#huawei-g300 chanel log 2013-03-16

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I'm sorry for not actual logs - my FTP uploads are reduced a lot, i'm working on new solution..

Expected startup is about 10.2.2014

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stickyboy Dazzozo: What's your jellybean kernel branch based on? 10:54:25
Dazzozo 3.0.8 10:54:39
stickyboy Hmm, what touchscreen does G300 have? 10:59:26
stickyboy I'm trying to see if I can rebase on top of your jellybean kernel branch, to get vsync + hwcomposer etc. 11:00:18
stickyboy And compile is erroring about some atmel touchscreen stuff. 11:00:39
Dazzozo quite possible, we did a TS upgrade a while ago 11:01:31
stickyboy Hmm, lemme look at my defconfig. Cuz I know we don't use atmel. 11:02:08
Dazzozo We don't either 11:02:14
Dazzozo stickyboy: https://github.com/Dazzozo/android_kernel_huawei_u8815/commit/cffdb662a2fd0096a6a8157d9ffa8fee1545f9f7 11:02:33
Dazzozo https://github.com/Dazzozo/android_kernel_huawei_u8815/commit/a9ac7fc2f07a4069b41b4577d55a9c2cca8f1be3 11:02:34
Dazzozo these came from a newer huawei kernel 11:02:38
Dazzozo im going to redo the kernel soon anyway 11:03:45
stickyboy Sweet 11:04:55
Dazzozo we're not even using the latest huawei release 11:05:09
Dazzozo we have a ton of junk commits and i generally want to tidy stuff up 11:05:20
stickyboy Hmm, I wonder why yours compiles. That atmel code isn't ifdef'd. 11:06:11
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Dazzozo sharing the error might be useful 11:06:53
stickyboy https://github.com/Dazzozo/android_kernel_huawei_u8815/blob/jellybean/arch/arm/mach-msm/hardware_self_adapt.c#L1508 11:08:49
Dazzozo oh yeah we had that at some point 11:08:49
Dazzozo stickyboy: https://github.com/Dazzozo/android_kernel_huawei_u8815/commit/e09d7547e75c4d2ddb09fb5ac6bd35828129fb77 11:08:49
Dazzozo apply that 11:08:49
Dazzozo well, the defconfig change 11:08:49
Dazzozo it was something they added in the U8860 kernel we're using 11:08:56
stickyboy Gotcha. 11:09:06
Valicek2 Nyní jste znám jako Valicek1. 12:13:02
Dazzozo woah 12:13:20
Dazzozo what 12:13:20
thejaimes111 íåêîòîðûå ðóññêèå? 12:13:32
kra1o5 ? 12:13:38
thejaimes111 opps sorry 12:13:38
AMGarcia19 არ დაკარგოთ თუნდაც ბიძა 12:13:51
thejaimes111 noe norsk? 12:14:00
thejaimes111 Jeg trenger å øve norsk 12:14:19
AMGarcia19 hablemos en persa puta 12:14:30
AMGarcia19 ahha 12:14:33
AMGarcia19 bercakap pada perempuan sundal Parsi 12:14:40
thejaimes111 au Kiswahili 12:15:01
kra1o5 Dazzozo: the battery life in cm10.1 A2 is better than R2 12:15:12
Dazzozo R2 was a rushed 4.2.2 release 12:15:33
kra1o5 but 12 hours max for me 12:15:34
kra1o5 for me except battery life & stock camera problem all works good 12:17:43
Dazzozo FINALLY caf fetching finished 12:17:48
Dazzozo did that take like a hour or something 12:18:01
Dazzozo fuck 12:18:02
kieranswhite yay? 12:18:05
Dazzozo jesus shut up 12:18:41
Dazzozo if you dont have anything to contribute don't say anything 12:18:50
kieranswhite sorry 12:19:22
rymate1234 yay? 12:19:55
Dazzozo rymate1234: so funny xdddd 12:20:11
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Dazzozo resolving deltas 100% done 12:20:27
Dazzozo sooooo git how about you give me back my shell 12:20:33
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joandrade So I posted on the Huawei Device page yesterday, and this guy asked me if I was on CM 12:25:09
Dazzozo who? 12:25:23
joandrade I don't know some romanian guy 12:25:32
joandrade I said yes, and he told me to use another ROM because CM wasn't the best ROM 12:25:35
Dazzozo lol 12:25:35
Dazzozo "I like this because of opinions" 12:26:10
joandrade lol 12:26:27
joandrade " Ok try another ROM.CM is not the best choice. (...) In any case try something diferent,CM is full of bugs." 12:27:01
joandrade okay then 12:27:08
joandrade nice meeting you, guys 12:27:16
Dazzozo its people like him who don't "get" it 12:27:27
joandrade exactly 12:27:34
Dazzozo if it was possible to do this instantly with no bugs, I wouldn't even be here 12:27:54
joandrade yeah 12:28:14
Dazzozo if something isnt a challenge i struggle to stay motivated 12:28:15
joandrade exactly, it's part of the process 12:28:25
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stickyboy thejaimes111: Wee unajua kiswahili? 12:30:33
joandrade I just love it how the solution was to stay away from CM 12:31:13
Dazzozo lol 12:32:14
Dazzozo finally the tag has been pushed 12:38:37
Dazzozo stickyboy: https://github.com/Dazzozo/u8815_next 12:41:08
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JillBot [u8815_next] Dazzozo tagged M7630AABBQMLZA4040296I at 3666029: http://git.io/3JYslA 12:44:13
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JillBot [u8815_next] Dazzozo deleted M7630AABBQMLZA4040296I at 3666029: http://git.io/8YbHug 12:45:27
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Dazzozo better 12:45:31
JillBot Uživatel JillBot [~JillBot@router1-ext.rs.github.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 12:45:37
