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I'm sorry for not actual logs - my FTP uploads are reduced a lot, i'm working on new solution..

Expected startup is about 10.2.2014

Dazzozo jesus christ this upgrade is taking a while 00:05:35
Dazzozo its huge 00:05:37
Dazzozo i dont even know what im upgrading to 00:06:08
Dazzozo ohhh 00:06:44
Dazzozo im upgrading to 7.0 00:06:46
Dazzozo i 00:07:18
Dazzozo think 00:07:19
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Dazzozo fuuuck me its still updating 00:45:32
joandrade what's down due to it? 00:47:37
Dazzozo dunno, i think everything's up 00:48:11
Dazzozo but it basically reinstalled every package on my system lol 00:48:23
joandrade lol 00:54:18
Dazzozo right, everything is updated 01:03:31
joandrade awesome 01:03:52
Dazzozo i think it did kill my email server tho 01:04:36
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Dazzozo there we go 01:43:41
Dazzozo email working again 01:43:42
Dazzozo EAZ 01:43:44
joandrade was it dead? 01:43:55
joandrade lol 01:43:56
Dazzozo yeah 01:44:00
Dazzozo dovecot/postfix/saslauthd is a bitch 01:44:09
Dazzozo seems the config file format completely changed 01:44:26
Dazzozo decided to scrap the lot and redo it all 01:44:37
Dazzozo fortunately i don't have to make many changes 01:44:56
joandrade cool 01:45:02
joandrade I should buy my domain name 01:45:09
Dazzozo lol 01:47:00
Dazzozo PRETTY_NAME="Debian GNU/Linux 7.0 (wheezy)" 01:48:00
Dazzozo aww yea 01:48:02
joandrade lol @ PRETTY_NAME and wheezy 01:48:19
Dazzozo everything seems to be online 01:48:24
Dazzozo getcm, all sites 01:48:28
joandrade great 01:49:24
Dazzozo fuuck me i have a serious problem with my rootfs 01:49:31
Dazzozo i need to repartition but I need to boot in to safe mode for that 01:49:49
joandrade aw shit 01:49:59
Dazzozo and that takes everything down, something im not willing to do easily 01:50:00
Dazzozo but yeah, the smarts at OVH partitioned the rootfs with 10gb 01:50:23
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Dazzozo and my /home drive has 2tb 01:50:37
Dazzozo dumb as hell 01:50:39
joandrade lol 01:50:52
Dazzozo seriously hurts 01:50:56
joandrade wake up at 5 to do that 01:51:03
joandrade that's what I'd do 01:51:07
Dazzozo lol 01:51:14
joandrade meanwhile I'm still fighting with Matlab over something that's probably simple as hell, but I can't find what's wrong 01:52:28
Dazzozo lol 01:54:23
Dazzozo im up all night now, fuck it 01:54:32
joandrade lol 01:54:59
Dazzozo ohh, my ftp is still down 01:55:06
Dazzozo mite b important 01:55:11
Dazzozo welp fixed lol 01:55:47
Dazzozo dam that wasnt as difficult 01:55:55
joandrade that was easy 01:55:56
Dazzozo have an excerpt 01:56:15
Dazzozo root@thebronasium:~# /etc/init.d/proftpd restart 01:56:17
Dazzozo [ ok ] Stopping ftp server: proftpd. 01:56:17
Dazzozo [....] Starting ftp server: proftpdthebronasium.com proftpd[16912]: Fatal: LoadModule: error loading module 'mod_vroot.c': Operation not permitted on line 74 of '/etc/proftpd/modules.conf' 01:56:17
Dazzozo failed! 01:56:17
Dazzozo root@thebronasium:~# vim /etc/proftpd/modules.conf 01:56:17
Dazzozo root@thebronasium:~# /etc/init.d/proftpd restart 01:56:19
Dazzozo [ ok ] Stopping ftp server: proftpd. 01:56:21
Dazzozo [ ok ] Starting ftp server: proftpd. 01:56:23
joandrade and it's back up 01:56:41
joandrade lol 01:56:43
Dazzozo lol 01:56:46
Dazzozo i fixed it properly now 01:57:58
joandrade nice 01:59:30
Dazzozo lol im getting all my emails from the past few hours 02:01:34
Dazzozo while i've had the mail server down 02:01:40
Dazzozo haha 02:01:42
Dazzozo they slowly trickle back in 02:01:48
joandrade so you have a backup server? 02:02:23
Dazzozo nope 02:02:32
Dazzozo they just go undelivered 02:02:35
Dazzozo when the server is back up, they get delivered 02:02:40
joandrade okay 02:02:45
Dazzozo i guess they're held somewhere 02:03:03
Dazzozo that reminds me 02:04:43
Dazzozo I need to create an init.d script for getcm 02:04:47
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joandrade hm 02:05:32
joandrade so when it goes down for whatever reason 02:05:39
Dazzozo mostly for reboot 02:05:45
joandrade okay 02:05:50
Dazzozo it (shouldnt) go down 02:06:03
Dazzozo unless I change python or update getcm 02:06:08
joandrade exactly 02:06:09
Dazzozo and with the latter, it auto restarts 02:06:16
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Dazzozo man i fucking love action launcher 02:12:27
joandrade never tried many launchers tbh 02:12:57
joandrade what's it got? 02:13:01
Dazzozo the app drawer is gone 02:14:41
Dazzozo you pull a list of apps from the left 02:14:47
Dazzozo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5nVvwhxr3w 02:15:12
joandrade man the n4 is fast 02:16:35
Dazzozo thats the galaxy nexus 02:16:54
Dazzozo ;D 02:16:56
joandrade ohshit 02:17:01
joandrade lol 02:17:04
Dazzozo you can just about tell 02:17:14
joandrade the point stands for someone with a single core phone 02:17:20
Dazzozo the speaker isnt connected to the top of the phone 02:17:27
joandrade oh okay 02:17:33
Dazzozo the camera isnt in the very top right corner 02:17:37
Dazzozo and its rounded like an iphone 02:17:42
joandrade mhm 02:17:49
joandrade it looks pretty cool 02:19:44
