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I'm sorry for not actual logs - my FTP uploads are reduced a lot, i'm working on new solution..

Expected startup is about 10.2.2014

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Alkalinorap Dazzozo, how I can update the folder of your repos without re-download everything? 00:02:34
Alkalinorap git clone do this? 00:02:39
Dazzozo git pull 00:02:44
Alkalinorap ok okay 00:03:05
Alkalinorap thanks 00:03:07
Dazzozo i think im going to do my own recovery 00:03:33
Dazzozo as if we needed more 00:03:37
Alkalinorap lol 00:04:18
Alkalinorap based in..? 00:04:20
Dazzozo just stock CWM that works for 109808 and 2030 00:04:54
Dazzozo no fancy shit 00:05:03
fefifofum lol 00:05:09
Alkalinorap lol 00:06:22
Alkalinorap GB keeps using 109808 atm? 00:13:53
Dazzozo im going to try for both 00:13:59
Dazzozo atm it uses none, the RIL isnt fully implemented 00:14:09
Dazzozo I did the java but the native side isnt set up 00:14:14
Alkalinorap ok 00:14:49
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Alkalinorap Dazzozo, Is possible to add the recovery mode in power menu in any rom? 01:15:05
Alkalinorap Or is this only for cyanogenmod? 01:15:07
Dazzozo its possible in any 01:15:52
Dazzozo providing you're good in smali 01:16:00
Alkalinorap ok thanks 01:16:02
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JillBot [android_device_huawei_u8815] Dazzozo pushed 2 new commits to cm-10.1: http://git.io/VEHohg 01:32:58
JillBot android_device_huawei_u8815/cm-10.1 114f39c Daz Jones: BoardConfig: minor corrections 01:32:58
JillBot android_device_huawei_u8815/cm-10.1 087646d Daz Jones: audio: attempt to improve in-call audio a little 01:32:58
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Dazzozo that audio commit is ancient btw, I just never pushed it to git after I did the last 3 CM builds 01:33:00
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Dazzozo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1DvVzKXktY 02:28:04
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Alkalinorap Dazzozo, are you there? 03:34:34
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tilal6991 What does the updater script for the common files say? 17:56:26
Dazzozo well /data/ubuntu exists and is populated 17:57:04
Dazzozo probably something very trivial broken 17:57:17
tilal6991 :/ 17:57:19
tilal6991 Permissions? 17:57:28
rymate1234 like mounting it 17:57:32
adfad666 Am I blind, where are the download links? 17:57:52
Dazzozo Download @ https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install 17:58:05
Dazzozo Source @ https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Contribute 17:58:07
Dazzozo porting guide not up yet 17:58:20
tilal6991 ubuntu_chroot shell 17:58:23
Dazzozo can't execute /bin/bash no such file or directory 17:58:40
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Dazzozo it cant mount, then 17:58:45
tilal6991 Yup 17:58:53
Dazzozo im guessing /bin is mounted to /data/ubuntu/bin 17:58:58
Dazzozo or rather, the reverse 17:59:05
thejaimes111 Hey ! 17:59:08
modacouserr hi 17:59:13
tilal6991 Dazzozo: Reverse I would guess lol 18:00:00
tilal6991 4 mins left for common file 18:00:28
Dazzozo ye 18:00:29
tilal6991 No data apparently 18:00:53
tilal6991 Not surprised lol 18:01:01
Dazzozo https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Contribute 18:01:22
Dazzozo oops 18:01:23
Dazzozo 1|root@android:/data/ubuntu/bin # mount -o bind /dev /data/ubuntu/dev 18:01:26
Dazzozo mount: No such file or directory 18:01:26
Dazzozo the dirs 18:01:27
Dazzozo arent made 18:01:28
Dazzozo /dev doesnt exist 18:01:34
tilal6991 Ouch 18:02:03
tilal6991 That's bad 18:02:06
Dazzozo wait 18:02:48
Dazzozo it does 18:02:49
Dazzozo what 18:02:51
tilal6991 Lol 18:02:53
Dazzozo why is it trying to mount on /dev 18:02:58
Dazzozo that's a kernel dir 18:03:00
tilal6991 It does but it doesn't 18:03:00
tilal6991 No no 18:03:05
tilal6991 It's binding /dev TO /data/ubuntu/dev 18:03:15
Dazzozo ohhhh 18:03:17
Dazzozo well yes 18:03:25
Dazzozo that doesnt exist 18:03:26
Dazzozo wtf 18:03:30
tilal6991 There you go lol 18:03:33
tilal6991 mkdir it 18:03:36
Dazzozo shouldnt that have been made by the updater-script? 18:03:38
tilal6991 That's why I said if I could say it lol 18:03:52
tilal6991 * see 18:03:55
tilal6991 It's OK though 18:04:06
tilal6991 I've downloaded it basically 18:04:11
tilal6991 10 secs 18:04:13
tilal6991 Just the device specific stuff to go 18:04:40
tilal6991 WOW 18:05:21
Dazzozo >strace doesn't exist 18:05:25
tilal6991 Ubuntu is just ubuntu 18:05:27
Dazzozo omfg 18:05:29
tilal6991 Literally 18:05:31
tilal6991 In the common zip it's just a tar of ubuntu 18:05:45
Dazzozo lol 18:06:34
Dazzozo not surprised 18:06:41
Dazzozo make it so you can run something as close as possible to ubuntu 18:06:52
tilal6991 Literally 18:06:54
Dazzozo and then maintain ubuntu as ubuntu 18:06:55
tilal6991 It's like I downloaded a ubuntu iso 18:07:03
Dazzozo lol 18:07:06
tilal6991 Right done 18:12:54
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tilal6991 Just adb pushing it 18:13:12
lakyljuk hi, just looked at few last messages, are you trying ubuntu at g300? because i thought it has not hardware for it. 18:14:32
Dazzozo how doesnt it? 18:15:07
Dazzozo its armv7 18:15:09
Dazzozo has everything it needs 18:15:14
padme1 and most of all it runs on top of android 18:15:32
Dazzozo whether it runs well or not is another question that I don't care about 18:15:39
padme1 it makes things easier 18:15:59
drituss Uživatel drituss [~drituss@] vstoupil do místnosti. 18:16:57
Dazzozo tilal6991: fixed the mounts buuuut 18:17:03
Dazzozo 1|root@android:/ # ubuntu_chroot shell 18:17:04
Dazzozo chroot: can't execute '/bin/bash': No such file or directory 18:17:04
tilal6991 Dazzozo: Did you wipe data after flashing it? 18:17:08
Dazzozo before 18:17:11
tilal6991 Thank god 18:17:17
Dazzozo yes im aware it uses data 18:17:21
Dazzozo lol 18:17:21
tilal6991 Otherwise the second zip would have been useless lol 18:17:34
Dazzozo yup 18:17:36
tilal6991 Dazzozo: Hmmm 18:17:55
tilal6991 I have no idea 18:17:59
Dazzozo interesting 18:18:14