JillBot [u8815_next] Dazzozo created M7630AABBQMLZA4040296I from master (+0 new commits): http://git.io/3JYslA 12:45:37
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JillBot [u8815_next] Dazzozo deleted master at a0777b3: http://git.io/L73omw 12:46:13
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padme1 why are you redoing the kernel? 12:48:11
Dazzozo tidy 12:49:31
Dazzozo + move to new U8815 release 12:49:48
vladax so still 3.0.8? 12:50:08
Dazzozo version doesnt matter 12:50:17
Dazzozo stop caring 12:50:18
vladax you know best 12:50:38
vladax 12:50:41
stickyboy Dazzozo: You should decrement it to 3.0.7 to fuck with people 12:51:53
Dazzozo pfft 12:52:02
joandrade ehehe 12:54:37
joandrade Daz my kernel version used to say 3.0.8 and now it says 3.0.7 why are you doing this to us 12:55:11
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JillBot [u8815_next] Dazzozo tagged M7630AABBQMLZA4040296I at 3666029: http://git.io/3JYslA 12:56:58
~JillBot Uživatel „JillBot“ opustil místnost (Part). 12:56:58
Dazzozo fuck it i'll use a tag instead 12:57:02
stickyboy Cool. 12:58:48
lakyljuk Uživatel lakyljuk [~spravce@] vstoupil do místnosti. 12:59:21
Dazzozo just dos2unixing everything 13:00:37
Dazzozo and then going to drop permissions changes in case huawei screwed shit 13:00:45
Dazzozo yep dos2unix modified every huawei file 13:01:53
Dazzozo gg 13:01:53
JillBot Uživatel JillBot [~JillBot@router1-ext.rs.github.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 13:04:12
JillBot [u8815_next] Dazzozo created 3.0.8 (+1 new commit): http://git.io/o4cKeg 13:04:12
JillBot u8815_next/3.0.8 f00889b Daz Jones: Import U8815 (3.0.8) release.... 13:04:12
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JillBot [u8815_next] Dazzozo deleted M7630AABBQMLZA4040296I at a0777b3: http://git.io/L73omw 13:05:01
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Dazzozo stickyboy: https://github.com/Dazzozo/u8815_next/commit/f00889b66f328166a93908dba95e61a08667956a 13:05:32
Dazzozo heres the diff lol 13:05:35
stickyboy I bet it will crash my browser to load it 13:05:54
joandrade probably yeah 13:15:08
thejaimes111 stickyboy, si 13:16:11
thejaimes111 lol 13:16:12
joandrade daz, how come there's a hw7x30_defconfig but we use the 7x27a? or is it something else entirely 13:16:16
Dazzozo joandrade: it's for U8800 13:18:39
Dazzozo msm7x30 13:18:44
Dazzozo its a completely different chipset 13:18:57
joandrade oh 13:19:04
Dazzozo We don't use the msm7x27a defconfig they provide, either 13:19:08
joandrade okay then 13:19:12
Dazzozo The one they run in their kernels is *slightly* different 13:19:16
Dazzozo To what's distributed in the code 13:19:21
Dazzozo The one in the code is their reference msm7x27a config, the one on the device has extra things for sensors and cameras 13:19:37
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joandrade but that kernel you're working on is for the U8815, right? you could erase stuff intended for the U8800 that don't get used on the U8815 13:20:16
Dazzozo Why would we need to erase it? 13:20:27
Dazzozo That's the entire point of the config system 13:20:34
Dazzozo It disables and enables relevant things 13:20:39
stickyboy thejaimes111: Hujui kuongea kiswahili 13:20:40
joandrade to save space I guess 13:20:56
Dazzozo It doesn't get built 13:21:00
Dazzozo So it saves no space 13:21:02
joandrade OH 13:21:06
joandrade okay I didn't know that 13:21:11
thejaimes111 stickyboy Kama wewe 13:22:57
thejaimes111 wanapendelea Kiingereza kwa Kiswahili? 13:23:17
stickyboy Wongo, sijui Kiswahili yote. Najua kiasi 13:24:11
Dazzozo Besides, we have the luxury of a nicely sized boot partition anyway 13:24:26
thejaimes111 lol 13:24:38
stickyboy Mimi ni msee wa mtaa 13:24:51
thejaimes111 Kihispania au unapendelea? : P 13:24:52
Dazzozo It's only emmc and userdata that they screwed up on 13:24:53
Dazzozo A small emmc should be a gentle suggestion that the user gets an SD card 13:25:23
Dazzozo They should've been swapped imo 13:25:29
stickyboy thejaimes111: But seriously, I live in Kenya. I learned Swahili here. 13:25:40
stickyboy You're just on google translate 13:25:49
Dazzozo lol swahili 13:26:06
thejaimes111 of course omg 13:26:11
thejaimes111 ahahaha 13:26:12
Dazzozo my ICT teacher always made jokes about it 13:26:13
thejaimes111 stickyboy i was thinking you were spanish lol 13:26:31
stickyboy Yah, everything I said was from my brain. 13:26:38
thejaimes111 that was good 13:26:47
stickyboy No, I'm in Nairobi, Kenya as we speak. haha 13:26:48
thejaimes111 wow, it´s strange to see someone form there 13:27:05
thejaimes111 13:27:07
thejaimes111 from* 13:27:11
stickyboy But bbiab... gotta go for a walk. It's beautiful weather outside. 13:27:21
thejaimes111 Nice ! 13:27:41
thejaimes111 I live on an island 13:27:58
thejaimes111 13:27:58
joandrade okay thanks 13:31:08
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Dazzozo ics kernel done 14:27:46