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joandrade shit this still isn't working properly 02:28:19
joandrade how hard can it be 02:28:22
Dazzozo lol 02:28:39
Dazzozo im personally worried about rebooting this thing 02:28:47
Dazzozo grub updated and I had to manually reinstall it 02:28:53
Dazzozo should be ok, ran grub-install and got no errors 02:29:04
joandrade but you still have to repartition that, right? 02:29:23
Dazzozo well yeah 02:29:39
Dazzozo time to see if I can still actually build something 02:51:45
Dazzozo with this huge update 02:51:50
joandrade that's kind of important 02:51:58
joandrade lol 02:51:59
Dazzozo lol 02:52:01
Dazzozo https://github.com/roignac/b2g-manifest/commit/24e0a5da40e6689c4da272e30bc0fcc16f429ea3 02:57:19
Dazzozo uhm 02:57:20
Dazzozo do not advise 02:57:23
joandrade what does it mean? 02:57:50
Dazzozo hes forked the b2g manifest and updated random repos to CM10/CM10.1 02:58:14
Dazzozo which achieves pretty much nothing 02:58:32
joandrade lol 02:58:41
Dazzozo since B2G doesn't really care for any of this stuff besides hardware support 02:58:58
joandrade yeah I thought that 02:59:12
Dazzozo we've got bits of ics, the omx stuff 02:59:16
Dazzozo the cm10.1 device config 02:59:23
Dazzozo the wrong cm10.1 kernel 02:59:28
Dazzozo the very very very wrong props branch 02:59:38
Dazzozo from the G510 i think 02:59:42
Dazzozo ics wpa_supplicant for some reason 02:59:58
joandrade how much influence can that have on the need of hacks we have right now? 03:00:08
Dazzozo for B2G? we don't need any hacks 03:00:23
Dazzozo it's completely clean, the build system doesn't shit out an update zip though 03:00:37
Dazzozo it gives you it in bits, system.img, userdata.img and boot.img 03:00:47
joandrade that's crap 03:01:03
Dazzozo yep 03:01:09
Dazzozo they have their own update tools that they seem to be doing 03:01:17
Dazzozo but they're pretty shitty 03:01:20
Dazzozo For one, it seems to totally disregard the data directory which does contain some initial important stuff on b2g 03:01:39
Dazzozo it doesnt actually work and has missing dependencies 03:01:49
Dazzozo and ultimately creates something that gets as far as "adb: device offline" 03:02:01
Dazzozo and since I really can't be arsed with making repacks every time, if I'm going to make an update available it will be in the form of images 03:02:39
Dazzozo and people can just fastboot it in 03:02:47
joandrade okay 03:02:54
Dazzozo i might zip it and put a flash script in 03:03:00
Dazzozo dunno 03:03:01
Dazzozo but mozilla sux 03:03:05
joandrade they kinda do lol 03:03:38
Dazzozo i don't see what benefit he thinks there is in using as much CM10 as possible tho 03:03:48
Dazzozo B2G is 'based on' ics 03:03:57
Dazzozo if you can call it that 03:04:00
Dazzozo i wish I could hide branches in my repos 03:05:00
Dazzozo because of this 03:05:06
Dazzozo people get confused 03:05:08
Dazzozo its not an unreasonable thing to assume that the cm-10.1 branch is for cm 10.1 03:05:21
Dazzozo but im actually using the jellybean branch for props 03:05:30
Dazzozo and not jb_mr1_chocolate on the kernel, instead i'm using cm-10.1 there 03:05:39
Dazzozo well technically the jellybean branch on the kernel too atm 03:06:06
joandrade yeah you can only hide repos, and you have to pay for it 03:06:09
Dazzozo yeah 03:06:12
Dazzozo I have the micro plan already 03:06:17
Dazzozo I have like 3 private repos 03:06:23
Dazzozo mostly unrelated to android 03:06:28
joandrade mhm 03:07:17
Dazzozo i wish i could group git repos too 03:07:49
Dazzozo https://github.com/Dazzozo?tab=repositories 03:07:56
Dazzozo this is a mess 03:07:57
joandrade yeah 03:08:34
joandrade sub repos would make sense 03:08:43
joandrade anything b2g related 03:08:50
joandrade and so on 03:08:54
Dazzozo yup 03:09:11
Dazzozo rymate1234: https://github.com/androidarmv6/android_device_zte_msm7x27-common/commit/857745dc53303f8da821723c97bea259e02d1798 03:09:13
Dazzozo DD 03:09:14
Dazzozo dDDDD 03:09:18
Dazzozo DD 03:09:18
Dazzozo VSINK 03:09:26
Dazzozo FOR 03:09:30
Dazzozo ARMV6] 03:09:33
Dazzozo omfg 03:09:36
Dazzozo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQW56johieI 03:10:20
Dazzozo shit im listening to this again 03:10:23
joandrade this is pretty cool lol 03:11:15
Dazzozo https://github.com/androidarmv6/android_hardware_qcom_display-legacy/commit/71351e4eb98fee2a8aac24e04287ac214e58be4f 03:12:00
Dazzozo fucking finally 03:12:02
Dazzozo shit 03:12:03
Dazzozo we use this repo and i had to patch this manually every time 03:12:13
Dazzozo still gotta patch the neon one 03:12:42
Dazzozo why the fuck have an ifdef and comment out the ifdef 03:12:48
Dazzozo if a device uses neon then it should enable neon 03:12:59
Dazzozo why are their non-neon devices enabling neon god damnitttttt 03:13:07
Dazzozo screw this project 03:13:11
joandrade (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ 03:13:35
Dazzozo ^ 03:13:40
Dazzozo gotta love the chronus drama 03:14:24
Dazzozo we go from a shit name to a shitter one 03:14:28
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joandrade lol 03:15:00
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joandrade going to bed, cya 03:56:27