Dazzozo if i cd to /data/ubuntu/bin 18:18:17
Dazzozo where bash DOES exist 18:18:20
tilal6991 Maybe update path in init.rc to include /data/ubunut/bin 18:18:20
Dazzozo root@android:/data/ubuntu/bin # bash 18:18:24
Dazzozo fuck 18:18:47
Dazzozo system/bin/sh: ./bash: No such file or directory 18:18:53
tilal6991 Ouch 18:18:58
Dazzozo irc didnt like the / 18:19:00
Dazzozo yup, executable by all 18:19:15
Dazzozo and it just doesnt have it 18:19:17
Dazzozo gonna grab strace 18:19:28
Dazzozo soinfo_link_image(linker.cpp:1618): missing essential tablesCANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE 18:22:06
Dazzozo well fuck 18:22:07
Dazzozo i guess i won't get strace 18:22:16
tilal6991 mine works 18:22:29
Dazzozo WAAT 18:22:33
tilal6991 chroot I mean 18:22:35
Dazzozo chroot shell? 18:22:42
tilal6991 But the display doesn't show anything 18:22:47
tilal6991 Dazzozo: Yes 18:22:50
Dazzozo wtf 18:23:00
tilal6991 Basically chroot works perfecty 18:23:56
tilal6991 But nothing shows up on the display 18:24:05
tilal6991 WHAT IS THIS? 18:24:42
tilal6991 Nothing is showing up 18:24:47
modacouserr its interesting to read this 18:26:49
tilal6991 I don't get it 18:27:11
tilal6991 Everything is perfect 18:27:16
tilal6991 Just nnothing is showing up 18:27:21
tilal6991 No errors nothing 18:27:47
tilal6991 Dazzozo: Do you know what command starts up the UI? 18:28:54
Dazzozo erm 18:29:39
Dazzozo tilal6991: 18:29:40
Dazzozo /sbin/init 18:29:41
Dazzozo non existo 18:29:44
tilal6991 Ouch man 18:29:52
Dazzozo i have adbd, ueventd, watchdogd in sbin 18:29:57
tilal6991 That's not good lol 18:29:57
Dazzozo init is in root 18:29:59
fr0d01 Uživatel fr0d01 [~pccadmin@s1mps.plus.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 18:30:36
Dazzozo 1|root@android:/ # chroot /data/ubuntu 18:30:57
Dazzozo chroot: can't execute '/system/bin/sh': No such file or directory 18:30:57
Dazzozo WHAT 18:30:57
tilal6991 I can sudo apt-get update lol 18:30:59
Dazzozo THE FUCK 18:31:00
Dazzozo is up with this 18:31:15
Dazzozo right 18:31:25
Dazzozo i am rebooting 18:31:27
Dazzozo fucking hell what the fuck 18:31:33
tilal6991 start: Unable to connect to Upstart: Failed to connect to socket /com/ubuntu/upstart: Connection refused 18:32:13
tilal6991 Just tried to do start X 18:32:20
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Dazzozo it would be awesome if i had strace 18:32:50
tilal6991 About to call clone() 18:34:05
tilal6991 ERROR: No child processes 18:34:05
tilal6991 That's what I get if I just call ubuntu_chroot 18:34:17
Dazzozo i have that 18:34:35
Dazzozo but if i ubuntu_chroot shell 18:34:42
Dazzozo root@android:/ # ubuntu_chroot shell 18:34:46
Dazzozo chroot: can't execute '/bin/bash': No such file or directory 18:34:46
Dazzozo root@android:/ # ubuntu_chroot shell 18:35:28
Dazzozo chroot: can't execute '/bin/bash': No such file or directory 18:35:29
Dazzozo oops 18:35:31
Dazzozo 127|root@android:/ # chroot /data/ubuntu 18:35:33
Dazzozo chroot: can't execute '/system/bin/sh': No such file or directory 18:35:33
tilal6991 qmlviewer: could not exec '/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/qt5/bin/qmlviewer': No such file or directory 18:35:35
Dazzozo this makes no fucking sense 18:35:37
tilal6991 Ooo 18:35:38
tilal6991 (unity-panel-service:570): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: 18:36:00
Dazzozo im fucking reinstalling 18:36:44
rymate1234 OOO 18:36:44
Dazzozo lol 18:36:45
rymate1234 I KNOW THAT ERROR 18:36:48
rymate1234 tilal6991, no drivers to run your display by the look of it 18:37:01
Dazzozo HAHA 18:37:12
tilal6991 WOW 18:37:19
tilal6991 WELL DONE 18:37:22
Dazzozo LMAO 18:37:28
Dazzozo right 18:37:55
Dazzozo reinstalling 18:37:56
Dazzozo lets try this again 18:37:58
rymate1234 k 18:40:10
tilal6991 http://phablet.ubuntu.com/gitweb?p=CyanogenMod/android_system_core.git;a=blobdiff;f=rootdir/init.rc;h=c5b0c81b31c7553cfb830b1b3bb82e10984fb536;hp=af54ff97ccfb703dfdc569aa3b79b1f4589be568;hb=1fa9dcfc27c20f821df2fcc220d4de3b20d2845d;hpb=39855e210996c6559e71e039bad35d1e25bc00ff 18:40:38
tilal6991 ubuntuappmamager ? 18:40:46
tilal6991 I don't have that 18:40:49
Dazzozo i do 18:40:55
Dazzozo WTF IS UP WITH THIS SHIT 18:41:04
tilal6991 adb shell bootanimation 18:41:16
tilal6991 OMG 18:41:18
tilal6991 YES 18:41:22
Dazzozo i see cm bootanim 18:41:27
tilal6991 THE CM BOOTANIMATION 18:41:28
Dazzozo if i do that 18:41:28
Dazzozo LOL 18:41:30
tilal6991 YASSSSSS 18:41:32
tilal6991 I've done it 18:41:34
Dazzozo LOL 18:41:38
tilal6991 I've fixed everything 18:41:38
modacouserr well done 18:41:57
Dazzozo time to kill it 18:42:01
Dazzozo poor thing 18:42:04
modacouserr that is killing Daz eheh 18:42:07
tilal6991 Well it proves that my drivers aren't dead 18:42:10
tilal6991 It's just the switchover between ubuntu and android that's broken 18:42:24
Dazzozo oh feck 18:42:56
dfvt Uživatel dfvt [~androirc@] vstoupil do místnosti. 18:42:56
Dazzozo i know what this is 18:42:57
Dazzozo you're using the new style fstab 18:43:01
Dazzozo im not 18:43:02
tilal6991 http://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CDEQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fpastebin.com%2FYpjhm6VV&ei=tmomUbW2M4e50QXq1oGQCA&usg=AFQjCNHSVMQPK6tPgDN86rJHJOSoyHDXIw&sig2=bMObBk8K5wBoXEqUdl4d8g&bvm=bv.42661473,d.d2k&cad=rja 18:43:16
tilal6991 Logcat 18:43:19
Curlie Uživatel Curlie [~d@] vstoupil do místnosti. 18:43:22
Curlie Hi 18:43:30
tilal6991 that's it 18:43:39
tilal6991 I'm missing ubuntuappmanager 18:43:45
Dazzozo good os 18:43:48
tilal6991 Could you up it? 18:44:05
rymate1234 cm boot animation 18:44:25
rymate1234 wow 18:44:26
Dazzozo i cant find it now 18:44:26
Dazzozo i don't know which of the 4 bin dirs its in 18:44:31
rymate1234 they couldn't be bothered to change the boot animation? 18:44:44
Dazzozo evidently not 18:44:51
Dazzozo there is no actual bootanim yet 18:44:54
tilal6991 system/bin/ 18:44:59
Dazzozo it blackscreens until ubuntu comes on 18:45:01
Dazzozo tilal6991: not there 18:45:09
Dazzozo but i saw it earlier 18:45:11
Dazzozo wtf 18:45:11
tilal6991 WTF? 18:45:15
tilal6991 Just grepped my sources 18:45:22