JillBot Uživatel JillBot [~JillBot@router1-ext.rs.github.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 14:27:52
JillBot [u8815_next] Dazzozo created ics (+69 new commits): http://git.io/0NP88A 14:27:53
JillBot u8815_next/ics 8dc0bd0 Daz Jones: mkcompile_h: remove Huawei compile user hardcoding 14:27:53
JillBot u8815_next/ics b625f4c Daz Jones: logger: disable Huawei NV control 14:27:53
JillBot u8815_next/ics 8b428f4 Daz Jones: Bluetooth: replace inane Huawei flags with Kconfig 14:27:53
~JillBot Uživatel „JillBot“ opustil místnost (Part). 14:27:53
Dazzozo oh wait it kinda needs a defconfig 14:28:15
JillBot Uživatel JillBot [~JillBot@router1-ext.rs.github.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 14:29:42
JillBot [u8815_next] Dazzozo pushed 1 new commit to ics: http://git.io/dQnYKA 14:29:42
JillBot u8815_next/ics e0b6022 Daz Jones: Add u8815 defconfig 14:29:42
~JillBot Uživatel „JillBot“ opustil místnost (Part). 14:29:42
modacouserr hello 14:31:24
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JillBot [u8815_next] Dazzozo pushed 2 new commits to ics: http://git.io/djqtmw 14:39:17
JillBot u8815_next/ics 8d29a56 Daz Jones: app_info: expose baseband version for some user-mode changes... 14:39:17
JillBot u8815_next/ics ccd6929 Daz Jones: app_info: change baseband_version to framebuffer_boosted... 14:39:17
~JillBot Uživatel „JillBot“ opustil místnost (Part). 14:39:17
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joandrade is that for dual bb versions of the rom? 14:39:33
Dazzozo yes 14:39:54
Dazzozo Right, other than adding junk governors and schedulers, it's done 14:40:14
Dazzozo that wasnt too painful 14:40:19
modacouserr nice 14:40:25
joandrade nice indeed 14:40:32
stickyboy Junk indeed. 14:40:34
jazon Awesome 14:40:47
Dazzozo havent even tested building it 14:40:53
Dazzozo here we go 14:40:55
joandrade if you need help testing an alpha just say so, it might be good to test if it works as intended on multiple basebands 14:41:42
stickyboy Dazzozo: Got any clues about this white screen I get on your jellybean branch? 14:41:46
stickyboy I see a possible ioctl related to graphics... but not sure. 14:42:06
stickyboy <6>[175, SurfaceFlinger] [ 9.043999] MDP: unknown ioctl (cmd=c0586d94) received! 14:42:39
Dazzozo anything in logcat? 14:43:47
Dazzozo I think that unknown ioctl is normal 14:44:20
stickyboy This is right before the graphics stuff: W/gralloc ( 120): MSMFB_METADATA_SET failed to configure alpha mode 14:44:37
Dazzozo thats normal 14:44:43
Dazzozo afaik 14:44:43
stickyboy Ok. 14:45:16
stickyboy I/hwcomposer( 120): MDP version: 300 14:45:34
stickyboy That's good at least 14:45:38
stickyboy Hmm, maybe my composition type. 14:45:50
Dazzozo MDP version 300? 14:45:56
Dazzozo We're 303... 14:45:58
Dazzozo composition type shouldn't result in death 14:46:18
Dazzozo we can use them all, some just suck more than others 14:46:27
Dazzozo Kernel: arch/arm/boot/zImage is ready 14:46:42
joandrade nice 14:47:00
stickyboy Dazzozo: Nice. First try. 14:47:02
Dazzozo funnily enough we have to revert the atmel change 14:47:16
stickyboy Hah. 14:47:21
Dazzozo that we had to add for the U8860 kernel 14:47:21
JillBot Uživatel JillBot [~JillBot@router1-ext.rs.github.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 14:49:02
JillBot [u8815_next] Dazzozo pushed 1 new commit to ics: http://git.io/va_YIA 14:49:02
JillBot u8815_next/ics 52af26f Daz Jones: u8815: disable atmel ts that we enabled for the U8860 kernel 14:49:02
~JillBot Uživatel „JillBot“ opustil místnost (Part). 14:49:02
stickyboy Dazzozo: I don't see anything glaring in logcat. What is up with MDP version? 14:49:13
stickyboy Is that a level that the hardware supports? 14:49:31
Dazzozo stickyboy: CONFIG_FB_MSM_MDP30=y 14:50:05
Dazzozo CONFIG_FB_MSM_MDP303=y 14:50:05
Dazzozo ? 14:50:07
joandrade someone is blackmailing Huawei on Facebook lol 14:50:37
Dazzozo how? 14:50:44
joandrade https://www.facebook.com/huaweidevice/posts/515657961813885 14:50:59
stickyboy Dazzozo: Hmm. 14:51:15
stickyboy CONFIG_FB_MSM_MDP30=y 14:51:16
stickyboy CONFIG_FB_MSM_MDP303=y 14:51:17
Dazzozo lmao 14:51:18
stickyboy Both! 14:51:19
Dazzozo yeah 14:51:22
Dazzozo Well, I'm about to reimplement vsync on top of the new kernel 14:52:06
stickyboy "You'll be screwed in Croatia" 14:52:09
stickyboy hahaha 14:52:11
joandrade oh no, we won't sell anything in Croatia, better start giving a shit about customers 14:52:40
Dazzozo pfft 14:52:54
Dazzozo china is their market 14:52:57
Uživatel „modacouserr“ opustil místnost (Quit: Later !). 14:53:16
Dazzozo they're only doing shit over here to attempt to improve their brand so the public isnt scared of them networking the entire world 14:53:56
Dazzozo but its probably backfiring... just a bit 14:54:03
Dazzozo no money in making piddly bits of hardware and selling them for ~£200 14:54:39
Dazzozo samsung figured it out by selling the software and services too 14:54:56
Dazzozo and the S4 is a big sign of that 14:55:00