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thejaimes111 Good Morning ! 08:10:39
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Dazzozo http://g300.thebronasium.com/b2g/ 10:41:58
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Dazzozo yo 11:21:53
Dazzozo N4 skin applied 11:42:41
Dazzozo I now feel safe with using it naked 11:42:45
tcpaulh 11:43:42
tcpaulh bet it looks better for it 11:43:57
Dazzozo yep 11:44:26
tcpaulh which skin? 11:44:36
tcpaulh cold pizza ftw btw (got that dominos freebie last night) 11:45:15
Dazzozo black leather 11:45:59
tcpaulh you were up late. how's the server? 11:47:50
Dazzozo everything should be working now 11:49:07
jazon Uživatel jazon [~androirc@] vstoupil do místnosti. 11:50:23
Dazzozo new b2g "build" is up 11:51:23
Dazzozo http://g300.thebronasium.com/b2g/ 11:51:27
tcpaulh DId you want a copy of your b936 repack? Is it the same as the one posted on here yesterday? I uploaded yours a few weeks ago @ http://www.solidfiles.com/d/624444ef52/ 11:51:55
tcpaulh cool 11:51:59
Dazzozo right 11:56:58
Dazzozo repack up 11:56:59
tcpaulh k 11:57:38
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Fagulhas phew its been a while! 12:05:32
Fagulhas whats up lads? 12:06:08
Dazzozo jeeez 12:06:08
Dazzozo the usual 12:06:25
Dazzozo not much has changed here 12:06:36
Fagulhas appart from a 10.1 release, not much 12:06:56
Dazzozo lol 12:07:00
Dazzozo oops, server update wiped out bash as the shell on the getcm account 12:07:22
Dazzozo mustfix 12:07:27
Fagulhas alright, well was promoted at work so had shitloads of work on the first weeks, hopefully all back on track now 12:08:06
Dazzozo lol 12:08:11
Dazzozo CM9 R8 will be on getcm soon 12:10:31
Fagulhas what was all that about the camera fix, a simple overlay/prop fixed it? 12:11:28
Dazzozo http://pastebin.com/AiEFZjLb 12:13:08
tcpaulh userdata is mmcblk0p?? 12:13:11
Dazzozo i'll get these in the git repo soon 12:13:12
Dazzozo tcpaulh: 13? 12:13:25
Dazzozo fairly sure 12:13:27
Dazzozo 12 system 12:13:31
Dazzozo yeah 12:13:47
Dazzozo # Partitions 12:13:48
Dazzozo BOARD_DATA_DEVICE := /dev/block/mmcblk0p13 12:13:48
Dazzozo BOARD_DATA_FILESYSTEM := ext4 12:13:48
Dazzozo BOARD_SYSTEM_DEVICE := /dev/block/mmcblk0p12 12:13:48
tcpaulh ta 12:13:58
tcpaulh boot is 15 12:14:40
Dazzozo yes 12:14:47
Dazzozo lol 12:14:49
tcpaulh heh 12:14:54
Dazzozo dont remind me of the recovery drama 12:14:54
tcpaulh oh yeah 12:15:00
tcpaulh lolol 12:15:03
Dazzozo yep it does fix camera on cm9 too 12:16:17
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Dazzozo also fixes the laggy preview (?) 12:17:52
Dazzozo i guess that makes sense 12:18:07
Dazzozo focus areas 12:18:08
tcpaulh I have no clue with updater-script. How's this look for b2g? https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Uu0hns8Pj_DfowGnvTEls_U16KevXbC3UskDgSY5NDg/edit?usp=sharing 12:18:41
tcpaulh editable 12:18:45
rymate1234 remote controlling mymlaptop with my iPad 12:18:56
Dazzozo you've unmounted system 3 times without mounting it at all once 12:19:11
rymate1234 keyboard is bgood at obstructing what i type 12:19:15
tcpaulh yeah I saw that lol was copying across from another 12:19:34
Dazzozo but the basic idea should work 12:19:40
Dazzozo that might be a nice cheesy workaround actually 12:19:59
Dazzozo just pack the images in to a zip and flash them from cwm 12:20:06
tcpaulh exactly 12:20:14
Dazzozo why we didn't do that for repacks, I have no idea 12:20:31
tcpaulh I did 12:20:41
Dazzozo lol 12:20:44
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Dazzozo new cm9 build is showing up now in app and on getcm 12:21:00
tcpaulh cool x2 12:21:09
Dazzozo lets see what the response is from the people with bad battery 12:21:11
Fagulhas back in a bit, gonna switch to linux and start syncing all the shit 12:21:28
Uživatel „Fagulhas“ opustil místnost (Quit: Remote host closed the connection). 12:21:31
tcpaulh so I removed the system unmounts. lol I have no clue 12:22:08
Dazzozo I don't know if you need to mount at all if you're copying a file to a mmcblk 12:22:31
tcpaulh I'll give it a try. inb4 rip 12:22:48
Dazzozo lol 12:23:01
tcpaulh suppose I'd better backuip first 12:23:05
modacouserr Uživatel modacouserr [~modacouse@bl6-142-103.dsl.telepac.pt] vstoupil do místnosti. 12:23:44
modacouserr Hello 12:30:14
tcpaulh 12:31:00
rymate1234 hey there 12:31:50
modacouserr whats up? 12:33:44
tcpaulh heh, just used the free up unused space option in cwm and it stopped responding for 30 seconds afterwards with no text on screen. Thought it had locked 12:35:44
Dazzozo lol 12:36:34
Dazzozo yeah, its not very verbose 12:36:39
tcpaulh there's a new cm9 up modacouserr 12:36:58
tcpaulh + a new b2g 12:37:05
modacouserr already saw R8.. didnt saw b2g but i cant ttry it today so i'll ask , have you? 12:37:44
tcpaulh Installing update (b2g) 12:38:21
tcpaulh complete... allegedly 12:38:36
dfvt Uživatel dfvt [dfvt@] vstoupil do místnosti. 12:38:45
tcpaulh same splashscreen as b4 12:39:13
tcpaulh hanging? 12:39:16
Dazzozo hmm? 12:39:26
tcpaulh I prob fucked up the 'repack' 12:39:40
Dazzozo it takes a while to boot 12:39:42
Dazzozo did you wipe cache? 12:39:59
tcpaulh Nope lol 12:40:55
tcpaulh I'll gice it a few mins then battery pull 12:41:13
Dazzozo shouldnt take that long 12:41:42