tilal6991 I don't have it at all 18:45:26
tilal6991 I don't get this 18:45:36
rymate1234 evidently 18:45:54
rymate1234 its not ready to be ported yet 18:46:00
roignac_ Uživatel roignac_ [~vadim@ip-62-245-124-76.net.upcbroadband.cz] vstoupil do místnosti. 18:46:18
tilal6991 rymate1234: Screw your negativity 18:46:21
tilal6991 If it's good enough for mako it's good enough for mint 18:46:32
Dazzozo lol mint 18:46:47
tilal6991 Can you not find it anymore? 18:48:56
tilal6991 Oh wait 18:49:18
tilal6991 I have a mako build 18:49:21
Dazzozo gg 18:49:35
tilal6991 Well it exists there 18:50:09
tilal6991 soinfo_link_image(linker.cpp:1649): could not load library "libubuntu_application_api.so" needed by "ubuntuappmanager"; caused by load_library(linker.cpp:747): library "libubuntu_application_api.so" not foundCANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE 18:50:27
tilal6991 Sources are missing a ton of stuff 18:50:35
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tilal6991 fatal error opening "/sys/power/wake_lock" 18:53:37
tilal6991 fatal error opening "/sys/android_power/acquire_partial_wake_lock" 18:53:37
tilal6991 Segmentation fault 18:53:37
tilal6991 Dazzozo: Do you have a copy of strace? 18:56:01
Dazzozo one that doesnt run 18:56:14
Dazzozo yes 18:56:15
Dazzozo soinfo_link_image(linker.cpp:1618): missing essential tablesCANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE 18:56:19
tilal6991 Might run for me 18:56:31
tilal6991 Since bash itself doesn't run for you 18:56:42
tilal6991 :/ 18:56:43
Dazzozo i fixed it 18:57:00
rymate1234 guys 18:57:04
Dazzozo tilal6991: just mmm external/strace in your tree 18:57:11
tilal6991 Dazzozo: Awesome 18:57:11
rymate1234 who wants to see the UI of shuffle it 18:57:13
Dazzozo FTP was transferring it as ASCII 18:57:18
Dazzozo and it was dropping a character 18:57:23
rymate1234 WARNING - PLACEHOLDER STUFF http://i.imgur.com/FB108Hu.png 18:57:27
Dazzozo rymate1234: hot 18:57:36
tilal6991 Nice 18:57:46
tilal6991 Ah the good old 1 byte mistake 18:58:03
tilal6991 Broke RIL for a month did it not? 18:58:12
Dazzozo yes 18:58:28
tilal6991 KERNEL 18:59:02
tilal6991 DAMN 18:59:06
Dazzozo why cant it fucking see my bash bin? 19:00:27
tilal6991 Partially executing ioctl(14, 0xc0186201 19:00:36
tilal6991 Then freezing 19:00:40
Dazzozo tilal6991: what's your $PATH? 19:00:54
tilal6991 sbin:/vendor/bin:/system/sbin:/system/bin:/system/xbin 19:01:37
tilal6991 I need to use non CAF display 19:01:52
Dazzozo identical to mine 19:01:55
Dazzozo whaaatthefuckkkkk 19:01:58
tilal6991 Hmmmm 19:02:13
Dazzozo it seems unable to use absolute paths 19:02:21
tilal6991 I think it might be neon code 19:02:23
tilal6991 * msm8960 19:02:29
tilal6991 Krait 19:02:42
tilal6991 kernel/sony/msm8x60/: discarding 1014 commits 19:03:42
tilal6991 vendor/sony/: discarding 1 commits 19:03:42
tilal6991 Cool 19:03:44
Dazzozo ooooh 19:05:07
Dazzozo i think i got it 19:05:09
tilal6991 What? 19:05:16
Dazzozo nope i havent 19:05:53
Uživatel „dfvt“ opustil místnost (Quit: Remote host closed the connection). 19:06:24
tilal6991 :/ 19:06:32
Dazzozo this makes no fucking sense 19:14:08
Dazzozo the bash bin is in this dir 19:14:11
Dazzozo and i can't call it 19:14:12
Dazzozo because no such file or directory 19:14:20
Dazzozo i can even chmod it! 19:14:44
adfad666 lol 37mins still to download 19:14:48
Dazzozo but i can't run it 19:14:49
tilal6991 :/ 19:16:03
Dazzozo wow 19:16:03
Dazzozo i can run ANY OTHER BIN THERE! 19:16:09
Dazzozo oh, no i cant 19:16:22
tilal6991 Well that sucks 19:16:26
Dazzozo the path in uchroot 19:16:53
Dazzozo /usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin 19:16:58
Dazzozo /bin is there 19:17:09
Dazzozo wtf 19:17:10
tilal6991 Right 19:17:55
tilal6991 Mako kernel/userspace done 19:18:00
tilal6991 Let's do this 19:18:03
tilal6991 Need to download it first though :/ 19:18:21
tilal6991 Uživatel „tilal6991“ je nyní znám jako tilal|away. 19:18:54
rymate1234 woo added onClick events for my buttons 19:19:47
rymate1234 this app is going somewhat well 19:19:55
Dazzozo okay, there's some very random behaviour going on here 19:21:16
Dazzozo things randomly unmounting and removing themselves from path 19:21:24
roignac_ Dazzozo: maybe export PATH=.:$PATH will help? 19:23:32
Dazzozo nope 19:24:53
roignac_ I expect the porting guide to be 100 Kb at minimum 19:25:48
roignac_ with various workarounds for each and every detail 19:26:27
tilal|away roignac_: Lol 19:27:46
tilal|away I doubt it 19:27:48
tilal|away Uživatel „tilal|away“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991. 19:27:58
tilal6991 Uživatel „tilal6991“ je nyní znám jako bytecode1. 19:30:29
Dazzozo wat 19:30:35
bytecode1 Uživatel „bytecode1“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991. 19:30:36
roignac_ tilal6991: seen this on "Unity in Fedora" discussion: "It works, but you must install 100500 packages and modify 12873 config files" 19:31:15
hecatae Uživatel hecatae [~hecatae@] vstoupil do místnosti. 19:31:24
tilal6991 roignac_: Don't use fedora lol 19:34:04
tilal6991 * I 19:34:07
rymate1234 I'll have you know 19:34:23
rymate1234 I installed unity on arch linux 19:34:30
rymate1234 and only had to add 2 extra repositories! 19:34:38
Dazzozo tilal6991: /data/ubuntu/data/ubuntu/data 19:34:44
Dazzozo what the fuck is up with these mounts? 19:34:50
tilal6991 Dazzozo: Hahahahaha 19:35:22
roignac_ rymate1234: yeah, but gnome-shell is not usable after that, at least the last time I tried 19:35:37
rymate1234 it is for me 19:35:46
tilal6991 Dazzozo: Just got frstrated and pushed all the mako libs to mint 19:37:40
tilal6991 And bins 19:37:43
tilal6991 Dazzozo: Well that didn't work 19:42:07
tilal6991 Nothing 19:42:09
Dazzozo fuck. 19:42:52
Dazzozo i know what it is 19:42:54
Dazzozo im retarded. 19:42:55
tilal6991 What? 19:43:01
Dazzozo how much 19:43:14
Dazzozo space 19:43:15
Dazzozo does 19:43:16
Dazzozo the filesystem 19:43:18
Dazzozo image need 19:43:20
tilal6991 Pahahahahahahahahaha 19:43:26
tilal6991 More than you probably have 19:43:33
tilal6991 df -h 19:43:35
Dazzozo data 755.9M 269.4M 486.5M 4096 19:44:07
Dazzozo 486mb free 19:44:09
Dazzozo so not that 19:44:12