stickyboy So my ics branch works, but your jellybean has a whitescreen, both with and without hwcomposer. 14:55:10
stickyboy I wonder if it's my defconfig (which I updated against yours), or the kernel code. 14:55:35
Dazzozo probably not the kernel code 14:55:58
Dazzozo since its CAF patches 14:56:03
Dazzozo you should be MDP303 as its msm7x27a with a lower clock speed 14:56:27
stickyboy Maybe it's something in my device tree, or graphics flags. 14:57:11
Dazzozo could be headers 14:57:18
Dazzozo did you update them when you switched to the jb branch? 14:57:25
stickyboy Hmm, maybe. I updated to fix some compile errors... 14:57:53
stickyboy Lemme grab yours. 14:58:12
Dazzozo yeah, don't do that unless you're *really* unsupported hardware, ol 14:58:15
Dazzozo *lol 14:58:16
Dazzozo if you just hack ioctls in to your headers that's dangerouuusssss 14:58:29
Dazzozo right time to jb this kernel up 14:59:20
stickyboy I had to add a member to a struct in msm_rotator. 15:00:45
Dazzozo lol rotator 15:00:56
stickyboy Ideally the headers should come from the kernel in use. 15:01:53
Dazzozo ye 15:02:09
stickyboy But in that case the msm_rotator.h in the kernel didn't even work. 15:02:12
stickyboy so wtf 15:02:15
stickyboy Dazzozo: See? 15:02:54
stickyboy hardware/qcom/display/liboverlay/overlayRotator.cpp:133:30: error: 'struct msm_rotator_img_info' has no member named 'secure' 15:02:56
Dazzozo just use my headers 15:03:09
Dazzozo they work 15:03:11
stickyboy I just copied your headers. 15:03:18
Dazzozo from the device? 15:03:27
stickyboy Yah 15:03:34
Dazzozo then dIcks 15:03:38
Dazzozo its possible that cm10 has changed in the last few weeks i guess... 15:04:09
stickyboy dicks? 15:04:11
Dazzozo and that got added 15:04:12
Dazzozo and I haven't built since 15:04:15
stickyboy Ok. 15:04:19
Dazzozo i'll check 15:04:22
stickyboy Lemme check to make sure I don't have an old copy of your device tree. 15:04:30
Dazzozo nope, last update 4 months ago 15:04:38
Dazzozo ~~~ 15:04:40
stickyboy Radical. 15:05:04
Psionandy Uživatel Psionandy [~chatzilla@cpc32-live22-2-0-cust240.17-2.cable.virginmedia.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 15:07:07
joandrade the g300 now costs 50 euros with vodafone pt points 15:11:15
Dazzozo are they like microsoft banana points 15:11:36
joandrade I don't know what that is, but I don't think so 15:11:56
joandrade basically every euro you spend on vodafone gets you two points 15:12:23
Dazzozo microsoft points, the xbox live currency 15:12:24
joandrade nah you can't really buy them 15:12:45
Dazzozo oh 15:12:49
Dazzozo so its a loyalty scheme 15:13:03
joandrade yeah 15:13:06
joandrade great discounts though 15:13:18
joandrade if you spend €15 a month you can get it for a third of the price 15:13:49
joandrade (points expire after two years) 15:14:16
Uživatel „jazon“ opustil místnost (Quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer). 15:49:26
stickyboy Dazzozo: Did you take a look at liboverlay? 15:52:58
Dazzozo <Dazzozo> nope, last update 4 months ago 15:53:07
Dazzozo yes 15:53:08
Dazzozo lol 15:53:09
stickyboy I should see if your device tree compiles. 15:53:47
Caglio Uživatel Caglio [561668cc@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 15:54:08
Dazzozo go for it 15:54:21
stickyboy I just did a fresh compile with all your headers. Lemme flash 15:54:46
Dazzozo just merged vsync, building now 15:54:50
stickyboy Cool. 15:55:01
stickyboy Fuck, I should start syncing that new kernel... 15:55:13
Dazzozo it'll be done fast 15:55:21
stickyboy Man, there were 300+ MB of changes when I repo updated your kernel today. 15:56:04
stickyboy Maybe it's all the ubuntu and b2g stuff. 15:56:20
Dazzozo unlikely... 15:56:32
Dazzozo lol 15:56:33
Dazzozo its probably CAF 15:56:38
stickyboy Cuz repo sync only gets the named refs. 15:56:56
stickyboy Guess I was behind on your other branches 15:57:05
Uživatel „AMGarcia19“ opustil místnost (Quit: Saliendo). 15:57:10
stickyboy Actually, I didn't even have your remote. Maybe that's it. 15:57:17
stickyboy Guess I hadn't looked at your stuff in awhile. 15:57:31
Caglio hey guys, trying to root my mums g300 for her and following the "explained like you're 5" thing but rootg300.exe says no room on the device but its been factory reset, any ideas? 15:58:13
JillBot Uživatel JillBot [~JillBot@router1-ext.rs.github.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 15:58:52
JillBot [u8815_next] Dazzozo created jellybean (+7 new commits): http://git.io/2PcLhA 15:58:52
JillBot u8815_next/jellybean f9d7611 Jeevan Shriram: msm_fb: Add support for Vsync driven composition on MDP 3.03 targets... 15:58:52
JillBot u8815_next/jellybean ab2ee9e Padmanabhan Komanduru: msm_fb: Handle vsync interrupt properly on MDP 3.03 targets... 15:58:52
JillBot u8815_next/jellybean c5a7532 Padmanabhan Komanduru: msm_fb: Return ioctl on vsync interrupt disable... 15:58:52
~JillBot Uživatel „JillBot“ opustil místnost (Part). 15:58:52
Uživatel „dfvtavares“ opustil místnost (Quit). 16:01:50