Dazzozo is adb up? 12:41:55
tcpaulh no 12:42:09
Dazzozo you might need to wipe cache as its the only thing you don't write to 12:42:11
tcpaulh k 12:42:19
ionutz1122 Uživatel ionutz1122 [~ionutz112@] vstoupil do místnosti. 12:43:13
tcpaulh at the google splash after wiping cache 12:43:34
tcpaulh no adb 12:43:55
tcpaulh no fastboot 12:44:14
tcpaulh lol 12:44:17
tcpaulh at least I have cwm 12:44:24
Dazzozo wtf 12:44:45
tcpaulh I uploaded my abortion of a repack to http://www.solidfiles.com/d/9e53251ea4/ 12:44:50
tcpaulh It's prob the updater 12:44:56
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Dazzozo yo 12:47:35
Fagulhas btw Dazzozo, i read something about the bootloader may have not been correctly edited for our devices 12:49:28
Fagulhas what was even the source of our bootloader? 12:49:37
Dazzozo gingerbread 12:49:53
Dazzozo on ics 12:49:59
Dazzozo its not edited at all 12:50:04
Dazzozo actually, that could be it 12:50:40
kra1o5 Uživatel kra1o5 [57da2b31@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 12:50:44
Dazzozo I think the images we use are from a U8818 12:50:46
kra1o5 hi 12:50:54
fefifofum that's what i thought, daz 12:52:26
fefifofum maybe we could try the bootloader from B895 12:52:39
tcpaulh or 899 12:53:05
kra1o5 unicom... 12:53:13
fefifofum B899 is also for U8818 12:53:18
jordilopez94 Uživatel jordilopez94 [4de0d014@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 12:53:28
Fagulhas in an ideal world, we should be using the one on b952 12:53:29
kra1o5 yes 12:53:41
fefifofum yes, but we need a password to unlock it properly 12:53:48
Dazzozo well, someone with the issue will have to test 12:53:55
Dazzozo its a bit redundant me trying it and saying "it works" 12:54:02
Dazzozo since I never had any problems in the first place 12:54:13
fefifofum yes, that is kra1o5 12:54:13
kra1o5 :/ 12:54:21
Fagulhas shitty huawei only offers unlocks for c8812, grr 12:54:34
kra1o5 yes 12:54:41
Dazzozo yup 12:54:43
Dazzozo the bootloader is tied in to that system, too 12:54:48
Dazzozo just the web form isnt set up for it 12:54:51
Dazzozo which is dumbbb 12:55:02
fefifofum we contacted huawei to add u8815 to their form 12:55:12
tcpaulh they siad they'd pass request on to 'corellative' dept 12:55:19
fefifofum did you read their response? 12:55:23
tcpaulh did they say no in then? 12:55:47
Fagulhas i havent been here for weeks, so no 12:55:51
tcpaulh in the end 12:55:52
Dazzozo if they eventually do it, I'm going to set up QPST on another PC 12:56:32
Dazzozo and I'm gonna play spot the difference before and after the unlock 12:56:41
fefifofum "Dear Customer, 12:56:46
fefifofum Thank you for contacting Huawei device. 12:56:46
fefifofum Sorry about we didn’t released the Bootloader unlock code for U8815 now. 12:56:47
fefifofum But we has recorded and will retell your needs to our correlative department. 12:56:47
fefifofum Once again thank you for contacting Huawei device. 12:56:47
fefifofum Best Regard. 12:56:47
fefifofum Huawei Device Customer Care Team." 12:56:50
Dazzozo sorry about we didn't 12:56:56
Fagulhas lol >.> 12:57:09
tcpaulh everything 12:57:15
Fagulhas surprised theres no "wait a jiff" line in that email 12:57:45
fefifofum at least they didn't say "wait a jiff" 12:57:46
fefifofum lol 12:57:52
Dazzozo LOL 12:57:53
tcpaulh ha 12:57:55
modacouserr Fagulhas 0/ 12:59:58
tcpaulh what's up with my updater/zip, apart from me being retarded? 13:00:03
Dazzozo no idea 13:01:32
Dazzozo when i released the first b2g build half of the time was farting around with the updater script 13:01:48
Fagulhas what problems are you having tcpaulh? 13:01:48
Dazzozo the build was no problem 13:01:54
Fagulhas hey modacouserr 13:01:55
Uživatel „jazon“ opustil místnost (Quit: AndroIRC - Android IRC Client ( http://www.androirc.com )). 13:02:27
tcpaulh B2G not booting after flashing in cwm. Hangs at splash 13:02:29
tcpaulh https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Uu0hns8Pj_DfowGnvTEls_U16KevXbC3UskDgSY5NDg/edit 13:02:35
tcpaulh zip @ http://www.solidfiles.com/d/9e53251ea4/ 13:02:56
tcpaulh google doc is freely editable 13:03:15
Fagulhas didnt you had a similar issue Dazzozo? 13:03:41
Dazzozo yeah 13:03:46
Fagulhas tho only at first boot? 13:03:48
Dazzozo i had a hang at the mozilla splash 13:04:02
tcpaulh I still have google splash I had in CM10 13:04:26
Dazzozo what google splash 13:04:36
Dazzozo im not aware of any google splash 13:04:39
tcpaulh just some white "GOOGLE" splash I flashed months ago 13:04:52
Dazzozo oh 13:04:55
tcpaulh http://www.solidfiles.com/d/4b0afd3eed/ 13:06:02
tcpaulh ^ 13:06:05
fefifofum daz, this evening i will downgrade to B895 to extract the bootloader, so kra1o5 can test it 13:22:55
fefifofum what is the best method to extract it? will this work? 13:23:14
fefifofum cat /dev/block/mmcblk0p9 > /sdcard/bootloader.img 13:23:15
fefifofum cat /dev/block/mmcblk0p14 > /sdcard/oemsbl.img 13:23:16
Fagulhas you can always do it via cwm, with the oem info backup option, it will be stored in its folder 13:25:04
Fagulhas and ours is mmcblk0p5, mmcblk0p10 & mmcblk0p11 13:25:37
kra1o5 Fagulhas: the partition of bootloader is p9 & p14 13:26:09
Fagulhas ignore me, still mixing stuff 13:26:43