Dazzozo but 19:44:13
tilal6991 2G 994.3M 1G 19:44:13
Dazzozo i think it isnt copying fully 19:44:16
tilal6991 data 2G 994.3M 1G 4096 19:44:38
Dazzozo fack 19:44:55
rymate1234 how big is the filesysteim image? 19:44:57
tilal6991 Dazzozo: I'd agree with that 19:45:00
tilal6991 rymate1234: Over 400 MB 19:45:05
Dazzozo the image is about 500mb 19:45:07
rymate1234 oh 19:45:13
rymate1234 well 19:45:15
rymate1234 crescent ain't going to support it then 19:45:22
rymate1234 its too big 19:45:26
tilal6991 Nope 19:45:29
Dazzozo yep 19:45:32
Dazzozo total size 19:45:33
tilal6991 Sdcard multiboot 19:45:34
Dazzozo 897mb 19:45:35
tilal6991 FTW 19:45:39
Dazzozo *just* too small 19:45:59
Dazzozo if i could use cache too 19:47:03
Dazzozo it would be enough 19:47:06
tilal6991 You forget 19:47:36
tilal6991 It extracts the tar to data 19:47:42
tilal6991 Then extracts the tar to dataa 19:47:49
Dazzozo wat 19:47:58
tilal6991 Right 19:48:01
tilal6991 So the zip 19:48:04
Dazzozo yeah 19:48:06
Dazzozo it copies it to data 19:48:08
Dazzozo then extracts it there 19:48:11
tilal6991 The gz inside is extracted to data 19:48:12
tilal6991 YEs 19:48:16
Dazzozo thats why its failing 19:48:22
tilal6991 So it needs about double the amount you have 19:48:25
Dazzozo yup 19:48:27
tilal6991 I think I'm going to throw in the towel until tomorrow 19:49:10
tilal6991 I'm getting no display 19:49:14
adfad666 I assume the 90MB file is for /system but where does the 480MB file get flashed to? 19:49:17
tilal6991 And still no display 19:49:19
tilal6991 adfad666: Data 19:49:23
Dazzozo mhm 19:49:27
Dazzozo devices with a combined filesystem are sorted 19:49:45
tilal6991 I don't even know where ubuntu logs stuff 19:49:48
Dazzozo otherwise i hope you have a HUGE nand 19:49:50
tilal6991 Dazzozo: ie. all the nexus devices 19:50:03
Dazzozo hmmm 19:50:07
Dazzozo could use lvm 19:50:08
Dazzozo yeah, the only way this would work is with lvm 19:50:57
adfad666 that should be enough 19:51:18
tilal6991 adfad666: I see you're building 19:52:40
adfad666 on A? 19:53:20
adfad666 you spy! 19:53:22
tilal6991 Yep 19:53:24
tilal6991 htop FTW 19:53:28
tilal6991 Just started my build 19:53:43
adfad666 lol 19:54:24
adfad666 what -j# do you use? 19:54:40
tilal6991 5, 7 or 11 depending on what I feel like 19:55:34
Alkalinorap Uživatel Alkalinorap [~Alkalinor@cm-93-156-244-68.telecable.es] vstoupil do místnosti. 19:57:52
adfad666 I used13, the server has 12 threads 19:57:59
tilal6991 Oh OK 19:58:13
tilal6991 Cool 19:58:16
tilal6991 Will do that from next time 19:58:20
Dazzozo I can get plenty storage 20:01:27
Dazzozo if I sacrifice emmc 20:01:31
adfad666 Flashing to my N7... 20:01:37
tilal6991 Lets us know how it goes 20:01:47
adfad666 Dazzozo, repartition it? 20:02:33
Dazzozo i cant 20:02:45
Dazzozo we don't have a way to 20:03:01
tilal6991 No TPT :/ 20:03:17
adfad666 what about use the internal SDcard as data? 20:03:25
Dazzozo We have the update.app system but it checks for a signature 20:03:26
Dazzozo adfad666: how? 20:03:41
Dazzozo how would you extend the data volume 20:03:47
Dazzozo with it? 20:03:47
tilal6991 You don't 20:03:55
Dazzozo All I can think of doing is lvm with data and internal sdcard 20:03:57
tilal6991 Just swap the partitions 20:04:02
Dazzozo omg 20:04:08
Dazzozo im retarded 20:04:09
Dazzozo rodl 20:04:11
Dazzozo *rofl 20:04:12
Dazzozo why didnt i think of that 20:04:15
tilal6991 Lol 20:04:21
Dazzozo right, brb 20:04:25
adfad666 in the init process you mount the mmcblk[blah] just change that 20:04:27
Dazzozo away to do just that 20:04:30
tilal6991 Because you haven't done it befre for a device? 20:04:31
Dazzozo yeah 20:04:34
Dazzozo i've never fucked around swapping partitions 20:04:39
tilal6991 I have lol 20:04:41
Dazzozo i'm going to branch for this 20:04:44
tilal6991 mint at the start of cm-10.1 20:04:48
Dazzozo I don't want to change CM functionality 20:04:48
adfad666 i've not tried it either but it's worth a go 20:04:51
tilal6991 what a start 20:04:54
Dazzozo this will need a custom recovery won't it? 20:07:26
Dazzozo because recovery will need to flash the right partition 20:07:36
adfad666 probably 20:08:15
tilal6991 Dazzozo: Yup 20:08:23
modacouserr back i see you guys figured a way out well done 20:09:32
adfad666 It booted on my N7 20:11:11
modacouserr nice 20:11:48
modacouserr what you guys think about it? 20:11:53
modacouserr im curious about the lockscreen and the status bar 20:12:04
modacouserr i think that quick settings are amazing 20:12:19
tilal6991 OMG 20:12:58
tilal6991 Ubuntu recovery 20:13:01
tilal6991 It's CWM with a ubuntu background 20:13:10
Dazzozo LOL 20:13:14
modacouserr LOL 20:13:17
tilal6991 I'm being utterly serious as well lol 20:13:31
rymate1234 Lol 20:14:43
rymate1234 Well why not? 20:14:56
tilal6991 I guess so 20:15:04
tilal6991 Damn 20:16:44
tilal6991 The ubuntu cm-10.1 build overwrote my real cm-10.1 build 20:16:54
tilal6991 :/ 20:16:55
Dazzozo gg 20:17:11
tilal6991 Yep 20:17:20
murks Uživatel murks [~android@77-21-199-51-dynip.superkabel.de] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:17:20
Uživatel „murks“ opustil místnost (Quit: Client Quit). 20:17:43
adfad666 lol this is gonna take some getting used to 20:18:10
modacouserr why's that? 20:18:20
adfad666 where are the settingz!!! 20:18:22
modacouserr no menu 20:18:23
modacouserr ahah 20:18:25
modacouserr STATUS BAR 20:18:28
modacouserr notification, whatever 20:18:37
tilal6991 adfad666: how good is it? 20:19:21
adfad666 a bit jittery 20:20:00
adfad666 not very smooth 20:20:02
Dazzozo tilal6991: what is BOARD_USERDATAIMAGE_PARTITION_SIZE measured in? 20:20:39
Dazzozo I can't cat /proc/mtd as block2mtd screws it up 20:20:48
tilal6991 Dazzozo: What do you mean? 20:20:58
Dazzozo well is it measured in bytes, spoons? 20:21:10
tilal6991 Oh lol 20:21:19
tilal6991 Bytes I think 20:21:20
modacouserr Daz is swiping with the 2gb internal right? 20:21:40
tilal6991 Yep 20:21:52
modacouserr swiping or swaping? i think i wrote it wrong 20:22:14
modacouserr english lol 20:22:19
modacouserr swaping! 20:22:23
Dazzozo i can't make the numbers work 20:22:24
