeah? 22:18:03
rymate1234 That's quick 22:18:31
rymate1234 O.o 22:18:34
jordilopez94 http://i.qkme.me/3645qt.jpg 22:39:06
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