Fagulhas oem info =/= bootloader 13:26:52
fefifofum yes that was the imei 13:27:00
Dazzozo so its a back 13:27:16
Dazzozo fefifofum: no you'll have to dd it 13:27:28
Dazzozo dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p9 of=/sdcard/bootloader.img 13:28:04
Uživatel „dfvt“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 276 seconds). 13:28:23
fefifofum ok 13:28:36
Dazzozo dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p14 of=/sdcard/oemsbl.img 13:28:52
Dazzozo also I meant to type "back" but obviously i had something typed before i went afk 13:29:43
Dazzozo lol 13:29:43
raverrr Daz: can we use your previous zip to flash the new b2g images? 13:45:22
raverrr nvm 13:46:54
Dazzozo fork 13:57:12
Dazzozo i need to restart my PC 13:57:15
Dazzozo to fix visual studio 2012 13:57:19
Dazzozo omg 13:57:20
Dazzozo brb 13:57:20
Dazzozo I RESTART MY PC FOR NO ONE 13:57:35
tcpaulh ah, uptime was shit anyway 13:58:15
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jazon Uživatel jazon [~androirc@] vstoupil do místnosti. 14:09:55
Dazzozo fixed 14:11:49
Dazzozo i don't care about my pc's windows uptime 14:11:59
Dazzozo i care about my server's uptime 14:12:02
Dazzozo I lost a year of uptime about 2 weeks ago 14:12:10
Dazzozo was sad 14:12:11
Dazzozo will be hard to beat 14:12:24
Kurak Uživatel Kurak [~laguta@ckh202.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] vstoupil do místnosti. 14:13:13
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Nemix Uživatel Nemix [2518923e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 14:19:38
Nemix Hello 14:19:45
Nemix CM9 R8 is out!!! 14:20:02
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tcpaulh Uživatel tcpaulh [tcpaulh@cpc19-neat4-2-0-cust55.7-3.cable.virginmedia.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 14:24:12
ChanServ Uživatel „ChanServ“ nastavil režim (tcpaulh +v). 14:24:12
Dazzozo you're preaching to the converted by shouting that in here lol 14:25:14
Nemix hehe 14:25:28
Nemix captain obvious is always obvious 14:25:42
Kurak Uživatel Kurak [~laguta@cki253.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] vstoupil do místnosti. 14:28:20
Uživatel „AMGarcia19“ opustil místnost (Quit). 14:29:24
Solitary_ Nemix, you wish... private Evident 14:29:46
Solitary_ you have to earn your stars 14:30:01
plagocki Uživatel plagocki [~laguta@cnk54.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] vstoupil do místnosti. 14:30:35
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Uživatel „Nemix“ opustil místnost (Quit: Page closed). 14:38:20
raverrr Anyone flashed the new B2G? if so is basic "phone functionality working? (calls,text) 14:41:47
modacouserr why not nandroid backup and try it yourslef? 14:42:17
raverrr Because i need my phone to be fonctional this afternoon and i have just about enough time to flash it before i have to go to work 14:43:03
Uživatel „jordilopez94“ opustil místnost (Quit: Page closed). 14:43:04
modacouserr well, i havent so ic ant help you but maybe yes 14:43:40
raverrr thanks 14:43:56
Dazzozo if you had no problems in the first build it should still be fine 14:44:09
raverrr ok ta 14:44:25
jordilopez94 Uživatel jordilopez94 [4de0d014@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 14:48:51
Gippox Uživatel Gippox [02285434@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 14:57:18
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Uživatel „jazon“ opustil místnost (Quit: AndroIRC - Android IRC Client ( http://www.androirc.com )). 15:12:26
raverrr ./adb reboot bootloader just reboots the system :S 15:16:43
Dazzozo yes 15:19:42
Dazzozo i thought everyone knew that lol 15:20:02
Uživatel „jordilopez94“ opustil místnost (Quit: Page closed). 15:24:12
raverrr hehe not me it's ok done now just setting it up. btw no boot animation? 15:30:39
modacouserr how is it raverrr? 15:32:50
raverrr daz, any easy way to change the dpi in B2G? everything is tiny 15:33:55
Uživatel „tcpaulh“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 276 seconds). 15:37:15
Dazzozo raverrr: no 15:37:28
Dazzozo its designed for like 360x480 15:38:37
Dazzozo and currently it doesnt scale properly 15:38:48
Dazzozo thats just how it is 15:38:52
raverrr shame. appart from that it looks and feels nice 15:39:24
Dazzozo they'll fix it eventually 15:39:31
Dazzozo but it is early days 15:39:54
raverrr indeed. back to android i go 15:40:22
Alkalinorap Uživatel Alkalinorap [~Alkalino@] vstoupil do místnosti. 15:56:55
jazon Uživatel jazon [~androirc@] vstoupil do místnosti. 16:04:48
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jazon Uživatel jazon [~androirc@] vstoupil do místnosti. 16:23:39
raverrr manual install of latest cm9 is just booting back into recovery 16:25:02
Uživatel „Gippox“ opustil místnost (Quit: Page closed). 16:25:49
Dazzozo well... its workign 16:26:11
Dazzozo so you're doing something wrong 16:26:19
raverrr i figured that... just a running comentairy lol 16:27:28
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jazon Uživatel jazon [~androirc@] vstoupil do místnosti. 16:35:08
raverrr TWRP + OTA= fail.Flash CWM + manual =Fail. Reflash TWRP=OTA self install WIN...wtf? 16:39:27
kra1o5 hehe 16:39:56