Dazzozo we have a 700mb data partition, and our partition size is apparently 183500800 20:22:47
Uživatel „Curlie“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 252 seconds). 20:22:48
Dazzozo oh 20:23:30
Dazzozo i just managed to get it to work out 20:23:34
Dazzozo somehow 20:23:35
tilal6991 Lol 20:23:39
modacouserr yeahhh! 20:23:43
Dazzozo well, i've managed to divide it by stuff and end up with 256 20:23:43
tilal6991 Well according to our boardconfig Skate has a 500 MB system 20:23:56
Dazzozo which sounds more than just coincidence 20:23:58
Dazzozo yeah but you cheat those numbers 20:24:06
tilal6991 Yep 20:24:10
tilal6991 I just add a 0 to the end every time I need to 20:24:25
modacouserr ^ ahah 20:24:34
Dazzozo what are they actually meant to be used for? 20:25:07
Dazzozo they seem to be nothing but a pain in the ass 20:25:16
tilal6991 I don't know 20:26:10
tilal6991 :/ 20:26:11
tilal6991 Uživatel „tilal6991“ je nyní znám jako tilal|food. 20:26:20
Dazzozo did you know 20:28:16
adfad666 they're not really used 20:28:22
Dazzozo emmc is 2.0546875gb 20:28:28
rymate1234 What is emmc? 20:28:45
Dazzozo internal sdcard 20:28:57
adfad666 the only time i've had trouble with them is when a img is bigger than what it says there 20:28:57
rymate1234 Why doesnt the crescent have one 20:28:57
adfad666 and the build fails 20:28:57
rymate1234 20:29:00
Dazzozo yeah i've had that in the past 20:29:07
Dazzozo with the crescent lel 20:29:07
adfad666 I think it's probably just a safety thing 20:29:21
rymate1234 Wait 20:29:26
adfad666 don't produce an img that's too big 20:29:30
rymate1234 Why does the g300 have an internal sd card? 20:29:39
adfad666 How do I manage users in ubuntu? 20:29:52
adfad666 I wanan get rid of this default user 20:30:14
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Uživatel „hecatae“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 256 seconds). 20:33:39
Dazzozo by being the mathematician i am i've figured out the correct number 20:33:55
modacouserr great 20:34:56
JillBot Uživatel JillBot [~JillBot@sh2.rs.github.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:35:23
JillBot [android_device_huawei_u8815] Dazzozo created ubuntu (+1 new commit): http://git.io/HcVIig 20:35:24
JillBot android_device_huawei_u8815/ubuntu 38de2aa Daz Jones: Switch userdata and emmc so Ubuntu fits 20:35:24
~JillBot Uživatel „JillBot“ opustil místnost (Part). 20:35:24
hecatae Uživatel hecatae [~hecatae@] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:36:58
thejaimes111 Dazzozo ubuntu? AWESOME !! 20:37:12
thejaimes111 thx in advance lol 20:37:22
thejaimes111 and bye, i´m leaving 20:37:31
modacouserr x2 ahah even if it doesnt work 20:37:32
modacouserr bye 20:37:40
thejaimes111 if it´s not working atm is the same, i guess it will work 20:38:03
rymate1234 The crescents going to need one heck of an sd-ext partition 20:38:04
thejaimes111 20:38:04
thejaimes111 bye 20:38:06
rymate1234 If its possible 20:38:08
Dazzozo rymate1234: lold 20:38:12
Dazzozo 32gb sdcard here we come 20:38:17
rymate1234 I have an 8gb one 20:38:28
Uživatel „thejaimes111“ opustil místnost (Quit: thejaimes111). 20:38:43
adfad666 lol really, not a lot works 20:38:45
adfad666 all the apps are just jpgs of what the app will look like! 20:39:05
Dazzozo yup 20:39:11
Dazzozo it really is "developer preview" 20:39:21
adfad666 and the browser is hella slow 20:39:32
modacouserr what? app's = images? wtf 20:39:45
Dazzozo most of them, yeah 20:40:10
modacouserr that sucks 20:40:18
Dazzozo not really 20:40:20
Dazzozo its not aimed at you 20:40:27
Dazzozo thats the thing 20:40:29
modacouserr yup, right 20:40:41
Dazzozo im porting it so a. a lot of the work is already done b. i can brag c. im fucking bored 20:40:50
adfad666 it's not very quick either 20:40:59
Dazzozo yup 20:41:02
Zuma Uživatel Zuma [6d4d8374@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:47:58
rymate1234 So ubuntu os is currently indev 20:48:20
Dazzozo ^ 20:48:35
rymate1234 Apparently 13.04 is supposed to be mobile ready 20:48:38
tilal|food Uživatel „tilal|food“ je nyní znám jako tilal6991. 20:49:07
tilal6991 Back 20:49:09
Dazzozo well its not really... bad for what its meant to be 20:49:12
Dazzozo it's missing a bit of polish and all the apps 20:49:23
tilal6991 Dazzozo: Yeah lol 20:49:26
Dazzozo but that's nothing compared to everything else 20:49:34
tilal6991 Yep 20:49:37
tilal6991 Plus it's native 20:49:46
tilal6991 C++ all the way 20:49:46
Dazzozo C++ sux 20:49:59
Dazzozo C master race 20:49:59
tilal6991 I love it 20:49:59
tilal6991 Esp Qt 20:50:04
Dazzozo you should see what torvalds thinks of C++ 20:50:24
tilal6991 Well it's torvalds lol 20:50:36
Dazzozo lol 20:50:37
tilal6991 He's got strong opinions on everything 20:50:49
Uživatel „Curlie“ opustil místnost (Quit: Verlassend). 20:51:01
Dazzozo waiting for me modified recovery 20:51:02
tilal6991 Plus he wrote probably the most widely used software today in C 20:51:04
Dazzozo yup 20:51:12
Dazzozo he mentioned that in his argument actually 20:51:25
Dazzozo writing a kernel in C++ 20:51:30
tilal6991 Yeo 20:51:37
tilal6991 That would be hell 20:51:41
tilal6991 Not what you want to do 20:51:56
Dazzozo guess whos an idiot 20:52:44
Dazzozo i built the recovery without the 109808 hack 20:52:55
rymate1234 Lol 20:53:03
tilal6991 www.theverge.com/2013/2/21/4013480/google-chromebook-pixel 20:53:16
Dazzozo i heard about this 20:53:25
Dazzozo lotta money 20:53:36
rymate1234 So its the chromebook pro 20:53:45
Dazzozo almost google glass tier 20:53:46
tilal6991 Yep 20:53:54
tilal6991 But the thing is: 20:53:56
tilal6991 Who wants it? 20:54:03
tilal6991 Seriously 20:54:03
tilal6991 That high end a machine without the capability to work offline 20:54:14
tilal6991 :/ 20:54:15
rymate1234 The same people who buy macbooks for facebook 20:54:24
tilal6991 Well yeah 20:54:29
tilal6991 True 20:54:33
Dazzozo display technology is ridiculous now 20:55:33
Dazzozo and battery technology still sux 20:55:46
tilal6991 Yeah 20:58:00
tilal6991 Battery is really holding us back 20:58:17
rymate1234 I like these new clearer displays 20:59:02
hecatae tempted http://www.smartfonestore.com/buy_Handset_Sony_TMobile_Xperia%20T_Black_C.aspx 20:59:42