joandrade do you have usb debugging enabled? 16:01:52
joandrade ^ Caglio 16:03:04
Caglio yeah :/ 16:03:05
Caglio im confused 16:03:23
joandrade are you following the right guide? 16:03:30
joandrade iirc there are guides for both basebands 16:03:55
rymate1234 maybe its huawei's latest plan to foil our rooting attempts 16:04:06
Caglio http://huaweig300.com/huawei-g300-install-a-custom-jelly-bean-ics-rom-from-scratch/root/ < 2030 baseband 16:04:10
rymate1234 make sure there's no room on the device for su 16:04:15
Caglio its freshley factory reset 16:05:09
Caglio ahhh the internal storeage is still full even after a factory reset? 16:06:47
Caglio storage* 16:06:58
Caglio while im at it does any of you know how to swap the internal partitions on ics? 16:11:07
JillBot Uživatel JillBot [~JillBot@router1-ext.rs.github.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 16:13:17
JillBot [u8815_next] Dazzozo pushed 2 new commits to jellybean: http://git.io/CS2yMw 16:13:17
JillBot u8815_next/jellybean 3632654 Ken Zhang: msm: display: fb blend setting via MSMFB_METADATA_SET ioctl... 16:13:17
JillBot u8815_next/jellybean 5d9e532 Kuogee Hsieh: msm_fb: display: add pipe commit ioctl... 16:13:17
~JillBot Uživatel „JillBot“ opustil místnost (Part). 16:13:17
Caglio still saying no space left on device 16:16:21
JillBot Uživatel JillBot [~JillBot@router1-ext.rs.github.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 16:17:52
JillBot [u8815_next] Dazzozo pushed 1 new commit to jellybean: http://git.io/9pbwbQ 16:17:52
JillBot u8815_next/jellybean 25990aa Daz Jones: mdp_dma: fix DMA2 spam... 16:17:52
~JillBot Uživatel „JillBot“ opustil místnost (Part). 16:17:52
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JillBot Uživatel JillBot [~JillBot@router1-ext.rs.github.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 16:24:47
JillBot [u8815_next] Dazzozo pushed 10 new commits to jellybean: http://git.io/X4l1jg 16:24:47
JillBot u8815_next/jellybean 3947fc1 Daz Jones: Import jb_chocolate genlock 16:24:47
JillBot u8815_next/jellybean 1984acc Daz Jones: Fast forward MSM GPU to jb_chocolate... 16:24:47
JillBot u8815_next/jellybean 8c0bf22 faux123: cpufreq: Add a boostpulse interface to ondemand... 16:24:47
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JillBot Uživatel JillBot [~JillBot@router1-ext.rs.github.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 16:26:34
JillBot [u8815_next] Dazzozo pushed 1 new commit to jellybean: http://git.io/eeqJQQ 16:26:34
JillBot u8815_next/jellybean bccd3c5 Daz Jones: u8815: disable atmel ts that we enabled for the U8860 kernel 16:26:34
~JillBot Uživatel „JillBot“ opustil místnost (Part). 16:26:34
jazon Uživatel jazon [~androirc@] vstoupil do místnosti. 16:38:01
Blues003 Uživatel Blues003 [~Miguel@bl18-220-121.dsl.telepac.pt] vstoupil do místnosti. 16:39:43
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JillBot Uživatel JillBot [~JillBot@router1-ext.rs.github.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 16:43:09
JillBot [u8815_next] Dazzozo pushed 2 new commits to jellybean: http://git.io/ySFj1g 16:43:10
JillBot u8815_next/jellybean 64cfa05 Daz Jones: usb: fix OTG 16:43:10
JillBot u8815_next/jellybean 1bdc067 Daz Jones: O-oookay... not sure where this came from... 16:43:10
~JillBot Uživatel „JillBot“ opustil místnost (Part). 16:43:10
stickyboy Dazzozo: Cloning u8815_next... 310MB so far and 40% 16:43:28
Dazzozo stickyboy: jellybean is good to go 16:43:37
stickyboy 3G... w00t. 16:43:41
Uživatel „tcpaulh“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 245 seconds). 16:44:44
stickyboy Dazzozo: Have you booted it yet? 16:45:48
Dazzozo n...noo 16:45:59
stickyboy I'll stick to trying to fix the old kernel then. 16:46:17
Dazzozo i havent actually tried it on a device yet 16:46:29
Dazzozo but it should be ok 16:46:32
Dazzozo it builds 16:46:34
Dazzozo going to try it in a sec 16:47:43
stickyboy Cool. 16:48:32
stickyboy Still cloning your stuff 16:48:35
stickyboy I wanna try to build your tree 16:48:44
kieranswhite Uživatel kieranswhite [~kieran@host81-152-236-33.range81-152.btcentralplus.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 16:53:50
Dazzozo building 16:57:03
raverrr Uživatel raverrr [~raverrr@host86-128-163-31.range86-128.btcentralplus.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 17:07:37
fefifofum Uživatel fefifofum [~fefifofum@] vstoupil do místnosti. 17:14:08
ChanServ Uživatel „ChanServ“ nastavil režim (fefifofum +v). 17:14:08
Dazzozo yo 17:14:26
fefifofum yo 17:15:05
stickyboy Cuppa tea 17:17:27
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Uživatel „Blues003“ opustil místnost (Quit: I'm out.). 17:26:33
vladax Uživatel vladax [~vladax@109-93-19-51.dynamic.isp.telekom.rs] vstoupil do místnosti. 17:42:51
Dazzozo ugh fuck androidarmv6 17:47:50
Dazzozo time to fork the shit from CM and then add the patches myself 17:48:06
stickyboy Dazzozo: Package complete: /home/aorth/android/CM10/out/target/product/u8815/cm-10-20130316-UNOFFICIAL-u8815.zip 18:02:04