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joandrade Uživatel joandrade [~joandrade@bl15-251-131.dsl.telepac.pt] vstoupil do místnosti. 16:45:49
joandrade yo 16:46:11
Dazzozo raverrr: were you flashing from B2G? 16:49:20
Dazzozo because that could explain it 16:49:30
joandrade Dazzozo have you rebooted your server yet? 16:50:47
Dazzozo nope 16:50:54
joandrade lol 16:51:07
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drituss Uživatel drituss [~drituss@] vstoupil do místnosti. 17:03:03
Psionandy Uživatel Psionandy [~chatzilla@] vstoupil do místnosti. 17:11:40
Gery Uživatel Gery [~Miranda@] vstoupil do místnosti. 17:26:38
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Magnets cm9 actually has no issues? 17:48:01
joandrade so it seems magnets 17:54:31
joandrade try it out to see if it's true 17:54:39
Dazzozo well, there's the reboots which are probably bootloader related 17:58:00
Dazzozo which are being worked on by others 17:58:09
Dazzozo i still havent fixed the spn name lol 17:58:28
Dazzozo its just not that important 17:58:34
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intensedarknesss Uživatel intensedarknesss [~intenseda@] vstoupil do místnosti. 18:03:27
kra1o5 Dazzozo: kmsg is avaible in cm build? 18:08:01
jazon Uživatel jazon [~androirc@] vstoupil do místnosti. 18:10:08
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Dazzozo mhm 18:17:27
Psionandy Uživatel Psionandy [~chatzilla@cpc32-live22-2-0-cust240.17-2.cable.virginmedia.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 18:30:46
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57da2b31 Uživatel „kra1o5“ opustil místnost (Part). 18:36:05
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Dazzozo hiii 18:51:10
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Blues003 Uživatel Blues003 [~Miguel@bl18-5-10.dsl.telepac.pt] vstoupil do místnosti. 18:53:45
tilal6991 Hey 18:57:42
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intensedarknesss Uživatel intensedarknesss [~intenseda@212-139-203-21.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 19:01:25
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limelite Uživatel limelite [~Paul@] vstoupil do místnosti. 19:33:49
kra1o5 Uživatel kra1o5 [57da2b31@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 19:35:38
fefifofum daz, are you there? 19:42:03
Dazzozo yes 19:43:16
fefifofum i installed b895, rooted and saved the bootloder using dd. Then I installed b952, rooted and installed the bootloader from b895 using your tool 19:43:40
fefifofum but replacing both files 19:43:48
fefifofum i got a bootloop in the splash screen, no fastboot, no recovery.. 19:44:02
fefifofum had to install b952 again 19:44:11
Dazzozo do the bootloaders look similar? 19:44:22
Dazzozo just looking at the files? 19:44:26
fefifofum yes 19:44:27
Dazzozo then that is fucking strange 19:44:32
fefifofum yes, i have no idea what went wrong 19:45:06
kra1o5 maybe actual bootloader is modified 19:45:27
Dazzozo possible 19:45:32
Dazzozo B926 was the chinese release, right? 19:45:41
kra1o5 but the question 19:45:44
Dazzozo the first ever one? 19:45:44
kra1o5 is how 19:45:45
kra1o5 yes 19:46:00
Dazzozo what was the last chinese gingerbread release? 19:46:09
kra1o5 B899 19:46:17
Dazzozo I guess 19:46:37
Dazzozo compare B899 stock bootloader 19:46:42
Dazzozo with our "unlocked" bootloader 19:46:47
fefifofum they are a bit different 19:46:57
Dazzozo how so? 19:47:10
fefifofum but b899 and b895 bootloaders looks exactly the same 19:47:13
kra1o5_ Uživatel kra1o5_ [57da2b31@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 19:49:27
Dazzozo are there any regional differences? 19:49:29
Dazzozo e.g: comparing B899 one of ours 19:49:44
57da2b31 Uživatel „kra1o5_“ opustil místnost (Part). 19:49:45
Dazzozo *and one 19:49:49
kra1o5_ Uživatel kra1o5_ [57da2b31@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 19:50:03
fefifofum there are some different lines, of course the one from b899 is only the file omesbl.mbn and the one of ours is the whole img 19:50:31
Uživatel „kra1o5“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 245 seconds). 19:50:34
Uživatel „kra1o5_“ opustil místnost (Quit: Client Quit). 19:50:51
fefifofum they are very similar, have the same estructure, but some different lines 19:51:14
fefifofum *structure 19:51:30
Dazzozo could they be hex edited in to the "unlocked" one? 19:51:31
fefifofum puff no idea 19:51:50
Dazzozo this is incredibly dangerous but update.app is your friend 19:51:56
kra1o5 Uživatel kra1o5 [57da2b31@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 19:52:04
fefifofum i can send you the files if you want to compare 19:52:19
Dazzozo sure 19:52:22
fefifofum daz, here are the files i saved from b895, the ones from your hack and the files extracted from B899 and B895 update.app 19:59:35
fefifofum http://www.mediafire.com/?u41uzfcyg5p2grc 19:59:36
raverrr Are you hoping to cure the reboots? (without using a microwave) 20:01:08
Dazzozo cure it by proxy, lets say 20:01:37
kra1o5 raverrr: the ·g Reboots problem is confimed problem of bootloader 20:01:41
kra1o5 3G 20:01:50
kra1o5 i lock the bootloader & 0 reboots 20:02:16
Dazzozo fefifofum: what's the purpose of B895 being there twice? 20:02:37
Dazzozo are they different? 20:02:41