hecatae £159 20:59:57
tilal6991 hecatae: wot? 21:00:12
tilal6991 159 for an XT 21:00:12
hecatae yup 21:00:14
tilal6991 You're kidding 21:00:14
hecatae nope 21:00:27
tilal6991 Well if that's the price get it 21:00:27
tilal6991 That's a no brainer 21:00:27
tilal6991 Is that a reliable store 21:00:42
hecatae yes 21:00:42
tilal6991 Right then it's a no brainer 21:00:47
tilal6991 Literally 21:00:58
tilal6991 That's a better deal than the N4 21:01:03
hecatae locked to o2 or t-mobile 21:01:52
Dazzozo tilal6991: how the fuck do i change the filesystem on a partition? 21:01:55
Dazzozo emmc is still ext4 21:02:06
hecatae may have a locked bootloader 21:02:06
Dazzozo and still has the data contents 21:02:06
tilal6991 Dazzozo: What you did should change it 21:02:26
Dazzozo "Error mounting /emmc!" when I try to format in cwm 21:02:41
Dazzozo because obviously its trying to format as the wrong filesystem 21:02:57
Dazzozo well 21:02:57
Dazzozo *mount 21:02:57
tilal6991 Weird 21:03:27
tilal6991 Try doing it manually 21:04:34
tilal6991 Good times 21:05:31
tilal6991 https://github.com/KellyMahan/android_frameworks_base 21:05:32
rymate1234 guys 21:05:34
rymate1234 how do I add an image to resources? 21:05:43
tilal6991 rymate1234: Copy/Paste lol? 21:06:02
rymate1234 Its that easy? 21:06:23
tilal6991 Yes 21:06:32
tilal6991 Lol 21:06:32
rymate1234 I thought I had to add it into some list of resources 21:06:58
rymate1234 21:06:59
tilal6991 https://plus.google.com/115049428938715274412/posts 21:08:10
tilal6991 Hahahaha 21:08:13
rymate1234 so basically 21:09:28
rymate1234 Ubuntu Mobile is a distribution of CyanogenMod 21:10:00
rymate1234 - android 21:10:05
rymate1234 + unity 21:10:12
tilal6991 Yes 21:10:28
tilal6991 Lol 21:10:30
rymate1234 so are we going to have android distributions like we have GNU/Linux distributions 21:10:49
Uživatel „Alkalinorap“ opustil místnost (Quit: Marcho a tomar por culo por donde cagan las gallinas). 21:10:55
tilal6991 That's an interesting idea 21:10:59
rymate1234 using the android base but with new UI 21:11:05
tilal6991 I think we sorta already do 21:11:06
rymate1234 we have B2G which is cm9 21:11:14
rymate1234 Ubuntu OS 21:11:17
tilal6991 B2G and ubuntu are both like that 21:11:18
tilal6991 Yup 21:11:28
Dazzozo right 21:13:41
Dazzozo installing 21:13:42
Dazzozo I haven't fixed my emmc but frankly i don't care 21:13:48
Dazzozo well 21:13:52
Dazzozo my old userdata 21:13:59
Dazzozo new emmc 21:13:59
Dazzozo is still ext4 somehow 21:13:59
Dazzozo and old emmc new userdata is ext4 too 21:14:10
Dazzozo and its now installing 21:14:10
Filip__ Uživatel Filip__ [~Filip@109-92-50-52.dynamic.isp.telekom.rs] vstoupil do místnosti. 21:14:20
Filip__ hi 21:14:37
rymate1234 so um 21:16:02
rymate1234 looking through the list of android permissions 21:16:13
rymate1234 android.permission.BRICK 21:16:24
tilal6991 Dazzozo: Nice 21:17:08
tilal6991 My cm 10.1 build almost downloaded 21:17:33
Dazzozo 2gb userdata better be enough 21:17:55
modacouserr in theory, it should work now right? 21:18:35
tilal6991 Dazzozo: It is 21:19:19
tilal6991 Don't worry 21:19:23
tilal6991 I only have that much 21:19:37
Dazzozo oh fuck 21:20:46
Dazzozo guess who screwed up the android level ubuntu build 21:21:00
Dazzozo i didnt do 109808 for that either 21:21:04
Dazzozo so hwcservice segfaults 21:21:16
Dazzozo lmao 21:21:17
tilal6991 So just update to 2030 21:21:59
Dazzozo i could but i cant be assed 21:22:08
tilal6991 So you would rather rebuild the entire OS? 21:22:27
Dazzozo i only have to rebuild the kernel 21:22:33
tilal6991 Ah fair enough 21:22:40
tilal6991 Right 21:23:27
Dazzozo yep its copied properly this time 21:23:32
tilal6991 Time for the the mystery that has been bugging me for days to be solved 21:23:40
roignac_ lol'd https://plus.google.com/u/0/109919666334513536939/posts/ELTLYHFqNdo 21:23:45
tilal6991 Hahahahaha 21:24:03
Dazzozo used 950.6M 21:24:21
Dazzozo free 1.1G 21:24:26
Dazzozo and the chroot works 21:24:29
tilal6991 Very nice 21:25:56
tilal6991 Same as me then 21:26:00
Dazzozo lol @ apt-get 21:26:02
Dazzozo working fine 21:26:04
tilal6991 Good luck getting any further 21:26:08
tilal6991 And please tell me if you do 21:26:15
Dazzozo well I need an actual framebuffer first 21:26:17
Dazzozo still waiting for the boot image 21:26:27
Dazzozo tilal6991: yup same result as you 21:29:09
Dazzozo how did you run startx? 21:29:13
Dazzozo i don't see the bin anywhere 21:29:35
tilal6991 You don't 21:30:31
tilal6991 you do start X 21:30:36
Dazzozo wat 21:30:36
Dazzozo oh 21:30:39
Dazzozo what 21:30:43
Dazzozo since when 21:30:44
tilal6991 That causes an error 21:30:47
Dazzozo start: Unable to connect to Upstart: Failed to connect to socket /com/ubuntu/upstart: Connection refused 21:30:56
tilal6991 I don't know how to get past that stage 21:30:58
tilal6991 Yup 21:31:01
Dazzozo i swear it's startx... 21:31:06
rymate1234 try running it as sudo? 21:31:10
Dazzozo nope 21:31:16
tilal6991 Dazzozo: Yeah it is usually 21:31:19
Dazzozo oh 21:31:30
Dazzozo how did you get the log from earlier? 21:32:27
roignac_ isn't that a dbus error? maybe 'start dbus' will help? 21:32:30
Dazzozo start: Unable to connect to Upstart: Failed to connect to socket /com/ubuntu/upstart: Connection refused 21:32:50
Dazzozo wow 21:32:51
Dazzozo anything results in the same error 21:32:55
roignac_ maybe https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/upstart/+bug/430224/comments/6 can help? 21:34:21
rymate1234 it works! 21:35:58
rymate1234 21:36:00
rymate1234 my app lives! 21:36:27
rymate1234 there's a few things I need to improve 21:36:56
rymate1234 such as the notification icon 21:37:14
Uživatel „Filip__“ opustil místnost (Quit: Leaving). 21:37:45
hecatae anyone seen any roamer2 defconfigs anywhere for 3.0.8 kernel 21:40:33
emyjojo Uživatel emyjojo [4f71bf7c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 21:40:38
tilal6991 Need to go guys 21:40:48
Dazzozo have fun 21:40:56
tilal6991 Dazzozo: Tell me if you get any further 21:41:12
tilal6991 Will be back early tomorrow 21:41:17
Uživatel „tilal6991“ opustil místnost (Quit: tilal6991). 21:41:36