stickyboy Hah. 18:02:07
stickyboy wtf. 18:02:09
Dazzozo 18:02:13
Dazzozo i'll look in to it in a sec 18:02:43
stickyboy I saw an ifdef near that thing in overlayRotator.cpp... lemme look again. 18:05:52
Dazzozo ohh 18:06:14
Dazzozo easy 18:06:15
Dazzozo you need that 18:06:19
Dazzozo https://github.com/Dazzozo/android_device_huawei_u8815/blob/jellybean/BoardConfig.mk#L64 18:06:36
Dazzozo oh cool, did github change their makefile syntax highlighting? 18:06:59
Dazzozo thats cool 18:07:00
Dazzozo right, my zip done now i finally fixed my frameworks_base androidarmv6 probs 18:07:35
Dazzozo getting that shit 18:07:56
stickyboy Dazzozo: What are you doing with androidarmv6 repos? 18:09:48
Dazzozo I (used to) use their frameworks/base, native and av repos 18:10:06
Dazzozo for cm10.1 18:10:31
Dazzozo i had a local manifest drop CM's, and then add theirs 18:10:36
Dazzozo it worked without, but it was a ton faster using theirs 18:10:49
stickyboy Ah 18:11:00
stickyboy I still need to figure out how all these people are getting their builds so slim. 18:11:16
Dazzozo and since base doesnt have any improvements like that, and coupled with the fact they didnt merge the quick launch shortcuts so Settings had a build error... 18:11:29
Dazzozo I'm using CM's base again and using armv6's native and av 18:11:43
Dazzozo eventually I'll fork CM's native and av and cherry pick the relevant patches 18:11:54
Dazzozo but there's something in native that's giving me a huge speed boost 18:12:06
stickyboy Ah 18:12:18
stickyboy Dazzozo: btw, did you boot a build with your new kernel yet? 18:12:47
Dazzozo im about to flash it 18:12:56
Dazzozo i was busy fucking around sorting out that Settings error 18:13:06
stickyboy Cool. 18:13:07
stickyboy I'm recompiling with that new change and all your updated headers. 18:13:23
Dazzozo booting on the new kernel now 18:16:01
Dazzozo boot animation 18:16:08
stickyboy Good 18:17:45
Dazzozo yep, everything works fine 18:20:18
kra1o5 good to hear this Dazzozo 18:20:49
stickyboy Dazzozo: You da man. First try hah. 18:21:03
Dazzozo i've done this stuff 6 times now for the same family of devices 18:21:23
Dazzozo you would expect it to be first try 18:21:29
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ficko_98 Uživatel ficko_98 [~ficko_98@109-93-56-166.dynamic.isp.telekom.rs] vstoupil do místnosti. 18:39:23
stickyboy Daz, damn, I'm still getthing this damn white screen. 18:42:46
modacouserr Uživatel modacouserr [~modacouse@bl20-123-79.dsl.telepac.pt] vstoupil do místnosti. 18:44:01
Dazzozo give me logs 18:45:00
stickyboy Dazzozo: logcat: http://ix.io/4L0 18:46:37
Dazzozo stickyboy: could be your EGL 18:52:57
Dazzozo yours: AU_LINUX_ANDROID_JB. 18:53:01
Dazzozo mine: AU_LINUX_ANDROID_JB. 18:53:06
Dazzozo W/gralloc ( 104): MSMFB_METADATA_SET failed to configure alpha mode 18:54:14
Dazzozo I/gralloc ( 104): using (fd=19) 18:54:15
Dazzozo I/gralloc ( 104): id = msmfb30_90000 18:54:15
Dazzozo I/gralloc ( 104): xres = 480 px 18:54:15
Dazzozo I/gralloc ( 104): yres = 800 px 18:54:15
Dazzozo I/gralloc ( 104): xres_virtual = 480 px 18:54:16
Dazzozo I/gralloc ( 104): yres_virtual = 2400 px 18:54:17
Dazzozo I/gralloc ( 104): bpp = 32 18:54:19
Dazzozo I/gralloc ( 104): r = 24:8 18:54:24
Dazzozo I/gralloc ( 104): g = 16:8 18:54:25
Dazzozo I/gralloc ( 104): b = 8:8 18:54:27
Dazzozo I/gralloc ( 104): width = 76 mm (160.421051 dpi) 18:54:29
Dazzozo I/gralloc ( 104): height = 127 mm (160.000000 dpi) 18:54:31
Dazzozo I/gralloc ( 104): refresh rate = 60.00 Hz 18:54:34
Dazzozo D/CALCFPS ( 104): DEBUG_CALC_FPS: 0 18:54:35
Dazzozo D/CALCFPS ( 104): period: 10 18:54:38
Dazzozo D/CALCFPS ( 104): ignorethresh_us: 500000 18:54:39
Dazzozo D/CALCFPS ( 104): DEBUG_CALC_FPS: 0 18:54:41
Dazzozo D/CALCFPS ( 104): period: 10 18:54:44
Dazzozo D/CALCFPS ( 104): ignorethresh_us: 500000 18:54:45
Dazzozo I/hwcomposer( 104): Initializing Qualcomm Hardware Composer 18:54:47
Dazzozo I/hwcomposer( 104): MDP version: 300 18:54:49
Dazzozo I/hwcomposer( 104): DYN composition threshold : 1.910000 18:54:53
Dazzozo (on CM10.1 btw) 18:54:55
Dazzozo but we use CM10.0's qcom_display on CM10.1 18:54:57
Dazzozo your refresh rate is 76hz, wat? 18:55:01
stickyboy Hmm, so I should try new blobs? 18:56:01
Dazzozo sure 18:57:01
stickyboy I'm using blobs from Qualcomm Dev network 18:57:18
Dazzozo also 18:57:39
Dazzozo I don't have 18:57:41
Dazzozo E/overlay ( 120): ERROR: MSMFB_MIXER_INFO ioctl failed 18:57:42
Dazzozo because 18:57:43
Dazzozo I don't build liboverlay.so 18:57:46
Dazzozo We don't support it 18:57:50
stickyboy Isn;t liboverlay built from hwcomposer? 18:58:19
Dazzozo dunno, if it is, its not being used on my device 18:58:54
Dazzozo i'll check if its present 18:59:06
stickyboy Ok 18:59:10
Dazzozo yeah, its there, but not being used 18:59:38
Dazzozo because I don't get the 18:59:57
Dazzozo D/overlay ( 120): initoverlay:: opening the device:: /dev/graphics/fb0 18:59:57
Dazzozo messages 18:59:58