raverrr Ahhh so what kind of work around are you looking to apply? 20:02:43
fefifofum one i saved from b895 using dd 20:02:54
Dazzozo kk 20:02:59
fefifofum the other one is from a extracted update.app 20:03:03
raverrr trick it into thinking it's locked? 20:03:41
AMGarcia19 Uživatel AMGarcia19 [~amagro94@] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:07:05
Dazzozo well, the one you pulled from B895 looks like a completely different file to the hacked one 20:14:12
fefifofum yes, a lot of differences 20:14:37
Dazzozo right, gonna hack my oem info and then flash these images 20:15:17
Dazzozo see if i get the same 20:15:22
fefifofum leave the b952 update.app in the sdcard just in case 20:16:24
Dazzozo yip 20:17:14
Dazzozo yep, im splash screening 20:18:35
Dazzozo BUT 20:18:37
Dazzozo interestingly 20:18:38
Dazzozo i have the old huawei splash 20:18:49
Dazzozo the gingerbread one 20:18:52
Dazzozo with the "unlocked" bootloader, which is supposedly a gingerbread bootloader 20:19:04
Dazzozo i have the ics splash 20:19:10
fefifofum did you hack your oem info? 20:19:13
Dazzozo yes 20:19:18
fefifofum because the splash screen always changes with the imei zero hack 20:19:34
Dazzozo yeah 20:19:39
Dazzozo but 20:19:40
Dazzozo doesnt it change to the chinese one? 20:19:45
lakyljuk Uživatel lakyljuk [~spravce@] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:19:53
fefifofum no, to the one with only "huawei" and the red icon 20:20:07
Dazzozo oooh 20:20:14
Dazzozo right, updating to b952 20:20:40
Curlie Uživatel Curlie [~d@p57B0EEDA.dip.t-dialin.net] vstoupil do místnosti. 20:31:06
Curlie Hi 20:31:11
Dazzozo hi 20:31:30
fefifofum so what do you think about the "unlocked" bootloader? 20:34:32
fefifofum was it hacked by geno, or he used a different source? 20:35:06
Dazzozo this is a nightmare 21:05:13
Dazzozo im seeing parts of the gingerbread and ics bootloader in oemsbl.mbn 21:05:22
Uživatel „Psionandy“ opustil místnost (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.89 [Firefox 18.0.1/20130116073211]). 21:05:30
fefifofum a nice frankenstein 21:06:43
Alkalinorap lol 21:08:38
fefifofum i checked the booloader.img and at the end there is a list of huawei models 21:08:50
kra1o5 but "work" 21:08:59
fefifofum including c8812 and c8825d, which are in the unlock bootloader form of huawei 21:09:17
fefifofum if we could get an unclocked bootloader from on of these devices, maybe it would work, i dont know 21:10:20
Dazzozo I have no idea how the bootloader and oemsbl firmware interact 21:12:14
kra1o5 is low level firmware? 21:12:42
Dazzozo of course 21:13:13
Uživatel „limelite“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 245 seconds). 21:13:34
Dazzozo porting CAF lk might be easier lol 21:14:01
Dazzozo been done for u8800 21:14:12
kra1o5 X5? 21:14:39
Dazzozo yes 21:14:53
kra1o5 huawei supposedly going to add new models 21:15:38
kra1o5 yo unlock list 21:15:47
kra1o5 to* 21:15:51
Dazzozo when did they say that 21:15:59
Dazzozo i've been staring at IDA's analysis of oemsbl.mbn for the past hour lol 21:16:31
kra1o5 I look for the link 21:16:51
Curlie What is the problem with the bootloader? 21:19:49
kra1o5 Dazzozo: http://www.jetdroid.org/shanzhai/2012/11/11/more-huawei-phones-get-unlocked-bootloader/ 21:23:57
Dazzozo hmm 21:27:23
kra1o5 Dazzozo: in X5 the bootloader is locked? 21:28:20
kra1o5 in this phone to install recovery is: 21:29:31
kra1o5 1)After updating to Official ICS 2)Unlock bootloader (pink screen) 3)Install CWM recovery 21:29:34
Dazzozo x05x6BwncU">http://www.youtube.com/watch?vx05x6BwncU 21:33:25
Alkalinorap Dazzozo: Dazzozo: I made a flashable zip of this file manager port for CM9 http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1982918 placing the two apk in /system/app and it works perfectly, could you include it for the next release? 21:33:54
Dazzozo "could" I? yes 21:34:16
Dazzozo I'm not going to, though 21:34:19
Dazzozo if it's not in the ics branch of the CM repos its not in my builds 21:34:28
Dazzozo thats for the winzippers 21:34:41
Alkalinorap oh ok 21:35:11
Alkalinorap I said it because we have no default file manager in CM9 21:35:12
Dazzozo im aware of that 21:35:50
Dazzozo theres no default file manager in AOSP, either 21:35:56
Dazzozo it's a feature, not a bug 21:36:13
Alkalinorap Obviously not a bug 21:36:51
Alkalinorap lol 21:36:51
hecatae Uživatel hecatae [~hecatae@] vstoupil do místnosti. 21:38:42
padme1 "winzippers" <- love this expression lol 21:38:46
lakyljuk and Daz, how was your another expressions for such rom, which winzippers do? frankenrom? 21:40:35
kra1o5_ Uživatel kra1o5_ [57da3f88@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 21:41:03
padme1 frankenrom not so good, seems to much 21:41:37
padme1 but winzippers is perfect 21:41:46
Uživatel „kra1o5“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 245 seconds). 21:42:39
Uživatel „tilal6991“ opustil místnost (Quit: tilal6991). 21:46:41
Dazzozo looking at the code for the bootloader 21:48:37
Dazzozo well, before huawei edited it 21:48:42
fr0d0 Uživatel fr0d0 [~fr0d0@s1mps.plus.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 21:49:41
ChanServ Uživatel „ChanServ“ nastavil režim (fr0d0 +v). 21:49:41
fr0d0 where does cwm store its logs pls? 21:52:26