rymate1234 I think I'm finding a pattern with thsi random music player 21:43:27
rymate1234 its like a radio station 21:43:33
rymate1234 plays the same stuff over again 21:43:42
josalaito Uživatel josalaito [5aa241bd@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 21:44:24
tilal6991 Uživatel tilal6991 [~Thunderbi@b0f82683.bb.sky.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 21:45:41
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~Thunderbi Uživatel „tilal6991“ opustil místnost (Part). 21:45:45
Dazzozo lmao 21:47:09
modacouserr what are you dealing with now? 21:49:30
Dazzozo the same thing tilal couldnt get working 21:49:40
Dazzozo the display 21:49:45
Dazzozo lol 21:49:46
Dazzozo ubuntu is working 21:49:49
modacouserr display? 21:49:50
modacouserr yeh 21:49:52
rymate1234 I'm having fun making this app 21:49:54
modacouserr i look forward to it, rymate1234 21:50:06
modacouserr i like the idea 21:50:09
rymate1234 well 21:50:17
rymate1234 it _works_ 21:50:23
modacouserr yup, i've been reading the cannel 21:50:36
rymate1234 but there's a few things I want to implement before I release 21:50:44
modacouserr channel 21:50:45
rymate1234 1. album art 21:50:48
rymate1234 2. a working seek bar 21:50:58
rymate1234 and better buttons 21:51:07
modacouserr you should think about an artist background, or some king of LW 21:51:15
modacouserr people love that 21:51:19
modacouserr kind 21:51:24
modacouserr omg 21:51:26
rymate1234 I'm also trying to make it follow the holo guidelines 21:51:40
roignac_ Dazzozo: how did you solve this? 21:51:48
Dazzozo ? 21:51:52
rymate1234 so technically this play icon should be white 21:51:54
modacouserr i started with eclipse (wich is awesome) to develop a web based app. but i didnt had the time to keep so its paused for now 21:52:33
modacouserr just personal use 21:52:36
roignac_ Dazzozo: 'Unable to connect to Upstart' 21:52:42
roignac_ my best guess is 'export DISPLAY=:0' 21:52:44
modacouserr but it's a great tool, eclipse 21:52:46
Dazzozo roignac_: i haven't 21:54:40
rymate1234 I have to admit 21:54:48
rymate1234 eclipse is really good for android development 21:54:55
roignac_ Dazzozo: sorry. Maybe smth like 'ln -s /bin/true /sbin/initctl' help? 21:56:11
Dazzozo i guess ubuntu-session is pretty significant? 21:59:44
Uživatel „jordilopez94“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 272 seconds). 22:01:03
rymate1234 yes 22:01:34
Uživatel „josalaito“ opustil místnost (Quit: Page closed). 22:01:53
Dazzozo would be nice if I had logs 22:07:25
Dazzozo ics/linker.c:1072| ERROR: Library '/system/lib/libubuntu_application_api.so' not found 22:07:46
Dazzozo erm 22:07:47
Uživatel „raverrr“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 260 seconds). 22:11:49
hecatae anyone registered to 4pda.ru 22:12:07
Dazzozo I GOT IT TO BOOT 22:17:57
adfad666 WTF @ chromebook Pixel 22:18:23
Dazzozo DUDE 22:18:30
Dazzozo UBUNTU ON MSM7X27A 22:18:36
Dazzozo WOO 22:18:37
adfad666 it boots!!!?!?! 22:18:42
Dazzozo completely working 22:18:43
adfad666 niiiiice 22:18:48
Dazzozo runs quite nicely too 22:18:54
Dazzozo the resolution isn't ideal 22:19:01
Dazzozo but it works 22:19:05
adfad666 what res? 22:19:18
Dazzozo 480*800 22:19:23
adfad666 that's great 22:19:37
Dazzozo ubuntu doesn't scale well to it 22:19:44
Dazzozo everything is very chunky 22:19:50
Dazzozo but it works 22:19:51
adfad666 early, early days 22:20:33
adfad666 which device image did you use? 22:20:47
rymate1234 so how well will it run on the crescent, assuming its possible to get it to run 22:21:00
rymate1234 lmao 22:21:02
Dazzozo adfad666: none? 22:22:19
Dazzozo the one for the g300 22:22:30
Dazzozo the one i built 22:22:31
rymate1234 adfad666, he built from source 22:22:40
Dazzozo basically, it works completely from source 22:23:45
Dazzozo but the source is missing two files 22:23:47
Dazzozo ubuntuappmanager and libubuntu_application_api.so 22:23:59
rymate1234 lol 22:24:04
Dazzozo I pulled them out of the mako device zip 22:24:07
Dazzozo with them it works flawlessly 22:24:20
adfad666 great 22:24:38
adfad666 now, video -> youtube -> A front page 22:24:54
adfad666 or something 22:24:56
Dazzozo lol 22:25:45
Dazzozo I can probably package the earliest zip ever 22:26:11
tcpaulh props 22:27:06
modacouserr well done daz 22:27:42
modacouserr 8 and a half hours and you're done ahah 22:27:57
Dazzozo porting instructions my ass 22:28:38
adfad666 has much been added to the boot.img? 22:33:51
JillBot Uživatel JillBot [~JillBot@sh2.rs.github.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 22:34:20
JillBot [android_device_huawei_u8815] Dazzozo pushed 1 new commit to ubuntu: http://git.io/VybZXQ 22:34:20
JillBot android_device_huawei_u8815/ubuntu fd393c6 Daz Jones: Add files not in source currently [temporary] 22:34:20
~JillBot Uživatel „JillBot“ opustil místnost (Part). 22:34:20
rymate1234 meh 22:35:27
rymate1234 had enough of Shuffle It for one day 22:35:35
rymate1234 I'll upload an APK if anyone wants to test 22:35:46
rymate1234 Here http://rymate.co.uk/shuffle/Shuffle_It.apk 22:37:16
rymate1234 Mainly want to make sure it works on android 4.0+ 22:37:33
Dazzozo Going to do a build for 109808 and 2030 22:38:17
Dazzozo I don't even know if the phone works 22:38:23
Dazzozo I imagine nothing does 22:38:27
Dazzozo since it's jpegs: the OS 22:38:34
rymate1234 lol 22:39:29
rymate1234 so currently 22:40:09
rymate1234 my app serves as an iPod shuffle 22:40:18
rymate1234 for £40 cheaper than an iPod shuffle 22:40:26
adfad666 good news: clockworkmod backup wasn't blown away when flashing ubuntu 22:40:56
rymate1234 yay 22:41:02
adfad666 restoring now 22:41:23
roignac_ ubuntu image uses internal sd on g300? So, backups there will be erased, right? 22:41:57
adfad666 the ubuntu recovery seems to look for an autodeploy.zip when you boot into it 22:42:00
Dazzozo roignac_: yes, it'll change to ext4 too 22:42:24
roignac_ Dazzozo: thanks 22:42:55
roignac_ sleepy, but eager to try this 22:43:14
adfad666 cyanogenmod is booting fine, so ubuntu testing will be quite easy 22:43:48
Dazzozo I'll post it to the forum, it won't be in a standard "sparkly" kind of ROM thread 22:44:42