stickyboy So it's only my blobs which are depending on it 19:01:01
Dazzozo dunno 19:01:19
stickyboy You got 7627a blobs... o.O 19:01:21
Dazzozo yeah 19:01:25
Dazzozo it's a secret 19:01:36
stickyboy lolwat 19:01:44
Dazzozo I'll build CM10.0 and get you logs if you want 19:01:47
Dazzozo and its from the N880E 19:01:51
Dazzozo I'm going to try its 4.2 blobs soon 19:02:47
stickyboy Lemme grab your blobs 19:02:55
Dazzozo I fucking wish they'd release their kernel though ;-; 19:03:02
Dazzozo does msm7627a have a 4.2 CAF release yet? 19:03:31
Dazzozo its unsupported buuuuut 19:03:59
Dazzozo N880E has official 4.2 ;-; 19:04:04
Dazzozo WOAH CAF changed 19:04:22
Dazzozo https://www.codeaurora.org/ 19:04:23
stickyboy Hah 19:04:52
stickyboy I had an interview with the Linux Foundation last week 19:05:03
stickyboy They told me CAF was joining the Linux Foundation 19:05:13
stickyboy So that makes sense 19:05:19
Dazzozo stickyboy: https://github.com/Dazzozo/proprietary_vendor_huawei/commit/b946193f6edf39699b2638346c0f58a01acde4c1 19:07:14
hippy Uživatel hippy [~Guardian@] vstoupil do místnosti. 19:07:36
stickyboy Dazzozo: Cool, thanks. 19:08:05
stickyboy Pushing now... 19:10:56
stickyboy Strange that it works with my ics kernel. 19:11:10
stickyboy With my old blobs. 19:11:13
Dazzozo well it would do 19:12:34
Dazzozo you didnt change anything 19:12:52
stickyboy Ah, ICS blobs for ICS kernel. 19:15:08
stickyboy No. 19:15:16
stickyboy Wait, these were Jellybean blobs from Qualcomm... 19:15:23
stickyboy With "ics" branch from you. 19:15:37
Dazzozo then its vsync that is broken 19:16:23
Dazzozo when its broken for me, it stops at the huawei splash 19:16:40
stickyboy Hm. 19:18:13
stickyboy Yeah, your blobs load up to a white screen like mine. But I see 19:18:54
stickyboy W/Adreno200-EGL( 120): <qeglDrvAPI_eglCreateContext:2318>: EGL_BAD_ALLOC 19:18:56
stickyboy E/libEGL ( 120): eglMakeCurrent:495 error 3009 (EGL_BAD_MATCH) 19:18:57
Dazzozo ow 19:19:48
tcpaulh Uživatel tcpaulh [~tcpaulh@cpc19-neat4-2-0-cust55.7-3.cable.virginmedia.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 19:21:54
ChanServ Uživatel „ChanServ“ nastavil režim (tcpaulh +v). 19:21:54
Dazzozo stickyboy: get a kmsg from boot? 19:25:29
Dazzozo welp 19:28:53
Dazzozo windows demands i restart naooo 19:28:57
Dazzozo so brb 19:28:58
stickyboy Dazzozo: Getting one. 19:29:02
stickyboy aight 19:29:03
Dazzozo back 19:30:55
Uživatel „ficko_98“ opustil místnost (Quit: Leaving). 19:31:46
stickyboy Ok, forget the bad_alloc. I was missing one of the new libs. 19:31:49
stickyboy But still white screen. 19:31:55
lug2345 Uživatel lug2345 [~androirc@] vstoupil do místnosti. 19:32:51
Dazzozo yeah, I doubt it would be that after you saying its just the kernel change 19:33:04
Dazzozo kmsg will reveal more than logcat i would guess in this case 19:33:17
stickyboy Daz: http://ix.io/4L8 19:33:45
Dazzozo stickyboy: 19:39:28
Dazzozo <7>[178, SurfaceFlinger] [ 28.976236] gpio_request: gpio-38 (spi_clk) status -16 19:39:28
Dazzozo <3>[178, SurfaceFlinger] [ 28.976259] failed to request gpio spi_clk 19:39:28
Dazzozo I don't get these 19:39:30
Dazzozo I don't get these either, but they seem ok and just debug 19:39:42
Dazzozo <3>[178, SurfaceFlinger] [ 28.976479] [LCD_DEBUG] hx8347g_qvga_disp_on: disp on lcd 19:39:42
Dazzozo <3>[178, SurfaceFlinger] [ 28.976503] [LCD_DEBUG] hx8347g_qvga_panel_on: hx8347g lcd initialized 19:39:43
Dazzozo and I get these 19:39:54
Dazzozo <4>[178, SurfaceFlinger] [ 28.976689] Unsupported request to MDP META IOCTL. 19:39:54
Dazzozo <4>[178, SurfaceFlinger] [ 28.976786] msm_fb_pan_displayon't refresh the first frame to LCD 19:39:55
stickyboy I saw those... no idea what it means. 19:40:44
Dazzozo this: msm_fb_pan_displayon't refresh the first frame to LCD 19:40:54
Dazzozo is huawei 19:40:56
Dazzozo they're trying to say something english there, im sure of it 19:41:02
rymate1234 Lol 19:41:03
Dazzozo Unsupported request to MDP META IOCTL. 19:41:27
Dazzozo is ok, and intended 19:41:31
Dazzozo its unsupported... because we dont support it 19:41:39
CAP6139 Uživatel CAP6139 [~Guardian@] vstoupil do místnosti. 19:44:04
Uživatel „hippy“ opustil místnost (Quit: Disconnected by services). 19:44:04
CAP6139 Uživatel „CAP6139“ je nyní znám jako hippy. 19:44:07
Dazzozo stickyboy: interesting 19:44:55
Dazzozo I get shit like this 19:45:03
Dazzozo <6>[1, swapper] [ 0.517738] enter mipi_cmd_rsp61408_wvga_init 19:45:04
Dazzozo when it inits the display, and same for power on and off 19:45:15
Dazzozo i don't see anything like that here 19:45:20
stickyboy I'm curious to try the new CAF kernel, but also to go back to old branch + old blobs and look at logs. 19:46:25
stickyboy Dazzozo: Framebuffer memory hack? 19:47:31
Dazzozo stickyboy: https://github.com/Dazzozo/android_kernel_huawei_u8815/blob/jellybean/arch/arm/mach-msm/board-msm7x27a.c#L579 19:47:39
Dazzozo and no, your framebuffer is allocating properly 19:47:46