fr0d0 6x touch this is 21:52:45
fr0d0 Can't restore a nandroid I made this week 21:53:27
Uživatel „fr0d0“ opustil místnost (Quit: Remote host closed the connection). 21:54:25
fr0d0 Uživatel fr0d0 [~fr0d0@s1mps.plus.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 21:54:55
ChanServ Uživatel „ChanServ“ nastavil režim (fr0d0 +v). 21:54:55
Curlie That happened to me too 21:55:13
fr0d0 log said something about unable to find external_sd 21:55:35
Curlie But my old backup worked 21:55:41
Uživatel „Curlie“ opustil místnost (Quit: Verlassend). 21:56:14
fr0d0 Yeah I don't want to go back further this time: 21:56:15
fr0d0 Saw a couple of people mention it in the cwm6 thread but no answers 21:57:13
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Uživatel „joandrade“ opustil místnost (Quit: Ping timeout: 244 seconds). 21:58:20
Dazzozo Right, I think the unlocked status will be saved to the aboot partition 22:01:27
kra1o5_ bootloader aprtition? 22:02:56
Alkalinorap Dazzozo: appboot is a partition or a firmware application that manages the bootloader and signatures? 22:12:45
kra1o5_ i think only store the state of bootloader 22:13:14
Dazzozo What's /dev/block/mmcblk0p7? 22:16:13
kra1o5_ fefifofum: know the names of partitions 22:16:34
Alkalinorap Dazzozo: /misc 22:17:38
kra1o5_ yes, /misc emmc /dev/block/mmcblk0p7 22:18:42
Dazzozo and p17? 22:19:01
Alkalinorap uknown 22:19:11
Alkalinorap ./boot emmc /dev/block/mmcblk0p15 22:19:20
Alkalinorap /cache ext4 /dev/block/mmcblk0p6 22:19:20
Alkalinorap /data ext4 /dev/block/mmcblk0p13 22:19:20
Alkalinorap /recovery emmc /dev/block/mmcblk0p16 22:19:20
Alkalinorap /misc emmc /dev/block/mmcblk0p7 22:19:20
Alkalinorap /system ext4 /dev/block/mmcblk0p12 22:19:21
Alkalinorap /datadata vfat /dev/block/mmcblk0p19 22:19:21
Alkalinorap /cust ext4 /dev/block/mmcblk0p18 22:19:23
Alkalinorap /sdcard vfat /dev/block/mmcblk1p1 /dev/block/mmcblk1 22:19:23
Alkalinorap /sd-ext auto /dev/block/mmcblk1p2 22:19:23
Alkalinorap ******** /dev/block/mmcblk0p3 22:19:23
Alkalinorap ******** /dev/block/mmcblk0p4 22:19:24
Alkalinorap IMEI /dev/block/mmcblk0p5 22:19:24
Alkalinorap ******** /dev/block/mmcblk0p8 22:19:25
fefifofum there are four blocks that i dont know: 2, 4, 8 and 17 22:21:09
kra1o5_ yes Dazzozo unkno 22:21:18
fefifofum and some files that i dont know where they go: qcsblhd_cfgdata.mbn, oemsblhd.mbn, emmc_appsboothd.mbn, emmc_appsboot.mbn 22:21:31
kra1o5_ maybe firts? 22:22:02
kra1o5_ first* 22:22:29
Dazzozo aboot stores device_info at a certain offset, which contains a magic, and two bools 22:25:18
Dazzozo is_unlocked and is_tampered 22:25:22
Dazzozo my guess is Huawei would've just hacked their extensions to the locking system on to this 22:25:35
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Uživatel „Alkalinorap“ opustil místnost (Quit: Leaving.). 22:31:55
Alkalinorap Uživatel Alkalinorap [~Alkalinor@cm-93-156-244-68.telecable.es] vstoupil do místnosti. 22:32:09
Dazzozo fefifofum: can you give me appsboot.mbn? 22:34:53
fefifofum i dont know what file from the update.app is appsboot.mbn 22:35:37
fefifofum i can give you some files, maybe you can identify it 22:35:47
Dazzozo give me the 4 that you don't know 22:35:58
fefifofum ok 22:36:07
fefifofum http://www.mediafire.com/?djvwga46za323z4 22:40:32
fefifofum there are several files, update.app has 28 files and the g300 has 19 mmcblk 22:42:12
fefifofum file18.mbn and file21.mbn is present in every update.app, vendors, middle packages and roms 22:42:44
fefifofum are present* 22:43:00
intensedarkness Uživatel intensedarkness [~intenseda@212-139-203-21.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 22:45:12
Magnets http://www.modaco.com/topic/360206-zte-2-year-warranty-repair/ 22:45:48
Magnets since when do ZTE offer a 2 year warranty? 22:45:56
Magnets :0 22:46:07
kra1o5_ all offers 2 year warranty 22:46:24
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intensedarkness Uživatel intensedarkness [~intenseda@212-139-203-21.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] vstoupil do místnosti. 22:56:23
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airbag Uživatel airbag [021c5d46@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] vstoupil do místnosti. 22:59:04
hecatae zte always offered 2 year warranty 22:59:45
Kurak Uživatel Kurak [~laguta@affj82.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] vstoupil do místnosti. 23:00:30
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unaszplodrmann Uživatel unaszplodrmann [~nat@87-194-145-87.bethere.co.uk] vstoupil do místnosti. 23:29:13
ChanServ Uživatel „ChanServ“ nastavil režim (unaszplodrmann +v). 23:29:13
unaszplodrmann The business studies channel?! 23:30:42
unaszplodrmann exploit front-end action-items 23:32:26
murks Uživatel murks [~androirc@p57AD405E.dip.t-dialin.net] vstoupil do místnosti. 23:32:26
unaszplodrmann no? 23:33:33
unaszplodrmann maybe incentivize revolutionary methodologies instead, then 23:33:40
unaszplodrmann but you must also scale back-end interfaces 23:37:27
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intensedarkness Uživatel intensedarkness [~intenseda@] vstoupil do místnosti. 23:42:59
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