modacouserr let us know here when you do it 22:47:04
Uživatel „rymate1234“ opustil místnost (Quit: ZNC - http://znc.sourceforge.net). 22:47:23
Dazzozo Done the 109808 build, doing the 2030 build and then a recovery build 22:47:42
rymate1234 Uživatel rymate1234 [~rymate@znc.rymate.co.uk] vstoupil do místnosti. 22:48:22
ChanServ Uživatel „ChanServ“ nastavil režim (rymate1234 +v). 22:48:23
rymate1234 no-one cares about my app lmao 22:49:34
modacouserr i didnt saw it rymate, did you build it already? 22:49:51
modacouserr for us to test, i mean 22:49:59
rymate1234 Here http://rymate.co.uk/shuffle/Shuffle_It.apk 22:50:18
modacouserr well, let me do a nandroid backup now then i wanna try that 22:50:19
modacouserr i'll just do this ^ and then try it 22:50:34
rymate1234 I haven't been able to implement album art and/or seeking yet 22:50:39
Uživatel „limelite“ opustil místnost (Quit: Remote host closed the connection). 22:50:52
rymate1234 so at the moment its an android iPod shuffle 22:50:55
modacouserr i do like the idea, because the music i have, i like and listen them all so... 22:51:07
modacouserr i cant backup to internal, right 22:51:25
Dazzozo quantal-preinstalled-armel+u8815_109808.zip 22:51:29
Dazzozo appropriately named too 22:51:32
modacouserr i always do to my sd card so...16gb eheh 22:51:42
modacouserr oh i like that name daz, funny 22:51:48
modacouserr cwm working 22:52:23
modacouserr the procedure to flash ubuntu, has anything more than usual? 22:52:45
Dazzozo 2030 done 22:54:42
Dazzozo yeah 22:54:45
Dazzozo it's a lot more complex right now 22:54:49
Dazzozo dw, it'll have instructions 22:54:55
modacouserr nice 23:01:26
modacouserr backup done 23:01:29
unaszplodrmann Uživatel unaszplodrmann [~nat@87-194-145-87.bethere.co.uk] vstoupil do místnosti. 23:01:38
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jordilopez94 Uživatel jordilopez94 [~jordi@] vstoupil do místnosti. 23:04:26
modacouserr rymate1234: installing 23:07:17
modacouserr only 1 permission? nice 23:07:27
modacouserr what does the slider do? 23:08:36
modacouserr consuming around 16/17mb 23:09:26
modacouserr i like it! it'll be better with the features you said 23:10:57
rymate1234 modacouserr, the slider will be so you can seek through the current track 23:12:35
roignac_ rymate1234: nice, but pause is essential 23:12:52
roignac_ oh, wait, nevermind 23:13:02
rymate1234 you can pause 23:13:05
rymate1234 lol 23:13:07
rymate1234 just press the play button 23:13:11
rymate1234 I should make the play button say pause when playing 23:13:24
roignac_ rymate1234: too used to a nice and fancy ui =/ 23:13:26
roignac_ rymate1234: sources plz? 23:13:36
rymate1234 I'll github them later 23:13:44
rymate1234 once I feel they're in a state I can release 23:14:38
roignac_ rymate1234: also selecting an app from status bar creates extra activities or something 23:14:50
roignac_ rymate1234: and double pressing back to exit would be better imho 23:15:00
rymate1234 I'll implement them in a future release 23:15:17
rymate1234 what you're looking at is a prealpha 23:15:38
rymate1234 I only released it to see if it'll on versions of android pre 4.2 23:15:54
rymate1234 23:15:55
roignac_ does it run on my fancy new soon-to-be-installed ubuntu phone os? 23:16:17
rymate1234 no 23:16:26
rymate1234 that isn't android 23:16:31
Uživatel „fr0d01“ opustil místnost (Quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer). 23:16:46
roignac_ this will be the first app I'll port there 23:17:03
rymate1234 good luck 23:21:31
rymate1234 apps for android are java and xml 23:21:39
rymate1234 apps for ubuntu phone are c++ and qml 23:21:47
Uživatel „adfad666“ opustil místnost (Quit: Leaving). 23:22:29
Dazzozo Right, testing the release builds 23:22:50
Dazzozo and writing the thread 23:22:53
modacouserr sweeeeet 23:22:58
rymate1234 enjoy jpeg os 23:23:30
modacouserr yeah 23:24:23
modacouserr Daz, after trying that out, do i need to do sth else than restore backup? 23:24:44
unaszplodrmann release builds? doing another 10.1 with bt fix-ups etc? 23:26:22
Dazzozo nope 23:28:41
Dazzozo ubuntu touch 23:28:44
hecatae so built cwm 23:30:38
hecatae it boots 23:30:42
hecatae but cant select anything 23:30:50
hecatae and I cant remember how to 23:31:00
unaszplodrmann hah! no shit! for the g300? 23:31:16
hecatae v790 23:31:24
hecatae got no select button 23:31:33
hecatae volume + and minus go up and down 23:31:49
hecatae but keys are touch 23:32:00
hecatae any ideas 23:33:30
Dazzozo hmm, these builds aren't starting ubuntu-session by themselves 23:34:18
Dazzozo i have to manually do it 23:34:22
unaszplodrmann its not running xorg is it? use xinit if so 23:34:45
Dazzozo the point is i shouldn't have to use anything 23:35:08
Dazzozo if im going to release it i would like it to start up by itself 23:35:17
unaszplodrmann its not android 23:35:24
Dazzozo it was starting up fine before 23:35:31
Dazzozo its gone in a mood now 23:35:35
unaszplodrmann I know the feeling 23:35:58
unaszplodrmann anyone taken a look at b960? gonna open it up in meld with b952 and have a look 23:37:02
unaszplodrmann am guessing its just updated APKs 23:37:36
fefifofum some huawei apps are older in B960 than in B952 23:38:24
fefifofum check the versions of the file manager and launcher 23:39:43
unaszplodrmann Chronology is not the same on Planet Huawei 23:39:58
unaszplodrmann will do... right after looking at /system/lib... 23:41:05
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Uživatel „bb35_“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 245 seconds). 23:47:06
Uživatel „emyjojo“ opustil místnost (Quit: Page closed). 23:48:37
Dazzozo fuck it 23:50:01
Dazzozo releasing anyway 23:50:02
fefifofum lol 23:50:13
unaszplodrmann have they added a contact manager back into a ubuntu one yet? it must be in the pipeline at least 23:53:11
rymate1234 unaszplodrmann, there might be a screenshot of one 23:53:42
hecatae weird as fuck 23:57:02
modacouserr whats wrong daz? 23:57:29
rymate1234 oh 23:57:41
rymate1234 apparently there is a contacts app 23:57:51
rymate1234 with SAMPLE DATA 23:57:55
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