Dazzozo <6>[1, swapper] [ 0.505038] FrameBuffer[0] 240x320 size=655360 bytes is registered successfully! 19:47:52
stickyboy I'm curious to see if I'm 76hz on the old kernel + blobs. 19:48:36
Dazzozo stickyboy: ohhh 19:50:39
Dazzozo you enabled CONFIG_FRAMEBUF_SELF_ADAPT_HACK 19:50:42
Dazzozo yeah... dont do that 19:50:44
Dazzozo lol 19:50:45
Uživatel „raverrr“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 264 seconds). 19:50:48
stickyboy 19:52:44
stickyboy What is it? 19:52:49
stickyboy I diffed our configs... and saw that. 19:52:56
raverrr Uživatel raverrr [~raverrr@host86-128-163-31.range86-128.btcentralplus.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 19:54:01
Dazzozo its very specific to a problem with the U8815 19:54:24
stickyboy Ok 19:54:45
stickyboy Undoing... recompiling. 19:54:50
Dazzozo The 3.0.8 kernel doesn't run on our gingerbread baseband, even though it runs on yours oddly 19:55:11
Dazzozo Without that hack 19:55:16
stickyboy Weird 19:55:22
Dazzozo Basically 19:55:26
Dazzozo The bootloader passes the memory region start point and size to the kernel 19:55:38
Dazzozo for the framebuffer 19:55:46
Dazzozo the value given on the gingerbread bootloader is significantly smaller, too small in fact 19:56:00
Dazzozo so it can't allocate the memory required for an ics framebuffer 19:56:12
Dazzozo that hack checks if the value is within a certain region, and bumps it up if it is 19:56:35
Dazzozo and pushes across the next allocation 19:56:43
stickyboy Hmm, ok. 19:57:00
stickyboy Could be my problem. 19:57:02
stickyboy Cuz everything else seems ok... 19:57:06
Uživatel „raverrr“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 245 seconds). 19:58:10
Dazzozo you obviously don't need the hack as you've been running the 3.0.8 kernel fine before 19:58:18
Dazzozo I guess its something to do with the resolution 19:58:34
Dazzozo and you can get away with what the gb bootloader gives you 19:58:45
stickyboy Touchscreen works... I can feel myself unlocking the screen 20:00:02
Dazzozo yeah, its booted 20:00:18
Dazzozo i saw that for the log 20:00:20
Dazzozo *from 20:00:21
stickyboy And dimming works... after a few seconds it like is grey instead of white. 20:00:23
Dazzozo yeah thats the backlight 20:00:36
Dazzozo its just the display 20:00:41
stickyboy Ah, true. 20:00:49
stickyboy Ok, I removed that hack and went back to old blobs. Recompiling now. 20:02:11
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lug2345 Uživatel „lug2345“ je nyní znám jako luglug. 20:14:49
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kieranswhite test... 21:28:26
kieranswhite didnt know wether i was connected.. 21:28:37
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adfad666 Dazzozo, did you say that a 7x27a phone got a 4.2 update?! 21:41:30
Dazzozo yeah 21:41:39
Dazzozo it had it basically the week after 4.2 hit 21:41:49
adfad666 lol wut 21:41:55
Alkalinorap Uživatel Alkalinorap [~Alkalinor@] vstoupil do místnosti. 21:43:06
adfad666 are you also having trouble with the androidarmv6 repos 21:45:00
adfad666 they haven't been synced for a long time 21:45:06
Dazzozo yup 21:50:30
Dazzozo frameworks_base is broken 21:50:37
Dazzozo they had a bot do it for ages 21:53:43
Dazzozo but the bot has died 21:53:45
Dazzozo and honestly I don't trust them anyway so I'm probably going to fork the 3 frameworks repos 21:54:16
Dazzozo they fucked with everything else and removed features where they pleased, so I don't want that risk on the framework 21:54:34
Dazzozo I just want to build CM with some extra hardware support, jeez 21:54:41
adfad666 I wne through the repos today and most of the changes are not necessary 22:00:16
adfad666 if imported the armv6 and cm repos to one rpo so you can compare them on github 22:00:39
adfad666 just look on my profile 22:00:48
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adfad666 I donth think there's anything in their framworks_base that is useful for us 22:07:48
Dazzozo adfad666: then it must be in native 22:12:18
Dazzozo because there's definitely a performance boost from it 22:12:25
adfad666 yeha I picked out two commits that should be useful in native 22:12:49
Uživatel „hippy“ opustil místnost (Quit: • IRcap • 8.71 •). 22:14:08
Dazzozo which? 22:14:58
adfad666 I've squashed them so they will apply on to the current frameworks_native 22:15:36
adfad666 http://pastebin.com/BGbg0cb4 22:15:37
adfad666 http://pastebin.com/80YJn9As 22:16:25
adfad666 everything else didn't seem useful 22:17:35
Dazzozo its the texture target shit 22:18:04
Dazzozo thats what the noticeable boost was 22:18:11
adfad666 i'm building now with CM base/native/av and those two patches 22:19:21
Dazzozo i'll add them to my patch collection of 10 patches 22:20:51
Dazzozo :> 22:20:53
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kra1o5 yo 22:36:57
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adfad666 OK there's definitely something else needed, my screen is going crazy 23:04:52
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